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  • Recent Posts (euc only)

    • @Marty Backe the 7 days of rides sounds great ! 
    • I got a KS18XL which I really enjoy. The only thing I miss is a seat. I have to take breaks on longer rides, so it would be great to be able to ride seated as well. This will only be speculation I guess, but do you guys think King Song will eventually release a new seated model?
    • No, AFAIK. In contrast to most other vehicles, speed limitation of a self-balancing wheel is not done by "throttling" or by reducing the power output. That means, increasing (or removing) the speed limit does not increase the power output of the wheel. It just leaves you with less reserve power to stay balanced at a higher speed.
    • From the Drovers’ road on the Cleveland Way    
    • I was riding along the side of a quiet road last night with my wife on her new electric bike (me on my 18XL) when a hot lamborghini pulled up along side of us. It decided to keep pace with us for a bit in order to take a good close look. Two cyclists coming the other way initially were looking at the ultra-cool car. Then they noticed us. The title is verbatim what one of them said, quite loudly, as they passed us by.  It was a good Saturday evening. 
    • You can add your wheel or wheels to your profile. Just like your location, it will be shown next to each post (at least in Desktop view). Like this: Together with your (even just approximate) location, this is the most important info about you, so you're encouraged to add it. Do it even if you have no wheel but an upcoming one - How to add your wheel(s): On mobile: tap the "hamburger" icon (3 lines) in the top right corner -> account ->profile, and on the profile page tap the "pen" icon (see picture) to edit your profile. Add your wheels in the "EUC" field and tap "Save" at the bottom. On Desktop: Click your username in the top right corner and select "profile". On your profile page, click on "edit profile" (it is on the top right). Add your wheels in the "EUC" field and click "Save". Thank you!
    • Is it still avaliable (616)633-7580 Elijah
    • There's two components you can overpower: The motor, specifically the motor torque. This is strictly dependent on the speed. The motor has a speed where it has zero torque (the lift speed if you lift the wheel and let it run freely) and the torque goes linearly down to that. So the faster you are, the lower the available torque is. If it's lower than what you demand (like from a sudden pothole at speed), boom. The "80%" 3rd alarm (5 beeps - which is just a battery dependent speed alarm, as this thread showed) seems to be derived from the motor torque limitations. The top "lift" speed also depends on the battery charge (voltage really) so the 3rd alarm goes lower with lower battery. For reference, the Tesla lift speed is something like 70kph (guess). Unless you're very heavy (you're definitely not at 67kg) the 3rd alarm should very reliably warn you if you get too close to the motor limitations. A ton of people heavier than you (Marty included) ride with the 3rd alarm only and without problems. The battery. That mainly applies to small (2p or 1p) or very empty batteries. I think overleaning a 4p or bigger battery (like the Tesla) is extremely unlikely (unless you try). Especially on Gotways, which are still quite full at "0%", you'll have a really hard time overwhelming the battery. (I guess the combination of dropping voltage from a quick acceleration/pothole and running into the motor limitation at high speed can also occur, but I'd put that under motor limitation aggravated by the voltage drop.) Most overleans you hear of seem to be high speed motor torque overleans (= people over the official top speed of the wheel), and I guess some people are running into #3 (heavier people or small batteries plus some strong acceleration). As always, one can overlean any wheel by being crazy enough. Just don't do that 50kph is the official top speed and also the 3rd alarm speed at 100% battery (see Jason's post on page 1 - goes down to 39kph at 10% but there the low battery beeps already slowed you down). While I wouldn't go faster, you will be fine at it with your weight. Just never ignore the 3rd alarm if you hear it and use it as a guide for where the wheel's limits are (if you hear it at x kph, then a pothole or quick acceleration at x-2 kph is probably a bad idea). Looking at the numbers, 40kph seems like a no-brainer perfectly safe speed. The real danger at this speed really are non-technical crash reasons like that obstacle you didn't see This came up just recently: click. You can be perfectly safe with essentially only the 3rd alarm. Yes. Don't ignore your (possibly) only alarm. See above for the details. No. Tons of Tesla riders, no notable reported issues in comparison to other wheels. No. No non-misleading ones. The important thing: no brand wheel (Gotway or otherwise) is even remotely known for just cutting out mid-ride for no good reason. Otherwise nobody would ride it. - You seem to doubt the safety of riding a Gotway. To be safe, a wheel needs two things: Never cut out from sudden unexpected hardware failure. Wheels that people ride, Gotways/Tesla included, don't do that. Be as strong as possible. The stronger (higher top speed and bigger battery), the safer. The Tesla is much stonger than your KS (or the 16S for example), so it is much safer. Simple as that (Some people include their own behavior under safety. E.g. no forced tiltback at top speed or something counts as "unsafe". But that is about self-control, not technical safety.) The Tesla is perfectly safe for you. Especially you (always envious of the range lighter people will get).
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