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  2. I did a 25 mile ride yesterday. 100% down to 15% battery. My range was way lower than others doing range tests. It goes to show a heavier rider plus speed drain the battery much faster. As reported by Darknessbot: Avg speed: 22MPH Max speed: 31MPH Max temperature: 36.0°C -- It never goes above this leaving me skeptical Max Current: 34.95A Max Power: 2805W Min Voltage: 65.37V
  3. The bigger speed advantage to the V11 is getting 50km/h all the way down to 1) 30% of a 2) 1500Wh battery, instead of getting 50km/h down to 1) only 50% of an 2) only 1110Wh battery. Taking these two variables in combination (throttling percent in conjunction with battery size), the V11 has nearly twice the amount of Wh to play with before throttling if you ride closer to its upper speed limit/stay in the upper 20s mph (1500 Wh * .7 = ~1050 UtWh compared to 1110 Wh * .5 = ~555 UtWh). (I have proposed the term Un-throttled Wh or UtWh for this idea. I would love a slightly more sophisticated formula that takes into account the amount of voltage each wheel will drain to, although which would only change things by less than 5-10% But either way I think the overall concept of something like UtWh is not only sound but more meaningful/useful than merely either of Wh without throttling percentage or throttling percentage without Wh, when it is the combination of both that has any meaning/applicability in practice.)
  4. Nevermind I overlooked the "custom" in "custom seat". I wrongly thought there was an official Inmotion seat.
  5. Your venerable 66 years old is working hard on an impersonation of a well known Free Styler...
  6. Here's an S18 video for you guys. Still weak, but at least the music is awesome.
  7. It means he didn't calibrate the suspension properly?
  8. Happy to know there's more riders in the area. We've ridden the W&OD trail many times. Although not the best, it's doable, long and entertaining at times. Also, unlike the NYC crew, we have no particular hangout spot we converge upon and charge and ride. When we schedule a ride, we give a meet location, ride from there and map out charging spots. Prior to my surgery on my ankle, there's no recent group meet-up rides. I was traveling about meeting up with different riders from different locations, just to break the monotony. The DCESK8 group is a better group of riders to ride with., less drama and little less ego trippers. You can find them on Telegram under DCESK8. They basically meet-up almost everyday in Virginia and DC.
  9. I expect it is a reuse of what he use on another wheel (bike seat mounted in a U-shaped metal frame).
  10. If thats the case, I'll never buy a Kingsong product again & make it my mission to let other know & it sure won't take much to convince them of same. I can understand no warranty with gray market products but I cannot & not ever accept the deliberate crippling of a fully paid product. What mfgrs can do (& alot do) is to disallow dealers to sell offshore as part of their dealer franchise agreement. What mfgrs cannot do is penalize the end user for buying a fully legal product for sale, online or otherwise.
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  12. In this video, he says the suspension is "bouncy bouncy". Does that mean it's not dampened enough and just feels like you are riding on springs?
  13. I understand where you are coming from, and I'm not in disagreement. With this understanding in mind... I have already pulled the trigger on the Veteran Sherman (prior to seeing your reply amigo).
  14. There's no doubt & beyond argument that like money & women (well maybe women not so much), battery & range are one of those things that are never enough. That said, there must be a practical limit or otherwise, we might as well attach a permanent power cord & have no limit. Wait then we run into power cable lengths amongst other impractical issues. I remember Chooch saying in one of his vids that his perfect wheel would be the internals of the Sherman in the form factor of the S18. I'm guessing its not beyond the realm of engineering but then, the Sherm already weights 77lbs so lets say another 10lbs or so for suspension which makes it just shy of 90lbs. I can certainly see that happening on a road wheel but are we sure we wanna go serious offroading on a 90lb wheel?
  15. I call it D.O.C.K. Dogs Obstacles Cars Kids
  16. SBU V3 by Focus Designs in Washington State. Has 2 pedals that fold down like a regular EUC. Lean forward to go forward, lean back to slow down/stop. Batts are shot but new it had a 12 mile range. There are vids on youtube.
  17. Yeah I thought of the capacitors a bit too late. The wheel has already been put back together again and a notice has been sent to the seller that I want it exchanged. I shouldnt have to mess around with and attempt to DIY fix a wheel that hasnt got two days of use and 20 miles on it. edit: I also opened the little warranty booklet today and found a stamp in it that said the wheel had been produced in March 2019. That thing is one and a half years old and apparently it sat with an almost full battery all that time.
  18. Do you have a photo of the seat? Nevermind
  19. Thx, the 2nd V11 will park next to the Z10. Might have a Onewheel on the end.
  20. As a new user, the edit function was not available yet so this might have confused you. Now you can edit You can press the "edit" button on the first post and you can edit the title of your topic. You can also long-click the title to change it. Hover your mouse over the title and an instruction will appear. That only works on Desktop, not on mobile. (That also wouldn't work for a brand new member.) Thanks for doing the legwork regarding your sales post!
  21. Watching this vid Specifically starting at 2:14, got me thinking. Say you are riding an EUC with a 45 degree side lean angle cut off around a banked turn... Say you have a good steep berm of 45 degrees and your speed is such that the EUC follows the bank angle with centrifugal force vector more or less straight up and down RELATIVE TO the EUC while the EUC is actually 45 degrees tilted relative to "artificial horizon"... At this point are you on the verge of cut off, or does the EUC think it's more or less "straight up"? Or asked more simply: can you lean these things way over (further than you could lean them standing still) on a banked turn?
  22. @mrelwood Do you think that knobby 16x2.4 (64-305) fits to Inmotion V10/V10F (16x2.5)? Or do you have better suggestions for us which tire to choose? Even better if you can give us examples.
  23. Whatever it is, you don’t need to worry about it at EUC speeds. Just keep the tire in a pressure that carries you sufficiently. The optional pressure depends on the rigidity is the tire, rider weight, as well as riding circumstances and preferences.
  24. The “bearing” is just a spacer. Whether it turns with the pedal or not is random, and does not affect the functionality at all. The pedal axle (or “pin”) runs inside the spacers, from the front screw (5mm hex) to the rear one. These and the bottom screw are the important ones, and it wouldn’t hurt to make sure the front and rear screws are nice and tight on a new wheel. The front and rear screws keep the axle in place, and the bottom screw adjusts the tightness of opening the pedal.
  25. IP is not a certificate, it’s just a rating. It is always tested and determined by the manufacturers themselves. GotWay is probably the worst with it’s waterproof levels, yet I have used the MSX all year long for two years without issues. I only have a piece of tape on top of the power button. The case is crooked from multiple low speed falls, and does let a bit of water in during rains. But as long as I keep it sensible and not let the control board get wet, it will do just fine. I did not clean or dry the wheel from snow all winter. No issues from that either. I’m absolutely confident that for example the V11 will be just fine for any weather I throw at it. The 2nd batch even more so with the rubber sealed bearings. As long as you choose a wheel that has the control board at the top and has a sealed power button and sensible front light design, I’d expect zero issues from occasionally riding in the rain.
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