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  1. Join in the fun on the eve of the LA EUC Games. Meet at 3:30pm on Friday October 25th. We'll start at the skate park in Noho with jaws agape watching @Sidestreet Reny rule the turf, making us all want to drop out of the Freestyle event...😂 We'll sesh there for a bit, and then head out towards the Sepulveda Dam area around 4:15 for a concrete surfing session there on the actual dam! Plus a surprise you won't want to miss. Soooo fun! This ride starts on street bike lanes for a couple miles, then it's all bike paths until we get out to the Dam area. Out there, there's a bit of off-road opportunities, and amazing winding sidewalk bike paths around lakes, and under bridges. Fun and speedy route! It's around 9 miles out and 9 back, and we'll probably do at least 10 to 15 miles of riding around the parks and a lot of it is higher speed riding (if you like), so plan on a 1600wh wheel to ensure you'll hold enough charge for re-entry into North Hollywood, where we'll get back and tuck ourselves in early and be (fairly) well rested for the Games next day... Wheels with lesser battery can do most of the ride, and would be an easy Uber back, so please don't be discouraged to show up for this ride if you have a smaller battery wheel. Also, bring a trick wheel to ride at the skate park, then toss it in yer trunk and grab your long range uni-bots to roll out... *Our LAESK8 family of 2 or 4 wheeled friends are invited to join in the fun on this one too! 😎👽💜👊 Actual parking lot address for the Noho skate park (free) parking lot... 11455 W Magnolia Blvd Parking 11455 W Magnolia Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91601 https://maps.app.goo.gl/c4ZaiAZG2P51tYcb9 https://www.facebook.com/events/380136792898583/?ti=cl ~image by Rehab 1 of the EUC forums~
  2. Volunteers for LA EUC Games please check your emails for details. Also check your spam folders if not in your inboxes...Thank you to all involved!
  3. Thank you EUCO.us and @Jeffrey Scott Will for the awesome prize packages for the EUC Games winners and for this video feature! 😁💜👽😎
  4. With this sport growing and new riders popping up on the daily, I feel it is imperative for us to keep riding responsibly, and to not worry about legality. As Flyboy mentioned, just ride respectfully and if you get a bored cop looking to ticket you, simply show up in court. Odds are probable, the ticketing officer would not even show up in court. That said, the more popular our niche gets, the more power we hold to influence lawmakers to allow us passage on roadways anywhere bikes are allowed. We cannot be slaves to the state by cowering behind the questionable legality (or not) of our very smart and efficient means of transportation. Organizations like PEVRA are hard at work behind the scenes to keep PEVs 100% legal while adhering to bicycle laws and the more adamant we are about equality to bicyclists, the less we'll have to worry about legality...Our voice is only weak when an individual decides not to hold ground and gives into a (usually misinformed) cop. A few here have been harassed by SD cops. One had his wheel taken away (and he's disabled!). He went to court and all charges were dropped. Ride your wheel and no worries about the fuzz. We got this and we have each other's backs...
  5. LA EUC Games registered riders please check your email for the details of the event and be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox...
  6. So stoked! We have reached 40 riders. If you still want to register for the games, please do so and you'll be on the list to get in should someone pull out...Much thanks to @Kai SoscelesEwheels' @Jason McNeil, EUCO.us' @Rose Song Wang and @Jeffrey Scott Will, @Rehab1, the Glydiators and @Lutalo, @who_theand Miles Garnier with Pevra, & @Marty Backe for your support and collaborations!
  7. Thank you Flyboy!!! T-shirts ordered today and I am getting excited for it all! Still lots of work to do, and I promise to get the details email out by Tuesday (next day off), but here's a little better idea of the prize pool this far. Dreams do come true, as we will be giving away a wheel the day of. Well 2 actually. V5F, V10, $1,000 E-wheels credit, custom LA EUC Games embroidered shirts from our amazing Roll.nz team, a custom EUC stand, a couple pairs of badass riding gloves (I forget the brand name), 3 pairs of Inmotion Hover shoes, and some goody bags from EUCO.us I couldn't be more grateful and am soooo looking forward to all the fun! 💜😎👽👊
  8. The area is full of fun bike paths and some off-road fun too. Here's the official Friday group ride info... https://www.facebook.com/events/380136792898583/?ti=cl
  9. I'll be emailing out the (very detailed) itinerary within the next week. Thanks for your patience with me balancing all the logistics with a busy work schedule. Start time for public is 1:00pm, with rider check-ins from 10:30am-11:30am with practice runs availability between 11:30 and 12:45pm....The show flow is lengthy and detailed. I will send out soon, after solidifying the final count for registered riders. We may very well be at the 40 rider limit already...😎
  10. Hadn't done a dance/balance video in a while. Feeling in better control of this XL. May even use it in the Freestyle Game over the V5F... We'll see...
  11. I would most certainly add that on!
  12. I think I found my next helmet...
  13. Bummer! I don't recall ever seeing this post. I was out riding last night too. Missed y'all. Hope it was fun! Heading to the LA Esk8 DTLA group ride today at 1 in case anyone is up for it... https://www.facebook.com/events/1294362717411015/?ti=cl
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