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  1. OK friends we're just two weeks from Westwheel 4, in the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time Sept. 14-19, 2021. Daily giveaways from Clark Pads including pads, gear and more, helpful workshops on riding, falling, and wrenching, plus five days of the best and most unique riding in Northern California, for all from beginner to expert riders. As always, Westwheel 4 is 100% free and no registration is required. Check the schedule and show up for rides or events that interest you. If you enjoy Westwheel, or want to support the advocacy and training PEVRA works hard to bring to you, th
  2. Love EUC World and I'm a proud paid supporter. Thank you @Seba for all you do. I picked up a Galaxy Watch 4 and am hoping EUC World is compatible soon. Until then, I'm using this Wear OS speedometer, which I find works well and seems to be a good companion for EUC World until it is compatible. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appfour.wearspeedometer&hl=en_US&gl=US
  3. Check out EVS Wrister gloves. A bit less palm/impact protection than the Flatlands but very good wrist protection. I have fallen multiple times in these gloves and they protected my wrists (and hands and fingers, for that matter) in all cases. I have previously broken both wrists in separate EUC incidents including a hit-and-run with a car. https://www.evs-sports.com/products/wrister-glove
  4. Based on input from others (thanks @Ben Kim), I have found that a minus-6 percent correction for speed and distance brings the reported telemetry from the Sherman much closer to GPS. Without the correction both speed and distance seem to be overstated. The minus-6 percent correction also seems to minimize the strange negative readings, though I still occasionally see them. Running 4.29 firmware.
  5. EUC World is again working for me! Thanks Seba for working your magic. Last night I uninstallled the app and cleared the data. But then EUC World wouldn't connect to my wheel (or an MSP) at all. Then I tried one more time, and this time I noticed EUC World had been updated, and it worked. Connected and uploaded tours, woo hoo!
  6. Thank you, very good suggestion, I have tried logging out and logging in again several times. Unfortunately my tours for the last 14 days will not upload to EUC World at all.
  7. Got it. OK so I'm at the map page now and it does indeed show my last tour. The tour does not show in my euc.world Tours list, however.
  8. I didn't see, actually. I usually just close the app by back button then "Close EUC World" without stopping or noticing what the tour tile is telling me. Should I be manually ending a tour before quitting the app to be safe?
  9. Hi @Seba have had a few recent rides (including a 100-mile ride Monday) not upload to euc.world. I have my .csv which was created, and I can confirm tour recording has been active, but my most recent tour is shown as 3 Oct. Any ideas, or information I can provide to help troubleshoot? Thank you!
  10. who_the


    Great content keep going!
  11. Helmet mirror since 2016. Attached using 3M Dual Lock 250/400. Once you pick up the technique (retain distant focus, "sweep" for wider field of view) there's no turning back.
  12. Sorry, but this is exactly the type of fall that 1) tends to happen, especially at higher speed, and 2) you want to be prepared to prevent. I remember sliding along the ground, literally looking down at the pavement as it scraped away my chin guard, and thinking how happy I was to have a DOT helmet taking the damage rather than my jaw.
  13. Not yet, but it is under development for Android and iOS, according to Invision: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-apps-for-ios-android-r1161/
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