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  1. The tilting back and beeping sounds like an over voltage situation. Also, check where you set tiltback in the app. I dont remember what it's called in the new app but its independant of the alarm settings. Setting the 3rd alarm to the min might be making it beep really early too. Hope that helps somewhat, I dont have any other suggestions.
  2. Flying W

    First Ride KingSong KS18XL

    So happy your back in action!
  3. Flying W

    Cover for KS16s?

    3m mounting tape works good if you want it stay put. Not the best looking being so thick but the baby foam does not move.
  4. Flying W

    ks 16s handler fragility

    Mine has 1100 miles or so on it. I never trolley up or down anything and only lift with both sides locked. I do keep it lubed and moving free by wiping the rails with furniture polish (like pledge) as it attracts less dust and I ride off road about half the time. When I got the wheel the trolley felt like suck a weak point that I have really been careful as can be with the handle.
  5. Flying W

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    That is some impressive range! Back in my mnt biking days I patched many many tubes, often times I'd have multiple patches on a tube by the time I replaced em. I never had a patch fail. When the time comes that the slime wont save me I'll be patching before replacing.
  6. Flying W

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    I do have a loose magnet, and I do have a growling wheel when trolleying too I can safely rule this one out, I made sure they were tight a couple hundred miles ago when I replaced the board. I am beginning to think my 16s axle is a little loose too but not by much. It has a little growl too, but also feels like there is more "play" on med when rocking the wheel back and forth. The 16s has around 1100 miles on it and the mcm5 has around 600 miles.
  7. Flying W

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    So no Clymer manual for our wheels? I think my mcm5's axle bolt might be loosening. I have a vibration in my pedals that seems to be slowly getting worse.
  8. Flying W

    Using a 24mm Max Axess socket to tighten ACM2 axle nuts?

    What is the proper torque for axle bolts on these wheels?
  9. Flying W

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I'd be climbing the walls! I'm not tech savvy enough but I'm sure someone here could make a map that members could add themselves to if they have an extra wheel for other members to borrow if they are in town. Friends dont let friends go 3 months without wheeling
  10. Flying W

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I'm thinking 45 at a min. They would still he protecting the brand as there is plenty of power left. If they wanted too 50kph is probably still safe since the XL xan do it on the 18in tire. I think 45 would give them a gap between the two models and also let them speed throttle ya at a lower battery level too. I think 40 would kill sales, 3mph over my 16s isnt enough. I cant have my 14in mcm5 being the same speed or possible a little faster than the 16x. 45kph or more and I dont think I'll be able to keep my money in my pocket though.
  11. Flying W

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I have high Hopes for the new kingsong. I'm hoping it can climb like the mcm5 but with a lot more range and ground clearance. The body on the mcm5 is very low, the pedals are pretty low and the tire isnt very wide but as long as it has traction it will go up some very steep trails.....I'm just not done doing it when when it needs to charge
  12. Flying W

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Yesterday I lost traction in some thick mud and couldnt catch my wheel. I would love a water rating good enough to clean it with a hose. I will try to avoid mud from now on I would also ride in the rain to work of I knew the wheel was designed for it. Water proofing should be a high priority for the manufacturers.
  13. Flying W

    The Mullings of a Beginner

    @seage I was all set to get an 18 when I got the 14 . Check out Marty's video(s) on the mcm5. It flew up overheat hill and didnt even get warm. It rides more like a 16in wheel than a 14. I like riding in a lot of places I used to mnt bike and when I found out they had an 800wh version I couldnt resist. It does require paying more attention. It turns very easy but it's faster than the 16s. I usually never hit the 80% alarm on a full charge because it feels like gotway let this wheel go faster then it should safely go (still not as psychotic as the mten3's top speed vs size). It is almost the same weight as the 16s though so it really does feel surprising sure footed. I have the optional side pads on. Jedi Marty somehow stays on his without the pads but I was having trouble crossing the driveways on my route to work. Its easy for the wheel to come off the ground crossing driveways and I have two with great visibility to seeing cars on my way to work. Having the pads is my security blanket for keeping my feet where they belong. I do use em both for different things though. Shopping trips are way better on the 16s. The trolly is better. Being able to easily grab the pedal and handle makes it easier to put in a shopping cart and the XL pedals are super comfy. My commute is short at 3 miles one way but covers sidewalks, neighborhood streets 2 parks with twisty sidewalks and 3 major street crossings. The mcm5 accelerates very fast to get out of the way and also stops, and changes direction while hard on the breaks very well to also help get out of the way. This makes it ideal for blasting to work. The funny part is you feel like you got there so much quicker even though I only beat my ride time on the 16s by about 1min, it just a more exciting trip. Here's the rub on the mcm5. Aside from its climbing ability and the fact that's it's pretty much impossible to overheat it all other aspects are not very good for off road riding. The body is very low where it wraps down around the wheel, the pedals are pretty low and the tire is the same width as the 16s. I've only been doing this for 6 months but the addiction is very real. The only days i dont ride at all are when it's raining. I've put about 1k miles on the 16s and 450 on the mcm5. I still have those ah-ha moments like when I was learning....because there is always something to learn or get better at. If this is what being a "man child" as my girl calls me frequently then I'm going to stay a kid
  14. Flying W

    The Mullings of a Beginner

    When I switch from the mcm5 to the 16s I need time to adjust to feel "one with the wheel" but for some odd reason going from the 16s to the mcm5 is a piece of cake. I usually do some figure 8s and circles to get reacquainted. I commute with stuff in my pack so I'm more used to having weight on my back. I still have a pack on fun rides too, snacks, water, tools, pump and 1st aid stuff just in case. I still remember the first ride I took about 2 weeks after getting the 16s (my first wheel too). After about 8 miles it was wobbling at lower and lower speeds. My legs and feet needed to move. After a few min of being off the wheel all was well back to the house. Went about 12 miles that day and all my rides prior were 3mi one way to work. Now around the 20 mile mark I start wishing I had more battery. Next wheel is going to be 1600wh.
  15. Flying W

    Taking up the Unicycle at 67!

    Throwing a frisbee with the wrong hand is pure comedy too!