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  1. Dzlchef

    MSS vs MSP

    This isn’t a battery issue, it’s MOSFETs on the control board.
  2. I personally put the 2600 miles on the wheel and always charged to 100%, often at 5amps. I tended to leave it on the charger overnight, unplugging in the morning.
  3. It's still available. We can work from email. Dzlchef@yahoo.com
  4. Sounds good, I'm most likely relocating back to Austin Texas this summer. Where do you live?
  5. To clarify, the additional parts were bought from another member who totalled his 16S. I purchased them along with the quick charger. The wheel is about 1 1/2 years old and it's the previous version so no cutoff switch. It still has the weaker gray trolley handle so I bought the newer, stronger black version and was just waiting for it to break before switching. It's a great wheel and wouldn't be selling except I need the money to keep funding my addiction.
  6. I’m selling my Kingsong 16S for $600 plus shipping, located in Southern California. It has 2600 miles but in perfect working condition, charges to 100%, and never any mechanical problems. The tire is about halfway worn. There are minor scrapes on each side and the handle. It has the larger 18XL pedals installed. It comes with a ton of extras including: 5amp adjustable quick charger, brick charger, original pedals, spare tube, new black handle which hasn’t been installed, and miscellaneous spare parts, light, LEDs, front panel, etc. I can send additional pics to anyone interested. I prefer local delivery.
  7. Selling my beginner wheel, NB1 C+, for $200 plus shipping, located in southern California. Includes the kickstand and accessory attachment, spare tube, and additional used side pads that were part of my learning phase. I replaced the side pads which are still in excellent condition. The wheel has 156 miles and charges to 100%. It does have some minor scratches from learning but works great. I have a ton of pictures that I will send to any interested party. Local delivery preferred.
  8. I have the Bose Soundwear and agree. You can hear the music perfectly at any speed although with a little volume I can’t hear the wheel beeps. It will slip a bit depending on the armor you wear and I have a friend that’s a bit disappointed that they aren’t louder. I like the headphones but do find the slipping an issue.
  9. I didn't use the cloth but plan on adding during my upcoming tire change. The speakers still sound great and I've ridden through a bit more water than Marty but not much since it doesn't rain often here. A must do mod unless you get the new upgraded speakers with the passive radiator.
  10. I appreciate the advice and may try on my 4th tire change as I already have the replacement. I really like the feel of the CST-1488 and have 3k miles on the current tire. It's lasting much better than the first which only got 1600 miles. I ride a lot
  11. There are just situations that you need to experience to understand. I've been very lucky many times hitting dips in the road and such and surviving. Now, I still face the same issues but my awareness and the way I ride helps to minimize issues. You still will fall at some point, just be geared up and prepared.
  12. Both rides sound great but i can't do back to back either. Tough choices!
  13. I'll agree with the over confidence timing. You will gain more confidence and skills but still need some real life scenarios and time to fully develop your abilities. This will be especially true when you upgrade your wheel. Take care and have fun but be vigilant. I dislocated my thumb around the 1500km mark so please do better than me!
  14. I will add that I've now worn down 2 of my tires on the Nikola, 3" tire, and I love the feel of the nearly bald tire. All of the gyro effect is gone and it's smooth and effortless carving. I'm wondering how long I can ride on the bald tire before I need to change again? Getting used to the brand new tire takes some time and patience. Last time I nearly lost it a few times carving to hard.
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