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  1. Red Rock Canyon Ride from PEVRA's Westwheel 2 event in Las Vegas last weekend...
  2. I uploaded the wrong version earlier whoops 😅
  3. Thrilled to welcome our new sponsor, Inmotion USA to the LA EUC Games~ Also, if anyone else wants to donate towards the lofty costs of putting this event together, your name can be added in to the flyer alongside rockstar: @Rehab1 😎💜👽👊
  4. Bring em all, use em all...We don't even speak French! 😂 Just playing, maybe we do speak en peu Francais... Only reason we're asking for what wheel used for the Grand Prix race, is to group similar wheels together...
  5. From Griffith Park with DTLA in the background~
  6. That's cool. I used to own and operate a recording studio in the Bay area back in the day. I used to have to completely reconstruct songs for people, so I'm pretty well versed in midi, but since I play the real thing, I just use that... Here's some recent plucking...😎 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2544779255566078&id=100001020840253&sfnsn=mo&s=100001020840253&w=n
  7. I've reached out to all those companies as well. So far, no takers on the mainstream corporate front...
  8. Great news! Inmotion USA has officially jumped on board as an LA EUC Games sponsor. They will have a booth space at the event focused on micro-mobility and will be bringing several V8s and V5Fs to demo and/or loan out to registered riders for the games...😎👽💜
  9. Thanks for sharing Bob! That's a pretty interesting track! It's actually a guitar that's designed to sound like the real thing...😎
  10. I use a coarse skateboard grip tape & flat bottom shoes...
  11. How the hell did we drag that out to nearly 4 minutes?!? LoL 😜 Thanks for all your help and support Marty! Gonna be sooooo fun!
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