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  1. YoshiSkySun

    Griffith Park Ride Today!

    Any Hooters stops along the way?
  2. YoshiSkySun

    Griffith Park Ride (S. Calif) Saturday, 23Feb2019

    Any Hooters stops along the way?
  3. Damn, it’s pouring outside right now (8:12am) and it never rains in Southern California, but the moment when we have friends over...the gods decided to rain on our parade. Til next time gentlemen...be safe, Peace.
  4. Night rides = party rides
  5. These elusive mystical sea creatures will only manifest themselves if you chant the magic words: “Hey, I got some sea weed, wanna get high?!”
  6. Hopefully, we can introduce them to the sea turtles...
  7. YoshiSkySun


    Seasons greeting everyone!! I know its been awhile but heres my latest video. Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year, Cheers!!
  8. Oh yeah, Sexy Ninja Boys!!
  9. Sure, as long as we can drop by Hooters for some refreshments.
  10. YoshiSkySun

    ReCharge @ Culver City Art Walk And Roll

    I’ll be there for the beer garden, anyone care to join me?
  11. YoshiSkySun

    ReCharge @ Culver City Art Walk And Roll

    Sounds fun! Count me in. I’ll be there at 2:30pm for the group ride.
  12. Hey everyone, let's meet on 1 street on the side of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in front of the stairs.
  13. On second thought, let’s all meet at the Grand Hub around 11:00am and depart at 11:30am. In addition, there will be a free concert at the end of the event at the Hollywood Bowl, where Gustavo Dudamel will lead the Los Angeles Philharmonic and welcome very special guests - including Katy Perry, Herbie Hancock, Kali Uchis, and more to the Bowl stage.
  14. Preferably, I’d like to join the festivities around noonish. I will be parking my vehicle at our Buddhist temple on Beverly and Union, it’s about a mile from the MacArthur Park hub and @Marty Backe you’re more than welcome to leave your vehicle in our underground parking structure. You have my number, so drop me a message and we can coordinate and link up. See you this Sunday!