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  1. The V8 has a very thin tire compared to the 3-inch Mten3. And that's why the Z10 is even better for learning with its 4.1-inch tire.
  2. Thanks. I really like that clean look and the ability to sweep, etc. under the wheels.
  3. Love your mounts. I don't have the dedicated real estate to do that myself, but I'm curious, are those special built brackets or did you re-purpose some other product
  4. 40kph isn't exactly speeding (even for me). Lisa was doing great but in no way could keep up with a group ride. And besides the required riding skills, traveling 35+ miles takes a lot of stamina. I think you're just having some fun with me
  5. Wow Great report. I hope everyone considering one of these sees this first. Thank's for the great write-up
  6. I think all of these devices help at the very beginning. But real progress only occurs when you leave all assistance behind so that the muscle memory can be formed.
  7. I was using my Mten3. When we were done, we went back to our trucks and I pulled out my Z10 (everyone should have at least two wheels in their trunk at all times ) to let her try it. I was joking about selling it
  8. Lisa has owned her Inmotion wheel for less than 2-weeks but was frustrated at not being able to ride. All she could manage was to climb on top of the wheel and pull herself along a wall or railing. She reached out for help on Facebook. I saw her post and since she was within driving distance of me, I offered to help if she was willing to hop in the car for a 10-mile drive. At the appointed time this morning we met on one of our river bicycle trails. She with her Inmotion V8 and me on my Mten3. I gave her "watch me" lessons on mounting, dismounting, and riding. I had her practice dismounting from a standstill and then a fair amount of time doing rolling mounts (without actually mounting). Then we moved to the broomstick approach that I saw @who_the demonstrate on one of his training sessions that he was giving. In my case I was using a stout camera mono-pod. Finally it was time to separate her from any external supports. I was committed to getting her divorced from dependencies on railing or walls. Starting at a standstill while holding onto a railing she would start moving forward and then I had her push away from the railing. She didn't go far, but this was the beginning of establishing the needed muscle memory. Repeat, repeat, and repeat. She was getting better and better. And I trained her on rolling starts so that she could avoid the whole Hop-Starts that many of us began with. So much nicer. I then let her get on the Mten3 (while standing next to the railing). Once she started moving and let go, she had it. I now see that the Mten3 is an amazing wheel to help someone learn to balance. We did many runs with the Mten3 and towards the end she looked like she could just about go forever. This was a big psychological boast, and when she went back to the V8 her balance was noticeably better. And after a total of 2-hours of training, look what she can do I'd call this a success Although she wanted to join us on our Hooters ride tomorrow she still needs a little more practice. But it won't be too long before we have a new rider on our hands. Expect to see Lisa in one of our future group rides.
  9. No. Never even occurred to me. This wheel does everything I need and I don't feel that there's anything lacking.
  10. Me, @Dave U, Daniel Eremin (visiting from New York), and @Coastal Rider
  11. Just keep in mind that Yoshi is not a tall guy
  12. @YoshiSkySun on his brand new Monster V3. Finally he can stop riding his Ninebot backup wheel (after submerging his second ACM2 in the river). He's a happy camper
  13. I have no idea. There's probably a lookup table that will give you the inner diameter for a typical 24mm nut.
  14. I have seen ACM's (16-inch) with horribly loose axle nuts and/or distorted shims. But yes, it's seen much less on all other wheels than the Monster. You're correct that the Monster was the first wheel with the 24mm axle. All the other Gotway wheels had 21mm axles. The Tesla (mid-2017) was the first non-Monster wheel with a 24mm axle. And these values are actually the size of the nut, not the axle, BTW
  15. My God. This is awesome Love the sound - just like my ACM with the knobby tire. Sounds very cool when you're riding fast on pavement. Although I can't see myself doing this to my Z10, I'm really curious how it has changed (if any) the riding behavior of the Z10. Is the slow and high-speed handling the same?
  16. Very cool idea. I don't think it's a complete fix because the axle nuts also get loose because the shims themselves get distorted over time, causing everything to get loose.
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