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  1. who_the

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    No, there is zero tiltback on Gotway wheels when you disable it. Ever.
  2. who_the

    Foot position on your pedals

    I reposition my feet nearly constantly, shifting weight from foot to foot and changing the pressure points, angle and direction as I ride. I average 15-20 miles a day and have ridden as many as 71 miles in a day. My feet never hurt, ever. Ride a ton and keep things moving.
  3. who_the

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    Strongly disagree. I ride with tiltback off and have complete "control and safety" at all speeds from sub-walking to top speed. Riding angle is all about comfort and personal preference than increased or diminished control in my opinion.
  4. who_the

    King Song 14s 680wh (USA) $675

    Nice wheel nice price good luck!
  5. who_the

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    Makes sense, but level or backward tilt places too much flex on my toes. Must be the odd, alien 👽shape of my feet, slightly curled upward.
  6. who_the

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Wow, machine screws for the shell covers and extra reinforcement inside along the pedal hangers. Looks like a significant improvement, though hardly the structural honeycomb of the Z10.
  7. I recently re-calibrated my MSuper V3, and re-confirmed that an 8.0-degree forward tilt is my ideal setting. Wondering if this is extreme or where it falls on the spectrum of wheel calibrations out there. I ride fairly fast and (safely) aggressive in urban conditions with poor pavement conditions. I tried a variety of less forward tilt angles when I recalibrated and none felt as comfortable as my original. Thoughts?
  8. who_the


    Uh oh that looks awesome!
  9. My answer usually mirrors yours — deliberately oblique to deflect any possibly nefarious inquiries.
  10. who_the

    ACM2 Quirks/Concerns [Questions]

    Same happens to me if I try to squat down on any wheel while I ride, kind of like a ski tuck.
  11. who_the

    Hawaii (Oahu)

    My dad's side is from Oahu! Waikiki & Pearl City... Heading to Maui in July, wife and I are shipping over our Gotways.
  12. who_the

    WheelLog Android App

    Fabulous, thank you @palachzzz! 84V readout works great on my Gotway wheels! I wish I didn't have to click through the password prompt for the Inmotion wheels, but I understand you can't read the wheel type to prevent the dialog. Is it possible to set as a preference, so the box only comes up when Inmotion wheel is set as a pref?
  13. who_the

    Monster tire change?

    A buddy here runs his Monster tire real soft, 15-20 psi. Says it makes it more maneuverable. He loves to spin and carve, so I take his word for it.
  14. who_the

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

  15. In California the pertinent sections of law are VC 313.5 and 21113, as part of Sec. 3, Article 7, created and amended (respectively) by AB 604 in October 2015. VC 313.5 is interpreted to include EUC in its definition of an "electrically motorized board" as follows: VC 21113 gives local agencies and municipalities the right to enforce additional restrictions on "electrically motorized boards," which many do. Sec. 3, Article 7 (VC 21290-21296) establish restrictions for riding "electrically motorized boards," including speed limits, age restrictions, light requirements, and roadway limitations. It also prohibits their use under the influence of drugs and alcohol.