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    Hello! I'm very happy that I can finally announce that EUC World will provide full support for King Song wheels In just a few days EUC World users riding on King Song EUCs will be able to forget problematic KS Android application and stick to EUC World. I already planned to make this support at some time, but thanks to @Jason McNeil and King Song I was able to make it happen much sooner. Now EUC World is being tested and polished. I plan to release this version in mid of January. It will include complete KS support except of firmware upgrading, which will require more work and testing. I plan to add firmware updating in another release at the end of January. Beside of KS support, there will be many new features and improvements. I think that upcoming 1.0.6 version will make you happy and it will be easier to wait for the beginning of spring riding season Adding King Song support was a priority task, as being a KS user I'm perfectly aware how problematic the original Android app was and how important was to provide working alternative. This is why I decided to delay Samsung watch support a bit in favour of KS support. This however won't be a big delay; I expect Samsunh watch support to be ready at the end of February. BTW So bad I'm not an exhibitor at CES 2020...
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    Some nut is riding his electric unicycle in the middle of winter. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
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    Nothing you said contradicts my assertion. Having the best trolley handle (I agree) does not make it a superior performance wheel. Gotway makes 'race cars'. KingSong makes 'performance luxury cars'. That's how I would put it. I get to ride with a lot of guys that push their wheels, many visit from different parts of the country. KingSong just is not a wheel that you see being ridden by them for obvious reasons. Just because I state the obvious doesn't mean I hate or dislike KingSong wheels. The KS16X if one of my go-to wheels and is actually fast enough for all of my personal riding. I think I'm fairly objective in the expression of my views and that's why KingSong would approach me.
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    I compete in the e- rideables X-Games of the future. If this is the Future of Rideables..then sign me up 😁
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    A lot has happened as far as the legality goes. Many countries have banned these and I've seen a lot of people leave from fear of having traceable history of breaking the law that government agents could dig up to throw you in jail. I miss some of those guys, they had great input and knowledge. The culture of this forum sure has changed since then. I've often asked myself, "When will I stop checking this forum 5 times a day?" For some, it's easy to stay off "social media." For me, this forum is the closest thing I have to friends with similar interest. I have noticed a lot of older members are commenting less. Maybe they are tired of saying the same thing over and over (there is a search function... but I understand that it isn't very good). Or they figure that there are enough people now that someone else will comment. They can just enjoy riding without any stress or drama from this forum.
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    I've posted this in the news, but just because I've talked about it here so much, here is a link to the version of the story that appeared on the local news: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
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    The Rise Of The Electric Unicycle Tribe.. Enjoy 😁
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    1. Modified with your suggestion. 2.Different The basic frame is similar. Not compatible with GT16. 3. Design use agreement. Newly launched brand in Korea.Rock wheel partner for six years 4.Using Samsung / LG 3500mA.BMS is a newly developed 30A rechargeable.(Individuals should change wiring and connectors.) 5. I want immediate response & performance. 6. Basic 3A support Up to 5A support (30A available when tuning) 7. reinforced plastic boasts very high strength. 8. Manufactured in Korea.9.I died unofficially. 10. 92.4V products will be sold. I am president of Iron Korea. I am a user who loves EUC. * EUC User Activities in 2013 * 2014 ROCKWHEEL Korea partnership sales * 2016 ROCKWHEEL KOREA Distributor started Participation in the development of GT16 products. * Launched ROCKWHEEL technology in 2019 and newly launched as IRONKOREA Company direction focuses on product quality, balance and performance. After a year of testing with an iron 84V product, I am planning to release this 92.4V overseas after many tests. Contact me any time for business. MAIL : ironkorea100@naver.com
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    My thoughts exactly. But since they announce such enormously high speeds, it is reasonable to expect that the control board has been beefed up accordingly. And of course, riding at 45mph vs 35-40mph will of course feel different. I have zero doubt that this wouldn’t be a more powerful wheel than the current 100V MSX. Just that it’s not the wattage rating of the motor that makes the difference, or even gets you to those speeds. Can you explain exactly what it is that you feel being different on a motor that is stamped 2500W instead of 2000W? Larger current peaks? Higher voltage? Higher PWM duty cycle? More instantaneous transient power delivery? The problem is, until the 2200W 18XL, we have had zero chance to compare only motors of different power rating. If you compare a MSV3 to a MSX, it’s a different wheel in so many other regards that you can’t isolate what the more powerful motor feels like. Think about a more familiar source of wattage, a stereo system. Or even laptop speakers. How would you know if I secretly upgraded the amp section to one that’s twice as powerful? Would you hear it? How would you test the difference? If you compare a 100W stereo system to a 10W boombox, you will mostly hear different speakers, not the wattage. (Edit: Actually, my analogue is wrong. Motor is just the speaker in a stereo system, not the amp. The controller is the amp that provides the power. If there is no further power available from the controller/amp, the wattage rating of the motor/speakers doesn’t matter one bit, be it 100W or a trillion watts. It still doesn’t get any louder.) I tried to answer this to the best of my skills in my previous post and above the quote. I hope it will seed some root and keep you guys out of the stupid marketing BS of ”wattage”. What do you think about how the 2200W motor upgrade on the 18XL was ”felt”? I hear it felt really strong. And I mean the impact when the riders hit the ground because the wheel no longer had the same power near top speed than the 2000W motor had. Yeah, there we go. They had to make it seem upgraded somehow. And wattage is the easiest, since no-one will hold you accountable, as only a handful of customers even understand what the number represents.
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    I haven't tried the 16X yet, but here is the difference (with the "whine") for the 16S...
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    In my practice I have applied hundreds of athletic knee braces over the years. Most have a tendency to migrate distally on the leg if the proximal calf strap is not positioned above the gastrocnemius (calf muscle). Higher end knee braces are designed so the proximal calf strap is affixed to the mediolateral uprights just above the calf muscle where it has greater purchase power. Below is a comparison depicting the location of the proximal calf strap on the Leatt vs a Breg athletic knee brace. The red dashed line on the Leatt represents where the calf strap should be positioned. I would highly recommend donning the Leatt knee brace so it is positioned higher on the leg where the proximal calf strap is almost touching the back of the hamstrings. This should help diminish slippage. Good luck!
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    The year is 2020 A.D, January. The world of electric unicycles is entirely occupied by winter. Well, not entirely... One single rider of the indomitable Californians still holds out against the invader. And life is not easy for the winter legionaries who garrison the fortified camps of Cold, Wind, Rain, and Snow... because they can't even get to him! In other words: Damn Marty, I'm envious
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    30kmh winds while riding at 50kmh = a lot of wind resistance. I could feel the wind pushing me upright and even wanting to push me backwards.
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    Every single wheel made, including the beginner wheels, are faster than the existing top speed laws, right? So whether a new wheel goes 20-mph or 40-mph, it's still "illegal". So I don't think we should argue about whether a new wheel should go X or Y speed. They're all going to be illegal. I'm not looking for more speed. Just a new design - maybe more battery capacity. Any new wheel is a great wheel
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    Hi - I opened a new topic to try to answer your question and not dillute @Seba's EUC World topic... Short answer: The reported battery voltage has, especially at higher burdens nothing to do with the state of charge (battery level) or safety margin. Long answer: A first approximation equivalent circuit diagram of a battery is a perfect voltage Source delivering a voltage U_0, then a series resistance (internal battery resistance) and than the outer connections of the battery at which a voltage U_batt can be measured (this is measured and reported by KS wheels). The internal resistance of a LiIon cell as used in EUCs is around 30-50 mOhm, lets say 40 mOhm. Then a 20s6p Battery pack has 40/1000 * 20/6 Ohm = 0.13 Ohm. The internal Battery Voltage U_0 is corresponding to the battery level (state of charge) - as by measuring the battery without load (U_batt == U_0) after ~30 min resting time shows quite perfectly the state of charge. The 30 min resting time for good accuracy are needed, because this abovementioned equivalent circuit diagram with just the internal resistance is only a first approximation. There exist better approximations with more resistances and capacitances, but i found nowhere some data in regard to our used LiIon cells ... So what to do with this knowledge. KS wheels measure U_batt and the battery current I_batt - so one can calculate easily U_0 = U_batt + I_batt * R_internal_battery. This leads to the following: The dark black line (fluctuating between ~60-65V) is the reported U_batt, the much more stable grey line in this range is U_0, calculated as described above. (green: Battery Current, blue: Speed) So with this value EUC World (and/or any other app) could show the battery capacity much more precise. Regarding Safety Margin: The max torque over speed motor limit diagram depends on U_0 and not U_batt! So this U_0 would be the right value to be used for voltage dependent alarms! This is because this max torque over speed limit line is determined by the following equivalent circuit diagram: Our battery, with the state of charge dependent perfect voltage source U_0, then the internal resistance of the battery then the coil resistance of the motor and then the motor generated voltage U_emf. (As this is for the max torque curve the motor driver with it's PWMing is of no interest. duty_cycle = 100%) So one has a voltage difference of (U_0 - U_emf) over a resistance of (R_internal_battery + R_coil). U_emf = k * speed. I = (U_0 - U_emf)/(R_internal_battery+R_coil). ... with the torque beeing proportional to I (M = k1 * I) By this one comes to the dropping limit line. For a speed == 0 is U_emf = 0V and I_max = U_0 / (R_internal_battery + R_coil) going down to a current of zero a the maximum no load speed. As one sees the maximum available torque is dependend on U_0 (and the speed), not on U_batt! But of course a high voltage sag caused by the high motor current is a sign that one gets nearer to the limit... Ps.: And by the better approximations this available U_0 (which determines the limit) goes a little bit down under burden and recovers once the burden releases...
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    Day three in the books, this is definitely peak cold, -36 at run time. Once again no issues. TV folk have taken interest and want to interview me today, so that's something.
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    Ah yes... that is a day for which I dream. A day when our wheels are mass produced junk sold at Walmart. A day when the wheel becomes akin to a toy. A day when the “cool” panache of our wheels becomes a diluted dork rocket like a hoverboard (seriously, does anyone with more than a single digit in their time on earth look anything but totally stupid on these?!?). A day when our wheels finally inherit a superior epithet to their lowly electric unicycle moniker. An epithet like... no, I can’t even say it. I don’t think that mass produced (by a Walmart standard, not by the big three wheel manufacturers’ standards) will ever serve this sport (or serious alternative to commuting or last mile device) well. I rue the day that our wheels would devolve to the point that they would appeal to buyers (buyers and the corporate staff that select items for distribution and sale, NOT “buyers” as in “shoppers”) for inclusion on their shelves between the other toys that Walmart sells. Honestly I think “toys” in this instance is a bit of a euphemism. More like cheap crap (no, not everything Walmart sells is crap, but I don’t imagine that Walmart pushes too much quality out the door insofar as their transportation alternatives go). Walmart and the likewise iterations and competition will not sell the Porsche (or Lexus or Rolls Royce) of wheels. Ever. At best they will sell the “hoverboard” and it’s synonymous slack junk. As such, I don’t subscribe to the theory that Walmart-esqe mass appeal is, in any way, beneficial to a desire by all of us to forward the appeal and fun and mainstream possibilities of our wheels no matter what any of us call them.
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    Greetings. Firstly, again I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the many wonderful folks who donated their time, energies and $$$ to help make the inaugural LA EUC Games 2019 such a huge success. From the website development to the sponsors' prize and monetary donations, to the AV companies who donated equipment, to the volunteers who helped build the track, run cameras, live stream help and more, and to Henry at the Velodrome! It was a community effort and I cannot say thank you enough! 💜👽😎 Drum roll please... ... .. . Ok, mark your calendars for the weekend of October 24th and 25th. And don't forget to allow extra time to plan on coming a week early for @Marty Backe's 2020 So-Cal EUC tour. Or maybe 2 weeks? 😳 We'll let Marty figure that out... We'll have 2 days of competition this year at the same venue (Encino Velodrome) with multiple race heats, more obstacles, more Sumo and more freestyle runs, as well as some new Games... So looking forward to doing this again as the event and our niche continue to grow. See ya in October! Blessings~ Rama, Zulema and Vajra
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    Ok so I try to say this this way then. It is not me being mad at anyone. The start off question here were to chose between 2 great wheels. Either one will do the job of commuting, so what do you do to pick your choise. Then it went to the topic of speed as this is the major differane in favour for the KS18XL, in terms of top speed. In ride sensation it is a subjective call, so will love it straight off, some will learn to love it and some will not like it the behavior of KS16X. This is what I love the most of the KS16X. Then there is a minor 2 things, like pedal deployment. the KS16X is a more practical way, that I did't think much of in the beging, but it grew big time upon me. I wisk I could get save on all my wheels, but I am not skilled in modding stuff now have a workshop equiped to do this. The other is Wheel/case size. The KS16X is bulkied/fatter, slightly, but is is short front to back, and that can make a huge differance if you are to store it is a locker room closet. So now we get to the part where I am saying do you have any issue with top speed and throttling, pick something else. KS made the huge mistake to listen for the outcry for top speed, and this is the culpit of why people have had issues with it. Had they sticked to 45kmh then they could have lowered the stratiing point of the throttling.. Here is also my point that if you ride at top speed near to the limit then you will feel the throttling, I don't so it isn't any issue what so ever. Now I started out on a Inmotion V8 it had trottling too, and due to limited battery pack and lower top speed, lower motor power it became an issue. That is why i upgraded.. When you pick a new wheel accept that the wheel to chose from do what they do and make the pick from that. in the end that will drive the development of wheels much smoother than people asking for wheels to change into something they are not. In that aspect is why I say buy a GW. They don't change as they don't have fw upgrade options, and they focus on speed, aka less throtling. Sidenote (I will quote something that stuck with me frim my previous job in a course ti become teamleader in our call center op 1000+ people, it goess something like this:) So with that in mind I can only applogize if I came across angry or too direct on/for some people. That is not my intention at all. In the end I do hope that you got some useful input to your purchase @Mortal Coil. Unfortunatly we don't have a showroom around the corner or a rental business on evey street corner. But one way to help out is meetup or group rides. Here people often lend a wheel from a different rider. Plus sharing of knowledge about wheels happens too. I do look forward to hear more about you rides once you have gotten a new wheel @Mortal Coil. Mainly as your question is around how I use my wheels too.
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    I'll take it short - you can't go wrong with neither wheel. KS-18XL is more mature wheel, with proven reliability track. Both wheels are very similar in size and weight, despite of different rim diameter. KS-16X is slightly bulkier, while KS-18XL is slimmier and little more ergonomic. KS-16X accelerate and brake better, but KS-18XL will receive new firmware that will make this wheel closer to KS-16X. KS-16X uses beefier, 3" tire which add to riding comfort and especially off-road capabilities. KS-18XL is comfy by default due to it's 18" nature. It's still 2,5" tire that performs worse on loose sand, mud and similar terrain. KS-18XL is a weatherproof wheel, I've rode over 1000 km in rain, including some heavy rains and thunderstorms. Never failed. There has been numerous cases confirming that KS-16X isn't waterproof. This comparision could be much longer. For example I didn't referenced to gyroscopic effect found in KS-16X that is nonexistent in KS-18XL. It is something that I didn't liked initially, but after 200 km I just got used to it. A human is a type of animal that will get used to everything and will ultimately enjoy it
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    Here is my conversation experience. https://youtu.be/DaAmA7e7LKQ
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    I haven't been able to test at high speeds for long distances yet, but it seems to perform great with the new board. I have ridden up to 30mph seated, which was impossible even at low speeds before. I doubt there'll be any issues, and if there are I'll definitely post them here, but for the time being I'm going to assume my wheel's been fixed as well
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    Terry O'Neill of Edmonton on Candian TV tonight. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
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    Buggy firmware, buggy app, buggy servers...? KS is really nailing it lately! Good thing we have you! (I know you're in this for riders' sake, but KS really owes you a debt of gratitude...)
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    As for now 2.00 is the latest for both motor variants of KS-18L/XL.
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    As someone who is still relatively new to the forum, I have to say that some of these gigantic threads can be a bit intimidating. I've made it through a few of them, but that's partly because work has been slow and I had plenty of down time to do so. Reading through 30+ pages in hopes of finding the answer to a question that may not even be there can be quite the task.
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    I thought about it to swap the motor, but now with the update i don’t need to, the wheel is just how i like it now.
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    And now at least the firmware version number is the same for 16S and 18(X)L as well. I just upgraded my old 16S to fw 2.0. And my senses were all messed up when I quickly tried it: It. Does! Not!! Whine!!! A 16S that doesn’t whine used to be a 16S that is not balancing, no other explanation. It also pushes me up a 5 metre long steep incline with much more stability and feeling of power, it no longer feels like it’s struggling. It used to feel like a V8 for a moment... Oh how I wish we had this firmware two years ago, since I don’t really ride the 16S anymore.
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    My 3rd day on the 18XL I ran over a manhole cover that was sunk 3 inches in the road. It was dark and I was going over 25 mph. When I hit it I thought, this is the end. But with the XL pedals and the wheel, it just kept on going. About two weeks later I noticed a huge dent in my rim. Although the MSX takes bumps much better, I ride both purposely over potholes at speeds above 25 mph. Note, that when I was on v1.00 I started clear away from potholes and stayed below 25 mph for fear of cutout. I push my XL hard off-roading as well, it loves the trail.
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    Thank you everyone for your input, I had cool and interesting reading time here.
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    The KS18XL is a great wheel but in my opinion is surpassed by the newer wheels, including the KS16X. I still ride it because I own one, but today, I would not buy it again. IMO, the 3-inch wheels are superior and are the new standard for EUCs. I would prefer never to buy another EUC that that has a smaller tire than 3-inches. Like the Nikola, the KS16X is a big version of a 16-inch wheel. It fits right between a classic 16-inch and 18-inch EUCs. For my recent mountain ride I chose the KS18XL because I had forgotten to fully charge my KS16X and it had been over a month since I rode it. Variety
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    @tihoa posted this a few months back, they're also available in other sizes, https://www.ecstuning.com/b-schwaben-parts/strut-nut-socket-24mm/003046sch01a-05/
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    The only solution to the drug problem is legalising it. It's incredible how after all those years societies still don't realise that you can't win the battle. Take out a dealer/network/king pin and within a week someone else takes their place. Now replace "drugs" with "alcohol". Same story, 100% legal.
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    Once you are actually riding at 20mph, trust me, it will feel very fast. Not super-fast, but fast At your weight (is that naked or geared up?) the wheels you've listed will be marginal at the speeds that you want to travel. I seriously recommend that you save a bit more so that you can afford to buy a 1600wh wheel, minimum. It's all about safety (and range). Lightweight guys can easily get by with 1000wh wheels, but not someone of your stature, particularly if you want to travel 20+ miles at a fast pace. Any of the 1600wh wheels currently available will work for you. So you can safely go with your gut as to which wheel you would like. If at all possible buy from a dealer. But if you don't have that option than buy from a location with the best reputation "points". P.s. I have personally witnessed someone who probably is approaching 300-pounds, ride some respectable trails on the KS16S. So all modern wheels can handle the weight. But you want lots of reserve power in the tank (battery) for safety.
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    @Hansolo made a great movies explaining most important features of EUC World. I hope it will help you (movies are in French but there are English subtitles):
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    Personally, although I admit it's a fairly chaotic affair, I enjoy the current, unified format. It would be too easy to miss lots of great content if all videos were posted in threads of their own, unless you specifically subscribe to users whose videos you enjoy. But you'd still be likely to miss out on tons of stuff... Although the thread is gargantuan, I personally feel like it's become somewhat of an institution within this forum and wouldn't want it any other way. I enjoy the melting pot that it is, and the intrinsic chaos it brings about. But that's after over a year in the forum...at first I also found it daunting. Now I approach it more like I would a restaurant menu, where I skim over and see what's new, what's in season, and what I fancy ordering. I like the diversity and ample selection. But I can see how others might feel else-wise. I also notice that I've adapted to the way things are, and like it that way, but have nothing against fresh new perspectives (which is why I created this thread) What do you guys think? And the veterans in the forum? Edit: I'm not asking any mods for your opinion because I imagine you're probably already cursing under your breath at the fact I started this thread in the first place
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    Maybe the magnets will turn into a superconducter and give u unlimited speed ????
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    Call it an electric wheel or eWheel for short. The English term wheel in this case stems from... well... the English term wheel. It's more fitting in today's vocabulary and interested parties will get to the eWheels distributor on a Google search so they can find out more. You're welcome eWheels.com. Congrats on picking a good and catchy name. I have to agree with Aneta that the term electric unicycle is misleading (although I don't particularly like the term hoverwheel either for the same aforementioned reasons). I'm not saying a name change will spark mass adoption, but it will certainly help the word-of-mouth idea transfer in quick conversations. Concise idea transfer not only helps you explain it to someone, but also improves the probability that they will be able and willing to explain it to someone else. If you need to resort to YouTube to explain something, what are the odds that the person you spoke with will be able to forward that knowledge to someone else in a passing conversation? Most people I talk to don't even know this exists even though it's old technology. That's not a good sign. Also, I think it would be a fair statement that the term "unicycle" isn't considered very cool. I don't think anybody on this forum cares about that, but I'm sure you can understand why someone might make a decision based on if something looks or sounds cool.
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    I suggest that you never ride near the water. But I'll continue to have fun
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    Hello, I'm creating a list of EUC World supported EUCs but I need your help, especially from Gotway users. This list won't only be just a compatibility list but will also serve as a data source for EUC selection inside app. When you register your wheel with EUC World during Bluetooth scan, you will be able to select your wheel from dropdown list. This will allow for better compatibility and will allow me to add more features that are specific to your wheel. Before you start, please read following important notes: Before you add anything, please look for already existing data. Get familiar with how data should be organized and entered. Try to keep alphabetical order. Just insert new row in correct place instead of adding new record at the end of the table. But if you have problems inserting new row, add your data at the end - I'll handle it. Don't make any changes to what someone else entered. If you believe there is an error, just add your comment in "Remarks". Don;t add your forum username, so I can PM you if needed. Only add EUC you know that works with EUC World. If you're using WheelLog you can assume that it's also EUC World compatible. Don't distinguish EUCs by "V2", "V3", "Mk 1" etc. Only distinguish them by make, model, battery voltage & capacity and motor rated power. If there are two variants of the same EUC that differ by at least one parameter, create separate entries for each variant. Please enter real tire size (as marked on the tire), not advertised wheel size. For example - Nikola is really a 16x3", not 17". MSX is 18" wheel, not 19". Battery configuration and motor max power are optional. If you don't know these values, just leave them blank. Use exact, "full charge" battery voltages. They are integer multiplies of 4.2 - 67.8, 84, 100.8 etc. It's usually marked on your EUC charger (look for output voltage). Use "Remarks" field to add any information that you consider important. List is available as a Google Spreadsheet at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/184xig3LMRrj_BDYWLQ4ZSx_O8sNz2F7BqqpLTKuToyg/edit?usp=sharing
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    I would’ve thought that the control board version 1.5 would’ve fixed the ankle flinkability, since a few have commented on it giving a firmer ride and no more flicks happening. But I think a few also reported that the 1.5 didn’t fix the ankle-flickability. @Mike Sacristan, isn’t your stable 16X made too early to be a 1.5? Anyway, there were several videos and comments earlier on confirming the ankle flicks, so the flickability/faceplantability is definitely a widespread issue, not just a few faulty units. I do wish we’d find out for good wether the ”stable” 16X’s are inherently more stable at top speed, could it actually be up to the great variances in people’s riding behaviour.
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    Your not fooling anyone Roadrunner.
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    I got a chance to ride M22 Mark's Monster. First time and main reason to get one. M22 is an engineer for auto manufacturing company, in concept division. All the gadgets on his wheel requires a degree in engineering to figure out (way over my head) lol. M22 's nickname for Marty's tour is "Q" from 007. Great times...
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    Hope this helps. If you have any question or suggestion please tell me. By the way, the mysterious 300 is most likely the number of slices of silicon steel they are using.
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    This really stuck with me. You could buy a top wheel every year with just with those saved fees. Or take a holiday trip to warm south. Or just save up a good amount of funds. These really are marvellous devices!
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    Well that answer came quicker than I would have imagined! Awesome. There you go @Rama Douglas. Go big and offer a 24 k gold version!
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