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  2. Marty Backe

    MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    I do want to make it clear that I followed the original instructions, so I drilled out the hole with a 11/32nds drill bit. Then with hot water soaking, soapy water, and a big heave-ho, the slipped in. It's been holding air great.
  3. meepmeepmayer

    New Tesla 2 - Does anyone know the specs?

    First I thought the board is on the side now, but probably that's just the tray heatsink laid there. Otherwise I think we'd see a battery on top, 1020Wh won't fit on one side. Motor cable length also is appropriate for board on top. Where's the image from? Got any more?
  4. fbhb

    New Tesla 2 - Does anyone know the specs?

    Yeah, just wondering that too and just edited my last post to reflect!
  5. meepmeepmayer

    New Tesla 2 - Does anyone know the specs?

    Is the board on the side now, or just laid there but sits on top like before? It looks like the old Tesla board, motor wires soldered in instead of the screw thing, and the mosfets look rather small (if that's them between the capacitors).
  6. Luca Morello

    Italian Discussion Group

    Se qualcuno vuole svendere king song 18a o similari, mi può contattare. Visto il divieto di mezzi elettrici con sellino, con la nuova legge. Svendere vuol dire svendere
  7. The max (3 bar) or a bit (but not much) less. Somehow everyone does that. I did, too. Gotway and Kingsong are unknown for people who don't come to this forum. I guess because Inmotion (and earlier Solowheel) are the only ones doing any marketing. So reviews and articles are mostly for the V8, even if they are old (same reason people still consider the oooooold Ninebots). I'd say @Jason McNeil also played a role because he sent out wheels to influencers and the V8 was a lower priced, fully developed, and reliable option for that, unlike the more raw and expensive Gotways and Kingsongs.
  8. Looking at this jump breakdown on the thumbnail, it's apparent he always lands sideways to roll out. Seems to me this is the biggest flaw for EUC riding; being at a disadvantage of quick action in the event of a fall/failure. The stem of my escooter is the thing that gives me the most feeling of security. Even at speed, there is something in that split second you have to weight correct or pivot from the handle bars that I thinks saves people from full on face plants. Has anyone worked out the above roll out equivalent for an EUC? (I know run-off is one option).
  9. fbhb

    New Tesla 2 - Does anyone know the specs?

    Also noticed metal inserts for the cover screws and socket cap screws for the pedal hangers!!! Also, must be a different battery placement with the board now on the side???
  10. What were the reasons around cutoff? I do agree that a full face is the way to go. Kuji rolls has a pretty nice lightweight Fox one which doesn't look to intimidating. But I think I'll opt for one with MIPS and multi-crash rating. Needless to say, it will be a long while before I get to the dizzying speeds of 20mph+.
  11. BTW 20KG is forking heavy! I knew my 8KG escooter rationale was right all those years ago (just take a look at how many people fold their m365s....clue: zero!). The Tesla, this mofo is going give me a hernia! To think I thought about going KS16X (24KG).
  12. Worth mentioning I ended up with the Tesla. Might have to drop that in conversation with non EUC people... "My other vehicle? Oh yeah, I'm on a Tesla". They'll wonder if I'd suddenly come into some money! This thread is actually an interesting journey. Starting out with the Inmotion V8 and then doing my usual OCD detailed look into the euc world. I think if the KS16S didn't have the high throttle cap and speed limit then I may have gone with that. In terms of pure looks I think the V8 is still the best of the selection on here. Not sure I can co-sign the egg look of the Tesla but it's not hideous. I found the KS16S cushions to make it look really old fashioned. Haven't done much on the Tesla front other than get on it between a door frame to have a feel of the forward and back motion. Coming from a snowboarding background I'm hoping I won't have as steep a learning curve as some others. Related and crucially though, I have made the mental mind shift that this isn't my escooter and like snowboarding is going to be something I learn and practice rather than just hopping on an going. Stocking up on safety gear in the interim with the rationale that I'm getting 2 for 1 on equipment since I'll use them for snowboarding... whatever eases the mental cashflow police! PS - what PSI should I be running on the wheel? Feels a bit flat.
  13. Rehab1

    I got my KingSong KS18L stolen

    Or sell all of your wheels like I did and start from scratch. You should see @Marty Backe‘s outtakes
  14. Electroman

    MSX 100v VS MSX 84v

    Speed wise it can make sense with the larger diameter, although to some like myself accelerations matter a lot for city riding and so does braking, used to think 16" was the ultimate sized wheel but corrected that to 18" now, just the best middle ground for someone like myself. Yes dreams of a 30kw peak beast is there but only a lot of money, educating myself, time and money can take me there at this point and do all that myself, even after that the law comes into play, would the police still look away if happen to catch me in action? I doubt it, that is pushing it.
  15. Gasmantle

    Entry level euc: s2, ks14d, im v5f

    Yea it's great fun, I can still only get about 30yds and can't yet steer it but I'm hoping in a few days I'll have have the basic riding learnt
  16. NylahTay

    Entry level euc: s2, ks14d, im v5f

    @Gasmantle thanks! I've been wanting to upgrade for a while. It's so much fun. Congrats on your wheel, a bit of a learning curve at first, but once you get hooked there is no going back.
  17. Today
  18. Electroman

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Nils, Mike, Gwan m.f.. Ja kanske den Söndagseftermiddagen kan gå för årets första träff? Annars får vi tänka om såklart, vore kul om alla som vill kan vara med, kul om du fått ditt hjul också såklart lagom sugen på prova hahaha. Kommer själv vara extremt upptagen fram till hösten men nystartade stora projekt på jobbet, fick nyss boka om hela semestern pga det men kan nog vara ganska flexibel ändå, några timmar ska jag nog kunna hitta nästan när som.
  19. Marty Backe

    I just ordered MCM5 as my first wheel.

    Oh oh, the pressure's on Hopefully you love the wheel like I do
  20. Gasmantle

    Entry level euc: s2, ks14d, im v5f

    Congrats, like I said earlier I only got my V5F yesterday and I'm still learning to ride mine but I can already see that its going to be great fun.
  21. NylahTay

    Entry level euc: s2, ks14d, im v5f

    Yeah I've already ordered a replacement EUC earlier this month. I'm upgrading to the KS18xl. Waiting patiently as ewheels.com gets the shipment in.
  22. LucasD

    Mten3 first wheel and recommendations

    Slime tubeless is using artificial latex so should not dry too. Though some say you can add little water to liven it. Whereas I saw a lot of opinions that Stan or Orange seal is better at sealing, but the lifetime is 3 to 6 months at most, so I would stick with Slime. Goop though look very similar to slime... Good test here
  23. Altaire.

    Entry level euc: s2, ks14d, im v5f

    Went ahead and pulled the trigger on the v5f... the sale page says that the purchase includes a cover, wrist protection and a handle, the confirmation letter just says a cover will be sent separately though?
  24. scubadragosan

    Kingsong 18s?

    I already have a 18S. I want another one just in case KS stop making them. It has the best seat arrangement of all the wheels.
  25. Michael Tucker

    KS18L For Sale in SF Bay Area - $950

    Thank you for that kind offer!
  26. NylahTay

    rear view mirror

    @Smoother, something like these?
  27. I was already taking the weight of the wheel and rider into account as that's a given. I still find it amazing. Which is why I thought we were still some distance away from wheelspinning EUC's. In any event, I don't think the extra weight of an 18" EUC which is able to accelerate as fast as a 14" should give any great increase in the chance of wheelspin. Especially as the contact patch would be even bigger due to a bigger tyre (both diameter and width). And it would also be taking a heavier load...(admittedly over a larger contact patch so it might even out..)
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