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  1. I'm off to the beginning of my true full-range test. The high-speed range test will be published at 5pm PST so if you subscribe to my channel you should be able to see it. I'll be back from the first half in about 4-hours and add it here. Some commentary with lots of fast riding and loud road (tire) noise
  2. You could join my Telegram group and maybe someone would help you.
  3. Yeah, you should learn how your wheel behaves. That's why I test all my wheels to extremes. At about ~2% battery level the wheel will gently tilt the pedals back. Eventually they will get so steep that you'll be forced to dismount. At under 15% load (riding) the wheel will start beeping. You should slow down until it stops beeping. The no-beep speed will keep decreasing until you'll be limited to about 4-mph.
  4. Mistaken For The Police During my high-speed range test there were some periods when I was on the streets. During the whole ride I had the Sherman's "police" flashing lights on (used as my daylight running lights). At one point I had to get in the left turning lane at a stop light. There was a car in front of me. The light turned green and the car hesitated for a bit and then slowly proceeded to move forward and then continued to slowly drift to the right so that it could pull off the side of the road (and presumably get a ticket from the cop). This was so funny. Couldn't believe it So yes, you may be confused with the police sometimes, particularly if you are fully geared up like I was (please don't ride the Sherman without gear )
  5. Love reading this, and maybe it's making sense considering what I'm seeing with the Veteran regards range.
  6. Of course I will My criterion is that I shouldn't read ~0% battery until the Gotway wheel tilts-back to stop me from riding. Because that is reality.
  7. The Sherman appears to be getting much better range that the numbers on paper would suggest. Watch the video (or at least the end of the video). This wheel is a game changer I think for long distance riders.
  8. So if I read between the lines, you are determined to make the Optimized setting the default regardless of the desires of the community. Of course it's your app, and a great app, and we'll continue to adjust. But I will always complain loudly about the default
  9. Yes, but watch my mini-range test video today. I'm worried how long my range test will take
  10. Do you have any thoughts regarding the Sherman being able to operate down to ~74-volts, whereas Gotway's kick you off the wheel at 80-volts? Are they able to do this because of the number of cells used?
  11. So the 2000 watt specification on the motor is just as meaningless as the 2500 watt specification??? I guess I don't really care. All I know is that this damn heavy wheel is getting amazing range. Very interesting though, what you say about the bigger battery.
  12. I can tell you that I'm getting some incredible high-speed range performance from the Sherman. Kind of shocking actually. It was a 2500-watt motor.
  13. I want to add, you do realize that they are purposely making the wheel do that by pulling and pushing down at the same time? It's actually not a problem IMO but is instead actually demonstrating it's power.
  14. Never. 120-miles and it's been behaving perfectly. I obviously can't speak to reliability. I can only talk about my working wheel.
  15. For my high-speed, hard running, range test, the cape seemed appropriate
  16. You should know that I have my own Veteran thread in this group with all of this information. Thanks for following me
  17. An Emotional Experience I just returned from my first extended high-speed ride on the Sherman. 40-miles. About 20-miles into the ride I was seriously feeling emotional from riding the wheel. This was the first time I felt comfortable and at ease cruising at 30-mph. It was an amazing ride. I felt kind of newborn, from an EUC perspective. DO NOT buy this wheel if you don't want to ride fast all the time. And buy the best safety gear that you can afford. Tomorrow I'll post the high-speed range test (partial) video. The objective was to ride the wheel super hard for 40-miles and see how the battery was drained. Let's just say I was blown away from the performance/efficiency of this wheel. The wheel is not for everyone and is not ideal for certain riding conditions (there is no perfect wheel). I'll be fleshing this out in further videos and commentary. But after riding ~120-miles I'm prepared to say in broad strokes, this is the most amazing wheel ever made.
  18. All I'm saying, is PRETTY PLEASE just give us the wheel reports battery levels as default. If you want to do anything else, go to town. But make an option that the user has to buy-in. Everyone I know who rides Gotway dislikes this "feature".
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