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  1. https://www.laeucgames.com/
  2. I'm not sure what that is. The Google Pin location is just a residential street where you can park. Pull up the Street View to see what it looks like
  3. I would, however, feel odd walking through a grocery store with my 9-foot selfie-stick
  4. I grocery shop all the time with my wheels. I don't feel strange at all. I would probably feel strange locking up the wheel
  5. That sucks Another reminder to folks - always discharge the power on your control board before working on it. Disconnect the batteries and then turn on the wheel.
  6. Here's some EUC mountain touring with @who_the
  7. Your symptoms are of a blown MOSFET. When you open the wheel you'll probably find a burnt control board.
  8. Sorry, I don't recall the menu, but there's a wide selection of cafe type food. However, if you're looking for that picture, you probably shouldn't come
  9. Yes. I witnessed a more typical guy get to within a mile of the top on an old 800wh ACM. So I'm 'almost positive' that he would make it without difficulties. Check the weather and bring plenty of water just in case.
  10. It's probably cheaper to buy a wheel where you're going to use it and when done, sell it.
  11. I know. But I bought 3-wheels from Speedyfeet and shipping was always cheap. And it only took 5-days to get to me.
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