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    • here's my real life experience.  i just started back riding last month really. i've got 160 plus miles on the s18, about the same on the s22.  i've got 130 miles on the v13 i got a week ago thursday. let's just say it isn't exactly second nature yet. the other wheels are. the first couple of days, i was looking very presidential.  
    • Thanks! I actually read the entirety of your thread about learning on the V11. It was one of my EUC 101 textbooks. So: retroactive positive reinforcement that such stories really do help real world people! I 100% agree on the idea of suspensions. I did all my initial learning with the suspension pumped up correctly. I was off turf and onto solid surfaces and practicing other skills when I got an expert local rider's advice to try without suspension until I was totally 100% comfortable with a list of basic skills. Like until they were second nature. His reasoning was: not learning too much at one time. Getting comfortable with an "achievement" before moving on. Like learning how to balance and ride before adding in learning how to freemount. I fully plan (if I am able to continue on EUCs) to go back to suspension riding. I agree about comfort and safety. It's just that right now I don't feel like an expert at low COG riding. I can ride with higher COG, but want to stay at safest settings until "second nature." Does that make sense? Maybe I'm wrong... Thanks for the V13 input. Difficult to manage at lower speeds seems like pertinent advice. Although I don't do much tricky maneuvering. Question: have you tried it with the suspension removed? Do you think the resulting lower COG would make it less top heavy/easier to manage for non-trick riding? Or am I just wishfully thinking? Thanks again @Hellkitten. Also, I like your new avatar much more than the old one. I got a lot of Walking Dead flashbacks when reading your learning thread!
    • Not he same wheel, but.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/ElectricUnicycle/permalink/6019691801462066/  
    • At 12:28 you can see the sliders and the adjustment, basically the more you tighten the screw the more the sliders push into the slide. It's to take up any play that you may have forward and back on the rails. If you turn the wheel on and push it forward and back and see no play in the slides then you shouldn't need to adjust it.  
    • I started last August, 7 months ago. Then I had a 4 week break due to unrelated shoulder surgery. Then this happened Jan. 31st. So about 4 months of active riding every single day, minimum 3 hours a day. But with only occasional real world instruction/feedback from skilled riders. That's why I find this forum very valuable. Please let me know if you have altered/expanded advice! I appreciate it.
    • i'm in florida so thank goodness i don't have to navigate hilly terrain.  lowering the tire pressure was how the new riders cheated, instead of learning how to balance. learn how to balance on a hard tire, then once u have mastered that, u can lower the tire pressure a little for comfort.  when chooch got the 9bot z10, he was running it at about 14psi. course chooch probably only weighed 135 pounds back then. making the tire flat definitely makes learning easier, but ur cheating urself. go slow, i mean extremely slow. anybody can ride fast. riding slow takes skill.
    • UPONIT, just a question that will probably have others editing their replies.  how long have you been riding an euc ?
    • Thank you again for perspective. One thing I forgot that may influence that advice: as i talked about in other threads, the V11 isn't powerful enough to get up the hills here. V13 = stability of bigger wheel and more powerful motor. Otherwise i won't ever get great at hill skills or be able to avoid taking wheel in truck to flat lands? Is the V13 really that much more tough than monster pro, for instance, which I have ridden before, and which had big-wheel stability? Is the V11 size really the sweet spot? Opinions seems all over the place... I appreciate your ideas about tire pressure and suspension. I get that learning a harder way will make an easier way easier. After learning on astroturf, all other surfaces were cake. But a local rider made two suggestions when i was learning: lower tire pressure and no suspension. I probably will never like higher tire pressure. I have ridden with suspension successfully, but feel more stable without it. Goal is not falling. (i know, i know )  So, suspension later after tons and tons more learning? Also, I never daydream on any vehicle I operate! Fire Engine, pickup truck, bike, e-bike, e-motorcycle, EUC, roller skates. I've seen too many vehicular catastrophes and their results to not respect the physics of bodies in motion. Good advice!.
    • For what it’s worth, I’ve ridden a v11 for almost a year and a half. I’ve tried a v13 for a week. The v13 is a fantastic wheel, but it’s top heavy and much more difficult to manage at slower speeds. I’d recommend actually pumping up your v11 suspension and getting used to it. Yes it has higher pedals than other wheels, but it’s easy to get used to. I’ve ridden a few non suspension wheels and I’ve come to think that having suspension is a safety feature. It’s absolutely saved me in some situations same with pads. The suspension will also be much easier on your joints. I bombed around on my rs last week on the same roads I ride my v11 and the ride was much harsher and I had to really watch the road conditions. I don’t think the reason all the euc manufacturers are going with suspension builds is a fad, there’s good reason. If you’re looking at another wheel at this point you must have already made up your mind! 🤣🤣 
    • Can somebody breakdown my motor/ serial number on my Begode EXN HT. It’s newer so I think it was made in 2021 or 2022. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is the number on the motor 60V-210700220 HB C38.
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