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  1. For posterity: And just a few non-harmful caveats to note: My 2019 MSX 84V goes to sleep automatically after 2hr; I woke it back up to restore the bluetooth-based battery voltage reading, around 2:30. My 2019 MSX board's voltage measurement hardware isn't calibrated very accurately, and reads about 0.5V higher than actual, which is why you see the voltage data flat-line at 84.0V. In reality, voltage was slowly increasing throughout the entire log. (I simulated a 'fault' by unplugging the charger from the EUC while it was still in the CC phase)
  2. Using the 84V battery directly is asking for trouble... That being said, the practical way would be to use an inverter that accepts 90V DC. Those are rare and expensive. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32762489820.html And with any device, care must be taken to avoid excessive current draw from the EUC. Get this wrong, and you'll damage your toy in ways that may not be obvious, and that could cause injurious crashes or injurious fires later
  3. Hey neat! A dry media that's as effective as water, but lighter than sand. 'As effective as water' probably won't hold true for batteries assembled into an EUC- the cellblock media won't be able to get inside the shell, so the cells will always have some room to 'breath' and keep evolving heat... but at least all that violence would be happening deep in a bed of absorbent media. And the plastics and tire won't be allowed to keep burning. It presents a lot of practical challenges for putting out a fullsize EUC on fire: you may need more than 10 gallons of media to completely envelop
  4. FYI, smartplug alternatives are discussed at length below: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/21054-euc-world-charging-control-in-upcoming-24-release/
  5. 2.4.1, MSX 84V, tour looks great here... HS110 smartplug worked straight away too. @Seba in charging control, if I select 100% as the threshold, what condition causes it to switch-off the charger? (I noticed that if the charger is not plugged into the EUC, and 0 watts input power reporting, it switches off automatically after about 15 seconds...) Thx
  6. The 100V MSP C38 has more torque than MSX. If you want to ride mountain bike trails with steep terrain and use lean pads, it's better. The 100V MSP C30 is 10mph faster than MSX. If you want to ride 35mph+, it's your only choice. If you don't care about either situation above, save EUR250
  7. Inmotion changed V11 motor covers from bearing size 6816, to size 6916. It's best to confirm it by inspecting the markings on your old bearings. The size code will be etched on the edge of the metal race, or molded into the seal, or both. Or, measure them: 6816 is 100mm outer diamater; 6916 is 110mm. They both use 'rubber seals, both sides' which is seal code 2RS, as you said. The brand is unknown, but standard-fit bearings of this size should be compatible, because the size is standardized by industry. Hope this helps
  8. I suppose the news from December is more noteworthy now, in lieu of the many recent issues with LG M50T packs...
  9. The fan passage faces towards the direction of tire rotation?! C'mon guys...
  10. -20°C is the manufacturer-specified temperature limit, so please avoid going colder. https://www.batteryspace.com/prod-specs/11514.pdf Yes. Exposure to fog and condensation for long durations is a real hazard.
  11. For the battery, there is virtually no difference. For the rider's safety, there is a very slight difference (it's a yuge 3100wh pack, after all). So I'd choose based on convenience: don't bring a charger to work
  12. Hundreds of boards have failed. The consequences of a board failure, compared to a battery fire, are insignificant. "I saw sparks and smoke!" is the only common thread... (but one stops on its own; the other totals your house). Please let's make every effort to not intermix these two different types of failure.
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