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  1. Heyzeus

    The Kingsong 16X First Ride

    @Kuji Rolls at 1:09 in the video, you are going forward and then come to a slow stop leaning back a bit and the wheel seems to stutter/jerk and catch you off guard? was that due to the way you were riding it and just being unfamiliar with a new wheel or some quirk in the wheel prototype/firmware. https://youtu.be/ZhCCMtfBqSk?t=69 I understand it's a prototype and i'm sure kinks are still being worked out and such but just something I observed in the video and was curious about
  2. You don't want the wheel attached such that it could wrap you up in it or hurt you in an accident, yet at the same time you don't want it running off and hitting someone. A tether switch cutout would have the problem of if it got pulled out by accident by getting caught on a branch or something you were going by then it could cause you to crash. Perhaps if the tether switch got pulled out the wheel would slowly reduce speed until it stops, like it engages tilt back. If the tether was pulled out by accident it slows you to a stop, you put it back in and go on your way. If you had to bail because of something then it slows the wheel down automatically till its slow enough it falls over.
  3. What is that hard plastic trim that you had on the bottom and sides of the pedals on the ACM2. When I got it, I saw that trim and was like oh that will come off fast. But then poked at it and was like damn this is stuck on here well. Whatever that plastic trim is it's some quality stuff with good adhesive.
  4. Heyzeus

    ACM revieuw after 7000 km

    Went on my longest ride to date, 22km. Getting better at riding at higher speeds without wobbles. Hit 44.8kmh at one point but then slowed it down to under 40. Used to get wobbles around 35kmh, now I can consistently ride at around 38 without wobbles. I love being able to go 30kmh up a hill. It's great how much power this thing has. I have yet to feel like the wheel was holding me back, it seems to be able to do more than i'm comfortable doing which is great. Have to be careful not to get overconfident though. I imagine i'm at the sweet spot for when injuries happen, knowing enough to be comfortable which breeds complacency yet not enough experience yet to handle the unforeseen.
  5. https://old.reddit.com/r/ElectricScooters/comments/b1qpcj/dualtron_mini_speedway_mini_5_first_ever_dualtron/ Looks better than the mini 4, had been thinking of getting the mini 5 whenever it came out before I started getting really into my unicycles 6 months ago. Bought a speedway 3 cheap to see if I would even like scooters from someone who had got it from ewheels and barely rode it and found they didn't like it. It was okay but for me EUC's are much more fun and practical unless for some reason I really need two wheels. From the looks of the mini 5 though I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed. It looks better and hopefully the brakes and suspension are better but the range and speed seem to be about the same as the mini 4 and yet it weighs almost 10 lbs more than my speedway 3. (15lbs more than the mini 4) Guess it's a prototype so it will be interesting to see specs on the final version but how is this mini or more practical than a speedway 3/4 when It weighs more than the speedway 3, yet has lower speed and lower range, probably poorer braking. It's length is 114cm so ~45inches, which puts it only about 3.5 inches shorter than a speedway 3/4 and 4 inches longer than the mini 4 Like I don't get why you would get this over the others unless it was to save a couple hundred dollars or shave 3 inches off the size of a speedway 3. If compactness is what you are aiming for and money isn't an issue you would go with the spider as it weighs less, has better range, has 2 motors, and is shorter than this. If a spider is too expensive you could buy a speedway 3 which will be only 3.5 inches longer than this, have better range, better speed and be lighter and the price will probably be the same or maybe only 100 or so more if it has a similar price to what the mini 4 was sold for (though probably higher if it is under the dualtron brand) So who is this aimed at I guess. Perhaps I'm missing something here.
  6. Heyzeus

    Why are ther so few Female riders?

    I also have a speedway 3, main thing I don't like about it is how loud it is compared to the EUCs. Like why are those little motors so loud. I can accelerate silently on my unicycle up to 20 plus miles an hour, on the scooter though....wwwwwwwwhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I guess people definitely hear you coming. Thought about selling it because I don't ride it, but got it for 450 with less than 60 miles on it in new condition so I keep it in case someone else wants to ride with me who doesn't know how to ride a unicycle
  7. Heyzeus

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I made the gif from his YouTube review of the mcm4 yesterday. I don't know how to make gifs, I just used one of those sites that ask for the YouTube URL and the start time and makes a short gif
  8. Heyzeus

    ACM revieuw after 7000 km

    Was that @Rehab1 who took his ACM scuba diving
  9. Heyzeus

    ACM revieuw after 7000 km

    Great Post. Good to see some high mileage reviews. Just curious @gotmotion2016, is yours the ACM2, I want to think it is cause the controller says ACMs+ but I've also heard unless it has a fan you can't know. Also, did you use a cover when riding in the rain to protect the power button and usb port/charging port. Good to know it's handled so much without a hiccup. glad I didn't trust this site: https://www.electricunicycles.eu/gotway_acm16_2017_review_an_ugly_surprise-c__268 otherwise I would have missed out on a great wheel.
  10. Heyzeus

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    So (865 / magic number) * pleasingConstant should be the right amount of torque then. Yessss.
  11. Not trying to be a jackass but... from that post it seems like your v8 may be less than reliable or that something is wrong with it. I've seen others here and elsewhere with a v8 talk about riding them at or near top speed and they haven't faceplanted over small bumps or cracks...and here it's happened 4 times to you. Doesn't the v8 have strong tiltback when you hit top speed and try and go past it's limits. I've seen others talk about the v8 as being a generally very reliable and safe wheel. Are you just ignoring the tiltback and continuing to lean forward until it can't do anything else but cut out or are you just riding and there's no tiltback at all and bam, cutout, you are on the ground. Just seems like something isn't working right there and it would suck for a person new to EUCs to get a wheel that has something wrong with it and get severely injured because they have no experience and have no perspective on how to even bail or handle a cutout so soon into being new to it. Again I'm not trying to be rude or ruin your sale so if saying this is in bad form mods can feel free to delete this post but just thought maybe anyone looking for their first EUC might want to know this before purchasing. If you really can't ride it above 14mph without cutouts (which your post indicates) then it seems like something is wrong with your wheel.
  12. Heyzeus

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    This could be interesting on the older gotways. Person powers on Tries to lay wheel on it's side Gotway: Let me sing for you and show you the dance of my people.
  13. Heyzeus

    Gotway Tesla vs Tesla v2 vs Nikola?

    From some of the damaged shells I've seen online it seems like the biggest improvement they could make would be making the shell more rugged. I would love to one day see an EUC that has a shell that is as rugged as a rhino lined truckbed liner. Might be too heavy though.
  14. Heyzeus

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    They could feasibly keep the same handle/trolley design and have a shell handle so no weight is put on the trolley handle when lifting while maintaining the same look of the current design.. Mold the shell so that the plastic shell handle part that is weight bearing is wider than the trolley handle and thick to be strong yet has a recess in it that the trolley handle slightly sits in. when trolley handle is down, it sits part ways in the recess of the plastic handle part, when you lift the unicycle all weight is on the plastic part and not the telescoping trollery parts. To use the trolley handle, simply depress the button on the trolley handle and lift it up.
  15. Heyzeus

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    If they can get it safely, 50kmh would be perfect. Like if it could do 50kph without beeping and tiltback when charged above 50% then say 40 - 45kmh between 25% - 50% would be pretty awesome