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  1. Little did people know KingSong is a master of tinder level forced perspective pics and this is just a 2 inch model well now you just ruined my fun
  2. I see this kid riding a onewheel pretty fast around my apartment community with no helmet or wrist guards. There's that part of me that wants to say to the parent "hey I ride EUC's and helmets and wristguards are important on those, and one wheels are even more prone to cut out and result in particularly bad falls when they do so maybe get a full face for your kid and some wrist guards". But...I just mind my own business cause I don't need some parent being like "why you watching my kid" when I'm not and I just noticed them while walking my dog.
  3. haven't you heard, the minimum number of wheels is two, that way if a friend wants to try you can let them play with the reject/training wheel rather than your nice main wheel, whole reason I haven't ditched my ninebot c+. Sure, hop on the ninebot, if you are about to crash hop off and let it hit the wall, who cares, sturdiest piece of crap I've ever ridden. The mten3 is a cool and expensive wheel though for a reject wheel unlike my ninebot, whoever gets it will have fun with it.
  4. Tom Cruise lost his best friend to this. RIP Goose
  5. Maybe that weight is based on the default spring they use and if you used the 1000lb tension spring he mentioned earlier it would handle heavier weight better. Clarification would be good as to whether it's a spring based weight limit or strength of pedal hanger/other materials based weight limit.
  6. One thing KS and others manufacturers can do to mitigate quality control issues is spend a little extra upfront on durability of parts. Why do I read posts on here of people talking about the threading on their screw posts for their EUC's stripping, or screws snapping, or the screw heads stripping. Often times the attitude seems to be "use the cheapest part that will do the bare minimum job of putting these parts together" rather than "can the user disassemble and reassemble this wheel 10 times over the next 3 years/do maintenance on it without having to buy aftermarket screws or a
  7. Holy crap, when did christopher Nolan start working for gotway to make product videos /s Also saying "do not imitate this operation" indicates you aren't confident in your waterproofing. Either it's waterproof enough to confidently rinse off with a low pressure stream of water when dirty or ride in the rain or you are just pointlessly spraying it with water to give the illusion of water proofness while not actually claiming any IP rating and trying to legally disclaimer yourself to be protected. I don't care about your video gotway, either go on record saying users can safel
  8. You know, I can't blame gotway, If their wheels are gonna catch fire anyways they probably figure they should get some good footage of them spraying them down with water before they go roman candle
  9. right? Remember when they showed the nikola riding in the ocean in initial marketing vids I'm sure they got back and threw that unit in the dumpster after a short while.
  10. maybe in the 3rd batch or later ewheels can get some springless/shockless units and either sell the right spring for your weight or sell a select few compatible aftermarket fox shocks alongside it and install them.
  11. maybe you should start an OnlyFans account and start turning tricks like Hirsute/Damien on your EUC to get some funding
  12. The suspension linkage in particular looks like it would be vulnerable to being bent/damaged if it took a tumble, has the s18 had issues with the linkage getting damaged in crashes, it's pretty similar I guess but I haven't followed it closesly. Like I said though, it's a sport bike, if you crashed a sport bike at 20mph it would probably be f'd up too and cost more to fix than this. So...just don't crash it at high speed I guess, lol
  13. Looking at the design more, one advantage I see of this pulled back/exposed front shell is that it doesn't get in the way of the front of the wheel so this wheel might actually be relatively easy to trolley up and down stairs rather than carry if the wheel has the right tread and can grip the stair well. Is the sherman easy to trolley up stairs, the s20 is similarly exposed?
  14. This looks very cool, it also looks VERY vulnerable to crash damage. I want to knock it a little bit compared to something like veteran's wheels which seem more durable to crash damage but I can't really. This wheel is a sport bike basically. You would be hard pressed to crash a sport bike going more than 20 some mph probably and not have to do some serious repairs to get it drivable again. So it may actually be more durable than a sport bike if the plastic components don't go flying everywhere and the battery compartments stay in tact. However it is also more likely
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