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  2. Sain myös viestiä, että oma V3 on lähtenyt tulemaan Kiinasta kohti Eurooppaa. Kuukausi vielä, mutta huomattavasti lyhyempi aika tilauksesta saapumiseen kuin sinulla. Mielenkiinnolla odotan videota. Näistä ei vielä YouTubessa ole oikein mitään.
  3. It wasn't hard to make the handle pass through, by making a hole in the shell.
  4. It wasn't too hard to make a hole on the shell on the other side and make it pass through
  5. I've paying close attention to what happens in wobble situations over the past week or so, on the EX. It's a heavy wheel, I ride it basically without pads, with an uneven stance as has been mentioned, so as it turns out I get baby wobbles quite frequently actually. This occurs most often during hard accelerations which I am doing more frequently as I get to know the wheel. When it happens I just ease up a bit on the acceleration and press in a bit with my dominant leg to settle things down. The non-dominant leg has no role in this. Works fine.
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  7. I think the V12 is the best bet in some time to make a functional 1st batch new wheel. But I admit the last years wheels from any brand are not good track records for any EUC.
  8. Uhh that is a compliment from a truly Photoshop Master. 🥳
  9. I think you dont find it. Would be better create your custom software.
  10. Many thanks guys My tyre is the same as the one in @Unipilot69photo above, it is just rotten and flaking away inside - it is even down to the string webbing being exposed on the inside and this is after only 50 miles of riding. I was prepared to convert it to tubeless at the dealers suggestion if he supplies the parts (I've already spent £40 on inner tubes and refuse to spend any more), he has now decided I should return the wheel to them for inspection and I've agreed to that. I quite fancy a KS16x so I've suggested taking a full refund and using that as part payment on one fro
  11. Wonder what the odds are anyone can still get in the first round of this wheel. Whenever that will be.
  12. Agreed on this. New wheels have a bad enough reputation already. Would rather see IM take the time to work out all those kinks & production issues to deliver a reliable product.
  13. Keep it positive guys. The wheel will be there, whether in April or later. I'd rather have Inmotion not unnecessarily rush things. And at least IM is trying their best to be communicative, unlike others.
  14. En itsekään vielä kunnolla osaa, mutta pari juttua auttaa: Etsi paikka jossa on kaide. Ensin ajetaan kaiteesta kiinni pitäen, joskus (piiitkän ajan päästä) voi päästää irti Aluksi kallistuin taaksepäin suorin polvin, mutta se on kammottavan tuntuista. Pelkää että loukkaa takaraivonsa. Sitten opettelin peruuttamaan "jarrutusasennossa", eli polvet koukkun ja takapuoli alas. Ei tuntunut hetikään niin pahalta Mten3 tai muu mahdollisimman kevyt pyörä -Z-
  15. Itse en osaa oikein vielä mennä eteenpäinkään, mutta opetteluvideoiden perusteella sinnikäs yrittäminen ja Mten 3 ovat hyvät lähtökohdat.
  16. Ei hitto mun pää levii!! Onko hyviä tippejä miten oppii menemään takaperin!?!
  17. The originals were at their prime at the Woodstock 69 Festival. From there on they degenerated... Like the guppies (tropical fish that ib breed a lot) Anyway, the Gollum is basically how I feel right now with my 1st EUC, the KS 16x, and my over 1000km with it. ... my precious...
  18. Not bad if you did not do any charging during your 120 km trip, and still have 26% left!
  19. 92kg Medium mode, this time I disabled tiltback at 43kph and went around 50kph usually as well as riding more aggressively, this brought my 100km range down by a whole 20km to 80km, going faster ain't worth it, gonna keep my tiltback on, trying soft mode next
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