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  1. As Jason (EWheels) has told me many times, half of Gotway doesn't know what the other half of Gotway is doing. So unless the person you spoke with was Lin (the owner), I wouldn't assume anything you heard was "final".
  2. I was wondering what happened You mean 15€ was added for sending a ~30-gram package?
  3. This from the guy who buys all the latest "toys". You're disappointing me Scot
  4. Sadly, this early production model has the oscillation. But I personally know a couple guys in San Diego who got new boards from EWheels and they've been happy. Not sure what the problem with yours was. But more testing is forthcoming. One thing that really jumps out to me is the new headlight. Oh My God. It's a searchlight, brighter than any other wheel in existence. I was shocked when I rode it tonight.
  5. Yeah, that light is way too big for my tastes. I've seen some guys with really low profile lights which I may try, once I find one.
  6. Wait, you had the 100v 1860wh MSX? I thought you had only sent it back to get a new control board? From the very little MSP riding that I've done, it's a big improvement in power over my 84-volt MSX. I can tell the difference immediately. I don't have a sense of the difference between the 100-volt MSX and this MSP. Clearly the MSX is faster, but if that's not your thing, the MSP may be the wheel to get. The lights look killer and I love having speakers on my wheel. The big test is how much power it has on the hills. I'll be testing that next week.
  7. Post a picture And what kind of light did you install?
  8. I've been talking to Jason. He doesn't think that the MSX production has ended.
  9. You would love it Stephen, and yes, your weight is not a problem at all for the Mten3. I know someone who has great fun on the Mten3 and weighs >100kg.
  10. They've been around for awhile, made by a Russian(s). They sell for ~$150
  11. Marty Backe

    MSuper Pro?

    30-miles would be horrendous (at my 18 to 21 mph average range test). If my testing shows anything like that, than this wheel is guaranteed to be a dud - I won't buy one.
  12. Wow. You've got me beat in that department. Many do actually. I figure I have between 20,000 and 25,000 km's as of right now.
  13. Marty Backe

    MSuper Pro?

    Yeah, those are the numbers I was working with. I figured a ~200wh difference in performance wasn't the same as saying the 1800wh MSP got the same range as the 1230wh MSX. Too many variables. I do have a very repeatable range test route that I use so I hope to have an apples to apples comparison. I'm expecting/hoping that the 1800wh MSP will achieve ~60-miles vs my ~50-miles on the 1600wh MSX.
  14. I may be losing my mind, but I'd swear that my 14S did not have a lift sensor. I've had too many wheels - it's all becoming a blur
  15. Marty Backe

    MSuper Pro?

    Wait. You do realize that 55% of a 1230wh wheel corresponds to ~675wh of remaining capacity and 58% of 1800wh is ~1045wh of remaining capacity. The MSP indeed has a lot more range than that MSX. I don't think it's as bad as you are thinking it is. A proper range test involves running the wheel until tilt-back kicks you off. EDIT: The 1230wh MSX has 68% capacity of the 1800wh MSP. Based on the percentages that you gave me, the MSP is actually very close to that MSX (within 200wh of consumed energy). That difference could be attributed to how the wheel was ridden.
  16. Marty Backe

    MSuper Pro?

    Very interesting, particularly the range. Very shortly I will be doing a side-by-side range test with a 1845wh MSX and the MSP. Two riders at about the same weight. I hope your buddy was wrong, otherwise I'll be Ubering home as the MSX rider continues on his way
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