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  2. No, they won't, as has been stated before. More importantly though, the inner shell of the KS18L/XL has proven prone to cracking over time, so if you start sitting on the case, this tendency will probably accelerate this weakness. If you want a seated EUC, you should probably get one that was designed to sit, like the KS-18S or Gotway Monster.
  3. @Marty Backe the 7 days of rides sounds great !
  4. I got a KS18XL which I really enjoy. The only thing I miss is a seat. I have to take breaks on longer rides, so it would be great to be able to ride seated as well. This will only be speculation I guess, but do you guys think King Song will eventually release a new seated model?
  5. No, AFAIK. In contrast to most other vehicles, speed limitation of a self-balancing wheel is not done by "throttling" or by reducing the power output. That means, increasing (or removing) the speed limit does not increase the power output of the wheel. It just leaves you with less reserve power to stay balanced at a higher speed.
  6. From the Drovers’ road on the Cleveland Way
  7. I was riding along the side of a quiet road last night with my wife on her new electric bike (me on my 18XL) when a hot lamborghini pulled up along side of us. It decided to keep pace with us for a bit in order to take a good close look. Two cyclists coming the other way initially were looking at the ultra-cool car. Then they noticed us. The title is verbatim what one of them said, quite loudly, as they passed us by. It was a good Saturday evening.
  8. You can add your wheel or wheels to your profile. Just like your location, it will be shown next to each post (at least in Desktop view). Like this: Together with your (even just approximate) location, this is the most important info about you, so you're encouraged to add it. Do it even if you have no wheel but an upcoming one - How to add your wheel(s): On mobile: tap the "hamburger" icon (3 lines) in the top right corner -> account ->profile, and on the profile page tap the "pen" icon (see picture) to edit your profile. Add your wheels in the "EUC" field and tap "Save" at the bottom. On Desktop: Click your username in the top right corner and select "profile". On your profile page, click on "edit profile" (it is on the top right). Add your wheels in the "EUC" field and click "Save". Thank you!
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  10. There's two components you can overpower: The motor, specifically the motor torque. This is strictly dependent on the speed. The motor has a speed where it has zero torque (the lift speed if you lift the wheel and let it run freely) and the torque goes linearly down to that. So the faster you are, the lower the available torque is. If it's lower than what you demand (like from a sudden pothole at speed), boom. The "80%" 3rd alarm (5 beeps - which is just a battery dependent speed alarm, as this thread showed) seems to be derived from the motor torque limitations. The top "lift" speed also depends on the battery charge (voltage really) so the 3rd alarm goes lower with lower battery. For reference, the Tesla lift speed is something like 70kph (guess). Unless you're very heavy (you're definitely not at 67kg) the 3rd alarm should very reliably warn you if you get too close to the motor limitations. A ton of people heavier than you (Marty included) ride with the 3rd alarm only and without problems. The battery. That mainly applies to small (2p or 1p) or very empty batteries. I think overleaning a 4p or bigger battery (like the Tesla) is extremely unlikely (unless you try). Especially on Gotways, which are still quite full at "0%", you'll have a really hard time overwhelming the battery. (I guess the combination of dropping voltage from a quick acceleration/pothole and running into the motor limitation at high speed can also occur, but I'd put that under motor limitation aggravated by the voltage drop.) Most overleans you hear of seem to be high speed motor torque overleans (= people over the official top speed of the wheel), and I guess some people are running into #3 (heavier people or small batteries plus some strong acceleration). As always, one can overlean any wheel by being crazy enough. Just don't do that 50kph is the official top speed and also the 3rd alarm speed at 100% battery (see Jason's post on page 1 - goes down to 39kph at 10% but there the low battery beeps already slowed you down). While I wouldn't go faster, you will be fine at it with your weight. Just never ignore the 3rd alarm if you hear it and use it as a guide for where the wheel's limits are (if you hear it at x kph, then a pothole or quick acceleration at x-2 kph is probably a bad idea). Looking at the numbers, 40kph seems like a no-brainer perfectly safe speed. The real danger at this speed really are non-technical crash reasons like that obstacle you didn't see This came up just recently: click. You can be perfectly safe with essentially only the 3rd alarm. Yes. Don't ignore your (possibly) only alarm. See above for the details. No. Tons of Tesla riders, no notable reported issues in comparison to other wheels. No. No non-misleading ones. The important thing: no brand wheel (Gotway or otherwise) is even remotely known for just cutting out mid-ride for no good reason. Otherwise nobody would ride it. - You seem to doubt the safety of riding a Gotway. To be safe, a wheel needs two things: Never cut out from sudden unexpected hardware failure. Wheels that people ride, Gotways/Tesla included, don't do that. Be as strong as possible. The stronger (higher top speed and bigger battery), the safer. The Tesla is much stonger than your KS (or the 16S for example), so it is much safer. Simple as that (Some people include their own behavior under safety. E.g. no forced tiltback at top speed or something counts as "unsafe". But that is about self-control, not technical safety.) The Tesla is perfectly safe for you. Especially you (always envious of the range lighter people will get).
  11. If you still have this wheel text me I’ll buy and pick up (616)633-7580 Elijah
  12. Cut offs is a very ambigous expression. A "real" cut off happens if something in the wheel "cuts off", like a fried mosfet, molten motor cables causing a short circuit, in earlier times a BMS cutting off, CPU shutting down, etc... Mostly it's just an overlean - one just aks for too much torque, which the motor(wheel) cannot deliver at this moment. These graphs could about somehow very roughly correlate with an MSX 84V/100V. So a Tesla could be not too far from this pictures (just having less speed by beeing a 16 inch wheel instead of the MSX beeing 18 inch wheels, if they used about the same or a similar motor). This shows the physical limits of EUCs. They can only operate within the grey area (dark grey in this example for the 84V Version, light grey the "extension" for the 100V version) How to "use" this graph: One knows the speed at which one is going - so one can make a vertical line at this speed and sees by this how much of an current the wheel can "push" through the motor at this speed. The current is directly proportional to the torque the wheel delivers. So one sees for each speed on is riding how much torque the wheel can deliver. What is torque needed for / what "uses up" the torque: - air drag - by the square of the speed one is riding - friction: Of tire rolling on the road, the motor axle, etc... - acceleration: torque needed for acceleration is directly proportional to the acceleration and the weight that's getting accelerated. - driving up an incline: Is like an acceleration - depending on the steepnes, one is accelerating "against (parts of) the gravitation" As comparison the same chart for empty batteries: Unfortionately i don't really know, would be interesting - so please if one can confirm or set this right?! Imo GW let one enable or disable some fixed speed alarms? The speed at which they occur cannot be changed? The tilt back speed can be freely choosen up to some maximum value? As reported (in this topic, afair) the third alarm starts at 80% maximum speed. (whatever maximum speed means exactly...) If you look at the above graphs, the real maximum speed (no load speed) is directly proportional with battery voltage. So at full battery (4.2V per cell) compared to empty cells (3.3V per cell) it is ~79 km/h vs ~63 km/h. And 4.2 / 3.3 = 79 / 62. As the alarms are "just" speed dependend, they cannot warn safely from an overlean. If one is near an overlean depends on the speed and the burden (acceleration, incline, wind drag) of the wheel. Additionaly the faster one is going, the less burden the wheel can take. It's not "under the limit" - with an overlean one just "goes along the limit" of the wheel, as shown in the graphs above. For more detailed infos about overlean take a look at There are the logs of a KS16B "perfoming" an overlean below tilt back speed... Hard to answer - but mainly the faster one drives the less one is allowed to "burden" the wheel. So at high speed low accelerations. And decreasing the speed before going up an incline. At low speeds the prob with the high power wheels as the Tesla is, that they can fry the motor cables. So for instance @Marty Backe set with wheellog an 90A alarm for his Gotways and tries to not get that alarm triggered going up inclines. So his wheels stayed (mostly) safe... Yes. But as written above - this alarm can also come too late... ... but on the other side, one can pass the 3rd alarm (best on some slight slope going down (?decline?), without headwind) accelerating very slow and carefull on a "perfect" road easily. That's how many GW drivers go for high speed records - and make high speed faceplant records if they try a bit too fast....
  13. We need a laugh react for posts like these
  14. Same over here in Bradford. I'm meeting cops every single day commuting, foot patrol, vans, cars... Sometime they're following me close behind for a while to watch me 😎 Sometime they like to have a chat regarding what I'm riding on, everytime very friendly. This morning something happened in the town, they have blocked streets on my way to work, so I stopped by and have asked them politely, whether I can pass through or not 😁 Only good experience so far.
  15. Thanks a lot, buddy. I will try it. Anyways, I know a little bit best hoverboard. Much appropriate for the starter especially newbie. Besides, there is a manual with direction.
  16. @Mike Sacristan’s wife is very athletic so it’s a natural fit. My wife is not. She did attempt to learn but the whole idea was squashed when I smashed my shoulder. Currently she doesn’t have any issues with me riding- just buying. Depending on how the KS 16X compares to my other wheels I may end up selling one so when she does an inventory count the sum total remains the same. Just to be safe Jason is sending my new wheel to a FedEx store.
  17. I understand your frustration with bureaucrats and politicians... It's the same here in Spain... But I still stand by my original position that, given the limitations involved in a one-man operation, it's very easy for users to take responsibility instead of burdening the developer: all we have to do is be mindful, and for instance, if you plan on riding faster than the speed limit, either don't log the tour, or make it private/available only to people with the link. It's as easy as that 😉 Just as each of us is an "EUC ambassador" every time we go out for a ride (respecting traffic regulations, not riding recklessly, being courteous towards pedestrians, etc.), it's very easy to do the same thing online 😊 Plus, bureaucrats live in the stone age... They don't make distinctions between eScooters and all the other "electric thingies", so I think it's safe to assume their tech ignorance extends to other areas as well. I wouldn't be too paranoid about anyone using euc.world for legislation purposes... It seems highly unlikely. And if they did decide to do so, what data they come across is ultimately up to us... 😉😊
  18. Moved to its own thread. Maybe @The Fat Unicyclist can help.
  19. See inline text. That Ron guy just thought it is a good idea to test the top speed of a wheel. Which can only end in one way. Beeps are there for a reason, and even then they are no absolute guarantee which is something a rider should be aware of (but unless you are very heavy or ride like crazy, the beeps are a perfectly good warning system)..
  20. Ich habe das Rad vor einem Jahr verkauft und rolle wegen der Geldstrafe und des Verbots in Deutschland nicht. Ich folge dem Forum und ändere nichts zum Besseren. Für das Jahr wurden nur die Elektroroller zugelassen und ich denke schon darüber nach, seit dem Schicksal der Monowheels unter der großen Frage der Legalisierung zu ersetzen. Als LKW-Fahrer ist das Monorad praktischer und vermittelt beim Reisen keine wirklichen Gefühle!
  21. All of this is a plan from GotWay to sell their Mten as a second EUC.
  22. Hi Battery of hoverboard is most important parts of any type hoverboard .so everyone should give priority when it purchased or change. You may follow this guide on battery of hoverboard.
  23. If you don't understand the dynamics of electromotors and the consequences of running out of reserve torque, then it is a very bad thing. You most likely increase your chances to be seriously injured by a significant margin.
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