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  1. I reached my max post yesterday and couldn't reply. Thank you for the feedback and comparison between the V10F and MCM5. Yunicycle, I'd love to meet up with you briefly to try out your MCM5. Please let me know how I can reach you to coordinate. I still can't send you a message yet as I am a new member.
  2. Oh nice. I live very close to the Stanley Oswalt Academy School on Shadow Oak Dr. Would definitely like to check out your MCM5.
  3. Hi Marty. Thanks for replying. I am a newbie to the EUC world. Just bought my Inmotion V8 from Jason for several weeks and been basically riding around my neighborhood in the City of Walnut, CA. I pretty much do leisure riding and although we have slight hills here and there the V8 tackles it pretty well. I was hoping to look for something even more comfortable to ride with a little more power if I need it but at the same time not being too big and bulky which was why I was looking at your review of the MCM5. I like the V10 but also saw in one of your videos that the V10 kept on having so much issues turning off as you guys were doing mountain riding.
  4. The MCM5 looks great. Any recommendation between MCM5 or the Inmotion V10F if I am planning on upgrading from an Inmotion V8?
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