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  1. All the early Nikolas around here are wearing their tires super quick, looking quite bald around 1,500 miles (~2,400 km). ~900 miles does seem awfully early though. @Nevin@Tec-toyz.com (California) sells a few replacement tires for the Nikola. Don't know if he ships to EU. https://tec-toyz.com/collections/all
  2. My preferred EUC shoe is a Timberland Pro Powertrain alloy toe. Flat bottom sole with excellent traction and wear characteristics. Had my first pair more than a year, worn (and ridden in) basically daily. Timberland's anti-fatigue insoles are excellent too, if not a bit pricey as an add-on. Sizes run large and wide, I wear a full size smaller in this shoe than I do in other brands.
  3. Happy to contribute, thanks for all of your great work and dedication to the community!
  4. Dedicated. Love it. Welcome! Didn't mean to insinuate any lack of thoroughness on your part. I understand anyone's sensitivity to the unhelpful "search the forum" response that I wasn't trying to deliver, and apologize if my message came across that way. Cheers. 😎 I should have mentioned I'm a bit of an outlier with the motorcycle helmet, though we do have a few here locally, and some others on the forum do appear to use them. In the riding groups I am familiar with -- especially San Francisco and New York -- the TSG outpaces most other helmets 3 or 4 to 1. Even more so among ESK8ers here, the TSG is close to standard in BAESK8. Few New Olders mixed in. EUC riders around here I'd put at 50/50 TSG and Bell/Fox/Leatt-type motocross-style, fixed jaw. Not my bag but I get the appeal.
  5. Welcome @euccommuter! I ride daily with urban traffic at vehicle speeds and wouldn't do so without a DOT lid, but know many riders for whom the TSG is more than enough. Leatt makes solid gear for sure, I wear my Dual Axis knee pads all day every day. Also, there is a helmet thread which may answer your question in more detail. Cheers!
  6. I recently had good results shipping two Nikolas cross-country in their factory boxes via UPS Ground. For anyone who chooses UPS to ship their wheels, here are some active promo codes to save you up to 40% off shipping costs: EASY — 20% off VETERAN – 40% off It cost me ~ $130 to ship my wheel back from New York to San Francisco with the EASY code, ~ $170 to get it out there without the code.
  7. Hate to sell this fun, reliable wheel but I'm parting ways with my Ninebot Z10 plus rare 5A fast charger. New power board with less than 50 miles. Never crashed, very good condition, mild pedal scratches as seen. This unit is speed unlocked using Ninetool firmware to 34.8 mph. ~900 miles overall. Original box, can ship at cost within U.S.
  8. Not anyone we know of in our Bay Area riding groups. As much as I believe we should be able to legally ride over the Bay Bridge, we can't, and I obviously can't endorse this kind of dangerous riding. And, at a practical level, expansion joints/teeth and roadway plates aren't rated for tires of our gauge, and post risks other than the many, plainly obvious ones. You should also know that a dedicated bike/pedestrian path exists on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge but ends at Treasure Island. Fun ride!
  9. who_the

    20" Wheel

    <speculation> They'll launch it as a 100v/2500wh (2460) then a few weeks later drop the 126v/3200. :) </speculation>
  10. 100v Nikola Plus is a fantastic wheel. 1,000 miles should be a mere fraction of its lifespan, provided it hasn't been jumped heavily or crashed. FYI the OEM tire on the Nikolas is known for its short lifespan. Riders around here are getting around 1,500 miles, much less than stock MSX or Monster tires. Changing a tire isn't brain surgery but it's not trivial either.
  11. Great observations @Darrell Wesh, so true, so true. Have you tried using wedges or protruding pads at all for a bit of leverage during acceleration or braking? I rely on speed wedges for that little extra bit of reactiveness you describe.
  12. Could it be that he measured at low battery voltage? Then the value would be quite normal: He tested with 85% battery.
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