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  1. I purchased a 16S as my second wheel and love it, and been in most conditions including hard rain, mountain bike trails, and used as my daily commuter (35km) for months before I updated. I suggest slime for the wheel and I now have 4k km without issue and nearly half my tire tread left. It's basically my grocery store wheel now because of the easy trolly handle but still very fun! Enjoy!!!
  2. I commute daily and usually carry a flashlight in one hand when it’s dark. It’s easier to maneuver and helps with flashing side mirrors on cars, directing traffic, etc. I suggest getting a flashing vest or alike so people can spot you more easily.
  3. Sorry if I missed this somewhere in the thread. I just started using the new version but my latest trip isn't appearing in my signature line anymore.
  4. I agree entirely with this approach. I use a wrist mirror that I've attached to my left guard, super simple. I do always turn around before I make a maneuver to double check. The picture show with a strap but I've ditched the strap and just used velcro to attached to my wrist guard.
  5. Sorry Gents, I'm out for tomorrow. I have way too much to accomplish and can't commit that amount of time on the wheel. Very bummed!
  6. I have the day off and will be there if in town. Might have a last minute flight out of state but don't know yet. Is @YoshiSkySun going to make the ride? I'd loan my 16S but not sure it would quite make it?
  7. I agree with @Dave U get the 100V Nikola with the largest battery. You won't be disappointed. If so, I'll be happy to trade any of my wheels for it.
  8. I had a wire get loose in my Nikola and fried the board while I was riding, luckily only at 8mph and I was fully geared. So my failure rate is 1 in 5600 miles. Mechanical and electrical equipment will fail, it’s just a matter of when so you should be prepared to hit the ground and “survive” when it does.
  9. Nice! I’ve replaced my Nikola LED strips once and one of the sides is starting to fail again. Very interested in your mod. Let us know!
  10. I’d be shocked if the grade was over 20% but the loose terrain doesn’t help and it’s quite long so high amps for a couple minutes.
  11. Dave and I made it to the top with me on an 84V Nikola and Dave on an 84V Nikola+. We are both under 200lbs loaded so not sure it’s a good comparison. Both Nikolas don’t have an exposed heat sink and mine was at 56C when I reached the top. The day was windy and fairly cool so I don’t think temperature is the culprit for the MSX failures.
  12. I just put large stickers over mine, problem solved!
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