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    I like to say at first I found many nice people here at the forum. A bit over 1 year ago I were asked if I wanted to join the moderators team. I said yes without hesitation. But I find more andore conflicting to my view on what benafit EUC community going forward. In many countries EUC are still in a grey area or even banned. With people riding even faster and doing thing that in my view are stupid and will directly harm the EUC community imo, I can't see how I can continue here as a moderator. The moderator group chose to be neutral where I think we as a community should take a much strong stand. I know some like speed. This isn't a problem in the right time and place. But in public traffic I believe we need to be very careful what we do as it doesn't just harm one rider but us all as a community. So I have decided to step down from the moderator role. This has been my own decision. I guess some will be glad, others indifferent maybe a few sad. But time has come to spend my energy elsewhere. I hope all enjoy their rides and that we get EUCs more public accepted and legalised to ride with useful speeds. Kind regards Unventor (once a moderator)
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    The original battery pack is being removed and disassembled for battery expansion customization i think I'm trying for the first time. RS-C38 2520Wh (28.8Ah) and while disassembling, i share the identified improvements Mainboard layout changed from existing portrait mode to landscape mode The screws have been changed to hex bolts The heat dissipation effect is improved by applying a hollow motor to inhale air into the hole with a cooling fan The very uncomfortable grip of the MSX/MSP handle is rounded to improve the grip Since the motherboard build version is marked, you can check at a glance if the motherboard changes in the future. RS-C38 V13.3 version The entire bearing is a single shaft concept, and the load-bearing force has become quite strong and robust. It is also expected that some of the heat problems will be solved It seems to have been removed because there are many existing dual-light fan noise issues It completely supports dual charging by installing a separate PCB circuit without using multiple wires. The charging wiring is 16awg and supports/corresponds to more than 20A at maximum. but since the battery specifications of the product are different, be sure to check the specifications to see if your euc supports it It's the kind of tire pattern I don't like So I immediately switched to a different pattern of tires It's perfectly installed and clean Waterproof sealing, which was annoying on the MSP side shell, has been attached to the main shell I'll try my best to expand the battery Thank you
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    A few days ago i received bad news from my doctor. The results of a bone density scan came back and showed that I am suffering from osteoporosis, which is a bone disease in which my bones are much weaker than they should be, and can easily break in case of a fall. As much as i want to continue riding my EUC, the results of even a minor fall could be catastrophic. So I am sorry to say that my riding days are over. I have really enjoyed being part of the e-wheeled community and will miss it, and all of you greatly. Sometimes it sucks to be old, but it is what it is. Be safe out there and keep on rolling. Wistfully yours, rainystateguy
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    I noticed about a week ago that something in how I enjoy my euc's has changed. It's almost as if it happened all of a sudden but nearly unnoticed. I grabbed my favorite wheel, hit the button and trolleyed out to the driveway. Newly graveled, its quite a task to ride in. Without even thinking about it, I hopped on the wheel and rode thru it and off into the cool evening air. It was then, as I smoothly weaved back and forth and effortlessly looked around the fall trees I realized I had ridden off without thinking about it and am now casually enjoying my ride as if the wheel is just reading my thoughts. I am by NO MEANS very good, but something just clicked. I have grown the habit of not preparing and just going for rides in whatever I have on. Sometimes I plan so far as to roll a smoke and start the onboard 'radio'. I had hoped that riding an euc would one day just be a fluid thing that does just this! From the start, the euc has been enjoyable. The bruises, the bumps, the fails, the success, the pride. Every small step has been an experience and something to enjoy. NOW I may have crossed over into a new kind of joy. The joy where you don't worry, you dont have to focus and you can just soak in the feeling while having your hands and eyes and ears free to once again enjoy everything else. Its like a freaking nature walk on steroids! Crank up the speed a notch and its exactly as one would expect. Now, this feeling of carefree only lasts until I cross over into the 'not so comfort' zone. Higher speeds and rough terrain are still a thinking game. I'm finding myself riding backwards, doing spins and other simple tasks, and not even worrying over it at all. I am NOT bragging as this is more a state of mind that was somehow found/earned, not so much a state of skill. So, how many others of you have reached this first stage of Zen in your riding? Do you recall the moment it happened, or was it a slow noticeable achievement? How many of you know what I'm talking about, but are still working up to that point? I'm less than a year in on my euc's and have around 1,200 miles or so of short rides under me. I am a little surprised at how long it took to get here, but I'm also surprised that i got here. Honestly, I had forgotten that this was the goal, as I was having so much fun anyhow. I am enjoying it now in a comfortable way. Its almost enough to make me consider buying winter clothing... Anyhow, just wanted to share, as it really is quite a sensation, or at least for me it is/was. I guess the next plateau is over confidence? I'm not too worried about that tho, as I've been practicing that brand of stupid since I got the wheel....
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    Not a very good torque wheel at that. Just came back from the NYC EX demo, which I wasn't originally planning on going to, but went along with @chulander and the Queens crew to eat and ride after. Out of my 5 years of EUC-ing, the EX is the worst Gotway I have ever ridden on, and I'm talking primarily the overall ride feel of the unit more than the suspension part. Much of the reaction from the other demo riders were similar to mine, or lukewarm at best. Even on soft mode, the EX was super stiff, which is fine, not my taste. But if it's gonna be all hard modes, the wheel should at least have good acceleration and braking, ala MSP etc., but the EX feels like you're trying to move a huge pickup truck that doesn't have enough motor power for accel (think flooring it but stuck on gear 1 or 2), nor has strong enough brakes to stop in time; everything on that wheel is sluggish, you have to anticipate things way in advance compared to every other wheel on the market. The Shermona isn't even that far off in weight from the EX, and accel/braking is night and day from the EX, smokes the EX in both categories. If you didn't tell me the EX sported a new "3500W" motor I would have never been able to tell it was any different from Gotway's 2-2.5kW existing motors, and a much worse firmware'd one at that. Note that we are not mountain climbers here in flatland NYC, but even the reported king of hill climbing MSP Torque accelerates better on flats than the EX. I am seriously hoping the suckiness of the EX is not indicative of how Gotway is programming the feel of the 24 Pro, because if that's the case, I think my wheel buying might be done for the year.
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    I was having a similar discussion with another member the other day. It’s sad. When the video thread was a singular entity and not split up into multiple topics there appeared to be more interest and viewership. Members traditionally spend days on editing their videos and are very enthusiastic to share their hard work and passion on the video thread. That has all changed. Now videos are highly scrutinized for their content and production value or not recognized at all by their peers. Currently most members posting videos receive very few accolades for their hard work and passion. Even simple heartfelt videos featuring children and family members riding together no longer receive due credit. Creating videos is an art and no one paints using the same brush. Yes there are professionally produced that are fun and informative to watch videos but 90% of the members don’t have the time or resources to create such high caliber productions. I miss the old days when every member’s video was given the credit and praise it deserved.
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    Here is my friend Sebastian playing around on his MSP HT. He has only been riding for a few months. He has dropped his MSP soooo many times lol. Drop your MSP 7 times. Put it back together 8.
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    Well, the EX didn’t make it up the hill, the rider did. Acceleration tests on self balancing vehicles do not work like they do with cars. You can’t “floor it” and achieve the best acceleration the vehicle is capable of. Acceleration on an EUC depends on how far the rider is comfortable pushing the wheel. The limit of the wheel’s acceleration has been reached only once the rider overleans the wheel. Everything before that is just about how the wheel feels to the rider. You can’t compare accelerations based on that.
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    Last week, because it was a holiday in Korea, all shipments were on hold I finally got it now. Simply sharing unboxing photos This is really too heavy lol nearly 86 pounds Please watch for your back
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    My V11 arrived today!
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    This is all BS (pardon my French). Please keep posting your videos Shane. I for one get a kick out of your personality. Please tell me who gets to decide what's view worthy. If someone doesn't want to watch particular videos than they don't have to. But they don't have to crap (pardon my French again) over the videos that they don't like. Just move on.
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    So as an EUC rider & an occasional video watcher (btw, nobody EVERY edits captions into their video & youtube doesn't always do a great job...), I was never under the impression people were expected to even edit their videos. I'm fine/happy watching unedited videos just to see places I've never been, wheels I"ve never tried out, and people I've never met. No editing, commentary, etc needed. I think it's silly to EXPECT a certain "quality" of videos from people who aren't doing this as a job. Just be happy the rider (whomever) spends the money to buy a camera, goes through the hassle to bring it with (set it up, turn it on, etc), and spends the time to upload it. I expect nothing more and am pretty happy watching whatever you guys post and thank you for posting. If I don't like it, I MOVE ON like I figure most people can. Youtube is NOT broadcast quality, not tv quality, etc. @ShanesPlanet - Dude, don't worry about the quality. Just upload so we can have a view into your riding area, your wheel & ride along with you! If people don't like it or want to complain, tough rocks for them.
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    I've done my own basic suspension mods This is it straight out of the box, shock disconnected My version did not have any spring lock washers, but it did have penny washers Minimal disassembly, the right hand side cover and batteries left in place I did replace some of the double bearings as they were binding due to not being accurately aligned! I then replaced the penny washers with M10 x 13mm x 1mm Flat Seal Washers so that the only contact was with the bearing's inner race. I lubricated the Stanchions, there were no blocks on the pedal hangers to remove (see my original post p138) Finally, the finished result
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    It's panasonic INR 21700 4800mAh 144 cells (24S6P, 2502Wh/28.8Ah) are packed It has a high discharge output of 15A or more at an instantaneous maximum discharge rate
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    The work process is very demanding and the difficulty is difficult. This is something I don't want to do again The 24S4P pack on the left is almost completed This battery pack can check information such as cell voltage, current, and temperature sensor with smart bms. also control user-defined battery cell balancing Battery work is very dangerous, so always pay attention to insulation work and safety even a skilled me always works with tension unless you want to see fireworks in the house Work is nearing completion, and charge and discharge tests will be conducted
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    I just opened the package I'm going to have a driving test soon Also, I go to Incheon port to pick up EX
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    A totally different, but very impressive end result with this owner's "Blacked Out" Naked/Minimalist S18 custom job, don't you agree??? Just found out, courtesy of @Mike Sacristan that this custom job was created by @iWheel of Sweden Cheers Mike!
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    Ok so I moved all posts that didn't seem too related to a posted video into here. Fel free to argue about whatever you like, it's just not supposed to clog up the Video Thread. Also I'm happy everyone here is trying to be constructive and friendly, thanks guys
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    Mrs HippoPig after we took a wrong turn and had to ride up a black route.
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    Thank you for your efforts. The moderator staff has always impressed me and I'm sure it's a thankless (sometimes agoniziing) and payless job. Hopefully we'll see you around a lot still, and NOW you can let it fly and vocalize any opinion you wish. Again, many thanks, and here's to another page being turned...
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    Too much time on your hands and WE all win. I still say that you have a clear and unfair advantage. You have good looking people and awesome places to ride. Some of us have ugly people and decent places to ride. Then some of us are just plain ugly with ugly places to ride. If this was golf, you would have a sreious handicap! Not to mention, how in the hell do your videos not get blocked? It takes me 2 hours to upload 5 minutes, only to find the music coming from my wheel, cuases a strike and any commentary I had, goes out the window with it. and now my rant (not about you Mike, you can kiss my ass you long haired wierdo!) Personally, I didnt sign up to be an ambasaddor as others are suggesting. Hell, i dont even care enough to use spell checker! I didnt sign up to be a part of some gang to promote anything. I didnt sign up to further this sport nor teach/train other people. I'd actualy prefer this euc thing to stay under the radar so I can be left alone to do my thing. I didnt sign up to be held accountable for others, nor be blamed for what they do. It seems like I am being pressured into some unwanted responsibility to everyone else. All of this pressure is not what I bargained for. Being compared against people with an agenda and prepration and skill is a bit daunting. I am surprised the video thread is coming to this. I JUST purchased a camera and an editor to try and have some fun, learn a little, and share my joy/ranting with others. Now that I know theres some hidden agenda and deeper purpose, it pretty much ruins the entire reason I bothered to try learn video at all. What was once inteded to just be a fun thing to do, has progressed into some stupid agenda. I am THIS close to saying piss on it all and deleting my channel altogether. Last thing I need in my life is more worries that i am paying for with my own time and money. Someone let me know when its back to being okay to publish just random bullshit and it will be seen as simply 'random bullshit'. I for one, don't have the grading chart or cheat sheet to judge if a video is good enough for this place or not. I do know how to NOT click a video or just skip one that doesnt interest me. I'll be checking back in from time to time on this thread, to see if MAYBE its once again just a simple place that anyone can pretty much share anything in any form they like, so long as its euc related. Fwiw, i think its downright awful for people to post videos from other people. I know how youtube works. I know how to go watch videos of the people who market themselves and have great content. I REALLY don't need a third party, pushing videos that arent theirs. Why would I assume that the collection of videos that I like (made by others), needs be regurgitated here by me, as if my opinion and 'best hits' list makes a single solitary fuck to anyone else... My rant has now ended, but i must confess, I was provoked.
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    You overleaned the wheel, and the crash damaged a part which made you crash again. So far, no reason to distrust the wheel. Crashes that are pure unexpected hardware failures with no prior history are extremely rare, unlike the typical overlean crashes. So the only question is: is the S18 good for going 50kph? Personally, for a fast wheel like this, I would add a 10kph error margin just to be sure. So if you want to go 50kph, the wheel must be able to go 60kph without any problems or even just alarms or tiltback. So the S18 would be a mostly-40kph wheel for me. Others might disagree with that. That's the key question here. Were you simply too fast, or were you riding reasonably but the wheel wasn't strong enough for it?
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    I am excited to procure a V11 in the near future! I want all the suspension wheels muahahahaha! But I need to consolidate my stable a bit... I wish I had a bigger apartment, LOL. Also, an elevator, or living on the first floor would be nice 😢 I do want to put out some clarification around what is meant when folks say "rebound damping." In these shock absorbers, active damping is usually done with oil moving through a circuit inside of the shock. The adjustment dial will adjust the restriction in this circuit, which affects the rate at which the oil can flow, and thus, the rebound speed, along the full travel of the shock (and some shocks are really fancy and have adjustable compression damping too, so the oil flow rate is controllable in both directions! Pretty neat). This happens independent of the pressure in the chambers. I could be wrong, but I don't think that the V11's shocks have active rebound/compression damping, given their apparent behavior with low negative pressure. However, adjustment of the negative air pressure will also affect the rebound. As the shock approaches full extension, the negative pressure increases, which will slow and soften the rebound, but it's not exactly the same as an active rebound damping circuit, which controls the speed at which the piston can extend, throughout the length of the travel and independent of air pressure. So I don't think the V11 has active damping, though it certainly is not undamped. All said, it is of course very important to tune the negative pressure, as it will have a great effect, making the shocks more supple and less harsh. 🙂 No "pogo stick," just smooooooth riding!
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    Demo ride for family and friends 🤗
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    Ok, I found the cause of problem. Inmotion has modified the way V11 is recognized by the Bluetooth Low Energy client (Android device). This caused EUC World not to recognize this wheel anymore. Fortunately I was able to add necessary modifications to EUC World and it seems it's working again I will push EUC World update to Google Play ASAP.
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    FWIW everyone forgets this design originated from the 18” MSuperV3 many moons ago, and that wheel was much more like this RS19, slightly lower pedals for a more weight balanced wheel. When they made the jump from MSV3 to MSX, they had to drop the wheel to accommodate for the extra 1” in the 19” tire. Combining that with higher pedal height that riders at the time were asking for, and the fact that the shell design was not changed (still relatively not changed with the RS19 some 3+ years later!), the pedal-to-top-of-shell height was significantly reduced, hence why they went with the pedal V angle-ing, to lock you in for the lack of side shell support. So to me, I see the RS19 as really just returning to their roots in the OG MSV3, something they were able to do redesigning the pedal arms, whereas they couldn’t do with the axled MSX/MSP paradigm.
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    Playing around with some slow shutter & the 16X
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    The world is to pc I've been on this forum many years and have not taken anything said offensive to me or anyone ,humour is humour which any way its said and I enjoy all types ,,nothing is said to hurt anyone , @ShanesPlanet i find his straight talking dont give a shit what I say quite funny and respect that, its just his way to express which he probably means no harm @Mike Sacristan he's a dude the Jeremy Clarkson of euc with his comments, he has female euc rider friend's which take no offence I for one enjoy his videos and so does my female partner and never found anything offensive,,humour is humour but everyone has different tastes i'd hate it if the world has one brand of humour , i don't take things in life to seriously , I've read all sorts of comments on this forum and not many people take offence I don't want to make videos to be PC you say what you say at the time and not to offend anyone but to enjoy what we do.
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    Automotive technician. Most recently, $10/hr no benefits, all my own tools, only certified tech in the building. Working for peanuts, affords me the luxury of not being owned. Piss me off, I can go flip burgers for $10 an hour (which I have also done). Also been an OTR truck driver, furniture delivery, fast food, meat packing plant, gas station, plastic injection plant, roofer, baker, stock clerk, cable installer and audio engineer. Ironically, college and a high school diploma came in handy for NONE of it. Worked a stealership for a while and thats when I learned that making more money comes at an ehtical expense I'm unwilling to make. I've no kids and life is great. My retirement plan is to not live that long...
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    @GoGeorgeGo said it all. The current attitude is still “more is more”, and I don’t think any company will ever decide to compete with GotWay. Or ex-GW workers. That makes good wheels go unnoticed. The V11 is the first Inmotion fast enough for me, and the range is manageable. And the feeling of quality is a first on any EUC. And the ride on the suspension is just sublime, absolutely no turning back. KS is dead to me anyway.
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    I gotta say that I was so incredibly wrong abt the 16X! It's an amazing beast!!! I hv done a cpl more rides tackling various terrains - things I could not ever hv considered on a v8 - and I am seriously floored by this machine. I got on my v8 after my ride this aft and indeed as @Mike Sacristan said, it felt like a toy. As foreign as the 16x felt on my 1st ride, it was now the v8 that was alien. The mass, power, stability and even agility of the 16x has blown me away. So to all the 16Xrs I say mea culpa! I just didnt get it until a serious ride could show me the light...
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    I met up with Sebastian for some cruising. Then went to my place so I could grab the MSX for some fun jumps at skate parks.
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    Know your battery level before you ride and check it periodically. As stated you have to demand less of your EUC as the battery level drops. Check your level when you take the EUC off the charger. ...... I left my EUC on the charger overnight and assumed that the battery was at 100%. It was at 24% when I hit 32 mph and cut out. The cord had come loose from the charger.
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    After updating to the latest 7.7.4 on Android, the Inmotion app offers new firmware 1.2.0 for the V11. Not available for iOS just yet. TLDR: A must update! The new firmware has a much much slower low battery tilt-back, and also lets you ride slightly further. The tilt-back kicks in at 68V / 8% battery, and turning on the Go Home Mode the percentage jumps to 29%. Go Home Mode starts with generous limits of 2000W and 41km/h, but they both drop fast! After just 5km, the voltage was down to 63.0V, and the speed limit at around 18km/h. That’s when the wheel kicks you off with the final low battery tilt-back. You can still ride downhill though, since the tilt-back does recover with the voltage. If you are as desperate/crazy as I am, you can still get a km or a few riding on a heavily tilted back wheel. During this last stretch the voltage dipped as low as 61.0V, and settled at 62.2V after the 1.5km I needed to get home. So, slightly more range, but more importantly the initial low battery tilt-back is much much slower. It no longer forces you to jump off at speed. _ As I’ve said earlier, as long as the V11 suddenly forces me to an immediate stop mid ride just to play with my phone, I’ll keep repeating how stupid I think the behavior is. No vehicle should decide to force the rider/driver to a sudden stop, just to play with one’s phone in order to continue. The V11 is advertised as being “made for professional riders”. All the safety reminders of the Go Home Mode are delivered the first time the rider switches it on. There is absolutely no need having to do it every single time. Which for some of us is at every single ride. The V11 should have an automatic Go Home Mode that can be enabled just like the “Fancy” mode that allows the 55km/h top speed. Enabling the auto Go Home, the limits would start lowering when there’s only one bar of battery left, but they would do so automatically, so that the wheel wouldn’t take over the rider’s control. Forcing the rider to a sudden stop, no matter how slow the tilt-back is, can be very dangerous if it happens at the wrong time. That’s why no other vehicle of any type does that. The current behavior is in a strong contradiction to what the wheel is advertised as, and what all other design aspects do support: being an EUC for “professional riders”. They don’t need to be reminded that the battery is getting low. They have known that for years, and have long ago adjusted their daily riding style accordingly. The magnificent battery level meter of the V11 that is clearly visible during riding, already tells you that the battery is getting low. Having to suddenly stop whenever the wheel so decides, does not deliver any safety. Quite the opposite, it can be very dangerous at the wrong time. Many of us are forced to ride along with cars. Accelerating at an intersection is when the voltage drop would most probably force the sudden forced stop. That is a dangerous situation no matter how slow the tilt-back is. Sorry for the ramble. The magnificent V11’s generous speed limits lets you ride very freely all the way down to 68V, which makes this one oversight stand out even more. I dearly hope that the feedback from the community will make Inmotion rethink the sudden forced stop.
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    This video is hardly a scientific race, I don't see anywhere where they state battery level and modes used, and actual start line to finish, stopwatch synched footage (was anyone measuring directly at the start line, not just the finish line? I can't even see the guy who stops the stopwatch on camera. And where is the side-by-side side-view footage to compare the lean angles used on both wheels?). And I dunno what other EX reviews you are referring to. This was just my impressions, echoed by many of the seasoned NYC riders who are predominantly MSX/MSP Speed riders. Consensus was the EX feels super sluggish across modes. I say this as nothing but a rider, no motivation to get you to click my EX review video, as I don't have one! You don't want to believe all this? Then don't! And again, you're not gonna get a true hills opinion from anyone in NYC, we simply don't have them compared to an SF or LA.
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    Great fun today watching people try EUC the first time they ever saw one.
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    I should have it in another two three or days from EVX, and plan to open it up to poke around also, what is it that you like to know? By the way I have been bugging @houseofjob to do an open case review of how this wheel works since I am sure he can provide a much better write up of it, but he hasn’t been willing to so far. I am hoping that some peer pressure from the forum would change his mind.. =D The thing that weird me out is the extreme high pressure the shock is pressure at; 1200 PSI seems extreme.
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    Am I crazy or are wheels are getting stupid ambitious with speakers & music/voice playback features? This needlessly consumes design ressources that should be dedicated to more crucial functions like waterproofing, redundancy, better battery monitoring data, etc. Plus hving wheelers driving around bombarding the space with music is a great way to give euc a bad name... Enough with the speakers/subwoofers!
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    The work I started out of curiosity ended with passion. the work is 95% complete Thank you for your interest and support
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    It's a small board the size of the bluetooth module. You swap the BT module with it > power up the EUC > LEDs blink for a minute. When LEDs show ready the update is done you can power off and put back the BT.
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    I make a few appearances to Jon's latest video
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    Those are the ones who live the longest! 😝 So make sure you keep away from helmets and other protective equipment when riding your Sherman backwards down the stairs 🤣 PS: I know the type. My grandma was like this. It started when she was 85. With every cold or flu she caught she was on her deathbed or so she thought, murmuring “I have lived my life and it’s alright to die. I don’t want to be anybody’s burden” I always admired that attitude. She was 97 when she died.
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    last video posted was only onewheel, sorry. this one will show the importance of euc safety gear:
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    quality , that is the question. 1.)Not everyone has high quality cameras, drones, 360 cameras, or the latest production gear ect. 2.)Not everyone has a fast pc that can aid in editing (believe me, a slow pc can cause crashes, long load times, AND can make editing footage a long, frustrating process) 3.)Not everyone has high quality microphones 4.)Not everyone has the same skill set when editing footage. 5.)Not everyone is charismatic (a subjective stance, not everyone enjoys a charismatic presenter) 6.)Not everyone is daring, (some people prefer safety, some prefer to be daredevilish with their Euc's 7.) Not everyone films in an area they live, or ride around in that is exciting (that is subjective to the viewer) 8.) Not everyone enjoys the same subject matter. 9.) Not everyone enjoys the lack of music or the music track 10.) Not everyone enjoys the message (if any) within a video. At the end of the day, Quality is subjective. Keep making videos !
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    sorry for the late reply guys I was too busy working on expanding the battery. Now that i almost finished, i have checked the bearing markings. But there is no marking this is sort of like a custom bearing specification. It is also a bearing made of synthetic rubber
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    I work in a laboratory focused on water resources, Expert in gas chromatography and inorganic chemistry. Specialization in petroleum substances in samples during ecological accidents / disasters. My job is to protect nature from oil pollution gasoline diesel oil. Use samples to detect leaks from oil derivatives tanks. So I'm sitting at an expensive machine and getting fat.
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