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  1. 112-riders have registered. It's going to be an amazing 8-days of riding
  2. Did the control board actually fail or was it a cutout that allowed him to continue riding?
  3. Only 5-mores days until the Tour starts. Take a look at the Grand Prize to be given away on the last day of the Tour. Graciously donated by Clark Pads
  4. 101-registered riders as of today. It's going to be quite the spectacle
  5. Yeah, but can the V12 do what the Monster Pro can? Hardly. While many are waiting for the mythical "great" Gotway wheel, I'm out enjoying riding some of the best wheels ever made on planet Earth
  6. 10-days to go, and we have another Sponsor for the PEVRA fundraising raffle; Roll.nz (thank you @The Fat Unicyclist) has donated two EUC Bodyguards for whichever wheels the winners own. We are approaching $6000 worth of EUC merchandise to be given away on the last day of the Tour. Amazing.
  7. Registration is free and not even required (you can just show up) but doing so does help me a little in planning so I have a sense who is coming. It's the only thing I ask of people
  8. I did buy an EX-N after this video and if you watch my unboxing video you'll see that the Gen 2 version has a different internal configuration and what appears to be gaskets on the side panels. I would say that the EX-N is consistent with current Gotway build standards, which is ~OK. The EX-N is a fantastic wheel and is competitive with the Sherman particularly when price is taken into account.
  9. 11-days to go. Amazing how fast the first day is approaching. I'm happy to report that a new Sponsor has been added; Shawn Duffey - aka EUC Army. He is donating 5 coupon codes, each redeemable for anything in his store Participants in the 3rd annual Southern California EUC Tour will have the opportunity of winning something from our pool of over $5000 of EUC merchandise. ALL proceeds from the Raffle are being donated to PEVRA - Personal Electric Vehicle Riders Association which hopefully will go national in 2022 with our help If you have an opportunity, give a thanks
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