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  1. If you think about it we have so much to offer utilizing Trax and Frontrunner. Meet ups at transit stations. Especially for @Marty Backe and @Dave U would love to show them how the West was won. Golden spike museum near where they tested the booster rockets for the Space shuttle. Of course just a little bang bang action.
  2. Here are some I'm considering. 1. Antolope Island 2. Skyline Dr. Via Farmington Canyon 3. Salt Lake City tour via Capital, City creek canyon, UofU trails to Red Bute canyon. 4. Emigration canyon to East canyon. 5. Snow Basin, Pineview to Causy Dam. 6. Extreme off road Killian's canyon top of Mt. Dell. Anyway if anyone wants to explore with me on any of these rides to collect data let me know.
  3. If you want to get out there... We have ATV/UTV Mecca here in Utah Pieute trails that connects small towns to replenish. Probably not there yet with current EUC's. 😢
  4. I'm thinking around June. Funny you mentioned Moab I was talking to Marty about riding the Slick rock trail on MCM5. I've done it on Mt bike many times. Whole idea is to provide interesting places to ride for some one like yourself who can visit with their wheels here and hope contact one of the locals to go ride make new friends. GREAT fun.
  5. Who knows we might even have @Marty Backe to join us. If it's interesting enough, I'm shooting for at least 7 days worth of rides. Have 4 days covered so far.
  6. Here's one top of my head. Get to the mouth of Big cotton wood canyon to guardsmans pass to Park City recharge lunch return. Not a loop but it should be a blast.
  7. Ideally what we want is interesting loops. As long as it starts at transit center it can end at any other stations. Come on guys share your secret trails.
  8. The biggest problem in LA as everyone knows it's the traffic Unreal. If we can come up with courses starting from transit stations we can have visitors from out of town fly in they won't even need a car, provided someone here donate a wheel.
  9. Hi guys, following up Marty's 7 days tour of SoCal. I am floating an idea to come up with group rides here in Utah. By utilizing UTA we have an access to the whole valley. I've got Northern Utah covered. Any suggestions around SL and Utah County would be welcomed. On the Frontrunner we can even charge as we ride...
  10. @Tim Rodriguez got me by miles on Style points for sure. I barely made it on my 16X, operator error lol.
  11. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love got anything to say?
  12. I rode a 16X all 7 days of Marty's LA TOUR. 16X worked flawlessly despite multiple drops and wipe outs. As mentioned by many the torque at the lower speeds can't be underestimated. How the the wheel is able to utilize the power to propel us is magical. On same trail with ACM2 dispite the power it lacks traction to be able to utilize its power. From the tour 16X was the trails winner. However from this tour we've realized 1600 Wh just is not enough.
  13. I love this picture too. All that MEN ENERGY illuminating from the riders must be coming through the picture.
  14. @The Fat Unicyclistdid you notice the HOLLYWOOD halo on Marty. Do you have any thoughts?
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