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  1. who_the

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday September 8th!

    He was. "Zed" how brits and Europeans say the final letter of our alphabet... our "zee."
  2. who_the

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday September 8th!

    As an proud American I support 100 percent our right to freely express ourselves, even when — especially when — those opinions are critical of our political leadership. Please explain to us how jumping on someone for expressing themselves dovetails with your definition of "American." And, this isn't the first time on this forum where someone criticizes someone else for expressing a political opinion, then feels the need to squeeze in a political opinion of their own! And an entirely inaccurate one as well. In which red hat universe are "most of us very happy with our President?" Total and utter hogwash, not even close to being true. "Most" Americans didn't vote for him, and even fewer Americans support him making a mockery of our political, legal, and justice systems. America is a wonderful place to live. I love and would die for my country and the freedom that it represents, and I won't stand by and allow those freedoms to be trampled upon.
  3. who_the

    SF Bay Area — Peninsula Z10 Demo Ride

    30 is about right in my experience, but the last 5 miles are so are severely slowed down and largely unfun.
  4. who_the

    SF Bay Area — Peninsula Z10 Demo Ride

    Never had any problems charging the Ninebot in its stay with us, including 3 days in Vegas where outside temps were around 110° F. Should be in the mid-80's Sunday.
  5. This is it folks, the last chance here in the San Francisco Bay Area to ride and test the Ninebot Z10 so graciously provided by @Jason McNeil and eWheels to tour the USA. Demo the Ninebot Z10 on a distance ride from SFO to Redwood City and back. We'll take time to charge in Redwood City at the halfway point of this 30+ mile round trip. Smaller batteries, feel free to join part of the way and return to the origin before your battery expires. Full ride is suitable for 1000wh+ wheels or smaller with a fast charger. Sunday, Aug. 19, 9:30 a.m. Starbucks (1800 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA) Park for free on streets west of Old Bayshore Highway. Parking in the Marriott lot is limited and not free. 1800 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, California 94010
  6. MEETUP details for Friday 8/10 Westwheel ONE group ride! 7:30 p.m. Children's Discovery Museum 360 Promenade Place Downtown Las Vegas Tons of parking right across the street (850 W. Clark, $5). Friday night's ride will be an excursion through Downtown Las Vegas, the Arts District, and other points of interest. Thanks LV locals Michael Espinosa and Mike Love for all of your assistance in helping PEVRA plan these routes and rides! Charging stops will be planned at 6-8 mile intervals. Any questions let us know. See you then!
  7. who_the


    A few of us are mulling a class-action lawsuit over the death grip @Marty Backe calls a handshake. It's five-finger bear hug from the wrist down. Truly impressive.
  8. who_the

    The Photo Thread

    LOL all went to a good cause! We nudged @Marty Backe into the amp zone a little bit up here, especially on that night ride.
  9. who_the

    The Photo Thread

    Missed my wine glass!
  10. The initial pain from your shins, knees, feet and ankles goes away with continued riding. How much, I can't say, it depends. But if you wheel consistently, fight through the pain, it will disappear and become a non-issue. I ride 10 to 15 miles most days, 50 to 60 on a great day, and nothing ever hurts — unless I fall . If you ride only occasionally, pad up, you'll appreciate the buffer between you and your wheel.
  11. Bay Area riders who want us to drive your wheels down to Las Vegas will need to arrange drop-off to us by Wednesday night at the latest. We are in the Mission Dolores area of San Francisco, a few blocks from 16th Street BART. PM me for arrangements!
  12. who_the

    What is the smallest EUC?

    If it must fit in a bag, go with the IPS i5. Just handled one this weekend for the first time, really well-made, solid build, metal case, slim beyond belief. The ultra-small wheels can be more difficult to learn and ride, and if one ever wants to go any farther or faster, it's just not in the cards. You might consider recommending a Solowheel Glide2. Lightweight, slim, modern, easy to learn on. And at just $399 brand new on Amazon, it's impossible to beat for the price. https://amzn.to/2LVeuSx I can and do carry my Glide2 in my EUC backpack (sometimes for miles while I'm riding my MSuper) but it's not a valid comparison to the i5, which really stands alone.
  13. who_the

    The Photo Thread

    Fun ride! Too bad nobody was hungry.
  14. https://sfbay.ca/2018/08/06/electric-unicycle-rider-injured-in-hit-and-run/ https://www.sfgate.com/news/bayarea/article/Rider-Of-Electric-Unicycle-Injured-In-Vehicular-13134238.php
  15. Agree 1000-percent. Vano (like all of us up here, who ride a lot at night) was lit up like a one-wheeled Christmas tree, multiple bright headlights, sidelights, the works. We're told police are polling for cameras, hopefully we can find this driver somehow.