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  1. after having met all the guys, specially marty and mark, i would drive 5000 miles!! i absolutely enjoyed my time there, marty is an absolute gentleman. mark the best room mate, who on the third day loaned me his msx for the remainder of the week. truly appreciate his kindness. hope to see you guys soon
  2. i just read that ks says the bluetooth module maybe causing radio frequency interference with mainboard. they are going to try changing frequency via fw to see if they can fix that.
  3. im glad you enjoying the wheel. so i take it your ideal purchase price is now higher than $800๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  4. iโ€™ll buy it for $1000 then๐Ÿ˜
  5. ray rokni

    16x or 18xl

    thank you all for your thoughts. to make my decision more difficult now iโ€™ve added a third wheel to my choices: the 84v nikola with the new board and mosfets! ive sent the money to jason at ewheels, who btw has been great answering all my questions. just need to make up my mind. i know i said i wont be off-roading but since i was told to practice on uneven surface for better balance practice, iโ€™ve actually become hooked on that! im not one to have different wheels in my arsenal, i like to have one and use the hell out of it and then buy a newer technology down the road to upgrade!. this why im stuck between the newer technology 16x and nikola vs the 18xl
  6. those are great pointers. my reason for 16x is being new technology as far as the main board goes???
  7. i am new to euc world. have a ninebot s1 which iโ€™ve been practicing on for the past 2 weeks. i got about 40 miles on it and hit the max speed constantly. it is still a great wheel for me to learn on but i just put down a deposit with jason at ewheels for either a 16x or 18xl. i was going to get the v10f but when i found out the speed starts dropping from %75 battery, it turned me off. i probably wont even go the speed that v10f can do but idk, i just dont want to surprise myself and have to upgrade again. i have been researching the 16x and 18xl and just cant decide, now to make life more difficult, iโ€™ve been looking at the gotway msx too. i just dont see me going over 25mph, cruising speed probably around 20ish, once i get proficient at lower speeds! i weigh 165lb and am 5โ€™10โ€. 58 years old that cant be breaking bones but too dumb to actually know it! im not one to buy different wheels just to have a collection, i want one that i can grow into. rather have the power and speed for if i ever get to that point. wont be doing alot of off roading, i use my SxS for that. any input will be appreciated. thx
  8. im looking to buy an upgrade to my nb s1. so i suppose anything would be an upgrade. i will be buying by september. been looking at ks 16x, ks18xl and now the nikola 84v. i weigh 165lb and 5โ€™10โ€ what psi do you guys suggest running? thx
  9. ray rokni

    16x or 18xl

    agree with everything you said. im new ti this hobby. my reasoning is that i don't want to buy something and have to upgrade again. rather spend more and get something that could possibly last me a good while. having said that, i have been looking at the v10f. ive been scared away from gotways with all the problem i hear about the nikola. some early teslas catching fire etc. to be honest i am not even good enough on the s1 yet. ive been told that learning on s1 is more difficult than some of the bigger wheels. suppose ive been reading way too much and confusing myself!!!
  10. ray rokni

    16x or 18xl

    wanting to upgrade in the next couple months from nb s1 to either ks 16x or ks 18xl. new to euc world. so battery and motor being the same which wheel would be more fitting for someone if 5โ€™10 165lb, no commuting, no off roading as main part of it, using it for fun, riding around 20 miles round trips maybe little longer. like it to be nimble and responsive yet somewhat forgiving. any input is appreciated thx
  11. thank you
  12. hi, just got my first euc l, the s1. where can i get accessories tor it. mainly looking to get pads fir the upper part of it so it doesnt flop between my legs. thx
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