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  1. @Marty Backe you sold another wheel?? Are you feeling ok?? Of I get an msp I was thinking of selling my mcm5 too. Seeing your video of the msp going up that single track that only the mcm5 had gone up prior helped a lot with the thought of selling it. Having the range and the climbing abilities would make the mcm5 collect dust for me too. Are you going to be getting a V11 to out through the mnt stress test and range test? Your riding preferences closely match mine so I always put a lot of stock in your opinions.
  2. @AtlasP wow, thanks for sharing that post! 50kph down to 30% under load is great, a seat incoming is just icing on the cake. One last worry....being an avid sport bike rider for over 20yrs I like lean angle. Is there any info yet on how easy the pedals touch down? I would imagine a life corner dip could cause an otherwise great day to end in soreness.
  3. I'm really hoping these suspended wheels sell very well. I may not jump on a first design but I also have a bum knee as well. Only problem is I also like to ride as long as possible. I can take breaks to let the knee not get too outta whack. I'm hoping for lighter more power dense battery chemistry to pair with suspended wheels. Say you have wheel that can go 40 mph but it's firmware limited to 31. This could give the illusion that speed throttling happens deep into the batter since it's limited from the get go. I'd be perfectly happy with that. Realistically a wheel that could maintain 18 to 25 mph for 40 or so miles before throttling and have suspension would amazing. If the suspension makes it way more knee friendly though then you'll hear me wishing more range anyway....it's just too damn relaxing after a long work week to glide around. I'm tired and rambling again....but reading what I just wrote makes me think I'm hoping for an 18xl with suspension....and a 3in tire.....which is kinda what the V11 is depending on when it throttles the speed down......maybe I am going to have to buy a first gen suspended wheel after all
  4. Looks like it goes up hill really well. Those were some proper steep switch backs! I hope the speed throttle percentage isn't too high, would love it to 35% but 50 would be acceptable. Also hoping for a smooth tiltback that doesn't destabilize everything. Can't wait for Kuji's take on both suspended wheels.
  5. With the way the suspension works on the V11 I wonder how much force the floating part can take in a crash. I'm sure Kuji will test that for us
  6. I am spoiled being is so cal, I can ride 30 miles and only have to cross a street 3 to 4 times the rest is on bike paths. I don't even need to ride in bike lanes unless I'm going shopping or back when I was riding to work. Then ya add in all the dirt trails here and it's a very narrow view of these wheels get used. I think the city planners had a crystal ball and knew decades ago that they were building all of this for future wheel riders!
  7. I wonder how the speed on the polls is effected by the wheels people own. I had to pick 35km for cruising speed because I ride with dad and he's on a 16s and sits right at tiltback most of the time on smooth ground. If he had an 18xl like he wants that speed would most likely be 40km. He gets bored at 35, he's also 68 and don't want him eating pavement going much faster but he is still speed demons child at heart
  8. I was commuting but then switched jobs so I'm doing the next best thing (fun wise) and riding my motorcycle. If I had a large battery monster I could still commute but it would take up too much time durring the work week. Now it's just riding for fun, but off road in the hills a battery drains super fast. I have no doubt we'll see larger battery suspended wheels in the future but we may need to wait for larger shells, or higher density batteries. I'm still having plenty of fun on a non suspended wheel and at this point with the riding I prefer in the hills off road I'd have to chose riding time over suspension. Of this hobby lasts I could see a time yrs and yrs from now where all wheels are suspended, kinda like how even mnt bike at Walmart has suspension now.
  9. @esaj, so in layman's terms it's a non issue . I like learning more about the electrical side of things though so thank you. On the charger side, to measure 83.7v output I need to turn the volt trim pot up to read 84.6v on the LCD screen (ewheels 5amp charger). This is on a middle of the road Klein meter (40usd from home depot)
  10. That sucks! Did you break it coming off a wheel? I have a metal one from a dirt bike mess up. They are the body's crumple zone!
  11. The good news is we are spoiled with choice, the bad news is we want it all in one package! I dont have to worry about either of these two suspended wheels because my wife (without having to even say a word) made it very clear that a new wheels is not happening right now. I dont know the exact date my balls ended up locked away in her purse, and most days I dont really notice they are gone, but when your the primary bread winner and get shot down (silently) for even joking (well let's say half serious) about a 4th wheel you do realize that extra space was where your balls used to be. In a way it's a blessing. Once this virus crap is behind us and income is more certain there should be longer range suspended options on the market. She needs to catch the wheel bug, once my baby boy is old enough hes getting a wheel, it would be great to ride as a family! He's only 6mos so there is time for her get infected like the rest of us
  12. This kind of reminds me of KTM when they went to a link-less rear end. In the dirt bike world that took away one more tuning option from teams, and made their bikes a no go for short people like me who prefer longer dog bones to lower a bike over reducing travel. For us height doesnt matter and I doubt there will be different linkages available for tuning suspension behavior on these two wheels. Is it confirmed that the V11 has rebound adjustability? I am excited to see inmotion make such a leap into the top end of the market, and I'm equally excited to see king what is basically a mnt bike rear suspension system on a wheel. For me my next wheel needs to let me go on longer rides. I can make 30 miles on mostly flat ground but the average speed needs to be around 15mph (great site seeing but boring). I want to be able to go 30 miles at and not think about battery life, just ride as fast as I want and play on ride off shoots if I see something fun, or on a site are trip be able to go 50 miles. For those reasons and lack of gamble funds I'll have to let those first batch of suspended wheels entertain me through YouTube and this forum. Had the virus not sent a lot of us home i was ready to get a 1600wh class wheel but like @Rehab1's wife, mine too would throw heavy objects at me if I bought another wheel right now
  13. @ShanesPlanet, sks18 sounds like a rifle
  14. @mrelwood, blending the two as you suggest would be awesome! I do find it remarkable that when I started this adventure 6k miles ago 30mph was unheard of speed and now we are see the first suspension designs and 30mph is almost the bare min of acceptable speed! One could throw a dart at photos of the flag ship wheels and end with an amazing machine these days! I do want my next wheel to give me 25 to 30 good usable miles in the dirt and 50 or so miles on pavement between 20 to 25mph. I'd like a top speed over 30 so I could get around town commuting in a hurry of running late and weather protection would be great. I'm shocked on the speed I can go on the mcm5 at low battery if I gingerly creep up, but seeing that graph I know why. 3.3v being empty is in a way gotways way of having a safety margin.
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