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    • Bear in mind that the MAX only has a 550Wh battery. And if I am not mistaken, it still takes 6hrs to 'fast' charge.
    • I would have been 100% in agreement with this when I got my first wheel but I think things are very much different now (and I suspect they would be for many riders who upgrade their wheels). The problem is that the standard chargers (1.5~2A) are only of any use when charging for many hours. That limits their use to home or work, and in either of those cases an external charger isn't really a problem. However, I still liked the idea of fitting the stock charger into the wheel and many wheels can accommodate it (MSX/Monster/Nikola unless you have the huge battery options) but the reality is that it's a bit pointless. Batteries are now at such a size that we need at least 5A, preferably more to make a dent in battery percentage within a reasonable time period. By 'reasonable' I mean workable if using it to charge whilst out and about. But taking into account that even a 6A charger will still take 4hrs to fill an 1859Wh MSX, the issue becomes size, weight and heat management. I just got my 6A 84v charger and it's massive, because it's necessary. A huge aluminium box with a large fan is needed to keep it happy and I'm not entirely sure you could ever fit the guts inside a wheel without issues. At the very least you would need to consider splashproof inlet and exhaust ports for the fan because you would need a huge heatsink otherwise. Admittedly I think there are smaller 6A chargers out there but the ones I like (Wate) are built properly and I wouldn't want anything of a lesser quality either inside or outside the wheel. Go to say 10A chargers (which I think is what EUC's will need soon when everything is above 2200Wh) and the problem of size and heat management becomes a real big issue if fitting internally.
    • Thanks for all the words of encouragement and the advice. I don’t know if I could ever stand up in a hammock! Wow! Thanks for the encouragement @RockyTop and @Mono   I’m a little unclear (maybe that’s an understatement, but I’m a dolt! 😃) about keeping my knee (or below my knee but above my shin / ankle) pinned to the wheel @meepmeepmayer  I’m thinking it’s just a matter of practice and building muscle memory. The videos are great though. Thank you!!! @Mike Sacristan, I’ve seen some of your other videos too. You and your wife (or girlfriend?) make it look so easy. And Mohamed seemed to get the mounting bit really quickly! I am doing a LOT of push off / step up and trying to ride further and further (still a lot more failure than success!). I recall a video where you were coaching your wife and breaking her of the habit of watching her feet. Any suggestions for that? There’s just A LOT of things happening at once!!! I’m 70ish KG and do feel that the 40PSI makes the wheel harder to ride (it feels slippery?? - not sure if that makes sense, but less pressure feels more stable to me). I just don’t want to get used to something too low or something that will hurt the wheel or pop the tire from compression against the rim. Any suggestions on what I should do for pressure?    Thanks again gents!!! The support in this community is amazing!!!!     
    • I have my alarm set at 60 amps and can hit that from a standing start on the flat but that rarely happens. FW 1.05
    • Well, that's not sustained, it's only 1m (if even that) of elevation at 33 degrees with substantial initial speed. 1m of elevation can be gained even with zero power if initial speed is 16kph, just by inertia. Can you redo this 33 degree test with zero initial speed, and not speeding up from the start-go, but rather just crawl up? That would be a clean test of torque.
    • I was riding with Petra today. We switched wheels. She took off on my 16X. She was doing 46kmh and the wheel was doing 5 beeps and also saying "please decelerate"... she never touched the soft tiltback though Afterward I told her to look at the stats. They said 46.5kmh. She said that can't be me I didn't hear any alarms.  I asked her what the hell is wrong with her ears because I can hear every single alarm lol. I guess we all have different ears and some ears cause more turbulence at speeds than others. I can barely hear my MSX beeping... she can hear her Tesla beep though. Strange. Without those beeps though we are stuck at soft tiltback. But what we can do is play with the 4 beeps in slower scenarios to get a feel of the amount of lean possible. For instance I was doing 35 and she was passing me at 45. I threw myself forward to match her speed and got soft tiltback at 44 because of the acceleration. Otherwise I would have gotten soft tiltback att 47 at that voltage. So the variable soft tiltback is a good feature. I did not get 4 beeps though. 
    • Indeed. And more. Tesla, MSX and 18XL can do it as well. Perhaps not from a standstill but I was hardly struggling. Check out the post below which includes a break down, a link to my clip and time stamps to all the relevant parts and information.
    • There's additionally one thing to think about: Some wheels may do not , as my Z10 does not, any recharging if the battery temperature is to high.  For example, if the temperature of the Z10  battery is above 42°C it will not be charged. Not with the standard charger and not by regeneration.  What's about your wheels? Is there any equal problem known already? 
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