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  1. Have you been to Venice Beach? There's nothing strange here! Old guy on a unicycle chasing my kid with a camera, totally normal in Venice Beach. 😀😀
  2. i think in general, you are going to be much more cautious on an EUC with only one wheel. I used to MTB these trails I do now, and I was much more balls out back then. I have no problems walking the wheel over something I can't do or if a fall looks like it will cause me damage. Maybe it's age??!!??
  3. we should have time, i got the ride for the kid, i just need to be home by 5p now. Plenty of time.
  4. TOTALLY rideable. 1st 2 miles paved, next three miles all the way to pano point hard dirt. about a mile of the next 5 or so miles to the cave is on and off rocky but rideable except for that one small section where loose rocks are just flying out under the wheel. You can ride it down, but up is another story.. If you don't stop, 2h up to tunnel (with 3 mile pano detour), 1h down. easy breezy.
  5. Did a nice quiet peaceful ride up an alternate route to Mt Wilson yesterday on the historic Mt Lowe Railroad trail. There was only one 100ft section where I had to dismount because of too many loose rocks, otherwise totally rideable. The panoramic viewpoint I think is one of the best in Southern California IMHO. Here's the route I took https://goo.gl/maps/YAgKEVskNbQAAU376
  6. best wishes for her speedy recovery!
  7. maltocs


    Thanks, since you have one of these, let me know what you think of my mini-review I just posted at:
  8. I just posted my first public video using the skydio and here are some of my impressions. Great drone for selfies, self as in ONE person in the shot. It's basically a follow me drone. You pick the clock position and the height. You can pick the clock position based on the direction of travel or compass position. Then you can do some one-off shots like dronie (up up and away and back) or rocket (straight up) or vortex or some others. On the most part, you still have to actively play director and put the drone in the correct clock position based on how you want your shot with obstacles and backgrounds. Although it does a great job in subject tracking, it does seem to lose me quite a bit especially when I ride behind a group of trees. I'm talking a thick wall-like group of leafy trees. It does fine with just one tree or naked leafless trees or just the tree trunk. When it loses you, it defaults to GPS tracking until it can find you in the frame and continues to visual track. That can sometimes take a while. The nice thing is you can do most of these functions with the beacon. There are buttons for altitude, distance, and clock position. you can also double tap for a dronie. You can even push the "skydio button" and just use it like a nintendo wand to point in the direction of where you want it to go. A few days after I got it, I did my first test solo test run: Here's 20 min per battery times two batteries in triple speed. I went under tunnels, went on a so cal river bike path, dirt trails, and even a lake. At the start of the 2nd battery, turned it on, set it down, rode across the park behind a large group of trees, THEN launched it and told it to follow me. It took a while to succeed in my game of hide and seek, but it found me. In the end, i felt it did pretty good. Yesterday, I did ,my first group ride in the mountains: I kinda did the same thing incorporating dronies and rocket mode. I tried to get the whole group with the with the beautiful views behind us. This was very difficult. The main problem is it won't go very far in tracking modes. Not far enough to get the entire group in the frame with the beautiful backgrounds to our side. You'll notice most of the group shots are from behind or dronies. As beautiful as the views are in video, it's nothing compared to the actual ride. That being said, with two x 20min of flight time constantly recording with a few one-off cinematic shots, you're bound to get enough really good content. However, if there was ONE view or one attraction that was a MUST GET shot, you'd have to plan it properly to get what you want in the view because the only way to get the drone far enough to get the shot is to do the dronie or manually control the drone from the phone (I didn't buy the controller). You'd have to time the dronie just right. Manually controlling the drone for a shot is almost not an option. it's not that easy to control as the screen move buttons are NOT MULTI-TOUCH and to tilt the camera or move it around, you are swiping the screen. Basically manual mode is just to move the drone to where you want it to be. *EDIT screen move IS multitouch, but you still can't pan the camera while moving the drone Because of this, TRUE cinematographers will still go to DJI as they need control of their shot. The range on DJI's occusync is FAR SUPERIOR. More often than not, I lose contact with the skydio on a dronie. It's not a real problem, as it will float back to me and during the floatback, it will regain contact, but the first few times freaked me out. I can send my Mavic Pro over a mile away in the city (with line of sight) and I will still have visual and control functions. Sometimes I lose the Skydio a hundred feet away, no kidding. But I am not a true cinematographer. I will fully admit I'm not skilled enough to manually pilot a drone... sideways or backwards, while simultaneously pivot the camera on the shot and not run into a tree at the same time. When I need a drone, I will pull the Skydio out 95% of the time now.
  9. maltocs


    Awesome 50+ mile group ride today from Glendora to My Baldy. Great place for me to test the new Skydio 2.
  10. I used to use the smart plug method, I had them named "gotway" "inmotion" and "segway" and even had them working with alexa. However, alexa could just turn them on and off, she was not able to set a shut off timer. I had to use the app just like your video. In the end, I decided it was too much work to pull out my phone and set a timer every time I wanted to charge. Now i keep a mental note of how many percent PER HOUR each charger/wheel gives me and use an old school mechanical timer to set the amount of time to get to my target percentage. All in the name of convenience and laziness. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MVDTEXS
  11. it good to have a backup charger, but honestly, i NEVER use it. just once to test it. The stock charger is plenty fast enough and the whole reason for buying an 1845WH wheel is so i don't have to charge midway on a ride. Well, at least with my riding habits anyways. Because of the ever so slight increase in power on this wheel, if i had to do it over again, I might just do the 2100 84V at about the same price so i wouldn't have to deal with buying spare chargers as my other 84V gotways use the same charger. You can see some slightly exposed wire under the insulation. I just need to loosen the screws and cram the wires in there and retighten. I'm just afraid of something touching if I cram too hard. But as I never really use it at all, it's not priority one for me. I wish it had an 80% or 90% auto stop like the ewheels fast chargers do, then I'd use it a lot more
  12. Oh, i forgot to finish the story. In the end, I got the fast charger he promised. I just had to do the $1 purchase AGAIN. I never had to send back the bad charger. I'll keep it for parts in case the new one break as the wires don't like they are screwed/crimped in well.
  13. I finally took the MCM5 out again and tested tiltback behavior. I have to admit, i was a bit more cautious than I've been. I didn't feel ONE with the wheel so to speak, maybe two or three . I put the tilt back at 15km I did notice tiltback is very subtle on this wheel. It is definitely more noticeable when creeping up slowly to the tiltback speed vs accelerating hard to it. When I try to "ride" the tiltback once it begins, it's actually pretty hard to do after a few seconds. I keep the gotway app open, watch it hit 15km and feel the pedals begin to tilt back. I continue to press forward until I get to 21km. I could be imagining it, but it feels like the harder I push forward past 15km, the more the pedals are tilting back. It is harder to get past 21km for me without feeling off balance. When I do a hard acceleration, I hardly feel the pedals tilting back because it happens so slowly. Initially it just feels like it is losing power so I push harder to get that power back. That's when I notice the pedals actually tilting. I'll be honest, I can't actually feel the wheel accelerate to get in front of me. I just feel the pedal tilt. But then again i'm not accelerating that hard and it is set at only 15km. I did the same test at 21km and tiltback seems even more subtle. This probably why during the crash, I didn't feel the tiltback as it was set at max 36km. Remember, I didn't even know it was on. Then I turned it off completely and I was able to ride like I normally do, free as a bird without the feeling of the wheel nagging me to slow down. (keep in mind I'm still going under 30km in all these tests today.) I'm not drawing any conclusions or making any opinions, i'm just stating the facts to what I felt during my test.
  14. While thinking of the physics and the capability of these wheels please keep in mind that I am 195lbs, and on that day, I was 210lb with the cargo I was carrying. I think the carpet example is a great example, but we also have to keep in mind my carpet was accelerating rapidly from zero to over 20 so a high speed tiltback would be less noticeable than a stationary carpet starting to move. Especially with this magic window. So if my 210lb self leaning forward to accelerate was countered by a fairly WEAK tiltback due to the power available to accelerate this wheel even more beginning at 23mph, and I am in this window, I think the chances of me NOT noticing the tiltback are much higher. I will definitely try this out to see how much of a difference this wheel's tiltback is. I'll try it at 10mph, but please don't ask me test it at 23mph!
  15. Thanks for your differing explanation. I'm definitely getting the gist of what happened. To me, it's like the Hangover movie. I'm slowly piecing what happened after the fact to figure it out. Although I'm learning a lot, my most important lesson is that I never want to push any wheel to it's limits, no where close. I just want to ride EASY without thinking about what might happen if I push the limits. Solution, don't push it! I don't care how lift works, I just want the plane to fly is how I used to think. I really enjoy riding wheels, but up to this point, I seen crash videos and critiques on why they happened but with my modest riding style, I never thought it would happen to me. But since i AM piloting my own wheel, I do need to understand the mechanics of the wheel even though I never plan to push any wheel near it's limits ever again. Thanks @Chriull and @Mono for spending so much time with this analysis. Okay, now I'm curious, can someone please explain to me how LIFT works? I'm glad that my If my fall and this thread somehow helped someone else understand what happens at the "pushing the limits" spectrum of this wheel
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