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  1. To the bingo hall, buffet and doc visits
  2. To the bingo hall, buffet and doc visits
  3. My girlfriend would fall into the trying for someone else's sake. She would love to go on rides with me but as soon as any correction is needed she is off the wheel. We finally decided that it would actually be worse if she did learn because at some point she would encounter a surprise and eat it badly. Even falling off in grass with full pads left her bruised up pretty bad. She'd be way happier with a mini pro, or somewhat better yet a decent scooter. Noth those option would limit where we could go together but our ideas of fun differ too. I think she would be happy to cruise along a bike trail or the boardwalk at the beach. I'm delusional of I think just because she learned EUCs that she would want to go ride mnt bike trails......which reminds me, we need the hill climbing of the mcm5 with a 1600wh battery!
  4. Flying W

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    I guess we should all be thankful Jason doesnt "loan" all of us wheels
  5. Flying W

    Taking up the Unicycle at 67!

    @freebiker, so cool you took up this hobby that soon becomes a necessity boarding in addiction! You are definitely not alone! I really do think your posts will help anyone at any age take the plunge. My dad couldnt help himself when I got into this and he is 68. He was just too stubborn to take any advise so I watched him tuck n roll for almost a total of 2 hrs on a grass field until it clicked for him. He has about 150 miles under his belt now and we go all over the place from riding to the beach to going on trails we used to mountain bike on. He still has a little trouble if when wer off road and the hills are granny gear steep but that is getting better too. Taking trips in the motorhome is so much more fun for him now because he can take off an explore. It's too bad my mom wont/cant learn to do this so they both could take adventures together. She cant ride a bycycle so this would be very hard and she also wont roll all gracefully if she comes off of it. My dad is not a very safe person and wont wear any protection....I still got him to wear wrist guards and they have some good knocks on them. Please, at the very least wear wrist guards!
  6. Flying W

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    If they make a 100v version they might as well just take my wallet.
  7. Flying W

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Maybe I'm just bland, I still prefer the look of V3s and the MSX much more than this. It does look like they did a better wiring job, but still the same pedal arms that need shims. And I dont think any manufacturer needs to be putting a screw behind a sticker, could have made the logo another rubber cap. Spec wise this is my perfect wheel though (as long as the smaller mosfet set up doesnt pose an issue on steep mnt bike tails). Maybe it will grow on me, I didnt like the look of the MCM5 when I first saw it either. Then I saw @Marty Backe almost become speachless flying up overheat hill and suddenly the wheel was gorgeous .
  8. Flying W

    Where does this hobby head next??

    Water tight is a must for commuting. Dzus fasteners to remove side covers without tools and quick release axle like bycycles have for easy trail side flat repair.
  9. My friend who is also my boss rides a regular unicycle. Hes been riding them since he was 12 and hes 54 now. He did almost the same thing. Used a wall to get on and idled a little to see what it would do then he just rode off twisting his hips. He made a sloppy u turn and came back, started riding in a fairly small circle that smoothed out really well. Then he gave it back "before I hurt myself" haha. I tried his real unicycle, the skill does not transfer the other way very well at all
  10. The XL pedals are awesome! I keep looking for a heal toe shifter
  11. @seage that's great you have proper calibration now. I messed mine up before I even stood on it adjusting the pedal angle with it leaning on a wall. Mine was not as bad as yours at all so I put 200 miles on it before I got it right. On right turns the pedals would dip slightly, on lefts they would tilt back slightly. I calibrated it multiple times with a level to change the angle and it worked great every time. Has your dad given it a try yet? I cant imagine anyone not loving it!
  12. Prerequisite for a hillbilly ambulance ride, "check this out" or the popular "watch this".....apparently "on your left" also qualifies.
  13. When I got my dad into these contraptions I had this whole itinerary in my head of how I would teach him. I dont known why I thought at 68 he would be any different than his norm dive right in self. He didnt want to hear anything, just did what @Rywokast said and went to a grass field, never held anything to get on the wheel, and fell off a bunch. Got shin checked by the pedals, and added a lot of tuck n roll for good measure. He did this for about an hr and a half but kept slowly getting a little further and then "click". He made his first circle on purpose and drove off the field and into the parking lot and came all the way back. Still bleeding in many places (his skin tears easy and he doesnt stop bleeding very fast) but he had the smile of a fresh addict! Now we ride all over the place. I'll never know if the way I wanted to teach him would have been any faster than watching him figure it out on his own. I was a little different, I had read up on how to ride these waiting for mine to show up in the mail. Got on it at a little league field holding the home run fence and planned on using the fence to help. Took off, machine leaned to the right and I drove into the out field. Arm waving and hip twisting kept me on it and I made it back almost to the fence and walked off. Said to hell with the grass and took it to the side walk. Mounted using a light pole and took off. It felt like a mix between rollerblading and skiing. It had been 20 yrs since I had a pair of rollerblades on but the brain remembers. So far the only time I've hit the ground was about a month in. I call this the "I got this phase". Went to pass a jogger on a 2 track at a pretty good speed (wheel log showed about 18mph) but the middle of the 2 track was sand. The wheel turned what felt like 90 degrees and I kept going forwards landing on my airbag (belly) elbow pads and knee pads. It's funny, I ride a lot better now but I go slower in the dirt than I did before the belly flop.
  14. Flying W

    Can a 14s serve as an all round wheel?

    I have a 16s and a mcm5. For your use case as it is now (it will change as the addiction takes hold) either one would be great. I take 20 to 25 mile rides on the mcm5 and its fine. 15mph to 20mph is comfortable and it is heavy enough to feel like a larger wheel. I also take it to work and that route is the same everyday so I know where all the bumps and holes are. This where I feel comfortable enough to hit the beeper which seems to be a hair over 25mph at 82% charge at my riding weight. In contrast the 16s is much more stable and also has the large pedals installed which makes it very comfortable. I wish it went just a little faster but it is my preferred wheel between the two for going to work. I still need an 18 (2 18s would be ideal) but I'm also pretty short so a 16in hits my legs where an 18 does for 6ft and above people. Off work I prefer the mcm5 but I also like riding it off road in the hills and nothing compares to its climbing ability. For a fun wheel that can also go 30 miles if need be I dont think you can find a better option. If you think you will go shopping or to places where you need to trolley the wheel the kingsong trolley is the best (IMO) there is. For long distance comfort and safety for unexpected road hazards I'm sure an 18in is awesome but even my 16 feel heavy to turn and toss around if I'm just playing in a small area. I haven't pulled the trigger on an 18in yet simply because I dont need one for my commute and off work I'm usually playing in the dirt and I know an 18in would be harder to climb the goat trails. If the new 16 from kingsong has a 1554wh battery, 2.5in tire and the 2000w motor they can take my money!
  15. Flying W

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    Glad your new setup got tested without injury!