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  2. It's not a problem, but intended behaviour Pagination is simplified to "next"/"previous" when there is insufficient space for displaying all buttons.
  3. Thanks, that is awesome. Just a small problem. On my Galaxy Note 10+ in portrait mode are the page numbers missing, but on my Samsung tablet all is fine. Landscape mode: Portrait mode:
  4. Maybe you could bend an existing aluminium profile to line up -inside- the damaged rim area. Pressure being outward the eventual glue won’t take the pressure.. (just thinking out loud, a shake to replace a whole motor for this..) edit: maybe the bicycle world have tricks for rims.
  5. Thanks. Even i got some that way.. replacement is inevitable
  6. Mark, what is the top speed and range of your new wheel?
  7. I’m starting to feel sorry that I urged you to use the new hard mode... Glad you’re ok!
  8. There is one significant problem with welding - heating magnets over certain temperature (so-called Curie temperature) will cause its permanent demagnetization. I'm afraid the only solution is to buy new motor
  9. Everyone would be happy and there would be barely any crimes and no war.
  10. The most problem is the crack inside of rims. The damaged crack makes more problem with tire.. If i ignored some wired feeling when i riding, It makes problem to my body. Im Thinking about Argon welding but I don't know it works.
  11. Thats really unlucky, as far as I know you have to replace the whole motor as the rim is part of the housing.. maybe you could ry to patch it up somehow if the use isn't too impacted?
  12. I only know the material of 16X and that did not convince me. This aluminium has really a bad quality.
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  14. There would be a lot of super smooth and very obstacle-free "bike" paths everywhere. Causing an obstacle on these (trash, ...) would be a serious crime that everyone frowns upon.
  15. NEW FEATURES ON EUC.WORLD I am very pleased to announce that new features have been added to euc.world and existing ones have been improved. AVATAR & PRIVACY SETTINGS You will see the most changes in your user profile. Now you can set up an avatar that will be displayed on the route page, for example. There are also new privacy options that allow you to hide certain "sensitive" information. In particular, you can hide speed information, which should be of interest to people riding in countries with more restrictive laws. NEW TOUR LIST Significant changes has been applied to tours list, which is now much more functional and friendly. It allows you to sort by different criteria, there is also a convenient menu - you can easily change tour visibility, download a GPX file or export to Relive. RELIVE INTEGRATION Well, Relive... Another novelty is the ability to link with Relive.cc account, which allows you to export routes to Relive. This makes it easy to create Relive movies (using Relive app) In addition to the option available in the tour pop-up menu, it will soon be possible to export routes automatically as soon as they are finished. LOG LIST EUC World can upload CSV logs created during your ride. Now you can find them on log list. CSV logs may be used for offline tour creation - this functionality will be available soon.
  16. It’d be big business being an orthopaedic surgeon!
  17. So.. Okay I have no idea except replace the whole motor. It looks like can replace the rims but it does not selling anywhere. I'm just 55kg and bought it 3 month ago.. You need to think about that before you buy it.
  18. Το αυριανό meeting ακυρώνεται διότι ένας από τη παρέα νοσηλεύεται για επιπλοκές μετά από επέμβαση. Θα ενημερώσουμε
  19. Maybe a Tesla owner can confirm this with some concrete experience/numbers.
  20. No, "Auto" only means that the light sensor takes over switching on or off (like a light switch in a car in auto mode). The low beam is only dimmed (maybe 20% power)/high beam is off when the vehicle is at standstill.
  21. Had to use or had the option to use? There's somewhat of an arms race dating back over a hundred years for ever larger vehicle sizes, of which today the average and median vehicle size is the biggest it has ever been. Starting in the 1950's, the Federal government specified fast and wide roads for suburbs or else they didn't get subsidized housing loans. This policy is still in effect. A lot of Western European cities have banned cars entirely from the city centers (Barcelona, Brussels off the top of my head), and so we need only to look at them to see a world with just EUCs. I'd guess way less parking, way less pollution, and something that looks like the city center of Leipzig.
  22. So auto is a bit like a car with auto dimming headlamps except that any light will make them dim? Do you have any info on the auto indicator lights?
  23. Nice, 1st post edited, we are now 8, and we are missing 2 to reach our first geal of 10pcs!!
  24. That's an interesting point you make there; I'd given some thought to the fact that dissipating the impact with your palm transfers it upward along your arm, creating high potential for shoulder dislocations, but hadn't stopped to consider whether less friction could be beneficial. How does a high-speed fall play out with motorcycle gloves? (I ask because I don't know). How does the increased friction translate? I somehow imagine it turning the fall into a role, twisting the shoulder and/or bringing the head down towards the pavement. P.S.Darrell, why do you and I only ever talk about gloves and wrist guards?
  25. scap

    MSuper Pro?

    I asked gotway about this and they responded very quickly which was cool. Me: Hope your in good health and happy new year!!! I see on the picture of the control board large capacitors that are only rated for 100v with the wheel being 100v and the battery producing actually more than 100v that seems to be a problem. This is being talked about on the forum.electricunicycle.org and a lot of us are concerned about it. Gotway: 100v-160v not just 100v We have launched the 100V version for more than three years, so please rest assured
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