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  1. Of course @Twiggen, sorry for the delay I've been busy this week. Are you still interested in it? - Alex
  2. Would you be able to do $1,500? I live near San Diego so meeting up should not be a problem for me. Though I won't be able to purchase it for some time since I need to sell my Gotway Tesla first, I have the money for it currently but it's just I need my Gotway gone. Unless you are interested in a trade for my Gotway Tesla plus me adding $600 for your Ninebot Z10 then I can do it now. Just let me know, thanks again. - Alex
  3. True! I would love to have 2 but I feel personally I could use the money for college related stuff first. Also thanks for notifying me! I'll let him know. I loved the Tesla!! Its been an amazing and smooth ride, its just I been with the Ninebot brand for some time. Before this year, I've been riding a Ninebot E+ since 2015.
  4. Yeah, haha. Also I love it too, though I just love the Ninebot Z10 design.
  5. Haha, thanks. I'm not sure if I'll find anyone. If not, I want to sell the wheel for $900 maybe (Around there). So I can end up buying the Z10 myself. I have the money for it currently but its just I can't afford to own 2 wheels
  6. Hey everyone! I joined the forum recently and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading their Ninebot Z10 for a Gotway Tesla 84V (With cash on top on my part). I feel it's time for me to experience a different ride and continue onward! I've been looking into only trading locally, I live between LA and SD in California (I live in Temecula). I would ship but I'm not really confident in myself doing so. Now for me to lay out the details on the wheel, overall the Wheel is in decent shape! I am the 2nd owner of the wheel, haven't crashed it once (Though I cant say for the original owner, though I'm sure he did crash). The exterior of the shell is pretty much fine, no damage but the interior is a bit messed up due to the previous owner gluing some stuff together rather than using the original screws (Not sure why, though I went in and fixed some of it by replacing the stuff myself). None of this affects the ride! Just thought it would be important info to know. The Rim also has a dent in it (Previous owner I assume crashed and dented it) Its noticeable but not bad and does not affect the ride at all. The ride itself is perfect, I never had any problems with it and I ride it daily. It has about 2,000 Miles on it! Overall I'm much only interested in trading it for a Ninebot Z10 (With cash on my side) though if that doesn't happen I would be happy to discuss with some one who wants to buy it. Just let me know - Alex
  7. Thanks Marty! But its a bit out of my price range sadly atm so I'll probably have to sell my Tesla first. Though it wont hurt to contact them, is it a user who I contact specifically?
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