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    I just put together a little review of my new two favorite power wheels.
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    Gotway MSuper X vs Kingsong 18XL Comparison Review
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    My new slogan, now that I'm armored up
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    Here is the translation of @EcoDrift's post on the Russian forum (https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=56996.msg1513153#msg1513153) I took a liberty of translating and re-posting here, as this might be a very valuable resource for forum users. Summary: 1. Failure rate. Only electrical and electronic issues are counted (flat tires and mechanical damages are ignored). Side notes are from Ecodrift. Gotway is not represented because Ecodrift didn’t sell it in 2018 Inmotion: V3 - 25% V5 - 16% V5F - 10,84% V8 - 8,74% very decent result for the most popular wheel, especially considering that failure rate for batteries and controllers was only 5% V10 - 45% total disaster V10F - 8,5% same as for V8 KingSong: 14b - 7,79% small amount of sales in 2018 14M - 5,04% very good result for a budget wheel 14D, DS - 6,77% 16S - 8,11% 18a - 19,44% mostly from 2017, there were almost no sales in 2018 18S - 21,15% mostly from 2017, there were almost no sales in 2018 18L, XL - 6,41% might be a misleading result: in some cases controllers were exchanged when it was not required. Many units sold, but still the wheel could have been more polished. Ninebot: Z6 - 33,35% they used to say “smart BMS”.... oh, well Z10 - 19,15% they used to say “hall sensors are doubled”... oh, well 2. Falure rate for controllers and hall sensors Inmotion: V3 - 7,5% V5 - 10% V5F - 7,88% V8 - 5,12% V10 - 25% disaster... V10F - 5,88% KingSong: 14b - 5,19% 14M - 3,6% the best result 14D, DS - 3,701% 16S - 5,04% 18a - 8,33% 18S - 17,31% disaster 18L, XL - 5,34% Ninebot: Z6 - 9,52% Z10 - 12,77% 3. Batteries and BMS Inmotion: V3 - 12,5% V5 - 3% V5F - 0,99% V8 - 0,64% V10 - 10% don’t use Chinese cells in the high-end wheels V10F - 1,96% KingSong: 14b - 1,36% 14M - 1,08% 14D, DS - 2,26% 16S - 1,97% 18a - 5,56% 18S - 3,85% 18L, XL - 0,71% Ninebot: Z6 - 23,81% Z10 - 6,38% Final conclusions. 1. Inmotion is in a good shape for leading wheels with 8-11% failure rate, especially considering that with controllers and hall sensors it is only 5-8%. Quite good. As to the batteries – Inmotion is OK except the disaster with V10 Chinese cells. Bad choice. V5F, V8, V10F remain to be hits. 2. Kingsong. All is well. Failure rate for leading models is 5-9%. 14М is a winner for reliability. For controllers and hall sensors failures are down to 3-6%. This is slightly less than Inmotion. Kudos to 14В, 14М, 14D,DS, 16S, 18L,XL. Separate notes about 18L, XL. Sorry tha all first buyers were essentially beta-testers and deficiencies were being removed on-the-fly. Now these wheels seem to be reliable, but it is not guaranteed. 3. Ninebot. See for yourself. I expect the worst in spring and summer when those who bought them late 2018 will actually start using them.
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    Finally got around to publishing this ride with @Ando Melkonyan and @YoshiSkySun, where we participated in the September Los Angeles CicLAvia.
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    My 2 month 500 miles and completely bias =) review of the ninebot Z10!
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    Target achieved... Sorry @Unventor - we just waterproof our standard EUC and use scuba tanks (not shown in the photo)! Also not shown in the photo is Mrs. TFU who rode out with us on the King Song N1D scooter - with dual 1000 W motors and knobbly fat tyres the 15 km of loose gravel was almost too easy!
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    Bright Light! I had an opportunity to use the headlamp in total darkness tonight. I'm very impressed. I think this may be the best light of any current EUC. The Z10 is fairly bright, but it's too dispersed. The Inmotion V10 has a very nice light, but I think it's also a bit too washed out. The current crop of Gotway wheels have a very bright light but the distribution of light is very tight and not very regular. This KS18(X)L light is fantastic. Extremely bright with a great distribution pattern. Not too wide like the Inmotion or too tall like the Z10. Seems just about perfect to me
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    One possible scenario: a heavy-ish rider (85kg+) on Z doing max speed at lower battery percentages, then hitting a bump. heavy riders are known to have decreased max speed in general (more power required), when compared to lighter riders on the same wheel. a wheel traveling at max speed / power load is more susceptible to sudden overpower cutting out due to hitting obstacles at said max speed. this is why the non-Gotway manufacturers will artificially set the max speeds even lower than the max power threshold (ala Gotway), and also why IMHO (especially after doing the math) messing with this restriction on the Z is dangerous. Case in point: the latter bullet point happened to me (in a way) plenty back in the sub-1kW nominal motor (weaker) EUC days. On my former 550W nominal InMotion V5 & 800W nominal IM V8, me being a mid-weight rider at ~80kg (with backpack weight) cruising on the edge of max speed / tiltback, I would every now and then hit an unexpected bump, where I would feel the weakening of the motor from the surge in power demand to keep the wheel + me balanced & upright. For that split second, the wheel would technically cutout, then immediately trigger back and re-grab / re-balance. Mind you, this happened from non-aggressive riding. Many of these cutout videos I've seen posted, IMHO the riders have been riding pretty aggressively, pushing and 'testing' the wheel. In short, for non-heavyweight riders, higher speeds on the Z is probably possible, but you better not hit a bump, especially when the battery has been significantly depleted. And you better not gain weight EUC is not like cars in terms of true max speed, the limit is not an absolute number, you must always factor for the rider, conditions.
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    As a fluent Russian speaker, the best part was at the end: I can only associate this wheel with this song
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    With the new-improved board architecture introduced in the later part of 2018, EcoDrift will be offering Gotway again, it will be interesting to see how these holdup in their statistical view; for us, the MSX, MCM5, MTen3, Tesla have been superb. Some observations: 14M, this is really a low-end product, 16 cells, <20kph, the low failure rate with this Wheel is probably owing to the fact that it's not stressed nearly so much with lighter less aggressive Riders. V10, maybe they got hit with an early bad batch. Our experience is not nearly so bad for this model, though we ordered just 30x of these. There has not been any further information about what, if any, improvements there has been to the V10/V10F. Holding off on future orders until these are addressed. At a functional level, King Song & Gotway are much more responsive & adaptable to making improvements. Our experience with the Z10 is not nearly as severe as EcoDrift's, its clear that Ninebot have a significant degree of organizational dysfunction.
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    Am I only one of the few that thinks there is enough "inherent" danger riding these wheels like hitting unforeseen obstacles like @Marty Backe recently as well as vehicles not paying attention, etc... ? Do we really need to take these wheels, push them past their limits, try to reprogram their safety limits, etc....? I think my MSX has a top speed of 35+mph... if going that fast is your goal, maybe buy a wheel that is designed for that?? I find nothing good about reading about accidents, or how people are suiting up "AFTER" their accidents...
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    I think, as a device you stand on, the EUC is particularly difficult to stay in control because there's so few contact points, and the ones you do have are too small for grip and leverage. The bigger the contact point, the more precise leverage you have, helping both control and forgiveness. Now if you're like me, basically a helmet less sidewalk surfer going extremely slow, poor control of your wheel doesn't matter. Touch the sides or don't, you're still golden. Let's compare a few other vehicles I kick around. My bicycle has five contact points of which four are locked in (clips and hands). My longboard has only two, and sometimes one, contact point but that contact point is extremely forgiving. You can be on the front, middle, sides, and you can be pretty far off and it still works. My mechanical unicycle. Four, as one hand can grip the seat. My kick scooter. Like the skateboard but much better since you have hands. My rollerblades. Two extremely secure contact points. In my opinion, we grip the sides of our wheels because we are bad at anticipating what happens to the wheel in the next few seconds and the footpads are too small too forgive us if we get our feet moved. My thinking is that large enough footpads should entirely preclude sidepads because the contact points will be both large and forgiving. Sidepads are a poor substitute for large footpads; take the wheel with larger footpads everytime. I think most of veteran riders instinctively understand this footpad to control/foregiveness relationship, and so we complain incessantly about having larger footpads. Sidepads are for keeping your pretty wheel scratch free. You shouldn't have to: 1. Clamp wheel to go up hill. 2. When hitting bumps, the wheel should be forgiving enough so you can move around your feet. The "Death Clamp" is because you cannot afford to move even a tiny bit. 3. Have your feet fall off the front. Ludicrous. 4. Grip your wheel to jump small curbs. No, you should have the option to bounce your wheel if the footpads are big enough. For the nutters among us, ok, sure, grip your wheel but that's way beyond my skill. The question you should be asking is "are my footpads long and wide enough?" Because all those reasons used to grip the wheel can be addressed by making the footpads bigger (except maybe curb jumping, but then again I had the three worst crashes from doing that).
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    @Unventor thanks for your thoughts. This is surreal but helpful to talk to someone. My brother has been on life support for 2 weeks and the prison did not contact us. His living will states he did not want any form life support. I had to email the documents to the hospital. The warden just called back and gave me approval to see my brother before pulling his vent. Can you believe it? I leave early in the AM. To late to book a flight so I’m driving. I also just found out that my brother wants to be cremated and his ashes spread by motorcycle around Mount Rushmore. I’ll will grant his request somehow. Thanks again for listening. Dan
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    This year interest & sales of eScooters has surpassed Electric Unicycle sales—this isn't to say that the market for Electric Unicycles is diminishing, in fact Wheel sales were up 2.5x over last year —but with the continued deep pocketed expansion of the eScooter rental business, it's fairly certain that more people will take to Electric Scooter ownership, with a corresponding number of new suppliers/models being released to meet this demand. In the past two weeks, I've launched three new products: the Dualtron Spider, Turbowheel Hornet & the Turbowheel Dart. The Turbowheel brand will be the eWheels branded line of scooters, since the Chinese manufacturer names are both unfamiliar & IMO not the most marketable... During the exercise of launching these new scooter lines, it had me thinking that there should be some sort of broad classification of eScooters for prospective buyers to have a sense of where a particular model falls into. Similar to what we witnessed back in 2014-2015 for Electric Unicycles, where >80% products were pretty dreadful 16 cell, 350W machines, most of the scooters being pumped out of China are the 8" <300Wh, 250W feeble eScooters that won't last more than a few months on the rental circuit—in the Bloomberg article, it was claimed the average replacement rate is less than four months. There's quite a few other differentiators beyond just the wheel diameter, single/dual motor setup & speed, such as braking capabilities, whether they have branded battery cells (most of the cheap ones do not), but there is a rough approximation between Scooter quality & its performance. What do you think of these classifications? Are 10 categories sufficient to capture the different classes? Class 1: Cheap carbon-fiber scooters Class 2: 8”, <300Wh, <30kph. ES2, Xiaomi 365, Stryder (280Wh), Gotrax GXL, Swagtron 5 Class 3: 8”, 300-600Wh, >30kph. ES4, UScooter V/S+, EcoReco L5/L5+ Class 4: 8”, >600Wh, >30kph. Mini4, T8/Zero 8 Class 5: 9”, single-motor, >600Wh. Dart/T9/Zero 9. Class 6: 10“, single-motor. SW III, IV, T10/Zero 10 Class 7: 8”, dual-motor. Hornet, DT Raptor Class 8: 10“, dual-motor, ultralight. DT Spider Class 9: 10”, dual-motor, >1kWh. DT3, DT2, D4+, D5+ Class 10: 11”, dual-motor, ultra-wide tire. Thunder, Ultra
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    Happy new year from germany
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    Seasons greeting everyone!! I know its been awhile but heres my latest video. Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year, Cheers!!
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    Morning ride - and it's c-c-cold-d !
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    Hey Team, Just wanted to drop by and say thank you to everyone for all their help, words of wisdom, arguments that i thoroughly enjoy, tips, tricks, jokes and banter. Every bit of it has been instrumental in my journey from shitty Segway MiniPro to EUC over the last couple of months. To the point i am comfortable enough on my z10 now i feel am able to hang with the group rides in the city! So on that note i just organised one for this afternoon! Pretty excited tbh.. It was a harder learning experience than i expected, no one told me i would break my leg (literally) and then have to learn with a mad limp, but i feel stoked to have pushed through the injury and now be riding like i always wanted. And even more stoked to be told by the doctor last week i dont need a cast, seeing as it hasn't moved any in the last month of use without one anyway. No summer cast for me!!!! Yipeee! Shout out especially all those who have talked to me over the time ive been here, i could list all who i have gleaned valuable knowledge from but i would miss many so i wont. Im off to catch a ferry into the city hen try blow away some Electric Skateboarders (not many EUCs here sadly, think i will be the only one today) Merry Christmas and if your looking for a special Xmas song from this side of the world, may i suggest you look up Kevin Bloody Wilson (ok, hes Australian but still). Enjoy! Alex.
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    You mean something like this... We could make it much better if you had a higher resolution image... Let me know if you do.
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    Jason is working on getting one for me to test so we can have some English speaking commentary on this new wheel
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    Now people on Facebook are modifying my pictures