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  1. Yeah, I have activeon camera installed to my "motorcycle helmet" but it serves as a black box and haven't had a chance to review the footages. Maybe I'll put something together this weekend. I use my bicycle ring bell and goofing around people. You might want to check out fooligan's youtube. That guy knows how to enjoy this bike 120%
  2. I'm lovin' it! It's been really fun getting around town and putting mods to it. I get similar "EUC" reaction from the people while on Grom
  3. Nope...It's been what well over a month maybe more but um @Jason McNeil's last email stated "We just received some replacement Spacers from Gotway, Joey will fit them when has the time." Still waiting. I think i forgot how to ride EUC already and might have to ride from pole to pole all over again.
  4. I went to the dam this morning on my grom. It was totally fun
  5. @Jason McNeil hasn't shipped my monster yet... let me know if i should reserve heli evac towards afternoon
  6. This is what i have for my honda grom ride lol
  7. Sven

    Gotway 22"

    Lol, can't wait to get mine!
  8. Sven

    Gotway 22"

    You know what Marty, i think having a grom for price of two monster is not a bad idea, if its purposes were "weekend getaway" & "fun". the only downside i can think of is that i wouldn't be able to take it on my favorite river bike trails or Griffith park. I like it because it's not a hardcore super bike (or cruiser bike) and not even freeway legal. Lol btw, I should be getting my monster back from joey this week
  9. Sven

    Gotway 22"

    This one actually looks better than ones they make nowadays. Lol not sure where to get one in your town but i got mine from Huntington beach honda.
  10. Sven

    Gotway 22"

    I don't think i got the best deal, 4400 otd. Some bought for 3800-4200ish so... but I'm excited it's very fun
  11. Sven

    Gotway 22"

    This will fulfill my needs 0-35: monster 35-45: grom 45+: prius haha loving it.
  12. Sven

    Gotway 22"

    I'm buying a motorcycle!!! 30mph is not enough for me!!! LOL But seriously, I'm buying honda grom. ahahaha
  13. Sven


    While standing: I would normally bend my knees a little and relax my ankles for the sudden impact from unforeseen road hazards (this is like EUC101, but i find myself locking my knees to stretch my back sometime and very little bump can cause a major out of balance) While seated: screw all that, its 22 inch wheel can eat most potholes like nothing.
  14. Sven


    When I'm on my Monster, average speed (excluding take-offs and stopping for peds) on streets is at 27~32mph.
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