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  1. We could do a Hooters ride, Hollywood Hooters to Burbank Hooters, and Griffith Park is directly between them. Genius!
  2. If we could all just learn this at an early age! How much pain have I caused myself relearning this fact, over and over... I did smack the air next to the hood of the last car that cut me off. It wasn’t nearly as cathartic as my wrist guard coming down on the hood of that a$$wholes Prius!
  3. Hooters Burbank?!?
  4. Dzlchef

    How bad were you hurt?

    You got to respect the beeps, it’ll get you every time!!! Glad you walked away mostly unscathed, and that you’re going to wear guards now
  5. Thinking of buying a cheap smart watch for a dedicated wheel monitor. I won’t feel too bad then if I kill it in a wipeout. I may be back soon with a tester!
  6. Thought it would work for me and realized the Samsung S3 wasn't on your list. Bummer
  7. Dzlchef

    Beware the stroad!

    Nice sobering reminder before hoping on the wheel this morning. I always use residential streets and bike lanes but do have many stroads to transverse. Thanks for the increased awareness!
  8. I’d love to ride but we are busy with early performances so I must work. It sucks being a responsible adult! At least I’ll get 20 miles commuting on Saturday Enjoy!
  9. LOCATION: Beverly Hills, West Hollywood DATE: 2/19/19 TIME: 4pm WEATHER: Sunny, 59 DISTANCE TRAVELED: 10 mi. WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KS16S WHO WAS WITH ME: Solo TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 1000km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: First ride in 2 weeks after dislocating my thumb. Perfectly smooth ride, somewhat slow but very serene. Connected again! WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Anxiety about the first ride after an accident RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Get back on! It feels great to be rolling again!
  10. Dzlchef

    How bad were you hurt?

    Hopefully everyone reading this thread gets the fact that you WILL fall, and you WILL get hurt, it's just a matter of when and how badly. I use a lot of protection from my wrists to my ankles and I'm sitting here with a broken thumb from a fall 1 week ago. Don't be foolish, don't leave the gear at home, or think it'll won't happen because you're rolling along at slow speeds. Gear up every time!!!
  11. Dzlchef

    How bad were you hurt?

    I hope you heal well and don't have much pain! Were you wearing any protection?
  12. Glad you're okay. My first real world experience was a car door flung open that just caught the inside of my arm, sent me to the ground. I ride on the far left of the bike lane to give enough room for the car doors now.
  13. Agreed! I commute on my wheel through LA city streets and just assume they're all out to hit me. Messenger cyclists tend to be the worse!
  14. That would have to be a very hard impact. I think it would keep everything intact during light to moderate contact.
  15. I'm interested as well, like your display screen. This would be awesome for my daily commute.