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  1. I'm curious what the internals of this wheel will look like and whether king song makes any revisions to it's design before production as a result.of the 16s fire. Being rather happy with my ACM2 I might not upgrade till the generation after this one if there isn't any appreciable difference in safety and security over the current gen, but then again it likely won't be worse and shiny new things are always fun
  2. From what I've seen of crashes on eucs online and my own personal experience with my older ninebot I'm surprised that these batteries don't get damaged or busted in accidents more often. When the wheel goes rolling away, crashes, does multiple tumbles back and forth, the flexing and rotational forces on the battery pack have got to be high. I'm surprised that flexing doesn't break the spot welds/bms and cause shorts more often considering it's not in some rigid case to minimize flexing other than whatever rigidity is provided by the euc body. I would think larger wheels like the monster/msx/18xl etc would be especially susceptible to this with their large and long battery packs I would think a rigid casing with vibration/shock dampening material between the battery and it's casing with more shock absorbing material between the battery casing and the outer EUC casing would be more common place but I guess that would take up extra room. It will be interesting to see how the 16X battery is encased when it comes out.
  3. I might have to just bite the bullet then, I suppose I can put my ACM pedals on my MCM 4, though I'm tempted to sell my MCM4 since it seems so slow now after getting used to the ACM
  4. I'm just sitting here patiently waiting for @Marty Backe to put some Nikola pedals on his ACM2 and report in...I'm sure it'll happen eventually.
  5. @stephen when you try them out, I would be curious of your impressions on how the grip on the pedals is vs. the tesla/acm2 pedals. I'm wondering how it compares to the grip tape/sandpaper style. I'd also be curious to know if the top part looks easily removable such that one could peel it off and replace it with the sand paper grip tape if they preferred that.
  6. "Why the hell did I buy?" Fixed that title for you ;)
  7. Whenever i'm at a crosswalk, waiting to cross where people can make right turns, and the walk sign goes on, I always check to my left/rear to see if any cars are coming and either wait for them to turn, or make sure they have come to a complete stop and seen me before crossing. Same when i'm getting to the other side, i'll make sure anyone in the turning lane has slowed down or sees me rather than just assuming they will see me and stop. Drivers are definitely only paying attention to their left half the time and at T intersections where they have no oncoming traffic from their left just assume they can turn without looking. Right of way means nothing when you are dead or in a wheelchair.
  8. Yeah, I'm already pretty cautious on campus due to the sheer number of people walking around looking at their phones with heads down and headphones in but I'm going to have to be even more cautious. I might practice hard stops too so I can get a better feel for stopping hard, at least better than I currently have. If I had more experience with hard stops I may have been able to stop quicker and avoided hitting him. But at some point, there just isn't enough room.
  9. Well...it happened today...going to class, in the bike lane like a good person who follows the rules, not going too fast, certainly no faster than bikes go in this area, probably slower. Dude walks right across the bike lane without looking or anything, luckily there is still some distance between me and him, though not much, I try and slow down as fast as I can, can't fully stop, but get down to maybe 2 or so mph and I put up my hands to deflect. Luckily the guy was a somewhat beefier dude and not some 100lb girl, but I was able to use my arms to push off him a little bit, twist the unicycle away from him and bail. He stayed standing, I landed on my butt, my unicycle traveled for 10 or so feet before tipping on it's side and stopping. Dude: "Sorry, my bad" Me: "Dude, what the fuck, it's the bike lane, fucking look before you cross it" Maybe I was a little harsh, but maybe next time he'll look before he crosses a street(for bikes) and not be a dumbass Luckily I was uninjured other than i'll probably have a small bruise where I landed on my butt. Luckily my unicycle tipped over in the grass so other than some dirt on the pedal where the pedal finally caught the ground it was undamaged, so good job on the padding @Rywokast I was worried it was going to be damaged but it looks just fine. Frankly this guy was lucky I was on my unicycle and not my mountain bike. This is a slightly downhill portion of the path and people can go at a good clip on their bikes there. Had I been on my bike, my hands would have been on my handlebar and I would not have been able to push off him to deflect away from him and would have just plowed right into him and we both would have gone down. ugh
  10. I would wait to see what the KS16x is like. According to kuji's video it was very nimble, and with it's high pedal height one should be able to do tighter turns or lean into turns more without pedal scraping. Plus with it's 3 inch tire, it might just be in the sweetspot between the largness of the ninebot tire at 4 inches, and the 2.125/2.5 inch tires of the 16s/18xl. Reviews will tell but if you can wait for more impressions it might not be a bad idea, especially with ninebot's reported customer service issues.
  11. I bet she was on the right and you were like, "hmm the left looks like a good side to pass on" and then as you got closer she just moved across the path narrowing your passing window space before you could re-adjust. I swear this thing has like some sort of gravitational pull to it that causes pedestrians to meander on over to the side you want to pass on. If i'm not getting stuck dealing with people walking in the bike lane on campus, then i'm getting stuck dealing with people who walk all over the sidewalk rather than staying to one side or maintaining a straight-ish line. On campus, we have 2 side by side bike lanes, one for each direction... The other day a guy was walking in the middle of the bike lane, in the bike lane for going the direction I was going, except he was walking towards me, looking at his phone. I just slowed down real slow, like walking speed, stayed centered in the lane, and when I was a few feet away was like, "dude, bike lane"....he goes, "oh sorry" and moves. le sigh
  12. It is a gorgeous wheel, The other day I was riding it to class wearing a shirt with a TIE fighter on it and then realized, oh man I really am repping the empire today.
  13. See my thread here for my helmet speaker mod: might give you some ideas as to things you could do with your helmet. Though my helmet is an open full face helmet, in a closed helmet, it might still be too isolating or prevent you from hearing surroundings.
  14. https://old.reddit.com/r/ElectricScooters/comments/bcacx9/can_we_talk_about_injuries_and_safety_i_wiped_out/ Not me, but thought this was a good example giving morep roof of the value of a full face helmet. Even on things not euc. Hope that person has insurance because those teeth are going to be expensive to fix, few $K easily
  15. Man I want my shell rhino lined, that would be sweet
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