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    • I don't think you are wrong. But on the other hard I don't think this is easy to solve. Early EUCs didn't need massive shells that could handle that big an impact, they were lighter and couldn't go as fast, then better wheels came. One of the better ones of its time yet a "tiny" wheel is the V8. it could take a fair beating yet still light.  People asked for more speed and range, and it is fairy simple to slap on a bigger battery and make motor more powerful (at least to some extend). And that has been GW (or what they call them self these days) trademark. So people bought these for that purpose range and speed, as long thy were cheep enough. What we are starting to see now is we reached the practical limit (I call it that and some will properly not agree, but anyway). By thing I mean speed for most people is as high as they would go most case (30-50kmh is city speed limits in most EU cities). The range is not so much a limit anymore (again for most people I am thinking 1500-2000Wh).  To increase range further right now, means more weight, same for speed. But having a rouge wheel doing EUC ballet doing the street at 40-60 kmh because someone got a cutout or someone didn't plan ahead and foreseen traffic situation (goes for all, rider, pedestrians, cars and so on) means a huge force is on the loose. So not only is it battery and motor that needs attention now. It is also shell design.  So to keep up with business the now is where we start to see how innovation and strong each brand has become. It takes something special to be the one customer buy this year. Last year suspension was introduced. You could see brands fighting for the attention. For some thing had been developed over long time others maybe not so much. Yet despite long time development unforeseen technical problems has occurred. But despite 6+ months further delay from IM it didn't solve what have now become know as the bearing problem. Work is ongoing to mitigate this (I know of some way they are doing this, that is as I understand it in last part of long term testing, no date yet when this is done or if it finally works).  So the V12? Those that only keep asking for speed and battery ? They are likely to be disappointed as the Sherman is right not top dog in this regard. So who will buy the V12? Looking at IM they have one of the best selling wheels of all time, the V8. But it is hopeless outdated now. They helped grow the community , but their eco system (next gen wheel) did't have what people were missing (range and speed and by that better safety margin for cut-outs). So part of that was the job of the v11. But people asked for more battery still and speed, because that is what they knew, suspension not so much. So that is the job of the V12. But here comes the problem. If you re not top dog you need to do something else. Innovation takes time, so to develop a stronger structure, have "enough" range and speed to be considered and at a competitive price range is not easy. Especially if you are competing with a company that do not consider quality priority.  IMO problems with a wheel can come from 3 things, quality, wrong design.or innovative boldness.  The V11 suffer mostly from the last, innovative boldness. Yes there have been issues with assembly too but mostly it is the bearing problem we seen most impact of.  I know IM have taken new steps to make sure the V12 will not have these problems. One thing I do know is the V12 has no suspension. So due to that I am not really that interested in the V12 as to buy it. I am very interested to see what other directions IM are taking with the V12. I do also know that suspension is not given up on from IM side. So I am very keen on what their next-next wheel will bring.  Now I am what some call a fanboy of IM. But I think of it more like I got lucky, that a brand decided to listen to their market and the direction they have taken  and how they are going on about it is what I think is the best move. So due to that I think IM are the best brand to deliver something better and interesting now and down the road where we are talking a good balance between price vs speed that is useful vs range that is practical.      
    • If there is anything to pick up from this conversation it is this: We need unified voice before we get banned. Disagree all you want (in the details) but do part take on the legality actions for EUCs. In europe German and Netherlands  already jumped in ban wagon. The lobbying force and public image of danger won. The average user had no voice in the conversation. Nor did the safety and statistic matter. The legal action we took to change the EU law barely got enough names on it. Our brothers In RC and drones are all watching as their hobby is being crushed. In Finland the lobbying are so crazy that ONLY one brand meets the standard they want to push in as legal. DJI would be the only brand that you can fly legally. Or divided we just might all fall. Drivers licence of any caliber could be requirement to prove the person is aware of road rules. Pretty much the only thing I would agree to at this time. Also having if we could get insurance and our vehicles are road legal that sounds great.  Would suck to get hit by car. But imagine he running you over on purpose and you having to pay for his damage. Only because he argues in court your vehicle is not road legal nor insured for road use. 
    • I too am familiar with R/c chargers and how that all works. Euc charging circuits and 'monitoring' is not the same. I'm not a whizz by any means about euc charging, but I'd be apt to belive a person who knows about their circuits first hand, rather than someone who knows about 'similar' circuits. This has all been beaten to death now, hasnt it? At least it seems everyone agrees that leaving a battery at ful charge for long times, is hard on the batteries. Of course, why wouldnt we all agree, as lithium batteries are all the same when just resting. Its the charging behavior that is differing. Maybe the majority of the confusion comes from us assuming the 'bms' is an actual bms. Thank you @Seba for clearing this up for me AGAIN. If i hear it enough from enough reliable sources, I'll eventually absorb the knowledge.
    • Trust comes from knowledge  As your knowledge comes from R/C smart chargers like Graupner or Redox, you may think that all balancers work in the same way. No, they don't. R/C charger measures voltage on each cell, so when it detects that there is some imbalance between cells, will stop charging and start discharging selected cells to match the voltage of the least charged cell (cell with lowest voltage). Then it will resume charging and entire process can be repeated as often as needed. This way battery can be charger partially and still get balanced during entire charging process, regardless of state of charge. But most balancing circuits built into BMSes used in our EUC batteries are completely different. In fact, calling these a BMS is an exxageration. They are just protection circuits. There are not smart and in fact, they don't manage entire battery (that's why they shouldn't be called BMS). They don't measure voltages on each cell group. Instead, each paralell cell group have its own, independent circuit called voltage comparator that checks if cell voltage is at or above 4.22~4.25 V. Only two possible states - voltage above or below predefined level. If above, it will connect a small resistor (usually 100 ohm) that will bleed excessive charge from this cell group and convert it to heat. And that's all. Nothing less, nothing more. There is no smart algorithm that manages entire battery, there is no balancing during charging. But to make this working, cell voltage must reach 4.2V and you get it only when battery is fully charged. Green LED goes on when charging currents drops below certain limit - something between 100 - 300 mA. Usually this signals that charging is (almost) complete, but in fact it will also signal any drop in charging current. This is why this LED goes green when you just unplug charger from wheel. More, you'll see green LED when battery protection circuit will disconnect charging ciurcuit after sensing single-cell overcharge, but entire battery will be far from full charge.
    • All i expected from the v12 is a large battery. The conversation turned into the future of wheels not current expectations of wheels.  I thought it was an interesting conversation though, glad to hear others viewpoints! 
    • Thanks a ton for the directions!!  This didn’t occur to me - I’m working on learning how to test these components, and I’ll see if I can hunt down the problem! I fix everything that breaks, so this shouldn’t be out of my scope, I think!   thank you everyone!! Very thankful for your time and comments!!
    • Ha, yeah from every youtuber they have under NDA it sounds like they have more information they could give us.
    • Devirginized the RS this morning. Drove across a patch of clear ice and the wheel hit the ground quicker than the blink of an eye. Was on my way back to my car after work. Was traveling a fast walking speed. Good thing not any faster. Was only wearing a helmet as far as safety gear. Security is a pain in the ass. I don't like stripping full knee, wrist,and elbow pads to pass through. My normal commute from car to work and back is mostly under 10 mph. I'm on a very busy sidewalk most of the way. At least there wasn't anyone around this morning.
    • I find it hard to believe you think Inmotion would pioneer such a thing. If this was a thread about Veterans next wheel I might understand but Inmotion has shown they aren't going to be the ones pushing the boundary when it comes to speed they provide improvements in other areas and just tag along just close enough in speed not to be left behind. Maybe if Gotway or Veteran make a big break through in speed Inmostion will follow after but they arn't going to unless it's proven first.
    • Its not so easy as paying a simple registration and insurance fee. For a vehicle to become insurable and treated as a motor vehicle, it has to pass standards. Standards for lighting, signaling, braking, power, emissions etc... None of these things comes cheap or easily. Hell, if we uphold these euc companies to even BS standards, they fail. Could you imagine the cost and amount of companies dropping like flies, if they had to meet road standards? Embracing legislation is not going to 'head it off at the pass', it will merely end our reign of freedom and fun much more quickly. You give an inch, they take a mile. I will try to avoid the inevitable and enjoy the grey areas until I am stopped from doing so. I will not embrace the end of my current freedoms, even tho I know its merely granted because of being overlooked. Are we going to limt the euc to 18 year olds and have a licensing strategy? Everything comes with compromises, and the current state of euc affairs in MY AREA are just fine. Im selfish and I really dont care much past what directly effects me.  I would much rather spend my effort hoping the next euc is an awesome wheel, than attempt to mitigate the damages that legislation will inevitably cause. So far, Im not seeing much favorable law making happening in other parts of the world. Given the choice, I'll take the niche' and grey area of my local area, everytime. Tbh, i could care less about law and more about enforcement anyhow. catch me if you can and when you let me go, we do it all again... derail train still rolling.... I think its gna take inmotion giving us some more cookie crumbs to get us back to the station...
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