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  1. Great turnout and awesome ride guys, here’s a sneak peak of all our wheels at the top. (Minus the white KS-18)
  2. We’ll be there but my group will be a tad late as one of our friends had a little trouble meeting up. We are on our way and will get there approx 20 min late. If anything you guys can go on ahead and we can try and catch up if anything.
  3. I'll be there and I'll be bringing along 3 of my friends that I ride with.
  4. Yeah I mentioned in a previous comment that I sold the wheel to a close friend who did exactly this after I told him Jason & Marty recommended it. I sold him the wheel at a dangerously low price so overall he really just paid for the batteries. He picked up the MSuperX from Jason's distribution center here in Los Angeles and I helped him swap the batteries in about 30 minutes. Even after switching back and forth between the wheels I'd have to say that even though the Z10 has less range and motor power, I would still take it over all the other wheels in a heartbeat. The Tesla is a second favorite for me. We also tend to have "drag races" sometimes between friends while riding and I got to say the Z10 always accelerates to top speed the fastest. The MSuperX has the power/range but the wheel feels alot more lethargic due to it's size. The V10F motor feels like it has alot of power and the ride feeling is great and very comfortable, I can glide effortlessly on this wheel but it always ends up last during our "races", with the alarms sounding on full blast with that annoying Inmotion tiltback.
  5. Yes, it might not have the fastest speed or the farthest range but it is indeed still my favorite wheel out of all the wheels out right now, though I have yet to ride the KS-18L/XL. I ride with a small group of friends almost daily. They ride the V10F, MSuperX, and some other wheels. I can safely say after swapping wheels and test riding most of them, I also find myself going back to my Z10 every time. I'd be down to ride up Mt. Wilson again. I came back down extremely dusty on our last ride though. I still haven't cleaned those shoes yet LOL. Also, the ride down on the heavy MSuperV3 murdered my knees. I'm also still baby-ing my Z10, it's pretty much still in pristine condition even though I probably have over 150 miles on it by now. I've been avoiding off-road paths because I have this subconscious desire to keep the wheel clean and in mint condition. It's just too beautiful.
  6. Thanks for your input and I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying. I ended up selling the MSuperV3S+ to a friend who actually swapped the batteries into a battery-less MsuperX (recommended by @Marty Backe and @Jason McNeil). The Z10 is really in a class of it's own. It felt really weird the first day I started riding it but I adjusted pretty quickly. It has a very stable ride and is a refined high quality wheel. To be honest I haven't really ridden my Tesla at all since I recieved my Z10. The stability of the tire is amazing. I can hit bumps on this thing at speeds that I cannot on the Tesla. However I kept the Tesla because of several reasons. It's alot more nimble and squirrely. I can carve really hard and do fast maneuvers on this thing that I can't with the Z10. I also have the fast charger from eWheels so it charges way faster than the Z10. It's a great backup wheel and definitely has its perks over the Z10. Both wheels have a completely different ride feeling so I found myself having to adjust and getting used to the ride feeling when switching between wheels.
  7. Klin

    Ninebot Z10 Speakers

    I tried connecting it to the Bluetooth settings first without opening the Ninebot app and it worked! Thanks!!
  8. Klin

    Ninebot Z10 Speakers

    I have it connected in both the Ninebot app and also my iPhone Bluetooth settings already. But when I play music it just plays through my phone. Spotify usually has the option for me to select which device I want to play music off of but The Ninebot doesn’t show.
  9. Does anyone know how to utilize the Bluetooth speakers on the Z10? I have it connected through the app and Bluetooth on my iPhone but I can’t play music from any app (Spotify, YouTube, or music).
  10. I ride sometimes with NMDs and Yeezys. It's up to the rider but I prefer shoes that have flatter, stiffer bottoms like my Jordan 4's or some Vans high-tops.
  11. I was emailing Jason over the weekend and he informed me that he is having an air-shipment of Z10's come in this week which should arrive around Thursday or Friday. He also said he has another Ocean-shipment which is arriving the end of this month. He also sent me the batch 2 link so I could pay for the remaining cost + the $200 air shipping. Not sure if this was a good idea because I could have just waited a week or so extra for the ocean-shipment to save the $200 but my impatience for the last several months has gotten the best of me. Just waiting until the end of the week to pick up my Z10 from their distribution center.
  12. @Marty Backe might be able to shed some light...
  13. Why do you say it's too much? Do you feel like the wheel isn't worth the money? I know you can get an MSuper X for the same price but I feel the build + ride quality of the Z10 makes up for the speed/range difference?
  14. Thanks for your response. I have a few more questions if you don't mind. - How much was the total cost? - Can you send me the link you ordered it from? - How long did the shipping take? - Are you sure the one you received is the "production" model? I'm worried that if I ordered from Aliexpress or China, I would receive a "pre-production" Z10 which I've heard has 30% less torque than the actual production model.
  15. You got it already? I haven't even received any updates as to when I would receive mines. When did you place the pre-order?
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