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  • Recent Posts (euc only)

    • I fully agree, and I myself get very easily annoyed with people that don’t have their dogs on a leash for this very reason. But as you correctly used the word throughout your post, that’s only how it should be. But it isn’t. I see this thread as a place for tips for managing situations where the dog owner doesn’t do what they indeed should. So that we could prepare ourselves and wouldn’t crash from the surprise, or from a collision with the dog. WhileI also agree with @ShanesPlanet’s defense strategies, I actually don’t think I’ve even heard of a situation where the dog attacks the rider. In every video and live  encountering I’ve seen, they clearly bark towards the wheel only. But this is of course not very clear in the situation where you must quickly decide whether you should defend for your life or just ignore the bark.
    • Might adjust your suspension! You can ruin the shock if it’s that low...
    • I'd file that under abnormal, there certainly isn't a secret handshake you're missing here. Mine audibly locks as soon as the trolley is in line with the handle, it takes almost zero force. Interesting noise, bit more of a swooshy/springy noise than a sharp click.
    • Day 2: I've been riding for over an hour on asphalt today (I got the MSP cover from roll.nz on the wheel, it doesn't fit perfectly but it sorta works).  Yesterday I didn't feel I had much steering control, just following wherever the wheel decided to go.  Today I managed to ride around in large circles, then large figure 8s.  I was able to speed up and slow down, more or less at will. I've only had 2-3 hours total time on the wheel, so predictably I'm still not very confident and my steering isn't very precise.  I'm a bit wobbly at times and I flail my arms around a lot.  BUT: I'm not finding it too hard to mount and get moving, I'm able to ride around for quite a while without stopping - even if I'm needing the space of 3 tennis courts to move around in.  Since I'm able to mount and ride and gain practise - I feel that is really all that is necessary to be able to gain experience and the more time I put in riding the more confidently I'll be able to steer the wheel.  I do need to do some practise at mounting and especially dismounting the wheel. I may have hyper-extended my left knee, next time I'm losing control I'll just bail and let the wheel go.  I can still walk around, it is just a bit sore.  The inside of my right shin where it presses against the side of the EUC is still sore, but not really much worse for having a 2nd day riding, I'm sure it will get better with some conditioning.  I didn't feel so knackered after over an hours riding today, riding is starting to become more enjoyable.
    • Hi all, I just got my V11 today - my first wheel! Just switched from a onewheel. I am having an issue though and I was hoping someone could help. My trolley handle doesn't lock in the down position. I just grab it and it pops up and locks, but it doesn't lock when I put it down. Is that normal? Or maybe there is something I am doing wrong? It locked in the down position for about the first 30 minutes while I was learning but I'm afraid an impact may have caused something to not work right. It *looks* normal. Is there something I should check?
    • As someone who just purchased the V11, coming from an 18XL, and having ridden a 16X, DEFINITELY get the V11. It's $10 more than the 16X but has a way better quality (more expensive) components. It also has suspension and if you look at the difference between the Gotway EX and the Gotway EX-N (non-suspension), the price of adding suspension seems to be significant. Very few scenarios where buying a 16X would be a better option. The size and weight difference is negligible, even more so with regard to the value of what your getting for the price.
    • I can't honestly compare because I don't have a V11 (just 16x), but I would say some of your ratings for the 16x are a little off in my opinion.  For me at least, I would adjust the following 16x scores.... 3. Convenience: 16X=A  (It is hard to beat the 16x in this category.  The trolley handle makes it SO easy to go in and out of stores.  I go everywhere with mine and never think twice...coffee shops, grocery stores, train, bus, work, home, crowds, no crowds, whatever.  Can go anywhere with zero worries.  Don't forget it is also 8 pounds lighter than the V11.  I will likely keep the 16x for the long haul regardless of any other wheel I buy for this reason alone). 5. Weather proofing: 16X=maybe a B? (this is stupid that it has any issues at all in this category, but it is an easy fix with a little foam and some silicone). 6. Comfort: 16x=B (This wheel is so smooth.  The ONLY time I don't feel 10% comfortable is on hard braking from high speed when it is likely to induce at least some wobble.  The fat tire eats up everything easily.  It feels great on-road and off-road.  If you weren't comparing it to a suspension wheel, I would be pushing for you to give it an A!  At speed though, and 18" tire would definitely be more "comfortable."  I guess I would just say this really depends on what you are using it for.) Good luck in your search!
    • i have brought a new motherboard for my gotway 84v and the board fits in the unit 4 screws and the lower plate gas a bevelled corner..it is a different board from the original but gotway change them as i have found with a mcm5 i got...whonose where all the plugs go as there is no diagram...my batteries are showing 94.5 volt and my charger says its a 100v but i am sure this is a 84v wheel...can any one help as i am a tad worried about sorting...sounds like i have a 100v one maybe or do the 100v ones when measured look more !05v maybe
    • I've been in contact with them off an on over the last few months as my wheel was being shipped. At one point they mentioned they were setting up a new store, which is called Hotwheel Store (https://www.aliexpress.com/store/5478084). Maybe try that one? Otherwise you can always try sending them a message - despite the time zone differences, I've found them to be very helpful and respond to questions quickly etc. Best of luck!
    • Took my wheel for a maiden voyage in the dark, all is well so far. More responsive than my XL, I just think about turning and I'm already turning. It's funny, obviously I had already started some sort of muscle movement that the wheel picked up but I wasn't fully aware of. turns sharper as well, feels more planted and stable. Looking forward to the next outing!
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