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  1. I'm happy for you! The light in your basement really shows how the cut off prevents blinding people too! Good attention to detail by Inmotion.
  2. @Marty Backe from the first time I saw the board enclosure and realized it didn't has 247 mosfets in it, let alone all passive cooling I had my doubts. Inmotion has always had wheels that over heat, they didn't fail though. The V10 kept over heating on the mt Wilson ride but didn't fail causing a walk out. I'm very surprised at this out come. If inmotion provides a production board will you try OHH again? Jpd rides in some hilly terrain and the air temp has been high, I'm hopeful his holds together. Sadly I'm sure your correct in that we will not know get to know what changes were made to the production board too. I was looking for an ACM2 back when I saw your videos on the MCM5 and traded the extra range for a wheel that climb. Now I want the range too, if the MCM5 had 15 more miles of range I would not even be looking for another wheel haha. I think the MSP is really the best choice for my preferred riding at this point....and that is not necessarily a bad thing
  3. I second that, check the lock out switch. It sounds like it's acting like my mnt bike if it's locked out.
  4. That tire is the same tread pattern as a stock mcm5 tire it looks like. It's comfy street tire.
  5. If a cap doesn't firmly fill the opening, or go around the outside of the leg I think a rock struck could damage the valve. The original caps if threaded to the leg and not the valve stem would be a good idea. I don't know why the caps screw onto the most vulnerable part.
  6. @Unventor I too have a knee issue from an old dirt bike injury (over jumped and flat landed breaking the peg off the bike. Broke a leg, hip socket and blew out a knee) from 11 yrs ago. It's mostly fine but hard impacts cause bone on bone contact and I know you have a similar issue too. I am waiting for your thoughts on ride comfort before pulling the trigger on a new wheel. Your feedback having a similar knee issue will be very valuable to all of us with knee problems!
  7. I have 4k miles on my mcm5, 1st and 2nd class alarms off. I get the beeps on flat ground and an indicated 26.5mph on wheel log and EUC world. I have tilt back on, but set to 45kph in app (almost 28mph) because going down hill can prevent the beeps from coming on on a full charge. It's just preventative, I haven't gone more than an indicated 27.6mph in app. Most of the time running short errands I don't hear any beeps since I'm going 22mph cruising in the bike lane or 15 to 18 on a side walk. The wheels has been great with no issues aside from the LED lights on the top not working for the last 3500 miles haha. No big crashes, rear plastic cover has come me off catching rocks off road but the whole enclosure is so low to the ground it's my fault for taking it places it doesn't belong 🙂
  8. Another consideration on the speed increase to 80% battery is that these batteries discharge curves drop fast in the begining, then flatten out for most of the charge and drop off fast again at the end. I doubt there would be more than 4 to 5 miles of increased speed available. If I get the V11 I'm pretty sure of the extra speed still needs a different firmware available us here on this forum I'd just leave mine stock anyway. I still don't get the arguments between the V11 and the S18, they are very different wheels and I think they appeal to different riding situations. I may sit out this first round of suspension and get an MSP, which was my original plan. I want to be able to on longer rides than my current wheels, or the same rides I take but at a faster pace. I can get 30 miles out of my mcm5 but the ace speed needs to be in the 14mph range and no drag racing from a stop. Ride ends on battery beeps at about 8mph. I'm about 195lbs in gear and that on on mostly flat ground. Shorter fast rides (for the mcm5 anyway) where the ace speed is in the 19 mph range and the beeps activate a lot can drain the battery in less than 20 miles. My 16s had a little more range but it's just not as fun to ride, too slow and way more stable (not as exciting or engaging). My wheels are both kind of dinosaurs now in "wheel" time but they had also given me over 4k trouble free miles each. As much as I'd like to leap frog to the cutting edge there is a little voice in my head telling me to stick to the simplicity of the "normal" tried and true wheels for now. I am still looking forward to seeing how the V11 handles overheat hill though!
  9. Aww man.....I thought girls in the background was going to be the new standard
  10. @Marty Backe do you think there is a chance we can get a toggle in the app to disable the go home function have it act like a normal wheel? Maybe it's just what I'm used too getting in the way but I'd rather the wheel just ride to empty like all the other ones.....with much slower tiltback, or better yet beeps as a warning before tiltback.
  11. Sudden quick tiltback is not good, maybe some warning beeps and gentle tiltback so there is time to stop could be in the next firmware update? I'd rather not have a go home mode and just have speed reduced through beeps down to empty like a gotway. I don't like the "flighty feeling my kingsong has when the battery is low, I prefer to just listen for the beeps on my gotway. That wheel probably had another 5 miles of 18mph cruising left in the tank and another 5 of limping before it would have been done. Pretty impressive if they fix the low battery behavior. The way it is now just seems dangerous. What if you were going 25 and hit an incline, the voltage drop could trigger this "get off me" behavior!
  12. That is going to need to be a very special wheel to pull that kind of money.
  13. So.....what's in the new firmware
  14. They were more sensitive to adjustment but on an mx bike there is always adjustment happening based on conditions. All I was getting at is that I don't think a small different in air pressure would be detectable in feel on the V11. If I put say 120psi in each leg the small loss when removing the pump valve shouldn't have the pressure difference being large enough to notice when riding. My mnt bike has a Lefty front end, only one fork leg, and that is noticable when riding with no hands, but it works really well. I do like to set things up for my weight and riding habits though so I welcome adjustability on bikes. I have many friends who will just ride em as they come weather dirt or street, not even setting the sag up. Speaking of sag, is there any recommendations on sag for the V11 yet?
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