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  1. Wow, that's no good at all. Happy you had a full face helmet on though and a huge thank you for destroying your board for the greater good. For the vast majority of riders in sure the Nikola is a great wheel. It didnt have any issues in NM. I'm still holding out hope for the 16x demo wheel finding you after it makes the rounds. Your mnt stress tests hold more sway on my wheel choices than any other tests. "I have other wheels to ride" understatement of the year!
  2. Looking forward to everyone's thoughts! I noticed in the short video above that it was at 63C on flat ground at night. I'm hoping they were just riding it hard, seems quite warm for flat ground riding. If you can, check the temps for us please
  3. I pray for the day I can make one of these rides! I dont get weekends off, or holidays, but after 10yrs of this (and a baby on the way) I am looking for a way to have a normal work schedule. I'll be attending the YouTube viewing of the highlights!
  4. No overheat hill test on this one, demo unit is skipping Marty this time so we just need to wait until he buys it
  5. That is an odd one, full charge down hill is the only time I've had that happen but I highly doubt that's the case here. No trouble codes on the LEDs either? Just went back level and didnt do it again?
  6. My sympathy for you is far outweighed by jealousy
  7. Wow, that is a lot of battery. I guess gotway wasnt ready to give up the performance advantage. This makes the choice between the 16x and nicola much harder. For me, I think it will come down to which one can be opened up with less fatigue on the parts. Right now I only commute 4 miles one way, but I'm considering changing jobs and that would require a much larger battery than I currently have (800wh) since it would be about 15miles one way. With this much capacity I wouldn't have to charge to 100% all the time, but 30 miles a day and longer journeys on days off would mean a new tire about every 2 months. Disassembly would have to be repeatable, no screws into plastic, no plastic clips, no removing taped on pads or stickers. Of course I could just take the car or motorcycle to work but I've become, maybe, possibly, a little addicted to the wheel
  8. Haha.....for real though please make them
  9. I'm wanting a longer range wheel that can still climb so I'm hoping one if the new 16s will do it. Currently I only have 2 wheels, a 16s and an mcm5. I'm still surprised at what theb16s will climb, it just doesnt do it nearly as easy as the mcm5 and it heats up much faster. My mcm5 stays really cool. I commute on it but only about 8 miles a day. The accel and breaking are wonderful for car pinball morning rush hour. The larger issue for me is that I'm on about a 3 to 4 month tire changing cycle and with the screws being "self tappers" into plastic I know I cant keep opening it up 3 to 4 times a year.
  10. This would be amazing. On flat ground I have enough range for me as is but on steep off road trails there isnt enough battery.
  11. I would like a cover, these machines aren't exactly pocket change and baby bumpers take away from the look way more than a cover. Mat black and gray would be my choice if there are not going to be color side pannals. What I really want most of all is for the wheel to open up in a way that is repeatable. My mcm5 can only open so many times before the screw holes are stripped and the plastic covers over the led strip will wear out on the tabs. I'll be so happy if the process to open it up is all machine screws into metal inserts.
  12. This ride sounds awesome. We used to do these "shuttle" rides back when I was light enough to mountain bike. All I need is a 1600wh wheel and a new job (I work weekends) I live viciously when the ride hits YouTube!
  13. I'm glad your wheel is back to normal. I dont think I'm changing from 1.08 any time soon. I've had no issues on 1.08.
  14. I'd bet its the stopping wearing the tire. I like to slalom at the same time when breaking, dont even know why I do it either. I also like to carve back and forth and you can hear the tire digging in. If the 16x can handle your stress test (I really hope it does) then I'll finally have a wheel to joint you on the mt Wilson ride.
  15. I had no idea there was a ruling on these wonderful devices. Does the 15mph speed limit apply if on the road or bike lane?
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