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  1. Nice mods But boy, I'm exhausted after just reading about all that you did. People complain about having to fix Gotway inadequacies, but the 16X takes it to a whole new level. A+ for superior KingSong quality If I ever get a 16X I'll reference this page. Not sure I'll have the energy to do all of this, but maybe a few items. Thanks.
  2. Hey, great to hear from you Nick Welcome to the Nikola club I'm sad that I still only own 84-volt wheels, but I am getting the 126-volt Nikola. Right now the plan is for Gotway to send me one of the first working wheels. Just need to wait I do hope you're fully happy with the Nikola even though it has it's faults. I still love mine and haven't changed my opinion. My ACM2's still work great. Unless you really need the cash, just keep it
  3. So @Nick McCutcheon has a Nikola now. He's been rotating thru quite a few nice wheels this past year. Not really a long ride yet all you guys are carrying backpacks. What's in those things
  4. You use the LED lights at night at which point you can't see the wood grain. During the day you just see black accent stripes.
  5. How tall are you? Anything is doable of course, but I have to believe the bigger the guy, the bigger the wheel for total body comfort. And I know for a fact that the bigger wheels have beefier axles which has to be a good thing when pushing your level weight around. No?
  6. Superb As someone who enjoys woodworking, I particularly like this. And nice touch with the black accent in the middle. It's all about the details. I think a channel for the LED's would look great, but it would have to be implemented with the same eye towards detail, and that might be difficult to pull off. And you must also be a woodworker because like all good woodworkers, we insist upon telling everyone of our mistakes - I never would have noticed the wood grain offset.
  7. You did see that he's 2-meters tall and 104kg in weight? Would you really recommend the Tesla or MCM5
  8. Even with padding, I'd be a little concerned about the Monster surviving the learning process. But over the years I've observed that people have successfully learned on every wheel conceivable, including wheels that I've specifically recommended against as first wheels. So I no longer advise against any specific wheel. I continue to recommended that people get the best wheel that they can afford as their first wheel. That's what I did and it worked out great for me. If you buy the best then you have a wheel that you won't outgrow. You may still want to buy more wheels, but it won't be out of necessity. The Monster is a great wheel for robust guys such as yourself. It's called the Monster for a reason Just pad the hell out of the wheel for the first month of use - until you've stopped dropping it.
  9. I believe Jason is going to respond to this sub-thread. You may be right regarding the pedals, but I wouldn't put any money on it for reasons that I explained above - pedals can be customized for specific resellers that buy large quantities of wheels.
  10. I don't think it's quite so black and white as you portray it. For example, Monsters originally (and maybe still do) came from the factory with the smaller ACM pedals. Jason had Gotway install the MSuper V3 pedals on his Monsters. So depending on where you bought your Monster you would have different pedals. Same thing could be happening now but instead of MSuper pedals he is having Gotway install Nikola pedals. I absolutely do know that EWheels gets Gotway (and KingSong) to deliver wheels with various modifications that the rest of the world (or other American dealers) won't get. Are you aware that Gotway is now producing black Nikola pedals? So I think you're being a bit hyperbolic with your conclusions and recommendations (junk, buy from China, etc). Of course you're free to express your opinion and I'm actually glad you're doing so here, publicly and not in private messages to potential customers. At least then some of your accusations can addressed and or refuted. I will agree with you that anyone who buys a Monster V3 should be getting a virgin wheel from Gotway unless specifically told otherwise. I knew EWheels was re-purposing the batteries and motors from New V2 stock and this was known to customers. I didn't know that some customers were not aware of this. I wonder if said customers really weren't informed of the practice? But again, I'm with you if this is true. However, I don't think the practice equates to selling "used junk" as new, but I would expect to get a price break for such a wheel.
  11. In the first video link I was verbally reading my speed, so I know I wasn't going 15-mph Unfortunately, in the above video I can't see whether the mic is outside or inside my shirt I'm going to do a little test just for you, as I'm curious myself. I've only done overlays with my Sony X3000 and it uses the camera GPS which doesn't seem great. Do you have any specific overlay technique (for Android) that I can try?
  12. I used those for changing the Mten3 tire, but otherwise the 4-inch ones that you find in any bicyclists repair kit have worked for me on my 16 and 18 inch EUCs. Those large ones, designed for tubeless tires, have to be used carefully with tubes because they make it easier to rip the tub while using them.
  13. I really wonder if you just need a better mic. Here I'm riding my Monster at 25-mph and talking, and the mic is clipped to the outside of my shirt. Unless we have different ideas on what is "unusable", I think this sounds great with very little wind noise. And here's another section where I'm talking and certainly going faster than 20-mph
  14. You're funny In all honesty, it appears you have the cash. Just jump in and change the tire. If somehow (I can't imagine how) you royally screw it up, just buy a new wheel. Oh, and I'm pretty sure @eddiemoy is also not lacking for cash, so I doubt $100 is much of an inducement
  15. Now that you've been indoctrinated and are a certified trail rider, I hope to see you are more rides in the future
  16. You counted 20 in what timespan? He had the video playing in high-speed mode, in case you didn't notice There is a separate 360 competition thread. Anything posted here does not qualify. The competition is over as soon as I beat @pico
  17. Pictures from the night ride. 3-1/2 hours of warm weather mountain trail riding. It was a blast. Here we are on the access road directly behind the Hollywood sign. From the left: Brian (Dave's son), @Dave U, @1Wheeler, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", @M22, @Kyle K, @maltocs, me, and @John Wood And behind the Griffith Park Observatory
  18. A couple pictures from the Saturday night Griffith Park ride. Here we are on the access road directly behind the Hollywood sign. From the left: Brian (Dave's son), @Dave U, @1Wheeler, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", @M22, @Kyle K, @maltocs, me, and @John Wood And behind the Griffith Park Observatory
  19. A fanboy isn't going to own multiple wheels from different companies. At least by my definition I'm not a fanboy. I list all the problems with the various Gotway wheels and don't attempt to sweep said problems under the rug. I flatly deny your assertion that I forgive them for just about everything. I didn't think I was triggered by any Gotway comments in this thread. We're talking about the less than stellar release of the 16X here. No doubt the padding feels fine. But I can attest to the low quality padding that KingSong uses on their wheels (not just the 16X). It's fine until you have to remove it (which they force you to do whenever you open the wheel). Then it rips ever so easy The dust that I'm seeing in the 16X is unacceptable and I do not see that in other wheels (including KingSong). I'm not talking about water proofing the wheel, where I agree with your statements.
  20. Photo by @Rehab1 Have you had a desire to see Southern California from the perspective of your favorite wheel? Then consider joining me and a growing number of riders for a 7-day tour of some of my favorite riding locations. There's a chance you've seen each location in one of my ride videos. We'll be visiting the ocean, mountains, rivers, and everything in between What's the occasion? The LA EUC Games, hosted by @Rama Douglas and held on October 26th. This is close to being a sold out event, where 40-riders will compete for prizes and who can have the most fun. So I decided to play tour guild and host 7 days of riding leading up to game day. Please visit Electric Unicycle World for all the details and sign up so that I know to expect you. So far we have riders from all over the country and even new New Zealand (@The Fat Unicyclist) I hope you can join me for at least one epic ride that's sure to leave a lasting memory. @enigma35 @HeavyGoing @Marvin Ong @Mushuukyou @Tjtripp @Sven @unowheel @Questor @Roll Model @Mike Hanna @Jon Sawa @serfy @swvision @Kimosabi @zentype @ndmcc @Mimir @Josh Morgan @Shawn Johnson @IRK @MikeV @Peter Q @Sketch @captainwells @NBC44 @Stan Onymous @Gizmo Dork @Alsayyad @Chairman S @who_the @Dave Frear @roghaj @downtown @Yunicyle @Terenig @Dave U @Flying W @Heyzeus @NightRider @Mike Hanna @Klin @3euc @Unosolo @Williepimpin @Heyzeus @JomMas @BlackOutEX @Freewheeler @TomM @tihoa @Ferreal@Austin @Ben Richards @noisycarlos @Tanabe @Dzlchef @Ando Melkonyan @YoshiSkySun @n2eus @maltocs @1Wheeler @Rama Douglas @Nick McCutcheon @mark chanya @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" @Yellowman @Kens @UpDownGo @John Wood @TedTheAtheist
  21. Those 360's and resulting bail/recovery is hilarious
  22. I obviously don't own a 16X. My being hard on the 16X is purely based on what people have been expressing here and elsewhere. I believe I've said zero about rideability. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm echoing objectively stated criticisms: Poor shell seals from the environment Wheel oscillations issues (where the wheel looks like it's on top of a Saturn V rocket to the moon) Firmware changes that alter the performance of the wheel post-purchase Non-optimal tire choice (this may be more subjective, but it seems very common) Crappy shell padding An app that provides meaningless battery levels I think there's a few more items, but they aren't coming to me right now. If someone thinks this is unfairly hard, then they're a fanboy. Sorry
  23. There may be language barriers which prevent me from properly expressing myself to you, so I'm just going to stick with what I wrote and not add to it. I'm glad that you're happy with with your 16X. Enjoy. You don't have tag me on the 16X stuff and I won't tag you on my Nikola comments and we'll both be happy
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