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  1. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    Heh, you're right. Those threads rush into theoretical sciences and are only interesting to the people who were interested in force diagrams beforehand. The posts have very little likelihood to hold the interest of 'normal people' as much as any EUC rider can be considered normal Assuming for a moment that the goal here is to: "Identify which property or specification of an EUC most strongly corresponds to its maximum practical acceleration" (assuming a standard rider and a standard road surface)... ... forum posts, science texts, and theoretical discussion are unlikely to be an effective teaching method for many interested EUC lovers. We are in the YouTube age- prime time for someone to design and record a physical demonstration, Bill Nye style Planks of wood, bathroom scales, good lighting, clickbait tape and fancy graphics. Hit us in the face with a real demo showing how foot position, pedal length, power pads, tire diameter, and motor ratings can change how much acceleration we feel - it's what Marty and most others care about! ^ calling all vloggers
  2. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    This is the fun and interesting part of the EUC torque fallacy... but I feel like this MSP thread is the wrong place to explore it. Didn't we have another thread on the mechanical physics of EUC, that we could jump to?
  3. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    Agreed, lol, but @mrelwood I thought you gave up trying to explain the mechanics of EUC It makes me wonder if we could refer to and quote something, as a single-post explanation of "how acceleration works" the next 200 times this comes up...
  4. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    (nothing to see here)
  5. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    It's a similar jump to the previous MSV3 -> MSX. (Did MSX first batch have issues?)
  6. Does the Nikola do anything better than the MSuper's? I think only: Cheaper (@ 84V 1600wh) Speakers Blinky lights Pedals (can swap to MSuper) Love my MSX, no regrets. Covered it in foam, many crashes and tumbles at <20mph, no cracks yet for me. I'll leave the 30+ stuff for someone else.
  7. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    Cry me a river... it looks cooler, goes faster, bigger battery, similar price. Nuff said
  8. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    Weird- those two pics show two different tires! Top looks like CST C-1488 (e.g.: KS18XL) Bottom looks like ChaoYang H-5102 (e.g.: MSX)
  9. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    But the charging port isn't hardwired to the cells- it goes to the BMS. Do you know if the Gotway BMS protects for charger short-circuit? (I think it should but can't confirm)
  10. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    So, MS.. MS... MSP? MSPro? SuperPro?
  11. I made the noob mistake of not realizing the straps unclip from the shell. Pulling them on over pants was a chore, and also resulted in poor fit for me. After I found the clips, much better. Be smarter than me
  12. On smooth asphalt in a quiet area, especially with walls or trees alongside to reflect the sound... yes, notable tread buzz with C-186. Super smooth ride though, I feel zero knob vibration even at my lowest speeds. You, sir, need torque pegs / power pads / shin blocks / whatever it takes to put something in contact with your shin to increase the torque command when it tries to launch you off the front with unexpected deceleration
  13. Plan B looks practical for anyone that can't find a C-186: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/12504-the-tyre-tire-thread/?do=findComment&comment=283462
  14. Got one, fits great, rides great, thanks for the recommendation @mrelwood!
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