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  1. Oh wow! Yikes, maybe at that point I'd opt for the ambulan$e as well...😱 Even fully geared up, we could still get injured, but man, gotta have hard knee and elbow pads at all times!
  2. Didn't see it anywhere, but was it a broken elbow? I'm always thinking if I can walk, I'll not step into an ambulance...Rather, transport myself via Uber, wife's car, friend's car, etc. Ambulance is very expensive compared to Uber. Hopefully insurance will cover it. I remember back in the day in college, they called an ambulance for me when I cut a vein/artery (can't bloody remember 😜) with an exacto knife in class while working on an art project. It was like $500+ back in like 1991! And I easily could have sought another way to the hospital. 😬 Must have been a pretty bad injury to warrant an ambulance ride...Hope you heal up well and fast @fryman
  3. Whoa! We got some footage on the Speedy Feet show...52 minutes in... Thx Ian! 👊😎💜 @Kai Sosceles
  4. I'll be in town for the next 5 nights. Can (group) ride tonight, after 6 or 7pm, and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings if anyone's down. Staying at Hilton Bayfront...get at me if you want to link up...(619)-381-3800
  5. Thanks for all the interest guys! Again, mark your calendars for July 15th. We'll open the registration for riders and volunteers alike on that day (probably at 9am). It'll be a first come first served deal as well be limiting the riders to no more than 40...
  6. I'll be in San Diego working through the 26th...Have a blast though guys!
  7. Awesome video and what an amazing experience that must have been! We're planning a smaller event in Los Angeles October 26th! http://www.laeucgames.com
  8. Please check it out and tell all your friends! 😎 http://www.laeucgames.com
  9. Yeah. Since I am already used to the motorcycle helmet, I opted for another motorcycle helmet with excellent airflow reviews...Hope it's a bit cooler, but either way I absolutely love it!
  10. Well, if you wanna burn some mileage, I get off work around 4:30 today from Beverly Hills...I'll be riding a bit after...hit me up! 😎
  11. Sweet! You got a Nikola? Awesome! Don't let all this get you down. Not like Overheat Hill is standard riding conditions. Congrats on the new 1554wh wheel! 👊😎💜
  12. It looked like when Vano got his, before riding, he and Nevin opened it up and replaced some components...Maybe his would survive Overheat Hill?!?
  13. Good to know. Happy it worked for you! 👊 Seemed it would slip right off my chin in a wreck, unless I was lined up to hit the ground face first at a perfect 90 degree angle. And felt super flimsy to me. Glad someone likes it. I felt very unsafe in it, and it seemed about the quality of a $30 bike helmet...I ended up ordering this one...Has excellent airflow reviews, which is what I'm looking for as my existing full face is pretty hot-headed...pun intended 😉
  14. Thanks for the suggestions, Jesse! After much research this morning, I've ordered this one. I'm giving up on the idea that a Bell mips, or Fox Proframe will feel safe after being used to a motorcycle helmet. The airflow reviews on this beauty are excellent! And close to the same price as the flimsy Bell helmet! 😎
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