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  1. Heyzeus

    V11 longevity

    It's so frustrating(whether it's gotway, king song or, inmotion), seeing time and time again, things cracking, failing, breaking etc., Not because of crashes or poor customer care but due to these companies literally skimping on such minor things like reinforced screw posts. It's not like using metal reinforced screw posts / sockets, better bearings, wiring etc is going to be the difference between hitting $2,100 and being $2,500. They are literally pinching pennies, and harming their reputation over it. I know all companies do it to some degree but sometimes the s**
  2. I think it's really cool and I think in motion deserves credit (at least if it pans out) for being better about waterproofing especially of the batteries. I think that's a very important thing that's often neglected by others in the past. The only reason I'm not selling my ACM2 and jumping all over this wheel is because I kind of want to see what the next iteration of inmotions suspension wheel will be first (and because I never early adopt) and I don't absolutely need a new wheel yet. Do I want it, oh yeah, but do I need it, noooo 🙁, so I will wait and see what we've got coming o
  3. Oh hey the battery is ipx7 rated. That must be a special feature for @Rehab1 in case he wants to take this wheel swimming. so the ipx5 rating means If I'm out riding and it's suddenly starts to rain I should be good to go right, and that I could lightly hose the wheel down with a low pressure spray if I wanted?
  4. I think it's important to note too, since the intent by the moderator might be lost in translation and misunderstood, that the intent of the language rule isn't intended to be culturally or nationally intolerant or to limit one's ability to express themselves in their native language. It's simply just a rule to make it easier for everyone to engage with one another on the forums since there are users from all over the world here. Just this thread alone has people across eight or nine different countries. S*** maybe we just need to get world leaders into riding electric unicycles and all
  5. The fact that a passion project like this exists for something that let's be real should exist from the manufacturers by default in a good state not the crappy state it often is, really is icing on the cake and people should consider themselves fortunate enough to have stuff like EUC world and wheel log, If it works they should be like oh wow awesome this actually works and if it doesn't work they should be like "well at least he's trying hopefully a future version will work for me, Glad this exists). People are too entitled It's not like your Microsoft here putting out something that is your
  6. Seriously, I think there's enough room in the market to cater to both those who want a cheap but capable wheel and those who want a capable wheel and are willing to also pay extra for certain amenities like motorcycle level waterproofing etc. Just like how some people will buy a Hyundai and some people will buy a Lexus. Once Wheels hit a certain minimum level of functionality (speed/range) It increasingly becomes about safety/redundancy, reliability, and functional amenities. For me, The only reason I would want a wheel that could go 100 km an hour would be to have the tilt back set
  7. I rode my acm2 from newport beach, down the santa ana river trail all the way to old town orange and back against the wind for a round trip of 32 miles and still had ~20% battery life left at a stop. The idea that 32ish usable miles is considered mid range is both absolutely insane and totally cool at the same time When I first started riding I thought "oh I'll never ride that many miles in one go", and now it's pretty easy as long as my feet don't get sore.
  8. Yeah last time I popped into the wheellog settings, things looked a little bit different so it seems to still be getting updated so I imagine it works with newer wheels if it is, All I know is it seems to work well with my ACM2 and still pairs with my pebble watch so until that stops functioning... Super cool what seba has been doing with his app(or branch?), It's a good thing there's other people in the community supporting stuff like this and he definitely deserves to be compensated for his time, though I somehow doubt the compensation he gets even comes close to paying for his t
  9. I'm out of the loop, what is AVAS? I use wheellog, haven't bothered switching apps because i use an older wheel and dont care about route tracking or maps and so dont know what the difference is otherwise... different watch support maybe. Wheellog works for monitoring speed and setting alarms for me so...shrug
  10. I'm curious, If you're allowed to say, what changes have been made from when you originally got it and felt it was a 5 out of 10 to now where you feel it's a 9 out of 10. Handling, speed, aesthetics, etc., What do you feel has most been improved and what sets it apart from others in the space besides just that alleged top speed
  11. While I was riding today, there was a strong bit of headwind on my way home, and a few times I set off the speed alarms that I had set through wheel log. I heard the speed alarms through the speakers I've installed in my fullface helmet but I was thinking to myself how if my phone was disconnected from the wheel/wheellog, or if the wheel log app failed, or if the Bluetooth connection between my phone and my Bluetooth receiver connected to my helmet speakers failed I never would have heard those alarms. And with the wind and my full face helmet, If I started getting the wheel beep at 80% power
  12. Is it just me or should EUC manufacturers focus on getting motorcycle level waterproofing before they start adding electronic displays/led screens/even more fancy lights. I haven't been keeping up with everything so maybe I'm off the mark here but I remember some pics of shermans with water/moisture under the display, 16x and v10 having water issues, rusty bearings in hollow bore motors. Maybe they've fixed these things since I last heard about them but I don't know, I really want a wheel I can take out on a cloudy day and know that if it starts lightly raining I can trust the wheel will
  13. I need to get some of that RPG inventory space so that I can get a v12, ride it from my place to huntington/laguna beach and then pop it my pocket when I get to the coffee shop or see stairs, then pull out an mten3 to ride around the beach area till I'm ready to go back home.
  14. If only I could get the supposed specs of the v12 in a wheel the size and weight of my ACM2, plus solid water resistance, I'd be smitten. I suppose the limiting factor there is battery tech where the weight of the batteries needed to reliably deliver the power needed for speeds of 60-70kmh can only go so low.
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