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  1. I wonder if this smaller hollow design has an effect on torque. I love the torque on my RS HT! My bearings have been fine, lots of dusty off road and 1100 miles down. I avoid water like it's an allergy though.
  2. @Paulo Mesquita thoughts and prayers for your daughter from across the 🌎.
  3. My RS HT came with the 1488 on it. I have about 1100 miles on the tire right now. The tread is cupping like a front tire on a motorcycle and I don't think I'll get much more than 500 additional miles before off road traction is noticably disappearing. The tire does what everyone says, it wants to stay upright, it follows the road profile. I've gotten used to that and I like the way you put force into it when cornering. I wish it didn't follow the road profile like it does but it's not unrideable. My two favorite things about this tire are the way it corners on the road and how w
  4. I use dual lock for my pads, hold very strong and still can adjust. Lots of room for dust though, but I'm off road as much as possible so dust is a never ending story. I use two different shoes depending if I'm cruising or riding dirt so I need to be able to move the pads.
  5. I think it's one of those things that we all go through. When you see another wheel on the road no matter what you know you both know what it feels like to have a wheel spin around and nail you ankle or shin bone. Any discomfort from just riding will go away pretty quick, a pedal strike from a doing wheel can rear it's ugly anytime you bounce off and land back on the pedals with only one foot
  6. Ended up going Velcro, seems plenty strong to keep em in place and I can still split the cases when I break a light. Talk of Shine-atizer never counts as a derailment
  7. I just got some bumpers for my RS from Clark Pads and it included E6000 adhesive for mounting them. From what I'm reading that's is a pretty permanent bond and I would like to be able to remove the bumpers to split the cases of I need to in the future. What are y'all using to mount your bumpers?
  8. @DWOTR it's my understanding that the msp had it's beeper mounted in that circle. I'm pretty sure our RS's use the same inner shell but the RS has the beeper moved. Gotway just left the old mounting location. There shouldn't be any issue cutting it off and covering that part with a piece of plastic and epoxy. I would like a black board but I'm not going through the hastle until my green board dies.
  9. @ShanesPlanet, don't come out to ca, out here the driver gets the ticket if they have a passenger not wearing a belt. Something about it being the drivers responsibility blah blah blah..... I don't care if my passenger wants to go without a belt but since I have to pay the ticket the belts on or they are walking. It's a lame law but it makes everyone wear the seat belt. I also used to stand up in the front seat when I was a kid. Of we had to stop quick my dad would put his arm on my chest to keep my off the dash board but sometimes I'd slide under and fall on the floor. We'd laugh a
  10. What a nice place to ride @winterwheel!
  11. @Camenbert I'm all for registration an insurance just like my motorcycle.....but sadly I don't see any way this is possible while also being able to still use bicycle paths and trails. If Santa did exist he would make a new class, where we can have insurance, slap a qr sticker on the wheel for registration but still be able to ride them anywhere with speed limits on sidewalks and bike paths and unrestricted in the street. Right now anyone can buy a fast wheel and hit beep speed withing a few weeks...but that wheel is not a part his or her body yet and when shit goes south it ends i
  12. RS HT 1st batch with stock tire. 79.7 kph 3 times in a row. Thank you @Seba for all your hard work!
  13. I really wish I was available to toss my hat in the ring. I've purchased 3 wheels from you and would love to give back to ewheels while making a living! I wish you best for finding the right candidate, all I can do is just buy more wheels, and continue to tell anyone that will listen to buy from ewheels too.
  14. Wow, what thread this had been, even found out I'm old now since I'm not on Reddit, discord or Facebook but choose to use a forum and all it's "old tech" . I can't get on a high horse, I need assist steps to climb into a sedan, but I can see an argument to made for not putting something's on YouTube. I'm still not a grown up and I'm middle aged, in my youth I did all kinds of stupid things with anything that had wheels and truth be told if I loved in NYC and didn't have work that day I would have entered the ally cat race. That doesn't mean I'd run red lights, or yell at pedestrians
  15. @onkeldanuel I was hoping for a direct drop in on the black board. Did something happen to your green board or were you just wanting the new firmware? My green board is fine but, I wanted to replace hoping to have less pedal dipping.
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