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  1. My 16S has over 2500 miles and only looks half worn. This tire just wears fast, at least the way I ride. Glad it’s not too expensive.
  2. So I finally received a proper replacement board for my Nikola and the 2 LED strips so my plan is to swap tomorrow. A couple weeks ago I ordered a CST-1488 replacement tire before all the 16X owners grab them up, and mine was wearing. It came today and I compared to the current and was astonished to find the tread totally smooth, 1600 miles. That’s a really soft tire, no wonder it has good road feel. I guess tomorrow’s agenda includes a tire exchange but it’ll be like new again.
  3. That was a fun ride, thanks to all that attended! I’m happy that Marty made it back because I was crawling by the time I got home. My range test is complete. I did 54 miles starting at 95%, 83.4V, with an additional 10 min on a 5A charger near the end, down to 1%. So exactly the same range that Marty got on his Nikola. I’m a bit heavier than Marty but we went a lot slower than his test run so it makes sense. Glad everyone made it back safely, can’t wait for the next ride!
  4. They should close it down for my daily commute, it’d be a whole lot easier!
  5. @fryman, definitely hope you’re mending well. Love to have you out to ride again as long as the misses wouldn’t mind.
  6. I got into Astrology, does that count?
  7. I've been contemplating adding a sub on the blank side. I'm too busy with work currently to tinker but hopefully soon, unless somebody wants to be the trailblazer??? Yep, a few have done the speaker swap and it's a vast improvement.
  8. Wish I could attend, double hooters weekend, woot!!!
  9. I think we should hit Hooters on the way back west. I'll try to arrange a place for us, assuming around 12ppl.
  10. Most of the ride will be roads, about 15% dirt trails in Griffith, but nothing extreme and the trail riding is slow speed. I’ve seen many ride Griffith as their first off-road experience and everyone has done just fine. Besides, you need to get off road in Griffith to get close to the Hollywood sign and the Batman cave. We are gathering at 10 am on the very west end of the Ciclivia route, on Santa Monica at San Vicente.
  11. https://euc.world/tour/577777731582257 I think it'll be better to go up Bronson and cut over to the winding park road to the observatory, ride trails, then finish by going to the caves and back down Bronson. I did the basic loop this morning as shown on the link. The loop is 10 miles so probably a 28-33 mile ride in total.
  12. Sorry, I’m super busy until Sunday so my responses may be delayed. The Ciclivia route is 6.5 miles so half of the 25 expected miles are there. We can do lunch on the way back from Griffith. I’d say the Hooters in Hollywood but that would depend on how many wheels we have with us as the place isn’t that big. It’s directly across from the Chinese theater so people watching is great. Parking in WeHo is always a challenge. You can find some street parking south on La Cienega, or there is always the Beverly Center which would be a 4-5 block ride to the meet up. We’re meeting on Santa Monica blvd just east of San Vicente which is the start of the blocked roads for Ciclivia. I’m not sure what will be set up in that location but it’s fairly open and we should be able to spot each other. I can do a bit more research on restaurants Saturday if we have a big response.
  13. Yeah, the start of the ride is at “big” Santa Monica and San Vicente blvd.
  14. Attention all SoCal folks, time to ride in one of the coolest areas of Los Angeles, the Hollywoods! Ciclivia next Sunday August 18th goes from Santa Monica & San Vicente in WeHo to Hollywood & Vermont in Hollywood. I plan on starting in WeHo at San Vicente at 10am and riding to Vermont street, then up Vermont to tour through Griffith, returning to WeHo, approximately 25 miles. Come ride with me through my neighborhood! @Kimosabi @zentype @ndmcc @Mimir @Josh Morgan @Shawn Johnson @IRK @MikeV @Peter Q @Sketch @captainwells @NBC44 @Stan Onymous @Gizmo Dork @Alsayyad @Chairman S @who_the @Dave Frear @roghaj @downtown @Yunicyle @Terenig @Dave U @Flying W @Heyzeus @NightRider @Mike Hanna @Klin @3euc @Unosolo @Williepimpin @Heyzeus @JomMas @BlackOutEX @Freewheeler @TomM @tihoa @Ferreal@Austin @Ben Richards @noisycarlos @Tanabe @Ando Melkonyan @YoshiSkySun @n2eus @maltocs @1Wheeler @Rama Douglas @Nick McCutcheon @mark chanya @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" @Kens @TedTheAtheist @Marty Backe@Yellowman
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