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  1. That is exactly what I'm afraid of too. No excuse for shipping random tread pattern. Most of the listings I see state that a random one will ship too. I'm ordering 2 tires right now so I will feel your pain in a month and a half!
  2. I'm at 1800 on the 16s but its basically bald, the mcm5 only gets about 1k miles. I'm still hoping for a wheel that has easier tire changes. Better tire availability would be great also, or at the very least knowing what is pictured is what they will send out when you buy one.
  3. @mrelwood your findings definitely point to a battery savings on soft mode. There is a short ride (21km) that I take about 3 to 4 times a week and I always stop at a bench 13km into the ride. My batter always ready 64 to 65% on hard mode. It's pretty flat too. I'll use soft next time and see of there is a difference. Might be too short or measuring but I'm curious haha
  4. A while back @Marty Backe was in the middle of testing the battery difference between soft and hard mode but an unseen pothole killed the test (and was a catalyst for the Darth Vader riding suit ) but I dont think percentages would have been that different. I'm very curious about this though. I dont like the feel in soft mode so I ride around on hard mode and sometimes medium if I'm in the dirt. If I can test this in a semi controlled way I'll just post the results, I only have a cell phone and no way to edit video so shooting a decent video is not possible on my end.
  5. So happy to hear the new firmware (at least initially) is working well!
  6. @RoCan, the beeps should turn off the same way in the gotway app as they did on the MSX. I turned off the alarms leaving just the 80% beeps.
  7. I may be in the same boat, I dont think I can keep both my wheels and get a new one without having to sleep with the dog (baby on the way "no toys" for me is nicely paraphrasing my boss's orders 😁) If ya dont mind me asking, how long did it take to sell, how many miles and what did you end up getting out of it? If keep it and the 16s but my dad loves that one and hes retired on a fixed income so he cant get a wheel of his own. He doesnt like the knife edge riding behavior on the mcm5. Thank you for posting the videos on you tube as well. They've been a big help!
  8. Looking great! I just took a 27mi ride yesterday on the mcm5. I wonder how much effect on range the larger tire has (if any). On flat ground and non windy days I can get 30 miles without too much fuss. I had a head wind half the ride yesterday and was getting beeps at 18mph about 2 miles from the end of the ride.
  9. @RoCan, thank you for doing this experiment. I think this would make the wheel much better on and off road so I'm really looking forward to more updates once you get it dialed. I have 1800 miles on mine and it's time for tire number 3. The tire change process is a total over sight on this wheel! I watched the same (only) 2 videos you did and I cant for the life of me understand why both didnt mention anything about having to split the shell!
  10. @rotador thanks for the info!
  11. Wow, I dont think I've seen an msx do this unless it was pushing a car! What kind of conditions caused this? (you weren't pushing a car were ya )
  12. So far so good on flat tires for me too. My mcm5 was almost bald at 1k miles and my 16s needs a tire right now at 1400 miles. I'd love it if the manufacturers could make these more serviceable in the future. I'd love to be able to change tires just to find the one I like best but I know there is only so many times you can open up a wheel before things start to strip, or not clip in correctly. Tire changes will be less frequent for me now though. I just lost my job (26yr only new boss and I didnt get along ) and I doubt my next job will be within wheel range so the wheeling will be come fun on a day off but not my daily driver. If any wheel brothers have an opening send me a PM, no harm in seeing if there is a good fit
  13. I never changed from 1.08, looked like there wasnt anything to gain so I didnt want to risk it.
  14. Once this board issue gets fully sorted I think the nicola is going to be one of the best all around wheels made! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the 16x and nicola compare once all the bugs are worked out. I'm pretty sure one of them will be my next wheel. It might come down to which one can have the tire changed easier.
  15. I completely agree with this. I like the squerrily nature of the mcm5 but I'm also only 5ft 4. 14in and 16in wheels fit me like a normal height person fits on 16in and 18in wheels
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