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  1. I did not run out of water. My mistake was not using it.
  2. Never occurred to me (us). Nothing like hindsight
  3. I probably will take the Sherman on this trail again. I think it'll be perfect.
  4. It's OK. We can all disagree. In your case I don't think there is causation - Slime is a water based product with no solvents that I'm aware of. I've been riding on patched tubes filled with Slime for years. Never a failure. Anecdotal for sure, like your experience We've been changing Gotway tires like this since Gotway existed. Of course you can take extra precautionary steps and I'm not about to chastise you for doing so. But I'm not going to
  5. Wow, that's really bad. When I moved the Demo tire to the new motor it hour about an hour of manipulation with my hands and a rubber mallet to get the tire running smooth. You may have to spend some time on this. God I love Chinese quality control
  6. Really glad that you are enjoying the new wheel Toshio. It's interesting how some newer wheels can make your previous wheel(s) seem very old
  7. I learned many moons ago never to do any disassembly/assembly work anywhere near grass. I guess you are just learning this life lesson
  8. I do have the GPS route. I'll post it in my Telegram group. Turns out that where we started (County Park) it was opened but after a handful of miles it enters the Forest Service and was closed, but we didn't know it. Fortunately the ranger didn't fine us considering the condition that we were in.
  9. This may be useful to some new EUC owners and people who've never repaired an inner tube
  10. It's a YouTube Premiere. You have to wait ~14-hours
  11. My exploration of Saddleback Mountain, in Southern California, did not go as planned
  12. You need to try and get a Pebble watch I'm sure you can load previous versions, but you'll probably have to do it manually.
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