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Firewheel is not turning on


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The charger might be bad, and the batteries in the Firewheel might be dead now.  Only advice I can think of is to get a multimeter and check the voltage of the battery and the output of the charger.

I think the charger should put out 67 volts, and the battery should not be less than about 60 volts at the lowest.  If the battery gets too low it won't charge, and might be the reason the wheel only turns on with the charger connected,

I'm guessing the battery is bad.

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thanks, I have checked battery,

found 53 V and ....3 dead cells , I replaced those and now 61V but it didn’t starts the same as previously, charger when plugged 

only ligts red for five minutes not more and then green that’s it.

shoud try to check the charger - good idea:) also when swiched off wheel is turning in steps like some coils are stopping it. is it normal?  newer noticed that before.

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