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  1. Hate to sell this fun, reliable wheel but I'm parting ways with my Ninebot Z10 plus rare 5A fast charger. New power board with less than 50 miles. Never crashed, very good condition, mild pedal scratches as seen. This unit is speed unlocked using Ninetool firmware to 34.8 mph. ~900 miles overall. Original box, can ship at cost within U.S.
  2. Not anyone we know of in our Bay Area riding groups. As much as I believe we should be able to legally ride over the Bay Bridge, we can't, and I obviously can't endorse this kind of dangerous riding. And, at a practical level, expansion joints/teeth and roadway plates aren't rated for tires of our gauge, and post risks other than the many, plainly obvious ones. You should also know that a dedicated bike/pedestrian path exists on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge but ends at Treasure Island. Fun ride!
  3. who_the

    20" Wheel

    <speculation> They'll launch it as a 100v/2500wh (2460) then a few weeks later drop the 126v/3200. :) </speculation>
  4. 100v Nikola Plus is a fantastic wheel. 1,000 miles should be a mere fraction of its lifespan, provided it hasn't been jumped heavily or crashed. FYI the OEM tire on the Nikolas is known for its short lifespan. Riders around here are getting around 1,500 miles, much less than stock MSX or Monster tires. Changing a tire isn't brain surgery but it's not trivial either.
  5. Great observations @Darrell Wesh, so true, so true. Have you tried using wedges or protruding pads at all for a bit of leverage during acceleration or braking? I rely on speed wedges for that little extra bit of reactiveness you describe.
  6. Could it be that he measured at low battery voltage? Then the value would be quite normal: He tested with 85% battery.
  7. Glad you were geared up and that you're OK. Thanks for sharing your data to start this useful and enlightening discussion. A friend on FB shared a Wheellog screenshot after a no-load lift test of his 16X. Maxed out at 38 mph. That seems insanely low for a supposed ~31 mph wheel. Could a no-load lift test on a wheel be used to "calibrate" a function in EUC World that could be used to calculate an approximate safety threshold in real-time? Maybe if a riding weight parameter is stored as well? @Seba
  8. Guys... Stop trying to focus on the mirror. That's not how it works. Your focal distance is to the object seen in the mirror, not to the mirror itself. https://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/24711/why-is-the-focus-distance-for-a-mirror-image-further-than-the-surface-of-the-mir/24713 Train your eyes to do this (is actually easy) by looking at objects both in front and behind you in your mirror at similar distances. Try this off your EUC first (heh) to see how it feels. Now, of course, especially if you're nearsighted (and/or farsighted) then this technique won't work any better (obviously) then your forward vision. Sorry, no miracles, that will cost extra. You'll find rear view mirrors most effective when viewing objects at a similar distance behind you than objects in your unmirrored forward vision. This way, your eyes only need to minimally refocus and the experience is much more seamless. I attach with Dual Lock Velcro™ and prefer a shorter "stalk" (for a larger-appearing reflective surface) mounted at or above the browline, all to minimize (the already minimal) intrusion risk on impact.
  9. I though @Lutalo's wooden stands were simple and effective: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1423932484415915?view=permalink&id=1679989085476919&sfnsn=mo
  10. Wife got ~7,400 miles out of her Tesla and would have got more had someone (not her, not me ) bent the rim. V1 (not sure of V2) had two poorly-placed and fragile screws at the top of each shell seam. Both broke almost immediately upon their first minor falls but were easy to discreetly tape with Gorilla. Waterproofing is good but you must tape over the front assembly & power switch. I recommend doing that on all Gotway wheels for rain riding.
  11. Wow I didn't realize Gotway was still making 67-volt anything... I got my Mten3 (84/512) up to 24 mph back when I was about 30 lbs heavier. I'd say 84v, not for the increased speed per se, but for the extra bit of headroom it provides against overleans.
  12. A few photos from an amazing event! Thanks @Rama Douglas!
  13. Wish I could join all week especially with this VIP lineup. Coming down Friday to see all your smiling faces, be safe have fun!
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