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  2. Thanks guys. Yes, I did but it seemed to get worse. I tried the other sider. That didn't seem to help. I'll check that the tire is straight on the motor and try again. But it seem to have the same degree of contact when I move the wheel one full round.
  3. Indeed, those methods should work, I just havent heard of anyone who had actually done it yet
  4. Thanks @null Since the wheel it self does not have GPS, has any one tried the VPN and fake geo-location method mentioned in this thread? With Android, both are relatively easy hack.
  5. Sorry @ShanesPlanet but the wobbles(vibrations) on the Sherman are not rider induced .These are definitely tyre induced.I have about 5k under my belt and had speed wobbles,breaking wobbles and tired leg wobbles early on.These are different to what we people call the wobbles.My Sherman would vibrate mercilessly at around 35kmh to 40 kmh.I could not ride it any faster and stay on. Re-centreing the wheel the problem was instantly fixed!.Straight up to 60kmh without vibrations.Unfortunately people think they are riding the wheel wrong or a bad rider ,but they reality is the poor tyre seating on th
  6. Yes 3D printing takes a lot of attention with the result being a model grade object. Plenty of uses for that, you can make fairly strong parts, its a great tool. Just dont expect perfect or complex objects to just pop out. See it as a tool that needs work, and not a delivery system. If you dont want to tinker you might as well buy parts elsewhere of have them printed by some online
  7. The point about soft mode creating less spikes is true, it evens out the acceleration, less power is used as it does not have to keep the pedals completeley leveled at all costs. also, it sure feels like you need to lean less in softmode as the wheel tilts instead of you having to lean 45 degree. I can go up big hills standing straight while hardmode users need to lean like crazy to make the wheel move, and I don't even need to sit down for emergency braking like on hardmode and I still stop way faster.
  8. Yep you are spot on @Zopper. My Mazda CX-5 was 3 years old. But to keep warrenty I had to do service on it every year. And if you seel it it takes a huge hit if not serviced. Also since my new car warrenty was running out I had a much higher insurance price coming too. If you don't use the car much there is a risk of breaks and other mechanic part degrade. This has to do with summer/winter season here and that they use salt and sand and gravel on the roads. In the end of a day owning a car in EU is not as cheap as in the US. Also since I have not contacts or own skills to fix cars it just
  9. I'm not talking about reaction time or responsiveness though. House of Job said that hard mode used more power off the line. I am saying that the soft mode rider will use just as much power, even if his reaction time getting into his 'posture' takes slightly longer (which is a moot point IMO anyway). If you really do want to introduce reaction time into the argument, lets be specific about the example and add 'once both wheels start moving' so it removes that variable. I maintain that both wheels will use the same amount of power for the same acceleration. Electric cars being quicker o
  10. Yup, totally different worlds. I have NEVER had groceries delivered(I'd feel like a lazy asshole if i even considered it). Even pizza won't deliver in half the places I've lived. Public tranportation is wretched dirty, loud, dangerous, uncomfortable and inefficient when I've had the misfortune of living in places that even offered it. Lots of public transportation wont even allow you carry much, not that a person pyhsically can. Carrying music equipment, hauling motorcycles and planes, carrying multiple wheels to certain locations far away... vehicle required. A LOT of the usa isnt packed in l
  11. It affects any wheel made for the Chinese market, with a serial number with "P" towards the end. Ali and other sellers have been selling Chinese wheels for added margin but can very well sell international versions. You have to check with the seller that the version they sell is not ment for China.
  12. Has this issue been resolved yet? Does this problem affect wheel purchased from Chicway?
  13. The E+ doesn't have grip tape, which doesn't help. Only the rubber stripes. @DrBytes Yes absolutely, add some skateboard / grip paper, it should help quite a bit. (un screw top of pedals to mark / cut the grip) The "pads" are also not very comfy, you could add some foam. Hopefully this wheel will serve as a learner and you can move to something a bit more powerful. Good luck, its great fun once you get there. edit: from my experience with weak / cheap skate tape the sand wears off fairly fast. It will do the trick but dont bother making it so perfect as you'll probably end up ch
  14. I guess my answers will be similar to @Unventors. And I think it has a lot to do with USA/EU mentality and how public space, cities, infrastructure and so on are built. I sold my car years ago, even before starting with EUCs. A car is ageing even when it does nothing. So you still have to calculate with some repairs and service checks if you want the car to work when you need it. At least when the car is older. And it is always losing value. When it is new, it might take this light use better on the service side, but it is losing value quickly. In the city where I live, public
  15. You aren’t taking into account the all important reaction time. As a sprinter, reaction times can result in a gold medal or an off the podium finish. With less lean needed for hard mode that means you reach 100% acceleration sooner then soft mode user who takes longer to lean into his 100% accelerative posture. In other words, that’s what makes it more responsive. Car drivers plug in throttle kits that improve reaction time so as soon as you press on the gas it goes, very little hesitation. It’s also why electric cars always beat gas cars off the line. Reaction time.
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  17. Interesting that you bring up this tidbit. I guess I’ll actually go into my thought process on this since someone brought it up. My belief is soft mode compensates for people with limited mobility that can not achieve full ankle ROM or have poor ankle dorsiflexion. We know that poor ankle dorsiflexion instigates knee problems, which is likely why soft mode users swear that it helps with knee problems and fatigue and is also likely why it’s called comfort mode in some wheels. This brings me to my second point revolving around dysfunctional riders and the foot: I don’t believe
  18. And this is exactly the argument that I don't understand. My argument is that two riders, lets say one very skilled in hard mode and one very skilled in soft mode, should be able to accelerate just as fast as each other. The only difference being that the soft mode rider will need to lean his wheel more. Unless someone can tell me that the wheel in soft mode reduces its available power (through software), but AFAIK that doesn't happen.
  19. Sounds right, but lord I hope not. Riding at 25psi+ is not my cup of tea in the comfort department. So its safe to assume that if this is by design, we should never see anyone with a tire shift issue, if they are a 35psi rider? Excluding gross defects of manufacture or tolerances of course.. Makes me wonder about the 'replacement' rims. Would these be undermining their design decisions, should the replacements actualy prove altered?
  20. I don’t think it’s a design defect s as much as a design decision. The tire and tube are designed to be held in place by pressure alone, and 20psi is a lot below the recommended minimum of any tire. Worth remembering that the atmospheric pressure (the one we breathe, and which pushes against our eyes) is 15psi. I don’t think 20psi is enough to hold the tires in place on an EUC. I would only go below 30psi with a light and calm rider, and wouldn’t go below 25psi under any circumstances.
  21. First off, thanks for splitting this off @meepmeepmayer, I was going to ask if you could do that. Secondly, I think the topic has drifted somewhat off the initial question I had (and has morphed into how hard and soft modes feel different, which I totally agree with) and I have no problem with general mode talk at all, but if I can respond to House of Job as I still don't get it. You said that a wheel in hard mode would demand more power to start than one in soft mode. Assuming that the wheel itself doesn't change or alter the available power in any mode (which is how I believe it wo
  22. if you snag a printer, be preapred for a lot of tweaking and learning, before you get reliable results. Its a fun ordeal and useful, but it damn sure aint plug and play. Quite an eye opener when you open a box with chinese crap that runs on antique code and its supposed to be capable of precise movements. Fun times, fun times! I printed some pads from flex tpu and they were VERY hard. I pu t some neoprene on them and still... very hard. Unless you have grand ideas for a printer, perhaps spending a few dollars on a slab of quality epdm and break out the wood working router and saw? If someone a
  23. we call dat dere a recipe for a hangin' pardner! Folks in these here parts just put they feets on dem darn paddle thingies and ride.Me think you think too dern much. Same chems help out wit dat too! Course some be da cause of dem dang ole visions ye be seein.
  24. I don't understand how having a car sitting in the driveway, costs much money? I think my car has cost me $30 a month for insurance. If i don't drive it, the tires and battery and gas in it, are a very minor expense. I paid less the $2500 for it, 15 years ago. Its given me nearly 400k miles already with minimal repair. I would think its a LOT cheaper than what a wheel could cost (or 3) in 400k miles and 15 years. Are you still without a car? What about going on a date or taking the old lady on vacation? What about when you can't afford to wait for the rain to quit and you need carry something
  25. S18:n kanssa kannattaa odottaa että KS saa jousituksen liikkumaan. Niin mullistava ajettava kuin V11 onkin, senkin kanssa on syytä valita sellainen myyjäliike jonka kanssa takuu pelaa.
  26. Had a Vision ... I hanged a soft rope down from a beam. And while holding to that trying to go left n right circles Not seen this as a metod on learning to do turns but.. ill try it n se if i Get a feel on body n leg weight shift...
  27. Here we are, trying to solve a multi variable equation. Behavior of the wheel = tyre pressure & surface condition & trust in the wheel to hold us & Ankle and Joint mobility & ankle muscles strength & wheel amplifier GAIN (soft to hard) & experience of the rider No wonder why there are so many solutions. For info: I can do this pretty difficult maneuver successfully on 7 different wheels. From marshmallow NB1 to SUPER hard mode Mten 3 and I have to fine tune the mode on the V8F as the hard mode is TOO HARD on some surfaces... Ehhh! What do I know
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