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  1. Those numbers are misleading... the hub-motor in EUC's is physically huge in comparison to Esk8, and is not the only thing that makes up the continuous duty rating (e.g.: 2500W MSP you mentioned). Peak power is about 10kW. But in general, Esk8 has more zippyness and sensation of acceleration. With Esk8 you can pin the throttle (hand control) and adjust your stance on the long deck accordingly, which feels natural. For EUC to match it, you have to find a way to get comfortable with extreme lean angles, with only the relatively small pedals to stand on. Very few people achieve it. Ergonomics are the limit, not the motor. (This fellow is about to get very bloody...)
  2. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    https://www.instagram.com/mono_customize/ https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/17143-monocustomize-side-pads
  3. Gotway is conservative and will give you beeps and severe tiltback at 3.3V/cell. Kingsong runs them far deeper. Continuing to ride after overdischarge is very bad (leads to voltage reversal for the weak cell) but here we're talking about <3V. I recommend riding the Gotways till they tilt you off, and be more conservative with the Kingsongs... Recharge including a few hours of balancing before a long ride; store the wheel at low SOC. Don't sweat the small stuff, if there are cell defects it's bad luck and not your fault.
  4. And I was hoping MSP might stand out a bit more (lower Wh/mi), given its low-Kv motor... but in Marty's same-speed same-route test, it fell right in line with the other GW's. In any case, based on the MSP's pack, I'm convinced I'd see +20% range vs my 84V MSX. (I burn thru my 1600wh pack in ~20mi with twisty hilly offroad riding.) Good stuff.
  5. What I found: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GBsZYkn_tVFtPgKu4MHzun1J-INXPoY-LLGB8quBDog/edit?usp=sharing
  6. For posterity: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/15504-mcm5-with-14x25-wide-tire-is-fantastic/ Buddy put this tire on his MCM5 and rides offroad with me. But even after ugly trimming, the MCM5 still struggles with debris because there is so little tire clearance to the shell- it vacuums up leaves and mud and doesn't self-clear its jams. Kinda frustrating. MCM5 is best for "improved surfaces" only IMO. Prefect for a 150lb rider in San Francisco I bet.
  7. You, everyone, all of us, need lean pads! Don't judge till you try. (Critical for getting the power out of any of these fullsize wheels)
  8. It seems plausible that they'd choose a sprung seat (shell, controller, pack, etc) isolated from the rigid motor and pedals. This keeps the 'standing' riding dynamics the same as a no-suspension EUC, and adds the option to sit and cruise with additional shock absorption. (This would have little appeal to us offroaders, unfortunately.) "Full-suspension EUC" has a lot of challenges, so I'd be shocked if it appears in the first production model. I hope they're rigorous in their validation of the flexible wiring to the motor...
  9. Yes. And if they choose the 21700 cells Gotway uses (LG M50T), the rated maximum per-cell discharge current is actually very low. https://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/LG 21700 M50T 5000mAh (Gray) UK.html Max discharge current: 7.275A More parallelism please.
  10. Marty do you have a list of the results for all of the wheels you've range-tested, that you could share? TIA
  11. https://www.newsweek.com/california-worlds-biggest-economy-lockdown-governor-orders-residents-stay-home-1493352 " The order, which Newsom calls a "safer-at-home" order, is mandatory and will make the vast majority of the the state's almost 40 million residents stay self-isolated in their homes. Residents will be able to leave their homes for exercise and for essential needs. All non-essential businesses will also close; grocery stores, pharmacies and banks, among others, will stay open. Some restaurants will also stay open, however, they will be delivery or take-out only. Before Newsom's order, a number of counties—including Los Angeles County—issued similar directives. Newsom also said that the National Guard would help with the distribution of food, acting in a "purely humanitarian" manner. California will also partner with the social media platform NextDoor so citizens can check in with neighbors during the lockdown. "This is a moment we need to make tough decisions," Newsom said. "We need to recognize reality." The order comes into effect Thursday, until further notice. Violations of the order are punishable as a misdemeanor. The maximum punishment would be a fine of $1,000 or no more than six months in prison, but Newsom says he does not plan to have police enforce the order." Keep "exercising" Marty!
  12. Finally becoming real I hope... (2 year old concept image below)
  13. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    ^ this should move to a waterproofing thread, such as: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/6602-best-euc-for-riding-in-the-rain/
  14. Beware that's an AC Wh meter... so you would need to estimate (subtract) the efficiency of your charger if you wanted to use it to determine "DC Wh delivered to the wheel".
  15. MTen3 is a pain to open because you have to pull away the adhesive pads (which won't reattach perfectly). How about: discharge until tiltback (ride it till it won't let you), then overnight re-charge with a DC Wh meter like ChargeDoctor. >400 Wh delivered = you're good.
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