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  1. Just got them but the delivery was poorly handled by UPS and one of the fenders is bent. Replacement is on the way. Then on they go.
  2. I tried the same with a different sealant twice now without success. Still have a slow leak which means refilling with air every few rides.... frustrating.
  3. Thanks for that detailed write up @FreeRide that is immensely helpful. I mostly ride on city streets here in Los Angeles, so the hybrid tires aren’t needed for me. But the Speed Tires will now be ordered. I am not hardy at all, so the fender adjustment will be an adventure for sure!
  4. Interesting. I drive over bumps all the time.... mostly on city streets here in LA.... without issue. Sometimes I am even shocked that it can handle them considering how large they are. I never give them a second thought anymore really. Looking formward to updates! Great work so far!
  5. I bought one of these locks and am Looking forward to to using it here and there when I need to run into a store or something and don’t want to drag the Mini around with me. Just need to to locate a drill! Ha. I am surprised they don’t have something that accomplishes this from them directly without drilling. Seems like a no brainer.
  6. I haven’t upgraded yet and am a little worried as I saw that two people had bricked their Mini’s with it. Now the Segway application has removed access to Fan Moments so I can’t see if anyone else has or has not had an issue. Why they removed it I don’t know? Why they posted a firmware we should not update to? I don’t know that either. Ha.
  7. I am very interested honestly. However I find the MiniPro great for what I need and what I am using not for, not to mention fun. Although I am a little bit of a speed but and am going to be stepping up to a EUC at some point for sure.
  8. Thanks for the info. I read that thread as well and am interested to see what you come up with. Luckily mine is a certified refurbished and does have the 5700 battery. Seems like a better one to have!
  9. I’ve only got about 100 miles on my Pro but it seems to be rock solid as of now. Using it daily. That being said... reading stuff like this always makes me nervous. I am running the latest firmware and have a factory refurb 2018 320 model. As I understand it, this is the least likely to act like this?
  10. Gotcha. Not even sure it is worth it for a 1.5mph increase really. I mostly do city riding here in LA so the hybrid isn’t really necessary. But when I say the new speed tire it did peak my interest. I love this transporter. Use it often but do wish it had a touch more pace.
  11. Agreed! Can only be good for the space! I do hope that the scooter revolution doesn’t take over the market though.