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  1. Watch the video and you'll see where I explain that setting
  2. Entertaining 60-miles? Nope. 32-mph, keeping up with cars? Nope. $1000? Nope Riding with hands stuffed in pockets? Please for the love of God, nobody imitate this guy But a good sales video
  3. He complains about sales tax and shipping on the wheels? I wonder where he buys them. I've never paid taxes or shipping on any wheel yet
  4. Nice neighbor I love the spiked pedals on my 16X and other wheels I have.
  5. I don't think it was Facebook because I was barely active there at the time. @Jane Mofirst referred to it as the Monster here, on Nov 3rd 2016. In October I can't find references to it. It went into full production first week in December.
  6. History Question Does anyone remember how exactly the Monster was named? Originally it was only known as the 22-inch MSuper, up through October. By the beginning of November 2016 Gotway was officially referring to it as the Monster. I remember Gotway asked the community what it should be called. What I can't remember was if this was via a poll where one of the Gotway suggestions was Monster or did a community member suggest Monster? I'm pretty sure it happened here but I can't find anything. Any of you old-timers remember?
  7. @Tim Rodriguez, @ray rokni, me, and @Dave U
  8. Our Mt Laguna ride, near San Diego California. Hosted by @Flyboy10
  9. That's certainly not me It's Larry Zarcoff, a Los Angeles rider (don't remember if he's a member of the Forum)
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