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  • Recent Posts (euc only)

    • My one of these arrived today from the land of the Rising Sun, and.... it IS a 2.75 x 14 MC tyre (AFAICS) incorrectly labelled as an 18 x 3, with the blue stripe ! And it came with a valve cap, which the expensive Speedy Feet one didn't ! So that is indeed a proper bargain, and looks like the place to go for all Master tubes in the future... good shout @The Brahan Seer...
    • That's the troubles with puddles - you can't see what's under 'em... if you're lucky it'll be asphalt, and if not it'll be literally anything else - mud, leaves, wet grass, even perhaps a massive hole or crack in the road ! I suspect mud personally, which is always dicey on the smaller EUCs. Usually we slip out the side on that tho, rather than the wheel running on. Anyway, sorry to hear you crashed, and may your recovery be swift...
    • I mean wide knobby tire on a wheel with some good water resistance, spiked hollow pedals and not being 30kgs is exactly what you (I) want for a winter salt/snow/slush/rain wheel..  It would also give my girl more range and stability than the V8F..  If I wasn't looking for a winter/rain wheel, then yeah, it would not make much sense in taking A2 over KS18L. I don't know of any other real options for those shit conditions that would provide maximum support out of the box for bad weather traction this year.  I just know the skinny V8F in the snows/slushes/ice patches was quite exhausting last winter even when riding just 3-5km to the office and I think A2 perks should be an incredible upgrade.
    • So yesterday I had my first wipeout, and I'm still trying to piece together what happened. I was riding my inmotion V8S home from work after the rain had stopped.  I had been pretty cautious for most of the trip, but on the second to last intersection I had to cross to get home I took it pretty fast so I could get across the crosswalk before the walk time expired. There was no bike path here so I had to go up on the sidewalk, which had a small ramp with a small puddle accumulated at its base. I tried to slow down as I approached, but this may have been my undoing since after I hit the puddle it is all a blur, but in one swift motion the wheel went right out from under me and I landed perfectly far on my back, with my backpack failing to catch any of my weight. I was wearing a helmet and wrist guards, though I'm pretty sure my head didn't even touch the ground, just my back. The wind was knocked totally out of me, and I couldn't breathe for probably about 20 seconds, though it felt much longer than that. It hurt a LOT. The wheel had flown ahead about 25-30 feet, maybe further, and the outer and inner casing on the right side was damaged. As far as I could tell though, the internals are fine and I was able to wheel it the rest of the way home using the trolley handle. I will need to inspect the batteries though before I consider seriously using it again. After I could breathe, and checked I was able to articulate my spine carefully, I slowly made my way to the wheel and picked up the pieces of broken plastic that had come off it. I was going between 15-20 mph (as 21 is the top speed on the V8S) and I ended with pretty major bruising on my back/ribs, and bleeding abrasions on my lower back and elbows. The wrist guards probably saved me from a serious wrist sprain at the least, and though the helmet actually probably made no difference, I am very glad I was wearing one. The question I am still wrestling with, and why I am here, is I'm trying to figure out what happened. I'm not a very experienced rider, as I have only been riding for about 3 weeks, but I have about 120 miles on that wheel, and another 40 on a V12 High Torque someone lent me. I ride a lot between commuting and Uber deliveries I have been doing for fun. Every other time I have run into a bump or had instability I have usually been able to recover, or worst case bail from the wheel, but what set this incident apart is that as far as I can tell it was instantaneous. I didn't have even a moment to recover or react before I was falling. My best guess as to what happened is that there was silt or mud in the puddle that caused me to lose traction while leaning back. The wheel kept going and probably spun faster trying to recover balance, which didn't help since traction was already gone. My girlfriend however has an alternate hypothesis, that I hydroplaned upon hitting the puddle, which had a similar effect. This seems unlikely to me, given the skinnyness of the V8S wheel, and my relatively low speed, but it happened quickly enough to be that way. The other hypothesis is that some sort of malfunction took place, and the wheel, maybe trying to regain traction or something, simply accelerated forward while I was leaning back. Either way, the result was some pretty gnarly damage to the wheel casing and a very painful set of bruises, it hurts to breathe still and work has been pretty miserable. Does anyone have any ideas as to why I may have lost traction so suddenly, and most importantly what I should do in the future to prevent that from happening again?
    • Also posted to Facebook Electric Unicycle Marketplace, will be more responsive there.
    • A0321640B001934B for my cutout
    • Hi Forum! Long time member here selling a pre-loved King Song S18 with the essential upgrades. Full disclosure, this wheel did have a motherboard failure. replacement was done by me (been riding/repairing since 2015) and has been perfect ever since. Total mileage should be around 800, but this board has about 222 miles. Tire was replaced around 400 miles due to a flat. Rim is perfectly round. Wheel was sold by EUCO.   Link to images: https://imgur.com/a/l7wuoOL INCLUDING: King Song S18 Clark Pads (also have Kai Pads for an additional $100) Spiked Pedals Charger   Local LA sale strongly preferred, willing to ship ground in the US AT BUYERS EXPENSE. I no longer have the original box so please factor packing material fees.  Asking $990.  
    • Here in the states, ADA or American Disability Act Title III sometimes can be used to justify riding EUC of your choice due to medical reasons which authority can't ask you whatever they may be. I and my wife brought our wheels to Angel Island. When ferry landed, a ranger greeted us saying EUCs are not allowed. So I told him I am exercising ADA Title III and he let us use them. But funny he says, we can travel from point A to point B only and can't use them for entertainment. Huh?! Anything like that in Spain. For your information, we are in our mid 60s and walking around the whole island is really too much a hike. We wheel around the island in around one hour and saw beautiful scenaries on the island from every angle. Folks we met really envy us!
    • First the Master, then the T4, then the EX30 now the Extreme, seems there are plenty of competent people Begode could consult regarding link design. 😅
    • I don't know, I don't have any hands on with his electronics myself, he just moved to another city and he's pretty new to EUC's and don't have that much experience servicing them so I'm not going to probe him too much about it.
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