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  • Recent Posts (euc only)

    • I agree it is just a tool but it’s misleading to blame “culture”. The gradual increase in violence, school shootings, etc over the years is due to social problems, that is to say obscene levels of inequality, people precariously living on the edge of disaster, and lack of access to mental health resources for this very stressful modern existence. Only those who are relatively well off can afford good regular mental healthcare here.  I am in general OK with a society having guns, if it’s what the population really wants, but I’m not OK with Americans having guns in their current social situation. The Swiss have guns and are fine. I think if Sweden had guns they’d be OK too. The difference is those countries don’t have the severe societal problems the US does. Guns are a privilege and I think we need to get our house in order first.   Yeah I’m not sure where you’re getting this from. The most vehemently anti-police on the left are the anarchists, and the ACAB slogan, defund the police, etc  comes from them. They are most definitely pro-guns. I would suggest you look up John Brown Gun Club, Redneck Revolt, Socialist Rifle Association and such groups which have had rising membership. The ones who want to ban guns are the centrists, and they’re the same who want minor piddling police reforms, not more radical change, which is what I personally think is needed to fix the system.  Sorry for the tangent, felt I had to respond to the post. 
    • Right, OW if fine for off road trails that aren't too rough. I'd easily take the EUC on anything more than just a dirt path. The Onewheel would fail and you'd basically have to carry the thing for the majority of the trip.  Couldn't even trolly it lol.. 
    • Day#6  Went for a 14 mile ride. Had a blast. Lots of twisty turns and ups and downs. I was very stiff when we started, but loosened up towards the end. Had one little spill (still caught my wheel with my rubber leash). 😅 I was going slow and just out of nowhere lost control. Had to pop off. Mounting is getting easier, still dread it as much as dismounting the Onewheel XR. I HATE dismounting the XR. Loved going up inclines without having to worry if the wheel could handle it. I'm always iffy on the Onewheel. She can't handle much climb. Few times Had to get off and walk for a bit, loved having the trolly handle. Not 100% my suspension is set correctly as it almost feels the same locked or unlocked.    I'm actually not sure which way it is to lock it and unlock it so I just try both and they both feel about the same. I SHOULD read the manual.. lol 😆 I worry about pushing hard if only because on the OW if you have a spill, th board is tough as nails. The EUC doesn't seem like it would hold up to a tough spill. 🤔 that's not just just s18, my buddy's 16x seems like that too. Maybe even more so. Loved my buddies cool light show. 😎.    So, about 6 days and I'm doing 10+ miles! We've come a long way since day one people! That's an achievement. I honestly didn't think it would be possible. I mean, those first few days, or actual practice hours were BRUTAL. BRUTAL! I'm glad I padded my s18 up and wrapped that band on it. If I cleaned it up, it could pass off as New. I highly recommend that to any new rider. No need to trash your wheel while learning.  Plan on doing a large group ride on Thursday. 14 miles one way. 28 miles total! I'm so happy not to worry about battery range! I only used like 12% last night 🤣 my avg speed was about 8mph with a few 12mph peaks!    I did change the decline on the peddles to -2° which really helped in comfort. Also changed the ride to medium? I forgot the name but the one in the middle on EUC world app. I'm up and running. It's just a matter of putting the miles in to get proficient.    
    • I believe the charge plug goes right into the battery, not in any way through the board. And the battery goes to the board, which measures the voltage. So if the batteries were unplugged, the board would not get to measure anything from the charger. That's why I think it must be a board error. Right choice imho. Not your job to troubleshoot a brand new expensive wheel. Look forward to a working, great wheel. Hopefully soon.
    • I totally forgot about the EX suspension that needs a big hollow motor! Might very well be the EX.N is the new standard EX now. Or they come up with a different suspension design (please just copy KS).
    • I'll take it. Too new to send a DM here so sent you a Facebook message from the post there.
    • Don’t you see the irony in that you say how “we” shouldn’t judge the NYC riding culture because “we” just “don’t get it”, while in the very same sentence you judge “us” for having a fear of our lawmakers’ decision making process based on having lived in our culture for our whole lives?
    • Very well said. We have EUC and PEV idiot riders all over the world. Stupidity, unfortunatelyis massively common everywhere and natural to the worst human behavior, no matter what country, race, religion, soccer club, sexual preferences (I had to put this one 😝😝😝), etc
    • ecodrift documented a much more detail on this new 6012 hollow motor its certainly better than the old design but i think its still not water/ dust proof yet
    • Dear Sumako, this is a very bold statement . Your message looks to me like "mind your own business! This does not concern you!", as I understand it.  It us up to me to decide what impacts me and my life and what does not. I am concerned about what happened in the video. It is basic human empathy -- I feel bad and scared for the frightened pedestrians. This has nothing to do with where I or they live and whether legal consequences might be expected. Still, speaking of legal consequences - surely, you do not claim to understand how legislation works in all the other countries better than their residents/citizen? It has been stated multiple times in this thread that legislators routinely look for examples and precedents in other countries when formulating new laws. Youtube is global: whatever is published by a NYC content creator will be broadcasted around the world. If you do not wish for comments from other countries, do not make such footage available for everyone. Indeed, the primary objective of this thread  Seriously, though, this thread is [mostly] about a particular video and particular behavior and not US riders (or even NYC riders) in general. This is not a US vs Rest of the world dichotomy. That's classic whataboutism. We are discussing a particular problem here. You are saying that people should focus on a different problem instead. That other problem might be legit and, perhaps, more consequential. Still, this does not change or counter the arguments of this thread one bit. 
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