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  1. Fortunately I’m not keeping up with the Jones where I live currently. I did want a wheel that could ride at 35 mph for 70+ miles so I’m sure the Veteran will do that well. Looking forward to joining you all soon for some warm LA group rides!
  2. Yeah, wasn’t planning on the Sherman but my MSP caught fire and burned the garage. I think that I’ll stick with 18650 cell packs and proven technology for a while. I chose the Sherman but originally had my eyes set on the Monster Pro. I hope that I’m not disappointed.
  3. Nope, still waiting on mine. I think it’s due next week.
  4. I would exercise caution. One of my Nikola LED side lights stopped working and I didn't investigate the issue. About a week later the wheel cutout while riding. Fortunately it was at low speed and i wasn't hurt but the cause was a loose wire from the LEDs that dangled across the motherboard and shorted everything. I suggest investigating the cause before riding.
  5. I think it warrants a discussion regarding folks who are brokering wheels as a sideline. My simple fire cost the wheel and at least 5 figures on damage as we've had people clean the entire house, pack and clean everything in the garage, redo the drywall and paint in the garage and clean every floor with the most impressive system that I've seen. Who do you think will be responsible for the repairs? Do you think Gotway is going to step up and help? If not, who do you think they'll go after next? What would be the cost and possible criminal implications if the fire took the house and human
  6. That's a great point. When my family heard the popping sound, they quickly investigated and upon opening the internal garage door saw the issue. My dad quickly opened the outer door, went inside to grab the ABC extinguisher and came back within seconds. He sweeped the wheel and wall, putting out the fire. He then moved my electric car which was plugged in and charging directly next to the wheel. After everything was clear, he pulled the wheel out of the garage. My wife called 911 upon first learning of the incident and the fire department was onsite with 3 minutes. When they arrived the fire w
  7. I'd say your takeaways seem very logical and valid. I'm also interested in why the packs fail and how to identify the problem as quickly as possible. Failing during charging had always been my biggest concern but they can also fail just as easily while riding, and you might not even know it.
  8. I would have thought exactly the same. The wheel was off, no current being drawn. I did have the wheel on and was using power to reduce the voltage on the "bad" pack but had the wheel completely off for about 90 minutes before the fire started.
  9. I'm now wondering if it was the type of cell, i.e. 21700 LG M50T, or the poor construction or both that contributed to the battery pack's demise? Do I replace with another Gotway with the LG cells or opt for another wheel like the Veteran which uses the older and better tested 18650 cells?
  10. Yes, worst fears imagined. I did have the other battery pack disconnected. When determining whether it was the charger or battery pack, I disconnected each to test to see if it would charge. I started on the side with the good pack but when I opened the other side and noticed the bad cell, it was obvious. I disconnected that pack and the other side charged as normal and I brought it to full. I then disconnected the full pack and reconnected the bad pack to reduce the overall voltage before returning via the mail. It was reconnected to the "bad" pack only for a couple days and I was
  11. Well, I had one of the worst imaginable events happen with my wheel other than injury, which I've already conquered many times in the past. 5 days ago...my MSP C30 wouldn't charge after a 10 mile ride and I was working with eWheels to determine if it was the charger or a bad battery pack. I found out that a cell was burnt on one of the packs as you can see in the photo and working to replace the entire pack. The bad pack was nearly empty but still attached to the wheel, sitting in the garage, with the wheel being off, and not on the charger. This afternoon, I took my other wheel
  12. I use the Bose Soundwear and am very happy with the sound. You don’t get huge bass but it’s much more discrete and won’t bother others unless you’re within hugging range which has been outlawed with the pandemic.
  13. Most of us turn off all the alarms and tiltback. The only speed alarm you’ll hear is when you hit 80% of the battery’s capacity. Experienced riders are aware of their current battery level and know about how fast they’re going to avoid hitting the 80% load warning.
  14. I have over 1300 miles on my MSP C30 but really hadn’t thought of typing out a review. I’ve ridden nearly every wheel out there including 6k+ miles recently on my Nikola. I will say that this has become my favorite wheel for sure. I weigh around 225 pounds fully loaded and have gotten the wheel to 43 mph but usually stay in the mid-30’s max when riding. I didn’t hear warning beeps at 43 so I’ll assume that I still had more available. The lift cutoff speed is 60.4mph. I purchased the high speed version because I wanted to ride in the 30’s and not have to worry about hitting the wheels limits.
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