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  • Recent Posts (euc only)

    • Have you played with the tire pressure? Maybe try riding with lower pressure to reduce wobbles then increase it by 1 PSI per day? How much armor do you wear. I feel much more confident and "safer" when wearing full motorcycle gear on my 18XL. Sometimes I get wobbles (mostly when braking hard). I also ride into pretty strong headwinds coming home from work. Enough to hear the 31 MPH beeps at 24 MPH. To help with the wobbles, I've been practicing riding while squating with my knees way out to force my legs to stay loose. Even reached down and touched the ground while riding(like surfers or skateboarders). Lastly, skill is only half the battle. Luck is what gets most people far in life. When I went to the pump track for the first time I just knew that I had to leave the ground straight up or else I would be in trouble. My luck only lasted so long until I fell...
    • Unless theres an "a-cola" at the end of that, then no. Coke? Is this a movie? Thats some heavy hitting drugs. Riding anything while on "proper jail time" drugs is a terrible terrrrrrrrrrrrrible idea. Try to never do that ever again, lol.  That being said, i have ridden home after a few pints, although I sober up extremely fast. The beginning part of the ride was wonderful. Flowing and carefree. Second part i was totally sober, and was just like, ok, lets get home. No accidents. Balance wasnt compromised. 4am in a village, not a car, pedestrian or animal on the streets, so I was all alone to break my neck in safety.
    • both may happen (though the latter should not, in particular with modern wheels), or the motor just runs out of torque. Which one happens depends on the motor power (i.e. available torque), possible current limitations, the pedal length, and the speed, because the available torque (and current) decreases linearly with increasing speed which makes riding at the speed limit particularly delicate and dangerous.
    • Title seems dramatic, lol, but its real. Maybe i'm just letting myself get too frustrated.  So firstly, I own the KS-18XL. I love this wheel, its awesome, but I feel like i cant do half of what its capable of doing. Others on their 18's ride...verry differently from me.  We'll start with connectivity and apps. Oh...my god. I feel like somehow it got worse. When i first go it, the kingsong app connected once every blood moon, but thankfully i didnt really need it as i'd just use wheel log. These days the kingsong app connects almost all the time, but no longer reads my battery. Instead is stuck on 100%. This started a day after that 3.0.9 update that we were forced to get. Not sure if they rolled out an auto update to it after that that jacked everything up, but theres not much I can do.  Next is wheellog. Before it was a BIT harder to connect, but once connected it would stay connected. Not anymore. On my ride just now, about 10 minutes across town i had to turn my wheel on and off at least 12 times to get it to register and connect. It wont even find the 18 sometimes. And other times, even when it does, it wont connect. But if im playing music through the wheel, i have 0 problems. All the while im having app connectivity problems, the music doesnt even stutter.  Now riding. I got a point on my 16s that I no longer got speed wobble. If the wheel DID wobble after a bump i could control it under my feet and it would be okay. Now on the 18, if the wind even THINKS about blowing, im wobbling. Ive found that im gripping the wheel for dear life now and my feet are aching in a matter of minutes, because i feel like if i get any speed at all, its going to start wobbling. Any bump, any wind, anything at all and im gonna wobble, and I lose all my confidence, and that feeling of zen and oneness just flys out the window and is replaced with anxiety and discomfort. Ive found ive gone from relaxed to very stiff and tense when I ride. My feet are tense. The upper part of my leg is gripping the wheel (depending on the material of my pants, that rubber sticks and i kinda hold on to it to accelerate or else i feel im gonna fall). My arms are not relaxed at all. In any video I see of myself, I noticed im overcompensating for every bump, trying to keep my balance, where everyone elses body barely moves on a bump.  Im coming up on 400km on this wheel now, and I feel like i should be better. Even in group rides im sitting in the back because I cant keep up with my friends on their 16s, and then 10 minutes in, my feet are fully cramping because of just how unrelaxed my body is. Part of it is the wobbles and the lack of comfort and the other part is the fact that i cant even rely on my watch for my alarms and the vibration, which is almost like a security blanket for me, as it turns off whenever the hell it feels like.  Im not sure what to do. 
    • Only at a steady speed. The only way to give the input to the wheel is to press the front end of the pedals more than the rear = more weight at the front of the axle than rear = CoG is forward from the axle. Take a canoe vs a boat for an example. Stand on a canoe, and the slightest step sideways tilts the whole system a whole lot. On a rowing boat the same tiny step barely tilts the boat. The bigger the boat, the more you have to step aside from the center line to achieve the same tilt. And it’s the amount of tilt that tells the wheel how fast to accelerate. Or tire width: Take a wheel with a 2” and a 3” wide tires, and tilt them the same amount. The contact point on a wide tire moves further away from the center line than on the narrow one, so the wide one turns more. During riding this means that the wide tired wheel doesn’t need to tilt as much during the same turn. RockyTop made a marvellous illustration and a video about why large wheels require more lean at an uphill. The same physics apply.  And it does, of course. But how fast? That’s the reason why large wheels feel lazy, they don’t need to accelerate as fast to balance the system.
    • Thank you Marty! Logan has not rode with me since my accident but it didn’t take long to reacquaint himself. Yes, he’s my little riding buddy! 
    • Love the colors and clarity in this video. And that drone is insane. Must be nice to have a Grandson riding buddy 
    • That was an interesting video and I agree with him. I am returning my gopro hero7 black to REI tonight. I just ordered this (https://store.yitechnology.com/collections/action-camera/products/yi-4k-plus-action-camera-with-waterproof-case) for mounting to my EUC, and then will pick up a Insta360 One X in a few weeks.
    • My Grandson Logan. My son would be proud!  
    • There's too few points of contact to make riding the seatless EUC particularly easy, but the seated EUC with a handlebar which allows you to "paddle" your feet on the ground should allow you to learn sweat-free, without the drama of constantly stooping to pick up the wheel. In my opinion, EUC manufacturers would do well to add the seat and the handlebar as training aids, because the steep learning curve of EUC comes from mounting the wheel and also relearning to use your legs instead instead of your arms to steer.
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