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  • Recent Posts (euc only)

    • Guys, I'm totally happy with the solution. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It needed to be done. Let's not kick the dead horse. For any one with lingering doubts or problems with it. Just... I'm fine if I never hear that name again. What name? Uh, I forget...
    • OK,  But I prefer Brunettes and steam punk over Blondes and hay bails  if I am going to end up with a new profile picture. 
    • I saw the title of this post and I thought "boy I like to know also!" and then to my shock I was mentioned as an example. I agreed with a lot of things mentioned; I think story is super important and not just the thing people say but also visual story telling, like their environment, camera angle and framing. And I am very much still learning these things on the fly also. The actual gear is really secondary. Everyone have their own style; @Marty Backe doesn't say a lot but he rides through some amazing places and it always make me smile watching him ride around in his superman outfit with the cap flapping in the wind! But also because of this I think everyone would develop their story differently; I write a lot and feel like i can think better when I write so I usually start with a script, and I try to edit it down so I can condense it as much as I can. But this may not be how you work, I can see just making a long audio recording of yourself and edit that directly also. Some people can shoot free form and get a bunch of clips and then edit them together into something coherent; to me that's very difficult to do and I tend to see that from people whom either have a lot of experience with visual story telling or way more talented than I, since you'll have to literally be putting the edit together in real time in your brain and be thinking of the right thing to say. But the one piece of advice I got that I thought was very good was "stop overthinking and just do it!"   
    • I vote for a) with FAQ's and videos for "how to ride an EUC", "basic safety gear, and why it is important" and perhaps "what type of wheel fits my needs" could also be relevant. At the end of each FAQ there could be a note saying: feel free to ask questions in the forums you think is relevant for your question, so that it is not an active thread. The last part because, if I'm really honest with myself, I would probably not hang out to answer questions in the "Getting started" forum very often, but I'll gladly answer questions in the forums I frequently visit. I don't think we need to overcomplicate things. Newbs who come to this site are only newbs when it comes to EUC's, not the internet, the concept of forums or how to search for relevant information, therefore I'm more for a "Getting started" forum with video guides and FAQ's, and then guiding them ask questions in the forums they feel it is relevant to them, than making this into separate forum community for new riders. Another reason for not making this into an active separate forum is to have better quality control of the answers given. If a wrong or misguided answer is given in an active thread, it wont take long before it is corrected by others, but if it happens in a forum where mostly newbs and half-newbs are hanging out, it could create a lot of misunderstandings. .
    • No. But you can send me your password and I promise to give it back in a week and not to do anything too obscene with your account.
    • Back to this 7 day ban. Can I be banned for a week? ..... I have yard work I need to do. ..... 
    • I suppose I've somehow managed to become a moderately successful PEV channel on YouTube. Happy to share some thoughts and answer any questions you have about getting started.   This is really cool and I'm sure would make absolutely beautiful footage, but it's going to be a slog to gain traction because I don't think people will share this type of content. You ideally want to create the type of content that is so awesome people take the time to share it among their friends. You also need to think about how you're going to build an audience. Successful YouTubers with millions of subs don't have to worry about that because they already have an audience. They don't have the problem of building one from scratch.
    • I think that's a good idea too! The question is: how to structure it? a) A "riding skills" forum and a separate "Getting started" forum? b) A "riding skills" forum with a separate "getting started" sub-forum? And then...different sub-forums for different levels? Or "getting started" and "everything else"/"general riding skills" c) A "riding skills forum and a "getting started" thread? And how to we want to organize topics/threads?  Do we create a few initial threads for people to stick to (basic riding skills, how to...., etc.), with the idea of conversations being "contained" within said threads (easier to find essentials, but risking LONG threads such as "Understanding the dynamics"), or create a few initial, useful threads/topics and encourage people to start their own threads with specific questions? We could also include somewhat of an informal "how-to" guide in the "getting started" section, suggesting that new users check this or that thread for initial information, and start new threads (or ask in existing ones, depending on which approach we take) for specific doubts they haven't found an answer to. Just throwing around ideas...better get back to work!
    • What @atdlzpae said and they are perceived to be or have been behind in technology. I am OK with being behind in frills as long as the heart of the beast is strong and reliable. That said I am Rockwheel curious 
    • STL?  What printer?  Multi-color using a Palette/MMU (I think I see 5 colors, so guessing an MMU) - or manual filament swaps?
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