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  1. Slime is effective against small punctures (small nails, thorns, staples, etc) and has saved me from fixing many flats. It has provide itself with many other riders too. Slime can be a bit of a hit-and-miss, but I see no downside but plenty of upside to its use. Snakebites, along with being near the rim as @mrelwood states, are also typically much larger than the puncture that Slime was designed for. Snakebite punctures can often resemble small slits, which Slime cannot fix. The best fix for snakebite punctures is prevention: use a properly inflated tire.
  2. This 360 video shows some of the areas that we will be riding
  3. Best of luck on your recovery. No worries. I invite every Southern California rider that I know of. I only hope for a few bites for any given ride. There's really no need for anybody to explain why they can't make a particular ride.
  4. I've driven farther than that for great rides, but I understand Lots of great riding in Orange County.
  5. Great prices on both wheels. Would make perfect learning wheels. Ignore his Forum handle name - Matt's not a sketchy character I wonder what wheel you're making room for?
  6. Don't touch the nuts. Just remove the core (the one that comes with the Slime bottle will probably work considering the great access that the Monster provides to the valve) and attach the hose that comes with the Slime bottle. I don't see the need for any kind of angled extension - the flexible Slime hose provides that function. I've never needed an extension on any of my wheels. I put 8-ounces in my Monster.
  7. Wow, fantastic sleuthing and very useful information I look forward to seeing your patch solution
  8. @enigma35 @HeavyGoing @Marvin Ong @Mushuukyou @Tjtripp @Sven @unowheel @Questor @Roll Model @Mike Hanna @Jon Sawa @serfy @swvision @Kimosabi @zentype @ndmcc @Mimir @Josh Morgan @Shawn Johnson @IRK @MikeV @Peter Q @Sketch @captainwells @NBC44 @Stan Onymous @Gizmo Dork @Alsayyad @Chairman S @who_the @Dave Frear @roghaj @downtown @Yunicyle @Terenig @Dave U @Flying W @Heyzeus @NightRider @Mike Hanna @Klin @3euc @Unosolo @Williepimpin @Heyzeus @JomMas @BlackOutEX @Freewheeler @TomM @tihoa @Ferreal@Austin @Ben Richards @noisycarlos @Tanabe @Dzlchef @Ando Melkonyan @YoshiSkySun @n2eus @maltocs @1Wheeler @Rama Douglas @Nick McCutcheon @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" Want a mountain adventure ride and you have a 1600wh wheel? Join me this Saturday as we climb the mountains above Glendora, for approximately 2500 feet. Once we reach the Glendora Road, depending on our battery conditions we may attempt to continue to Mount Baldy for lunch. Either way we will return to the bottom on the road. I anticipate that the road will still be closed to car traffic this weekend. Now regarding the wheel spec's. I say 1600wh, but that's only if you want to continue to Mt Baldy. From my personal experience with similar mountain trail climbs I can say with authority that any ~800wh wheel will be able to make the trail climb. But instead of taking the road down, you will descend on the same trail. You'll probably get a 25% battery recharge on the way down. I've seen a ~800wh wheel climb ~4600 feet, arriving on empty, yet be able to descend the same path with lots of power on the bottom. So if you're up for an adventure, consider joining the ride. These rides are always very memorable. There is plenty of parking here. Let's meet between 8:30 and 9:00, aiming for a departure ~9am Bring some energy snacks and plenty of water. The route up is classic off-road riding and you'll want to stay hydrated. Cell phone coverage does not exist. I will be bringing my fast charger in case some of us decide to make a go for Mt Baldy. The ride back down on the road is not fully free because the slope is gentle. But I rode many miles on my test run and only consumed 2-percent of my battery. So we should be able to get enough charge at the restaurant to make it down the mountain. RSVP if you will attend. If nobody decides to join me via RSVP then I reserve the right not to show up at the appointed hour. Hope you can join me.
  9. There's a lot of debate about babying the batteries. I may be biased because I have a lot of wheels to choose from, but my belief is that you'll be buying another wheel long before the capacity of your batteries start diminishing. A couple of my wheels are over 2-years old and sometimes sit for months at 100-percent charge. They still ride great and appear to have the full capacity that they did when new. So my view is to charge to 100-percent and enjoy the wheel. Let yourself worry about more important things in life instead of expending metal energy on the batteries.
  10. I have a few Slime related videos. I think they are listed in the Maintenance playlist. See the YouTube link in my Signature below. I don't have time at the moment to find the specific links to give you.
  11. If you have turned off the tilt-back then you must pay attention to the 3rd alarm religiously. If you hear a single beep, let off on the gas a little. Honoring the 3rd alarm will keep you and your face safe
  12. What @meepmeepmayer says regards the alarms. I always charge my wheels to 100-percent. I have a fast charger but rarely use it unless I'm in a hurry. So if you want to maximize your range, charge to 100-percent. I'm pretty sure the MCM5 is rated as a ~25-mph wheel, and that's at 100-percent battery. Given the diameter of the wheel, I think you'll be safer if you stay in the lower 20's.
  13. I'm not aware of any unique tilt-back. The MCM5 rides like every other Gotway wheel.
  14. I took the MSX for some exploratory riding, hunting for a new trail up into the mountains. This is a 360 video published in 5.7k resolution. If you have the bandwidth the visuals are pretty impressive for 360.
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