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  1. I just slide them back up before I get on the wheel, but I can see how this can get annoying if you have multiple walking segments to your destination. How baggy are your pants in the leg/ankle area? I found they slide less with slim fit jeans compared to regular fit khakis.
  2. Hmm... I don't know about Wear OS and Bluetooth but can't you pair your Android Phone to the EUC and use it as a speaker? I've also seen people bring a wireless speaker with them on their belt loop / backpack and use that as well. Not really an answer to your situation, but some work around options!
  3. I noticed you're in Cerritos (I'm in Culver City), we don't travel fast enough on EUCs for motorcycle helmets to offer us enough air circulation. This is especially true in the California heat. I would recommend a Full Face Downhill Mountain Bike helmet, it has plenty of protection and circulation. I use it on the street as well. Throw on a pair of Cycling Glasses to help with the wind/bugs to the eyes. If you search through the forums long enough this combo comes up as the best solution, especially for our west coast climate.
  4. Oh, you're right about the torque capability! The strut nut socket for cars look like they're used around 60Nm / 44.25ft-lb. The Monster looks like it takes more...
  5. Hi guys, I've seen Marty and Hsiang having trouble finding a slotted 24mm socket that can tighten the Gotway Monster axle nut. I think the solution may be in a 24mm Strut Nut Socket for cars. Once you disconnect the wires, you should be able to pass it through the hole of the socket and then out the side. Do you think this will work? Link and image below. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-schwaben-parts/strut-nut-socket-24mm/003046sch01a-05/?gclid=CjwKCAiA5JnuBRA-EiwA-0ggPV78IBqQJhi5kNAmjYm8k5rmDOEaN3AQiGlmEnem0TbhvnWPdwG8ehoC_ekQAvD_BwE
  6. Hi everyone, I'm about to start a new job and need to switch over to a longer range wheel so I'm selling my Z10. I'm in Culver City, California and would most likely look for a local buyer. $1000 picked up, otherwise we'll have to negotiate for shipping. Here's a list of what's in the box (not everything pictured): Z10 with 565 miles and zero issues Has scratches from the bumps and falls, no cracks or anything, original handle is still smooth and operational Z-Team pedals installed, original pedal plates and new sandpaper included for easy swap back Original Z10 box with charger, tools, booklets, etc. Wheel stand from EUC Army Leave a comment here or PM me for additional info / photos / whatever you need
  7. Hi Marty! Just ran into you guys at the Hooters. One day I'll meet up w/ my Z10 lol
  8. Yup, I got this issue as well. Although it's to a lesser degree
  9. Photochromic cycling glasses are my choice. It turns more transparent the darker it gets outside so you can still use them at night. I always wear glasses to protect my eyes from pebbles and bugs that will find their way onto your face. Ryders Eyewear makes a pair called the Nimby: [Link Here] There are a ton of options from different companies out there.
  10. The use of "Z10" seems to be just in the model name/number. Its just a fat tire electric scooter and looks nothing like an EUC.
  11. Hi guys, I ordered a set of the Z Team HK Pedals on 03.27.2019 and they arrived 04.07.2019. The communication with the seller was great, I ordered via PayPal, got a tracking number and I think it was UPS that delivered them. I've been riding on them for several weeks now to get a full review going with pros / cons, I also needed to try them with different shoes because the angled ends of the pedals changed what I would want to wear while riding it. For anyone wondering: I paid for these pedals with my own money, I'm not affiliated with Z Team HK, and I'm a US size 10 in shoes! First impressions, straight out of the box the pedals are nice and thick stainless steel with a grippy matte finish. Included are two strong magnets to swap out the stock magnets, allen wrench, extended pedal padding, and screws (Loctite for the screws not included). When I ordered it there were no instructions / videos online on how to put everything together but I figured it out pretty easily from pictures, since then they've put up an instructional video on Facebook. The Z Team HK guys decided to laser engrave their logo on the top of the pedal. As of right now they don't offer any other styles / colors. If you won't like how it looks you can always stick sandpaper on top of it. I sprayed mine with Truck Bed Liner then applied the screws in with blue Loctite. After installing them I couldn't get my new pedals to close properly, it looks like the extended ends hit against the Lower Protective Pads. A couple of quick passes with an Exacto knife created an opening for them and the pedals now fit perfectly. And if you guys haven't figured it out by now, my Z10 is a daily commuter that's been bashed a few times so I wasn't too worried about the overall aesthetics of things. However, if you want to keep your Z10 looking nice, be aware the Lower Protective Pads will interfere with the pedals. I spoke with Z Team HK and they are aware this was an issue but I couldn't find mentions of it anywhere on their pages. Converse, Vans, Skate Shoe Ride Review: This part I'm going to review the pedals when using shoes with flat outsoles that were mostly flexible. The pedal pins really lock the shoe in place horizontally, there is no slipping effect when carving or hard turning which was really confidence inspiring and I definitely was turning at higher speeds I would normally do. The extended pedals create a concave effect, I played with my foot positioning a few times and decided to keep them dead center on the pedals. This helped lock my foot in place and the extended pedals also help eliminate some foot fatigue during the longer rides because my foot was no longer hanging off the front or back ends. Now for the CONS: installing these pedals required you the remove the rubber bits that came on the stock pedal and I did not realize how much road cushioning those little bits provided (I think I understand why people like the Inmotion V10F Pedals now haha). Going over speed bumps and some large cracks made me almost want to launch off of the pedals, so even though these things added horizontal grip via the pins/screws some of the stock pedal's vertical "grip" was lost. With my foot perfectly centered I actually found it kind of harder to slip my feet around the pedals to change positions, you now have to lift off a bit to move your foot. I didn't realize how much I would reposition my feet on a ride until I was unable to do it normally. So although my foot can be kept at a comfortable position for a longer period of time, my position options were now more limited. Moto, Boot, Hard Outsole Shoe Ride Review: Now I'm moving onto shoes with a mid-ankle, relatively flat outsole, but are more rigid / not flexible mainly due to additional protection like CE Certification. I like wearing these shoes because they provide more of a cushion without sacrificing stability on the stock pedals. Also, these are well padded around the ankles and are my go-to when I'm trying something adventurous like going uphill offroad and such. With the new pedals installed there wasn't much of an impact on the cushioning like I had felt with the skate shoes. The additional horizontal grip is still there as well. However, these shoes are bulkier than my other shoes and when positioned dead center on the pedal for an extended amount of time my foot got tired more quickly. I tried to reposition my feet because on the stock pedal I usually have my feet poking out the front more with these kind of shoes, but with the pedal extensions they got in the way and made me a bit more unbalanced. Trying to move my feet further back had me hit the back extender, I couldn't find an ideal foot position after several rides. These shoes were not the best or most comfortable on the stock pedal, and with the extended pedal the effects are compounded. Final Thoughts: The pedals provided cornering benefits on flat surfaces using skate shoes. You won't fear slipping off your pedals from leaning too hard on a turn, and we all know how hard turning on the Z10 can be. The extended bit allowed me to go a bit further before having to reposition my foot due to fatigue. I rode for about 3 weeks now and I would be happier if there was an extended pedal version that was flat at the ends instead of angled. I think that angled bit sacrifices foot position variety for handling gain. The added harshness of the ride could be offset with some soft/cushioned deck tape I think but will need more experimenting to find out. If you want that added grip feel the screws provide you can try buying Mountain Bike Pedal Screws and using those in place of the stock screws, you'll get a nice balance of grip / comfort and not lose any of the foot positions. I can see some people REALLY liking these pedals though for that extra grip alone. For anyone wondering if the pins would damage the bottom of your shoes, they usually don't. People have been riding mountain bikes with pins on pedals for a while now and they're perfectly fine. I only noticed a few semi-permanent indentations on my Alpinestars moto shoe, but that shoe has an exceptionally soft outsole compared to everything else I own.
  12. Those slide pucks are kind of overkill. For the same effect you can get gloves with some kind of Palm Slider built in (the Flatland 3D gloves uses the Knox palm sliders). Some motorcycle gloves have them as well and those gloves offer greater abrasion resistance since its meant for high speed use. The wrist guards come into play when you slide into something that's on the pavement, like if there was a gap / rock / angle change / whatever you can go from a slide to a bump/twist right away. They're also useful for low speed falls where you're slow enough to not go into a slide on your palms but might end up over flexing your wrist anyways.
  13. **Crash Update & Damage** Had a small crash: fell down while going up a 30 degree concrete ramp, was probably around 10 miles an hour. Landed hands first, slid down the hill a bit on my back but was in full gear. Other than scratched up gear I got a small scrape on my finger. The glove had rubber finger protectors on the backside but they didn't stop the damage. - Big rip on the glove where the Knox Sliders are located. They slid and got grounded down a bit, but no bruising to my hand. My wrists are fine as well. - One finger got scraped but the rest are fine, one of the index finger tips on the glove started to rip.
  14. +1 on the loose fender. I had the same sound. Check and see if all your screws are on tight (but don't over tighten).
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