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      General forum for hoverboard aka self-balancing scooter

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    • By pushing and holding the power button on for at least one minute.
    • One off? Yeah right. Maybe the act itself was new, but it sounds like the flavor everyone is bitching about is THE FLAVOR we are used to seeing. Don't assume you know what people like about the vids. I liked the polish and efforts in the vids, but quickly realized I was not a fan of a lot of the overall work included within'. 'Responsible narrative' ? Are we talking about the same person here? I feel like I've taken the bait once again. Having read your previous postings, I will now brace myself for what may be heading my way....  
    • That guy can have the freedom to express himself in videos but we aren't allowed to comment on it? We can only appreciate someone's work and not criticize it? But it's everyone else who's intolerant, and not you.  Yeah, right.
    • Is there any validation to these claims of threats, death threats at that. As a community I would believe we wouldn't tolerate that behaviour the same as the majority of us condomn behaviours in the alleycat video. 
    • I have adopted a new editting policy. Anytime It may appear that I was going to violate obvious traffic law (stop signs ect), i add a little blur spot in the video. Luckily I am the one who edits my own videos. When I see something suspect, I get to decide if it needs broadcasted to YT or not. When i go trolling for hookers and robbing banks on my euc, I leave the cameras at home.. I did watch hsiang's vid and I was not all that shocked. Yes, its retarded to film and promote an illegal race, but he seemed to straddle the line of acceptable, by downplaying it. Hsiangs attitude is also his saving grace.  I still maintain that these races are nothing new. Its done all the time with cars, bike, on foot, you name it. What IS new, is how race members are boldly advertising their actions. I am a little surprised at how aggressively people are being when it comes to attacking the creators. But hell, I've gotten flak for things in my vid and hardly anoyone watches me. DOulbe edged sword it seems. You want TONS of viewers, you gotta cater to the masses. ONce you have tons of viewers, you're gna easily piss off more people. Hell, people hate on me for simply not wearing a helmet. I've been personally attacked more than once, and Im just a normal idiot who makes bad jokes and endangers himself primarily. I've found that when you are being attacked, its best to just thank them for watching and move on. If a HUGE outcry occurs froma  video that has illegal activity, I'd pull that bitch immediately. Freedom of speech means you can say or NOT say what you want. Maturity means you listen to the outcry and realize they may have a point. IN the end, creators have the control, so we neednt blame anyone but them. I'm not a hater of ANY of the NYC riders. Yes, I quit watching Evx vids a long time ago, but it doesnt mean I hate or should go out of my way to create problems. Hell, I dont even like leaing thumbs down on vids. I simply dont leave a thumbs up.  I also wont assume the man in person is anything like he/she advertises.  It was simple. I recognized a  mentality I didnt care for. I received a response or two that indicated that my original reaction was valid. I unsubscribed and don't watch the videos. If something bothers you and keeps pulling you into conversations that make you feel badly and act immature, leave the conversation. I havent seen ANY of his vids in months and I'm still not going to do it now. I aint gna be tricked into watching something, once I decided to not add to their play count. Its like choosing to boycott a resturant, but going back to see whats new on the menu. Durr, if you KNOW what ingredients are in the building, why would you think the food has changed? Lets not forget, we are being fed videos and judging on them alone. Some of these creators may SEEM like total asshats, but irl are great people. I like to think that I can 'dislike' someones online persona and yet we could easily get along irl. Judging a book by its cover is sometimes accurate, sometimes not. At the end of the day, I still don't hate or wish ill will on any of our riders. ANYONE making threats to a person over a video, IS a serious problem tho. Personal attacks on people are NOT okay. Its our duty to be civilized as much we can, even if we are unhappy. This holds especially true, when ALL you know of someone, is from videos you've seen.  Sharing opinions and disllike is fine and dandy, but can't we act like people with a little decency? Threats of violence, are also illegal and immoral. Sadly, I am becoming more disappointed in the reaction to videos than the videos themselves. The longer I live and the more I look around, the less I want to be in public, I'll tell you that much. This thread is like the herpes of euc.
    • Oh.... Even electric dreams likes this wheel. How rare....    I also love the shots riding though water with no facks given. 
    • First off, I’m not trying to sell anyone anything, merely happened upon an interesting product in my field.. I work as a low voltage electrician, specifically as a fire alarm technician. Anyway, the other day, my rep from siemens sent me a data sheet for their brand new lithium ion offgas detectors.  Designed specifically to detect the particles emitted during, and prior to a thermal runaway event.    Rather than explain the details.. here is a link to the public information.  https://new.siemens.com/us/en/products/buildingtechnologies/fire/fire-products-and-systems/detection-and-devices/aspirating-smoke-detectors.html    While this is a significant investment, (about the price of a new Sherman).  Having notice a few mins Prior to an event should allow enough time to eject the offending gotway from my home. the installation isn’t a simple smoke detector that screws on the ceiling, and beeps when the battery gets low.    It is part of a full commercial style setup that requires a dedicated panel and costs a few thousand dollars to have professionally installed..  of course it would also be more than capable of covering all your fire detection needs throughout the entire home in addition. It’s definitely overkill, but could be installed to cover a wheel storage area exclusively to reduce costs. Might be worth looking at for any of us with multiple wheels (or a single gotway 😂).   As far as I am aware there are only 2 companys making detectors of this nature, Siemens, and the nexceris li-ion tamer (which i believe is intended for server racks and the like). I haven’t had the opportunity to play with these things in person as of yet, but soon.   With any luck these type of detectors will be scaled down in the coming years to make practical for apartment dwellers.   
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