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  1. Courtesy by @Yellowman
  2. Celebrating the conquering of The Overheat Hill.
  3. Since we're waiting for better weather. Here's video from Marty's 2019 tour. Day 2 Mt. Wilson ride courtesy @Yellowman. Thanks Elis...
  4. Sorry guys I'm going to pass on this great opportunity to own a Monster. Good luck to whoever ends up with it. Thanks Han Vo you're great to work with.
  5. IDK but the person to ask about spikes on the pedals would be @Rehab1. Sounds good in theory but you don't want the wheel to stay with you on wipe outs.
  6. Wow @Marty Backe I thought almost obsolete was strong statement on sub 3 inch wheels... But Dead...
  7. Don't forget 90 Amp alarm on the Gotway wheels. Please don't kill yourself...
  8. Laugh all you want but that propeller had something to do with guidance system for his missiles...
  9. We had this same sensor problem on one of Mt. Wilson ride. Remedied by Marty with the KS App. Strange thing about it was that it was within yards from where Jeff and Ray burned up their Mosfets. At the same spot @Coastal Rider found his lost prescription glasses intact from previous ride with Ray when he burned up his Nikola. Go figure
  10. Totally AWESOME video, thank you for sharing. Subscribed to your channel. More please a lots more... 🙏 😍
  11. My first wheel was Kinsong 14S. A great wheel to start with IMHO. Many will say 16" wheel is better to which I can't argue. From the FORUM many have had great experience with Inmotions 14" wheel. Welcome to our community... 🙂
  12. I got a chance to ride M22 Mark's Monster. First time and main reason to get one. M22 is an engineer for auto manufacturing company, in concept division. All the gadgets on his wheel requires a degree in engineering to figure out (way over my head) lol. M22 's nickname for Marty's tour is "Q" from 007. Great times...
  13. I did say almost, I still love my ACM2 will never sell it at this point. It's got its place in my inventory. I look at ACM2 it's still amazing wheel 1600wh in such a small package with no frills to go wrong.
  14. Excellent question, from my ownership of these wheels, life cycles are short. A wheel that was the top is almost obsolete within a year. Already many of us from Marty's tour is looking for upgrades, some of us more than one wheel. The point is that the FUN we are able to extract from these wheels can be priceless for some of us. Maybe at some point money is better utilized towards new wheel. PS. Would never considered GW Monster before the tour. It's on very short list now lol.
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