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  2. On Facebook chat they told me they would release a suspension model in August.
  3. I might be willing to part with mine which I added the soken steering damper to. In Virginia
  4. Why does this app keep asking me for a password or serial number? I login as guest, but it keeps asking for a password or serial number.
  5. stephen


    9ft selfie stick view, not my best video, plus my mic had come loose, I was going to overlay with music but it didn't sound to bad ☹️
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  7. This app is cr-app. Man am I pissed! I deleted darknessbot to install softtuner and lost all my darkness data. The softtuner app just make my wheel tilt full forward and then full back. I had to reinstall darknessbot.
  8. I presume your using iPhone i use Android soft tuner and just login as guest but I did download it on iPad and just logged in as guest with no further information needed 🤔
  9. I did login as a guest but it still asked me me for a password or serial number. The serial number is very long and I had to reinstall the app 3 times and input the serial number 3 times.
  10. buell47

    Gotway Suspension

    Probably they aren't in hurry anymore after they saw the V11 and S18.
  11. Finn Bjerke

    20" Wheel

    Waterproofing is a DIY thang methinx. also "Off roading" does not mean submarining.....
  12. Just login as guest rather than try put a password in👍
  13. I just downloaded kingsong’s softtuner app and tried it on my18XL First they asked for a password or serial number. I didn’t know what password they wanted so I input the wheel’s serial number, but that is like a 15 alpha/ numeric serial number. So my question is how do I change my password for the softtuner app? After many tries to use the app I gave up. The wheel went crazy, it tilted so far forward and then back fully. I deleted softtuner and downloaded it again, 3 times but it just wouldn’t work. Finally I deleted it for good and downloaded darknessbot again and I’m back with darknessbot. Man, am I disappointed. I lost all my darknessbot data and now I have to start again.
  14. After choosing the alarm value just hit the enter key. It's a known bug.
  15. Teach her to ride. My GF is crying because how her own V11 or S18 will hurt her purse.
  16. @petaluma, I’m pasting below excerpts of another post I made in a different activity thread, while replying to someone who wanted to know if anyone had experienced the new V3/100V Monster and the MSP high-speed. These are exactly the two wheels I’ve just bought, coming from the 16X. ” I absolutely love the MSP high speed. The MSP is very maneuverable, considerably more maneuverable than the monster. Despite being a heavy wheel, it feels lighter when you ride it, I think it’s because it feels top heavy, which makes it easier to turn , versus the monster which feels bottom heavy and which offers resistance to leaning or turning, and gives it that stable caddilac feeling. The lift cut off in the MSP I got was 61 mph for the MSP and about 54 Mph for the Monster. I have not reached 40 mph on either yet, but they both feel very stable at 35 mph. I have not tested their range. Hands down the MSP high speed is an amazing wheel, I don’t know what the 2500 W torque feels like on the high torque version, but my 2000W high speed version feels powerful enough, don’t feel any less torquy than my 16X. I don’t think I would have bought the Monster if I had tried the MSP high speed first.“ Even though I only have two short rides in the MSP high-speed, I fell in love with the wheel at first ride, It’s stable, feels more stable than the 16X as expected from the larger wheel size, just as maneuverable, and this was the big surprise, and very fast, just the feeling of quickly accelerating to 30-35 mph, and staying there, without beeps, without tilt back , and being nowhere near to a cut off is exactly what I was looking for, I cant imagine anyone who likes the KS16X to not love the MSP High-speed. I’m just very curious to find out what kind of range I’ll have riding at an average of 30 mph +-5 mph.
  17. 17 of us rode all over Southern California this past Sunday. 75+ miles.
  18. Everything you listed is $2K or less on eWheels.
  19. That's going to be tough to find at $4K a pop. Just buy the upgrade, the new DT Storm for $4500.
  20. The following video is Not a Nikola, but a 100v Monster V3 with 3rd party battery upgrade which may well have been suspect 21700 cells! Posting this here to also help make people aware of the increasing fire risk with some of these large, "Seller" upgraded battery packs!!! "This is why i won’t do third party battery upgrades. another monster with added battery packs from some third party deal. just spontaneous combustion as rider was riding" Note: The above text is quoted from the actual Facebook post.
  21. Here's my thoughts on the CX tyre and CYT tyre Cx Cyt
  22. Bought one to see what it's like when I'm bored lol, the tyre changes have been easy on the 16x 👍
  23. Posted on Facebook by Eileen Mao, King Song's trick rider checking the S18's downhill credentials!!!
  24. No matter what the actual cause(s) for the fire was, it’s obvious that it doesn’t always cause the fire. Otherwise we’d have read about 500 fires. The incident was a rare outlier, not a sure outcome from anything. We will probably never know the actual cause, but this thread has brought up the most probable causes. This is currently a huge issue. It should be clearly printed in the front page of the user manual. In bold. But the way the community has been able to gather this information has required reading about hundreds of descriptions on EUC battery issues of all wear levels, learning about li-ion batteries in general, dissecting several packs and examining their BMS behavior from photos (which by itself nearly requires an EE degree), etc. I see all this as a huge accomplishment! Now it’s time to feed the information and the graveness of distributing it to the retailers and manufacturers. Voltage measuring devices are generally not all that precise in the price range of the components being used in an EUC. Or even in a $100 multimeter. Hopefully the BMS does a better job though, since the upper limit is a hard one. But surely there are outliers in the BMSs as well. I believe you are correct. But we don’t know how much variation there was in the cell group voltages from the start, or if the control board even had an issue that ended up shorting the MOSFETs and the battery. What we do know is that if the cell groups were badly balanced from the start, rigorous balance charging could have prevented the whole episode. And that is why every EUC customer must be informed about correct battery handling guidelines. The issue could be just that the Panasonic cells had more than the usual variation in cell capacity. Or the cell provider turned out to be sourcing used cells. Or they got a better deal. Or even something completely unrelated. Either way, giving in to Jason’s replacement claim makes all the sense no matter what the actual cause was, and whether they even know the cause themselves or not.
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