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  1. who_the

    UK EUC Seizure

    "Potential danger" LOL, oh, just like the thousands of cars and lorries "licensed" for use/misuse by drunkards, morons, and the legally blind? MSV3 btw.
  2. who_the

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    Wow. Just wow. I commute daily on my Z10 and absolutely love it. Never had a blip of any issues, very thankful. Curious, are any of the DOA wheels revivable through the newly-released battery instructions, or are they truly bricked forever? I guess they may have some value for parts to us who want to keep ours going? Didn't know I'd have a Studebaker on my hands... 😀
  3. who_the

    WTB EUC - SF Bay Area or SoCal

    IPS Zero available in San Francisco. 19 mph wheel, commuted on it for nearly a year. Hardly in the same class as @csmyers ACM2's... but also much cheaper! ~ $275
  4. Great one see you tomorrow hopefully!
  5. One of us rode last year with zero issues or problems. This is my first year.
  6. who_the

    The Mileage Poll

    My first MSV3 (early build) died when the shell and axle basically failed simultaneously. The axle sheared off (at no speed, thank goodness) and the plastic around the pedal hangers was cracked and dangerously compromised. On the second (late build, HB motor, larger axle) the shims/hangers came loose and also the shell cracked along the pedal hangers. (I've had this second MSV3 rebuilt, though some nagging issues have kept it from returning to service just yet. The Tesla was done in by a bent rim (not me) and shorting out the power socket (also not me). Motor failures: 0. Control board failures: 0. Catastrophic failures at speed: 0.
  7. who_the

    The Mileage Poll

    2x wheels (MSV3's) collapsed and died at ~3,900 & ~ 4,200 miles respectively. I should hit 3,000 on my MSX this weekend with @Marty Backe in Long Beach, still going very strong. Tesla made it nearly to 5,000, though my wife logged most of those miles. With a few thousand total on a V8, KS14, and a couple of others, I figure I'm closing in on 15,000 miles overall.
  8. Let's do it 100 times! LOL I'm sure it will be different during the day. And thanks, but no, we'll be just fine with the temps. It's colder up here remember. Plus we just rode NYC in the low 30s and could have done colder. BRING IT ON!
  9. You're 100% right, most people/drivers have never still seen an EUC before and aren't sure how to react. That doesn't excuse them, however, from acting indifferently, dangerously, or even violently, toward you. Always assume someone will do the worst possible thing of all their options. As the saying goes, lots of good, smart people who "had the right of way" are now in coffins. Let's keep ourselves above ground as long as possible. Enjoy the 18XL!
  10. See you Sunday morning!
  11. Join a few hardcore riders from the Bay Area Electric Unicycle group in participating in a 26-mile ride as part of the annual Tour de Palm Springs charity on Saturday. We will meet up at 8 a.m. at Starbucks, 682 S. Palm Canyon Drive. The route for the 26 miles Tour de Palm Springs route is here. Registration for the Tour de Palm Springs (all goes to charity) is $65/rider.
  12. Join us as the Bay Area Electric Unicycle Group gets together with Boosted Riders LA for a Friday night ride in Long Beach! Meetup is 5 p.m. at 2240 Santa Fe Avenue, Long Beach. Round trip should be in the 25 mile range. Ride runs from 5 to 9 p.m.
  13. who_the


    Good point. Not shown on camera: I did a walk through (several actually) to check depth and surface conditions prior to riding through maybe half a dozen times.
  14. who_the


    Who says it never rains in California1. 1 - San Francisco.
  15. At 30 mph, "guessing" can get you killed. Please stop offering advice that some poor sap will try at speed and hurt themselves. I agree with @Girth Brooks and @houseofjob on the Z10 riding dynamics. Nearly all of the "it won't turn" opinions come from riders switching to or trying the Z10 after riding Gotway, KS, etc. I ride the Z10 with most of my weight on my heels, not toes like on my other wheels. When the force vector comes from behind the balance point (heel) rather than in front of it (toes), the whole equation changes. I turn at high speed on the Z10 by placing weight in my inside heel and stiffening my inside leg while leaning somewhat. I have no issues maneuvering the Z10 now that I appreciate and understand it's dynamics.