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  1. maltocs

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    Not sure how long this has been around, but I just saw it on facebook. Insta360 One X TradeUp offer! Looks like you can trade in your old insta 360 One with or without a scratched lens for a $100 discount. Not bad considering it's hardly discounted. https://store.insta360.com/tradeup
  2. looks like a lot of mud on the ground! I hate riding in mud! I would have loved to join you guys today but I missed the invite. I've been off the forum lately concentrating on family life. I need to figure out how to get EMAIL notifications when my name is mentioned directly so I won't miss these invites. Keep making videos, that's one of my primary means of learning about what's going on in the EUC community nowadays.
  3. maltocs


    Next time on your ride invites, please include the fact that we will be stopping at HOOTERS. Don't worry about the fact that my wheel will probably run out of power there, I'll find my own ride home.
  4. maltocs


    Thanks, for a dad, there's nothing quite like teaching and seeing my own kid do things for the first time and actually be pretty good at it. I'm glad I'm good enough on my own EUC to be able to document these experiences. Hopefully, he will appreciate these one day as much as I do. I don't know if I would have let him ride an EUC if he wasn't as coordinated as he is. He learned how to ride a 2 wheeled bike at 3y, how to ski at 4y, so I thought he was up to the challenge and he seems to do quite well. Thanks for the thoughts on a full face helmet. It would probably be a good thing for him and he is so young he just kinda does what I tell him. I'd hate to see his chin all scraped up if he falls incorrectly. I thought about the luffy too if the MTen3 was too much for him. One less thing I don't have to buy if I don't need to. Then I thought maybe his <50 lbs weight won't even be enough to get him up to dangerous speeds. Well, he is already going faster than I'm comfortable and able to climb hills so he must be putting a lot of weight and power into it. I might still consider setting a speed limit, I'm just not sure how he will react to a tilt back. After all, he'll still have the power of going up hills, but will just be limited in speed.
  5. maltocs


    I don't have a trolly handle on the MTen3. I'm also big guy so 22lbs on my back doesn't really phase me that much when i'm moving. Now when I stopped like in Macy's and am looking at stuff, I took that thing off every chance I could. But the bigger reason is NO ONE looks at me funny or questions me when they can't see it. I don't have to make excuses or quote ADA rules to clueless law enforcement The MCM5 I carry in my big eBags Weekender bag is strictly for transport to and from where I'm going, and I use the trolly handle after I get to where I'm going.
  6. maltocs


    Yes, a bit too fast if you ask me. I always tell him, whatever you do, DON'T FALL or mommy is going to kill me.
  7. maltocs


    I've been taking the kindergartener out during the weekends. Here he is on New Years Eve. He's doing quite well with his mounts and dismounts, attempted to get on and off without hands with limited success.
  8. maltocs


    Here's something from my lost archives from my Sep 2018 trip to NYC riding my MTen3. I seriously feel its the best commuter EUC available for getting around an urban city like Manhattan. It's so easy to transition from streets to sidewalks and pick up and slide into a backpack when needed.
  9. maltocs


    I see this video was shot PRE insta360 which means you really had to point the camera at her to get this shot. Another reason why I love the SPY 360 camera.
  10. maltocs

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    @eddiemoy, so was the chargeback successful? Or is it in the investigation phase where the back holds the money on both ends? Sorry to hear your service ticket got lost in the shuffle. Very frustrating paying good money for stuff that doesn't work.
  11. maltocs

    EUC with longest range under 10kg

    I just weighed my MTen3, it's 24lbs and change. If your destination is urban riding, the MTen3 is an excellent choice. It's very comfortable going up to 15mph, it goes faster but it gets a little scary. But if you plan on going faster, you'll need safety gear, which you have to take the additional weight into account.
  12. maltocs


    My Note 9 is not actually listed but it works fine. I think any android will work fine but they only list the fast ones to make the experience nice. I've been popping out the microSD card, putting it into the phone, then copying the files directly to the insta360One/galleryoriginal directory without buying the android dock.
  13. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    damn that looks CLEEEEEEAN! I'd be afraid to take it out.
  14. maltocs


    @Marty Backe , might want to hold off on your Insta360 One Purchase, or at least until 10.10.18 when they reveal their new product.
  15. I unfortunately won't be able to make this event as I'll be out of town. I've looked up and considered eRiding CicLAvia events in the past, I thought I read you need to ride a "people powered" vehicle. I'm not discouraging this event, I'm actually encouraging it as someone needs to test the waters. Please let us know how it goes.