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  1. Its squidsleap but I think I need to put more videos up lol. I'll put some up soon, all cell phone though. I only have 2 videos up right now and a bunch on my phone!
  2. I have a video of me poorly riding backwards on the mcm5, and I have a YouTube account but I dont know how to put it on here with a thumbnail. I can turn left and right but only with exaggerated shoulder movement and free mounting into reverse is total crap shoot. I thought he meant you haha
  3. @Patton250, if your leaking air is slow try some slime (or slime like product) to fix it. I've pulled some things out of my tires and pumped em back up (like in @Marty Backe's video on fixing a tire with slime) and it worked. It wont fix valve stem cuts or slashes but small holes work just fine. I've also pinched tubes before when changing tires and it isnt cool having to take it apart a second time
  4. Does anyone else who upgraded have mushy pedals? Sounds like an awesome wheel if the pedals are firm!
  5. I have 1st n 2nd alarm disabled and I set tiltback to 45kph. I get the 3rd alarm on flat ground before tiltback but going down hill on a full charge I dont want to exceed the advertised top speed. Having on the 3rd alarm which is charge dependant and speed mean anytime I hear a beep I slow down a little. Where I do most of my riding is pretty smooth though so there are times, especially with no wind or a slight tail wind, where the 3rd alarm comes as a surprise because it really doesnt aeem like your going that fast. In places where it's more bumpy or unfamiliar I'm usually only going 12 to 18mph. The known paths that are perfect is the only place I cruise just under the 3rd alarm. For me, Foot placement is a bit touchy too. Too far back and it'll wobble durring normal riding and too far forward it'll wobble under breaking. I have about the same amount of overhang with my toes and heals. Back to alarms (sorry for the tangent haha) I like it set up with only the 3rd alarm. If it makes a noise just slow down. I do a lot if rides where I never hear it beep at all since conditions do need to be pretty ideal to go that fast on such a small wheel.
  6. After many miles its crazy how well the mcm5 rides even on the beep with a full charge. At my weight that's 26 mph or so. It will still cruise at 23 to 24 mph at half battery under load too. Smooth pathways are key of course! Glad your enjoying the wheel!
  7. that's how ya know it was large group!
  8. Agree 100% The beeps should go through the speakers on wheels with them since the new wheels all seem to have speakers now days. The beep volume did not increase with the speed of the current gen wheels.
  9. Amazing range! Where did you guys go to charge? That was quite the entourage
  10. That mission Viejo ride started right next to my house! I need a larger battery, there is some great riding down here but I always try to make 20ish mile rides out of the routes so I can cruise in the high teens low 20s and still have some batter left (mcm5, 16s). Did anyone charge at all on this ride?
  11. I'm glad this confusion was sorted out . Jason and ewheels has gone above and beyond for me more than once and even if they did decide to expand into the modification side of things I would still trust them to stand behind their products more than the factory! My largest fear going forward is a runaway wheel impacting a person walking (especially a child) causing a knee jerk reaction in regulation. The power we are standing on top of comes with "great responsibility" (yes I'm speaking also to the devil on my shoulder) to limit the potential damage we could cause to bystanders. On halloween my dad hit a blacked out speed bump he didnt see on my 16s (much slower and lighter than current fast wheels) and the wheel stayed upright blasting down the street. Luckily there wasnt any trick or treaters in its path and it came to rest in a bush 3 houses down from the speed bump. Our hobby (to me) represents the very best, most fun and efficient way of personal transport the world has ever had access too. With the fairly resent rise in speed and range much larger distance use cases are becoming common place. This reminds me of the time when the moped came to market (the ones with pedals). Great idea at the time but it was missing the one key ingredient, FUN!
  12. I wonder how much of difference on hills the torque boost will make and if this wheel will run even warmer? The prelim specs state more "MPGs" and more torque....possible to run cooler under same conditions as original motor? Just had a baby boy on the 10th (also my birthday ) so new wheel-itus will have to be treated by learning new skills as a distraction until hopefully tax refund season.
  13. The death wobbles do go away eventually. When I got mine I couldnt understand what was going on, had 1k miles on my 16s but it didnt matter one bit on the smaller wheel. I couldn't adjust my feet without it going into crazy wobbles even at modest speeds. I have come realize the the foot placement front to back is more sensitive on the mcm5. Too forward equals breaking wobbles and too far back is just wobbles period. I'm used to the wheel not being very stable now and ride at 22 to 26 mph a lot. I also have padding on the sides to contact my legs a little bit and that helped a lot.
  14. I've been adjusting my ewheels charger lately but was worried about the meter accuracy. My charger was reading 83.9, battery voltage at the connector was reading 83.2. I turned it up to 84.4 and now battery reads 83.7. I'd like to try for more but this thread confirms my suspicion that I shouldn't count on the bms shutting down the charging. When my batter at the connector shows 83.7 wheelog shows 82.6v. Oddly my original board would show 83.4 when full on wheelog. Changes boards at 340 miles and wheelog has showed 82 and change ever since (for the last 2300 miles) so I'm guessing the boards report with differing amounts error to wheelog. This is on an mcm5 800wh. Wheel has 2640 miles on it. Never stored fully charged and durring commuting charged to 85% with a 100% charge once a week. I'm not noticing capacity loss but there must be some with that many miles. I'd like to see the battery read 84.2 at the connector but with the margin of error (my meter is rated at +- .5%) it may be foolish to chase a few tenths.
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