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  1. who_the


    Yes it was, and I wouldn't choose to ride like that, as you see. I included a "trigger warning" in the YouTube description that there was indeed a traffic violation in the video.
  2. who_the


    360 cameras, Rylo in particular, are prone to lens scratches which unfortunately do impair quality. Rylo does offer a protection program that replaces scratched lenses, but it ain't free. I like to recommend the Garmin Virb 360, not just because of its awesome on-board telemetry, stabilization, and stitching, but because the Virb 360 uses easily replaceable lens covers that cost just $35. A big chopped hand (or "lobster claw") is usually a symptom of holding the camera directly in your hand, or without an appropriate extender. 360 cameras really demand some degree of extension from the capture source. In other words, a pole, or, pejoratively, a "selfie stick." Yes they look silly, and yes they are banned in many places, but the degrees to which they make 360 video (or, 360 capture mastered into "flat" video) watchable and interesting is impossible to overstate. I never got to see the video or @outcast00096's other posts since it seems they have deleted them. I did see the commentary from other users, which was critical, but hardly hateful or vitriolic. Evidently a bit harsh to the OP's ears, which is too bad, especially since the OP seems to acknowledge they are still figuring out how to use the camera. Criticism, actually, is a valuable gift. Be thankful for the person who tells you your fly is open, your breath is bad, or your work could use improvement. You might not know otherwise and, no matter how badly it might make you feel, criticism is something you can act upon and improve yourself. And we should all want to do that in some way. If you think you are perfect, with no room for improvement, and can't accept criticism (even when it is harshly delivered) or use it to your advantage, then you're stuck where you are, mired in your own ego and stubbornness. Mostly electric skateboards depicted here, but camera operator (me) is on an EUC.
  3. We have Onewheel (Lone Rollers), Eskate (BAESK8), EUC (BAEUC), and even e-bike riders on board with this #UNITY ride! Shooting for the biggest Northern California ride of 2018, looking to top the 50 we got in March! Would love to meet everyone in person for some fun costumed riding.
  4. who_the

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    Go slow, aggressively photograph, and use tape to label matching ends of wires. And shoot video and post an update to help the next guy ?
  5. who_the

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    Sorry to hear that man. @houseofjob put this teardown together a couple of months ago.
  6. who_the

    MSuper X wheel wobbles (misalignment?)

    49 psi pretty high for the MSX. I ride 28 psi in my X after running 35 in my V3 and Tesla. You may want to try adjusting your tire pressure and seeing if anything changes.
  7. who_the

    SF / Monterey area Dualtron ride

    Our BAEUC group has a Halloween ride scheduled for Sat. Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. Meeting at Starbucks at 685 Beach. We're meeting up with BAESK8 to do a large group ride. And everyone has 20+ mph rides at least, lots of MSX, fast scooters, plus Lacroix and Kaly boards, promise you won't be disappointed by the pace at the front of the pack!
  8. who_the

    Tesla cut off crasch

    Same switch, yes. But on the MSV3, Gotway sealed the edges with glue. My Tesla had none and water leaked in through the seam between the switch and the body. My MSX also had no sealing around the power switch assembly. I will tape it up for rain riding for sure. I have already taped the side shell seams.
  9. who_the

    Tesla cut off crasch

    The front-facing power switch assembly on the Tesla is subject to water intrusion. Luckily I was notoving when my battery level went from 60 to zero in seconds, then beeped and stopped balancing. Has been fine for thousands of miles afterward. We use Gorilla tape to seal the front and top openings for riding in the rain.
  10. who_the

    need help please

    Depending on your weight, the terrain, and the wind, Tesla should be capable of more. Finding out exactly how much more, though, could be painful.
  11. who_the

    MSX Seat

    I'm on the shorter side (5-foot-6) and find the seat comfortable. Can easily ride for extended distances. But you're right, it's shorter than prior Gotway seats. Takes some practice to sit and stand while moving but totally doable. I do prefer to stand while riding in traffic for visibility purposes.
  12. who_the

    Anything around for $500

    IPS Zero 320wh + charger $450 + shipping.
  13. And of course the 3-inch tire on the MSuper X.
  14. who_the

    KS18L vs GW Tesla

    Also says the MTen3 does 38 mph. Only off a cliff.
  15. who_the

    Opinion on 14 inch wheels?

    I commuted thousands of miles in urban traffic over pock-eyed surfaces for over a year on an IPS Zero and KingSong 14C. Counter-intuitively, my serious crashes did not result from potholes or bumps, while on my larger wheels, Tesla and MSV3, I have been brought down several times by evil, vicious potholes (and once, a pine cone!) due to me carrying too much speed and not seeing things in time. I think I was even more aware of pavement situations on my smaller wheels, and combined with lower overall speeds, gave me more time to react and avoid. So the tradeoffs work in all directions.