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  1. I haven't tried a suspension wheel yet but I get more knee pain if I can't ride at least 3 times a week. I have a messed up right knee and it's felt so much better since I started riding wheels.
  2. My RS torque is my do everything wheel because it runs cooler than speed version and can climb anything it gets traction on. If long climbs off road are not part of the planned riding then more speed would welcome for the road. The only thing I don't do with it is trolley, I have the trolley taped down to help keep dust out and to prevent it from piping out in cartwheel. The MCM 5 is still my favorite grocery getter!
  3. We can follow it all the way to the anchor point off shore
  4. It's great that you will have two V11s up and running with all season and winter tires! I can't wait to mount mine on my RS. I'm not a big fan of the stock 1488, it wears really fast and has a mind of it's own sometimes. I'm hoping the K66 is more predictable in it's handling while giving good traction on both dirt and pavement. Most likely I'll fall in love with the tire and when it's time to replace it it won't be made anymore 🙂
  5. I use what ever store brand I can find, lately it's been the one at Walmart. Any of the lemon pledge clones work well.
  6. @Unventor looking forward to your thoughts on the K66. I just ordered the non snowtek in an 80/80 for my RST.
  7. @btl that's so cool! No one would even know you flipped it around unless they looked really close. My secret weapon for tires is furniture polish on the bead. It's very slick and thicker than soap solution. Also making sure the bead is pressed into the room well opposite the side you're working. I've had a lot of dirt bike tires that are difficult too. Furniture polish helps a lot. Nothing worse than working a mean tire for ever only to pinch the tube, or take a bite out of it with a the tire leavers! @EMA thank you for the confirmation!
  8. Does the heidenau fit the RS she'll with enough room for debris to exit the wheel well? I really want to try that tire. I ride almost half trails and half pavement. The stock 1488 is ok on the trails but the tread cups really quick on the pavement. I could ride another 1k miles on the middle but thread is worn off center enough to notice on the dirt. I don't need a full knobby. My trails are not loam or muddy, more dusty had pack with the occasional sand trap and some gravel. I don't mind changing tires when the performance falls off. Any issues with it being too lose on
  9. Single track mnt bike trails are a pain sometimes! The stock cat 1488 on my RS loves to follow any camber. You get used to it, but I'm looking forward to trying a different tire. I want one with more knobs but close spacing so it still works well on pavement. I was looking at either the Kenda on the Sherman, or the duro hf307. I'm leaning towards the duro if I can find one I stock just to be able to out my thoughts on the forum for a tire that is not used as much. I have about 500 more miles to find one, but without commuting on the wheel and having a baby at home I'm only ri
  10. I fear your right. Even just as they are I've have only convert one person to ride these things and that's my old father. My friends in my age group (40s) think they are cool but won't even try to get on one for fear of being hurt. My wife rides around in the grass holding my arm while I'm on another EUC but she can't stay up long on her own. She wants to ride but she doesn't have good balance or coordination. She will keep trying though.
  11. They need to slap a VIN# on it, maybe not this one as that will be a ret tape nightmare, but someone needs to make a low production suspended, safe at speed EUC amd get a VIN# number like a kit car. This will allow registration and insurance and open the door wide open for a class of wheel that is allowed on the roads. A work around for mirrors and signals, which could be mounted on the wheel and the ability to cruise at 50mph for 50miles with headroom and we'd basically have a one wheeled 1st gen Nissan leaf. Being a real vehicle would also allow for vehicle loans. Anyone wh
  12. @Scottie a mix of faith and suspicion sums it nicely That's how I feel climbing really steep trails at walking speed on my RS torque. I know in the back of my head that the gotgode will grenade itself prior to giving me a warning! So far so good, the C38s don't run very hot, but the suspicion is always there.
  13. That's how my 70yr old dad rides too, wrist guards only, no face plants in about 3k miles but he has fallen from things he just didn't see, like new speed bumps that are all black. I think you've sold me on a V12 once shipping returns to normal ish. I need to not fear water to commute again and it just splits that middle ground of portability, range and weight so well.
  14. Nice write up Mike, on the off road rides how does the torque compare to the 16x? I know the 16x is well regarded in the torque dept and the V12 has a more speed oriented motor, but more voltage, so I'm very curious. I'm considering the V12 for commuting. My RS torque is great off road but any light drizzle is a no go. The V12 sounds like the perfect commuter for darn near any weather. From your review it sounds like it would make my RS obsolete....but I love my RS too much to sell it.
  15. @Paul A I get about 2k miles on the 16 for a tire, 1200 miles on the mçm5 and I think I'll maybe eel out 2k miles on the RS. I could go longer on the RS but once dirt traction gets noticably lower I need to change it. That wheel is off road about half the time. The mçm5 gets a lot of use at low speed doing spins and practicing 180 to reverse kind of stuff so the tire is getting ground into the pavement a lot. I also think the trade depth on the smaller wheels is less too. I'm envious of your mileage haha!
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