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  1. NBC44

    MTen on order!

    It happened to me the first time too. After riding 5 times & adjusting the ride mode I started to like it. I have very control of the wheel a lot more than my ks 16s.
  2. I can see the alarm settings but not ride mode settings. Is there any way that the mten3 can not be set the ride mode in WheelLog?
  3. How do you change the mode in WheelLog?. I look in my WheelLog I don't see any function to change it.
  4. @Marty The Mten3 has no pedal tilt in Sports Mode. Are you absolutely positive that's the mode you are in? If you are, I have no idea what's wrong with your wheel. It tilts a lot. The medium & leisure mode does not tilt. Should I calibrate it?
  5. Hi everyone. I have a question for my mten3. When riding in sports mode, the pedals tilt a lot. Is there anyway to stop the tilting in sports mode?
  6. I am thinking of buying mten3 as my last mile commute. Do you think it can do the job?
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