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  1. I have over 3k miles on mine. As long as it's a smooth path the wheel handles the speed very well
  2. I really hope they get the firmware sorted on both the XL and the 16x. There isnt any reason they can't make them perform like they should. Seems like the 2k watt motor was actually safer at higher speed. My mcm5 has 1500 watt motor and a tiny wheel and I have not had the pedals go soft on me above 25mph. I'm also 185 without gear so not exactly light payload for the wheel. I'm holding off for a good working version of both the XL and the 16x before upgrading. Thanks for the videos @Flyboy10
  3. @Freewheeler I ride by your house all the time. I charge up at the deltaco next to the bike trail. Your in such a great location for riding! I live right by where this ride is going to start. But I work weekends and 800wh reqire topping off every 20miles unless the pace very slow. Santa didnt bring me a large battery wheel.....or a new job this yr Have a beer or 3 for me!
  4. That's me........per pedal
  5. 16XL with a 2100wh battery
  6. I blame my phones auto correct....because "gotwat" should be in everyone's phone dictionary
  7. The throttling has always puzzled me a bit between Gotway and Kingsong. My mcm5 will get to top advertised speed on a full charge, the speed that it beeps is always dropping as the battery falls, and I would suspect this is the same on other Gotway wheels as wells. Kingsong on the other hand seems to limit the top speed so that it can achieve that speed down to 50% under load then it starts dropping in step with battery voltage. In the case of the 18xl dropping from 50% instead of 25% I have no idea why they changed that. Is the general consensus that most people would rather have it done like Gotway and just drop the top speed as the voltage goes down? This should give us a 35mph 18xl on a full battery and 31 at around 50% under load. I dont hear anyone talking about the throttling on a Gotwat but they definitely dont go max speed down to 20% battery. I think it seems faster further down because 0% is not the same as a kingsong 0%.
  8. @Dr.Ben (total speculation on part) I have noticed the same phenomenon and my best guess is that there is a whole bunch of subconscious micro adjustments happening all the time. These tiny adjustments would happen too late if they were reactions that required thought. When you are in a position that not used all the time, like a half squat, the brain and the leg muscles needed to prevent the wobble just aren't as developed. For instance, if I'm going into a strong head wind I like to crouch into a downhill ski position to save some battery. This produced wobbles in the begining but now it doesnt. My dad who almost never squats down very far can't do this without large wobbles. He has about 2k miles under him on the same wheel but since that position isnt normal for these tiny micro adjustments the wheel wobbles.
  9. I've put almost 3k miles on my mcm5. It loves to wobble but I'm so used to it now it doesnt happen very often anymore. I'm almost always in a slight slalom (micro carving) if I'm above 22mph. Feet too far forward give wobbles on breaking, too far back wobbles going forward. The wheel is so small it's just sensitive. Being relaxed plays a huge part too. Reverse figure 8s at a pretty slow speed produce wobbles for me still. I'm way too tense going backwards.
  10. Agree with everyone here. The XL will keep new wheel itus at bay for long time.
  11. I really hope Santa brings me a larger battery wheel for Christmas!
  12. I live in southern CA where the first 5min of rain is confusing, but I'd still love water protection!
  13. Flying W


    Its squidsleap but I think I need to put more videos up lol. I'll put some up soon, all cell phone though. I only have 2 videos up right now and a bunch on my phone!
  14. Flying W


    I have a video of me poorly riding backwards on the mcm5, and I have a YouTube account but I dont know how to put it on here with a thumbnail. I can turn left and right but only with exaggerated shoulder movement and free mounting into reverse is total crap shoot. I thought he meant you haha
  15. @Patton250, if your leaking air is slow try some slime (or slime like product) to fix it. I've pulled some things out of my tires and pumped em back up (like in @Marty Backe's video on fixing a tire with slime) and it worked. It wont fix valve stem cuts or slashes but small holes work just fine. I've also pinched tubes before when changing tires and it isnt cool having to take it apart a second time
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