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  1. I have that socket tool! Ok I'll try that next. Thank you bro.
  2. Thanks for that. What do you mean, towel through the fender.. you mean, let it ride up the wheel while hugging the wheel and wait for it to come out the other side or something?
  3. It happens sometimes when I ride. I hear this "clunk clunk clunk" sound while riding. It's as if there's something attached to the wheel that's hitting the side of the covering, but I've looked a bit and there is nothing. It will stop after a little bit more riding, but it might come back. Some days I'll go without that sound at all. It will go slower if I ride slower, faster if I ride fast.. and it seems the faster I ride, the less sound it'll make.. but then alas, it can just go away for awhile. I haven't actually taken apart the wheel fully - just taken off the side covers to look around (as if that does anything) and also looked in with the flashlight as best as I can around where anything could touch. I see nothing. I realize maybe taking the wheel completely off might help, but I've never done that... but I guess I'll have to? Any ideas? I know this is damn vague.
  4. ...taking only current technology into consideration.
  5. Yea, but will the EX have a durable shell like the Veteran? That's the only thing i think we don't have confirmation on.
  6. I ordered the new sensors for my wheel, but even if I install them, my trust factor isn't very high.... I mean, if I'm listening to headphones at a stop light... will I ever really trust my wheel if I can't hear the beeps, then wind up on the ground when I try to get on it? I don't know.
  7. So basically you leave the lift sensor off then?
  8. How do I know if I have the old analog or the new digital? Edit: I think I found what I need to replace it.
  9. I just learned I can turn it off, and I did. I have the latest firmware for it. The only issue I'll have now is that I'll need to turn off the wheel to pick it up and bring it up stairs or curbs or such, and that's a pain.. but whatever, if I was to get the Veteran or something I'd have to do that anyways. I'm so glad there was an option to turn it off. Tell me about this pedal dip? How did that work? How could the sensor mess with that?
  10. So basically when I pick it up, it knows I did, but sometimes it doesn't realize I put it down. I replaced the handle on it, as it seemed to need it. I also unscrewed both screws on either side that handles the rod-thing for the sensor. It seemed to help. However, now I'm having a scarier issue. When I stop at a stoplight or something, it will act as if the sensor has been triggered, as if it was picked up and put down multiple times... so it beeps quite a few times, and when it stops it basically thinks it's still up in the air. This has caused me once to fall as I was getting on it, as I had my headphones on and didn't hear the beeping that was going on. To fix that I just turn the thing off and back on again, and then it behaves. As I've already loosened the screws (before I tightened them, but that didn't help at all), I don't know what else to do? I wouldn't mind turning off the whole damn sensor if that's what I must do for my safety, but I'd rather not... but not sure how to disable it if I wanted to. Thanks.
  11. Ok.. I just heard that EUCs are illegal in London. How is he riding one there? Is he in the bike lanes only? Does he get bothered by cops often? I want to come to the UK in the future.. I'm seeing people riding them there, but I don't want to get mine confiscated or anything. Also... do all streets have a safe "bike lane" to them? Here in the USA only some do. What do you do then? Ride on the side of the street?
  12. I'm considering moving to the UK in a year or so. I read online that it's now legal to ride "rented e-scooters", but with a provisional license and insurance from the hire company, whatever that means. I'm hoping by the time I want to come they will be legal - but are we doing anything over in the UK to help push for their legality? I see arguments against them, stating "congestion" or "accidents", but you get that with anything you ride - especially cars. I think they should be fully legal with no speed limits but perhaps requiring a helmet in the very least. I'm surprised that the USA doesn't give a rat's ass about EUCs, but that the UK cares. I don't get it. Does anyone see a change coming soon to the UK on this? Is there a way we can get them to address them in our favor? Anyone in/around London/UK area who has more info or hopes? Thank you.
  13. Question: Will I eventually need to put something on those pads to make sure they keep sticking to my wheel after I remove them so much to get inside my wheel?
  14. Yea I love it.. a small itch makes me look at the Veteran, but I try not to cheat on my 18XL when it can see me on the computer. I'll wait another year or two to see how things go with the faster ones.
  15. I guess if you're from China, shit is reasoned differently? Shrug. I sure hope it doesn't.. but maybe it will overtime. I think using loctite thing is too much.
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