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  2. Joe, We have hills around here with a 1:12 grade, lots of them. I have never been dropped going downhill on any of my MiniPRO, with widely varying firmware. Maybe your battery is in poor condition? Have you tried to find another nearby MiniPRO owner whom you could swap batteries with? Myself, I rarely drive immediately after charging, Also, has your charger 59 volts output with nothing plugged in? At one time they were selling 64V chargers which give a longer range,, but shorter battery life, and might perhaps trigger an over-voltage condition downhill, although I have never seen it here.
  3. I was asking because in someone’s quoted post it stated he was leaning toward Nevada. Allen
  4. Today
  5. While it’s easy to give recommendations to the pedal angle, riding mode and foot position, eventually they are all up to what the individual prefers. I always set the MSX tilted 3 degrees forward, and 16S something like 4 degrees backwards. The wheels do behave that much differently. At some point you might want to try different shoes as well, since the most comfortable choice isn’t always very obvious. It’s nice to read about your progress, you’re doing good!
  6. This is what concerns me about this mod. I know from experience that if the battery pack gets too hot, it will not charge. Without knowing exactly how the battery protection logic works with the BMS and main control board, any fault with the battery while charging might escalate into a bad situation. Perhaps improve the mod by ORing system standby and charging. The two leads from the charging port connects directly to two of the four leads at each battery pack.
  7. Well, if the wheel works i wouldn’t update. You could end up with a brick.
  8. Bump... Price adjusted to 550
  9. It’s okay now, the seller helped me. Still unsure about doing this firmware update though.
  10. I had good luck with my XL, i didn’t even have to ride 1m to change speed to 40kmh. Also i didn’t have any other problems with the app. @Topkek maybe @Micheal Shen can help.
  11. I tried and it says “failed to change value”.
  12. The guy basically fell backward, which is why skate stance is much more dangerous than EUC stance
  13. Sehr cool von dir Patrick, dicken Daumen hoch von mir.
  14. @Filalapat Did you charge the battery after the mod? I am asking because during the charging the wheel is switched off and, if the wheel is modded, there is not communication between the mainboard and battery. Is this a problem?
  15. hyiu00

    The lightest EUC

    I've been using the IPS I5 for two years already, and I really love its small size and light weight, while at the same time it can do reasonably stable ride on a normal pavement road. However, I do not see IPS coming up with newer products for this segment of the EUC, while other manufacturers continue to come out with bigger and more powerful and faster but heavier wheels. Even the Gotway Mtem3 has been out for over two years. I just want to give a thumbs up to IPS for making this great product and wish they can continue.
  16. I knew there had to be a logical picking order. I would love to buy the Nikola but I hate living in dog houses.
  17. I had a perfect meme but Flickr is down.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Certainly not random. I really wasn't looking to sell any wheel, but when I bought the Nikola, I looked at my stash of wheels and realized that the MSuper just wasn't getting used. And I figure that there's no need to have more than four 1600wh wheels at any given time, so the MSuper has to go.
  20. Best wishes on your sale. It should sell fast. So did you place the name of each wheel in a hat and then picked one to sell? So glad you didn’t draw the Mten3.
  21. So you typed with one hand and ate munchies for 2 hours with the other?
  22. I think I’ve read at the Chinese forum that to revert back to the original sounds, click delete on the loaded sounds. Maybe @Turbocharged can advise. I just want simple beep or tone for Bluetooth connect/disconnect.
  23. Just got my 18XL today. Have the geo restrictive issue. Can’t adjust speed now I’ve passed 5km. What does the firmware update 1.12 do, is it necessary as I’m hesitant to try it?
  24. I'm just posting this for fun [Wow this forum has some cool features! You can just paste your clipboard and it will auto-upload as an image attachment if you have an image there!]
  25. The survey questions are quite good though. So don't just go by lack of one piece of information
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