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  1. Marty Backe

    NOTICE: Gotway Server is Offline

    I know it's like tilting at windmills when it comes to Gotway, etc. But if you haven't already done so, you should try and emphasize how much western users of their wheels hate depending on social media versions of their apps.
  2. Marty Backe


    I agree that the KS18S rocks for seated riding. The Monster too. You have to build a tolerance for long distance riding. I know multiple local riders that had to take breaks early on in our group riding. Now we can regularly go for 30 to 50 mile rides with no problems. Just like we all experience shin pain when learning, it eventually goes away as the body adjusts. I bet if you took longer and longer rides your body (feet) would also adapt, and before you know it, all you'd want is 1600wh+ wheels too
  3. Marty Backe


    Thanks. Mostly the seat is for looks. On this ride I rode a few times seated. Seated does give my feet a rest but unfortunately it starts to bother my knees after awhile.
  4. Marty Backe


    With @Jericho Das, @YoshiSkySun, @Tanabe, and @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer"
  5. Marty Backe

    Got my Z10, but I need your help.

    Look forward to the video. Try and capture what the failed board looks like too.
  6. Marty Backe

    WheelLog Android App

    Good that you figured it out. Guess I'm luck in that my phone works in portrait mode For me, I don't use the alarms with the Z10 since I'm never pushing the wheel to the extent that I need to worry about anything.
  7. Marty Backe

    WheelLog Android App

    When I click on any of the WheelLog settings I get a popup that allows me to enter a number. So don't use the sliders, use the popup dialog.
  8. Marty Backe

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    Jason didn't say that he was discontinuing the sale of the Z10, just that he might if he can't get better support from Ninebot. Sounds like most of the failures have been early failures. Maybe if the Z10 works for the first week it works for a long time?
  9. Marty Backe

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    Well, instead of not recommending it, how about recommending that it only be purchased from a reputable dealer? After all, Jason is still supporting the wheel as demonstrated here with @Emmanuel Schalit
  10. Marty Backe

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    Oh, now I get the reference. The way it was worded I thought you were posting about Ian and not Jason.
  11. Marty Backe

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    How did Ian enter this picture He also may be getting screwed by Ninebot, I don't know, but Jason is the one suffering in the States
  12. Marty Backe

    Ninebot z10 creeping forward

    I don't think we can assume that they are all built the same. These come from China, not Germany I've seen enough shoddy workmanship in the various wheels that it wouldn't surprise me if there's a missing part of plastic or the worker dropped a piece of their lunch in the wheel
  13. Marty Backe

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    Wow, that's disconcerting to read Jason. I'm conflicted because I enjoy riding mine so much and continue to recommend it. But you have real-world statistics on your side. It's funny how the Z10 has the aura of quality based on how it looks and the finish materials. But I guess it's all smoke and mirrors. I sure hope mine continues to function.
  14. Marty Backe

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    Where have you been Toshio? I expected to see some nice Insta360 videos from you . I wanted to see more beautiful Japan riding from you