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  2. Out of curiosity, do we know what the motor in the KS16X has stamped on it? Is there any chance they're the same or related?
  3. I noticed you're in Cerritos (I'm in Culver City), we don't travel fast enough on EUCs for motorcycle helmets to offer us enough air circulation. This is especially true in the California heat. I would recommend a Full Face Downhill Mountain Bike helmet, it has plenty of protection and circulation. I use it on the street as well. Throw on a pair of Cycling Glasses to help with the wind/bugs to the eyes. If you search through the forums long enough this combo comes up as the best solution, especially for our west coast climate.
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  5. em1barns

    InMotion V8f

    The additional weight (700g) cannot be explained just by the cell and pedal upgrades, so it likely comes with a new engine.
  6. DarknessBot 5.3.1 already in the Appstore! ◉ Added support for Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro ◉ KingSong: Added Max Speed Mode in Device Settings ◉ Improved Recorder ◉ Xiaomi: Fixed connection to M365 1.5.1 or higher ◉ Fixed bug with Fahrenheit in Trips ◉ Fixed bug with Imperial system in Trips ◉ Fixed sharing tracks in Trip Special thanks eWheels and @Jason McNeil for DarknessBot financial support!
  7. I think that @E-RIDERZ is the best person to answer as he is in australia too
  8. I don't have more H-5167 tires, but you should be able to get it from any King Song distributor now.
  9. I have a V10F and a MSX aside from the trolley handle appearing to be an afterthought on the V10F it actually works much better than the one on the MSX, the MSX has a stupid trolley handle, it also does the job, but I left a huge burnout on the floor of a 7-11 store as I was wheeling it and it spun around and I had to lift the MSX so it didn’t run away LOL the MSX will also allow a cable lock around the rim as it has space between the rim and motor being an 18” rim ive not tried one but Kingsong seems to have the best trolley handles also the headlight in the MSX isn’t as good as the V10F either the MSX kills the V10F for long distance high speed work, and I think the V10F is better around town, mine accelerates quicker than the 84v MSX and feels more nimble, but it only travels 2/3rds as far and is slower, but you don’t want to go that fast
  10. I find using the trolley handle in back much easier. Thanks for weighing in, @Arbolest!
  11. Damn straight. After riding with 14, 16, and 18 inchers regularly on the Metro, the 16 incher reigns supreme and the others aren't even close. Hey, I love 14 inchers, they are my favorite wheel size, but they are simply too crash prone to be decent at anything. You need a wheel that can consistently roll at 15 mph over the tricky urban landscape. Presumably, for commuting your safety equipment consists of...nothing at all. The trolley of the V10/V5 are far superior to any built in extendable trolley. You need that trolley on public transportation.
  12. There was some financial advisor who recommended that we spend no more than 10% of our pay on transportation per year, because going above that cost meant you needed a loan. That probably means most people could afford a car between $4000 to $8000 while keeping it 5 to 10 years. However, the average driver has a 69 month loan while keeping the car 71 months. Personally, I had to get a three month auto loan because I couldn't afford the 3rd cheapest new car sold ten years ago; in retrospect I think buying a new car was a serious financial error that put me in strained circumstances. I should have just kept my perfectly fine ten year old car I had previously. Anyway, while I would like to see people simply buy one EV that lasts for decades before being cheaply refurbished as an heirloom, I also see most people including a younger me will simply mortgage their future. People taking out a 69 month auto loan probably cannot be convinced to buy an EV car that essentially stays "design frozen" for several centuries, yet I find it appealing that we could do so if we wanted to, by simplifying EVs.
  13. I wear a full face helmet, but am always looking forward. I don't need to look at the wheel as I can feel it and know where it is. I do find it gets in the way of my peripheral though and I need to turn my head lots to check behind me when crossing lanes. (Hopefully I can find a good rear view to attach to it.) I've heard good things about the Steelbird Air helmets giving a wider range of view, have yet to try one.
  14. Try 1radwekstatt here in Germany i got mine from there.
  15. For me there are only two things interesting in 1.07. 1. The light configuration. 2. These stiff pedals everybody’s talking about.
  16. And me. I ride to work everyday and I’m never running late because i always leave home in time, I’m german by the way.
  17. I'm zooming around town on my Airwheel S8, seated on the hard bicycle seat that comes with it. Because there are electronics in the seat, changing seats is not an option, so I'd like to get a padded gel seat cover for comfort. The bicycle shops in Davis, CA, and the options on Amazon seem to max out at 11" long; the Airwheel seat is 13.5" long, and the seat covers won't stretch (the seat also has several inches thickness). It's not very wide, but I would like to find something that fits. Appreciate suggestions - my bones are getting old. I'd rather not DIY, as we left our tools behind in NJ when we moved. Thanks!
  18. Rich

    Mcm5 340wh vs V5f 340wh

    Thank you sebrios. The 510wh is available at $200 more. Am seriously considering that after reading all your comments :-)
  19. Rich

    Mcm5 340wh vs V5f 340wh

    Thank you for your thoughts and the wh estimate. It's really helpful. V5f 340wh is $500 while the mcm5 510wh is $720 here..... I am thinking about the bigger battery as per your comments. Just worried about thrashing an expensive wheel as I don't even know how to ride an euc yet.....
  20. That was the one thing that stopped me venturing out into traffic. It is essential to be able to do a smooth takeoff at junctions and traffic lights. I was really wobbly at first and know I would have wandered into any oncoming cars. I'd love to be at a Chooch level, where he just goes in small circles and backwards and forwards. Having said that, it isn't as easy here in the U.K as most of the roads are much narrower.
  21. Rich

    Mcm5 340wh vs V5f 340wh

    Thank you for your thoughts nicky. The supplier is offering me a 510wh mcm5 for $100+ more but it comes with the 62v system not the 84v (I don't really understand the difference). Will that be much better to learn on and commute and use for a longer period of time before upgrading? I plan to take it on the train or the bus most of the time.
  22. Mine says "KS-18-ZX2000W".
  23. Got the Sk8-Hi ComfyCush as well, and it made a huge difference for me. My right foot doesn't get pain or cramp up like before. I'm going to keep testing it, but I think I may have found my new go-to shoe.
  24. just race around a mall haha.. hmm, well i wouldnt worry about it you can try draining it a bit by just using the lights and music but if its not convenient dont worry about it it wont really make a difference
  25. I personally suggest the MSX. It's going to provide a much smoother ride (like you mentioned) and you will easily be able to run a cable lock through either the handle on the case, or through the spokes in the wheel. Not to mention, it should be more stable at higher speeds than the 16" Tesla as you inevitably push faster and faster when you gain more experience. Also, based on the design of your DIY trolley handle, the rear-mounted trolley on the MSX probably won't bother you much (I have no issues with it anyway).
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