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  1. (KS S18) We did get a glimpse, hit that thread for more...
  2. K262: Fits great, rides great, carving is still fun (my biggest concern). I'm comfortable saying "it's just as good as C-186." I rode both back-to-back on dirt, gravel, and asphalt and struggle to feel a difference.
  3. No; those connections are split into many parallel groups. And as you can see, Tesla Motors uses per-cell fuse links, super slick. https://youtu.be/NpSrHZnCi-A?t=339 We could go even further with the design optimization... Yes. As @Rywokast said:
  4. Your answer is power pads! (about 2% the cost of another wheel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMQpDH_IXhU&feature=youtu.be&t=363
  5. Chill 30mph ride with our locals... everyone dressed for the slide, way it should be. One of these riders had an electrical cutout 2 days later (no injury). Wear your gear and tell your friends.
  6. ewheels! https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/18403-kenda-k262-tyre-available-in-usa-from-ewheels/
  7. K262 vs C-186: K262 knobs are spaced slightly further apart (higher void ratio). More voids are good for loose surfaces and bad for pavement... but the difference is between the two seems marginal. Slightly larger OD (sorry I don't have a virgin C-186 to measure... I recommend measuring rolling distance of 1 revolution) K262 is just a tiny bit harder, 60 vs 58 via durometer-A K262 vs H-5102 (original MSX tire): Knobs! (duh) Larger OD (Similar hardness) Media for those interested: https://photos.app.goo.gl/BtKqUbJBxK4b4jjT9
  8. Small tires and rough surfaces don't mix. Why is your MSX "bad" for short trips?
  9. LG 21700 M50T is 5000mAh per cell, so 18Wh per cell typically. 500Wh is 28 cells; but you must add 20 at a time for the 84V system, so you're adding capacity in multiples of 360Wh.
  10. MTen3 has bit me so many times... I regard it the same as a OW. Over 15mph, it requires smooth inputs; otherwise you're on your ass. "Underpowered" and super fun. MSX: much safer.
  11. This sounds like your BMS triggered its Charge Stop protection. To give your pack more opportunity to balance, discharge it by 10% then attempt charging again. It may improve each cycle like this... (or, balance manually).
  12. No announcement? Good knobby offroad dual sport dirt mud (keywords) tire option for MSX / MSP / S18 / V11 KENDA 042621434B0 TIRE K262 2.75-14 4PLY 2.75/100-14 Looks quite similar to CST C-186 Ordered one, standby for review... https://www.ewheels.com/product/18x3-tire-kenda-k262-knobbly-msx-msp/
  13. The output from the auxiliary pack may turn off. If it does, you're left with the Gotway packs alone (which should carry you onward nicely). Resetting this type of "trip" could be quite challenging though, depending on the reset logic used by the auxiliary pack's BMS...
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