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  1. Well, better to have an EX.N HT controlboard, since the heatsink shape is different. Or, you could probably move an RS HT board onto your old EX.N heatsink, but that's even more labor... Finally, watch out for motor cable length: an RS motor cable may be too short to reach the board mounting location for EX, since RS is more compact. (Motor cables are very difficult to splice and extend in a durable and reliable way, and if they fail, you crash immediately.) If you have an intact and working EUC, and want a different model, I think it's better (and sometimes cheaper!) to sell
  2. Ah. Then it just depends on if your new C38 motor has the gen1 hub or the gen2 hub... because the pedal hangers must match the hub design.
  3. Hmm. Did you have another practical method in mind, for installing the covers while keeping the stator centered? Thx
  4. No. EX:Suspension and EX.N have totally different motors, with different stator hubs, bearings, and side covers. If you wanted to convert EX.N to EX:Suspension, you'd need the entire motor-rim-suspension-hanger assembly (and the different controller to match the 40mm motor). And even then it's no guarantee to match your shell, since they've revised it since the first EX's were produced.
  5. The narrow EX.N rim will squeeze the tire and make it more narrow... it was dramatic with the 80/90-14 CityPro I had... Did you try mounting and inflating it?
  6. So what is the 3rd pin used for now? Thx
  7. Very excited for this "2nd generation" of hubs and bearings! Having broken MSX axles before, I'm a believer in the future of hollow motors. Let's see if they improved the bearing fit this time around... but it sounds like the huge-diameter boutique (expensive) thin-shell bearings from the RS/EX.N/MonPro are being phased out.
  8. Production model: https://ecodrift-ru.translate.goog/2021/07/01/inmotion-v12-pervaya-partiya/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=ajax,elem Thicker motor wires than 16X ! Pogo pins... watch batteries... and FETs rated for only 100V ?! Some guinea pig needs to do a cold-weather full-battery braking test before one of these would get my money...
  9. @HarpMudd, say it with me: "There's no such thing as a perfect wheel" Speed vs Torque. V12 and 16X have the same motor design, except that 16X uses four turns per pole, and V12 uses three. If you want to ride safely at 30mph, 16X is a very bad choice. V12 is a HS version of 16X with a slightly larger battery. And if you wanted an offroad hillclimber that's even more capable than 16X, you know the answer... (18" tire with C38 motor)
  10. MTen3 can haul the mail over some really rough crap with the right riding style... especially for a featherweight rider. Also bear in mind: all Gotways include app-based configuration of the tiltback speed, as well as user-enabled speed alarms at the (non-adjustable) speeds of ~25kph and ~35kph. Tiltback is subtle and the kid might just ignore it; the beeps are annoying and do get your attention.
  11. Kingsongs had RFI issues in the past, perhaps Veteran too... https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/20844-ks18xl-sudden-shut-down-inside-store/ What'd I miss? Link? Thx
  12. Will he ever use it unsupervised? The issues that come are: It gets wet and the kid doesn't confess about it (future battery fire risk) Riding in roads with cars Those risks aside, how about 84V MTen3? Safe at 34kph, and fun for dad too
  13. ^ A good reminder of the progression of a cylinder cell pack fire. To avoid repeating ourselves... "How to store the EUC to make fire less damaging" Discussion here: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/12959-fireproof-euc-charging-station/ "What to do once it's on fire" Discussion here: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/20950-your-wheel-catches-fire-while-charging-what-do-you-do/ Happy riding
  14. The Sherman is a HS street wheel Red is better for these large coarse threads Nordlock washers (including the captive-washer nuts) aren't designed for the (crappy) axle lock-wedge design that Gotway and Veteran use... Instead, loosening can be avoided from proper installation torque, including rapping of the wedges until final torque is consistently held. (101 ft-lb was the Gotway torque spec.) More here.
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