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  1. Before I add any accessories I will say it's a tad disappointing the Sherm doesn't have at least one USB, or, even better, USB-C port to power accessories and/or charging. A single or dual USB or USB-C port would be a nice upgrade.
  2. Starting a thread for accessories, mostly lighting but also others, compatible with the front and rear plugs and/or mounts for the Veteran Sherman.
  3. Oh right... of course. And then, the driver got out of his car, walked over and attacked the rider for no reason. Please. Angry drivers are a problem. I don't know how things are in Canada or Europe, but it's for real here in the US. I see it every day. I abhor violence though I agree with @Ben Hatfield, that driver is going to remember that kick the rest of his life.
  4. Nikola 100V. Better build and more durable than MSX. Better trolley handle. Better lights. Legit 40 mph wheel.
  5. 2400 84v Monster 2100 84v Nikola 1600 84v MSX (factory) 1600 84v Nikola Those are your options among large Gotway wheels.Most of these are available through U.S. resellers, others you'll need to source from China.
  6. Do we know the battery configuration of the Sherman? Is it 24s10p? EWheels says 240 cells in their FAQ.
  7. As you know Marty the top speed of a wheel isn't just about going fast, it's about an increased margin of safety at lower speeds, especially against potholes, dips or terrain that can demand a surge of current. We don't all have to go 40 mph, but we can all feel safer on a wheel at 30 knowing it can top out at 42, not 32. And, to answer the question, 45 mph is the threshold I would consider for my next wheel. Either a next-generation Gotway or perhaps the Veteran if it proves reliable.
  8. Keep going! You'll get it. But remember: Riding a EUC isn't about "force" on the pedals at all. The only thing that matters is the position of your weight (mass). If you want to go faster, place more of your mass ahead of the wheel. At first, don't bend at the waist, your hips control your mass.
  9. All the early Nikolas around here are wearing their tires super quick, looking quite bald around 1,500 miles (~2,400 km). ~900 miles does seem awfully early though. @Nevin@Tec-toyz.com (California) sells a few replacement tires for the Nikola. Don't know if he ships to EU. https://tec-toyz.com/collections/all
  10. My preferred EUC shoe is a Timberland Pro Powertrain alloy toe. Flat bottom sole with excellent traction and wear characteristics. Had my first pair more than a year, worn (and ridden in) basically daily. Timberland's anti-fatigue insoles are excellent too, if not a bit pricey as an add-on. Sizes run large and wide, I wear a full size smaller in this shoe than I do in other brands.
  11. Happy to contribute, thanks for all of your great work and dedication to the community!
  12. Dedicated. Love it. Welcome! Didn't mean to insinuate any lack of thoroughness on your part. I understand anyone's sensitivity to the unhelpful "search the forum" response that I wasn't trying to deliver, and apologize if my message came across that way. Cheers. 😎 I should have mentioned I'm a bit of an outlier with the motorcycle helmet, though we do have a few here locally, and some others on the forum do appear to use them. In the riding groups I am familiar with -- especially San Francisco and New York -- the TSG outpaces most other helmets 3 or 4 to 1. Even more so among ESK8ers here, the TSG is close to standard in BAESK8. Few New Olders mixed in. EUC riders around here I'd put at 50/50 TSG and Bell/Fox/Leatt-type motocross-style, fixed jaw. Not my bag but I get the appeal.
  13. Welcome @euccommuter! I ride daily with urban traffic at vehicle speeds and wouldn't do so without a DOT lid, but know many riders for whom the TSG is more than enough. Leatt makes solid gear for sure, I wear my Dual Axis knee pads all day every day. Also, there is a helmet thread which may answer your question in more detail. Cheers!
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