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  1. Omg that's so unfortunate 😞😞😞 I'm so sorry to hear. I hope it passes quickly @fryman
  2. Looks like I might be able to make this ride!! I've got a 14D, so I probably wouldn't make the entire length, but should be fun
  3. Wow lots of interesting comments and insights. My adoption was YouTube as well. The reviewers seemed to be so excited and enthusiastic that I took to plunge and ordered. I started off with a Segway One S1 then upgraded to the King Song 14D after a few months. And I can't go anywhere without people asking me what it is!
  4. I was wondering where electric unicycle adoption comes from? YouTube seems to be a big one. Has the proliferation of electric scooters like Bird/Lime increased interest, curiosity, or awareness of EUCs?
  5. Pictures and video from the festival, the test rides, and the group ride!!! Thanks @Marty Backe for the video http://haveago.city/recharging-culver-city/
  6. Whoa! That's crazy. I'd need two 14Ds to do that
  7. It was really nice to meet so many of you! How did the rest of the ride go??
  8. For sure! I'll be the one leading the group ride Meetup is at 2:15pm and ride starts at 2:30pm! Looking forward to meeting you guys!!
  9. Awesome! FYI there's a big festival that ReCharge is part of: street closure, beer gardens, food trucks, etc! It starts at 12pm. So you can feel free to come earlier and grab a bite before the ride: https://www.culvercityartwalk.com/ And NOTE the street closure and the parking situation! https://www.culvercityartwalk.com/get-here/
  10. Hi everyone! I just updated the info for the group ride tomorrow. See ya'll there!! http://haveago.city/recharge/#start
  11. It was glorious. Sad that I couldn't find the unicycle crew :/
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