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  1. The fan behavior is normal in various Gotway wheels and is indicative of simple sensor control,not a software controlled function.All Gotway fan equipped wheels seem to do the same.
  2. Would not it be easier if the tightrope was actually tight?
  3. I would disconnect one battery and put it on a charger while still in the wheel.It won't take long to determine which pack is faulty.The faulty pack is preventing the other 2 from charging up to full voltage.At least with 2 good packs you'll have a 1600wh Monster until u can fix or replace the bad one.
  4. Since it is an easy fix,I would have your co-worker do it.It's maybe a ten minute job.Just make sure you get the right BMS.I had a version 1 BMS and got a version 2 which is smaller than the v1 and would not connect to the nickle strips from the pack properly,so Jason from Ewheels had to special order a v1 BMS for me since they have been replaced by the smaller v2 boards.
  5. I had to repair both my MSX 84v battery packs due to overcurrent condition from going up overheat hill. One of the packs had a bad BMS and it is a pretty simple fix if you can solder.If,however you have some bad cell(s),that repair requires spot welding new cells and is more tricky.Do you know if your all the cells in the pack are good?
  6. If you're refering to the vid of the guy riding in Chicago it is the mten2.
  7. Actually the 1st mten is a 10'' pneumatic tire with a geared drive(I have one).The mten2 lacked the geared drive and added bluetooth(don't have one).The m8 was the same shape as the original mten with geared drive but had a solid rubber 8'' tire(had one but had to leave it at HK airport because they wouldn't allow me to carry it on though I was allowed to check another wheel).That was back in 2015 before they stopped allowing pev's on planes.
  8. @YoshiSkySun got off easy! While riding with @Marty Backe, I've seen Marty require extraction from the Azusa hills by a search and rescue team do to exhaustion from lugging his Monster over trail obstructions,on another ride I was exhausted by lugging my Monster out of the Mt. Baldy area for the same reason.I've also had my Monster completely submerged in a river stream,had 2 wheels roll off hills like Yoshi's wheel (but in my case the wheels ended up in thick brush on the side of hills making retrieval extremely difficult, not in an open grassy area like Yoshi's.) Not to mention the 2 Msx boards,1 monster board, ACM motor wires and 3 times Kingsong fuses all fried on rides with Marty.So what's a little cosmetic damage to a wheel when riding with Marty? Piece of cake.
  9. You need the motor and control board for said motor.Did mine a couple years ago.Pretty easy job.
  10. It does look like it could have been shot in Califonia, 20 years or so ago.To make it look contemporary,you would need some powerful video editing software to add the homeless tents,trash,needles and human feces.I prefer your version of California.
  11. Love the Kingsong 16x KISS wheel.Just don't get ol' Gene's tonque stuck on anything!
  12. I find that it rides on pavement essentially the same as the stock tire.I only limit the use on pavement because I have another MSX with the stock tire that I use more for hard surfaces thus preserving the life of the nobby tire.
  13. Put that tire on one of my MSX's about a year ago and although it is a pain in the a$$ to fit,it makes the MSX the most awesome of off-road wheels!
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