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  1. Nice!!! Think you'll definitely enjoy the wheel. I'm a little jealous of the all black but not enough to have waited.
  2. I really enjoy my KS16S so definitely wasn't a Gotway person but the Nikola is just simply amazing to ride. I love it more each time that I ride it. Carving this morning was effortless and I'm sure that I had the biggest grin on my face.
  3. I was asking about different tires earlier because I feel that may be the thing that would make the 16X great, same tire as the Nikola. I also agree about tire pressure. The pressure range listed is 35psi-45psi, but I prefer closer to 30, although I've been sticking with 35 as it's a good compromise for mileage. I initially pumped it to 45 and hated the wheel, then deflated it to 30 and fell in love, so who knows?
  4. Interested on how that changes the ride characteristics. I find on the Nikola that it is super smooth with no road feedback at 30mph and it tends to want to straighten but still very easy to turn and carve. There's no heavy leaning like the Z10. Saw a comment regarding the 16X ride not being as smooth, albeit quicker to accelerate and brake. It'll be nice to test once it shows up on the west coast.
  5. And to think that he tried to get me to ride with him on Friday. That would have answered the question of workmanship versus design but I enjoy riding my Nikola and don't have a stable with 11 wheels to choose.
  6. I find it interesting that you say the same tire but the recent video and pictures have a different tread pattern than my Nikola. I can't find any 16X photos that show it with the same as mine.
  7. You poor weather abused folks. This is what the forecast should look like everyday...
  8. Are the tires different between the Kingsong and Gotway? I've read praise previously for the type of tire on the Nikola and I can fully agree that it's nothing short of amazing.
  9. If there is a foreign object that is the path of failure then I totally agree with Marty. If it wasn't under that stress then it would have failed at a different time. He's lucky for the slow speed failure.
  10. I wish. All of my managers are out and the last remaining is sick so I'm here until late. I do have my Nikola so it'll be an evening light show on way home tonight!
  11. Enjoying my Nikola but needed a quick rest at MacArthur Park.
  12. Yeah, despite the recent failure I'm super stoked! The feel of the ride with the 3" tire is awesome and I'm enjoying every mile. Happy that I made the decision given that I really needed a 1600wh wheel and it's the best on the market currently. I do hope the 16X lives up to the hype but I'm definitely not unhappy to be riding a Nikola
  13. Hmm...I have a Nikola probably from the same shipment as Marty's. Not sure I want to open up my new wheel, but not sure that shouldn't either.
  14. The whole build situation is disappointing and I hope for a bigger MOSFET board release eventually, but I still love this wheel and feel confident that it will hold up under my normal riding. I’ve seen quick spikes over 90A but nothing continuous and the temperature hasn’t varied much. I only have 100 miles so far and have been riding it like I stole it!
  15. You ain’t in Kansas any more! Yay! @Josh Morgan what are you riding?
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