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    Kingsong KS16X: A long overdue preview and initial impressions video. Ps: My first vlog, gotta work on some idiosyncrasies that I have 😂😂😂 Filmed entirely on my iPhone and video was pumped out in a few hours. Hope the Singaporean accent isn’t too terrible for you guys. It’s my first time doing a video “vlog style”, a little nervous and unnatural 🤣
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    High all, Just got my KS 16X last week and did a range test. A word on the right... it was mostly flat with only moderate changes in elevation. It was fair weather with no serious headwinds. Temperature was a pleasant 80 F.... I rode it to nearly 0 and got 58 miles (93.3 KM). Here are some additional details about me: -I’m 200 lbs and 5’ 11” tall -Tire pressure was 25 PSI (I could have gone further with more pressure I think) -Top speed was 23 mph (yeah, I babied the speed as I was on a popular rails to trails route) Hope that helps anyone who’s interested in the 16X. It’s a massive step-up from my KS 16S with a ton of power and great build quality. I’ve never ridden a Gotway so I have nothing to compare it to. I can confirm that the Kingsong app is so bad on the iPhone it really detracts from the initial impression of the wheel, but if you can tolerate that, I’d highly recommend this wheel.
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    Trail riding in the Lake District (and the rain)
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    So folks, I experienced my first cut-out every today. Battery at about 40%, traveling 25mph (at least), trying to pass a very slow moving car on a straight, flat road and I overleaned. I'm 160 lbs and I was carrying about 50-60 lbs on my back. Landed (hard) on my knees and chest, followed soon after by my face. Fortunately, I was pretty geared up, including a full face helmet. A minor misfortune is that I don't think I was wearing the left knee pad as tightly as I ought to have and it slid after impact so I ended up with a bit of road rash on my left knee. But the knee pad did its job in absorbing the initial impact, so I'm grateful for that. The car stopped to see if I was OK. Aside from a little shock and a scraped up knee, I was fine. What I was really impressed by was the fact that my KS 16X was totally intact and in one piece. It ended up about 15-20 feet away from where I landed and it crashed hard and loud. I'm coming from a V8, and a crash like that would likely have resulted in major damage, so I was pretty much expecting to find my KS 16X in pieces. But this thing is a TANK! A couple scrapes here and there, but nothing major. The only thing is that now only some of the LEDs on the left side of the wheel work now, so I guess I'll need to replace them. I figure I'll do that whenever I get around to changing the no-name tire out for a CST or some such. Question: Anyone know where I can get a replacement LED strip? The experience was surreal, tbh. One the one hand, it all happened in less than an instant. On the other hand, it was like it was happening in slow motion. As soon as it cut out and I was flying through the air, I knew exactly that it was a cut out and the cut out was happening because of an overlean and not because I was at top speed/lowish voltage and hit a bump or pothole. Kind of crazy. Feels like I just went through a rite of passage...
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    Music video from our last group ride with some awesome shots of EUC riders.
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    Met and greeted by the Kingsong Boss. Kingsong philosophy is to make the best EUC for first and last mile vehicle not too speed, FYI, the 31 mph we have now is plenty facts enough. Their attention to safety and Quality Assurance is impressive, given the relatively new EUC industry. Shame I can’t upload more videos and pics as I am using my phone and I have a 3.1mb limit. Addition: we have from Left, Vicky, Tina(in the black top) The Boss/owner of Kingsong, Me and Millie
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    Plz tell them to do a 14 x 2.5 wide or better(!) 14 x 3 wide MCM with 2P 21700 Samsung 50E pack
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    Today I met up with @Azze80 for some skill practice. We practiced slow carving, twisting, backwards riding, some high speed riding and braking. His 16X was at 180km. We changed the tilt back to 50kmh and the alarm to 48kmh. My riding weight was 66kg. I took it up to 43kmh quickly and it tilted me back two degrees for less than a second. I took it up slowly to 45 and it did fine. I took it up to 47 quickly and it oscillated 3 times quickly. As soon as I felt the oscillation I backed off the speed. I took it up to 50 slowly and it did fine and I could hold 50 for a few seconds before I ran out of track. I also did some riding on asphalt and as my calves/legs/ankles don't touch the side pads when riding I felt that all potholes, bumps, cracks, etc were amplified. Sometimes I try to get my legs off the MSX pads and move my feet out but that is no easy task. On the 16X it's the opposite and becomes the default stance. Gripping the wheel slightly made it much easier to handle imperfections. I see this is a skill issue though and it can also be worked around by using 2cm pads per side.
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    About myself: I'm just under 2 months new to electric unicycles. First wheel: Gotway mten3 ~250 miles mten3 wheel log Second wheel: Gotway MCM5 ~450 miles MCM5 wheelog Third wheel: Kingsong 16X ~650 miles 16X wheelog Body weight: 137 lbs, 5'4. My unique perspective: A lightweight coming from a 10" wheel as the norm. I also don't hold back in sharing what I'm feeling in the moment, knowing full well that my opinion will change a week later. The cool kids club <3: @Mike Sacristan@Diana@houseofjob
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    Had to stop for this after my ride today.
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    You're really making this more complex than it needs to be. I'm not talking about "pushing it". I'm just talking about riding from Point A to Point B and not being forced to ride at an unreasonably slow speed for a circa mid-2019 performance wheel. I get it that you're OK riding slow. But the "storm in a glass of water" probably applies to 3/4's of the people who bought or are thinking of buying the 16X. The 16X is an aggressive looking wheel with spec's that exude Power. I have to believe most people who are attracted to the 16X are not expecting it to turn into an IPS at 40% battery.
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    Here are some highlights from our 30-mile ride in the back country of the Angeles National Forest. With @Rama Douglas, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", @Dave U, and @maltocs
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    I don't think the calculation is quite right.
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    The knee pad discussion resulting from the new firmware testing considerations has been split into its own thread
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    Super grateful and stoked to welcome new sponsors http://www.pevra.org http://www.roll.nz and Marty Backe
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    Fourth (final) episode in the series. Fifteen Southern California electric unicycle riders toured through Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, California. This fun group ride was organized by @Freewheeler.
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    Look at @Kuji Rolls videos and see how impossibly well he can accelerate, twist and jump his wheels. That is what gripping your wheel can help you do (as long as you have the padding for it). There is no question that gripping the wheel for certain tasks is better then not gripping (climbing hills, jumping). However, for flat ground riding id argue that not gripping is superior. I don’t grip the wheel off roading either.
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    I think I found my next helmet...
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    Furniture designed for the ultimate OSU - MSU fan!
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    KS announced a 16" wheel and with 45kmh speed capability. Some people got very loud yelling deal breaker. KS listen and changed to 50 kmh limit. At that point none knew the purpose of the wheel, only numbers on paper. Once a product then reach a customer some will test its limits. It is hard to blow/whistle and have your mouth full of flour at the same time. So what we ended up with is a wheel that do some really amazing things in regards of climbing. Acceleration and braking... But if speed is your game...this comes at a cost. Engineers can test many things, but end users somehow just find a way to go that but further. Now I have been traveling to Stockholm the past few days for the purpose of riding EUC (my KS16X) with other EUC riders and other pev. I love this wheel even more every mile I put into it. Now in 2 days I did 80km which is a lot for me (most km in 2 days in a row). I ride with my voice warning at 35kmh and tiltback at 40kmh. This wheel is not a speedster, despite it can go fast. Point: you either whistle or you hold the flour. You ride at speed but the safe zone, to do that with demard created, no matter of motors Watts or battery capacity, comes at a cost. But to me the KS16X really shines in maneuverability, acceleration, deceleration, off road grip. The range I can get is beyond my skills, I any throttling with my speeds is a non-issue. Do/did others expect something else, apparently. But I am very happy with my wheel and fw 1.06.
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    Just had a face plant @ Speed maybe 45kph on dirt Wheel cut out no warning no beebs maybe lost traction and wheel span out ???? Version 1.05 firmware As I'm laying in the dirt wheel tells me to please de-ccelerate 🤣 Battery 72% Always wearing full face protection and body armor and pads nose kinda took bit of a hit as visor pushed up hard and knee pad hard cover ripped from its rivets ,knee is bloody and painful Not even 200mts into ride
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    Ah, I'm glad we're having this discussion. So, at the time, it appeared to cut off. However, I was accelerating at the time that I fell off and when I went to grab the wheel, it was still on. Ok, so what I'm understanding is that this was most likely an overlean and not a cut-out. I appreciate your help here in dissecting this Marty.
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    I think @Jason McNeil will bulk order and distribute these if we agree on which tire is the best.
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    I cannot wait for 1.07 to come out. I do not know how many more rides listening to that on the way home I can take. Looking on the bright side pedestrians are more aware of me at lower battery. Haha
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    Hello, I was wondering if people stretch before or after rides? to protect hem from injuries or increase their potential for longer rides.. okay I understand some of you will relate stretching to : while I have more something like this in mind : and probably the reality is more something like this : But nevertheless and all jokes aside , it's a serious question and I am seriously interested in extending my riding mileage. Last year I asked a similar question without much input, maybe one year later some new insights or new people joining our sport with a medical background. It's a general question that interests me , but with a personal touch, I have a bad knee (or the nerves around it ) after a simple surgery gone bad, so I can't really walk more then 150 m a day . Riding an EUC has helped me drastically last year. But due to a back injury (too much swimming) I couldn't really ride that much, just short rides... But now I am better and I would like to increase my range of riding without straining or pulling too many muscles.. And since I am riding more on my right leg and hence asymmetrically to alleviate that left knee , I want to know what people do to help them to increase their range and to prevent from straining their muscles,.. Today I am at around 30km a day (merely right leg, if I had two ones I probably could double it) , but then I have to rest a day or so if I over do it , then my right leg feels strained starting from the pelvis , going over the hamstring towards my calve, a long painful line sometimes the pain remains for weeks, I don't necessarily stop riding but it's uncomfortable afterwords. But today I am fine... I have several questions : do people stretch before or after? if yes which exercises? I often foam roll when I feel that my muscles are really tired after a ride and use a massage ball for foot fatigue afterwords... train exercises to strengthen the muscles we need (and therefore we need to know which ones we use the most?) @houseofjob had a good tip on relaxing leggmuscles through dancing on our pedals raising ankle and toes.. , maybe other suggestions? I imagine slowly increasing range of riding over several weeks could help, for sportsmen the resting is as important as the exercise..? any regards on that? excercices on the days we don't ride? ... things I forget? anything that helps me extending my riding would help, btw I am in general good condition and I fitness and weigh 74kg 1m80 Things that I already do to improve the range : I often stop or about every 3 to 5 km I love to carve and that releases muscle tension since I am likely to move more that way then holding a fix posture, carving does give me more fatigue in the muscles but I reckon but helps for foot fatigue drinking and by that I don't mean alcohol , although a fine belgium beer helps with pain relief afterwords thx in advance CL
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    The first folly comes into view and the last few hundred yards become a gravel track.
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    The first generation Monsters they rode on the 1000 miler had weak mosfet boards and thin motor cabling and could reproducibly be fried by going up long continuous and very steep inclines. The new wheels (including all the Monsters now) are an order of magnitude better. You can only fry them if you really really try (e.g. the car push thing). Those "steep" hills you show are a piece of cake for current wheels Check out Marty's overheat hill video of the MSX (and see how steep his hill really is):
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    So I'm sad to report that on todays ride, using 906 firmware, and playing music I encountered the tilt forward, followed by tilt back problem at low speed. The tilt forward was subtle and an first I thought I was imagining it, then it transitioned about about 5 seconds into a 15 degree tilt back that lasted a good 10 seconds, while I slowed to see what was going on and dismounted. It remained tilted back while I was dismounted for a good 5 seconds before returning to normal. Headlight was off, LEDs were on, music was BT streaming (Bitter Sweet Symphony), battery about 60% speed about 10 mph. Rider weight 220 pounds. Smooth level blacktop. One other clue or perhaps bug (e.g. maybe it is separate), the Average speed is higher than the max speed for the ride (iOS - current version of King Song App). I was doing sprints prior to the problem, and can confirm that 27+ seems right. Also seems like a good time to point the King Song App for iOS still hasn't been updated to show the correct power levels and voltage. Likewise the Bluetooth clipping issues of the first .25 second has not been addressed either. (3rd party app clocked to speed at 26 mph: https://www.relive.cc/view/vQvyzBnVW4O )
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    Part of the production delay were to improve resistance to get water entering at trolley point openings. There should be a drain hole in the buttom of the stems mounting area, but I have not opened my KS16X (yet). It sjould drain out if the wheel is standing up. That is why I tend to not lay it down on the side if I can avoid it. Water can follow the slightest of cracks and openings. It is also why I do not hose down my wheel, but use a damp cloth if I need to wipe it clean.
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    I'm pretty sure any possible weight differences between the tires can not be large enough to cause a significant difference in the gyroscopic effect. If they were, there should be a notable difference in acceleration and braking as well. The motor itself is already heavier than ten tires. The tire shape can affect the tire seemingly wanting to stay upright in two ways: shape of the core and style of the tread pattern. On the left, the core of the tire creates a similiar contact point than a wider tire does, so it will behave a bit like a wider tire. When tilting, the contact point moves further away from the center line, which causes the wheel to turn more and therefore correct the tilt more effectively. An extreme example would be a square shaped one, like a car tire. It's obvious that it would be very stable when going straight, in other words requiring more effort to tilt for a turn. Then there is the tire tread pattern. The CST C-1488 (and ChaoYang H-5167) have a solid ridge at the center, and only knobs at the sides with a lot of air in between. The knobs will compress easily, while the solid ridge does not. Therefore it has the behaviour of the pointier shape in the first picture, and will behave like a narrower tire. I do have trouble calling the phenomena as "gyroscopic effect" though, since if it actually were that, the difference should be noticeable when trying to tilt or twist an EUC while lifting it up and letting the tire spin. I bet no-one can tell which tire (s)he is trying to tilt or twist, since the actual gyroscopic effect is very closely the same. More material is not required to absorb impacts, quite the opposite: A soft and flexible rubber compound will absorb impacts better. A stiff one doesn't deform as easily, which means it passes more of the impact to the wheel and the rider, just like a higher air pressure in the tire would. There can be large differences in the wearability of the rubber compounds, and it doesn't seem to be related to the rubber hardness. For example, my soft ChaoYang tires have outlasted my harder ones, such as Kenda.
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    If the intention of EUCO is to promote the community, why is there a shop included? That sort of makes it look like a marketing plan... Or are you planning to include links to other online shops too? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to cause conflict. But I have experienced another instance where a FB Page was promoted as being "for the community", but if anyone suggested any other "sales" opportunities beside those of the Page Admin they were immediately blocked. The result of this was that the content presented had a very skewed view of the community, which doesn't help any of us.
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    Riding the Nikola plus & MSX, both excellent wheels, very capable !
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    with v1.06 on the 16X, it seems quicker to me than the Nik+. Before I upgraded the firmware(v1.01), the Nik+ seemed quicker at accelerating. I picked a 100' stretch and had the app running and did about 10 runs from zero and got consistently higher speeds with the 16X(37-38kmph) vs the Nik+(33-35kmph). You can try the same thing see what you get. @Gustesta, see my comments above. acceleration determines quickness, top speed is what we consider fast. so Nik+ is faster since it is 100V, but the 16X is quicker now with the latest update.
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    Take a look of my 1st day experience of my KS16X. Speed isn't everything 😉 it has been a long time since I challenged my brain like today. Taking the box to my car was a very interesting sensation. As long as I can go 35ish kmh it is good enough for how I use my wheel. The great part is the breaking seems to be beyond excellent at low speeds. And under good control, no wobbles... Yet. But I had a bad day with my cats so I didn't push it on the wheel. I know to be careful not to ride if mind isn't 100 focused. Got a vet. Bill of 270€ and meds for 50€ but under the circumstances my cat seems to be good after all. Tomorrow I test riding. Maybe updating the fw to 1.06.
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    I ended up putting a comment filter on my YouTube channel so that posts containing the word helmet would be held for moderation. One guy even wrote that I was representing the EUC community badly. I think talking down to others and enforcing ones beliefs on another is representing the community badly. Yesterday my friend Petra tried my full face helmet and goggles... she hit the 5 beeps on her Tesla on the speedway. When I wear the full face helmet and goggles I tend to ride faster. Less perception of speed, feeling more invulnerable, etc.. despite not wearing other armour. This is behavioural though... and therefor defeatable. With alarms for speed. What does it look like to pedestrians when I am riding with motocross gear on my head? Does it make it look like I am doing something dangerous? Who is going to protect them from me? Do I need it when off roading? Do I need it on the streets? Do I want to look like a moped or like a bicycle? In Sweden an EUC is equal to a bicycle and enjoys the same rights and privileges. This means I can ride in nature, on walking paths, through private property as long as I don't disturb anyone. Bicycles also enjoy the right to ride on the streets but not on sidewalks. EUCs are exempt from not being able to ride on the sidewalk as long as it is at walking speed as there is another law that overrides the bicycle law. When riding I want to spread positivity and good vibes. I'm off cruising with my wife now. I will go to the speedway and let her try my full face helmet and goggles. She has never passed 38 kmh on the MSX. I will let you know how things turn out.
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    UPDATE on impound: I got my Monster back last Monday at no cost to me. Also I talked to the Sergeant on Friday and while he was on phone with me he read the https://www.ada.gov/opdmd page and he agreed that I DO NOT need a license if I am disabled to ride an electric device and he said that he was going to instruct his men to let me ride it on boardwalk. I still have the court date in Nov. for driving while suspended on it but am going to call district attorney's office Tues. to see if they will just drop the charge because I broke no law.
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    This is gonna be a buzzkill, but keep in mind it's in their best interest to be positive and hype things up. They're not neutral third parties. With that said, I love the 16X, but takes a while to get used to it Edit: ze downvotes demonstrate my point exactly xD
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    I really think you should give higher pressure some more time, just stick with it longer.. at first it will feel twitchy, however after adjustment you will feel the real beauty of a firm tire. I ride my Nikola at 43psi. Its the same thing with raising a bike seat, once adjusted to a higher seat the bike flies, and you will never go back
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    @Rama Douglas "dancing" above Los Angeles
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    Hey fellow riders... I planned my 60 cell V8 battery build for a long time and only recently got around to finish it. I had worries of building an unbalanced pack as I planned building with used cells. The used cells also came partially from an old v8 pack which had damaged cells in it (corrosion damage) and partially from used cells ordered online (same model cell). The two cell kinds had different remaining capacity and slightly different internal resistance. To make things more unsettling to proceed, I had 30 good cells and 30 slightly more used cells. Avg 3200mAh capacity on the newer cells and avg 3020mAh capacity on the older. A 60 cell pack with 20 groups requires 3 cells in each group and with 30+30 it's impossible to balance the group capacity out. I did my best to keep the groups within 150mAh of eachother. Lower wasn't possible without throwing away "good" cells. My experience of building the pack is that it's very time consuming. It took me a lot of hours. Points I learned: 1. It's very useful to leave the cells fully charged for a long period of time. I didn't do so intentionally but because the project was delayed. My plan was to measure internal resistance (i can see it on my 18650 charger) and weed out bad cells that way. That never happened. The resistance readings were very hard to stabilize, even when measuring several times and calculating averages. In the end I ignored the internal resistance. Mistake? Seems no. The pack appears very nicely balanced after several rides. It appears that leaving cells fully charged is a good test in itself to see which cells have accelerated internal discharge. I rejected a few cells that didn't measure high internal resistance on the charger, by this measure alone. They had all a different voltage drop, some severely different and some were of the new cells with large measured capacity which surprised me. I'm happy they didn't end up in the pack because they would have been a pain to take out. I would maybe never have gotten to it and just discarded all the cells. 2. It's good to get it right the first time. When operating a spotweld machine it's not always easy to find the right settings. Too low and you got a crappy connection. Too high and you'll melt the cell casing. I couldn't risk having to take the pack apart again and tear casing off the cells, rendering them useless. 3. You can get shock from a battery. I put protective tape over the terminals after each one was finished welding. I still got a few jumps. Protect the terminals well. Conclusion: As long as the cells are the same model (lg mh1) in my case, it seems it is ok to mix old and new cells given they passed the long term discharge test. You can expect the cells to remain in very good balance arranging them by capacity alone. Even with group capacity differences of 1.5% it seems they don't deviate when discharging/charging (on a v8 bms). The v8 bms is not doing much, if anything. When I took the old original pack apart I had cell voltages all over the place (corrosion damage). If I had to build the battery pack again I would probably have spent a bit more money on getting cells that come from the same batch. It would simplify things. It saves a lot of time because the capacity arrangement takes just a few moments instead of days. Lg MH1 cells are really good. They are cheap and last a long time. I've heard sanyo/panasonic cells last even longer. Maybe next time I'll use those. In either case I'm very happy with the pack I built.
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    It’s just silly to see people riding around on MIPS full face helmets or $500 motorcycle helmets but have a t shirt and shorts on with no other gear. And then they fall and they never hit their head but have to take off work because their hands are so badly abraded they can’t grip anything or type. My priority for gear is based on the most likely part to be damaged in a crash. So gloves is highest priority, followed by knee pads (from my falling history). Gloves are mandatory even on 2min trips to the store. Helmet is not.
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    Special call out to @houseofjob
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    MCM5! The secret compact city commuter king! A lot of happy customers using it for the purpose. 14D or 14S sound fine but an MCM5 is just totally next level in comparison. mten3 for 7 miles on a "productive" ride? Each and every day? Doesn't sound like very much fun to me, unless you have plenty of time, no hurries, and like to slow-dance your way to work every day without a care in the world (maybe you do, who knows, it's certainly a fun wheel). In terms of size and ease of manhandling, the V8 also isn't that bad if you're looking for something non-stubborn and pleasantly pleasant when not riding. But I'm going to say MCM5. Unless you just go for a bigger wheel which will be more general purpose, be more comfortable, better at speed, have more range, and be better suited for group rides. You can't go wrong with a Inmotion V10(F), Kingsong 16X, Nikola, Kingsong 18(X)L, Tesla, or MSX. (Every wheel can do pretty much everything, question is, how well is it suited to what you want and what you might need).
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    I have KS18XL and now 16X. The 16X seems to demand higher current from the battery, it would explain the need for higher speed throttling than KS18XL.
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    Cruising to meet a friend and figured I would share my Bose Soundlink Micro impressions with you guys. Sounds way better than the built-in speakers. Easy to control. Interacts with phone. Has a mic. Water proof. Shock proof.
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    I concur with the sentiment that there is no such thing as being "road ready". Like many things in this life, you just kinda need to start doing it and learn on the fly, as-you-go. So long as you're able to control the wheel and aren't tripping over yourself, just take it slow and step-by-step. Definitely drawing upon driving experience is good, even better if you have motorcycle experience, as like motorcycles, we EUC are the last priority on the road, so always have your head on a swivel and mind your lines of sight.
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    Since I have only been driving since April 2019 and have only little knowledge, I would like to understand this correctly. Does this mean that the 16X at 50km/h can't get any faster to regain balance when it comes to an overlean through a pothole or a bump? So if I understand it correctly, where is the safety buffer of what Kingsong is talking about? The 16X should be able to easily reach 60 km/h or more to restore balance, right? Just switching off at 50km/h is the stupidest and most dangerous thing you can do, right? A speed limit of 50 KM/h followed by a tilt back is understandable, but not by a cut-off at approx. 52 km/h. Recently I only had one experience with my Inmotion V8, when I came out of a sharp curve and have full accelerated to the 30 km/h warning tone and tilt back (WheelLog setting is 35km/h Limit) as I was driving over a bump at that very moment. This brought my body a little too far forward and the V8 tried to compensate this by further acceleration, while in slow motion the V8 tilted forward until I fell forward. My topspeed is 32km/h with little tilt back, but the moment I crashed was definitely several km/h faster. Would almost say 36-38 km/h. I'm also pretty sure that if the V8 had had enough power, it would have gone differently without testing my protectors and helmet.
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    I couldn't grasp it when I rode on asphalt later. I was all over the damn place! The 16X followed almost every irregularity on the rode and really took me for a ride haha. Then I realised that this was the dark side of being free and not touching the sides. I am totally fine with that and it is exactly what I want... so I ordered a 16X today. I did sell my Onewheel after all. And failed to replace it. One wobbly wheel for another! The Nikola 100V was great but it's too similar to my MSX. I want something that is the opposite of it. I have to take a better look at my braking technique with the 16X. I had no big trouble breaking but also as a MSX rider I tend to grab the pads and crank the wheel back to slow it down. Big wheel, small guy. So I am pretty sure I squeezed the pads while breaking without thinking about it. Thanks! I do a lot of practice and playing and I still have so much more to learn. I am trying to learn backward figure eights but I really suck on one side haha. It drains me emotionally. More reason for me to practice. The 16X is going to be an awesome challenge to ride and master and I look forward to it! PSI on the 16X was 2 PSI higher than my MSX according to my shitty pump/gauge so I am guessing it was at 22~23 and my riding weight was 66kg. I will definitely try different PSI when I get the wheel. The feel was harder than my MSX but that is no surprise. I would not ride the 16X below 20 PSI. I thought I was riding my MSX at 20 PSI for 5000km and in the end I was riding at a bit over 30. It's all good. Potato/Tomato.
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    In my earlier life I was into astronomy big time. Still have my equipment, including the Celestron Cassegrain 8-inch.
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    Look closer Marty. It’s Gotway’s new Super Duper MSuper.
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