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  1. Nope. Took the $75 and extra tube. Anyone know if you can do a tubeless setup on these? I run my MTB that way and it is way better. The wheel needs to have a certain shape to work that way. -Roger
  2. The seat link in the post I just made has some pictures in it. Looks like the trolley handle is removed. Whats up with that? -Roger
  3. Paid my final balance yesterday: Good afternoon, The Shermans have cleared Customs late last week, this next delivery 60x Wheels will be arriving at the LA warehouse in the next few days. Balance Payment: If you're in a position to pay the remaining balance on your order (if not already paid), please use the link below to convert the deposit in a firm order. Tubes: With the last batch of Shermans, it was found that Veteran had installed substandard tubes; a couple of these broke off within a few days of using the Wheel. There are two options available for dealing with this problem, please let us know which option would be preferable to you: 1) We will carry out the tube replacement at our service center, before shipping out. This may add another between 7-14 days—depending on the number that need to be worked on. 2) Ship out immediately on arrival & provide a replacement tube in the box, also crediting back $75 on the order, for the hassle of having to change these out. Pads & Charger: These production Shermans are offered with a 100v/5A charger as standard equipment, along with a set of Veteran produced side pads. Accessories: The seats & fenders are available to purchase from the links below as well—arriving in 3-4 weeks. https://www.ewheels.com/product/veteran-fender/ https://www.ewheels.com/product/veteran-seat/ Thanks again, The eWheels Team __________________________________ Roger
  4. Hey MrRobot E-wheels says the wheel will come with some molded side pads to be attached near the top of the wheel. Did you get yours from somewhere else or did you just choose to make Koji style ankle pads and skip the others? -Roger
  5. How does e-wheels do the firmware update? Swapping a chip?
  6. Is the Sherman firmware upgradeable by the end user? Like with a special cable or app. I've had a MSuper V3 and never upgraded the firmware, but I don't think it was even an option. Before Darkness bot the app wasn't of much use. -Roger
  7. I will do the e-wheels shipping that doesn't add much. Buyer pays actual shipping. I still have the box the wheel came in.
  8. 84V Less than 500miles on the odo. Minor scuffs on the shell. Blue - I have the trolley handle never installed - I'll add pics later. https://ibb.co/pn5s1c6 https://ibb.co/QNf9R8M https://ibb.co/7bBxGwK https://ibb.co/k3vwZK0 Roger
  9. Working 7 days a week sure steps on my social life. Sounds like so much fun to meet like conveyanced people.
  10. I am having trouble finding a replacement board. They say it is a discontinued item. can I buy a board from another gotway product and make it work? It was a 64V battery if I recall correctly.
  11. Yeah, I removed the fets and there is some level of continuity between the gate and the drain pads on the naked board. I doubt I can find the cause.
  12. I have a Gotway V3 that just fried a Fet. I can put the same sort of IRFB3207 back in there, but I'd rather upgrade. I don't have any problem changing the FETs but I lack the understanding necessary to select a superior FET. So should I just buy 12 IRFB3207 FETs or is there a benefit to an upgrade. Thanks -Roger in Anaheim CA
  13. Did you ever get this sorted? I'm located in Anaheim. Just give me a heads up so I can bring my tools to my shop. I'm no pro, but I have built many FPV racing drones. Roger
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