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  1. I said a prayer and gave it one more try. I was actually able to get it to roll true!!! For those with the same issue, don’t give up. I fully deflated the tire and tried to clear any debris. I then put a little bit of air in and tried adjusting. I pushed and pulled as I rolled the tire and tried to get it as true as possible. The tire hits the case and doesn’t roll well when deflated. I then put a little bit more air and repeated the process. When it was rolling true I filled it up all the way. Really happy it worked out. Wasn’t excited about changing the tire or inner tube so soon.
  2. Thanks Marty, It did get a little better, but not sure exactly what I would need to do to get it to seat any better. I really can’t feel it when I ride it so I will probably just continue to ride it. Most stable wheel I’ve owned. No wobble feeling at all for me at speed.
  3. @Shield Thanks for the suggestion. I just gave it a try multiple times with no success. I definitely feel like it’s a tire issue. I took this video and you can see the line near the bead of the tire go up and down. Still not even. I don’t see any wobble in the rim.
  4. From what I can tell, the rim does not wobble.
  5. My new Sherman seems to have a tire that is not running true. I’ve seen recommendations for this issue on other wheels. I deflated the tire and tried to reseat the tire a bit by squeezing the sides while deflated. It doesn’t appear that the motor is running untrue. I can’t feel anything while I’m riding it. It’s the most stable wheel I’ve owned. I’m just wondering if I need to worry about this? Not eager to take this thing apart to put on a new tire. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks
  6. I see you Bob! Give me a wave! Nice, I see it. Have fun on your ride. You get the most out of your Monster than anyone I know. Much respect!
  7. I received mine from ewheels today. Interesting that the blue flashing light is now red.
  8. I believe they are using the Monster Pro pedals. Nice and large.
  9. After a lot is consideration, I just ordered both the high speed and torque version of the MSP. I’ve had a lot of success or luck with my previous Gotway wheels and felt like the MSP series gives me the most for my money. I’m hoping since the MSP just had some issues, that Gotway is on their game with this latest batch. We know they can put out a quality wheel since the MSX 84v was very reliable. I’ve had no issues with my MCM5 and Mten3 as well. I especially like that Ewheels updated the pedals with Monster pro pedals and that we can get rid of the rainbow led lights with som
  10. Sorry, my eyes were playing tricks on me with that photo. Teaches me to post before grabbing my glasses
  11. @Marty Backe is that a custom power pad you have on the V11? How’d it work for you?
  12. Can anyone link out to higher grade suspension that will fit the S18. I’m curious if anyone is going to dish out the cash and give a higher grade suspension a shot.
  13. The Monster is one of the most stable EUCs I have owned. Wobbled can always occur of course as you get familiar to a wheel.
  14. I’m not sure. I have heard of people adding batteries to this shell, but not sure on details.
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