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  1. OMG 😮 I’ve crashed a few times too ma y and each time was worse than the next. I hope to god I never fall again but that’s what safety pads are for which admittedly I do not always wear. As comfortable as you think you feel, they are called accidents for a reason. Be careful, be safe, and enjoy the ride!
  2. Marty, It was not the longest ride since I was alone. Road from Belmont Shores to the bridge going to the Queen Mary but maybe I’ll venture out a little further one day.
  3. I got a loud group screaming lots of yeahs and lots of clapping from a boat nearby as I was riding downhill. Didn’t realize it was for me till I got down to the bottom which was pretty nice. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Hehasrisen7, I bet there are but EUCs are so rare compared to electric scooters. The chance of seeing one is slim. Once in a blue moon I’ll see one at the beach and believe it or not, it’s not Marty. Lol 😄
  5. Natasha, I think there are a lot but not too many come on the forum. Glad to see More women on here and pink...I’m all for it! 💕👍
  6. Nice Tessa! 👍 Hi Marty! Yes! A long time and yes, believe it or not it was my first solo ride and I didn’t even drink. 🍺 still had lots of fun. I’m now riding a KS16 and never tire of it. Best money spent! The Inmotion is still here on the back burner just in case. It serves its purposes. That’s for sure! Would love a collection like yours one day though. 👌
  7. Went for my first lone EUC ride. It was fun yet intimidating mainly because I never see anyone else aside from male riders and as Marty mentioned, it’s rare to see other EUCs out in the wild. All rides are fun and positive but sometimes I hear comments like...”cheater, that’s not exercise,” or “you think you’re so cool.” As a lone female EUC rider, I’d say almost all I zoomed past were positive. Would love to hear from other female riders and EUC lone riders in general about their experience(s). Happy riding!
  8. Hahahahaha....I know! I think protective gear is the way to go. ? A few bumps and bruises won’t stop the fun though. Really happy with the wheel. Bumps and hard winds are almost...almost non-existent. I don’t even want to go back to a 14.
  9. I thought I was past all my major falls but apparently not...? but what a fun ride it was. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love, the KS16S kicks ass! Goes up and down the San Francisco hills with ease. I love it. Glad Jason from eWheels recommended it over the 14s.
  10. Love your videos Marty! Especially the jazz. I hope you make than $100 each month so we can see more from you. ?
  11. At least there will be evidence and hopefully the right thing is done.
  12. If she doesn’t realize she hit something or someone, she shouldn’t be driving a city bus or a big rig or anything that involves that much skill. Again, glad you okay.
  13. Glad you are okay. Clearly this driver doesn’t have a hard time sleeping at night. ?
  14. Thank you gonnabiff. Curious, were you upgrading from the old app or downloading the app as a new user? Just wondering if it saves the unlocked speed setting.
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