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  1. Nice gear setup! I’m considering the Stage myself. Can you share your head size and which size helmet you went with. How’s the fit? Do those gloves come with wrist protection or can you where wrist with them? Thanks
  2. The only one I know of is the Gotway Mten3 - a 10 inch wheel. Great wheel by the way. The only other wheel with a tubeless would be the Ninebot Z series.
  3. You better pad that Nikola up good before trying to ride it. You’re gong to scratch it up good trying to learn if not. go to YouTube and check out some EUC learning videos. @Kuji Rolls just put out a good one.
  4. Long press the silver button to turn on. Watching your live stream.
  5. I have to agree with Marty on this. One exception might be if your have kids or family members you can pass a wheel on to and then upgrade to another . Remember that the resale value on these wheels are not great. If you are only planning on owning one wheel, get the one you are interested in and pad it up.
  6. Sketch

    Gotway Monster 2019

    You going with the 84v or the 100v? Been considering a Monster since it came out. Always put it off to purchase another wheel. Wondering if this is the time to pull the trigger.
  7. Sketch

    Gotway Monster 2019

    “Stiffeners were added to the internal cavity. According to Gotway engineers, such a body is significantly safer and survives falling better.” This stood out to me in this article. I wonder if it’s true or just hype. A tougher shell would be a great selling point.
  8. DarknessBot reads your iPhones region settings. If you set your phone to a region that uses metric, that is what DarknessBot will use. You can change it in Settings / General / Language & Region / Region
  9. I thought we were getting past this kind of blatant QC issues from EUC companies. Apparently not. They all seem to be offenders of this (Gotway, Kingsong, INMOTION) and put out devices not tested and checked before they are put into customers hands. I created my avatar 2 years ago as a funny response to feeling like a test dummy each time a new wheel comes out. The first adopters are in fact the test dummies. That being said, I’ve owned some very good reliable wheels over the last few years from many manufacturers. On a side note, I’m considering getting a 100v Nikola on the next batch. Might be a good time to buy since hopefully Gotway will be paying close attention to detail after a situation like this. I hope all the current Nikola owners get this issue settled quickly. I know this kind of thing can drive us crazy worrying about these issues. This is one reason I buy from a reputable seller like Jason at ewheels. I have full confidence he will make things right. Thanks to Marty for bringing this Nikola issue to the light so quickly before someone gets seriously hurt. Hopefully it all gets straightened out quickly.
  10. After reading the different reviews of the Nikola and the KS16x so far, the Nikola seems to have a similar feeling to the MSX when it comes to tire comfort. The KS16x seems to be a stiffer ride. Trying to remember what @Marty Backe said in his review of the Nikola. I know @eddiemoy has stated that the demo KS16x had a harder ride with its tire. Not sure if this will be the production tire or not. Just curious if Chris @houseofjob @Kuji Rolls or anyone else has any insight on this. Thanks
  11. I’m sorry to hear about this Marty. I can imaging how frustrating this must be. It seemed like Gotway was on the right track with the MCM5 and MSX. I’m kind of surprised they went with the smaller MOSFETs on the Nikola. Seems like a great wheel otherwise and an easy modification for Gotway to change. Good to know the plus version has the larger MOSFETs. I appreciate you doing these tests. I’m sure there are much more enjoyable trails than overheat hill you could ride on. You choose to test these wheels to help the community and fully disclose the outcome to benefit us all. Much appreciated.
  12. Wait what? How did I miss this? Why is it skipping Marty?
  13. I’d be happy with the bobafet look, but the bounty hunter never wore fake carbon fiber. They put real carbon fiber on dressy knife handles. It’s suppose to be a classy/fancy look. Fake carbon fiber takes all hat away. This wheel looks rough and though and shouldn’t try to be something it’s not. Matte black rubberized finish would have worked nicely.
  14. I have to agree. Not my first choice. I have a deposit in on one of these, but not opposed to switching over to another wheel. I really hope the performance is outstanding. If not, I may need to consider one of my other options. Looking forward to seeing Marty and others get their hands on the demo unit.
  15. No tail light added I see. The ring lights are the brake lights?
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