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  1. Balance won't be an issue, just get used to the wheel. I stepped on an 18XL and rode it 30+ miles with only being stupid once, hence my counsel on weight. Very easy wheel to ride imo.
  2. Take your time learning the new wheel, watch your speed. It'll be a lot heavier so keep that in mind when turning/carving as it won't be nearly as nimble and top heavy. You'll have the biggest grin on your face after the first ride!
  3. Dzlchef


    Happy Easter @Marty Backe this bunny is for our newest superhero!
  4. Dzlchef

    The Kingsong 16X First Ride

    Bumping this up since I’m excited for the 16X. Picking the winner on Easter according to the video, that’s tomorrow! Good luck everyone!
  5. Dzlchef


    I think you've outgrown the O.C. Time to move to Hollywood or WeHo if you're keeping with the superhero theme.
  6. Dzlchef

    14.5 miles round trip :)

    Congrats! Looks like it's almost time for an upgrade.
  7. Dzlchef

    Los Angeles 4/20 Group ride/Woodley Park party

    I have to work early but might be able to swing by the park before 5pm.
  8. Dzlchef

    Where to get an euc for a deal.. safely!

    There is an ACM 1600wh for sale in the private section. With the upgrades on that wheel, it'll blow away either the Tesla or V10. Great speed, excellent range and the maneuverability of a 16" wheel. I rode Marty's ACM2 and was in love. If I didn't have a deposit and my eye on the 16X then it would have already been mine.
  9. Dzlchef

    Improving riding in public...

    I believe that commuting built my skills up more quickly but there were some hair raising incidents as I was learning. BE CAREFUL! I do absolutely LOVE carving to/from work each day. There is nothing that can compare!
  10. Dzlchef

    EUC Comparison Table

    I gave the KS16S tire size because that's what I ride, newer 840wh. I think you should also reduce the range to 30-35 miles, which should be more realistic unless you weigh nothing.
  11. Dzlchef

    Los Angeles 4/20 Group ride/Woodley Park party

    Bummer, wish I could go!
  12. Dzlchef

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    I’m envious of you expectant new 18XL owners. I really enjoyed the time I had riding the 18XL and would be waiting with you all if the 16X hadn’t been announced. I hope that my patience pays off.
  13. Dzlchef

    EUC Comparison Table

    Definitely need to add the Gotway for a more complete chart. The 16S tire width is 2.125”.
  14. Dzlchef

    Improving riding in public...

    I use a light vest called Tracer360 and it’s wonderful for night riding. I’ve had people freak out and think I was an alien when rolling down very dark streets. I keep it on the high visibility setting which strobes clear light with 3 colors and makes you look like a disco party on wheels. Cars WILL see you!
  15. ===== LOCATION: Orange County, CA DATE: April 7, 2019 TIME: 10am - 2pm WEATHER: Perfect California day DISTANCE TRAVELED: 36 miles WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KS18XL WHO WAS WITH ME: Marty, Jeff, Dan & Mike TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: First time riding so 36 miles, borrowed for the ride BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Group rides rock! It was the most perfect weather, beautiful landscape, and great folks to help enjoy the experience. Also wonderful is the awesome video footage of the ride so all can experience and enjoy. Thanks Dan! WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: I normally ride a 16S so it was a great treat to ride the 18XL. However, I’m a bit aggressive by nature and tried to carve like the 16S when riding on the dirt/multch trail. I ate it hard and my ribs still hurt a bit. The wheel is a lot heavier/taller and I didn’t take that into account. RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Find other EUC enthusiasts and go for a group ride. Also, if you’re on a new wheel, take the time to become very familiar and comfortable before getting all jiggy with it!