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Mt Wilson Ride for 17Nov2019

Marty Backe

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@Mark Lee is coming to town for some more Southern California riding. Join us for the last Mt Wilson ride for probably 6-months (the Cosmic Cafe shuts down December 1st). Another gorgeous weather day is on tap for this Sunday.

We will meet here Sunday morning for departure at ~9am.

For this ride we will be taking the trail up and returning on the trail. So lots of regen charging on the way down. Depending on your weight, any 1000wh or greater wheel can easily do this. I've done this on my Tesla, Z10, 1300wh ACM2 and have seen it one on a KS18L and V10F.

2+ hour up and 2+ hours down plus a nice break for lunch at the Cosmic Cafe. Expect to get back to your car by 3pm

Hope you can join us.

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3 hours ago, foxtrotgolf said:

Which wheel of yours are you selecting for this trip ? ;)

I'll probably decide that morning, but I'm leaning towards my Copper ACM2 with knobby tire.

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2 hours ago, Dzlchef said:

I have the day off and will be there if in town. Might have a last minute flight out of state but don't know yet. 

Is @YoshiSkySun going to make the ride? I'd loan my 16S but not sure it would quite make it?

At Yoshi's weight I think he would make it. A guy bigger than him almost (had to walk the last ~1/2-mile) made it on an old ACM.

But Yoshi isn't much into mountain trail riding (which is OK) so we'll see what he says.

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Thank you, @Mark Lee and @Dzlchef for your generous offer. @Marty Backe is right, I’m not much of a trail rider and it's too cold for my shorts and sandals on top of Mt. Wilson...I prefer to ride next to large bodies of water. 

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1 minute ago, Dzlchef said:

Sorry Gents, I'm out for tomorrow.   I have way too much to accomplish and can't commit that amount of time on the wheel.   Very bummed! 

That's too bad. It's going to be a spectacular mountain riding day that nobody should be able to enjoy mid-November. Yet we will B) 

It's going to be a good turn out too.

You're welcome to change your mind ;)

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