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  1. Hello EUC community! My name is Daniel and I love how much fun it is riding these EUC’s. I’m 38 years old and the thrill of riding my SoloWheel Glide 3 makes me feel like I’m in my teens again. As many of you know the feeling really is indescribable and awesome! My problem is that after a few months of ownership and around 400 miles of travel my battery is showing signs of deterioration. After less than a mile I go from a full charge to around 88% charge. I used to be able to go a solid 4 miles before dropping that low. Since the battery is acting unreliable I’ve decided to stop riding until it’s fixed. After all if I do experience a cutoff and injure myself I will miss work days and most likely have to see a doctor again like I did after my first major fall, and I’ll feel like an idiot for riding a vehicle that was showing very clear issues with the battery already. Unfortunately this means my 1 thousand dollar scooter has only lasted 6 months, which is unacceptable in my opinion. I’d expect at least 1000 miles of reasonable behavior before seeing issues like I’m seeing. However since this is my first EUC I’m left to wonder: is this normal? Am I supposed to drop $300 or so every few months for a new battery? How does the EUC community feel about SoloWheel and INMOTION? Did I simply choose the wrong company to purchase an EUC from? Would a Ninebot or Gotway be a more reliable investment? InMotion service department has been great about responding to my emails and they even sent out a new charger for me to test but I’m still getting the same problem. I can charge the wheel for 8+ hours (overnight) and it maxes out at around 90% charge (sometimes up to 82 or 95%.) If I attempt to top it off to 100% the charge level actually goes down. InMotion is suggesting this may be a software glitch with the InMotion app on my phone (the SoloWheel app stopped working) however the battery indicator on the wheel itself also shows a drop from 5 bars to 4 bars after just .8 miles. Since these devices rely 100% on the battery to stay upright I simply can’t risk riding mine anymore until I know what the issue is and can get it resolved. Has anyone else had similar issues with their Glide 3’s? If so, How did Inmotion/SoloWheel address the problem for you? Any info would be appreciated. I miss my last mile emission free EUC! Ive attached a photo of my Inmotion app readout after a full night charge. When I tried to top it off it went down to 88% :(
  2. I’ve been having inconsistent mileage on my SoloWheel Glide 3 but luckily it has not shut off on me. That’s terrifying. I ride less than 1 mile after a full charge and the vehicle drops from 5 to 4 bars. It used to take at least 4 miles before dropping so low. As a result I’ve stopped using the wheel because I’m afraid of the kind of shutoff you’re describing. InMotion says it’s probably an issue with the app on my phone showing the wrong charge but that doesn’t make any sense because the display on the wheel also indicates a low charge after less than a mile. I should also note I’m using the InMotion App because the SoloWheel app stopped working. Honestly I feel a bit like I chose the wrong company to buy an EUC from since I’ve only had it a few months and already having issues that have caused me to stop riding. I will say the INMOTION service team have been very helpful and responsive. They sent me a new charger to rule out a bad charger but I’m getting the same results, unfortunately. Again they say it’s a glitch in the app but I just don’t trust the wheel anymore. I work with my hands and can’t risk a cutoff. On the subject of reliability which EUC is considered the most reliable investment? Should I have held out for the Ninebot/Segway Z10? I never had this kind of issue with my Segway Mini Pro. I've attached a screengrab of my charge levels after an overnight charge. The wheel refuses to charge to 100% and I can’t top it off in fact sometimes when trying to top it off the charge level actually goes DOWN.
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