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  1. Rama Douglas


    Tentatively scheduled to work but not confirmed yet. I'll let you know if I'll be able to...
  2. Rama Douglas

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    I hope not too! All speculation. Just for fun 😉 I hope not too! All speculation. Just for fun 😉 I hope not too! All speculation. Just for fun whoops! Submit button didn't seem to work. 😉
  3. Rama Douglas


    LoL! Just a screenshot from the Inmotion site...
  4. Rama Douglas

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    Ok. Since it's impossible to argue against it, I'll add additional concerns. Eye visor can crack on impact into sharp pieces and could severely puncture your face. The added 1 or two pounds of heavier weight could be a culprit for causing whiplash as well. A fast trip to the pavement with your head at the fastest point of your body swinging towards impact, could cause you to hit with much more force and more strain on the neck muscles which could cause further unnecessary injury. You're probably right about your helmet preference being more protective, but when people lay out blanket statements, that kind of bothers me. Each crash has different circumstances and there are a lot of good reasons to have a lighter weight helmet. Maybe you can just be a salesman for your favorite helmet, rather than tell everyone else that their choices suck. There's way too many variables to say that there's only one way to go for head protection. Most important thing is that the rider feels comfortable with their own personal choices in protective wear. Will my helmet be best in a scenario like @Chad SlavinSlavin's? I have no idea. It's all speculation, and all we can do is focus on our ride, the surroundings and encourage each other to wear protective gear, and to think positively that when and if you go down, that you'll not sustain serious injury. Maybe start a new thread called my helmet kicks your helmet's ass. 😜
  5. Rama Douglas


    I'm game whenever my schedule allows! I have more time typically during summer months and in December...😎 On the off-roading tip, I sure hope we get some more options in the near future. If this ever gets rolled out, I'm soooo throwing down!
  6. Rama Douglas


    I need to find a perfect loop trail like that! Awesome EUC terrain!
  7. Rama Douglas

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    Great points, Darrell! Thank you. LoL. The zombie apocalypse is here, and they're stiffs on EUCs...😜 At least with my faster crash, you're definitely right about knowing it's coming and preparing for it, but I do feel my momentum helped me not to hit so hard. Faster into a wall, different story altogether. Fast on to horizontal surface, not as bad as slow (in my case). Don't we have a few physicists in the forum? We need equations! LoL 😁
  8. Rama Douglas

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    Excellent point! I was unaware of that...
  9. Rama Douglas

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    As far as physical, my slow speed was worse, psychologically, my faster wreck was way worse. That death wobble stays with you ... 😎
  10. Rama Douglas

    Inmotion V5f cut out/ turned off mid ride, major fall

    I too ride a V5F. Haven't had it cut off on me at speed, just a faceplant at same speed as you when I clipped a pedal on a wall beside me on a narrow sidewalk. I broke a rib on that fall. I hear a lot of riders stating that it's too small a wheel for heavier (around 180lbs+) riders. I can sympathize with that, however, I believe it's up to the rider to really feel what the motor is doing. That said, I believe it's still a good wheel for say up to 200 pound riders. I put over 1600 miles on mine and probably came close to overpowering it several times. Maybe my almost always soft, and bent knee stance kept it from doing so. I did get the full face helmet since that crash, but I've only been wearing it when I ride my XL. Maybe I'll just switch to the full face when I ride the V5F also, to be safer...ðŸĪŠ Also, what do you guys think about low speed crashes (under 15mph) vs higher speed crashes (say, over 18mph)? I'm my own experience, having had both, my slower speed crash was worse injury wise. My theory of why (among other factors, such as having a split second to prepare for the fall) is mainly about momentum. I feel like the physics behind a 12-13mph fall states that you'll just smack the ground harder than if you have momentum built up. My 22(ish) mph crash, I was able to mainly just slide on my pads, where my slower crash was just a hard smack to the pavement, with little sliding. Obviously, there are many factors, but curious to know of your thoughts... Certainly gearing up is a must, especially after bailing hard (once)...😜 And @Chad SlavinSlavin, I wish you a quick physical (and psychological) recovery...
  11. I would have had to bail by 1:30 anyway for work...,😊
  12. Yeah no big deal. Only 9 hours of riding...ðŸĪŠ
  13. Rama Douglas

    V10F â€Ē What is your average and high speed?

    Yeah man. All these gents' words are indeed of wisdom. I kinda went nuts and pushed it speed wise too early as well. I was used to my V5F's top speed of 15, when suddenly having twice that capability with the XL. I was ok hitting up to around 24 mph, but was scared to push it any faster. I then had a 45 mile ride where my legs were spent. At around 22 mph, I got to experience a death wobble. I'm still getting over that spill (at least psychologically 🙃). I have since gotten up to 28mph. But only once and just for a second under relaxed and perfectly paved conditions ... anything over about 23mph is pretty scary still.
  14. Looks like a blast! This looks like the sun was setting! Were you guys out all day after starting at 10?!? Maybe y'all recharged and sat at Hooters long enough to go cross-eyed, with tongues wagging...😜
  15. Rama Douglas

    Do your ks18L/XL pedals feel this loose?

    I have that issue as well on one of my pedals. @Smoother, that's an excellent solution. Not sure if I will do it, as it's not quite as loose as the video here, but I did notice it the other day and thought it was strange... Thx for the tip!