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  1. I've uploaded the raw 4k footage from the Sequoia National Park Shermans ride to my YouTube channel. 7 parts.. Here's part 1:
  2. Greetings! Been away for a bit overcoming injuries... Here's a teaser from a longer video I'll put out soon...Thanks for the comridery and for filming, Joel Harris!
  3. Thx man! Good to be back in the saddle~
  4. But of course. I was being sarcastic...
  5. While I'm typically not a PPP (person packing protractor), I'd guess that it is between 40-46.275°. Lol. I'll try to remember to put one in my back pocket next time I go out there...Would be fun to know. Looks like my riding angle on the one pic is around a 30-35° lean.
  6. Greetings. Firstly, again I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the many wonderful folks who donated their time, energies and $$$ to help make the inaugural LA EUC Games 2019 such a huge success. From the website development to the sponsors' prize and monetary donations, to the AV companies who donated equipment, to the volunteers who helped build the track, run cameras, live stream help and more, and to Henry at the Velodrome! It was a community effort and I cannot say thank you enough! 💜👽😎 Drum roll please... ... .. . Ok, mark your calendars for the weekend of Octo
  7. Dates are now confirmed for 2020. LA EUC Games v2.0 is coming back to the Encino Velodrome for 2 days of fun competitions. Look for more race heats, more obstacles, more Sumo and more freestyle runs...Mark your calendars for October 24 and 25, 2020. Since the Games will be two days, @Marty Backe will your tour now be 2 weeks of riding? 😜
  8. I haven't tried it, as I just love to surf the wall, but LA EUC Games Grand Prix race winner Eric Ams did just that and successfully came straight down also. There's video of it somewhere on @Alien Rides FB page I believe. Kevin, would you mind re-sharing that vid? Someone else was asking about that recently too...
  9. Courtesy of @night_ombudsman @theotherjoelharris on IG Testing out the 45° cutout on the XL. So far so good...whew!
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