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  2. meepmeepmayer

    Wheeling Sickness

    I never experienced this wheeling sickness, but occasionally I'm annoyed by how slow walking is. That never happened pre-wheel @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Hoping you'll find your wheel-mojo again. A crash or injury (wheel or not) can indeed be pretty deflating and ruin your mood for quite a long time, especially if something still aches (but also long after). And then there's the winter cold. As the spring summer shines (may take a while where you are maybe more like summer warmth) I hope you get the urge again. Just remember how much joy you had on the wheel(s). And check on your batteries so they don't feel neglected. As we recently have learned in this fantastic thread with actual qualified information (not just guessing and rumors), the best way to prevent shoulder injuries is shoulder strength and muscles. So why not use this break and say "When I step on the wheel again, I'm going to be 20% stronger there!". The training should also improve the healing so it's something that makes sense for you to do anyways.
  3. OneWheel

    EUC Car Charger

    Will this charge EUC? https://www.amazon.com/Inverter-Quesvow-Converter-Charger-Adapter-Red/dp/B072J2SMFW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1512118599&sr=8-9&keywords=car+inverter&linkCode=sl1&tag=frewhe-20&linkId=41f95258f1d8ff8086ad74171431a999
  4. Unventor

    Electricunicycles.eu reputation?

    I can't say what is going on inside the company. But I can add my 2 cents to this... I Just today got my "big" baby back (KS18L) form service at this dealer. They provided the shipping and I could trace the shipping that got delayed from Sweden through Denmark, through Germany and the arriving in Polan. Then it was dead silent from about 4th nov 2018, until this morning when my local postal service announced I had an incomming shipping today. I had my trolley and lamp unit reworked. I have yet to take it out for test drive, but so far so good. But I got really concerned since I could not get any news or response from the computer. I got for now my case resolved, but with a delay. But to be fair as a customer here, part of the delay was due to shipping delay, at least one way.
  5. Unventor

    Wheeling Sickness

    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love I think in your case, you are much better of on a couch with nurses keeping an eye on you. Just a hunch I have....
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  7. eddiemoy

    Best seated riding wheel

    the MSX also has those extreme angled pedals that don't help with foot fatigue. It adds to your foot fatigue from my experience. I've still not gotten used to them yet. People also don't realize that MSX and 18S has the same turn off point on tipping. ~49 degrees if totally upgright is 90 degrees. But the MSX trips a degree after pedals hit the ground(50 degrees), so dangerous where as the 18S trips 6 degrees after pedal scrap(55 degrees). Gives you less clearance in turns but if you are turning that hard, you are just asking for trouble.
  8. szaroczek

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    Hi again. 10 minutes ago I got my MSX! Does it look like green Panasonic NCR18650B cells which the distributor declared were inside...? So, eventually you were right they must be red Sanyo NCR18650GA. Didn't open the packet more 'cause it is not likely other red cell model could be there, right? BTW, few days ago received my MSX's bms. Now buying the cells and soon will be ready to roll!
  9. Seba

    Electricunicycles.eu reputation?

    I think chargeback may be the best solution. I am sad watching what is happening with this company. The way they explains the reason why they does not provide a contact phone number is at least strange. It definitely does not inspire confidence and I would avoid any purchases in such a company. An honest company does not avoid direct contact, even when facing some organizational problems. I do not want to accuse anyone of dishonesty or bad intentions, but in recent months many buyers have complained about problems with customer service. If you have a problem with the purchase now, what to expect later if, for example, you will need a repair? Unfortunately, the company's website makes a good impression and this is why there are still people placing orders there. I wish that @Justina will respond to this thread soon and explain reliably where the problems are and how the company intends to regain a weakened reputation. The persisting lack of response can only be the last nail in the coffin for this company, which was once a very active and respected distributor of electric monocycles in Poland and Europe. If you still want to buy KS-14S check another King Song dealer - kingsong.pl (you can also reach them here - @KS Poland). I know their website doesn't looks as modern as in case of ElectricUnicycles.eu, but at least there is no complaints about sales & aftersales service. I bought two wheels from them and always got instant response and outstanding service. There is many other people that ordered from them and are very happy also. However, KS Poland doesn't have the 840 Wh version in stock now, but you may contact Richard (owner of KS Poland) and ask for pricing and availability.
  10. @rolekl - one can notify specific members, like @jojo33 so they get notified and easier find post for/about them. Just made a short description here: PS.: Welcome! PPS.: Did just quickly scan this topic, but it seems that for non proper "European market" wheels (if such exist or are sold by gearbest) could be connected by entering flight mode of the mobile or using a VPN? ... But that topic is also older than a year - maybe everything changed inbetween...
  11. Been lurking for a while, now looking at getting my first Wheel for next season. The "black friday week" deals on Gearbest, as advertised by Jojo33 are almost to good not to jump at. I'd be looking at getting the Inmotion V8, which seems to be recommended as a good beginners Wheel, and probably would last me a while since the speed and range is sufficient. Now, I've tried to post questions to Gearbest, but haven't had any replies. Does anybody know if these are proper "European market" Wheels? As I understand it there's a difference in branded / no-brand batteries and perhaps also the possibility to use the Inmotion app between Wheels for the european and chinese markets. I'd rather pay a bit more instead of getting an inferior Product with less range due to use of lower capacity batteries. Anybody that can confirm they are indeed good Wheels, that you can connect to the inmotion-app etc? Thanx a lot!
  12. Chriull

    Electricunicycles.eu reputation?

    To notify/mention a member ( @Justina ) one has to first type the @ then type the (some) first letter(s) and choose the name of the appeared dropdown box. One knows it worked if the name has a blue background. Sometimes this mentioning mechanism stops working - then one can submit the post hidden. When choosing to edit the post, the mentioning works again. ( ... and then unhide the post... ) PS.: Just noticed that there has to be a blank before the "@" to make it work
  13. John Genx Corless

    what app for new solowheel glide 3

    I use the inmotion app for adjustment of maximum speed, tilt, lights and recently uploading the wheels diagnostics data log to inmotion (mine has a fault atm), I also noticed it drains phone battery even when closed so I go into Android settings & force close after use.
  14. Rehab1

    Wheeling Sickness

    I feel bad for you Hunka! Unfortunately protecting the knees with a high quality articulating brace is easier than protecting the shoulder. Trust me I custom design braces (orthotics) for a living and if it was easy and biomechanically sound I would have fabricated one for myself. To be 100 percent protected you would need to completely immobilize the arm and shoulder with a custom mold that essentially is a full length fracture brace. Yes I design and fabricate these but they are only met for post-op fractures where the fractured bone is still calcifying. The custom arm cast/ plastic mold would then need to be affixed to a body mold to eliminate any twisting, torquing or superior transilatory migration of the arm/shoulder complex during a hard fall. That is a lot of gear. With all of this apparatus attached to your body your riding enjoyment would be diminished significantly along with your balance. That would be no fun. Unfortunately there are no easy, off the shelf solutions to protect such a complex joint with all of the muscles and surrounding ligaments. My fracture pains me daily and both my wife and employees hate the thought of me riding but I’m at a point in my life that if I fracture it again I’ll just shut down my business and retire. I fully understand your circumstances. It’s a hard decision. I’m so glad you have other hobbies that you enjoy. Take care buddy!
  15. Shad0z

    Broken Trolly Handle On Gotway MsuperX

    same happened to me. but in my case it was a fall on low speed. then it spun around and the handle extendes from the rotation and got bent. i got a new handle and used some a velcro strap over it so it wont extend by itself when not used for trolleying
  16. Kalmar

    Electricunicycles.eu reputation?

    Something wrong is happening in this company. No answers, no contact with seller. It is a pity, because in Poland it was one of the best shops. I advise against buying in this store until the situation is clarified. Last contact details to service&support -> info from the local EUC forum : Electric Transport Group Sp.z.o.o (Ltd) ul. Parkowa 2A/15 58-580 SZKLARSKA PORĘBA (PL) Mobile: +48 690 545 069
  17. Chriull

    Ninebot Z10 - power supply Charge Doctor mod

    No Yes. That's excatly what the charge docter does - paralleling both chargers. You just need connectors/wiring for this paralleling.
  18. Shad0z

    MSuper X vs MSuper V3S+, upgrade?

    guys. are you forgetting about all the failiure stats that the msuper v3s used to have? blown mosfets, hall sensor issues, and melting cables. the msuper X pretty much eliminates all those problems. unless its a rare case. i tried riding both v3s and i own a msx. let's put all the specs, and technical stuff aside. and just focus. on the improvement in ride feel. and owning it. + less to no failures + much better torque + mosfets you wont ever blow + harder braking in when needed + better shell with metal threads + higher angled pedals + just a generally more forgivable wheel when you ever encounter some sort of situation + bigger tire for absorbing bumps (less falls) + great tiltback implementation i could go on. and on definetly reccomend you to drop some $ on it! you won't regret it! oh. there is one minus - same battery and trolley
  19. Shad0z

    Gotway MSX top speed limit warning

    there is actually a slight tiltback starting at 45 kph and getting more powerfull the more you accelerate. you can enable tiltback at 50 kph in app. but the msuper x cutoff speed. depending on weight tho. should be around 65+ kph. but i would just reccomend you to stay under the beeps. and try to notice the slight tilt. the tiltback implementation on the msx is actually rather genius. when it starts at 45 kph it is barely noticable. and unconsiously makes you not go faster than 40-45 kph unless you think that you want to and push a little more. and the tilt gradually becomes more pronounced when you go faster. so if you notice it you can also figure out what speed youre going but generally getting used to riding that wheel you will get used to what different speeds feel like. different sounds come from the motor at different speeds. and also just looking at how fast youre going
  20. Yeah that why i bought the msx so i don't have to go anywhere near the top speed , 28mph is my boost speed for short bursts normal speed is usually up to 25mph ish
  21. Scatcat

    Wheeling Sickness

    What about getting a MC-jacket with integrated protections? They're usually stuffed rather well not even counting the pads, and the tough fabric keeps the road rashes at bay. Mine looks like this: It looks mostly like a normal vaxed denim jacket, but it takes a beating quite well. The padding in the shoulders and over the elbows are the thinner stiff type, but with the thickness of the jacket it is enough to dampen the impact. I added a D3O pad in the back, since I can survive a broken arm, but not as easily with a broken back. An added bonus of the thinner pads, is that you won't look as much as an incarnation of The Hulk, or like some caricature from the 80s. But if you're willing to part with some money, you can get good looking jackets with kevlar, D3O and become stuffed enough to be able to bounce like a ball without hurting too much. I'm also looking for new knee pads, since my snap-shuts just cover the knee-cap. Mine look like this: They're quite good actually, and have saved my knees more than once. But I'm looking for something like this: But I have still to find a set that doesn't feel like they're grinding on the sides of the wheel. Another part of me looking, rather than buying, is that I already feel like I look like robocop. So in an ideal world I would find really good stuff, that looks subdued enough to minimize the "wheeling alien" feel.
  22. meepmeepmayer


    Good story/info! The speed hack is what did you in. And ignoring tiltback which essentially is a speed hack, too. Wheel didn't get stronger, you just rode inside the safety margin and then finally outside of it Good you have only slight injuries. The cost of your jacket (and pants?) is the price of no gear. And the cost of the V8 repair is the price of overspeed/hack. Some people only learn the hard way. Me too. Ruined so many clothes in one stupid fall, now I'm wearing knee guards. But as long as one learns, it's ok, such is life Maybe also this is the opportunity for you to totally need a faster wheel... you know, for safety!
  23. Cicletabcn


    Some of us are pleasee to hear about it.. a 1420Wh it could be right for +110km battery's capacity ... and for sure that if it could be around 2kWh would be perfect then 😊
  24. Kva

    Ninebot Z10 - power supply Charge Doctor mod

    Hi Lukasz, many thanks for the detailed step by step guide how to make 2x charger. I wanted to ask, is it mandatory to have Charge doctor in order to have 2x chargers in parallel? Is it supposed to work if I connect just two original ninebot chargers in parallel? I understand that I will not have charge monitoring and lower voltage charge stop capability. Apologies if that is a stupid idea.
  25. Julian Alvarez


    Agreed. I have some pads and wrist guards I use when inline skating that I will be wearing much more often. I'm also going to stop the speed hack and pay attention to the tilt back now lol.
  26. Very glad you're OK, that could easily have been more than just painful. The moral of the story is probably that protection is never needed until it is, and unless you make a habit using it you can be almost certain the demon Murphy makes sure the accident happens when you're not.
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