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  1. So do we have a few people meeting up tomorrow at 8AM? I just want to confirm as I plan to make it as long as I can get up!
  2. After watching your video I assume it's the same path. I am definitely interested in meeting up.
  3. Hi @Marty Backe, I was looking at pictures of Mt. Wilson online and I see highway roads and dirt trails. Is the plan to do both?
  4. Hi Klin, There are quite a few bike trails in the area. I haven't taken my EUC on any dirt trails yet. Let me know when you are up for doing a ride sometime.
  5. Hi Klin, What cities does greater LA include?
  6. Hi @Shawn Johnson, I am trying to get an idea of how many people are in the area that would be down to meetup one of these weekends. Also what routes/trails riders might be interested in doing. I've only done the Newport Beach Back Bay Loop trail. Looking for some other fun routes. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi @n2eus, Thanks for the warm welcome. I ride a Gotway Tesla 16″ 1020Wh/1900W.
  8. Looking to see if anyone in the area is interested in doing a group ride somewhere locally. Let me know. Thanks!
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