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  1. After breaking both wrists last year in separate EUC accidents, including a hit-and-run crash, I now wear wrist protection for all but the most casual riding situations. For years, I've also preferred to ride with gloves, thick or thin, to absorb the scrapes and road rash from even a minor fall. Months of riding with Demon Flexmeter wrist guards — highly recommended, by the way — over separate gloves made me long for a simpler solution. The promise of built-in wrist protection, along with a credible layer to protect my skin, enticed me toward the Flatland 3D gloves, which purport to deliver both in a single package. Unfortunately, after riding daily with the Flatland 3D gloves for about a month, I'm sorry to say I can't recommend them for EUC use. The lack of impact protection for the inner wrist, issues with stitching and quality, and, for me, poor fit in the fingers means I can't endorse these $65 gloves. The well-documented issues with the stitching coming undone is actually the least significant issue for me with these gloves. Just like most buyers, for me the stitching around the inside wrist started breaking free almost immediately. But on my gloves this stitching is in no way structural, and the gloves have worked and looked basically fine even with the stitching issue. For $65, one could expect better stitching. But it's not just the stitching, it's the overall gloves. Although the palms and knuckles appear reasonably durable, they aren't going to protect from impact any better than a pair of $20-$30 work gloves. And the Flatland 3D main selling point, the "Scaphoid Protection System," which consists of a novel "unidirectional" removable plastic plate that runs from the back of the knuckles down over the wrist, may very protect your wrists from getting hyper-extended in a fall, but a lack of rigid impact protection on the front of the hand and wrist means these gloves are missing half — the most important half — of the wrist protection offered by the Flexmeter guards (or even the orthopedic braces they gave me in the emergency room, which were excellent, when paired with separate gloves. Also, and I know everyone is built differently, but the fingers on even the small size gloves are too long for my hands. I would probably need one size smaller, XS, that doesn't exist, to fit my hands snugly they way I like.
  2. Good guess! But no. The champion of the 2019 Electric Unicycle Grand Prix held in Oakland, Calif. on Saturday is Freeman Murray, riding with unmatched skill and speed on a Kingsong 18L. Freeman was able to consistently carry the most speed through the slalom and was the fastest rider all day. We ran heats of five laps around the course, expertly and generously organized by @Kai Sosceles, to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude. Freeman ran a 2:57.76 in the five-racer final to take home the title and a $250 cash prize. Little old me had to push my MSuperX as far as I could to finish less than three seconds behind Freeman in second place with a time of 3:00.65. It was a pleasure to buy a post-race round for some of my fellow racers with the $150 I took home for second. Third place (a Kingsong 18XL) got $100 and was just two seconds behind me, so I needed every bit of everything I had. The winning and prizes was very cool, but the most important part of Saturday was 1) it was 100-percent safe, with zero injuries or serious crashes and 2) amazing fun for all. All riders rode within the capabilities of themselves and their equipment, and everybody shared a special moment highlighting all the best things about our weird little hobby. I'll put up a few videos here, I'm sure there will be more to come as everyone processes their work. But I'll share my favorite quick story from the whole event: About 90 minutes in, during a break in the racing, an East Bay Municipal Park District police officer pulls into the parking lot. Walks up to us, friendly but serious. Kai explains what we were up to, and then the officer tells us that electric vehicles are not allowed on part of our course (the back stretch, a shared bike path). He told us he was going to check some regulations in his car, so we waited. As we wait, another officer pulls up, and we're thinking we're shut down for sure. After a few minutes of discussion, the officer walks back over. He tells us: "So, we had some busybody, umm, citizen, call in and report you guys, because they weren't having as much fun as you were. And, we're going to leave now." And they did! He smiled, went back to his car, and they drove off. We finished the final heats after the tacit approval of some very cool cops! Final heat, raw 360-degree video:
  3. Or, maybe you will... Sorry not sorry for the clickbait subject line. HINT: It wasn't a Gotway. Lots more on this SUPER fun and 100-percent safe event to come, including a flood of video.
  4. who_the

    Who sells the knobby MSX tire?

    Is any vendor actively selling the knobby MSX tire? After 3,800 miles on my MSX my tire is getting close to needing replacement. I've seen the knobby tire in vids but haven't seen it for sale anywhere. Any ideas?
  5. who_the

    1600WH GotWay ACM - $1000 OBO

    Recent versions of Wheellog including the version now available in the Play Store have a pref to set 67/84/100v. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cooper.wheellog
  6. Two times I'm glad to be 5-foot-6, 1) whenever I fly and 2) sitting on my MSX. Have you tried starting from a seated position to get the feel of riding while sitting down? Going from standing to sitting while moving took a bit of practice but I somehow didn't experience the wobbles. When I sit down I put left hand near the headlight to steady myself as I "transform" from standing to sitting. Seems to help.
  7. who_the

    Broken Pedal

    Dang well that sucks glad you are OK. That should clearly never happen....
  8. Yes huge thanks to @SuperSport for this and his many other contributions to the EUC community! His new "Pedal Pushers" are awesome and attach to the pedals so you can flip them down with your feet. I love this fender and can confirm that it fits well and works. Very curious about the strength of the PETG material. My only issue with the fender has been breakage; the weight of the MSX is such that an accidental tip-over or really any sort of weight-bearing impact causes it to break. I've tried PLA and ABS materials; I would try again in PETG but I've been very pleased with the rubber Gotway mudflap, I've had it on for a few months now and it has held up perfectly, despite some unintentional (and intentional) abuse.
  9. Oh really? Too bad, maybe the 60 mph, 118 volt, 2750wh Monster 2 that Gotway just announced over on Weibo will change your mind: Gotway Monster 2 announcement and 60-mph video clip
  10. who_the

    [YouTube] InMotion CN Factory

    Wow, great to hear! We will look forward to more news, like, Is it new V15 model or... Is it more than one? Going larger than 16" maybe? Thank you!
  11. who_the

    [YouTube] InMotion CN Factory

    King Song has actually been in the scooter business for a while now. Their N1-D is a solid, serious scooter, topping out past 40 mph for $1,700. https://tec-toyz.com/products/kingsong-n1-d-electric-scooter
  12. who_the

    Burning Man, help needed..

    @Kuji Rolls has been to BM multiple times with wheels I believe. Maybe he can fill us in on his experience. 😎
  13. who_the

    On downvoting etiquette: is there consensus?

    Not sure which version of Invision this forum is running, but the current version (4.2 and higher) support five new "reactions" out of the box (Like, Thanks, Confused, Sad, Haha). Custom "reactions" can be added by administrators too. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/new-reactions-r1016/
  14. DIY. Custom build. Carbon fiber drop down deck, 12s5p. Don't know all the specs but it's a legit 35-40 mph board.