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  1. Sketch

    My new Mten3!

    I have the MSuper V3 pedals on mine and love them. You need to make sure you get the longer rod for these bigger pedals. The original rod is too short.
  2. I’ve had the led strips go bad on both my V8 and my Nikola. Replaced them both pretty easily with a new strip provided under warranty. I don’t think the led strips used in these wherlscare tge highest quality.
  3. I’m in Southern California and he past few years I have hardly ever seen a wheel in the wild. Once in awhile I will spot an Ninebot E or an Airwheel. Couple of weeks ago I was shocked to see a 16x coming the opposite direction on the bike path. I yelled out 16x and slowed down but the younger guy had no interest in chatting. I was riding my Nikola Plus.
  4. People will probably want to know the battery size. I wish you the best on your sale.
  5. No extensive test here, but I just updated firmware to 1.07 on iOS. I was previously on V1.06. No problems at all installing. Worked on the first try. Performed horizontal calibration and went out for a quick test tonight. After riding 1.06 earlier today, I can say the acceleration seems smoother.
  6. I was considering buying a new Monster and Jason was up front telling me he was putting a V3 shell on a V2. It didn’t bother me. There is no way I would ever tell people to avoid buying from ewheels. He has done nothing but treat me fairly with over 8 wheels I have purchased from him over the last 3 years. He has also done a lot for this community. I would have unhappy buyers contact him personally and give him the chance to correct an issue if it is warranted.
  7. If you don’t mind a 340wh 67v wheel. It wouldn’t be my first choice but it might be ok compared to an economy Ninebot.
  8. To advertise the 16x as something and then change the specs with speed throttling later on is not right at all. I think we need an explanation why the 18XL doesn’t need the same throttling. I’m all for safety but not when it comes with this drastic of a change I didn’t sign up for without any explanation. I might have opted for the 18XL if I knew what I know now. Come on Kingsong, make it right? By the way, has anyone emailed to get the beta firmware with less throttling? Wasn’t that an option?
  9. Yes, I just did this a couple of weeks ago. It’s plug and play. You’ll have to cut one ore two zip ties and add some when your done. The light strip has adhesive on the back so it was a little challenging getting it in the groove. There is also a rubber gasket that goes on over the light strip to secure it in place . Surprisingly easy and doable.
  10. Just updated mine today without a problem. When it says parent folder, it just means put the files in the thumb drive without any folders at all. Not sure if that is what you mean.
  11. @Rywokast Very nice! Can you tell me how many different sizes of rubber plugs are there? 2 or 3?
  12. Guys....I agree the KS18L/XL is a stable wheel and an upgrade to the 16s, but it’s much heavier. Keep in mind @Marv is coming from an Airwheel which is probably a little over 20 lbs. These wheels you are suggesting are at least double the weight. My 86 year old father is no where near as good of shape, but even if he was I’m not sure a near 50lb wheel would be the right wheel. Marv, I’m not sure if you have any stairs around or other areas where you will have to lift your wheel. Something to consider. If weight is a factor, you may also consider the INMOTION Glide 3. Not as much range, but portable. This is another wheel my whole family has enjoyed.
  13. Hi Marv, 80 year’s old and riding a EUC?....Wow! What an inspiration. I would recommend a Kingsong 16s. This is a great reliable wheel that will ramp up your performance and range from your Airwheel. It has a great trolley handle as well. Thanks for your post. Let us know what you decide to go with.
  14. My LED issue is on the control board side. About a quarter of the upper ring flickers different colors randomly.
  15. My 100v Nikola has a faulty section of LED as well. A quarter section of the ring light flickers different colors apart from the light scheme. Jason from ewheels was quick to send me a replacement LED strip. I haven’t had time to open it up yet.
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