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  1. I can at least attest that the site is real as I ordered a trolley handle from them for my MCM4 like a year ago and I did receive it as advertised. Don't know how they are for unicycle sales and after sales service but I did get my trolley handle and I did get it rather quickly.
  2. Supposedly gotway did do a 84 volt MCM4 pro http://shop.euc.nyc/14-GotWay-MCM4-PRO-512Wh Don't know if it was ever in white, and think it was only in the last year or so, so if it's older than a year or so it's likely a 67 v wheel Never actually seen an 84 volt MCM4 other than on that site though so... Im sure marty is right about that wheel though... If anyone knows gotway it's him
  3. Gotway should do a 2500-3000watt acm 3 with a wide wheel like the nikola while maintaining the short squat nature of the acm. Skip the speakers and waterproof the wheel to a decent ip rating official or unofficial, with even higher guage motor wires and the upgraded mosfets. Nikola is just too flashy for my tastes. or a 2000watt mcm6 14 inch wheel would be interesting.
  4. Heyzeus

    Dear Gotway

    I have it on good authority that this is their sticker adhesive process, greentext style - Be me, gotway employee - Brings precocious and hyper 3 year old to work for the day - Toddler McPainInMyPants be like: "Mom, mom, mom, I'm bored, I'm hungry, I'm bored, I'm hungry, I'm bored, I'm hungry can we go home, this sucks there's nothing to do, where's the bathroom, is there anything to play with" - I get bright idea: "hey ToddlePain, look at these shiny stickers, I have a very important job for you, go out to the shop for and put one sticker on the side of each wheel right in the center" -Toddler: "okay mommy, I do best job - 1 hours later I walk out to shop floor to check on my future heir - Todd: "Are you a good wheel, Yes you are, who's the best wheel, you are, high 5" *Slaps sticker to side of wheel and goes to next wheel*..... - MFW I see all wheels labeled - Much pride That said they did an excellent job on all the stickers on my ACM2
  5. Heyzeus

    Dear Gotway

    That's only hot glue, Gotways main issue with cold glue is putting the thing on straight
  6. That's a bit disappointing, maybe it's just a Learning curve thing, But if it's not and that persists then that's unfortunate. I Ride my ACM at anywhere between 42 some PSI to 28-30 psi depending how long I go between checking the tire pressure and it generally feels good anywhere in that range. Having one to two PSI makes such a difference would be quite annoying
  7. Every time I lean back to try and pop one on my ACM it just slows down. I think it's defective or gotway needs to tune their algorithm / firmware. What you guys think?
  8. I'm still waiting for the best wheel to come out before I upgrade from my ACM 2 #PulseGliderOrBust But seriously, If you aren't in a rush might want to consider buying a gently used wheel to hold you over till what you want is really out. I bought my ACM 2 as an upgrade to an mcm 4 to hold me over till the 16x but at the moment I really see no strong incentive to upgrade to either the 16x or Nikola, I like my short squat fat wheel a lot and the Nikola seems too big and the 16x seems to be having a lot of issues (which I am sure will be ironed out in the coming months) and is quite tall. Would be nice to have a waterproof (motorcycle level water resistance) wheel with the power and battery capacity of the 16x/Nikola but in a shorter, squat package. I'm very happy with my ACM 2, so don't discount a used wheel that may be 500 or so cheaper than a new one.
  9. *Cruises by on ACM 2 with no issues* *Gives a salute of thanks to all the early adopters*
  10. You know, I noticed a Gotway MCM4 is missing from your Gotway wheel collection, no true Gotway fan and collector would tolerate such a scenario. You should trade me so you can complete your collection.
  11. I really wish we could get a company like Honda or Toyota, that follows or atleast attempts to follow industry best practices when it comes to manufacturing/assembly, quality control, software/app development and has ISO standards as part of their normal routine, developing EUCs Not that there wouldn't still be qc issues or potentially recalls and other problems, but I would just love to see their take on the vehicle and how their development compares to gotway and kingsong. Unfortunately, i imagine besides not being popular enough there are too many liability issues for Honda/Toyota/etc to get into this business right now
  12. In order of preference: 4th one pictured 1st one 2nd one 3rd one I like the matte black shell and black pads would look good with it. The matte black carbon fiber finish with black pads looks better than the others but would still prefer regular rubberized matte black shell and pads over faux carbon fiber but it Looks similar to the z10. Otherwise the original look of matte black shell with grey pads is okay. Not too keen on the faux carbon fiber finish with the silver look or greyish silver look.
  13. *Glances nervously at 1600wh wheel next to my couch/sometimes bed Well, if it lights up, I'll know quickly I guess.
  14. I have the mcm4 HS 67.2v, I'm guessing it's v2 or v3 or whatever the latest version is as it was only made like a year ago. What size battery are you looking at purchasing? I have a 340wh battery in mine and really find that I wish I had the larger battery for extra safety margin. Don't get me wrong, I like the wheel well enough, it was a good temporary wheel until I got something better but I really find it's under powered or at least I personally get nervous riding it. Things I like: small, nimble, portable, relatively lightweight Things I don't like: feels underpowered, top speed is slow feeling now that I've gotten used to faster wheels (ACM2) and I constantly find myself having to slow down or am hearing the speed beeps on the MCM 4 and need to slow down if I dont want to push it to hard and crash The 340wh version is only one pack of batteries and is 2p where as the 640 wh version is two packs and 4p As a result, I can be at say, 70% battery, start going up a hill and my app will start showing a voltage dip that is considerable on the battery, like down to 10-20% sometimes. I only weigh like 155lbs so I'm not a big guy either. While I haven't yet crashed from this, I have gotten some low battery beeps when going up a hill and had to slow down. If I had the 680 wh version I think the current draw would be more distributed and I would see less of a voltage dip when going up a hill. so if you do get one I would suggest you get one that has the largest battery possible. The problem is if you're getting one with the largest battery you're probably looking at spending $900 at least when I look at US prices of these. For a few hundred more, You could get the MCM 5 which has a larger 800-W hour battery, a higher top speed, a much better control board, and is an all-around newer better built and more advanced wheel. So if you can, I would really recommend saving up for and getting the MCM 5 over the mcm4. I almost never ride my MCM4 now that I I've gotten used to my ACM2, pretty much just a backup wheel or for friends now.
  15. I'm curious what the internals of this wheel will look like and whether king song makes any revisions to it's design before production as a result.of the 16s fire. Being rather happy with my ACM2 I might not upgrade till the generation after this one if there isn't any appreciable difference in safety and security over the current gen, but then again it likely won't be worse and shiny new things are always fun
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