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  1. it good to have a backup charger, but honestly, i NEVER use it. just once to test it. The stock charger is plenty fast enough and the whole reason for buying an 1845WH wheel is so i don't have to charge midway on a ride. Well, at least with my riding habits anyways. Because of the ever so slight increase in power on this wheel, if i had to do it over again, I might just do the 2100 84V at about the same price so i wouldn't have to deal with buying spare chargers as my other 84V gotways use the same charger. You can see some slightly exposed wire under the insulation. I just need to loosen the screws and cram the wires in there and retighten. I'm just afraid of something touching if I cram too hard. But as I never really use it at all, it's not priority one for me. I wish it had an 80% or 90% auto stop like the ewheels fast chargers do, then I'd use it a lot more
  2. Oh, i forgot to finish the story. In the end, I got the fast charger he promised. I just had to do the $1 purchase AGAIN. I never had to send back the bad charger. I'll keep it for parts in case the new one break as the wires don't like they are screwed/crimped in well.
  3. I finally took the MCM5 out again and tested tiltback behavior. I have to admit, i was a bit more cautious than I've been. I didn't feel ONE with the wheel so to speak, maybe two or three . I put the tilt back at 15km I did notice tiltback is very subtle on this wheel. It is definitely more noticeable when creeping up slowly to the tiltback speed vs accelerating hard to it. When I try to "ride" the tiltback once it begins, it's actually pretty hard to do after a few seconds. I keep the gotway app open, watch it hit 15km and feel the pedals begin to tilt back. I continue to press forward until I get to 21km. I could be imagining it, but it feels like the harder I push forward past 15km, the more the pedals are tilting back. It is harder to get past 21km for me without feeling off balance. When I do a hard acceleration, I hardly feel the pedals tilting back because it happens so slowly. Initially it just feels like it is losing power so I push harder to get that power back. That's when I notice the pedals actually tilting. I'll be honest, I can't actually feel the wheel accelerate to get in front of me. I just feel the pedal tilt. But then again i'm not accelerating that hard and it is set at only 15km. I did the same test at 21km and tiltback seems even more subtle. This probably why during the crash, I didn't feel the tiltback as it was set at max 36km. Remember, I didn't even know it was on. Then I turned it off completely and I was able to ride like I normally do, free as a bird without the feeling of the wheel nagging me to slow down. (keep in mind I'm still going under 30km in all these tests today.) I'm not drawing any conclusions or making any opinions, i'm just stating the facts to what I felt during my test.
  4. While thinking of the physics and the capability of these wheels please keep in mind that I am 195lbs, and on that day, I was 210lb with the cargo I was carrying. I think the carpet example is a great example, but we also have to keep in mind my carpet was accelerating rapidly from zero to over 20 so a high speed tiltback would be less noticeable than a stationary carpet starting to move. Especially with this magic window. So if my 210lb self leaning forward to accelerate was countered by a fairly WEAK tiltback due to the power available to accelerate this wheel even more beginning at 23mph, and I am in this window, I think the chances of me NOT noticing the tiltback are much higher. I will definitely try this out to see how much of a difference this wheel's tiltback is. I'll try it at 10mph, but please don't ask me test it at 23mph!
  5. Thanks for your differing explanation. I'm definitely getting the gist of what happened. To me, it's like the Hangover movie. I'm slowly piecing what happened after the fact to figure it out. Although I'm learning a lot, my most important lesson is that I never want to push any wheel to it's limits, no where close. I just want to ride EASY without thinking about what might happen if I push the limits. Solution, don't push it! I don't care how lift works, I just want the plane to fly is how I used to think. I really enjoy riding wheels, but up to this point, I seen crash videos and critiques on why they happened but with my modest riding style, I never thought it would happen to me. But since i AM piloting my own wheel, I do need to understand the mechanics of the wheel even though I never plan to push any wheel near it's limits ever again. Thanks @Chriull and @Mono for spending so much time with this analysis. Okay, now I'm curious, can someone please explain to me how LIFT works? I'm glad that my If my fall and this thread somehow helped someone else understand what happens at the "pushing the limits" spectrum of this wheel
  6. Okay, got it. Can't argue with you there. Lets talk terminology, what would it be called when one does the following: I'm accelerating and leaning forward when tiltback begins, i don't notice the tiltback and just push forward. (is this called riding the tiltback?) And in this case, the wheel WOULD accelerate even more than I intended (surprise!) because I'm still pushing forward. However if tiltback wasn't turned on, I would probably accelerate as I intended?
  7. I used to own a ninebot S1 and currently own a ninebot minipro also. Those things are tilting back all day long. I know the feeling of tiltback due to speed. I just always felt it was just tilting the pedals back, but accelerating while doing it. But both those devices had a max speed of about 13mph, so it's probably a lot easier to do a low speed tiltback warning. have you tried the mcm5?? This is the peppiest wheel I've ever been on, it's so fun. The thing that makes it fun is it's peppiness, quick acceleration, and nimbleness, .... oh the power! But i'll just keep the fun below 20mph on this wheel from now on. @Mono, it seems that you are under the impression that tiltback does NOT accelerate the wheel at all??? I was with you on that one, before the fall that is. But it seems that most on this forum seem to tell me that a part of tiltback is the wheel accelerating. I see that you list that you are currently riding a InMotion V8. I have a v10F and I feel with that wheel your description is correct. InMotions I feel are the safest wheels made. There seems to be acceleration controls (sometimes I'm on my tippy toes getting it to accelerate faster), there is no fuse to blow, it's kicking me off via tiltback a lot and I safely get off everytime. It doesn't seem to speed up, only tilt the pedals back. (I've never hit a high speed tiltback, only overload tiltbacks). It pisses me off, but I safely get off. Maybe that's why we have a disconnect. I'm specifically talking about the MCM5's behavior at high speeds.
  8. tiltback doesn't accelerate me?? I'm standing on the wheel?!?! and if i'm leaning forwarding during this tiltback, won't I also go faster? I'm just saying if my plan was just to hit 25 and then back down, you still think I would have fallen with tiltback turned off?
  9. Typically, I accelerate from zero to what is uncomfortable (given the conditions and whether or not I'm wearing protection) then drop down to what is comfortable and cruise there. On the MCM5, that usually means I go zero to maybe 20 then drop back down to about 18 where i'm comfortable. Hypothetically, Lets say that day I was feeling especialily good that day and I went zero to 25, , then decided to drop down to lets say 20mph. Now if I had tiltback turned on, it would have initiated at 23 and accelerated me even faster (which is what I believe happened). However, if tiltback was turned off, tiltback would have never initiated and I would have just hit 25mph and then be able to drop back down to 20 like any regular day. If I went even faster, I would have heard the 5 beeps/sec at about 27 and would have definitely let off the gas. Am I incorrect here? and for the record, i'm going to stick with my 20 back down to 18 from now on and keep the 2nd alarm on!
  10. To address everything above: initially yes, I thought tiltback was turned off, in my testing, it definitely was turned on. Before this accident, I thought that tiltback was just the pedals tilting back, as that's the only kind of tiltback I've ever experienced. You can see on this forum, I'm the 200lb guy who is always struggling with overheats going up mountains. I had this issue with the V10F and again with Nikola. While going at medium to slow sleeps, always uphills, I would get an overheat or "overload, please get off" warning followed by a tiltback to a point where i'm forced to step off the pedals. This usually occurs when i'm going <10mph. AFTER the accident and on this forum and on this thread, I learned that regular tiltback involves the wheel speeding up to get in front of me. SO therefore I learned that "leaning into the tiltback" is a thing. This is how I fell. My failure to understand the mechanics of how high speed tiltback works. During my fall, I was just accelerating as far as I knew. Like I said, I didn't know of the concept of leaning into tiltback. In my mind, all i ever do is accelerate until I hear my beeps and stop accelerating. However, I never hear beeps on this device because I never go that fast. I accelerated, the wheel seemed to automatically go even faster then cut out. No beeps until it was too late. Layman's description. Of all my wheels, I feel the MCM5 is the wheel I'm most comfortable with. I know how much to accelerate. This is my primary wheel I ride around town. I didn't all of a sudden do a crazy acceleration that day when I was not wearing any helmet or hear. I just accelerated to faster speed than I normally did. It was not an overlean, it was a lean into tiltback. This is the reason why I believe if tiltback wasn't turned on, this crash would not happened. I had mentioned although I didn't have wheel log logging, it was on. It measured top speed at 30.6 mph. Does anyone know if overlean causes the wheel to spinout or just cut out instantly? It wouldn't have gotten to 30.6 if it just cuts out. Thanks for the analysis.
  11. Wow, I just have an opinion and respect yours and you have to be a dick about it.
  12. I'm am going to respectfully disagree with you on this one. I firmly believe if I had the exact same scenario, same weight, level of acceleration, road, everything.... and if I had tiltback turned off, I would not have fallen. I believe the initiation of tilt back is why I fell. I suppose you can say it was an over lean fall, as I leaned into the tiltback which made the wheel rocket forward. But If tiltback was turned off, the rocket scenario would not have happened in the first place. But like I said, you are very entitled to your own opinion on what happened, but you were not on the wheel and don't know my modest riding style.
  13. Glad you're okay. 63 or 64 C is where my Nikola+ gives me my tiltback due to overheat. I have to wonder if that had something to do with your cut out.
  14. During my fall, I was accelerating from a stop sign on a very smooth road i've ridden many times before. It is a VERY VERY slight downgrade, hardly noticeable really. I know I was accelerating pretty hard, but not any harder than I normally accelerate. I didn't notice it, but I probably accelerated to a faster speed than I normally go. At some point, the wheel seemed to hard accelerate to a point where it cut out. I somewhat recall beeps but definitely not until the auto hard acceleration started. I launched forward to a beautiful right sided roll and escaped with a just medium bad right elbow scrape and slight right shoulder scrape, and very minor hand and right knee abrasion (under half inch each). I had tiltback set at the max the gotway app allows, which is 36 km/hr. Like I mentioned before, I must have turned the tiltback on at some point thinking that it would save me one day in case I didn't hear the 3rd alarm beeps. But in my case, when I hit the magic 23mph, it must have started the tiltback but because I was still accelerating (and i'm sure the slight downhill didn't help). It started to accelerate me more very quickly to a point of cutout. There was no time to react or attempt to slow down as the acceleration and cutout all happened very quickly. I don't think I was 45 degree tilted. I am not a daredevil, especially when I have no protection. I am actually super cautious. As much as I ride hills or all different types and sizes, up and down, the last time I fell where I didn't WALK off was over a year ago during my 1st two months of riding and both times were on hills. Once was me riding into sand I didn't see as I was looking at my phone, once was when my wheel caught on something and I kept going. Full gear both times, very very minor injuries. I've never had a fall on a smooth surface. BUT THEN AGAIN, as I ride more, I am slowly increasing my comfort level at higher speeds. YOUR STATEMENT that it is virtually impossible during NORMAL riding to hit cutout is ASSUMING you have a high speed capable wheel. But as I learned the hard way, the MCM5 is NOT one of those wheels so it is not that hard to hit cut out. And with tiltback turned on, it is very easy to hit 23mph considering how fast it accelerates. This is the reason why I have turned off tiltback as I believe with my weight, it should be able to get to a speed where I actually the third alarm without it sudden accelerating to cut out on me. But as I've turned back ON the 2nd alarm, hopefully, I'll never actually hear the third alarm. speaking of which, I'm not a speed demon, i've NEVER hit a speed at which I've heard this alarm ever. Again, thanks for the, at this point, academic conversation. We've beat it to death but talking about it always helps. I haven't actually got back on wheels yet mostly because my wife already thought it was a dangerous sport and this fall only reinforces what she thought. (She used to work in a Hospital ER so she always thinks the worst.) Sure I can explain why it happened, but as you probably know, explaining the physics of a wheel and it's intricacies and what makes it do what it does to a NON-RIDER is not that easy.
  15. I'm okay with the wheel speeding up to get in front of me, I just dont understand why it would do it to a point of cut out where there is a 100% chance of a crash. If the wheel just tilted the petals back (ie tiltback) or just stopped increasing the power (as in just maintain power) to a point of cut out, there would be a less than 100% chance of crash. I feel that's what it should be doing. But then again, it is just a basic mechanical device and probably doesn't employ that much smarts.
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