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  1. Have you received your Z6?
  2. You are right, as usual thx. So KS charger 1.5 amps + 3 amps ( 2 x 1.5 amp GW charger with charge Doctor) = 4.5 amps. Close enough I guess.
  3. Any chance you could produce and sell your EUC stands and other inventions?
  4. I set my Kuji pad so that top of my shoe is jammed into bottom of the pad. Pedals fold fine, not a jumper myself. Use it to leverage the pedals and stay on the pedals on bumps. KS16X is so torquey don't need the upper pads like MSX. I've lost count how many times it kept me from stepping off the pedals hitting potholes. EDIT: I'm old school, prefer leather shoes with no play. Leather can be pain to break-in but once it's broken in fits like a glove. To help break-in wet the leather and put the shoe on until it dries.
  5. That was stupid showing his cards... It's never the Gun, it's who's behind it... We've got rifles that will hit 8 inch steel targets from 880 yrds with 20 mph cross wind consistently.
  6. Lol bunch of weirdos riding on a single wheel with a Gun. Don t forget the Gun never leave home without it.
  7. Not the @eddiemoy I remember from all the posts about how Gotways are the death machines and if you value your life stay clear of Gotways. How things change...
  8. That was day before 70 F dropped to 42 F high and 24 F low. Luckily snow did not stick this time. Flakes from Lake effect from Great Salt Lake. Stay tuned and will post some snow shortly. If you have chance watch 4 of 5 on video I posted on Local group ride section. Little riding in snow lol.
  9. Is the code really a production date? Looking at @chrisjunlee's serial # 190815 is same as my second batch from Ewheels fw 1.05. This OP started August 1. What am I missing here.
  10. Fall colors Farmington canyon Utah.
  11. I've been riding KS16X exclusively last few days getting use to new wheel. Yesterday took out the MSX to my surprise it took much more effort than I remember. My body must of been more tense on MSX took much more out of me lol. They are both great wheels.
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