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  1. Heyzeus

    WheelLog Android App

    Got my new pebble time watch this one has no problems so yayyy! Setup was pretty easy for me on my Pixel 1 XL Already had wheellog installed so didn't need to install that. -Went to rebble.io , clicked on "your account", chose to use my gmail to login/create my account. -Downloaded the pebble app to my phone -Downloaded pebble alternate app store helper -Made sure pebble watch was on and on it's first screen you see the first time you turn it on or after a factory reset. -Followed instructions on pebble alternate app store helper, skipped the subscription part as I don't care about weather and voice dictation. -Did the last step on pebble alternate app store helper, that took me to a link on rebble.io, clicked the button at the bottom of that page and it did it's magic to the pebble app (redirecting pebble app to rebble's servers) -Pebble app opened and showed the rebble logo and get started button, clicked that and followed instruction to set up my watch. -Made minor preferences changes to my watch but nothing affecting connectivity settings or anything like that. -Went to the app page on the pebble app(which is now connected to rebble) and searched for wheellog, clicked add and it installed it to my watch. -turned on my gotway mcm4, opened wheellog on my phone, let it connect to mcm4, clicked the watch icon on wheellog and my watch switched to the wheellog screen and started showing speed and temp and battery info in realtime during my lift test of the wheel. Nice, works. You can delete the pebble alternate app store helper when done setting it up, is it's only purpose is to give you directions and links/doesn't have any functionality once the necessary changes have been made to link the pebble app to rebble's servers Can confirm what @Marty Backe said about the second screen not updating. Not sure if marty said it only updates when not in focus or doesn't update at all. But in my case the second screen with ride time, distance, top speed doesn't update at all. Went for a short ride and at the end of my ride it still showed 0 on everything. So, this works well with my Pixel 1 XL which is on android 9 right now. thanks for your work on this @palachzzz, if you are still working on your own wheel log app I'll be excited to see it when it's done.
  2. Edit: NVM Jason says he is still able to offer this service
  3. This! Why should EUC's be any different in waterproof...ness compared to motorcycles? I don't ride motorcycle but if I was out on one on a cloudy day and got hit by a sudden cloud burst/downpour, i'd be wet but I think most motorcycles would be just fine. There are even electric motorcycles being made now but even then the combustion motorcycles especially fancier ones often have onboard computers/controllers, electronic displays, speakers and other such stuff that all manages to be rain proof.
  4. I ruled out the leatt dbx 3.0 and the giro switchblade due to poor chin bar quality/design and even out right failures Leatt Chin bar breaking - scroll down Here peoples chin bars/clasps were breaking from just normal use (taking on and off) not even crashing Giro switchblade chin bar breaking during crash - here the switchblade chin bar was reported to be snapping off during crashes by a couple people I think @WARPed1701D said: I looked for and couldn't find anything on the chin bars failing on the bell super 3r or super DH. I think this full wrap around design while clunkier and more difficult to take on and off compared to the giro/leatt end up making it sturdier and better built/less likely to break during a crash or during just normal taking on and off like the leatt. While these helmets are designed to take one hit and be disposed of, if the leatt breaks from just being taken on and off then I wouldn't trust it in a real world crash even if it did pass a one hit test. When I was at a local bike shop I was talking to one of the workers there about the Bell super DH and how it compares to the bell super 3r in terms of chin bar quality and why one had the downhill certification and not the other. Specifically I asked about his opinion as to whether or not there was a significant difference in the chin bar quality/sturdiness between the two different helmets. When I was explaining my use case with electric unicycles and concern about face plant protection, he felt the super 3r, specifically the chin bar would be about just as sturdy and would protect my face almost as well as the super DH. It seemed to be his opinion that the chin bar construction and quality on the super 3r was about as good as the super DH but that the reason for the super DH getting more safety certifications and the downhill certification wasn't due to changes to the chin bar part so much as changes done to the rest of the helmet. In short he felt the chin bar on the 3r would protect me just as well as the super DH from face plants, but that the rest of the super DH would have better protection for scenarios more often encountered during downhill biking than the 3r would. that opinion of his seems to be backed up by the comment in this review, but take it with a grain of salt since the part about the chinbar on the 2r/3r being strong enough to pass DH tests is purportedly coming from bell and not a testing agency. that said @Rehab1 personally crash tested the chin bar on the 3r and it seemed to do a good job protecting his face from what he's said here. So...if you aren't too worried about that specific type of test/use case scenario and your primary concern is face plant/nose/chin/teeth to the ground protection then the bell super 3r might be a cheaper almost as good helmet compared to the super DH. If you want the supposedly more advanced MIPS spherical protection (whatever that grants you) then the super DH has that over the 3r. And if you do things other than EUC like mountain biking than the super DH might be enticing. Supposedly the super DH is supposed to have a better fit/comfort than the 3r. I tried the DH and it was indeed well fitting and comfortable but need to try the 3r to compare it too. Additional review I found helpful: https://www.fanatikbike.com/blogs/engage/bell-super-dh-reviewed
  5. Heyzeus

    WheelLog Android App

    Charged my pebble time, looked at the screen to inspect it and noticed that on darker screens half the screen has this weird slightly darker tint than the rest of the screen. le sigh...this is why I can't have nice things Why can't I just get nice things that work on the first go without having to be returned/exchanged.
  6. Heyzeus

    WheelLog Android App

    I just got my pebble watch, so anyone know what the exact process is to getting this thing working with wheellog. Do I need to use rebble.io or is it not necessary. Is the process something like: -install pebble app on phone -connect to watch -go to rebble.io and follow instructions there on migrating services to rebble -reset watch to factory defaults -load pebble app to watch through rebble app store and then what would I do, or is this not the process at all. Do I need to keep the pebble app on my phone after switching to rebble. Is a rebble app required on my phone too I'm trying to follow comments from this thread and the linked one but it's not very clear, I imagine I can figure it out but if someone knows the detailed process that would be great so I don't have to spend a day trial and error..ing it. I think these people have got pebble working with wheellog: @Lukasz @WARPed1701D @Marcglider @Marty Backe @Steve Persona @Daniel Hollinghurst @MacPara @fryman @fbhb not trying to call anyone out specifically but yeah any comments/thoughts? I'll make a log of my steps to get it working and then comment to this thread with what exactly I did so any future EUCophytes can use it for reference to help any others who might want to try out using a pebble. Also you can still buy pebble times new from Walmart for ~80$ pebble time
  7. Heyzeus

    Edit : MCM5 800Wh (p.2)

    I saw somewhere (wish I remembered where and I would link it) where someone made a mudguard out of a flexible piece of plastic that they attached using some 3m type tape. Perhaps something like this mudguard could be modified to fit
  8. Heyzeus


    @Lutalo So, just a word of input, I tried on the super DH the other day and found it too be well fitting, nice view without blocking my peripheral vision and quite comfortable but the chin guard took me about ~5 - 10 seconds to take on and off (took about 15 times of taking it on and off at the store to get the process down), it's not like the LS2 chinguard that just flips up out of the way. That said, I feel like it's a helmet more that you would have the chinguard on when commuting and then maybe not have the chin guard on if you were just tooling around in the parking lot during lunch hour at low speed or in a park at a leisurely pace. If you hope to be at a stop light somewhere, take off the chin guard, take a drink from your cup of coffee, then put the chin guard back on, I think you might find that frustrating. But if you just want to leave your helmet on to keep your head warm during an early morning ride while stopped at a local coffee shop then the removable chin guard could be great. As for the bell full 9, if you are looking for a winter helmet too, then the LS2 valiant as shown on here earlier by @Unventor or a similar style helmet like the shark evo-one 2 or evoline 3 might be a good winter helmet if you don't mind the extra weight. I haven't tried one on but I rather like the functionality of it. However, I feel for my main purpose of riding around campus a motorcycle helmet may be overkill and draw too much attention from campus police. Plus, it's over double the weight of the fox proframe which I found my self surprised by the weight of. (Though I imagine that's because I don't ride motorcycles and had never worn anything other than a trail helmet before, i'm sure one could adjust to the weight quickly and it wouldn't be a big deal once they got used to it.) So if the weight is not an issue those other helmets would keep your head warm during DC's freezing winters while still allowing you to take a drink of that cup of coffee and then the super DH would be cooler and better vented for the hot humid summers DC has.
  9. Heyzeus


    if you can get your hands on one at a local bike shop you might want to see if you can give the largest one a try. I measured my head at 56 cm and yet the small had enough room for me to need to use the ratchet tightening dial to tighten it down a little still. From their size chart I should have been a medium but small fit me fine. Alternative option is I measured my head poorly.
  10. Heyzeus


    You might want to consider the Bell Super DH, it has the removable chin bar but has all the same certifications as the bell full 9 and has the newer MIPS spherical whatever a thingy. https://www.bellhelmets.com/super-dh-mips One of the comments on the video: "Hi I would like to know if the certification on a full face helmet is a tougher certification than this bell dh. Does this bell just complies with a basic certification for dh. In other words do I get the same protection as a full face DH? Thanks and keep the reviews coming.´╗┐ " The reviewers reply: "You do. For example, the safety certifications satisfied by Bell's top of the line carbon full face, the Full-9, has the following certs: ASTM F1952-00, ASTM F2032, CE EN1078, CPSC Bicycle The Super DH has ASTM F1952-00, ASTM F2032, CE EN1078, CPSC Bicycle So yes, you allegedly do, although that of course would depend on you wearing the chinbar. Another consideration is that the tests for a helmet to comply with a given cert likely don't include every scenario possible, so a helmet with MIPS and another without might qualify for the same certs. That's why that's not the only thing you should look at, and why I think the MIPS Spherical in this helmet take it above and beyond everything else other than 6D's helmets. This one also has a chin-bar though, where as 6D's ATB-1T does not. Best, Dan at Fanatik´╗┐" So you might want to give this helmet a look, this has replaced the bell super 3r and giro switchblade on my list and if it's just as safe as the proframe then I don't see why not get this over a proframe since you have the newer more advanced mips system and a removable chin bar for those times when your tooling around at slow speeds. Not sure how it would compare safety wise to a dedicated motorcycle helmet like the LS2 though for EUC use cases. Like would this helmet offer better concussion and face protection in a EUC accident not involving a vehicle whereas a motorcycle helmet would offer better protection in accidents involving a vehicle but not be as good concussion/head protection in the instances where you get a wobble going 20 mph and faceplant?
  11. I'm rather ignorant on the design of these things/I'm not an electrical engineer and maybe the design of these has changed since the mcm4 but I know on my mcm4, when i'm on campus I can be riding at say 50/60% battery and when I get to the larger hill I have to go up to go home, my wheellog app will show a voltage sag and the battery will be sometimes in the 20% and a few times even below when going up that hill. Now maybe the issue is i'm going too fast up the hill (like 8-10mph) or maybe it's just the design of the wheel but that concerns me a bit. As if I was only at 20% battery and hit that hill I don't know if i would be able to take it without a cut out and would probable have to walk it to be safe. Now i'm on the 340wh mcm4 and really wish I had that extra 340wh battery for longer distance and extra safety margin. Why can't gotway just sell it on their site...bahhh. So if I was on a king song version of an mten3 and only had a 256wh capacity total, would that make my unicycle effectively useless on anything but flat ground when below 50% battery. Again, i'm not familiar with the mechanics/engineering/electrical stuff behind these wheels and so am going off only my anecdotal experience with my mcm4. So perhaps my experiences aren't transferrable or valid on these other wheels but if I were to take a wheel with me on a trip I would want it to be able to take decent hills if possible up until say 20/30% battery life (lets say I took a trip to a hilly part of Europe). If that would be possible with whatever wheel king song came out with then that would be great. Tooling around Europe/Asia on your own wheel, what's not to like.
  12. I think this would be really cool but if they were going to do the modular pack thing it would be neat if instead of a 256 wh battery on each side, it was split into 2 so it was two 128 wh packs on each side, not sure how easy that could be achieved but then you could have high capacity on the wheel for safety while keeping each individual battery pack below the airline limit of what capacity battery packs you are allowed to travel with. A travel wheel is nice in theory, but if the battery pack capacity is so low as to go on the plane then when you get to your destination I imagine the wheel will be great for short trips on flat ground but would not be great for any hilly areas or longer distance trips and the safety margin offered by a higher capacity battery pack wouldn't be there. If the airline limit is 158 wh per pack, then being able to slot in four 158wh packs into the unicycle (2 each side) would be really ideal and quite awesome (I would totally buy one eventually) but I don't know if they would be able to design it with enough room for that. Weights not really much of an issue, heck even shell size isn't much of an issue, as long as you have a wheel that you can either carry on or check in luggage and be able to legally carry the batteries on the plane without an issue. Then you could get to your destination and not be riding around on a wheel that feels like you had to make a ton of compromises for. If they did this I'd totally be willing to pay the extra price for the extra battery capacity. If it was totally modular than you could even have it so paying 500 gets you a wheel with two 158wh packs and paying 700 /800(or more if cost is much more) gets you four 158 wh packs. If only using the two pack version you could just have the unicycle designed so that it only draws power from the two packs and something takes up the space of the missing extra packs and if you have the four pack version it draws power from all 4 and no filler module is needed. I wouldn't mind paying mten3 prices at all for something like this with a 600wh capacity. Would be amazing. If king song is really looking for new things too, then an IP rated wheel that could be ridden in light rain would also be quite nice. Not a common scenario but nice to know if you get caught out in a short rain your power and other buttons or wheel isn't going to break. Motorcycles have electronic components and computers/controllers, digital displays, speakers and manage to be waterproof enough to be ridden in the rain without damage to them. Why can't EUC's be designed with the same goal in mind.
  13. Heyzeus

    WheelLog Android App

    Is the alarm on the wheellog app supposed to be audible when enabled. My phone will vibrate when an alarm is triggered but there is no sound. Is there some setting to enable an audible alarm that i'm missing. I find it a bit hard to notice or sometimes don't immediately notice the vibration when my phone is in my pocket. Other behavior I've noticed: When speed alarm 1 is triggered, it will vibrate continuously until the speed drops below the threshold. When speed alarm 2 or 3 is triggered, it will just have one alarm/vibrate the phone a couple times and then cease vibrating even if i'm still going over the alarm threshold speeds. If I drop below the threshold speed and then go past it again it will retrigger the second and third alarms for their speed thresholds respectively. Not sure if that behavior is intentional, but...I have to say I rather like it. I can set alarm one as my last ditch alarm at 20mph, where I know i'm going too fast even if my wheel hasn't triggered the power alarm yet. And I can set alarm 2 to go off at 15 mph and alarm 3 to go off at 18 mph. Which is a good way of getting some speed awareness without having to pull out my phone to look at it. I'm using a Pixel 1 XL with android 9 and my wheel is a gotway MCM 4. I do not have the "my wheel is an MCM" checked in the wheel settings as I'm assuming that's for the more recent MCM wheels as if I check it, the distance/speed values no longer match up with the gotway app values (I'm assuming the gotway values are correct for my wheel)
  14. Heyzeus


    Thanks for the feedback @Unventor , I'm curious what the differences is between the pinlock system the EU version has and the system they included in the US version. Both seem to have sun visors so...not sure what the difference is but I guess I'll have to research it or email them. Depending on the answer it might be worth it to buy the EU version over the US version but right now I think i'm leaning more towards the fox proframe or bell super 3r since I live in California and it doesn't get much colder than 50-60 degrees here in the orange county/LA area (at least at the times I ride)
  15. Heyzeus


    @Unventor If you have a scale, can you weigh the helmet? The Swedish ls2 website you linked in a previous post (https://ls2helmets.com/se/commuter/valiant ): lists the helmet's weight as 1700 +- 50 grams or 3.75 Bald Eagle units (lb) where as ls2's US website (https://ls2helmets.us/modular/valiant) : lists the helmets weight as 2.86 +- .11 lb or 1297 grams Unless there is a physical/manufacturing difference in materials between the helmets bound for the Swedesh/Euro market and those bound for the US market I'm assuming that one of these sites has the wrong weight listed (I suspect it's probably heavier and so imagine their US site is wrong). So if you have a scale you can weight it on it would be great to know it's actual weight (and what size you ordered) After you test it on a ride, I'd be curious to know, how the venting is, how hot it is, if it fogs at lower speeds and whether it obstructs your peripheral vision at all. Thanks