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    One more great blog article by @EcoDrift. They interviewed GW, KS, IM. Monowheel manufacturers answer your questions (Russian original) Some things are lost in translation, but it's interesting nonetheless. Maybe a native Russian speaker can help clear up some things. Some points (there's more, so just check the article out): Gotway: hired a "quality engineer" 2 months ago, results should be visible to sellers and riders 126V "too dangerous and not advisable" now, but possibly in the future no plans for 2020 except model updates (I might be understanding it wrong, maybe it's just referring to the msuper?) no 3 inch wide tire 14 incher/MCM6 in the works, because that would require an expensive new shell design King Song: suspension is the next goal, also hey have a better intelligent BMS looks like their next wheel might be a new 18 incher? no plans for speeds >50kph/31mph Inmotion: new wheels will be IP67 water-protected (IP55 now)
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    I can attest that when @Seba volunteered to pickup this project, he has always acted in the most conscientious way imaginable. One of the only conditions KS had on providing their code for the firmware updates , was that they didn't want (quite understandably) this proprietary information floating around on a open source repository. If financial reward would have been Seba's motivation for this project, he would have stayed 100 miles clear. On a purely time/$$$ basis, doing dev work for a corporate client would have been many times more remunerative. I'm really very grateful for making my life & every User of EUC World so much easier
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    It’s raining now and I’m not out riding, so I think it’s time for this newbie to stop lurking and share a few words: How it started, and where it is taking me I am a 60 year old, 6 ft tall ex-bodybuilder, that gained a few pounds of extra weight, fluctuating between 230 to 240 pounds, with troublesome knees. Even with that, I still regard myself as a semi-athletic type that can take a fall and roll with it as needed, like a retired football player. Since my knees are not what they used to be, I was cruising at about 15 mph on an electric assist Giant Bicycle on the local rail-to-trail last October. I noticed an unusual sight approaching quickly in the mirror. A young man effortlessly whizzed by me at about 23 to 25 mph on an electric unicycle. I knew that the Seqway one wheeler was out there because I also have the NineBot MiniPro and have browsed their website. But this one was not that. I was much bigger and faster. That really raised my curiosity. Google lead me to eWheels.com and I drooled over many models. The 16X won the battle for 1st choice because it seemed like it would have the torque needed for a fellow my size. The 16X arrived in mid January. Living in the mid-west of the United States, near Indianapolis, we have somewhat cold winters at my latitude. But the new toy drew me outside for a few hours when the temperature was above 20 degrees F. Colder than that and I would practice the basic footwork in the garage. Thanks to the many people that posted EUC training videos on YouTube, I was riding reliably at about 2 months of practice. I watched about a hundred training videos and took something of great value from each one. Even a simple comment like “Look and think where you want to go” resonated with me. Like many, I tended to look down right in front of me to see what I might stumble on, which is not good for balance. I played that statement over and over in my mind which caused me to finally look up and out towards where I wanted to go. The bigger horizon gives the brain more information to process a better sense of balance. All the videos that showed the mechanics of footwork and progressive drills where also invaluable. I don’t think I could have done it without all the YouTube help. Those guys taught me what to do and what to watch out for. So I don’t push my battery that hard and tend to recharge early so I have more safety margin. I was not a fast learner like some that picked it up in a few days. The ankle and pedal thing bit me. As they have said ‘the pedals can be unforgiving’. Wear some ankle protection to soften the blow. I dropped the 16X more times than I wanted to. It seemed to brush off the beating with only some scuffs and scratches. The many videos of the fun rides on YouTube kept me inspired. I have watched almost all of Mike’s videos from Sweden. I am envious of the network of bike lanes, paths, and trails that go everywhere. The weather and vegetation is similar to where I live, so I was glad to see the batteries can still provide good power at lower temps. I’ve soaked up videos of rides around New York city, Boston, Colorado, Moscow, Taiwan, Japan, and Los Angeles. It has been like a great tour around the world. It is nice to know that most of us around the world enjoy the same things. Well, being 60, I knew that, but this YouTube tour of the world reinforced it. A GotWay Monster from eWheels arrived next at my door and I have been riding it for about 2 weeks now. I really enjoy that one for touring around the small town I live in. It has opened up the back alleys and smaller, quiet neighborhood roads that we just don’t have time to bother with when we are driving our cars. It gives a whole new perspective of where I live. I alternate rides between the 16X and the Monster. Each one has something to teach me. The 16X is good for a local park with some steep hills, gravel pathways, and winding sidewalks. I’ve taken it for adventure rides too. But the Monster is the better touring machine for me due to its stability, which allows me to feel more comfortable going a bit faster and just looking around and enjoying the ride more. The strong, less stable 16X has me focused on riding it more, with fewer moments of looking around and enjoying the sights. The GotWay MSP will be the next wheel to enjoy, hopefully by mid to late April 2020. The bigger 2500 watt motor should hopefully provide torque similar to the 16X and the 18 inch wheel is right between the Monster and 16X. That one has the makings of being the favorite. The King Song 18XL also seems interesting with its 2200 watt motor and excellent trolley handle like the 16X. That would be a great one to run errands on. That might also be a great one to keep in the trunk of the car to help with mobility at some tourist destination, after all the Corona business dies down. EUC riding has been great exercise for the legs, even with bad knees. It amounts to a lot of isometric exercise. The legs have adapted and firmed up a lot. They are almost as firm as the old bodybuilding days. The raw power of youth is not there. But the muscle tone is very much on par with the old days. I tend to stop about every twenty minutes and rest my feet and calve muscles for 2 or 3 minutes and then go again. I’m finding that the riding time is increasing and the resting time is decreasing. Sometimes I think I’m turning into some kind of blend of a “Crouching Tiger” and a “Drunken Master”. Sometimes I'm in weird situations due to unexpected terrain disturbing my line, or I suddenly changed my mind on where I wanted to go, and the body is starting to automatically do all sorts of compensation moves to keep balance. Most of the time I’m a “Straight Man” though, who is starting to pull some tricks out of the bag, whatever is needed. It is not always a successful trick. But 99% of the time, it is a successful bail off with the old guy staying on his feet. Fortunately the stumbles have been at low speed. That’s when I push my limits of maneuverability. The faster I go, the more alert, conservative, planned things are. When thinking about the expense of the new addiction, I relate it to the other things in life. To me, EUC riding is very much the same kind of fun and entertainment as motorcycle riding, which I’ve done a lot of in my years. I think we ride both for the same reason .... to blow the stink off. For the cost of an average quality one liter street motorcycle, a guy can have a fleet of EUC’s.
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    May I add one more video to aid the Coronavirus distraction list! Myself and Rebecca (a Onewheel rider) got together in celebration of Women’s History Month to chat about our experiences with our respective wheels. Coming in at 5mins- ish it's the first episode in a series called ‘Conversations with Riders’ where I hope to film more riders in the PET community. Hope you guys enjoy it! If so tilt back on the like button then join the ride and subscribe. If you have any suggestions about who I should film next let me know!
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    Today was the first day in ages without storm and rain here in Germany, so i charged my 16X to 💯 and went out for a 80km cruise. First stop was at a marina On my way back i took a break at a very old church They had a memorial outside for the fallen soldiers of WW 1. And WW 2 Best feature of the ride, no police.
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    Thanks to the power of all the older folks on the forums (dads 59, lol) , but especially @winterwheel my dad finally took his first ride yesterday and started free mounting in 15 minutes.... The man was like "I want to learn to mount without the wall" then he did it and rode across the school lot we were practicing in. This was the end of the session. He was tired and we were heading home, so he decided he'd ride back. Hes like my brother, nooothing like me, haha. But you can probably tell i was proud and overly excited just to see it. He had one low speed fall trying to hold onto the wheel instead of bailing, but you know I forced him to have wristguards on, so he slid, no damage, no injury. Hopped back up and got back on! This is awesome, haha.
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    Pavel, I really recognize what you did for EUC community, as a developer and EUC rider I also recognize your great contribution not only to WheelLog, you also served forum community with your technical expertise. The last thing I want is to treat anyone in unfair way. I also don't want to enter any dispute and that's why I don't want to argue what was rewritten and what not. Nothing good for users would come out of this. We all know that there have long been doubts about the legal status of the WheelLog and for this reason at some moment you have been accused for violating someone else's rights. I think it was very unfair in the context of the work you put into this application. I can understand that this was one of the reasons why your enthusiasm for further development of the WheelLog has cooled down. I don't want to get involved in similar dispute and I don't want my enthusiasm to cool down. I invested more than thousand of hours of work for EUC World project, huge amounts of my private money and my precious time to give community an application that will serve it well. I'm sure you had the same intentions. And I don't get any profits from it, but on the contrary, I still put time, knowledge and hard earned money into it. When others drive on their EUC using EUC World, I sit at my desk and develop this application. And I would like to make it clear - King Song didn't paid a dime for implementing KS support in EUC World so I don't know what "flooding with money" are you talking about. It was entirely @Jason McNeil initiative to support King Song users by convincing King Song to share technical details. As a result King Song agreed to use their firmware servers by EUC World users and supported me disclosing some old and incomplete sources that eventually turned out to be of little help for me. I spent almost a month reverse-engineering their BLE protocol, network communication. While Jason supported EUC World with generous donation (that was fully spent to cover storage upgrade on euc.world server), I didn't this for money. I did this because at the end of 2019 Google and Apple removed KS apps from their app stores and King Song users was left without any reliable Android support. While KS app was still available for download as an APK from KS website, it was caused massive problems and bricked many wheels during update attempt. Especially that KS released 2.0 firmware at the time... And many users didn't wanted to "install application from untrusted source". I really, really appreciate it. I would also like you to know that I will always be happy to share with you the knowledge and experience I gained while developing EUC World. After all, we both do this for EUC community and this is our passion, not business.
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    A few pictures from my solo exploratory trip into some new mountains
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    Mid-week ride for Julia and Felix (far left) who are visiting from Germany. They were able to rent EUC's from @Nevin@Tec-toyz.com for the month that they'll be here. With @Dave U, @Freewheeler, and Dan (I forget your forum handle Dan). Oh, and Haywood at the end
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    One nice ride near the Mediterranean sea
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    My current collection
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    Petra and I went for a cruise to Stockholm City yesterday to buy some Rockbros bike horns. Fun times. Although they don't really work as intended because people are mostly tuned to the bicycle bell sound. This was in the city though and people tend to have their heads up their asses most of the time. I also bought an alarm with a movement sensor which I will demo in a future clip. I have been doing a lot of riding on the 16X lately so the first turns on the MSX were a struggle. Felt like the wheel was just gonna flop over. After some riding it felt great though.
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    There are also some Ninebot-related informations at Francisco Gorina GitHub repository - https://github.com/fgorina Pavel, as I said previously - I'll be happy to help you and share my experiences over protocols used in our EUCs. As a proof of good will I also sent you by mail a complete source of Gotway adapter that is used by EUC World, so you can use it in any of your project, regardless if it's open- or closed-source, including commercial projects. The same apply for my entire contribution that you'll find in https://github.com/slastowski/EucWorldAndroid. I don't like one-way contributions too. Trust me - no one likes it This is why at the beginning of 2020 (after KS released 2.00 firmware) I decided to expedite my works on King Song support - to provide a working and reliable alternative to KS app. I know that now King Song works on completely new application. Seems they changed software house that is responsible for this. I hope that this time it will be a reliable application. I understand that EUC World will always be a 3rd party app that isn't designed to be KS-only app.
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    I thought I would add a short clip featuring my wife learning to ride the Mten3 today. She's been riding for a couple hours in total. Today she improved dramatically on her starts ,control and turns. The dismount technique needs a little more work......lol
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    @Kuji Rolls reviews the Gotway MSP. Finally 🥳🥳
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    Funny learning video.
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    @zenleetech - Just saw your video
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    My new EUC Bodyguard from Roll.nz for the MSX.
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    I think we can all agree that this is understandable. A for-profit company is hardly going to share proprietary code to an open-source project without an NDA...which inevitably leads to licensing changes in the app. It saddens me that EUC World is no longer open-source (it wouldn't exist without WheelLog!), but there's always a compromise or a trade-off to make somewhere. KS support became crucial and urgent due to the terrible quality of the KS app, and thanks to @Seba's work, users can now fully configure their KS wheels, update their firmware (and man, is the update process fail/idiot-proof! Couldn't brick my wheel even if I'd tried...), etc., without having to rely on a buggy and often completely useless OEM app. In that sense, all KS users owe Seba an enormous debt of gratitude (as do all EUC World users!) That's for sure! Having had a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes process as a translator and beta tester, I really have to praise and thank Seba for the ridiculous amount of work he's put into EUC World. During KS development, I'd report a bug and he'd fix it and release a new beta an hour later. Literally. There have been days when were 2 or more new beta releases per day. Just so you get an idea, translators have trouble keeping up, while Seba somehow manages to juggle Tizen development, fixing bugs in KS support, adding support for GW, Relive integration, GPS-stracking, updates to the euc.world site, fixing issues connected with Android 10 and gesture navigation, implementing new functions requested by users, etc....it honestly baffles me how he manages. And more than anything, I'm thoroughly in awe of his commitment and dedication to an entirely altruistic passion project that's for the benefit of the entire EUC community, which he devotes enormous amounts of time to while the rest of us request new features, complain about small bugs, post memes and enjoy our wheels Seriously, we're lucky to have such an insane, wheel-loving guy willing to selflessly devote so much time and energy to the community! (insane because you have to be a little nuts to take on a project like this on your own...). I also think we should take a few steps back from time to time in favour of a broader perspective, and remember that projects like WheelLog, EUC World and Darknessbot probably wouldn't exist if manufacturers didn't have the nerve to sell $2k+ wheels with often unusable apps, wash their hands of their users' complaints and sleep like babies at night. We'd do well to remember who it is we ought to be frustrated with, and who we should be grateful to. And that gratitude goes for everyone involved in giving back to the community, from those contributing code (Kevin Cooper, @palachzzz, @Seba) to @Jason McNeil for lobbying on our behalf and generously donating to EUC World development (DB too, if I'm not mistaken?), when he could just limit himself to selling wheels and not care whether his customers have usable apps or not, to everyone who contributes to this forum on a daily basis by answering new riders' questions, recommending wheels, sharing tips on how to ride, trouble-shooting technical problems, etc., all of it done selflessly, in the spirit of camaraderie that characterizes this forum. We're all on the same team, guys! Ride and let ride
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    You are too slow. That's literally the problem. Speed stabilizes you, and you don't have that speed. Riding at walking speed or a bit above is hard. Riding at ~20kph/12mph is much easier, and this is where you should start. Just like with a bicycle, faster is more stable. You're too slow. 5-8mph with a V10 is torture. Also, looks like you are at the beginning of the learning phase. It takes time. Don't expect too much in too short of a time. But really, your problem is: you're too slow. Try this (with the V10 first): Make sure you're not afraid to hurt yourself, damage the wheel, or hit something. Wear enough gear for that, pad your wheel up well enough, and find a place without obstacles or distractions or things that scare you, so you are comfortable and relaxed. Ideally, find a nice, empty, distraction free (no scary curbs to fall on, no parked cars, etc. - it's subjective) but confined straight road. You can use an empty parking lot or so, but ideally you want something more focused and much longer. I assume you can stand still on the wheel while holding on to a pole or wall, and balance/pendulum a little in place. And you don't immediately fall off once you start going from there. So you can start riding from holding on to something, instead of having to step on. So go to that road, hold on to something and step on, adjust your stance if necessary - and then just go. Don't do it cautiously - commit and accelerate. Get up to 15-20kph (10-15mph) speed right away, without much hesitation. Whenever you feel you're getting unstable, speed up (counterintuitively, braking makes it worse). Don't be afraid to lean in when starting - the wheel is powerful and will catch you. Don't be afraid of 20kph or even 25 kph (with the V10 at least, a bit too much for the mten3). You'll find out you can ride once you're only fast enough. Probably you can follow the road for a mile easily because nothing bad happens. Should you have to run off, do not try to catch the wheel, just run off and let it fall on its own (that's what the padding is for - your peace of mind to do that). And you can always emergency-brake by "sitting down" should you need to stop quickly. But you won't be that fast, so all you need to do is keep riding fast enough so you're stable and not so fast you get scared. Going straight and fast is easy, so start with that. Then comes doing curves, free-mounting (though you can do the thing above with free-mounting instead of starting from a pole), and finally you can start fast and then gradually slow down and see how slow you can go before you get instable (because going slow is hard). The V10 is a heavy wheel and maybe (maybe) a lighter wheel (16S for example) would make learning a bit more easy. But you don't buy a wheel for learning, you buy it for riding. And you can learn with any wheel. And clearly, here your problem isn't the choice of wheel, but that you are going too slow. Double your speed, literally. You'll find that you're a much better rider than you may think, you just started at the wrong place (low speeds). Trust your intuition and don't overdo it, but don't be afraid of (moderate) speeds when learning. They are your friend.
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    back in 2018 source
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    My very first euc video. Gotta set the bar low, so theres only room to improve. Just some random footage from a gopro hero 3. Awaiting a newer camera, so figured I may as well try out a new editing program. Just as I suspected... you can't polish a turd, but you sure can smell one... here's my turd, only took 1.5hrs to upload in meager quality.
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    This is my first ever review of any product so please be easy on me Rider’s history: Learned how to ride EUC Jan. 6, 2020 – doesn’t know how to ride skate board or snow board. The only balance wheels I know how to ride are bike and electric scooter. Also no experience with motorbike at all. First EUC: Inmotion V8 Rider’s total weight including gears 75kgs Tire pressure 35 PSI I received my MSP 5th of March 2020. I ordered it through Alibaba and it only took 9 days to ship it from China to Abu Dhabi which is fantastic. I waited 1 month for my V8 for comparison (through Ali Express). I had 1100 kms on my V8 for 2 months so I guess I’m a little bit addicted to EUC J. My first choice was Nikola 100V but after watching reviews in YouTube I feel like it is more challenging to change tire on Nikola than MSX series so I change my order to MSP. The price difference was about $100 so it was not an issue. I had very minimal adjustment riding MSP maybe the 1K kms on V8 helps. In the beginning, I was worried about the weight, the power and the pedal angle but surprisingly it was fine. No leg bruises and minimal pain only. I learnt quickly not to put so much pressure on MSP with my legs because it causes wobbles. On my 1st few days, wobbles start at 40kph then improved to 45kph on the next few days. When it wobbles I just stay on it and spread my arms wide. My thoughts were I will not jump and just wait until my unicycle decide to fall. My reasons are it will be in slower speed when I fall and might cause less damage on the unit and to me. Luckily it saves me, once below 30kph wobbles just stop. It’s very scary when it wobbles at 45 kph! And hit your legs left and right. It’s funny how our body adjusts after 1 week riding with MSP, going back to V8 feels weird, and it feels like a toy so I sold it. It feels very slow at 30kph. On my 2nd week with MSP I experience very minimal wobbles and reach 53 kph max speed with beeps. Not sure if its 80% or just 1st beep warning but I’m not man enough to stay on that speed for a long time. Not for now, maybe later. All my falls with MSP are below 10kph speed. The anti-skid tire is not working on a wet tiles, marbles or bricks type of road. When riding on sand it will just dig in and very difficult to control. This maybe normal to most EUC but I did not experience it on my V8. My V8 was very stable on wet surfaces at low speed. These are my impression with MSP after 2 weeks with it. Hope it helps.
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    That's right. In general, Gotway uses very simple electronic design, which comes with several positives (simple things are less prone to fail). Additionally as you wrote, MOSFETs are oversized and this gives great margin of safety if everything is assembled correctly. If not, we can see boards burnt, but this is always caused by manufacturing errors and usually shows up quite soon. So if you don't have any problems over some time after purchasing a Gotway wheel, you shoulnd't have any problems later. But to assume that Gotway is a really "cool running wheel" we should attach temperature probe to aluminium heatsink. Looking at the temperature values reported by application is misleading for two reasons. One is already discussed - Gotway mainboards report gyroscope temperature. As gyroscope is a small chip located quite far from MOSFETS, so there is quite large thermal gap between two. Second reason is that on some Gotway wheels, cooling fan air stream is directed onto top side of mainboard where gyroscope chip is located. So it doesn't cool the MOSFETs only (located underneath), but it also cools electronic circuitry of the mainboard, including this gyroscope used also as a temperature sensor. But there is one advantage of 12xMOSFET setup used by Gotways over 6 MOSFET that is worth to note. The use of two transistors connected in parallel instead of one causes equivalent drain-to-source resistance of such a system to be halved. This means that the power loss will also be twice as low. Colloquially speaking, there will be twice as low of heat generated.
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    https://github.com/slastowski/EucWorldAndroid - I edited previous post as I forgot to add "Android", I'm sorry that you regret your decision to support EUC World. I will be happy to return your donation. Just give me your email in a private message and I will return entire amount of your donation thru PayPal. I'm also a big fan of open source. But let's make it clear - open source doesn't work for such niche applications like WheelLog and EUC World. This is why WheelLog was always struggling to keep actively developed and maintained, while commercial DarknessBot is actively developed and maintained. Without the support of a sufficiently large user base and a sufficiently large number of active developers, such a project has no chance of survival. WheelLog has always been a project that one person worked on (not including some one-off contributions) - Kevin, Pavel, not to mention me. WheelLog and EUC World was always meant to be universal and not related to any particular wheel make. I don't see the point in removing any support that is already implemented?
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    Just seen this, what a great place to ride. @Marty Backe maybe something for you.
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    Had a great mid-week ride to the top of Mt Wilson today. From the left: Dan, Larry, @maltocs, and me.
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    Hi All: Hope this is the right place to post this. I just completed my first 250 miles commuting via electric unicycle. Here are my lessons learned: I talk about training, being afraid, safety, gear, riding at night.
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    Hopefully this will cheer you up a bit in those difficult times... This was filmed in more serene moments...
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    Cherry blossoms in bloom. Sagamihara, Japan
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    Hum to the stranger eye, it seems very French. To the Frenchman: the van on the left has an ad in English the houses behind have a very English architecture . the baguettes are very big and in a supermarket trolley, indicating low quality (good baguette is smaller and in bakery in France) Conclusion: this is not in France, but more probably in UK
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    When the lockdown started here in Spain there was an initiative, started on social medial, to go go "outside" (stand on front porch, doorway, balconies) at 8 PM to clap in gratitude for healthcare professionals' work. This has turned into a daily event, as it's a way to acknowledge the presence of others---a collective activity despite isolation. A few days ago the Telegraph published an article uncovering that the current king (I refuse to capitalize that word, I'm embarrassed to be living in a monarchy in the year 2020...) is the heir to a €65 million offshore fund of his father's (former king), stemming from Saudi "donations". The current king publicly renounced the inheritance (but of course, that's not legally binding). The day the story broke, another online initiative started: at 9 PM, we were to "go outside", but this time with pots and pans, and bang on them in protest of the monarchy's (royal) corruption, demanding that the inherited money be allocated to public healthcare. Confined in our houses, hearing and reading about layoffs, the financial crisis to come, people were mad and participated effusively. It was quite the site to behold. So for a couple of days, we had solemn clapping at 8 and enthusiastic pot-banging at 9. Now they've started to fuse into a single "event" that's a mix of both. Unsure of whether to clap or bang on pots, it's become and odd medley with an anarchic-festive component including whistling, blasting tunes and horn-honking. I happened to be on my wheel yesterday, on my way back from the pharmacy, at 8 PM. It wasn't planned, I had my GoPro on my helmet only to record the empty streets. It was very different to experience it from street level, in motion, and see it span across the whole city, as opposed to from my balcony, seeing only the neighbors across the street. Had to share: Hmmm....It's 7:20 PM. I think I better get ready, I forgot I need to go to the pharmacy to buy some...mmmm......vitamin C?
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    I rode towards Boston on Wednesday recording part of the return ride on EUC World. https://euc.world/tour/584702469206149 Locally the grocery stores are short on some items... at multiple locations. Yesterday (Thursday), a trip to a pharmacy in Boston by bus/train with a stop for coffee at the hospital area food court found the social distancing rules applied to one public eating area....only a few well spaced tables and much free space....take out food orders are ok. The ride back along the beach on Wednesday found this guy practicing social distancing while having fun. Looks like one of those boards with a flying fin underneath.
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    I think that if you want range and comfort the the 18XL is very hard to beat. Plus, it maneuvers intuitively, is very fast up to 30mph and is the easiest one of three you mentioned to commute with. My son habitually commutes to campus with the 18L or 18XL we have even though he also has a Nik+ 21700, and 16X at his disposal. He likes the combination of power, ergonomics, and overall ease of use compared to the other wheels. My opinion is that the 18XL is the best “all purpose” wheel in the sense that it is the easiest to live with. I love to speedball, so I obviously love my Nik+ 21700. I have hit over 40 mph on this wheel. Pure adrenaline rush. This is the one that I usually take when I want to shred the streets of DC. I also have an MSP that I received a couple of days ago. I have been having a fantastic time riding the Sh’t out of that as well. Yesterday I hit 34 and I am sure that I will go faster. I usually grab my 16X for just all out fun. It is the most fun wheel I own. Even more fun than the MSP because it behaves similarly without the weight. The MSP feels as heavy as a brick to me. As others have said all of these wheels are great wheels. Choose the one that fits your use case the best. If you are certain that you won’t get the urge to surpass 31mph then I would recommend the KS wheels. They are Easier to adapt to and more versatile in terms of fitting across a broad range of use cases. Plus, you don’t really need 100 Volts of power if you are not going to go beyond 30 mph. If you think you might want to cruise over 30 mph at some point then the Gotway wheels that have been mentioned are your best option: Nik+, MSP, or you could go with a used MSX (Or “newsed” if a dealer still has them in stock).
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    No EUC in the video but this is so cool.
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    If Buster only had an MSX ... 😝 What is this against the stunts we pull these days! 🤣
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    I’m hoping Inmotion succeeds with this. We need competition to drive these toys further. Past year we’ve seen IPS and Rockwheel drop out and Ninebot is only rumored to still try. It’s really Gotway, Kingsong and Inmotion left and IM has the manufacturing numbers and resources to invest. With this new wheel Gotway will finally have a competitor in the 50 km/h+ speed category. Investing in a completely new model should not be taken for granted. I’m glad Inmotion sees it worth the risk.
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    Another nice one from Fantomas
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    Since my injury, my riding has been limited to errands and short, low-speed tours. But the center of a Spanish city on a sunny Saturday afternoon can be just as challenging/intimidating as any rugged trail
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    Based on @zenleetech's recent video on the matter, it seems they caught 4 of the perps, including the one with the gun.
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    V10f this time, I keep the v5f for rope ride Thanks you, I remember the music thing the next time
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    It's a work in progress, but slowly taking shape... So far I've gotten as far as the main screen (icons, gauge, stats, status bar), stats/live data screen, speed/current chart screen & tour recording screen. Now for the settings...
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    Yeah, the idea is so alien and outlandish to me too...I hope Americans reading this post don't feel attacked. To Europeans, things like this are so unfathomable we can't help being shocked, don't take it as an attack, and more importantly, let's avoid turning this thread into a pro vs anti gun debate. The subject of the matter is what happened to @zenleetech, that kind of shit is traumatic.... I really feel for him...
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    I had to Google this. Unbelievable! My advice.....dress differently so they can see you.
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    My son has taken a liking to my new wheel
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    This topic has been comprehensively replied to, but I'll throw in my 2 cents worth as a medical specialist who bought an Inmotion V8 4 months ago, a Gotway MCM5 one month after that, and last week a KingSong 16X. I talked my wife into the first purchase with the rationale that if I couldn't do it or didn't like it, I could re-purpose it as a x-mas present for a nephew. The Gotway I explained was prudent as it has a little more power, hence safer. The Kingsong I had delivered to work. The relevance is I'm about to guarantee her, and anybody else, that the balance, core strength, mood effects, simple joy of an outdoor activity and proven benefits of learning new skills for aging brains are such that not to buy a third unicycle would almost be to neglect my health.......
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