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  1. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I'm really enjoying this wheel. I'll be showing some failures, but please keep in mind the conditions where it fails. 99% of my riding so far has been a blast. The wheel has impressive amounts of power. I've ridden as fast as 24-mph (without really trying to) and it feels great at those speeds. I think Ninebot has demonstrated that you don't need to create 100-volt wheels to be successful. I'm really impressed by this wheel, which makes me less impressed by the drive for higher voltages by Gotway (and now KingSong). The only negative I'm seeing right now is poor low-speed torque. And maybe that's where the higher voltage would help? I don't know. I have my doubts. But again, you'll shortly see that the low-torque is only any issue for extreme hills. This wheel loves sand. I find myself actually steering into sand traps on the trails because it's so smooth. Being in Southern California I can't say with any authority, but I suspect it would be fun in snowy conditions. I'll be doing a lot of road tests, but a 25-mile ride should be nice. The pedals seem comfy enough for me so far. I had ~45% battery after a 23-mile ride to and in the mountains, with some stressful conditions. I can only speak for myself, but I am absolutely stoked about this wheel and can't wait to receive my personal copy.
  2. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Hey, sometimes the simple solution 'just works'. Why mess with success 👍
  3. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Yes, that killed my legs. I laugh when people say wheeling isn't a workout. At least when I go on many of my rides I'm beat by the end. You have amazing eyes. @houseofjob added strips of grip tape to the front and rear of the pedals and I find it to be working fine. So far no sense of slipperiness like I experienced on the V10F. The fact that I wasn't thinking about my feet is a good sign. So thanks for the offer, but I'm good
  4. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    That was a very tiring ride. In general the wheel was comfortable enough. For this ride the tire pressure was much higher (~35-psi) so it was a more bouncy ride but the tire tracked much better than my earlier ride.
  5. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

  6. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    All lights were off. The LED's do not draw enough current to heat anything.
  7. I'm always riding with bent legs, so I usually get a good leg workout. Saves the knees though.
  8. I can't speak specifically to the 18L, but I personally like to run my tires close to the max listed on the tire. KingSong seems to like the 65-psi rated tires. Just be aware that the lower you go the higher your risk of snake-bite flats and/or rim damage if you hit an unexpected obstacle.
  9. Marty Backe

    Msuper x vs Tesla

    Very true. I wrapped mine with padded bicycle handlebar wrap and now it's nice and comfy to pick up.
  10. Yes, always wise to have a spare tube. I keep a spare 10, 16, an 18 inch tubes. Probably should order a 14-inch too. I think you can count on getting 2 to 3 thousand miles on the stock tire. Please follow up and let me/us know how you like the ACM2 after you've had it for a bit.
  11. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Tire Tracking - Trails and Crappy Roads - Addendum I was duped my Chooch's talk about riding on flat tires. After my initial post above plus @houseofjob's reminder about low pressure, I decided to go full pressure. I took the beast out for a ~25-mile ride late this afternoon. Instead of running in the low 20's, I pumped the tire up to ~35-psi and headed into the mountains (overheat hill mountains). What a difference. I'm now convinced for someone of my weight (or more), mid-30's is the place to be. The wheel now tracks on payment and gnarly dirt trails. We must remember that Chooch weighs 120-pounds by his own admission. This wheel is so heavy I can imagine that he was being thrown around on it at high pressures. Unfortunately this wheel may not be ideal for light guys or maybe you'll just have to ride it on a flat tire I'll be posting some video of very rough terrain riding, and it was a champ. I love it. BTW, I also over-heated it twice, once causing it to tumble 100-feet down the side of a steep hill. Great fun! This wheel is built like a tank 👍
  12. Marty Backe

    Wobbles of Doom! Lucky to have avoided a crash!

    Good reminder. I can definitely feel that my turning starts deteriorating when my legs and/or body start getting tired. I'm not sure there's a solution other than to be aware of this fact and play things a little bit safer when you're feeling tired.
  13. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Tragedies sounds so dismal Hopefully I won't experience any of those
  14. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    What I've done is to Follow various members of the Forum. There are a core group of people which seem to have their finger on the pulse of the community. So between them all I'm able to usually keep abreast of new interesting posts. Glad you found this thread if you're interested in the Z10.