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  1. Sketch

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    @Marty Backe Hey Marty, Simce you have the tools and making two sets won’t take a ton more effort than making one, I’d love to have a pair😁. Let me know how much👍
  2. Sketch

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    This is true and a big part of the problem. This plastic box should have been put in place when Marty had issues with the battery on his pre production model. This plastic case would have done a lot to solve the problem with water intake. That’s why we don’t hear about this problem with the V8. Was INMOTION trying to save money by cutting this out? It’s proving to be big mistake and something they should recall and make right before people get hurt or killed.
  3. Sketch


    Oh I see...it’s from a movie. Still pretty cool.
  4. Sketch


    That’s cool. The Paris cops rocking the MCM5s!
  5. Sketch

    Msuper x charging issues.

    Are you sure the battery is connected internally? I purchased from ewheels and I had to open up the wheel and connect the batteries. This was a safety precaution since there was a Kingsong that turned on in shipment and burned out a board. Not sure if that’s your issue or not.
  6. Sketch

    msuper x bug

    They will... or you will?
  7. Sketch

    msuper x bug

    Man, you are really gripping that wheel!😳 There is no way around that these pads need updating.
  8. Sketch

    Poll: can you ride backwards?

    I think it’s worth it. I will say I couldn’t do it until I owned the Mten3.
  9. Sketch

    msuper x bug

    I just finished a ride getting my battery down to 50%. It gave me 22.3 miles which tells me things are probably ok. I’ll keep checking it but it’s probably normal since I’m just under 200lb and riding on hard mode for pedals. I may put more air in the tires and it may give me more range. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have a faulty battery. You all think my MSuperX is normal?
  10. Sketch

    msuper x bug

    When the wheel arrived, I opened up both panels and connected the battery. Checked around and connectors appeared to be attached.
  11. Sketch

    msuper x bug

    I’m on a ride right now. Taking a break to read stats. Started with 100% and after 6.5 miles O have 78% battery remaining. Something is wrong since this is the 1600wh.version. I’m 200lb riding about 20mph avg. on flat terrain. I’m hopping this is just a calculation problem and not a battery issue. Showing the same on Gotway app as well as DarknessBot. @Marty Backe Have you encountered anything similar with yours? I know yours came out of the same batch. @Jason McNeil have you had anybody reporting similar cases?
  12. Sketch

    msuper x bug

    This same thing happens with my MSuperX. I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with the battery.
  13. Sketch


    Hey Marty, Are you going to opt to not have your mudguard attached when you get your production wheel. It looks so nice without it imho...in Southern California, why not.
  14. Sketch

    Simple MsuperX side pad Mod

    So did you just spray paint the pedals? I agree that all black looks really good. Thanks for sharing your idea.
  15. Sketch

    Simple MsuperX side pad Mod

    @Adel how do you think this pad will hold up? Does it seem pretty durable? Did you put the other padding on for comfort or for aesthetics? Would it look weird without the other padding below? Can you share a photo of the side showing the gap, if any, between the pad and the side of the wheel? It looks really good in photo. Thanks