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  1. It does look like it could have been shot in Califonia, 20 years or so ago.To make it look contemporary,you would need some powerful video editing software to add the homeless tents,trash,needles and human feces.I prefer your version of California.
  2. Love the Kingsong 16x KISS wheel.Just don't get ol' Gene's tonque stuck on anything!
  3. I find that it rides on pavement essentially the same as the stock tire.I only limit the use on pavement because I have another MSX with the stock tire that I use more for hard surfaces thus preserving the life of the nobby tire.
  4. Put that tire on one of my MSX's about a year ago and although it is a pain in the a$$ to fit,it makes the MSX the most awesome of off-road wheels!
  5. If you think thats me in this pic,please ease off on them meds.
  6. Airflow is of no consequence.The only solution would be to design a board with components with greater ampacity ratings.I can't fault Gotway.I push the upper tolerances when I climb steep hills and so does everyone who rides like that.Jason is already shipping new board!
  7. One or more of the mosfet leads melted which may or may not fry other board components.Although the MSX mosfets are more robust than previous versions,they still have a fail point which was exceeded.Had I or Frank been on smaller diameter wheels such as a Nikola,we might have missed the fail point and made it up the hill.
  8. Heat is a product of the resistance to current flow(amps).Too much current flow through the Mosfet literally melts the metal leads of the mosfet(s).So yes,heat does "kill the structure",but the current creates the heat.So too much current = too much heat=melted mosfet=fried board.
  9. It isn't an overheat issue,it's an over amp issue.My wheel was modded to be supercooled by me due to my last board failure(double the area space of heat sink plus vents and ducted air fan) and my temp never reached 60C. on that hill and still failed.
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