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  1. @Tim Rodriguez, @ray rokni, me, and @Dave U
  2. Our Mt Laguna ride, near San Diego California. Hosted by @Flyboy10
  3. That's certainly not me It's Larry Zarcoff, a Los Angeles rider (don't remember if he's a member of the Forum)
  4. Fire blanket! This is intriguing. Might this be an effective way to store our wheels? Throw one of these blankets over the wheel to keep wherever you're storing the wheels from burning down? I need to investigate these blankets more.
  5. If I had one or two wheels I would store them in such a cabinet. What to do when you have a dozen
  6. Mine has been slowly charging to higher voltages. Just yesterday, after a full charge, it's now reading 100.1-volts I still don't know if the batteries are actually adjusting or the (no doubt cheap) A/D converter that they use is drifting?
  7. I'm late to the game here (took a break from the Forum for awhile), but I enjoyed your writeup. Really happy that you're enjoying this new beast of a wheel
  8. I'm going to go out on a limb and say "stressing" the bad battery pack led to the ultimate failure. Even an idling wheel on a bad battery pack is probably not good. Nothing like hindsight though. Two takeaways for me: A wheel that charges and maintains the charge is at extremely low risk of spontaneously going up in flames. This is good for my peace of mind. A wheel that is not charging properly and/or exhibits a clear failure (like your burnt cell) should be isolated and the battery packs disconnected.
  9. Although heavier, the Sherman still rides somewhat like a MSP - meaning it's still agile enough. Except for situations where I need the extra pedal clearance, I'm grabbing the Sherman.
  10. That's good clarifying information. So the battery pack was connected to reduce the charge. But Gotway wheels don't draw power when they are off? Was the wheel on continuously? I'm thinking that if the battery pack was truly dormant (no current being drawn from it) nothing would have happened?
  11. This is the worst nightmare for all of us. I struggle to think where I could possibly store my wheels to be safe. Nothing. I'm stuck playing the odds. At least we know that your battery pack was known to be bad, so there's that. Perhaps if you had disconnected it from the other battery pack this may not have happened? Don't know of course.
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