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  2. seage

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    I get you. Im 5'10, 230lbs. I was told by some of the other bigger guys that they can throw it around like a 16 as well. Thanks mate. I think i may hold on to my 16s for a while and ride both, just to experience the different styles. From there i can sell one and decide which direction i like. I have heard this though. The different styles of maneuverability due to the weight of the individual riding. Being on the higher end of the weight spectrum, it might be okay for me. Also, i dont know if I want to get the first batch of the new 16x. Id like to see what happens.
  3. Issah

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    At 6'2" I can maneuver my MSX around fairly easily, but a keyword with a wheel like this is being determined. I liken riding these wheels to slalom-skiing, and some of the skills from that sport are applicable here. I'm fairly light at just 160lbs or so, and it has been quite the adjustment going from my old KS16C, but that's more because you have the wheel at a different spot on your legs which takes some getting used to. My biggest hangup with getting another 16" wheel is the less smooth ride, though with a 3" wide tyre I think it'll handle great.
  4. meepmeepmayer

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    Love hearing your (entire family's!) progress. You don't need anything to hang on to because you will be much, much faster. Speed stabilizes you, and it is what you should be going for whenever you feel you're falling over. Your kids (and especially No2) got it right. Riding is much easier than mounting, so you (should) learn it first. Also gives a motivating sense of achievement right away. And you will learn mounting really fast when you have to (because you're starting in the open and have no choice). All that slow, methodical dillydalliing around is almost counterproductive. Kids got it right - just go for it. Don't do things where you feel seriously unsafe, but otherwise, nothing is more fun and makes you learn faster than getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. If the answer to the question "Will I predictably have a bad crash if I try this" is "No", then just do whatever it is.
  5. kasenutty

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    It depends on your size how you'll throw an 18 incher around. I thought it would be some unwieldy behemoth reading some of the (small) riders reports of these wheels. I didn't experience much of any adjustment going to the 18 incher. I don't have to throw my body around or any of the crazy stuff I read. I mean, you can tell it's bigger, but it's easy to ride it just like a little one. I'm 6'1" and 220 lbs today, so you'd probably get a different answer from a 5 foot 120 lb rider.. The bigger wheel makes it less bumpy though and that's been really nice. Maneuverability feels almost as good to me as my 16s.
  6. There are cheaper (and healthier) versions.
  7. seage

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    And just like that, my plans are thrown into the ceiling fan, lmfao. I guess i'll take a step back and wait and see whats up. Ive seen people maneuver these 18 inch wheels like toys before. I guess im stuck between what to do, because obviously i'm on a 16 inch right now. Just a lot slower than the 3 you named off. So i figured, okay, upgrade to a larger wheel, that makes sense! Im travelling from the suburbs to the train then city riding, then back. From the research i did, the 18 seemed good. To eat up those potholes and safely keep me at a good speed. But now with these new wheels, im back at square one again....
  8. Henrique Poeira Manso

    Ninebot ES2: Error 18 and Electric brake / motor issue

    IONBRAIN thank you for responding. I saw that I did not make myself understood, perhaps because it is difficult to make a correct and linear translation to what is intended to communicate in a different language to the native / origin. So I thank you for forgetting what I wrote, and now see what I am going to write, and please clarify me. So, please see the photo Ninebot resitor.png that attachment (which I use from the ones you published, and that I apologize for using them), and see the color of the wires I mentioned, the 4 wires Red, Green, Yellow and Black, am I right or wrong? Now near the plug of these wires is the SMD Resistor (the SMD B, which I suppose is a ThermoResistor), which is giving problems, right (see the same photo as the attachment)? So I ask: 1º) What is the function of this Resistor? 2º) Where is this Resistor connected (to Red or Green wire)? After answering these two questions, I will make others to complete my request for clarification. I think it will be easier to make myself understood. Thank you in advance for clarification, and excuse my English (I wrote with google translator help). Henrique Manso
  9. I believe so, red,orange,blue,black,white,purple?
  10. Hey Mathias, how are you? Just a Question: Would you be able to print me the front part of the trolley handle? The one that is in direction of riding…. Paid....i mean.
  11. US69

    Kingsong New app issue with speed limits

    I had the following advise from Tina from KS: To make the Speed Setting work, several Wheel type before had to do a Firmware Update. (Due to different working Code in the new app) After the Firmware upgrade (Wheel will be still on the same Firmware number) the Speed Setting should work.
  12. kasenutty

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    I'm a big boy too, so I feel your concerns. My evolution went Kingsong 14c - 16s -18xl. I haven't had any success with my two teenagers or my wife. None are interested in wheeling, but they are all very lame and I wish you better luck with yours
  13. Amperage Alarms are on Darkness Bot, but honestly i dont know if especially the amp Alarm is on the watch, cause...as you said, too bad they are so expensive :-(
  14. Thanks to Gotway, they allowed me to share it all with the community. need a part repaired or modded? just edit and print! This is all the files, Shell, panels,front,back,top panels.. Enjoy https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3519413
  15. prasket

    What is the best backpack ?

    I personally am a HUGE fan of Tom Bihn bags. Very high quality and hand made in SODO Neighborhood of Seattle WA. They can also repair rips in panels if you have an accident. I also just noticed they offer an "Optional internal frames with aluminum stays designed to work with any generation of Synapse 19 or 25 that has rail loops." which I think would help out in an accident on your EUC. I currently have a 19 but thinking about getting a larger one for riding on my EUC with so I can have extra gear with me. https://www.tombihn.com/collections/backpacks/products/synapse-19?variant=53075749191
  16. Marty Backe

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    Thanks. I didn't know that. So you can set a 90-amp current alarm and the Apple watch will buzz on your wrist? Too bad the Apple watches are so expensive (relative to a Pebble).
  17. Fabrice Durand

    Kingsong New app issue with speed limits

    Ok if you still have the orange app. I would appreciate it if you give the link to download it. Thanks Regards
  18. There's no evidence of people being injured by leanback. Who here has had leanback throw them off and cause an injury significant enough to mention? If so-called dozens of people are fearful of leanback, then I'm happy to be the only one saying their fears are unfounded. We don't need to be hyperbolic when we describe something that annoys us. It's sufficient for someone to say they don't like leanback, but absurd to say the risk of injury is so great that it's imperative to eliminate the behavior. As far as I know, you're the only one with ankle pain caused by leanback. I'm sure there are others, but that would be a minority of people. I've had a couple doezen people ride mine, and none have complained of even discomfort. Finally, I've already addressed that you can largely avoid leanback by not triggering it in the first place. I've got over 100 miles on mine now, and rarely trigger leanback because I'm familiar with it. If it caused me enough pain to complain about it on a forum, I'd probably be even more likely to avoid triggering the behavior. Yeah, because a manual is how we really learn how to control things I read a manual on how to fly a helicopter, jumped right in and took off Very rarely does controlling a vehicle have to do with knowing the exact parameters of everything. Instead, we learn from experience over time. If you're being surprised by leanback, that simply tells me you haven't put enough time on the unit to become familiar with it. Finally, if you're relying on advertising to inform you of things, you're likely to be continuously disappointed with many things. It's fairly clear to me that children have more interest in this Segway than adults. In fact, I'm the only adult I've seen using it, and only the children are making comments that they "like my hoverboard". I'm sure the thing is a legit commuting device for people that live in Manhattan and would otherwise walk. I happen to use mine in a utilitarian way to run to various local stores or scout out neighborhoods in my search for purchasing a home, but I doubt that's a typical use case. I wish mine was much faster, but then there are EUCs that are, so there's no need.
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  20. RockyTop

    On downvoting etiquette: is there consensus?

    I pride myself in trying to understanding the lives and perceptions of the people around me. In my city alone this is impossible. Cultures and living conditions can very drastically in a very small area. This forum is world wide. It can be very easy to misinterpret other people’s comments. I tell myself that if I had walked in their shoes all my life I might agree with them. If all I listened to is the “ fill in the blank” news network or only ever heard one side of a story I would feel the same way. If I saw the same thing happen every day I would have strong feelings on the subject too. I try to remind myself that I and most people only seeing a small piece of the puzzle. It can be very hard to make things better and easy to make them worse. This is why I reserve my Down votes for people that are intentionally dishonest or hateful.
  21. tessa25

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    This is the nicest looking wheel I've seen. I love that medium gray on black with the blue light accents. The distance, the climbing ability, the motor cut off switch, the trolley handle, and the fact that it's a 16 inch wheel make this the perfect wheel for me. I will definitely be buying one this summer. I'll have to find some trails to use it on.
  22. Alien Rides

    FalconPEV Zero Scooters

    No doubt eWheels is fantastic and Jason has helped me numerous times. I do think that there is room for more than a single scooter reseller in the USA though, and Nate at revrides.com has helped me tremendously. He's a smaller shop, but still provides support/warranty. More competition is good for all of us ;-) I've probably put around 300 some miles on it so far, not a ton because I have a lot of different PEVs to ride. Still using the stock suspension which felt great off-roading, but I'm not sure I like at speed. The a5rr1 unit looks interesting, I haven't heard about that before. The handlebars feel great, and stem play is about the same as on my Dualtron thunder. It does make a small creaking sound which is noticeable in some of my videos. I have been told it's fixable, but I haven't invested the time to try yet. Also uploaded a FPV test /w the GoPro 7 here, you can hear the state of my stem on a bumpy gravel path:
  23. Petros Makris

    🇬🇷 Hellenic (Greek) Thread

    πολυτεχνειουπολη κ οχι πανεπιστημιουπολη ειναι το ραντεβου!
  24. Unventor

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I am getting even more stoked about this wheel... I am so ready to you it right now...might even have to buy an extra to bring to bed at night so I can hug it in my sleep
  25. I'm very excited by this news! I'm in talks to do a video on this model soon, hopefully that materializes.
  26. esaj

    Why your Rockwheel main board might fail

    @Inductores: Out of curiosity, how did you remove the solder mask? Just by scraping or is there some chemical for this? I've removed the conformal coating from a Firewheel-board before by soaking it in IPA (which seemed to make the coating soft) and then scrubbing it off with a toothbrush that had its bristles cut short, but that won't do anything to solder mask.
  27. Blueblade

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    Wheel #1 is Solowheel glide 3... a bit worried about it, after all the stories of cutouts etc on here-- I am about 245 lbs all suited up. No issues so far, but I've been very conservative with accelleration and top speeds after learning the 260lb mfr rating was a bit of a stretch. It has taught me to ride and made me realize I enjoy this, and do want to continue this hobby, and hopefully will also teach my son and or wife to ride too, so I dont regret getting it. It would be a great wheel for my 135 lb son for a while once he learns, too. I want to heed the advice of many on here and get closer to that 1600wh safety margin.
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