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  1. This! Yes! Please! Love my Onewheel. Have over 3000 miles on it. It’s fun to carve and addictive like a snowboard, but the 15mph top speed makes it tough on longer rides. My Nikola is really fast, a joy on long trips, but no fun in corners. You’d think GotWay could put Onewheel out of business in an afternoon, for they have the technology. The day someone invents a Onewheel that can cruise at 25mph, I’m selling everything.
  2. Right on! I have over 3000 miles on my Onewheel XR. Really enjoy it!
  3. Thanks for posting! Is having a remote an issue?
  4. @Patton250 I think this is the pad: https://www.amazon.com/REVSOSTAR-Motorcycle-Traction-sticker-2003-2006/dp/B07YKJZTHT
  5. Hey Nick - that’s right. You told me, but I forgot. Really enjoying my Nikola+! If you have any other models for sale, let me know. I’d be happy to buy from you again.
  6. I was going to slime my Nikola+ tire, but was concerned about oscillations and off - balance issues. Has anyone experienced adverse effects from sliming their tire? Thx!
  7. Great advice! Thanks. I've spent the morning reading about Marty Backe's and Rehab1's crashes, so instead of going riding this afternoon, I'm shopping for pads ;(
  8. Greetings! I'm a Onewheel veteran with over 3000 miles (and still completely love it) but wanted something a bit faster with more range. I purchased a Nikola+ 100v, because I was confident I could figure it out quickly, and didn't want to outgrow a starter model. The learning process: I wasted about 10 minutes riding on one leg, and using golf clubs as canes. The breakthrough was when I took it to a tennis court. I did a couple laps around it while touching the fence. Then, I rode to the center, and tried to ride back to the edge without putting my foot down. Miraculously, the wheel stayed upright. I realized that if you're tilting to the right, just go with it, lean to the right, and the wheel will return to perpendicular. The first couple times, it felt like the footpads were going to scrape, but I made it. In my first 30 minutes of ownership, I rode about 3 miles. Fun! Just today, I went on a 15 mile ride, with a top speed of 30mph. Lots of smiles and waves, for I'm the only person I know with an electric unicycle in N. Carolina. A couple notes about the Nikola+: - it has a great headlight! Night riding is really fun. - it is very smooth, powerful, and silent. It feels like a Mustang GT in 5th gear, while the Onewheel feels like a Fiesta in 2nd. - it feels like I really have to lean forward while squeezing it to gain speed. Is this normal? - the startup sound is loud and embarrassing. I'll carry it through the house and turn it on outside so not to annoy my family - I think it's safer than a Onewheel, for it has power to spare - the Onewheel is more fun around corners (that snowboardy feeling) but the speed in a straight line is more fun on an EUC. Question: What's the best way to know my remaining range? My Kebe Gotway app says 50%, Darknessbot IOS says 41%, and the red voltage number on the side says 88.5. I want to take it on a long trip, but i'm afraid. Cheers!
  9. I would skip both of them all together, and get the one you really want - say a 16x, or Nikola+. Like you, I was agonizing over a “beginner“ model – (just search my posts). I decided to take the plunge, and buy a Nikola+ from a fellow member. (Thanks @Nick McCutcheon!) It took me about 15 minutes to figure out, and in two days I have put over 20 miles on it. I’m in love! Had I bought a beginner model, I’d be annoyed with its 12 mph or whatever top speed and stuck trying to sell it for a loss. I would also recommend buying a used one, because you will drop it :-)
  10. This is helpful for me to read! My Nikola + 100v is arriving today, and I know absolutely nothing about EUCs. Looking forward to staying upright! (Hopefully this week...)
  11. I am a newbie, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt, but wouldn’t snowboarding gloves with built-in wrist guards be the perfect solution for cold weather riding? I saw several pairs on Amazon.
  12. Which wheel of yours are you selecting for this trip ?
  13. Hello @tumbla.jr Do you still have your Z10 for sale? Thanks!
  14. Hey @tsquaremedia Still for sale? Thanks!
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