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  1. I'm in. Have a V10F so will try for ~2pm at long beach light house, or as designated for us lesser battery wheels. Not going to be so late like ReCharge event that I see no one. Marcus.
  2. I'll be there at start of ride. I plan park at lot at W Jefferson + La Cienega. Says only $3/day. Marcus
  3. Only after ride, I installed with MUCH trouble the V2.2.6 Firmware(FM) to wheel. And my phone app says current at v1.0.3. (google play) But app is not like it should be. There is no A and B driving modes as others showed earlier in topic. I did first time calibration of turning successfully thanks to others advise here. Need test. My phone Galaxy s4 with new battery was still getting drained to zero, by the inmotion app, I believe, during this ride. Plan new phone as it has other performance trouble too. Suggestions? Signing out before I accidentally delete my post again. Marcus, (the online/v10F nubee.)
  4. I was faster than ever on this v10F, from 4 weeks practice, so first time I saw the problem. Each time I was on a steeper hill and faster than the group. Marcus
  5. Awesome first group ride for me, and my first euc wheels that i have seen in person that i don't own. Not just lurking now. I am on the left in bright green shirt. Marcus
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