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  1. 2 ks18xl chargers perfect condition 100$ Mike 786-631-6684 Majeston@gmail.com
  2. I was thinking of turning it into a jetboard but not sure if it was possible.
  3. Im thinking about using my kingsong 18xl for a diy ELECTRIC SURFBOARD Is this even possible?? will it have the power? does it compare up to the jet surfboard batteries? and again is it possible?
  4. https://youtu.be/b9EjpzKZIQ0
  5. I am selling my Veteran Sherman to the first person showing me the money. This is the last thing I want to do but after becoming a father and forgetting to start living a life less dangerous, a lot slower and on four wheels stuck in traffic like the rest of the boring world the inevitable caught up with me. I have been playing with fire while soaked in gasoline for a while now with the Veteran Sherman and never even realized it until I did. This wheel has been tested for the man who chooses to have his balls on display and laughing at fate in style as I would cut and carve through the worst
  6. I have both available to ride home on Miami Call or email if interested with a fair offer. -mike 347-707-6688 Majeston@gmail.com
  7. Everything on my S1 WAS TIP TOP until one day I went to turn it on and a second after the green light came on it shut off and I havent got it going since. I had only had it three months and thought the warranty would cover it but I wasn't going to pay to have it shipped out to them over buying a GOTWAY and forgetting about the problem. Until now... I'm moving to Miami on the 1st, flying out, getting rid of everything. Busted ninebot has to go. You could part it out and come up ahead with the charger and batteries alone. I also have my GOTWAY mcm4 which runs like a drea
  8. Anybody around ever want to ever meet up and go riding let me know! I'm always game and with a schedule that is my own any day it's a good day to ride.... I just never have written with anybody other than myself it'd be nice to share the experience sometime. Lemme know! Mike 347)707-6688 -cell in case I don't remember to check this.
  9. Hey I'd like to come if it's still happening - mike
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