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  1. Touché Marty... Though she'd be the first to tell you, it was my birthday present!
  2. Hi scuba... Riding on one leg definitely puts stress on the shell, and conceivably on the axle and pedal hangers too. I often ride on one leg for short stretches. What was the cause of death of your KS16s? My two 'retired' MSuper V3's were both done in by cracks in the plastic shell around the pedal hangers that grew and eventually made the wheels unrideable. I don't think one-leg riding caused the failure per se, but it certainly helped speed their demise IMO. On my first V3 (QJ motor, smaller axle), the axle also cracked off (thankfully not while riding). The later HB motor V3's have thicker axles, so the axle didn't fail on my second, but the plastic again did. (This was after about 4,000 miles on each wheel... So far my Tesla has the best longevity, closing in on 7,000 miles. Has taken a few spills but has a much lighter rider ~105 lbs. on it every day.)
  3. who_the

    Z10 charging rate

    How many amps are you Z10 owners getting out of your stock chargers? They seem to be rated at 2A but I'm only getting 1A (1.12 max) even at the peak of the charging cycle. No wonder this thing seems to charge so slowly. I'm enjoying being back in the Z10 club after a few hundred very fun miles on the prototype a few months ago. But a few minor Z10 shortcomings have me seeking solutions: Charging, pedal angle, pedal grip, top speed. Also, I don't know if anyone's mentioned this, but the MSuper X seat nearly fits on the Z10; with some minor mods it would work nicely.
  4. who_the

    SF / Monterey area Dualtron ride

    Yes indeed check us out! We just rode for Santacon this weekend. We ride every Saturday with BAESK8 including e-skateboards, Onewheels, scooters and more! CHEERS BAEUC: https://www.facebook.com/groups/621491334621039/ BAESK8: https://www.facebook.com/groups/baesk8/
  5. who_the

    How do you survive the winter?

    I kept hitting the heart button for this post for like 30 seconds but it only showed up once.
  6. Haven't seen this posted yet so I'll throw it out there. Interesting but impractical — not sure what anyone would actually carry in the dual man-purses, plus too many sharp edges and protrusions to be safe or durable in case of an inevitable crash — but good to see EUC's getting some attention from serious (if not playful) designers. http://www.yankodesign.com/2018/12/06/the-gentlemans-e-unicycle/ Designs like the Wraithwheel (which is awesome, especially in person) and ESCIS could help to get more recognition from crossover communities like custom car builders and motorcyclists. (The underlying wheel here is pretty underwhelming. I'm guessing based on the specs and dimensions that the ESCIS is an MSuper V2 covered up in some new externals.)
  7. who_the

    My Wheel Got Hit By a Car...

    Not your first woman-hating post. But it's the last one I'm going to let stand without a response. I'm a hit and run victim. The driver in my case was a woman. I went to the hospital and reported it to the police. My right pinky suffered an open dislocation -- that's where the bone separates at the joint and pops out, through the skin -- and will never look or work the same again. Could have just as easily been a man, they're just as dumb, if not dumber, from my years of life experience. Plus many men have a sense of entitlement that seems to enable them to say and do whatever they please, then get all up in arms when anyone calls them on it. Stop YOUR crying. And start treating people as PEOPLE. Not men, women, races, creeds, or ethnicities.
  8. who_the

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    Got my Venture Case today too. (I've also been waiting for the Drifter, GPS remote and battery kit.) Very impressed with the build and optics, based solely on my "built in" sensors. We've got a big ride this Saturday in San Francisco (https://www.facebook.com/events/189374801897189/ if you can join us!), looking forward to shooting in the field with the X with and without the case. I plan to use the X for both creative/cinematic and safety/daily/"dash-cam" recording purposes. I'm hopeful the Venture Case won't impair the quality, but even if it does, I'm willing to trade some quality for MUCH more durability during my dash-cam style usage.
  9. who_the

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Order a couple hundred and you can pick the color. I think KS even said as much when they put out their original announcement though I don't remember/know if they said what the minimum would be.
  10. If you're intent on a tether, consider a surf leash. A coiled leash is strong enough to retain your wheel but flexible enough to allow it to travel away from you somewhat in an "unplanned dismount." I bought this leash in 2016 but only used it a few times. Has never proved necessary in more than 10,000 miles of EUC riding. https://amzn.to/2DvwQnK
  11. who_the


    It's the stabilization that really matters. If it isn't stable and level, sharpness literally doesn't matter. Hats off to Insta with the X. And to Rylo, Garmin, and GoPro for keeping the marketplace competitive. My X should be here any day, can't wait. I've shot 360 photos and video for 20 years and I can't be happier to see the tech be able to live up to the vision. Keep shooting everybody!
  12. who_the

    Indestructible V8: Hit by a Car Today

    @existensil Very glad you are OK and that the authorities are involved. I was involved in a hit-and-run about a month ago and the car took off, after breaking my wrist and causing an open dislocation of my right pinky finger. Open dislocation is where, umm, the bone sticks out through the skin. Yeah. On the bright side you're gonna love that MSX!
  13. Love my portable battery-powered pump, but I'm on my second. The first one stopped charging after a couple of months. So far second one is going strong.
  14. Bumping this Saturday's Halloween ride in San Francisco... Hope EVERYBODY can join us!