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  • Recent Posts (euc only)

    • @esaj I made a separate post about it a while back, but it's been reliable as it always has been ever since the noise started:  
    • Sorry for picture spam Today's glorious, glorious ride! Join me for a tour through some south Bavarian scenery. The first location is the town of Aschau im Chiemgau. This is the river Prien running through it and the Hohenaschau castle. The rocky mountain ridge in the background on the left is the rather famous Kampenwand mountain. Leaving the town, you see its idyllic location surrounded by mountains. Don't look at real estate prices here Following the river bike path downriver... The second location is the Samerberg area, a plateau at the foot of the mountains, a few hundred meters above the flat land level. It offers wonderful scenery and therefore lots (LOTS) of tourists and tourist stuff. Slowly but bravely (with two cooling breaks) my ACM climbed up there. The roads up there are perfect and super smooth and, together with the sights, make for pure riding joy. Here's the first glance after coming up. View of some far away mountains. If you're wondering what that roofed post is, I was. Turns out, is is a small painting behind a grate. Who would have expected that? "Hier wurde Simon Schmid, Mesner von Grainbach, am 18. Juli 1704 von den Kroaten gehäutet." Here Simon Schmid, sacristan of Grainbach, was skinned by the Croats on July 18th, 1704.  I'm not sure about the history of what happened there. Click the image to see the bloody details. You can find a new sight, view or other interesting thing like this behind every corner in this area of undulating hills, roads, and hiking paths. Just lovely. In the village you saw three pictures above. A bit further along the way. Animals got a nice view. Wondering what I was doing. Turn a corner for another glorious view. The dog on the left was so chill I didn't even notice it at first. Nearly every farm here has tourist rooms or, like this one, offers "vacation on the farm" where the kids can meet the farm animals and so on. An impression of the verticality (always so hard to show in pictures). Can't move 50 meters without another great new view! Continuing on my route, one beautiful spot after the other. Here we're descending back down to flat land level. This is the Inn river valley, that's why there are mountains on the other side. The valley exits the Alps to the right (North). On the way down What else can I say? A cool old farm sitting on the steep mountainside, has its own small chapel. Easier than walking down to the valley for every prayer, I guess. Note how you come through a tunnel between the house and barn (on the left) on the way down, that is awesome. They have a view! Just a few seconds further down. Jesus effigy, the steep path down, and you can see the snowy Central Alps further into the Inn valley. A public swimming lake next to the river shines in the sunlight. All the apple trees (or whatever those are) are blooming this time of the year. Now we're down in the valley and one or two kilometers further. Location #3 is the small town of Neubeuern. They've got a serious castle there. There are a ton of castles along the Inn river. Nothing better than to plop down one somewhere, call yourself a Lord, and demand duties from the trade on and along the river, that was the idea. If they don't pay up, you blockade them until they do. Too many complainers or an army marching through, hide behind your wall. Such is life as a medieval entrepreneur The marketplace to the foot of the castle is a veritable elevated keep. One road goes through it, you enter through a gateway in a wall, exit through a gateway, the church and other buildings and steep embankments form a protective wall all around. Nicely defensible. And it's not even the castle itself yet. On the market place. Nicely painted buildings, and people enjoying the sun on various restaurant terraces. A fountain and the church with a distinctive tower you can see on the picture taken from below. View into the distance through a gap between buildings. I think this is the only entrance/exit besides the two archways. The inscription on the fountain commemorates and thanks a lord of the castle. It sounds a bit sycophantic. I didn't find out who the statue on the fountain depicts. Also check out the nicely painted buildings. The exit archway and some more painted buildings. Dude's showing some ass. Maybe it is indeed the castle lord, and the inscription is highly sarcastic? Probably it is related to the water of the river, who knows. Ass in front of the castle. Some more painted detail before I leave the place. Finally, on the way home, a nice farm house. The route. Starts on the right. Hope you enjoyed.
    • Yeah, but still Btw, today I heard some strange noise from my wheel every 10 seconds. I was at 39 degrees celcius and the fan started for 3 seconds and stopped again. Then it started after 10 seconds again and then repeat over and over. Sounds loud as an old computer fan. Is this a natural behaviour? I get worried when it just starts and stops like that. 
    • EWGP Instagram for more videos and photos 🙏❤️
    • Hi@ll! I've ordered an additional wheel, the IPS i5 (245Wh), to practice with it, too. Perhaps I'll commute with it from home to work [home (~2km) -> train -> work (~1km)]. The android app is already set up, I'm ready for the i5 when it'll arrive.  Do you recommend to update to the latest firmware versions? Thank you very much! Best regards Thor P.S. I'm also planning to spray the black i5 with another color, perhaps chrome or silver. I'll post photos.
    • Agreed. But I still do ride the MSX and feel cheated that I can't also enjoy it seated, like apparently everyone else 
    • What do you mean by "computer noise"? I don't want you to start worrying, but a change in the wheel behavior (assuming you haven't updated the firmware or such) can be a sign of a trouble, like hardware failure starting to develop.
    • You own like one of the all-time best seated wheels in the Monster, why would you want to play pop-a-squat on a wheel that was a seated afterthought?  
    • That was hilarious. Your wife is a live wire, if you're familiar with that expression  Love the juxtaposition of the two videos; the first one is wild & crazy, and the second is sedate. Your "retirement" is kind of rough so far, huh? 
    • I'm afraid for your knees  Looks like a comfy ride. Unfortunately every time I try on the MSX it ends up being too hard on my knees (either I'm too tall or too old or a combination of the two).
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