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  1. Following this thread just in case (knock on wood).
  2. I do 95% city riding and I hate the thick pads that I see everyone using, but I also have thick legs and I don't like them getting pushed out further from the pedal than they already are with knee armor on. I've been using thin grippy EVA sheets, the kind they use on paddle boards and kayaks. It gives it a slight padding with extra grip on the wheel for when I need it without getting in the way of everyday riding with constantly shifting positions.
  3. Later is always better than never. Thank you!
  4. Can you stick a piece of paper between the pedal and the case, close the pedals, and trace it?
  5. I have the Knox Urbane Pro and Icon Mesh AF jacket both in XL. I use them with the back, shoulder, and elbow protectors inserted. I'm 5'9" at 195lbs. 44 chest / 34 waist.
  6. I've had some fast falls (30mph) and I've seen others' fast falls on YouTube. I was surprised at how much the body twists during a slide, I've ended up on my back a few times as did the people in the videos. I would recommend a back protector if you ride fast. SamSuffit is also right that you can just stick a small sized back protector in your backpack in the laptop pocket (or wherever you can find room).
  7. I have the Knox Urbane Pro Shirt. It's part of Knox's layering line up, the idea is for you to buy the armored shirt and pair it with one of their outer jackets that has this expansion on the sides so you can wear it with or without the shirt and it still looks normal (not puffy or stretched tight). The shirt can also velcro on a chest protector, and this is rare because not many other shirts do this and I've crashed and hit my ribs hard before. In terms of ventilation the shirt is pretty good if you don't wear anything over it. What you're paying for is the layering though, I use it with thei
  8. I've switched from Slime to White Lightning Tube Armor which is supposedly longer lasting. I've had Slime fail on me before, but the gash was over 2.5 inches wide and I don't think anything could've survived it, otherwise it's plugged up many small holes caused by goathead thorns. My opinion, after all my research, is that anything with Kevlar is currently good stuff.
  9. I just slide them back up before I get on the wheel, but I can see how this can get annoying if you have multiple walking segments to your destination. How baggy are your pants in the leg/ankle area? I found they slide less with slim fit jeans compared to regular fit khakis.
  10. Hmm... I don't know about Wear OS and Bluetooth but can't you pair your Android Phone to the EUC and use it as a speaker? I've also seen people bring a wireless speaker with them on their belt loop / backpack and use that as well. Not really an answer to your situation, but some work around options!
  11. I noticed you're in Cerritos (I'm in Culver City), we don't travel fast enough on EUCs for motorcycle helmets to offer us enough air circulation. This is especially true in the California heat. I would recommend a Full Face Downhill Mountain Bike helmet, it has plenty of protection and circulation. I use it on the street as well. Throw on a pair of Cycling Glasses to help with the wind/bugs to the eyes. If you search through the forums long enough this combo comes up as the best solution, especially for our west coast climate.
  12. Oh, you're right about the torque capability! The strut nut socket for cars look like they're used around 60Nm / 44.25ft-lb. The Monster looks like it takes more...
  13. Hi guys, I've seen Marty and Hsiang having trouble finding a slotted 24mm socket that can tighten the Gotway Monster axle nut. I think the solution may be in a 24mm Strut Nut Socket for cars. Once you disconnect the wires, you should be able to pass it through the hole of the socket and then out the side. Do you think this will work? Link and image below. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-schwaben-parts/strut-nut-socket-24mm/003046sch01a-05/?gclid=CjwKCAiA5JnuBRA-EiwA-0ggPV78IBqQJhi5kNAmjYm8k5rmDOEaN3AQiGlmEnem0TbhvnWPdwG8ehoC_ekQAvD_BwE
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