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  1. Check the tire change videos on YouTube. This one looks different on the inside:
  2. First iterations of this wheel had lower pedal hangers, different gaskets, different placement of buzzer, and battery was not as well secured.
  3. Hey everyone, I wanted to share some pictures of the inside of my RS 19 (High-Torque) after 200 miles of riding. This is from the LATEST batch of wheels and they made some improvements. Buzzer placement is now directly under the grill there is a black gasket surrounding the the outer shell to prevent water (there are no gaps) Some dust was able to make it's way inside via the RS logo and buzzer grill but the other side (Controller board side) was pretty clean They also added foam inserts around the battery to make it more snug and it seems better protected from impacts
  4. @Flying W I am getting my RS tomorrow and I literally read every singe one of your posts in order to calm my nerves. I also bought from eWheels and live in Los Angeles. Let's link up sometime!
  5. Hey everyone, I just placed an order for an RS-HT. After all the horrible stories of fires, I am now extremely paranoid about this wheel. Any RS owners out there that can shed some light so I can get out of my fetal position please? Thank you!!!!
  6. Great to know!!! Thank you for the assurance
  7. Hey everyone, I was replacing my tire and noticed a small dent on the rim. It is only on one side. Is this something I should be worried about? Here are links to the images of the dent: https://ibb.co/6vT3nDf https://ibb.co/DRWTLQR Thanks so much! -Josh
  8. @Marty BackeAre you going???? Yay!
  9. I am so sorry I missed this one For some reason I didn't get a notification even though I was tagged! I will be more vigilant for the next one! Thank you for the invite It looked like an awesome ride!
  10. If anyone is interested, I’ll be heading to Griffith park in an hour to ride! Let me know if you’re down to meet up :)
  11. Thank you all for your answers. My wheels are the Inmotion V8 and V10f, so if you have any specific advice for those wheels about motor cut off, please let me know. But, it looks like a tilt back will happen before a cutoff. Am I correct?
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