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  1. A few photos from an amazing event! Thanks @Rama Douglas!
  2. Wish I could join all week especially with this VIP lineup. Coming down Friday to see all your smiling faces, be safe have fun!
  3. For sure, Snell-rated helmets are top dog but 1) they won't certify modulars and 2) may be overkill for the ~30-40 mph speeds we're at now. But at highway speeds, 45 mph+, you betcha.
  4. Much lighter than a coffin, and cheaper than dental implants. If you ride in traffic at traffic speeds, go full face DOT or or ECE 22.05. Otherwise look for ASTM-F1952. TSG Pass has this certification but not Steelbird or New Olders.
  5. A bicyclist killed a pedestrian in San Francisco in 2012 and became the first to be convicted of manslaughter. Years later, he still blames just about everybody else except himself. https://sfbay.ca/2018/08/01/bicyclist-who-killed-pedestrian-circles-back-on-deadly-crash/
  6. Yes, but exercise caution, please. The Z10 is far easier to overlean than an MSX, especially at speeds over 25 mph. I have never overleaned my Z10 but have come close twice. I have found the Z10 gives a warning pulse/dip just before its limit. I've felt it twice and was very thankful for it. Unless you are very sensitive to the "feel" of your wheel, it is easy to miss this final warning and lean right through it and into the pavement.
  7. Great job @Marty Backe, once again going where Gotway should have gone in the first place, with some sort of metal cap or bracket over the pedal hanger assembly to dissipate and distribute forces that eventually destroy just about every seriously ridden MSX or Monster I've ever seen, and certainly those that I have owned. Hoping this is an area for growth with Gotway in the future.
  8. Thanks, sure thing! I've tried a few but here is the one shown on my Nikola Plus above: https://amzn.to/351JTZF
  9. Many serious riders here in the Bay have swapped out their Nikola pads for something thinner and firmer. Makes a huge difference in comfort and control. I use surf stomp mats using the kick tail as a speed wedge. Highly recommended.
  10. I'm a San Francisco native. Born here, hope to die here, just not for a while. Every city has its issues, and we do as well. But there is so much to this city far beyond the headlines and your perception of them. Life here is hardly miserable or dire, it's wonderful and liberating. All of the issues posted may be true, but are isolated in scope, unfortunate, and the result of flawed public policy many of us are working to change. I appreciate all perspectives, and if you think you wouldn't enjoy San Francisco, then you're best to stay away.
  11. Wise man indeed. I run my wheel 6-8 degrees forward.
  12. "Manual" option is the only way. And it *does* work.
  13. Glad to hear the police are leaving us alone. I've had several chats with police here in San Francisco while riding or taking a break. Never been harassed, run off or threatened with a citation. I'm sorry to hear someone was left with a bad impression. We ride in the streets routinely, at bicycle speeds in bike lanes and traffic speeds in vehicle lanes. There are some shared pathways where bicycles, pedestrians and us co-mingle and share space. I don't know every EUC rider in SF (saw randos 3 days in a row now) but if I did I would encourage them to ride safely and thoughtfully.
  14. Rats, sorry to hear. My 10A charger turns red and fan fires up when it's charging. Sorry man.
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