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  1. Certainly not random. I really wasn't looking to sell any wheel, but when I bought the Nikola, I looked at my stash of wheels and realized that the MSuper just wasn't getting used. And I figure that there's no need to have more than four 1600wh wheels at any given time, so the MSuper has to go.
  2. I just purchased my own copy of the Nikola from EWheels - so no review unit for me . I guess it'll be a couple of weeks and then I can have some fresh fun
  3. OK, but I have to say that if someone with cash makes an offer sooner I'll have to let it go then. The first person with money in hand gets the wheel
  4. I just got the exact same slew of notifications. Something is definitely going south, fast. Does @John Eucist know about this yet?
  5. You're the first person to express an interest. So yes, it's available for immediate pickup. I'm near the 605 & 5 freeways.
  6. I want to add that since you're coming I'm not going to bring my Monster. Probably the MSX. So you don't have to worry about being left behind
  7. I'm blessed to live within a couple hundred miles of trails, so a lot of my riding involves no driving. But I still drive to many locations (Southern California covers a huge geographic area).
  8. I just experienced this for the first time. I got 3 notifications listed under the notification bell that @houseofjob made a posting. All 3 pointed to the identical post:
  9. So you don't think a complete Monster minus the batteries will be an option? Like the MSX.
  10. Regen only partially works on these types of hills. They aren't steep enough to actually generate more juice than is used. For instance, a ~5-mile downhill run on this road consumed about 2% of my battery. So the ride is almost energy free, but not quite. It's looking like this is a "charger required" ride unless you're willing to turn back at some point while we continue. I'm not convinced that we can actually make it to Baldy. We'll have to wing-it as we ride, making the decision real-time. I think Jeff and I, with 2400wh Monsters could do it for sure, but you and Dan, I'm not sure. It's going to be fun regardless.
  11. Fascinating. Learn something new every day The 100-volt options will never work for me because of the smaller battery. My rides are getting longer and longer so I want more battery not less. With all the empty space in the Nikola, Gotway could have given us a super long range wheel
  12. The Nikola isn't a 100-volt wheel unless I'm totally out-of-sync with reality
  13. I'm going to bring my fast charger. Jeff seems confident that we can plug-in. Should be an adventure.
  14. Have you ridden this before? I'm undecided which wheel to bring. Dan doesn't have 2400wh Monster and I don't know if he was considering bring a charger. But if it's just us, it would be a fun challenge to go all the way to Baldy.
  15. I'm only asking on @Arbolest's behalf , but frankly that's an upgrade I would consider.
  16. Frankly, except for the added range and speed (but not a huge jump in speed) there isn't a big enough difference between the 16S and your V8. Yet who am I to say not to buy a 16S? It's a fair price (still high though) but I have to say that in two weeks that 16S will become a very lonely wheel. Maybe you'd rather use the $800 for something else?
  17. Plus One for your first-sentence observations He can barely wait 2-weeks, I don't think a July+ delivery for the 16X is in the cards The MSX tire is actually almost 21-inches. I suspect the Nikola tire is approaching 18-inches. FYI.
  18. Yeah, that's tough. "Wheel warp" would have me slightly concerned and $1600 seems a bit pricey for a wheel with almost 1000-miles on it. In my mind EUCs are like cars. Once you drive it off the lot the resale price plummets. For instance, I have MSuper V3s+ that is in superb condition with probably less than 1000-miles on it. If I were to sell it I'd probably ask $900 max. Oh, and the MSX is probably the quietest wheel ever made. So "noisy motor" is another flag? I'd have to know more about this noise. But he's your friend so that's not easy to navigate. I think used wheels are great for newbies, but I would think you'd prefer one with that new smell out of the box Since I have not ridden a Nikola I feel at a total disadvantage when recommending it over other wheels. The MSX I know, and it's a solid wheel with a great safety and reliability record. The Nikola is an unknown at this point. But maybe it's going to be great and even better than the MSX?
  19. Thanks. I try Just wish more people would join me but then again I understand we all have separate busy lives. I do hope we can have at least one ride together. Maybe even one which involves a beer at Hooters You have a standing offer to use any of my wheels, as you know
  20. I suspect that the difference will be enough that you can't transfer the shell. Don't know for sure of course. One potential option is to see if it'll be possible to buy this new Monster without any batteries, like the MSX. @Jason McNeil - any possibility of acquiring the new Monster without batteries?
  21. Nice summary. It's probably going to be Option A without Mt Baldy. The direct route to Mt Baldy (42-miles) may only be doable on the 2400wh Monster considering that half the route involves a lot of climbing. And I don't know if there's really any recharging options there. When I rode my MSX up to the trail head that leads down to E Fork Rd, my battery was at ~60%
  22. Well said My feet/ankles may bump the shell periodically, but for the most part are not touching. I don't think too much about where my feet are on the pedals, but generally they are centered (toes and heals are hanging off the pedals).
  23. Now I see what I did. Somehow I pinned a parallel street. Fixed. Thanks!
  24. When we get to the E Fork Road we can head East or West. West is OK but that road down from the mountain is more heavily trafficked (by cars). I think going East offers more interesting options. We can connect to Glendora Mountain Road and head back up or continue all the way to Mt Baldy. The Pin seems correct to me. It lands you on Big Dalton Wash which is a road with lots of side parking. On the weekends on not sure of the parking conditions further up the road.
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