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  1. Marty Backe


    It's not another weak point. This has been an issue with Gotway for years. Nothing new here. I really have no idea what Mathias was trying to accomplish here. I could have predicted the result. I agree that Gotway has chosen to allow MOSFETs to blow or wires to melt instead of employing a better circuit board / firmware design. Fortunately us experienced Gotway riders know how to ride our wheels to prevent this from happening.
  2. Marty Backe


    Yeah, I'm going to post more slow-speed Z10 videos Regarding the flashing, I think I've been convinced that the flashing is not real, but an artifact of the camera syncing with the LEDs. You can see it on the brake light too. Ninebot modulates the lights (maybe to save power?) and the camera picks it up.
  3. Marty Backe

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Except for the Mten3, the Z10 is the best agile slow-speed wheel that I've ridden. People who say otherwise either haven't ridden it or have only ridden it for a short time. Great choice that you made
  4. Marty Backe


    The Z10 isn't just for fun on the trails
  5. Unfortunately this process is not at all practical where I actually need to calibrate the wheel, and that's on the trails. It's all a little bit on the dangerous side. But thanks for the tip.
  6. Marty Backe

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    Thanks for your little dose of reality It's great to have the backstory behind a picture. Here @eddiemoy is using your picture to imply that the shell is crap, but then we learn that no, it has some damage from a head-on collision. Let's try and be a little more fair in our reporting Eddie. I don't think that anyone who buys a Gotway is expecting KingSong build quality. Gotway still has a long way to go, yet the MSX is an improvement over previous models. Just as they added threaded inserts they will eventually start to work on their wiring harness. Given the various complaints, it's amazing that so many people somehow figure out how to get outside and just have fun with the wheel
  7. Marty Backe

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    No I haven't. Somehow I missed the fact that he bought a MSX, particularly the 100-volt version. Eddie is a little on the picky side though I'll have to look for it. I'm surprised that the quality is different than the 84-volt versions, which are well documented.
  8. Marty Backe

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    I agree with you. When riding the MSX it clearly has more power in every aspect than the Z10, and is smoother running. Enough can't be said about the pedal height The Z10 is a different kind of fun. The Z10 is the 4x4 truck you take into the desert/woods/mountains, or grocery store
  9. Marty Backe

    Wheels for heavier riders?

    I think the primary determining factor for the weight capacity of a wheel is the axle and supporting pedal hangers and pedals. Since the MSX shares the same motor (and axle), pedal hangers, and pedals as the ACM2, Tesla, and Monster, use the largest number listed and you're good to go. The number I come up with is 350-pounds.
  10. Marty Backe

    Ninebot Z10 as my first wheel

    Wow, what a selection of first wheels. Fun times ahead Good choice to learn on the Glide 3
  11. Marty Backe

    I just ordered a Mten3

    I think you missed the humor in his question - you said that you had every camera, so he want you to tell how good it actually was (since you must own one of course)
  12. Marty Backe

    ReCharge @ Culver City Art Walk And Roll

    Unfortunately you can't take @The Fat Unicyclist too seriously
  13. Marty Backe

    Gotway MsuperX - Repair Questions (post-crash)

    It's not pretty, but I've done it and others have to: drill out the holes and use threaded rod, washers, and nuts to hold the shell together. If painted they're barely noticeable.
  14. Marty Backe

    I just ordered a Mten3

    All great info. Many thanks. I think I'll go for the 360. Just looks like there are lots of options for processing the video. Should be interesting to experiment. Yeah, the 10-foot selfie-stick is just for fun. My Sony X3000 will still remain my primary camera, but it's nice to have options (just like wheels). This will be a birthday gift from my wife so it'll have to be full Amazon price, but thanks for the purchase suggestion