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  1. Here you go 2.0.4 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ow1kbzkhbb57yt/Forked WheelLog_17092017 (1).apk?dl=0 
  2. Since the post you've quoted me I've got my hands on Z10. We keep coming back to which wheel is better question. Truth of matter is top of line modern wheels are all great in their own way. You just need to decide on what you want with the wheels. Z10 has ride quality like no other wheels in class and blast to ride. Unique handling technique that is required on Z10 seems to transfer to other wheels. As you fall deeper into EUC rabbit hole my recommendation would be go on group rides and try other wheels and get as many as you can.
  3. Part of a problem with @Marty Backe and MSX is Slime factor... Not being able to add Slime keeps Marty from riding as much... I've recently spoken to a bicyclist and he fixes his tire with fix a flat can. He said he just shoot couple of bursts with it and it does the job. Since the can is pressurized may be worth a try.
  4. Let's start off by saying they are both great wheels. The way I see it there are two kind of COOL. The first kind of cool is the practical cool where MSX shines with it's tire, the side wall of the tire gives it suspension like feel to the wheel and the smoothness is second to none. The range with 1600wh what more can we say... The second kind of cool is it's just bad ass cool and willing to pay for it kind of cool. Z10 is bad ass with it's widest tire on the market, built quality and all the bells and whistles. Unique handling like no other 18" class wheel (a blast to ride)... To answer your question what do you want with your wheels? Get them both...
  5. Marc you will thank me later...
  6. I've recently purchased second hand Z10 from China. No problems so far, the friend I purchased from have had good luck with his dealer in the past. If I was to buy a new wheel in USA it's hard not to get one from Jason at the ewheels with all the follow-up service.
  7. Thanks esaj, now that's what I would call putting things in perspective... WOW
  8. Marty how do you switch from one version to other? When I installed 2.0.15 I ended up with just one app. Do you reinstall every time you switch?
  9. It would of been sad event for our group to not have Z10 in our inventory. Everyone in our group loves to ride it...
  10. No got the one I've been riding on our group rides. Gustesta has a bad back and Z10 was just too heavy for him...
  11. Yup did have major wobble during our group ride couple of weeks ago on steep decent. I will update with more rides to come...
  12. I don't really have any problem riding this wheel like the others. Reminds me of big Mten3...
  13. @Toshio Uemura with all of your positive posts on Z10, I got mine today... Got a deal I could not pass up...
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