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  1. Well, it’s that time of the month again...The Last Sunday of every Month to Hooters! However, this time we will traverse over to San Pedro to visit The Korean Friendship Bell. This will be my first time there and we will be doing some explorations. We will ride for 75+ miles along the coast of California. So, please bring your charger. You know the drill. Same Bat-station, same Bat-time. The El Dorado Park Center 2760 N. Studebaker Rd. Long Beach, CA. 90815 8am behind the basketball courts. Roll out at 9am! Ride rules: -No one gets left behind. We wait for all riders and finish the ride together. -No drama, save that for your baby’s mama. -Have fun! ”My life without my Unicycle is just a mere countdown to death.”
  2. Hey @Seba. Great app! I have an Active 2 and I cant seem to synchronize the app with the watch. Any help is kindly appreciated.
  3. Hey, Gentlemen. I got a new wheel (V3) and I've been itching to take it for a spin. The forecast for this Sunday looks okay to ride. We usually ride between 25-35 miles, maybe even 50+, if all parties agree to it, we may even continue over to Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. After the ride, we will conclude the evening with food, drinks, and fellowship at my house. If you enjoy a party scene and good company, grab your EUC and let’s ride! You know the drill. Same Bat-station, same Bat-time. The El Dorado Park Center 2760 N. Studebaker Rd. Long Beach, CA. 90815 9am behind the basketball courts. Ride rules: - No one gets left behind! We wait for all riders and finish the ride together. - No drama, save that for your baby’s mama. - Have fun! Q: What’s the different between a poorly-dressed man on a unicycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle? A: Attire
  4. Hey EUCSTEVELA! Welcome to the forum and nice to meet you. Yes, I agree the valley has some amazing trails. In the past, I used to ride with a bicycle club and we practically rode all over town. We even advocated for extra bike lanes and they gave us the bike lanes on Reseda Blvd and Van Nuys Blvd, this was about a decade ago. Wow. On another note, the weather is starting to look weird...
  5. @1Wheeler, yes I agree. The Orange Line bike lane is also nice and smooth. Praying that it doesn't rain. *crossing fingers
  6. It’s common knowledge that EUCs are prohibited from CicLAvia, but that has never hindered us from participating in past events. And if we get kicked out, I know a killer route we can take through my old neighborhood. Join me this Sunday as we close out the last CicLAvia of 2019! In the event of rain, this ride will be cancel.
  7. Ciclavia is this Sunday and it's being held in the Valley. I'll be there...expect a text from me.
  8. Hey guys! Sorry for doing this at the last minute, but this ride has been canceled. Apparently, the after-party is gonna be bigger than I expected and I cant commit to tomorrow's ride because we are still in the preparation stage. Its gonna take awhile to cook the 2 turkeys (cooking for 40-50 ppl) and I still need to grab some fresh fruits. It's a potluck style gathering...my friends and family are bringing sides. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean that the party is over. Yall are still more than welcome to come over, it starts at 2pm. We will be doing the same shenanigans...smoking, drinking, dancing, sacrificing virgins, music, and food. Holla!
  9. Update: This ride has been changed from a BBQ ride to a Friendsgiving ride. A Friendsgiving ride is a blend of friends and Thanksgiving. Since, it is November...it would only be appropriate to make this a turkey-ride. So, after the ride, there will be a large meal with the all the fixins at my house. Come hungry!
  10. Thank you, @Mark Lee and @Dzlchef for your generous offer. @Marty Backe is right, I’m not much of a trail rider and it's too cold for my shorts and sandals on top of Mt. Wilson...I prefer to ride next to large bodies of water.
  11. Greetings, gentlemen. A new month, a new ride. You know the drill. Same Bat-station, same Bat-time. BBQ to follow. Photo from October’s ride. From left to right: Marcus, Mario, my girlfriend, Mark, Dave, my girlfriend, Jihan, Ozzy, Radio Rob, Me, and my girlfriend.
  12. Thank you, Sir. Sorry for tugging on your cape. I was feeling silly and playful.
  13. Amazing ride, gentlemen. Thanks for coming and staying for BBQ afterwards. Unfortunately, I can’t upload the pictures from that spectacular night, I’m limited to just 3.13MB.
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