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  1. Somewhere along the line I must have missed the fact that you now wear a helmet. Weren't you mister No-Helmet for the longest time? And BTW, you know I'm not judging you
  2. My first ACM, circa 2016, had those exact pedals
  3. Fantastic read and happy to see my video helped at least one person Glad you got that new tire and like it. I'm getting the 67-volt Mten3 from Jason and am looking forward to trying those big pedals. I still have the tiny ones on mine. Can you believe those Mten3 pedals used to be the stock pedals on Gotway wheels? We've come a long way baby. BTW, did you use my original 'fail' tire swap video, or the second 'successful' tire change video (where I converted mine to tubeless). Hopefully the 2nd one because the first was embarrassing
  4. So the big take-away from your message here is, we should practice falling at 25-mph
  5. Hopefully we can get closer to 10. I think that's better economics for reducing the cost of the shipping. It's only been ~1 day Also, that seller has 7 'Grade A' black watches in addition to the 5 'Grade B' black watches. He as 4 white and 6 red 'Grade A' copies too. So I say lets wait a few more days.
  6. Marty Backe

    MSuper Pro?

    I forgot about that, but what I recall was that it actually was a very subtle tilt-back that occurred at high-speed. I never heard any follow-up, like it was only mentioned by a couple of people. And then nothing. Hmmmm. So we have slightly different memories of the the same issue.
  7. So I received and setup my HS110. I'm charging my Nikola with it now. This thing is fantastic. My wheel is in my detached garage, charging away, and I'm able to monitor the power flowing through the outlet - 131watts. Super easy to remotely control the outlet including setting timers. I think the wheel should be fully charged in less than 6-hours, so I just set a timer to turn it off in 6-hours, when I'll be sleeping. Beyond the control features, the power monitoring (up to 30-days of usage history available) of this $22 device is very impressive.
  8. Wow. Unbelievable. You know, you could have made up a great story and none of use would have known Really sorry to hear this. I didn't even know it was possible to injure yourself in that way. Great, now something else to worry about On the bright side, sounds like you'll be all healed up when the warm weather arrives.
  9. I would strongly encourage you to at least go to the meetup to meet new riders, perhaps ask questions, etc. Even the potential of riding for a mile or two would be enjoyable.
  10. Ah. For some reason I never think of San Diego as being part of Southern California Be sure to join the San Diego group, headed by @Flyboy10 They regularly do group rides. Hopefully he'll chime in here.
  11. It's like no other wheel, but it's still fundamentally an EUC. Someone I was helping to learn on their V8 was able to ride and do turns on my Mten3 and really enjoyed it. This was a great confidence booster. When she went back to her V8 she still had difficulties, but it was easier.
  12. Marty Backe

    MSuper Pro?

    No. The MSX was probably the best launch that Gotway ever had. It's been a very solid wheel. Unfortunately that's not a predictor for future releases. I'm afraid it's always a bit of a crap shoot with Gotway. Actually, IMO, it's a bit of a crap shoot with any wheel.
  13. Perhaps join my Telegram group. Depending on where you are located in Southern California, it could be easy to meetup with some of us to get help. Most of us are active between Santa Monica / Azusa and Long Beach. https://t.me/laeucgamesgrouprides
  14. I would think this deserves a posting in the General section, to get the most eyeballs. I'm just acting as a facilitator, so I'm afraid you'll have to take the lead and do most of the heavy lifting. My role will be to get the watches to you. The fine details between us can be worked out in PMs.
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