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  1. The ultralights I know (TSG Pass, Bell, New Olders) are light and comfortable but not DOT. The only ultralight DOT I am aware of (I'm sure there are others) is the $400+ Ruroc Atlas. Buddy up here got one, was super impressed and jealous over its lightness. My motorcycle helmet weights in at 5.5 lbs with all lights and cameras attached.
  2. I see your point and concur with your definitions and citations. Our interpretation, though, is based in part on the fact that every EUC I am aware of can easily have its maximum speed set to 20 mph to comply with 313.5.
  3. "The pursuit of happiness" covers a lot of legal ground we're thankful for! I agree with the OP that unsafe, irresponsible riding, particularly if it hurts someone, is about the worst thing we can happen. I suspect we might differ on what that type of riding looks like, but in any case, it is incumbent on each of us to ride safely and in a way that, whenever possible, offers outsiders positive experiences and interactions with EUC, especially that first time. Legal liability is a significant issue under the US system. Right now, according to my research, it's not possible to buy liability insurance specifically for electric vehicles. I have tried. As it currently stands, holders of homeowners or renters insurance generally have some protection, and an umbrella policy can offer more. As for licensing, I think there ultimately will exist a new class of electric vehicles that will require licenses to operate, somewhere above electric bicycles but below motorcycles, perhaps 50 mph vehicles. I also think there would continue to exist a class of unlicensed vehicles, but how those divisions are made remain to be seen. Let's enjoy things while they last and not mess things up!
  4. @Kens Solid research, good work. PEVRA's legal position differs from yours, however, that 313.5 et al in California do apply to our equipment, do "define" them legally and therefore they are legal. We have put forward this position in multiple letters to civic agencies in defense of riders being stopped or harassed by law enforcement (a free service available to PEVRA members), and are prepared to defend it legally if need be. The "1000 watt" average output is fuzzy and unenforceable ("sure, here's my Wheellog data, have at it"), and we interpret the 20 mph "limitation" the same way as speed limits are for cars, i.e., every car on the planet (except some crappy ones I've owned) are capable of well beyond 55, 65, or even 75 mph, yet are still legally-defined vehicles in the eyes of the state. As observed, local cities/parks/whatever can create harsher restrictions, and many do. Thanks for compiling some of these in Southern California. We're building our PEVRA website now and will include as much local regulation as we can to give riders a true sense of just how "legal" they are. Our slogan is "100% Legal" though we realize that's a goal, not a statement. I'm attaching a draft version of a wallet card we're working on with as many state laws as we can cram onto it. We'll probably end up with multiple editions for different geographies. And PEVRA members will get a stack of these to give to law enforcement as a perk of membership!
  5. No it doesn't. When California law refers to "motorized skateboards" it is referring to gas-powered skateboards (outlawed here in the late '70s, before my time, but yes, they were apparently a thing).
  6. Yes please post the video after you build your own pack. That ish ain't easy. That's the whole point. But OK.
  7. WOW https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2019-Newest-super-Gotway-Nikola-electric-unicycle-monowheel-one-wheel-scooter-84V-2100WH-2000W-motor-max/33031454577.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000013.1.7bf4330bI2vqsN&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreThisSeller&scm=1007.13339.128551.0&scm_id=1007.13339.128551.0&scm-url=1007.13339.128551.0&pvid=24cc6654-9653-48bf-a0a0-3b4011b484f2
  8. YES YES YES is the answer! Just boarded a 4-day in Long Beach headed for Catalina and Ensanada. Everyone loved it, lots of questions but no issues whatsoever!
  9. V8 very strong no doubt. But MCM5 is best small wheel on the planet. Sure it's 17kg but toasts the V8 in every possible way except price.
  10. Nicely bought. MSX might feel cheap but they can take a beating... I'm at 5,000 miles and still going strong despite a rough life full of falls and abuse. None of my three MSV3's made it past 4,000 miles, and were very rickety at that point. You want that trolley handle stiff so it doesn't come out during a crash. It will be the first thing to take damage.
  11. 100v 1845wh 3000w 86kph lift WOW. Just wow. Great specs, awesome potential. Guessing it will have a price to match. US$2,500? I'm thinking we'll see these guts too on the forthcoming Monster 2... OMG. Welcome to the 40-mph era. Stay safe, everybody.
  12. Ruthless, this Marty guy, throwing the guy under the bus who's driving 400 miles to join! LOL I know, I know, no hard feelings, if you need to roll out I'll just track you down and drain the Slime out of your tire. 😎
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