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  1. Saturday is actually the 21st.... Do you have a map point?
  2. Does the Metro blue line run down there now? I'll need to take it from DTLA.
  3. Yea, the water thing was actually first before the flyboard in the article I posted. It does look fun.. I just hate being tethered.
  4. Yea, I'm sad to see we still have a long way to go with them.. but I hope I'm not dead when we perfect it.
  5. https://www.zapata.com/air-products/flyboardair I must say, once I saw this I got really excited. I mean, I don't know how feasible it is with today's technology, but I have a feeling it'll become a lot better pretty soon if it's not already. Edit: I did more research. Looks like it's far from practical yet.. but man, one day it will be.
  6. Thanks man.. I'll give it a try. I'm thinking of opening it up and seeing if I can learn more about what's wrong with it... but yea, I may have to order a new part for it, I suppose.
  7. I'm in Los Angeles. So my EUC took a bit of a tumble down some stairs while the handle was pulled out. It still works, but now it's hard to push in/pull out (not my fault at all). After I initially pull it up (with some force), it will do the rest of the way fairly easily, but when I need to push it back in, I have to use the same amount of force again to do so. It's quite inconvenient. I've just watched part of the video below. It looks like it's easy enough to get to, but I'm not sure what I should look for/what I should do if I do open it up. I fear as soon as I take it apart, I won't know WTF I'm doing, I'll pull it out, push it back in, and not be able to tell where the issue is still. I fix computers - I'm not really mechanical.. although I know if I'm going to keep having EUCs I should get used to this. Any pointers/ideas/etc would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I'll need an address to check out the meeting location for my maps.
  9. It would have to be within riding distance... not sure about the train there.
  10. Because I only need the right one when I fall.
  11. Well, who can go in those areas if EUCs cannot?
  12. It's strange seeing people with all sorts of different kinds of protection. I use a right elbow protector, soft knee protectors under my pants and hard knuckle gloves with wrist protection on top of it... mainly because I know how to fall from doing sky diving and from martial arts. I see people on here with absolutely no protection save a full face helmet, someone with no protection at all it seems save gloves... just weird how everyone is so mis-matched. I think helmets are a good idea, and I have one I'm eyeing on Amazon, but I always ensure I don't hurt any joints if I ever fall, which I don't plan to, again, now that I've been riding since 2015. I know to protect my head as much as possible.
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