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  2. Perhaps the small holes in front of the speakers have just gotten filled with mud, dust, dirt or such?
  3. JZT-Colorado

    MSuper Pro?

    What is this side pad you're using, and where/how can I get them here in the U.S.?
  4. Does anyone have an idea how to increase the sound to my speakers? I feel like when I bought the wheel it was louder than it is now. I could be wrong. No my puddle crash a couple months ago prob didn't help. I wonder if getting the speakers wet did them damage.. I took apart and all seems fine. I called E-Wheels and they told me uninstalling and reinstalling app might help but no good. I want to be able to hear music when cruising 25-30 mph. I don't want to be annoying on the road so please don't tell me to be courteous to others. I already am.
  5. I just realized, it looks an awful lot like there is a separate outer shell with enough clearance for suspension travel! The tail light is a part of the inner shell that isn’t suspensioned, just the tortoise-like upper shell moves up and down. And pedals are of course attached to the outer tortoise shell. The teaser images are starting to look really cool! Me wantsies!
  6. Its the same side, just a bit lower backwards. Looks a bit more extended in the tail than previous V series Also, there are no sign of "leather" texture on second image so it might be just the jpeg artifacts play.
  7. Today
  8. https://myewheel.com/inmotion-v11-what-we-know/ New picture also, here’s the brightened version, how would you interpret that? to me this looks like something totally new in this business 👍😎 Also, that must be a fat tire!
  9. Get a Tesla V2 1480 Wh instead man... it has more range as it seems normal for his battery size.
  10. Christianity (and religions in general) teach people not to think for themselves. On UK TV a few days ago there was a disturbing clip of a Russian doctor holding a mass meeting in a church - her response was that no-one will get infected as a church is a holy place. When a trained doctor believes nonsense like that it shows the dangers of religion.
  11. One reason that Italy has been hit so badly, according to the WHO, is the age of its population: The country has the oldest average age in Europe, the second oldest in the world, and coronavirus disproportionately affects the elderly, whose immune systems may not be strong enough to stave off the pneumonia the virus causes. Here, Japan one-ups Italy, our population is the world’s oldest and is just as vulnerable. A common factor behind the deaths recorded in China was smoking — those with already damaged lungs are more likely to succumb to pneumonia. Here again, Japan triumphs in its vulnerability — the government still owns 33 percent of Japan Tobacco and legislation toward smoking here is extremely lax. In 2017, Japan had the highest rate of male smoking among the G7 nations. And it’s not like Japan has placed strict measures on its citizens to keep the disease under control. It has neither imposed the level of quarantine we saw in China to curb the outbreak, nor has it been strict with its travel restrictions. Most travelers can still visit Japan, and those from restricted countries aren’t banned entirely, they are just asked to voluntarily self-isolate for 14 days. But this may change in the next few days. So again you have to ask why the difference? How is Japan reporting such low numbers? The cynical answer points to the country’s low testing rates, that Japan has recorded such a low number of cases precisely because it isn’t testing. Of course, a question mark hangs over the Olympics and whether the government is attempting to keep confirmed cases low so that the games proceed as planned. Unlike South Korea, where we are seeing rigorous testing and despite WHOs advice to “test, test, test,” Japan has stuck to a policy of testing only those with extended visible symptoms or a history of direct contact with those who have tested positive, attempting to isolate small clusters before they grow. New tests that produce results in 10-15 minutes are becoming available, but even with the improved tech, under the current policy a test will only be administered in the most extreme circumstances, when people have had a fever for four days or more. But if the government’s testing regime is a failure, surely we’d see evidence of the disease’s spread in other ways. Its presence would appear not as positive test results but in the guise of an overwhelmed health care system and overcrowded mortuaries. We have seen no such evidence. Three trains of thought lead from here: conspiracy, good fortune and efficacy. Conspiracy would suggest that there is a widespread cover up, that people are dying in their homes, untested and untreated, or being given false death records in hospital. It is, however, hard to believe that a nation’s worth of doctors would be, or could be, silent if the number of deaths we are seeing in Italy were occurring here. While an authoritarian government might dream of being able to control its population to that extent, the reality is unattainable; doctors would speak out to prevent deaths - we saw them speaking out in China, we’d see it here. It is equally hard to get onboard the second train of thought: that Japan is simply fortunate. That the disease here just hasn’t spread in the way it has elsewhere due to a number of pre-existing conditions: relatively less social intimacy (bowing vs. shaking hands), an inclination to wear masks when sick that has existed since long before this coronavirus, already high rates of isolation amongst the elderly, and what little voluntary self-isolation and social distancing there is has meant that Japan is flattening its curve without a truly active attempt to. Then there is the third option, that Japan’s “just enough” efforts, built upon those pre-existing conditions have simply worked. That targeted testing where needed has contained the disease where it has emerged; that early closure of mass events did do enough to prevent widespread contact of the infected with the healthy; and that decentralized efforts stemming from individuals and corporations have halted its spread without heavy-handed government directive. But “just enough” feels like an awfully precarious position to be in and without the coordinated efforts that have forced other populations to limit the spread of the virus, you have to ask: How long will the situation last? The “critical” two-to-three week containment period proclaimed by PM Shinzo Abe at the end of February has now come to an end and some schools are set to reopen. If you head out to places like Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station or Shibuya Crossing, you’ll see them packed. We’re now enjoying a three-day weekend, and it is the start of hanami (cherry blossoms viewing) season, which is typically marked by large picnics and parties beneath the trees. Already Shinjuku Gyoen, one of the capital’s largest parks, is busy with people taking pictures and swarming close between the nascent blossoms. While official hanami events have been cancelled, the practice is so ingrained in the culture that it is hard to imagine people showing such restraint as to cancel picnics in their entirety. If Japan’s not yet seen the worst of the disease, and studies suggest that it is yet to, will this be the catalyst?
  12. This seems to be the state after the reports - by now it's quiet. Can't remember overheating reports lately? Afaik the main difference between the V10(F) and "normal" wheels is, that they measure the temperature at the heatsink near the Mosfets. The other wheels measure somewhere at the mainboard. So the V10(F) gets much faster and more reliable temperature readings of the burdened Mosfets. Could be they set the temperature threshold a bit to conservative with the first firmware versions. With the other wheels the burdened mosfets on the heatsink have to heat up the air and then "slowly" the temperature rise arrives at the mainboard. So burden/overheat peaks take longer to be detected (in ?some/many? cases too late...) and it should take longer for the temperature to settle again...
  13. The time has given me no excuse not to get back into my online Scotts Bass Lessons membership and get the Steinberg XT2 back out. The Mrs also has me pulling down my rickety old shed and then sort a base for a shiny new bigger shed. Theres 101 jobs on the house the Mrs has earmarked me for though
  14. I'v already fixed the garage roof, serviced most of the motorcycles, cut a drainage channel for the garage and have just finished servicing the bicycles. Thinking of taking out the windows at the rear of the house and replacing all the hinges as they've been bad for a few years now. My main hobby is programming old style arcade games so all this has allowed me to finish off one or two. Reading (a lot). Trying to set up an outdoor gym and other amenities on the local park. Thought about taking up piano but the rest of the family voted me down on that one.
  15. The water problem was really only on the first batch and was fixed. Now one of the best in this regard, double sealing. And the cheap batteries are on the V10, not V10F. About the overheating: I used to own V10F and got it to overheat once or twice in a year. Only when riding up a long hill at top speed. Yes it happens, but it’s not an everyday problem. I weigh 75 kg and the one time I remember was on a hot day. So you might encounter it but probably rarely. And if it does happen, you just turn it off and then on again and continue riding. The wheel is protecting itself from damage. I would not recommend buying a V10. If you like this series go for the V10F. Also, you might want to wait for the end of the week as Inmotion is introducing a new wheel this week. In the V10F price range the other options for you are Kingsong 18L or Tesla. But if you can spend more, I would recommend to go for the 2000$ price range of wheels.
  16. Turussa ajeltu jo melkein 4 vuotta 😉
  17. Have any of you made it go faster than 22?
  18. EUC Service are a Polish EUC seller/modifier similar in craziness to the crazy Russians such as ECO Drift. I love both these companies. Not only do they sell wheels as per any other retailer, but they push the boundaries by playing with, modifying and riding wheels to the point of destruction. Usually in conjunction with breaking their own bodies. All in an effort to push the envelope and find the limits so that we as mere mortals don't have to I like these type of sellers because they know the wheels inside out, not just the glitzy sales blurb.
  19. Jättespännande, men jag skulle likväl gärna vilja kunna byta däck på min MSX utan att koppla loss allt från moderkortet... La en order på AliX...
  20. There is a battery percentage number reported from the wheel - that's a number linearly calculated from battery voltage. EUC World has the option to show a different battery percent calculation which corresponds better to the real battery charge state as this simple calculation from the wheel. I don't know darknessbot (i'm on android) - could be that this app also can switch between a better battery charge display and the normal wheel display? Also KS18XL is one of the few wheels allowing to use the battery down to 3.0V (?3.15V with some firmware versions?) instead of 3.3V. Maybe an app is not regarding this in the calculations? What shows the KS App and how are the settings in EUC World and Darknessbot?
  21. as you can see here there are two physical buttons, one per side... if you are using it on one side and it doesnt work im afraid that means it is broken... either that or the unlikely chance that it came undone.. i havent actually checked myself but i think its connected to the main board so if you knew what you were doing you could check that and see if its a complete dud or just not connected.. otherwise, nothing much you can do besides gluing a piece of rigid plastic under there in the hopes both sides would be able to trigger the working one.. gotway wiring is a bit of a rats nest so its hard to tell from someone elses disassembly pics but if you were to take off the side panels it should be obvious where its going
  22. If you are using as expected, must be one of those broken buttons that only works when pressed from a certain direction. My old laptop had a trackpad button like that, infuriating!
  23. Yes, it's for the 16X. I also changed the pin configuration from the V5F charging port (now positive on outer case AND middle pin) , now I can use the same Lenovo connector for King Song and Inmotion.
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5XnJl126CA
  25. nice collection lol.. dual lenovo is for the 16X right? iirc it has the same dual ports as the 18L
  26. It's what each app uses as their API's and procedures etc. Maybe one app is better made, properly optimized and other is not?! Maybe one app uses more native elements and the other uses more webviews and/or media, maybe one app uses less bluetooth connection than the other!?
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