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  1. I owned and rode 350 miles on my 9bot E+ in the last 2yrs, brought it to Burning Man. Had flats, dealt with that and such. I was wondering about the KingSong 14D, is there a video tutorial out there to show how to take the EUC apart if it has a flat? And the spare tire is the same as 9bot? Just 14inch with a special valve? How about cut offs, is that a common thing?
  2. Marvin Ong

    Another Flat!

    Is there a video on how to take apart the King Song 14d if a flat happens?
  3. Marvin Ong

    Southern Arizona rides

    Early July? Night time riding? I just got a 2nd EUC. King Song 14d for my lady for us to ride at Burning Man
  4. Marvin Ong

    Dealers in the USA?

    Shopping for King Song in America?
  5. Marvin Ong

    Southern Arizona rides

    Its getting warmer and warmer, so I guess the next meet will be closer to end of the year?
  6. Marvin Ong

    Southern Arizona rides

    Sad times. Tad bit late. Let me know when you guys get back to ride around this area.
  7. Marvin Ong

    Southern Arizona rides

    Do you guys only ride Tuscon and not in Phoenix area?
  8. Marvin Ong

    Southern Arizona rides

    When do yo guys meet up again? I just relocated from LA to AZ
  9. Marvin Ong

    Fullerton Loop - Southern Calif Ride - 05Nov2017

    I wont be able to join this round. But I only have a Ninebot E+, I dont think it can go the distance. What would you suggest when I join next time?
  10. Marvin Ong

    Flat Tire Ninebot One

    Bought some tubes from ebay. And when they came the tubes were pointing the wrong way. Not until we took it apart and put it back together than we realized it cause it was scratching against the body. OMG
  11. Marvin Ong

    Ninebot One E+ and a portable gas generator?

    Can you link me the thread please?
  12. Marvin Ong

    Ninebot One E+ and a portable gas generator?

    So 450Watt Generator is the minimum? Im looking for generator to power my 9bot at Burning Man
  13. Marvin Ong

    Southern California

    How long are the rides usually? I dont think my 9bot E+ can go long distance, maybe 12-14miles max?
  14. Marvin Ong

    Southern California

    Im back in LA! Lets meet up and ride
  15. Marvin Ong

    The member's YouTube channel thread

    My Channel Youtube.com/JitpunKia