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  1. A few pictures from my solo exploratory trip into some new mountains
  2. The problem with a skateboard is, how do you get it up 4000-ft into the mountains (what I did with the 16X before descending)???
  3. It's a personal preference. I prefer the helmet mirror since I have near continuous insight into what's happening behind me. Mirrors on the hand/wrist are better than nothing but lack the continuous view.
  4. Overlooking the Griffith Observatory, March 18th, with Felix & Julia (far right) during their visit from Germany
  5. Since I originally wrote this, over 2-years ago, I use the stock chargers 98% of the time. I only use the fast charger on some periodic group rides where we need to charge midway through a long ride.
  6. From today's ride in the mountains. Keeping our Social Distance From the left: @Tanabe, me, @Dzlchef, @1Wheeler, and @Coastal Rider
  7. So true that our local world totally opens up after you start riding. I lived in my town for 17-years before I actually discovered all of it once I started riding. And your statement about costs also hits home. I have 12 quality wheels now. Yeah, it's a chunk of change. But still cheaper than a nice motorcycle.
  8. Impossible. I'm afraid you must remove both sides. It's an ugly process and you'll need to buy another pedal and rod, but it's the only way. You're not the first (or me) that have had to cut a pedal off. See some of the fun I had doing it, in this video. I've paused it at where I'm doing the pedal work
  9. Yes, the rod on the KingSong wheels always comes out from the side of the Set Screw (or Grub Screw). I've never had a problem removing a pedal rod unless that pedal was damaged. In that case I had to cut the pedal off with an angle grinder. If you can''t see that the pedal is damaged, you really should be able to remove it. Just be sure you really are pounding on the correct side and that whatever tool you are using is smaller than the hole in the pedal. If it wasn't obvious to you, the hole on that side of the pedal is tapered and therefore smaller than the hole that has the Set Screw.
  10. Nice. Yeah, I tend to make long videos I like the incorporation of a rubber bumper, but you know what I think about zip ties I'm guessing you made this video awhile ago (I don't recall seeing a posting) because apparently now you've blacked-out the cute rainbow LEDs
  11. I replaced an EUC tube that had Slime in it for about 2-years. The tube failed at the valve so Slime couldn't fix it. The tube looked like it had about a dozen punctures that Slime had fixed (seen by all the tiny little green spots on the tube). Inside the tube, all the Slime was still fully liquid and effective. The 2-year lifespan is an ultra-conservative estimate by the manufacturer, just like your can of beans is still fully eatable 2-years past the time stamped on the can
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