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    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    After patching my first KingSong wheel (this wheel), it's really a piece of cake. You will hear some people say that it's easier to remove the wheel than a Gotway, but I contend that they both take about the same amount of work, just different work. A lot more screws with the KingSong. I think I prefer Gotway, but the difference isn't night-and-day.
  2. Marty Backe

    My Z10 now sounds like an old dial up computer

    Well, that is a bit disconcerting, because it indicates something has changed. Of course it's a judgement call as to whether it's important. If it were my Z10, I would continue riding but if I ever noticed any strange handling behavior, then I would stop.
  3. Marty Backe

    ACM revieuw after 7000 km

    Nice collection of wheels that you have there (in your signature)
  4. Marty Backe

    ACM revieuw after 7000 km

    Great report @gotmotion2016. And the inside looks nice and clean I have always said that the ACM is my favorite general purpose wheel. It's a little tank , and I was disappointed when Gotway stopped making it. I have two ACM2's, and although I will probably never accumulate the distance you have (because I split my riding between lots of wheels), I'm hoping that I can still be riding them years from now.
  5. Marty Backe

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    Loose axle nuts give the symptom of extra 'play' in the pedals. Vibration is usually from the control board. Guess you'll find out when you open the wheel.
  6. Marty Backe

    My Z10 now sounds like an old dial up computer

    Try playing some music through the speaker and see if this sound changes. Also, does the sound change as you move the wheel back and forth? I hear essentially nothing from my wheel. The Z10 is one of the quietest wheels available.
  7. Marty Backe

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    I get even more stares when I'm riding with this gear on, that's for sure. A couple of months ago I heard one little kid ask his mother if I was a robot
  8. Marty Backe

    The Photo Thread

    Yeah, it's particularly special right now, with the snow capped mountains and clear air. There's a fairly narrow window where I can take this kind of picture in Southern California.
  9. The Z10 is in the house Today I received the Z10 from Chooch. I am going to give him a hard time, but only because he's causing me some unneeded work and stress. It's all in fun though, but he deserves it As you know by now, the tire valve access is via a port on the side of the wheel, and requires a long (~4-inch) valve extender to access for filling. As shown in his video, he didn't care too much for the one that ships with the wheel. So he opted to use an existing one that he had from an earlier Ninebot wheel of his. I guess he decided to throw away the one that comes with the Z10, because it wasn't in the box. And I don't have an old Ninebot wheel kicking around the house. And the tire was essentially flat because that's how he liked riding it. With my additional 55-pounds the wheel was unrideable in the flat condition that it was in. Imagine your feelings, having just received one of the coolest wheels being made, and only being able to look at it. After calling various stores I realized that I'm not going to be able to buy an extension tube locally and it could be a day before I could possibly bum one off a local rider (nobody lives nears me). But then I decided to try something ghetto. I drove to a local PepBoys and bought a pack of four 1-inch valve extenders. I got home, ripped the package open, and screwed them together end-to-end. It worked! I as able to fill the tire The air in the tire did not register on my gauge, so Chooch really likes it low. I pumped it up to 20-psi for now. Next, he didn't send it to me charged or clean. Looks like it came right from the trails. And you know those pads he taped to the shell? Well, he used Duct Tape. You now what that means right? Lots of sticky residue on the shell. So I'll be spending a fair amount of time cleaning it so it looks purty in the videos. There, I feel better now. Chooch, you owe me one Very First Impressions This is one very nice looking wheel in person, and damn heavy. When I showed my wife, her unprompted reaction was, "That's cool looking". I don't think she's said that about any of my other wheels. This wheel is going to turn heads for sure ? Last night I had downloaded the Ninebot Android app; apparently only one is used for all of their devices. Wow is all I have to say. I immediately connected to the wheel and I didn't have to create an account or give my social security number. It knew everything about the Z10 and was super easy to configure. Why can't us KingSong and Gotway owners experience the joys of an app like this? No Chinese. Just my native language. Kudos to Ninebot. Any way, the wheel is charging. After the charge and cleaning, my first ride will be a night ride. I'll try and capture all of the light affects on video. More to come of course. Tomorrow is a Demo day for anyone in Southern California who wants to see and ride it.
  10. Marty Backe

    My Z10 now sounds like an old dial up computer

    OK, I've never heard anything like that from my wheel. Is there any chance that it was coming from the speaker and not the motor?
  11. Marty Backe

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    Still plenty of snow in the mountains above Southern California, even though it was about 80-degrees where I was.
  12. Marty Backe

    Z10 balancing sensor is getting wonky?

    My Z10 has had the pedals go wonky (technical term) 3 or 4 times. While at a stop, such as waiting for a light, the pedals have tilted back to a degree that I had to get off the wheel. This hasn't happened now in a long time. But I still have issues where when I turn it on the pedals are leaning back and I have to do a calibration. So in general, I think Ninebot did a crappy job of designing the hardware/software that maintains the pedal calibration. This is the only issue I've had. Fortunately the symptoms do not appear to be getting worse.
  13. Marty Backe

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    If it's a vibration there's a possibility that the control boards is slightly loose in the shell. Check each screw that holds the control board down and make sure they are tight.
  14. Marty Backe

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    This Wheel is a Kick-butt Distance Wheel Beautiful mid-80's day in Southern California so I took the KS18XL for a distance ride. 51-miles with 31% battery remaining at the end. This wheel is amazingly efficient compared to any other wheel I've ridden. And I did a lot ~20-mph riding on this ride, with lots of wind too. I continue to be very impressed with the KS18XL. I also used this ride to test my flat repair. I had to remove the tube from the tire to discover two punctures. I patched both and re-installed the wheel. It occurs to me; why do many people go the route of replacing a $20+ inner tube when they can be easily patched? Hmmmm.
  15. Marty Backe

    For sale: KS16S 840kw NYC area

    @Duf has been selling those for the last year. He stocks them at his website. You can see the EUC Army logo on the side.
  16. Marty Backe

    Griffith Park Ride Today!

    Yeah, way too short a notice, but it's still nice of you to post. You never know when someone can hop over there. I just got back from a 51-mile ride, so I'm beat. Have a nice ride.
  17. Marty Backe

    My Z10 now sounds like an old dial up computer

    We really need to hear the sound. Based on your description, I have no idea. But if I heard it maybe I'd have something intelligent to say.
  18. For the weight, a powerful 16-inch wheel (like the 16X, ACM, etc) would be just fine. But he's tall guy, so I think the 18-inch form factor would fit his body better. And if it was me, I would not ride a wheel with less than 1600wh of energy for pure safety margin reasons.
  19. I'm sure you realize this now, but at 250-pounds and 6'5", the only wheel that you should be on is a modern 18-inch model. Either a KS18XL or MSX. They have the power to safely move you around. And you want 1600wh of battery. Yes, you can get by with a smaller wheel, but if you want to be conservative (i.e., not experience faceplants) then you should stick with the big wheels. Good luck
  20. Wow. So you were taking a ~tight rolling corner and you got a large puncture that released air so fast that the tire got squishy and you went down? Man, that's bad luck!
  21. Marty Backe

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I love this GIF I wonder if Ian made this or someone else
  22. Considering that it's possible to just do this ride with a 1000wh wheel, you could do the majority of the ride, not a small section. Particularly if you're will to Uber back. If you need to ride back then you will probably be limited to 1/2 the ride. It'll still be a fun time.
  23. Marty Backe

    I got my KingSong KS18L stolen

    Glad you got your KS18(X)L back. I suspect that you're never going to let it out of your sight again You'll love the extended range of the XL. In my opinion it has the best range of any existing 1600wh wheel.