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  2. I'm going to give away the Z10 to my little brother. The 16X has taken the role of general purpose and commuting wheel. Now I'm torn between getting a wheel that is specifically for off-road versus one that is specifically for long range. For the former purpose, the S18 with it's lightweight maneuverability and exceptional suspension is attractive but I'd like to see how the wheel holds up over 12 months of use from other riders.. For long distance rides in farmlands and wilderness outbacks, I'd get a Begode EX or a Sherman. Whichever of these alternatives has the most gyro-ish tyre available
  3. I worked out how to upload photos, so here are a couple of the Power Pads on, with and without the Bodyguard cover. The wheel looks like pregnant Guppy until you squeeze with your knees and compress the fabric that is stretched across the fat part of the pads. Its comfortable enough however and an improvement over having no pads, with the benefit of top notch protection.
  4. I dont think that one works. Only Gotway app can set tiltback and it’s max is like 30mph
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  6. 16x3". I've already ordered the first batch 16X tyre (Dalishen cx321). I'm excited to try the side pendulum swings at high speeds, and suicidal leaning when cornering - like I do on my Z10 but with the more cushioned and agile personality of the 16X - although I am aware that it's less gyro-ish than the Z, which is probably a good thing. The Z10's tendency to follow the tread, making me wobble in narrow 8 inch bike trails, should be reduced too in a 16X with the cx321 tyre. This tendency is aggravating when you just want a tranquil cruise in Nature.
  7. I'm 90kg and took my nikola down sets of 10+ stairs regularly, never had a problem with it
  8. Yes, the coming batch is with higher pedal height. Best Regards, Linnea Guangzhou Veteran Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
  9. What size do you need? The Michelin Pilot 80/90-14 on my RS has the most gyro effect of any tire I've ridden, but I've never ridden a Contiscoot and apparently they are heavier.
  10. The Chinese way of doing things is from top to bottom. Police don't care about details, but the bigger picture. Unless there's an inspection going on at which all officers are taking their jobs too seriously and enforcing all the rules and even imaginary rules as well. Just so they appear being in charge and doing their job. Thing is, on a normal day where little is enforced, there isn't really an increase in accidents. The traffic police are basically just there to help motorists in case of traffic jams or sort out benderbender disputes. Traffic in China is very very slow, com
  11. Video is listed as private, can't view it.
  12. Wow this is awesome. I've got an Mten3 and would love to try this. Can you share info on how you mounted the stand onto the wheel?
  13. The keywords are SET screw or GRUB screw. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=ideas-and-advice/grub-screw-guide
  14. I mean packs used in vehicles get bashed around so much, and undergo so many cycles, that it ought to be a must have feature in order to inspect the pack and the operation of the bms. Call it regular service. Ideally display it in an app, but if that's too expensive at least put a probe point somewhere on the pack. The easiest is to, as you say, just run a cable from the bms terminals and dip the terminal in some coating so it can't short if exposed to liquid. Otherwise we have no way of detecting issues before it's too late. And by late I don't mean your house burns down, I mean to
  15. Thats not the oem tire, all RS's are coming with a CST-1488. Frank put that Conti on the day he got it. He did put a tube in it.
  16. thanks I appreciate that. I naively figured my location didn't matter as I planned just to deal in Canada, hence the free shipping. But I suppose people want to know where I am and of course it's relevant for service. yes PayPal is good. Also Visa and Mastercard via Moneris
  17. I got 28% left after (17mi from WheelLog, 20mi from My Tracks, same trip) without recharging. Weather was clear of 50F. I am about 153lb. I did not push the wheel. I mostly just let it slide or cruise whenever possible. The trip lasted 2hr and 16min. I have 333mi on it.
  18. You recall the first time you went for a ride in high winds or tried to hold a 9' selfie stick out to the side? Ah, so many fun memories already....
  19. Now I looked at the maximum speed of the tiltback in the eucworld app. That's 45 mph.
  20. Gotway is to blame for not making automatic adjustment of the tiltback moment depending on the battery discharge. But it's also Kingsong's and Inmotion's fault for not producing wheels with the same high top speed as Gotway. The rider has no choice of high-speed wheels, just one Gotway.
  21. awesome, glad youre on here and decided to clarify.. i will edit my other post. great to have another canadian seller!
  22. @ShanesPlanet indeed, takes a little training, first time I looked back using my FF helmet I slowly swerved out of the narrow bike lane onto bumpy grass. (And fell due to a larger hole) Better do it at slow speed without track restriction.
  23. This is a good outcome, happy I asked the question on the other thread! Mike, perhaps make a couple changes to the website so it's more obvious you're in Edmonton? It may lead wary internet travelers like myself to ask fewer questions. Do you take paypal?
  24. Actually I'm not a Photoshop user. I've used this app for Android which is optimized for recognizing people. Open the picture in the app, run it and apply the transparent alpha channel to a new photo. I've been riding something new for the last 120+ miles. While the RadRunner was in shipping transit I took a grocery run on the Monster. A jogger was using the sidewalk....I transitioned to the wide shoulder of the road, hit a fist sized rock, tumbled in an unplanned but we'll executed Parkour-like move onto my back and noticed the Monster's pedal broke. I was
  25. Yes on the first point. On the second point, not sure what taking some closer look would entail, beyond charging it and monitoring its discharge behavior. It seems all that's left is to take the choice to discard the battery packs or keep going with them. It should be noted that, as my oldest and least-used wheel it was shuffled off into a corner and its charge became depleted. This appears to be a symptom of that. Maybe the wheel is now a good candidate for some kind of constructive destruction.
  26. Charge % go down from 100 to 75?! At least this sounds very strange - one should at least take some closer look at this.
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