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  1. Nice chill place to ride. I think you're really going to enjoy having a wheel that you can ride forever. And good demo of the modes. I guess all 360-cameras do this, they just call everything by different names.
  2. I just talked to @Kuji Rolls. He said he experienced the pedal dip in all modes, but he primarily rides in hard mode. He did calibrate the wheel.
  3. Or the Tesla hard mode, which also has a decent soft mode. I'm afraid you're always going to be disappointed Chris.
  4. I can only speak to mine, which was the first EWheels shipment. This is the problem. If Veteran is anything like Gotway, you'll never know exactly what version of firmware comes with your wheel. Wouldn't it be great if they had versions like KingSong, and that you could switch around like you now can with KingSong. Apparently this isn't one of the community desires that Veteran thought was worthwhile.
  5. Hilarious and well done as usual. The only thing you got wrong is it's a missing Veteran, not Gotway I do anticipate having this happen with the Monster Pro though. God, let's hope this doesn't happen to me!
  6. Have you ridden the MSP? It's a bit softer across all modes. It's certainly not like the MSX.
  7. Unfortunately at the last minute FedEx decided to delay the delivery until Friday, even though it arrived near me this morning. Oh well. Looks like Sunday will be the range test day. I have took the Monster up any hill tests. Sometimes you just know when certain situations (steep hills) aren't meant for some wheels (Monster). I only had the original 84-volt Monster. I will be taking the Veteran to my mountain proving grounds (including Overheat Hill).
  8. Probably not for a few weeks.
  9. Wow, that's cool that you're getting it so soon. Seems like it's going to be a long time before they're flowing into the United States. Exciting times this summer
  10. Looks like you have lots of nice riding spots - it's really endless once you have a wheel. Always looking for new trails and routes to explore. Keep making videos!
  11. Great video Where is this? Looks like some nice trails to ride, and that crazy wood bridge across the field. I put a Velcro strap across my handle to keep it from flying open during a fall.
  12. DarknessBot has preliminary support (beta) for the Veteran, and EUC World will also support it. I'm getting the Veteran tomorrow and will be doing my formal range test on Friday (it's going to be a long day )
  13. I'm starting to get exciting about the Monster now. Sherman for the summer and Monster for the fall. I'm good
  14. It's a valid concern. Pedals have snapped off (including KingSong), but it's rare. Appears to be manufacturing problems. If you like to ride with your feet on the outside edge of the pedals you increase your risk
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