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    Good news for electric unicycles comes from Germany: Micromobility has enormous future potential, believes Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. Like bicycles, e-scooters should only be treated with special regulations. They can be used on cycle paths; if they are missing, they can also be used on the road. The scooters need an insurance sticker. A helmet does not have to be used, nor does a driving licence. At the same time, the Minister wants to introduce an exemption regulation for equipment without a handlebar. For example, self-propelled skateboards, called hoverboards, will be allowed to be used on public roads in the first half of 2019.
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    Riding with @Sam Clegg in the hills above Los Angeles. Beautiful February day for a cruise. I want to ride like Sam when I grow up
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    First group ride in the Netherlands in 2019.
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    And I am excited, but I didn't have anyone to tell who would know what I was talking about, so I thought I'd pop in and say hello and brag about my new present for Spring/Summer 2019. How are all my pals doing?
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    Here's some you forgot and a few additional "comments": @Scatcat what sort of studs were you using? @US69 it was not King Songs fault @winterwheel how cold was it? @pico who were you dancing with? @Mono are you sure? do you have data to back that up? @meepmeepmayer so technically that was a Jaw plant then @EUC Extreme call that a face plant! watch my videos for REAL face plants @EUC GUY I have a diagram explaining where you went wrong @mrelwood Put more batteries in it @The Fat Unicyclist what do you weigh? @steve454 I found a web page in Mongolia with just the product you need for this? @Rama Douglas dance baby dance @Bob Eisenman Here's a picture of something in Boston @esajj I'm working on a device to fix that @Rehab1 Jaw!? That's nothing I took my whole freaking arm off, and still rode home! @Smoother showing off? Never show off. . I'm sure I've missed a few too.
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    We are coming from so many different walks of life and interest... This board can be hilarious Someone face planted and broke his jaw, the first question: @Darrell Wesh Where were your arms? @Chriull What current were you drawing? @MRN76 Were you using any of my mods? @seage Were you a beginner? @RockyTop, @houseofjobHow fast were you riding? @tryaWhat trick were you performing ? @Rehab1, @Unventor @Smoother What protection were you wearing? @Marty Backe, @Jerome, @kasenuttyHow far where you from home ? @picoDid you read the specs? @LanghamP, I can enumerate the stupid laws you should have broken to avoid the fall... @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Were you in VR? I must be missing some...
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    meet yet another great freestyler - Jérémie Champagne
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    KS has promised to release some photos & info next week.
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    Gameplay of my off road route today. I hope you enjoy it
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    Here go a couple of positive EUC-related stories from Spain: A charity event for multiple sclerosis was recently held in Barcelona's motorsport race track. Race categories included running, rollerskates/rollerblades, bicycles and, for the first time, PEVs. A couple of local race-car and motorbike celebrities joined the event riding e-scooters. Attendance was massive, and PEVs, for a change, were able to garner some good publicity (a fantastic initiative that would be great, in my opinion, to replicate in other parts of the world) An EUC-rider recently made the news for chasing and catching a thief who'd stolen an old lady's phone. The thief, who was on foot, took narrow alleys, changed direction constantly, crossed parks, etc., used to alluding police cars that way, but didn't count on the versatility of an EUC pursuer. He's been deemed a citizen hero and cast a very positive light on EUCs, which, accustomed to the usual PEV-demonising news, is a breath of fresh air
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    Riding my inmotion v5f to work today, it suddenly turned itself off and I ended up in a face slide, resulting in black eye, swollen and torn lips and nose, chin is getting stitches currently, arms are cut/road rashed, glasses destroyed( bent and scratched beyond repair), jacket got torn to shreds. Anuone else ever have this issue? I have been riding it for over 6 months no problems yet, this is its first malfunction.
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    New weekly meeting of Madrid EUC riders. This time in the Tres Cantos forest
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    Kuji should be testing out the 16X in the next few weeks at the King Song factory.
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    A little fun with iMovie 😊
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    Well I think that you may have just started the first "foot fetish" thread on the forum. But seriously, you have obviously been trying to work out the best way for you, which is great - unfortunately this is one of those "every rider is different" scenarios. Having said that, there are some trends... You are quite right about moving your feet - this will promote circulation and reduce any foot pain. Lifting one heel and the opposite toe and then switching allows you to keep the same momentum, while having a "mini-stretch." The front-to-back positioning also has an affect. Keeping your feet further forward will give you better acceleration (and make it easier to go up hills), but braking will be less effective. While feet further back makes for great braking, but your acceleration will suck. So moving your feet around for this purpose is also beneficial. A growing number of riders I know of are starting to ride with one foot forward (the accelerator foot) and one foot back (the brake foot), giving you much more dynamic control instantaneously. As to inward / outward foot angle. Again, everyone is different. There is a little known rider over in California who goes by the name of @Marty Backe and if you watch almost any of his videos you will notice he rides with his feet turned inward - this bring his knees together a little more (sort of locking him into position?) and provides very good riding control (at any speed). Personally, I am more bow legged, so my feed tend to angle out a little - though I try to minimise that as shoe leather grips the asphalt better than pedals do in tight turns - sometimes making them VERY tight turns! So what does all of this mean for you? Well, not much probably... I think the key thing to focus on above all is finding a position that is comfortable for you. If you aren't comfortable you won't relax, and if you don't relax you will struggle to achieve the zen-like one-ness that gives you total control. Remember also that it will take time - even after thousands of kilometres I still discover new positions and moves - little things, just tweaks that I didn't do before. And provided you are comfortable and relaxed, the miles just get better and better.
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    I also should add in terms of Quality - everyone BUT Gotway screwed up the last release cycle. KingSong had battery issues, lockups and motherboard issues. Ninebot Battery issues and mother board melts. InMotion waterproofing and overloading and so on. Gotway's old reputation is maybe not it's current reputation...
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    The next generation of EUC riders are coming for us all. Check out Edward in the 2nd episode of E-Rider Profiles.
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    Riding on Ice, over the water Video Credit: Irina Glotova
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    For our English and American friends who do not speak French, we tried to translate the best we could on our last video on our walk of Fleckenstein Castle. Thanks Marty Backe for your eulogy of our video about Niederschafolsheim. We will try to translate quickly so that you understand what is being said.
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    A bit of water fun
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    Please enjoy this video of Sunset Cliffs in sunny San Diego. I wasn't planning on making a video but when I saw the footage... P.S. I swear I could see my 18XL on a ship off in the distance...
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    By now if you have read the above posts you must know that I am just another geeky EE short for "stupid electronics design engineer" You have also realized that all we do for our living are compromises. From a DESIGN point of view, here is what we hate. No Conspiracy theory here, bad enough we have to deal with realities, management and production woes. I have limited myself to only stuff that relate to our wheels. I try to keep it simple. Heat and thermal runaway: The worst. Components self destroy in a matter of seconds, they may cause failure in surrounding components. Wide temperature range: Can make a design next to impossible. Connectors: Failure point. Sensors: Failure point. Mechanical switches: Failure point. Touch or capacitive switches: A no no for outside use. (Did you hear that InMotion EEs?) Anything mechanical: We just don't like the sound of it. Tolerances: Hard to deal with. Most of our wheels motors are still wound manually. Features: An added feature is often causing more headaches than it's worth. Humidity: Horrible, horrible what more can I say. Here is what we like: Black boxes with well documented specs and ins and outs. This speeds up our design. Ex Bluetooth modules. Sealed circuits and compartments: Vibration and humidity resistance. Easily serviceable defective modules. Minimum amount of connectors. Over rated components: If it were for the EEs we would all the time use the best, we have enough problems to solve. AGAIN, you will note the contradictions. Technically here are the changes I would like to see in our wheels: We are still using the same brush less motor design that powers early CD ROM brush less motors 30 years ago. (with better magnets I must concede) I would like to see a move to more compact transverse flux brush less, sensor less motors. More torque, more power density and a chance to have proper bearing and magnet sealing. AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven hardness of pedals. Like a modern automatic transmission, the wheel will guess the driving style in less than 2 seconds and act accordingly. Of course: Better batteries with wider operating temperature range and lower internal resistance. As always, these are personal opinions and feel free to disagree and prove me wrong. I am still eager to learn...
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    I little video i put together using imovie😊
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    Funny, I remember my physics teacher: He used to say: people don't read the specs... I hated him. Later in life I understood. Manufacturer actually tell you all of the above. Failure rate? After seeing the tumbles those wheels are subjected to, I am always surprised they keep on ticking. You maybe right on infant mortality. On the other hand I would have liked to see failure rates after this initial phase. Jumping curbs? Anyone? Read the manual. Just for another smile. Operating temperature: read again the specs. IP ratings, again read, I can go on and on... Slush and burried in snow anyone?... Some fools even hack carefully tuned firmware...(hey, I may do it...) There is even one that I suspect is repairing wheels to put them back in service or on ebay... A lot of fails don't resist careful investigation. For your info, I am just a stupid retired electronics design engineer... And, yes, I also do stupid things with my wheels... like puting 175 lbs on one pedal. No, no and no say the SPECS... p.s. I like your thread, we can also add: "and users don't want manufacturers to know they do with their wheels"