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  1. When I charge my sherman, it resets the counter back to 0. That means it deducts the miles I put in last time.... probably reports that to euc world and there ya go.
  2. Cool offer Willy. But Richmond to Clovis is only 2 charges away on a Sherman. (Clovis is Hmong capitol of the US). Good luck BridgeBoy! -Roger
  3. Not an integral location. What is going on with that BLUE tire situation? Looks like something glued to the tire. -Roger
  4. Does overdrawing the 12V on the board present any risk to cutout? If the 12V system is JUST for lights, it seems like we can tax the hell out of it without problems. Hey Dominic Winsor, did the light get dimmer when an 3 were on? Roger
  5. When I did my main-board swap, I Left the heat and fan. I only undid the 12 fet screws and 3 other screws. This method was recommended by Jason at eWheels who sent me the board because mine no longer turned on. That fixed it. Didn't need to take apart anything but the top cover (4 screws). Easy job. -Roger
  6. Tried to go tubeless, but no luck. The short valve was no good, couldn't get the pump on. I needed a curved valve. Made one from the old tube. The tire wouldn't stay near enough to the rim to get the bead to press the rim even with the valve core removed. I ride mountain bikes and never use tubes because the frequency of flats is higher. Hope this can get figured out. Another thing of note, is that my sherman won't turn on now that I put a tube in it. I hope plugging a charger in will wake it back up.
  7. I've heard of people moving the internal beeper to the outside. They are super cheap, so if it get destroyed in a crash or by water, just replace it. I think WrongWay is doing it to his and will put a video up about it next week. -Roger
  8. Looks like the beep setting can be set to 38 or turned off. Nothing faster. I would want it at 44mph, but not an option. PS: It still beeps when turned off.... whats that about?
  9. Hey EUC Forum Just spent a bit of time trying to figure out if the Sherman is setup like gotway with different levels of beeps and when they come on. Can't find anything other than what I setup in the little screen. I was told the first beep comes on at 70% current capacity, but I don't know where the guy found that info. I've gone 42MPH, but only because I couldn't hear the beep. I respect the beep. I want to understand the beep. Any help would be cool. Thanks Roger PS Marty Backe's EUC Tour 2020 was epic and helped connect me with other people that I am going to
  10. AC Voltage matches? Might have sent you a 110v
  11. I ordered it.... $5.00... what could go wrong. Update: I put it on with 3M VHB tape. Looks great and feels better. also put some across the top where I can sit and it doesn't slide around as much. -Roger
  12. I have had my sherm for a few days. The first thing I did was attach the pads that came with it. They seem to force me to keep my legs straight. I decided to remove them and see what thats like. It makes the wheel feel smaller and easier to manage in tight places. It is also easier for me to ride with bent knees. I don't feel as locked on, but I think I'm not putting them back on. Anyone else tried it both ways? -Roger
  13. I must have some Jesus walking on EUC powers because its working just fine.
  14. Just got mine today and put it at 30 and it felt soft. Bumped it up to 40. Still feels really weird to me. I miss my ACM2 1600wh. I sold it for the sherm. I hope I warm up to this wheel. -Roger
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