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  1. maltocs

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    @eddiemoy, so was the chargeback successful? Or is it in the investigation phase where the back holds the money on both ends? Sorry to hear your service ticket got lost in the shuffle. Very frustrating paying good money for stuff that doesn't work.
  2. maltocs

    EUC with longest range under 10kg

    I just weighed my MTen3, it's 24lbs and change. If your destination is urban riding, the MTen3 is an excellent choice. It's very comfortable going up to 15mph, it goes faster but it gets a little scary. But if you plan on going faster, you'll need safety gear, which you have to take the additional weight into account.
  3. maltocs


    My Note 9 is not actually listed but it works fine. I think any android will work fine but they only list the fast ones to make the experience nice. I've been popping out the microSD card, putting it into the phone, then copying the files directly to the insta360One/galleryoriginal directory without buying the android dock.
  4. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    damn that looks CLEEEEEEAN! I'd be afraid to take it out.
  5. maltocs


    @Marty Backe , might want to hold off on your Insta360 One Purchase, or at least until 10.10.18 when they reveal their new product.
  6. I unfortunately won't be able to make this event as I'll be out of town. I've looked up and considered eRiding CicLAvia events in the past, I thought I read you need to ride a "people powered" vehicle. I'm not discouraging this event, I'm actually encouraging it as someone needs to test the waters. Please let us know how it goes.
  7. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    i do remember that lytro, i think it was really lo res in today's standards. Gimmicky if you ask me. In today's world of digital bokeh, i don't even see the need anymore.
  8. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    I'm a camera nerd. You name it, I probably have it. each has it a different purpose. The gimbal for the phone is awesome for taking vids of others, it's so drone like. It is a horrible selfie camera. even if you could get the proper mounts to get it upright, it would be heavy at the end of a selfie stick. You'll need an action camera or a 360 that stabilizes like the insta360, rylo, or the gopro one. Drones are really far and you have to worry about them all the time, unless you get that $2500 model I forget the name. I would HIGHLY recommend a $100-$120 camera gimbal just to have. your phone videos will dramatically improve. I have a zhiyun smooth Q I bought for like $90. Do it!
  9. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    I've been listening to the livestream on the way to work, and this morning I finally get to the part where you mention your interest in the Insta360. The poor quality is probably my processing and the online medium (google photos) at which I shared it with you. I process the raw video using the phone app. I basically set it to 16:9, freemotion gyroscope capture, and then sit on a swivel chair and point the phone to what I want to capture. I export the processed video to 1080p and then process the edits on a computer. I also process the RAW 360 file with ONLY stabilization enabled for archival purposes and everything gets uploaded to google photos. Maybe it would look better on a more powerful computer using the InstaStudio, but you can't do the free motion capture. For some reason, google photos in 360 don't look great viewing on a computer, but looks fine viewing from the google photos app on your phone. As a matter of fact, 360rumors (youtube) recommends on a iPhone, to view your video using google photos and do a video screen capture for free capture. This is general 360 files if you don't have an app like the insta360 app which of course works only with their own media. If you get into it, I know you mentioned getting a long stick to do the EddieMoy drone shots. You'll see it'll be fun for a special effects video clip here and there, but you won't' really want to watch a whole video like that. For 360 video you really want to "get in there" as 360rumor guy recommends. I would get the shortest stick that you can hold your arm/hand naturally. I actually carry a 3ft and a 4ft and "stack" them if need be. Remember, you are using a 180-degree ultrawide angle lenses. If you want to "zoom in" during the freecapture, you are losing valuable pixels. You only have 4k spread across the whole spherical 360. I know you'll learn all this your first few days playing with the camera, I'm just trying to give you a primer to jumpstart you. Last thing, I got mine from Ebay seller worshipperwin for $250 minus a 15% off ebay coupon. so I paid about $220 only. It only took 8 days to get here. It was brand new in a sealed box. Just wait for another 15-20% sitewide coupon and just pull the trigger already! It's only money.
  10. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    that is true for all cameras! I'm just saying for selfie stick 360 action cameras, there aren't many options out there, and of those options, none are remotely comparable in video quality to a standard action camera. The insta360 camera I'm using at least has excellent stabilization, which is half the battle. Give it a few more years, hopefully, they can get the quality of those 16 camera soccer ball sized cinema quality 360 camera at the end of a selfie stick.... I'm dreaming.
  11. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    Thanks! You obviously haven't done enough research on 360 cameras if you think there exists better 360 cameras that you can put at the end of a stick. 4k spread over 360 degrees looks horrible. If you watched the video using 360 googles, it would look even worse! I recall you either in a post or on the duf webcast saying the quality isn't there and you would be correct. Even with $$$, the quality isn't there... yet. Give it a couple of years when 16k video comes out. RIght now i'm all about capturing the moment, even if it is in low resolution. btw, sorry i've been MIA lately, work and new schedule due to kids school is taking all my time. Probably be a couple months before things slow down, hope to join you guys on more rides soon.
  12. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    First of all, I absolutely encourage your "criticism" and critiques of my riding style. Definite grabbing on my part in the video! That vid seems so long ago.... good times. I think it has to do with how tall the V10F is and the bumpiness of that trail as we were speeding down. I know when i'm going fast esp downhill trail riding, I squeeze more for general stability in case I hit a bump funny. Maybe that will go away with time, or maybe that's my riding style, who knows. On the MCM5 and the MTen3, esp on the flats, I feel like I stand perfectly upright. I only bend my knees when I see or anticipate bumps. Here is the RAW 360 pannable video of some more recent rides. You'll definitely recognize the 2nd ride! You'll also discover the real reason I ride electric unicycles.... cheating on Pokemon Go. MCM5 https://photos.app.goo.gl/DfWNCi99uhBuKH1S7 MTen3 https://photos.app.goo.gl/FUtw4scgisJCSYw2A El Segundo Beach
  13. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    I actually don't squeeze or cocoon much. I learned on a padless Ninebot S1 so squeezing was not an option. But nowadays, I feel like I need the pads more NOT because I feel the need for squeeze, but because I ride the trails and as I bounce around to a point my feet start to slip off the pedals. I need to "ride on one foot" which involves using the pads to reposition the OTHER foot. When I first got the MCM5, and I tested it on the hilly streets in my neighborhood, I felt it was great without pads as it made it easier to do (close to) pedal scraping slow turns, but now I feel, at least on the bouncy dirt trail, I can't do without my pads. But the foam based pads on the MTen3 rub off naturally. Everytime I put it on its side like in my car or when I don't feel like turning the unit off if i'm taking a short break, or even in my backpack, it's rubbing. And it doesn't take much to start eating away at the foam. It's like a nerf football the dog plays with. Check out the pads on my MCM5. YES, those are modified Ninebot pads made for the S1 I bought but never used until now. Call it my poor mans Z10.
  14. maltocs

    My new Mten3!

    Nice mods. Your FOAM pads are in great shape. How do you baby them? even without falling, they seem to "rub" off. Foam is the worst material they could have used for pads. I was thinking of removing them, puting some vinyl or pleather wrap around them, and putting them back on.
  15. maltocs

    14" wheel recommendation for a beginner

    Here's the link to the pictures https://photos.app.goo.gl/QjMJgtQjjCdgv6Ek9 Here are some pictures of the MTen3 in the 5-11 Backpack. Excuse all the tape, my 5 year old is learning on MTen3. If you missed the video, here's the proud dad link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOpsDBmFyWk&t=3s The pics are empty backpack side by side with wheel, pack with wheel in it, and me wearing the pack. The MTen3 is totally manageable. I usually stick some small wrist guards and knee pads in the pack as well. It all fits. I also did the same with the MCM5 with an eWheels weekend convertible backpack. I'm not gonna lie, it's heavy due to the fact the backpack doesn't have thick waist supports.