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    We've taken back the broken V10 sample and diagnosed it, here is what we found and going to do: 1. Problem: The battery BMS was broken because of water went inside the battery cells pack. Actually this sample was one of the very first prototype which didn't have a decent waterproof protection with the shrink wrap of the battery cells. It had been used for the V10 official video shooting in LA and the demo ride in Seattle, and it's raining during 3/19-3/22 when we shot in LA. 2. Solution: For the mass production available for customers, we've a sealed shrink wrap and went through the IP 55, so it's already not a problem now. Here are some photos:
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    Finally uploaded it. My custom euc design. tested in snow.
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    I've been capable of riding all the way to work for a while, but have had some kind of mental block about it. Every time I'm about to ride the damn wheel to work, I'll have some anxiety over it and not do it. I've ridden there on days off a few times no problem, but I just can't bring myself to do it in the morning before an actual work day. I always worry that maybe I'll need my car later, or maybe I'm too tired, or whatever. But today I just threw some stuff in my backpack and took off. It was just fine, I cruised all the way in with no problems. It's about 7-8 miles each way so it took about a half hour with lights etc. I even got the same feeling I do in my car, I arrived at work and barely recalled my journey. My new 16s did great and I rolled over the 100 km mark on the odometer on the way. With some of the first decent weather of the season here in WA, the ride home should be fantastic with weather in the 70's. The worst part about my ride in was watery eyes.
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    There's been some 9B1 responses to some of the technical uncertainties on this Wheel I wanted to share with everyone: Motor wires: "the wire diameter of the ONE Z is thickened, and the plug-in is also used for the terminals fixed by the screws, and the motor phase wire is replaced by the high temperature resistant material." Had mentioned this back in January during the factory visit, this sounds promising. Speed: informed that there's a new internal Chinese reg that requires 20kph max, which is why the videos coming out of China are not quite heart pacing as one would like. Pedals: not yet determined if the new mold will be created for the pedals. Obviously I've been advocating the importance of these, especially in light of the development from competitors on this score Preproduction Sample: I will be taking possession of a sample that should be the 45kph spec, improved internals, to have an opportunity to put the machine through it's paces. The game plan is to hold onto it for just a couple day to do a write up, quick video review, then pass it along to @houseofjob & then it will make it's way out to the west coast @Marty Backe & Co. My apologies for not being more active here over the past few days, there's been a mountain of emails & other projects that I'm working on getting through.
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    I've wrote some interesting insights during the development of V10 here: https://www.myinmotion.com/blogs/news/insights-inmotion-v10
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    I wrote some insights of InMotion V10 here: https://www.myinmotion.com/blogs/news/insights-inmotion-v10
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    Looks like Ninebot was hiding the Z's BT speaker capability 💩 (now if only they would copy the handle motor disengage feature of the other manufacturers *smh) [Repost from Baidu] .... and yet another Baidu Z unboxing, user is reporting the Z is in fact the reported 45-46kph max originally stated, and that the motor is quiet (not surprising, as all Ninebots are). Additionally, as could be guessed from the short height, the user is stating transition from 14" wheel to 18" Z is not difficult. Hmmmm... don't mind the blacked-out aesthetic change on these production model Z's, but kinda wish they kept the signature blue Ninebot charge cap that the demo unit had in the unveil promos & demo unit @CES 2018
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    I pay homage to the Gotway Tesla
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    There's some encouraging developments with electrical safety improvements from Gotway; thanks to @Hunka Hunka Burning Love suggestion of the anti-spark connector, I insisted that our next batch of Wheels be fitted with this type of connector. The part is widely available & inexpensive, will hopefully make the accidents that occurred to @Rehab1, @Scott Henley a thing of the past Charging ports will also be fitted with a reverse diode. https://photos.app.goo.gl/xmU6jgtRL2kTZn7r9 WARNING: Linnea tells me that these improvements will only be fitted if requested. If you receive a new GW Wheel, just because it is new, do not risk putting your keys against the pins to test if the reverse-charging PCB has been installed, it probably hasn't been & then you'll need a new connector, or worse....
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    Since many members in the US will soon be receiving their new V10 and V10F models shortly if anyone wants to experiment replacing the OEM rubber grips on the pedals with industrial grip tape please let me know. I just purchased some high quality self adhesive grip tape and applied it on my ACM/ Mten 3 pedals. This stuff is fantastic and should far exceed the gripping power of the factory V10 rubber grip pads and most other pedal grips. I had to purchase a long roll of the tape and I have enough for 6 more wheels. If interested please let me know and I will supply the material free of charge. You will only need to pay for UPS shipping based on your zip code. Please continental US only. Paypal recommended method of payment for shipping costs. Tesla Grip Tape New Industrial strength Grip Tape installed on my Mten3 / ACM pedals
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    The ACM2 has a new admirer
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    Having (finally) found a camera position that I like, I thought I'd try it on a short cruise along the river... I'm not too fussed with the handheld shots though, I want something else - I just need to find it.
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    Yeah, you don't know how often (usually on Facebook) I'll get the question, "what's it's maximum speed". Like I'm supposed to take each wheel that I write about and ride it until it cuts-out, thus learning its top speed. And I get the max acceleration and braking questions too. Why don't people just buy their wheels and enjoy them under reasonable conditions? This isn't 2015. Just about every quality wheel can send us on our way at 20+ mph with nice acceleration and braking. I ride defensively. I never have the need to "slam on the brakes" to avoid a collision or to accelerate and beat a car across an intersection
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    Sitting is the new standing with the Monster !
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    While riding the trails above Whittier California with my riding buddies @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" and @YoshiSkySun I bumped into Gabe who is on his own unique journey through life. He wrote about his encounter with us that you can read here: https://www.gfsantos.com/dailyblog/2018/4/15/i-met-an-electric-unicyclist-youtuber-atop-a-hiking-trail
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    Great review @Marty Backe, thanks for that! We are working on diagnosing the problem now, and hopefully we can find the problem soon, and I'll update here for sure. BTW, the wheel is actually the very first prototype we sent to US and lots of the board soldering were hand made instead of machine, and the V10 video was shot by this wheel as well. The out shell and the pedals were all torn-up before we replaced with new ones and then shipped to Seattle Demo Ride and then shipped to you.