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  1. That doesn't leave much room! May I ask what your inseam is? I'm 5ft 4in so this wheel may be off my radar, I'd look like little Brandon riding it
  2. It's the ultimate mind meld between man and machine. More fun than a motorcycle, while also being much safer, which is odd since we all know fun increases exponentially as safety drops Wheels are fun at any speed and I don't think I can say that about any other mode of transport.
  3. I know right, red and blue should have not even been a consideration.
  4. I'd like companies to add an adjustable tiltback range that could be set anywhere. Of someone knows they accel hard all the way they could set the range to 40 to 45mph for example and have the pedals start to tilt back at 40 with the most tilt at 45. Or if ya don't accel too quick at the upper end that could be set with a higher starting number closer to 45 since the warning wouldn't need to come as early. If this range would also fall with battery voltage it would safe as the operator wants and we wouldn't need to listen for anything. Companies should revise how tiltback works. Wheels a
  5. It's like a gotway, the final alarm or beep can't be turned off and falls with the battery. I think it's 70% on the sherman, gotway is 80. I also doubt with a fullface on, or maybe even without anyone could hear by the time it goes off. I've had times I didn't hear the beep at 25mph going into a headwind and that was with no helmet on. Beeper should fire out front from the outside on faster EUCs.
  6. I was thinking of having 8 total bolt tabs on the hanger. Would probably need two places for the magnets hold too.
  7. It would seem with the new hollow motor if there is enough space above the hanger they could just add two mounting positions and let every decide what they like. Looking at pics of the msp and rs next to each, it seems like an inch or less difference in height. I think a two position hanger would make most of happy. If not I'd rather have them higher up but I like off road riding.
  8. Wheel looks awesome! It sounds solid even with the sound during top out. No rattles or anything. Great video!
  9. +1 for light carving helping with wobbles, also catching it early before it gets out of hand is key. It can be hard, but do not tense up during a wobble, don't clamp down with your legs, don't get lower into a squat. Relax, stand taller and lightly carve. Make sure the tire is seated evenly too. And uneven tire had my trying all kinds of different things to avail. A properly seated tire and enough time on the wheel your riding (different wheels feel different) to be relaxed makes wobbles a thing of the past. No matter what hitting a bump and landing slightly crooked (li
  10. They get uncomfortably hot.
  11. I also just put the wheel in the basket. I can only get really buy a back pack full plus 2 to 4 bags when shopping with the wheel so everything fits in the cart just fine. It also helps that usually take a 16s if I'm just going to the store as it's a sub 40lb wheel . If I trolly and need both hands I just lean the wheel on my leg, or on the shelves. I prefer going to the store with the wheel since it prevents impulse spending!
  12. I made it a yr and a half with just the EUC (still had one car for the wife) then my job ended up too far away to use the EUC (35 miles one way) so I've been back in a vehicle. I used to show up much happier and ready to work when I rode in. I rode the motorcycle most days but that's is just pure stress in the morning traffic....bike should be weekend toys for mnt roads haha
  13. I think it's really cool you can you this!
  14. Once the suspension system can move like it should the wheel should feel super smooth like a mnt bike!
  15. @Marty Backe are you going to park Jeff's bucket truck near by for a new OHH try?
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