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  1. Although I'm sure I might have some fun with a Onewheel, I'm pretty sure that it would feel extremely limiting to me. EUC's have zero constraints yet the Onewheel has numerous limitations. I doubt that I'll ever own one.
  2. I think the MSP can do anything I want in trail riding, so it was time to make room for another wheel. Fortunately I found a good home for the MCM5. I fully expect to have access to the V11 and S18 for testing. Can't wait. I know I'll own one of them, but which will it be???
  3. I should receive both wheels for testing. When this happens is a big unknown but should occur before production units start shipping en masse.
  4. Have you considered an external speaker? Sometimes when I'm riding a wheel without speakers I'll Velcro to my handle a speaker that's designed for bicyclists. The sound is focused up to your head.
  5. I've been riding with these for over 2-years now. If you're in need of some riding glasses, take a look.
  6. Elbow pads aren't in my Absolutely Must Wear category. I do wear them most of the time but I will allow myself to ride without them on occasion.
  7. It's very easy to see by looking between the wheel/motor and the shell, using a strong flashlight. No need to open the wheel at all.
  8. Yes, the fins underneath the board. There is a rectangular hole in the shell that exposes the spinning motor to the heatsink. There is a gasket that prevents water from getting into the shell. It's common practice on KingSong and most Gotway wheels. The original Nikola did not have this but the new ones do (until you said yours doesn't).
  9. Really? That's surprising. So Gotway added the heatsink (exposed to the motor through the shell) to all the Nikola's, but they removed it for the 21700 version? Do you have any pictures inside your Nikola with the control board removed? I'm curious about the geometry and why there's no space for the heatsink?
  10. I believe the version of the Nikola that you have exposed the control board heat sink to the outside which should result in a much cooler running wheel. The first Nikola's (what I have) did not do this, so they ran much hotter. So I think the fan is a bit less important now.
  11. No. I was getting close to trying it but then decided to sell the MCM5 because I just wasn't using the wheel enough. When I got the MSP with its high-torque wheel I felt that I'd never need the torque of the MCM5 again.
  12. I guess the real question is why do you need a fast charger for such a small battery. The stock charger would work great (fast).
  13. We all ride 1600wh or greater wheels. That's pretty much standard for most rides.
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