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  • Recent Posts (euc only)

    • Oh that. Montgomery thinks it has a lot of crime but it's actually 1/3 to 1/2 the rate of St Louis, and in my opinion it feels very safe. Everyone here is polite and chatty. Whereas St Louis is just awful. While I was there, the public transportation went from ok to "devoted to hauling human scum from ghettos to downtown and back". St Louis had to put just a crazy number of armed security on just about every car, and around five (!) cops at each station. Any less and there was assaults and muggings of the most stupid sort. My office actually stopped putting out our yearly crime report for a couple years, we just made it harder to get too, because things got that bad.
    • If you put extra weight towards the front or back of your wheel it will try to move in that direction to balance ... normally the rider does the counterbalance for the offset weight they are holding.
    • Yeah injuries suck, especially those putting us out for a longer period of time, particularly hurtful, etc.. Ohh man that is quite a power slide, loss of traction, nasty when unprepared for it no doubt.  I had a few myself and still a mystery to me how I actually managed to ride them out and stay upright even at quite the speed and wet stone surface with autumn leaves on them stones. I did fall over once with my wheel though, not the old ACM that one been in a crash or 2, the MSX did slip but at max 5km/h at a surface like this one here ,not that specific one but image give an idea about what happen when a regular cleaner (or cleaning technicians like some want to be called) decide to use soap in a new way. I kid you not, I did see him, I did see the floor was wet I saw it all but since I was first up the escalator off the train, ohh well I stood no chance at stopping the fall.    A few meters behind me people looked at me before entering the wet zone and started a chaotic dance floor by themselves, had to swipe the floor with a finger and no question this cleaning technician was not very technical at all and apparently quite confused about mixing ration?  
    • If suddenly an error occurs during the firmware, the program will notice and interrupt its work, and you will need to run the update again.
      Rollback to version 1.0.8 will do later.  
    • I too agree that it is a nice service by Jason to include the wrist guards. Although pretty tight they serviced me well on my many "learning" falls. I do actually like the design as I can wear my Apple watch for the Darknessbot app. For anyone else who likes this style of wrist guard but need something a little larger I found and bought these in x-large and they are plenty big. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009SU9UBS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 
    • A new version 1.1. Added support for firmware 7.6.0 for model A1/B1/S2, in it the maximum speed on the turbo model is increased to 30km/h.
      The replacement price for the model is now one and is 30$.
      Who changed the model to turbo - connect to the wheel and press button "FW 7.6.0"
      The firmware process takes about 9 minutes
    • I can, but then again I did some serious damage to my neck many years ago incl a nasty neck fracture. To me as well 1 kilo sounds about right but of course speaking from own needs and not in a broad general sense + no rule written in stone, the  TSG Carbon which is quite nice I must say, "she" have got a few quirks of "her" own like ventilation and fogging up when close to 100% humidity outside, I would change a few things to be called close to perfect (no such thing as perfection imho) but then again which helmet is that close to perfection, if to be totally non bias and honest about it? Mass of even close to 2 kilos is not much either, not really but weight of a helmet standing still vs the force of an object in motion, sudden changes of direction and riding for longer periods could be a bit different but God forbid in case of a accident straining the old injury? Again I must define I am speaking about myself now and could be different because of that damage to my neck and and I say I ride aggressive I do mean that, to a point it could likely be considered silly for a grown man and pushing his luck real bad at times but it is what I enjoy and one must have a hobby to love, I could literally die tomorrow crossing the street and try to minimize the risks as far as possible but enough about that. Helmets are about preferences too right, I often see people get stuck in a pattern of repetition about products becoming popular, buying the corporate hype about best gear out there, repetitions strengthening each others views to a point where we no longer see it objectively and perhaps not even realizing the bias? Perhaps not a popular thing to say even these days with all the protected speech zones and what not but I have never been to good at shutting it at an insane PC level, I speak my mind but do not try to deliberately hurt anyone's feelings. A very nice looking helmet it is though, with that visor on the looks of it.., yum.
    • I ride in much colder temperatures all the time; just keep the wheel at room temperature when it is not turned on.
    • Does the limiter actuation reported on bluetooth? And/Or do you have more info about it?
    • Most likely. I should start, but currently I don't ride at all with a camera. I see some pretty interesting stuff riding through DC, be fun to memorialize some of it.
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