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  1. @conecones I have the RS HT and it runs very cool climbing hills off road. I'm aprox 190lbs with gear, still on the stock tire which works well as a dual purpose tire and the wheel will climb as long as it has traction. So far I have not had the pedals go soft, the tire slips first. For reference, I've stepped off the front of my mcm5 many times on these same hills and that wheel also climbs very well. The RS just has more. With a heavier off road tire getting more traction maybe over powering can still take place but I haven't ran a knobbie yet so I can't say. I love i
  2. I agree it's not the most attractive wheel out there, but how a wheel rides is so much more important to me that I don't base much of decision on looks. My dad's been wanting an 18xl but I think this would a better choice for him.
  3. @Kagenin I've had my TCX Street Ace motorcycle shoes for over a year and still love them. The sizing runs large, but they look like leather chucks. Heal cups, flat sole that is walkable but firm (they don't look like motorcycle shoes at all) amd they have a gortex liner for water resistance. I've tried a lot of shoes on the EUC and these are the best I've found to do everything from groceries to parts of trails that require hiking a section to get through.
  4. @evX_Mick great videos on the V12 man! 8 stairs may have been a little much I like the modular design of this wheel, being able to replace a front or back without having to buy a whole shell is really cool. Wish it had more torque for breaking but I could never have too much breaking. Having so much control over the pedal angles, splitting the tilt for accel and breaking and having an overall angle adjustment is awesome. I with I could have that on my RS (hell I wish I had that on all the wheels). Law makes hopping curbs look so effortless. I feel the weight of the RS jum
  5. @Unipilot69 are on the HS or the HT RS? And, is your the newer version with cover over the board? Mine is a HT and it's a first gen. I don't have heat issues and I like steep off road terrain too.
  6. @ShanesPlanet my 70yr old dad and I play a milder version of chicken on the EUCs. We ride at the beep head on passing out shoulders a few inches apart. For him that's 22mph on a 16s and about 37mph on an rs HT. Both app speeds but even with the inflated speeds it's a hell of a lotta fun. The only thing he will wear is wrist guards, he had three good falls from not seeing speed bumps (a bunch of a slow speed learning falls) so it's not like he doesn't know what can happen, but his generation doesn't wear safety gear. I'm sure one day we will clip and and eat shit, but that's what ma
  7. Good point. I see no conflict if it's an item that needs to be returned after review, like when @Marty Backe gets a wheel in for review but in a perfect word we'd have someone who paid for all the things they review. This is doable for products with a big fan base but EUC isn't there (yet). I think since there isn't much money involved with EUC content it helps to keep things relatively unbiased though. The YouTube community as a whole comes off as riders 1st before promotion. Sure there might be some sugar coating to help ensure the next pre production unit comes their way but I'd
  8. @GoGeorgeGo, I hope you get some things in to review, I like the more laid back tone of your videos. It doesn't feel like a commercial and makes it easier to trust your opinions.
  9. @Wise Rides wheels are odd creatures, even after having a decent amount of miles just switching wheels, or getting a different wheel will have wobbles come back in the body adjusts to it. Loads of unconscious small muscle movements happen on a wheel to keep everything going where you tell it too. My first wheel was a 16s, I still have it. I out about 4k miles on it and then bought an mcm5. I thought I made a mistake, couldn't ride it over about 18 to 20mph without the wobbles starting. After about 500miles I could throw it around like it was a part of me. After about 3300 miles on
  10. Last week I went from mission Viejo to salt creek beach and back on the RS (comparable battery size to the v12) amd had an ave riding speed of 22mph. Lots of over 30mph sections. It was about a 30 mile ride and I had 32% left when I got home. Off road in the hills the milage is way better too, you could easily ride odd road longer than the feet want too! I think the v12, of it lives up the hype, has specs that would please 90% of riders. Inmotion may have another winner here!
  11. Oh damn, then they should do a licensing agreement so we can have more choices. I'd be willing to bet the patent holder doesn't even ride these contraptions.
  12. I hope he pulls it off too @EUC Addict.....though if he does and it starts making money expect a legal battle to ruin the innovation again. Shouldn't the original patent be expiring soon?
  13. Just had a chance to watch wrong way's unboxing. Not as sad as I thought I'd be having the first gen. A voltage read out would have been better than what's on the screen. Better plastics are a nice touch but I already re routed the wiring on mine. I thought new wheel itis would be strong but I'm ok with it.....new wheel itis is still in effect for the EXN though. I'd like the EXN to be my street light off road wheel
  14. @Simply_Striking I taped off the hollow hole on mine but left the vents open on the case. Also taped up the trolley handle area too (other wheels are better for a trip to the store) this cut the dust down a lot. If ya did that already then your dirt roads are even dustier than mine haha. Like @Scottie888 said, don't worry too much about a brush vac on the board. These things take some hard hit just riding off road not to mention when they tumble. Getting the dirt off is more important to prevent static discharge and help it stay cool. I'm thinking of putting some foam from a ga
  15. I'm at 770 miles in 3 mos or so. So far so good but I avoid water like it's the plague. I'd like the new bearing and motor covers. If mine gets an issue could be a warranty thing, if it last longer than the warranty period I'll just buy it. I still love the wheel!
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