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    Finally uploaded it. My custom euc design. tested in snow.
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    The mod is complete. I’ll do a write up tonight about the fabrication process. A bit harder than I initially envisioned. The custom silicone protective covers keep the grip tape from scratching the plastic shell when the pedals are in their upright position.
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    here’s mine. nice double box packaging. in the box for the techies first grounded charger cord ever i think unless ninebot does it lots of protective wrap for some reason i hadn’t noticed the red or maroon accent it will match my new vans sk8 hi’s see more matching accents remind me not to take pictures of this wheel naked it turns on i need to lose about a hundred pounds. it is a kenda tire. this is a pita. the length of the threads is too short to use the handy ninebot extension tube. and people, it came with 20psi, so check the tire before riding. if it was pumped up to 40psi like it wants, it probably would explode on the plane. my e+ valve for comparison so i had to do this. my harley suspension pump works pretty good. lots of strokes but does leak much when disengaging. that should work until i go on a diet came with about a half charge. perfectly normal. for those who think size does matter. my e+ or future 10z pedals for comparison. gonna chill as best i can in this hot weather and hopefully around dusk take black mamba for a spin.
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    Looks like Ninebot was hiding the Z's BT speaker capability 💩 (now if only they would copy the handle motor disengage feature of the other manufacturers *smh) [Repost from Baidu] .... and yet another Baidu Z unboxing, user is reporting the Z is in fact the reported 45-46kph max originally stated, and that the motor is quiet (not surprising, as all Ninebots are). Additionally, as could be guessed from the short height, the user is stating transition from 14" wheel to 18" Z is not difficult. Hmmmm... don't mind the blacked-out aesthetic change on these production model Z's, but kinda wish they kept the signature blue Ninebot charge cap that the demo unit had in the unveil promos & demo unit @CES 2018
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    My ACM is officially back in business! Did a spontaneous celebratory evening ride, just randomly curving around (ended at 40km) and taking photos occasionally. Nice warm evening weather after today's almost summery heat. Here are some pictures (apologies to anyone on mobile or with metered connections, but this is the Photo Thread). -- The route (clockwise). Going to the river (top part), south along it, around some lakes you can see there (the dark spots), and back home again. River view from the trees. (It's behind those trees) Looking south (upstream). Nearby park where another river meets it. Some nice flowers. Love locks overlooking the water. Lots of fishing going on today. Rivers meet here. Some time later, a nice side route along the way. Gravel banks. Dam. View a bit further upstream. Passing a boat ramp. Hard to see in a picture, but wonderful milky blue water color (from the sand). These pictures are at the biggest lake. Had these motives in an earlier post already. Nice sunset colors. Sunset Shortly after taking the two sunset pictures, I got my best reaction to date. A guy saw me coming from a bit away, and he did not only smile and nod in approval, he actually clapped In the twilight at some of the smaller lakes. Having fun riding around and exploring where these paths go. Spotlighted church on the way home. Another one. Panorama in the creeping darkness. To the center of the picture is the first church, to the left the other one. Mountain silhouettes to the right. That's it
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    First video with my new cam 😁 edit: reuploaded at 60 fps
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    I tested the V10F on the steepest hill in my vicinity. It did very good. I couldn’t do this with the Ninebot and that’s why I desided to buy a wheel that good do this. Felt good to finally conquer this hill. And with speed! 😎
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    I pay homage to the Gotway Tesla
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    goodbye cruel world, i mean, taking Bob for a wheel walk. on my newly healing 18s sporting the world's #1 skateboard shoe in maroon or i like to call mad dog 20 20 wine color. update, a successful outing, nobody died and i think i learn a trick about mounting, my left foot (wheel mounted foot) has only enough weight on it to hold the wheel in control, when i jump off the ground with my right foot(mounting foot) my right leg has to jump up whateve weight is left over. practice would be hopping on one foot without the wheel. so, long good walk, had to do full on leash otw back and Bob was good. got some real good exercise, but then after putting Bob back in the compound i like to run a few more laps up and down the road, and the second lap i see this big kitty trotting ahead of me, doesn’t even know i’m coming(i swear the firmware update has made this wheel more buttery) but as i get closer, i realize the kitty is a racoon, i snort, nervous giggle a bit because i’m afraid of rabies, and he turns around, sees me and gets off the road. thank u God that mr racoon showed up after mine and Bob’s walk. that could have been ugly.
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    Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes throughout this ordeal! Excellent report! Healed! No restrictions! Not sure if my wife will be pleased but I am!
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    Today I had a 30,5 km ride on trails. I pumped it to 4+ bars before and the battery was 100% at start. I came home with 4/5 bars on the battery. Wihtout the app I cannot say exact numbers. The only bar was knocked at 20 km mark. Now I started get the idea of this wheel. Better air-pressure helped and also finding the right placement for feet. These large pedals give many options. I started to have my feet as wide as possible without my shoes being outside of the pedal. I stopped touching the pads with my shins. Now it feels more nimble and fun. I also realized I need to scale up my movements. I just need to be stronger for this wheel and then it starts to perform. I need to grow my driving muscles again. But I really started to enjoy its performance and trust it. I rode the whole trip without once hitting the speed limit. I feel like it’s set to about 30 km/h out of the box, but I’m not absolutely sure. I never felt like wanting to go faster. I could go just as fast as I felt good. But the wheel feels like it can take more speed easily. It feels like a serious mountain bike. The Z-series wheels probably will feel like fat bikes. I hope I get to ride one someday. I also took it to the subway and I no longer think the trolley handle is too high. It actually feels quite luxorious to hold it that high. Tall people will love it. It was totally easy and comfortable to trolley the wheel inside and among people. You just need to learn to control it correctly. I’m also very happy to finally conquer the hill that I couldn’t do with the S2.
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    There's some encouraging developments with electrical safety improvements from Gotway; thanks to @Hunka Hunka Burning Love suggestion of the anti-spark connector, I insisted that our next batch of Wheels be fitted with this type of connector. The part is widely available & inexpensive, will hopefully make the accidents that occurred to @Rehab1, @Scott Henley a thing of the past Charging ports will also be fitted with a reverse diode. https://photos.app.goo.gl/xmU6jgtRL2kTZn7r9 WARNING: Linnea tells me that these improvements will only be fitted if requested. If you receive a new GW Wheel, just because it is new, do not risk putting your keys against the pins to test if the reverse-charging PCB has been installed, it probably hasn't been & then you'll need a new connector, or worse....
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    Since many members in the US will soon be receiving their new V10 and V10F models shortly if anyone wants to experiment replacing the OEM rubber grips on the pedals with industrial grip tape please let me know. I just purchased some high quality self adhesive grip tape and applied it on my ACM/ Mten 3 pedals. This stuff is fantastic and should far exceed the gripping power of the factory V10 rubber grip pads and most other pedal grips. I had to purchase a long roll of the tape and I have enough for 6 more wheels. If interested please let me know and I will supply the material free of charge. You will only need to pay for UPS shipping based on your zip code. Please continental US only. Paypal recommended method of payment for shipping costs. Tesla Grip Tape New Industrial strength Grip Tape installed on my Mten3 / ACM pedals
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    The ACM2 has a new admirer
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    I'm joining the club! Great helmet, nice & light.
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    Here's some turning practices. I'm doing this just to get the feel of the new wheel and getting used to it. I'm starting to enjoy it but still some learning to do. This tire has loads of grip. I'm terrified of trying to find out how much it can take before slipping. (I messed up the slowmo focus)
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    Still a bit hesitant, but got on it pretty well. This is my first couple of kilometres of riding this wheel in Helsinki.
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    Just finished my first ride. While the video is brewing, I'll share some initial thoughts in text form: Ride feel: - Very different to my Ninebot. It definitely feels larger and heavier. But also very stable. Difficult to say much yet, it takes some time to get used to it. - This model was set to have the pedals a bit tilted up. I hope I can change this when the app comes. I think this is why @Marty Backe felt it took more effort to go fast. I also felt that the wheel was tilting back from the start and had to stand quite far in front of the pedals. I think this will be corrected. - Going over curbs felt really good. - Turning takes a bit more effort compared to the 14" Ninebot. I think the wide tire is so heavy that it's rotational inertia starts to be noticeable. And takes some learning to ride with a larger and taller wheel. Sound: - I can't believe there was so much talk about it being loud. This is a very quiet wheel. About the level of my Ninebot S2. Maybe a difference in production model but in my videos you can barely hear it. Absolutely a non-issue. - The warning beeps are too loud. I don't want to raise so much attention when riding on the edge. Tire: - I can feel that it is wider and larger. After my first ride I don't see how the 4" tire on the Z-series is a good idea. There is a lot of grip and comfort on it. I have to experiment with different pressures to know more. I was riding with the pressure it came with and have not tested it. Speed: - Without the app I'm not sure what the speed limit was set to but I was surprised I could reach the (very loud!) warning beep so fast. I don't think I was going 25 mph / 40 km/h. - I did enjoy riding fast very much. Quite effortless despite the wrongly tilted pedals. I experienced some wobbles when accelerating quickly. I'm not sure if it's just me not used to the wheel yet. Climbing ability: - I did a couple of extremely steep but short parts. No problems, feels very strong. Not enough data yet, though. The pedals: - Veeeery comfortable compared to my Ninebot. No foot ache. I like that they are not tilted up so much. The height feels good. - With my shoes the rubber is very grippy. I like it. More grippy than the grip tape on my other wheel. - I can see why @Marty Backe had problems with them. It might be because of this upward tilt they have at the moment. I felt that with bumps my feet jumped a bit and fell backwards. I have not tested with other shoes or when wet. The trolley handle: - Comically high. I'm 170 cm tall and if the wheel was 5cm/2 inches taller I could walk it by standing straight and holding wheel up with a straight arm. It really needs to be only 1/2 of it's current height. - There probably are better handles out there and there are also worse handles. And there are wheels with no trolley handles at all. This one does the job. I didn't buy this wheel to trolley it around. If it's needed it works. There is some room for improvement and I think they will solve it. Overall I'm happy and have positive feelings right now. This is a very strong wheel. I will need to get at least 100 km on it to feel totally comfortable to go fast and start carving etc. The app cannot come fast enough. Feels naked without it. Tomorrow I'll have a longer ride. A video of my first ride comes very soon...
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    Yeah, you don't know how often (usually on Facebook) I'll get the question, "what's it's maximum speed". Like I'm supposed to take each wheel that I write about and ride it until it cuts-out, thus learning its top speed. And I get the max acceleration and braking questions too. Why don't people just buy their wheels and enjoy them under reasonable conditions? This isn't 2015. Just about every quality wheel can send us on our way at 20+ mph with nice acceleration and braking. I ride defensively. I never have the need to "slam on the brakes" to avoid a collision or to accelerate and beat a car across an intersection
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    Sitting is the new standing with the Monster !
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    I saw this move performed by @Hirsute, Daniele Contino (can be found on Facebook) and King Song pro riders. I made some very slow progress since started training this move - it appears to be tough to do. I even built a special training leash to practice this move ... even though it may look quite OK on the video - believe me, I'm still quite far from doing it without the extra support. Hey, freestyle gurus, are there any secrets to speed-up my progress? I'd appreciate any hints!
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    I just received an email from Jeffrey on the arrival of the V10 and V10F. Awesome News!! Hey Daniel! The good news: they're on US soil already! Customs gave us a little hiccup, but it's looking like they'll ship next week. Jeffrey Will Experience Manager jeffrey.will@myinmotion.com (844) 228-5464 x 702 www.myinmotion.com
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    Some parts of my first couple of kilometres. Still need to unlock it and learn its character better before going faster.