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  2. Yes actually, first hand experience means a lot, practice weighs a lot more than theory, lots of theorycrafters on this forum that ignore real world scenarios, lots of people ride Gotways for a reason despite all their flaws. You're telling me it makes no sense then make a ridiculous comparison, the point is that the Sherman will burn up from things that is normal use in all the other wheels, it's a major flaw, I own a Sherman myself and is very aware of this flaw. Nobody is arguing that they couldn't do better, you don't see me defending those things, I want good build quality
  3. https://www.jetsonaero.com/ Very nice aircraft. Jetson weight86KG / 190LBS Maximum pilot weight 95KG / 210LBS Dimensions 2845mm / 2400mm / 1030mm Width when folded900mm Flight time (85kg/187lbs pilot weight) 20 minutes Top level flight speed software limited to 102km/h (63mph) Flight controls 3 axis joystick, throttle lever Battery type high discharge Lithium-Ion Max total power output88KW Chassis type all-aluminium space air frame Motor type high power output electric brushless outrunner A compl
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  5. @Mantraguy TURN OFF economic mode. After starting a print hit Adjust > economic mode off. If you get a newer Ender 5 plus it might be turned off from factory. This feature turns the bed off after the first few layers. The print cools and stops sticking to the bed. Worst feature ever!! Remember that 3D printing is as rewarding as it is frustrating. One day at a time. keep that bed level. The first layer is the most important. 60 bed and 190 - 210 nozzle is the best place to start with PLA . Update: It has been a while. I posted that eSun was having problems with its filament. They ha
  6. It will beep, tilt back and after some time cut off. One also has to consider charging by regenerative braking, which delivers a bit higher voltage than 67.2V...
  7. So I really want one of these . . . .
  8. One. I refrained from purchasing any more Gotway wheels based on teardown videos and photos of its atrocious build quality that’s all over the internet. Do I need to own a Gotway to know they have terrible shells (not great durability, sorry), wood screws and highest rate of fire incidents. This makes no sense, it’s like me telling you to ride 80km/h with your MSP HT. Will you risk a cut out, dislocate your limbs, and be a meat crayon on the road? I haven’t seen any latest wheels from Gotway/Begode/EB to believe they have improved their build quality. Have you seen Wrong Ways l
  9. My RS has just passed 1100 miles. I have 1000 miles on my replacement bearings. I repacked them with marine grease and drilled drain holes in the flange. My RS is a second batch. The climate around here is mostly wet. I've ridden in some heavy rain with no problems. The problem with the cheap oem bearings is they are packed with petroleum jelly.
  10. I'm more than happy to pay for shipping. Let me know how much. I sent you a PM as well.
  11. We are having issues since paypal linked up with shipstation, UPS shipping is not coming up on that site. Any advise?
  12. We have our V12 orders here in Vancouver, however Eevee’s is waiting for a date as to when they receive them. Shipping container crisis is very real X_X
  13. Imagine you can trade off range for safety, which sounds good specially, if you commute a few miles per day. Let´s take the case of a MTEN3 with a standard 67.2 V (16s2p) pack charging at 4.2 V per cell. Now using LiFePo4 cells, charging up to 3.6V per cell ,if we make a 18s2p pack we get 64.8 V, or maybe 19s2p (68.4 V). The question is,...what would happen to the Control Board when it detects a voltage over 67.2V or maybe at the lower side, discharged at less than 57.6 V? This will greatly reduce the risk of fires. Any unicycle with LiFePo4 cells already? Just a quick
  14. After doing a bunch of research i understand how to install an inverter in a car among other places. However i still have the problem of the relatively uncommon voltage of 100.8v whereas cars and rv's typically use either 12,24 or even 48v. DC But what is the next step, 96v? Even then i'd need an inverter with a voltage such that it can still be powered from the euc even if the euc's batteries are in a low or high state of charge. Any suggestions for what kind of hardware i'm looking for? adjustable converter, inverter combo? I'm a little lost here. after finding many thin
  15. Hunter Quad First in New York City 14000W 4 Motors INSANE Electric Hyper Scooter 680,046 views Oct 10, 2021 An insane hyperscooter for crazy speed. 4 Motors - 14KW power total, 4 - 45A controllers with 4 disk and caliper brakes, 50A battery capacity. This scooter was made for crazy people that want insane acceleration and fast record speeds. Sherman is 2500W.
  16. Try buying a bike rack for your car! Or any outdoors gear. Don't even think about renting a car in AK or HI.
  17. I do think he needs to be careful about emphasizing that this isn't some magic solution that will erase any consequences of a EUC fire. However, even if under real-world circumstances this bag fails after several minutes, that's several extra minutes I'd have to react and call the fire department which could make a huge difference considering how quickly modern buildings can go up in flames. I still intend on getting wifi-connected smoke alarms in the event that something happens while I'm not at home.
  18. Sure, this was the one I was looking for to post , but I didn´t remember the brand...basically is like a big adaptation from de Hoverboard bag, in the video they say that the stitches need to be improved, but overall I think its a great product...USD 109 to USD 129 is a bit high... Really they need to go one extra step. In the case of a MTEN3 that fits on a 28 liter backpack ,if they make one lets say 35 liters, it would be able to fit the MTEN3 and the protective gear (with a foldable helmet), and would be the best short commute solution (Bus,Subway,...). It serves as a regular backpack
  19. Has anyone else tried riding on a velodrome? Great fun indeed! Sadly it's in a poor state of repair (it's at least 40 years old and no maintenance) and pretty bumpy but that just added to the challenge :-)
  20. I really like the Koffler studded grip tape. Just be sure to fit it carefully before you glue it on, you don't want to have to cut too many of the studs. And you probably don't need to completely cover the pedal. Your pedals won't stay closed unless you add a magnet to the outside of the shell... the studs keep the pedals from closing all the way. I've been working with @ShanesPlanet to get his ShanesPads V2 sized to fit the 16X, we've got a combo I like so far but haven't had it on the trails yet. I found I did want push pads because you can go up super steep grades on the 16X but end up
  21. That looks really neat! But I think I´ll take the cheapo option, besides been "portable" . Something like this...
  22. Troubling that the video was not continuous and did not actually show the performance of the bag. Glad to hear the endorsement of good character from a member that knows personally. Producing and selling a product of this type is incredibly high risk.
  23. Cellblock video. Three batteries with 11.1 wh. EUCs contain much more batteries/wh. Some solutions are still dependant on a person being present, detecting the fire early, and acting quickly before it escalates to the point where it is beyond their capabilities to do much effectively. The volume of toxic smoke is lethal. Tests outdoors, persons in protective equipment, controlled experiments....may not be the likely scenario in a typical real world at home.
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