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    After two weeks of being held up at Customs, the long awaited pre-production 18XL turned up yesterday For some context & background: I received one of the original 18L pre-production Wheels back in April; the packaging foam wasn't properly thought out, so that the power button came into contact with the foam, causing it turn on & burn-out the control-board before even taking it out of the box. This time round, KS have really taken this issue seriously, so that the foam is positioned below power button, & if it were to somehow turn on, the Wheel is shipped with the software lock enabled—they've started doing this on all their Wheels. I've now accumulated about 1000 miles on the 18L, switching from an early V10F. While discussions on the V10F are bound to bring on a fierce debate between owners, it was, probably still is, the most ergonomic & comfortable Wheel ever made, with its comparatively narrow body & large pedals, that fat 2.5" wide tire, made for a wonderful ride experience. I switched over to the 18L mainly because of the V10F's throttling on <60% battery became annoying, while of charge remaining, the 18L satiated this need to maintain a >40kph cruising speed, but it was not without some loss. Within a week of making the change, I hit an unmarked speed bump, resulting in an unplanned dismount crash... While I was wearing minimal protection (wrist-guards) it was reminder of the potential hazards of Wheeling, during the couple days of down-time pondered if some larger pedals might have allowed a surer foothold & recover from that second of air-time. I've been lobbying for larger pedals with King Song for four years, but there wasn't much interest on the their end, citing that it would 'ruin the aesthetics' & 'not requested from other Distributors'. After clocking a 1000 miles on the V10F, with the accumulated experience with this Wheel, it was evident, the significant advantages that would accrue from this comparatively small change. Undeterred I proposed that eWheels would fund the larger pedal project, the results of which can be seen below. Although only 20% larger than the original type—25cm vs 20cm—visually the new pedal simply dwarfs the original, Notice how the edges have been tapered, more oval than rectangular. These preproduction set were CNCd, the production version will using the same magnesium alloy as before, the profile does seem to be slightly thicker for greater strength & durability(?). One minor compliant, is that the grip tape pads the same as size as on the smaller 20cm pedal, would prefer that these extend to the outer edge of the pedal. The real substance of the XL is inside, the massive 1550Wh battery pack. To accommodate those extra cells, the cell depth has been raised to two cells in height, 7 cells across columns one & two, & 9 cells in column three—the pack is asymmetrical, with more cells on packed on the right side than the left. Unlike the 18L, where the pack is enclosed in a battery casing, in this sample, the battery structure is comparatively primitive, with a single layer of blue wrapping around the pack. A concern could be that the outer shell body is now in contact with the pack, where if the Wheel receives a sufficient hard side-blow, it might place stresses on the nickel plates weld joints between the cells. Is this simply a characteristics of this prerelease prototype? Will there be silicon injection between cells, as there are in other packs, to transfer the physical stresses from the conductive plates? These questions should be answered next week. Here you can see the reinforcing 18L rib has been ground down to fit the fatter batter pack, presenting a challenge to existing Customers who might be considering upgrading to the 18XL. Another enhancement to the 18L is the new cleaner looking mud-guard, it's also made of a synthetic rubber that is screwed into the shell. I'll be posting an update with some further impressions sometime tomorrow, sorry, I ran out of time on this initial report.
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    I have great news for all. I didn't expect this, but @Jason McNeil of ewheels.com contacted me and suggested that I continue maintaining WheelLog, in turn he offered to me access to Kevin Cooper's account in the Play Market, with the possibility of publishing WheelLog. Thus, all subsequent WheelLog updates will be distributed through the Play Market. Thanks Jason ( @Jason McNeil), thanks Kevin ( @JumpMaster), it was really surprising. 2.0.16: - Fixed reconnection to Ninebot Z, and some more bugs with it. 2.0.17: - Added GPS speed, heading, altitude to logs (now you are able to see how GPS far from reality, or.. ) 2.0.18: - Added Solowheel Glide 3 support 2.0.19: - Roll back of battery percents to official formulas (I'll return to this question when I figure out how to do it better) You can find new version in Play Market. Source code was updated: https://github.com/palachzzz/WheelLogAndroid
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    As soon as I learned to ride, I got this idea. Been waiting months for Halloween to get here!
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    My first ride on the Z10! Hope its fun to watch!
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    I have a quick tale about how I was ran over on my EUC today, how gear saved my ass, and how the V8 still works somehow. I was crossing the street at a crosswalk. It's a busy intersection so I waited for my signal. As the walk sign came on I noticed a Honda Accord slowing down in the right turn lane right in front of me. He appeared to be stopping and I had the right of way, so I entered the crosswalk. His real intent was to make a right on the red without fully stopping and his gaze was fixed on the oncoming newly-green-lit traffic to see if he could beat it. Instead of stopping, he sped up as he hit me, hitting me at somewhere between 10/15mph I think. I remember him accelerating towards me, and I remember crawling back to the sidewalk from the middle of the street. In between those it's a little fuzzy, but I think I flipped onto his hood and then rolled off the drivers side. I remember landing face first. I was wearing more gear than I usually do: A textile motorcycle riding jacket with shoulder, elbow, and back protection, a full face helmet, wrist guards, and gloves. I think they all helped keep me from suffering any broken bones. I have some scratches on my legs and bruises all over (shoulder, ribs, back, etc) but nothing is broken. I went to the ER just to make sure. Wear your gear, kids. It really works. I will be more diligent about it myself after today. The full face, in particular, clearly saved me from being a lot less pretty after today. The V8 had only it's protective cover on. It was insufficient. The thread title is a little misleading. The V8 suffered some significant destruction. Even a couple internal wires were severed. However, it still turns on and appears to work fine, which I find incredible. It was probably 15-20 yards from where I was hit when I looked for it after crawling out of the street. It clearly had gotten caught under the Accord and dragged for a while. Anyone know what those severed wires I provided a pic of are for? I'll probably solder them before trying to charge it just to be safe. Any advice for things I should inspect? Ordering new inner and outer shells (or, really, the guy who hit me is) to start. Replacing those should give me a good chance to take more of it apart and check for additional damage. No backup wheel, so I'm done with EUCing for at least a few days. That's really the worst part about the whole ordeal.
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    Inmotion support is horrible. I’ve been trying to get suppport on the Hovershoes for the past month. Created ticket online uploaded pictures and video, zero response after 10 days. Called into their “support” line and it is a lady who passes a message to the support team. I think it is one person and they never call back. Called three times and still yet to get a call back. After close to a month someone finally replies to my first ticket asking if someone ever got back to me. What a joke of a company. When I replied with questions again silence. i don’t know what is wrong with this company. I’ve heard the horror story of the repair gone wrong from a member who didn’t even get his wheel back when he shipped his in for the recall fix. I think it was @novazeus. I just don’t understand how a company can be run so poorly. I’ve even resorted to sending an message to @Bobwheel But that has gone unanswered as well. He was very active when he needed help from the community with the firmware fiasco. I will make sure to let everyone know of my horrible still to be resolved support experience. Definitely not expected from Inmotion!
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    Week 1 of riding the Z10; speculation on the wheel wobble racing the eboarders here in NYC. Let me know what you think!
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    The fat wheel and the stability of the MSX makes gliding down [short] stairs really easy.
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    Last weekend was a long one, due to a public holiday (Labour Day) on Monday - and the weather was stunning! We were also fortunate enough to have an Auckland rider down here in Wellington... Which was the perfect excuse for a group ride... A photo after lunch at One Red Dog (a good pizza place if you're passing through this way). Riding up the spiral walkway rollway at the Wellington Stadium, on our way to the waterfront.
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    How does someone justify the cost of a diamond ring - such a little, simple, thing? The cost of any product in the world is often more than the cost of its constituent parts. Likewise EUC's. People have to eat Our modern wheels certainly don't feel like early prototypes, IMO. It's kind of funny to me that you pick the GT16 when it's probably the worst constructed wheel of all available wheels right now. And it's a bit of an old design considering we are late 2018. Maybe because it's cheaper? But then you throw in the Z10 which is one of the most expensive wheels? At 184cm, all wheel sizes (10-inches to 22-inches) would be a good fit. I'm about that tall and all wheels fit me just fine. Every wheel being produced in 2018 would be a good wheel IMO. To narrow the choices down we really need to know exactly how you intend on using it and what your budget is. We (or me at any rate) can not offer an opinion on style since that's very personal. If how the wheel looks is most important, than our opinions here won't be of much value. So maybe the only wheels that you will consider are the GT16 and Z10???
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    Well, new to the forum and thought I’d share my first try at some tricks. Only about a month under my belt on the euc. But learning quickly with all the posts here.
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    Gotway MSX and Insta360 One in Hyères (France):
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    Upgrade tire on monster 100v 80 /90 - 17 NR77 3,15 inches width Total 22.63 inches
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    To cater the market demand, king song has released 18L with bigger battery 1554wh , that is also named 18XL by our distributors.
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    Enjoying a beautiful sunset ride on my Z10. A t-shirt, evening, and November 3rd is one reason I love living in Southern California
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    Wow, glad you're ok. I find that story less harmless than you make it sound. "EUCs are dangerous" my ass. As usual, it's the cars that are the problem Protective gear saved you from serious injury. I wouldn't necessarily repair your V8, unless you are sure everything is 110% ok, otherwise that's dangerous. It looks really bad. Don't have an accident after the accident. Think of EUCs like planes, you wouldn't handwave if someone hit your plane and just keep flying it after soldering a few wires and some some new paint. Let the guilty party replace your V8 with a new one (or give you the full amount of money it cost and put that towards a better wheel, this is your chance) as well as replace all your other damaged gear (at least the helmet if it has possibly been impacted, that's what the manufacturers always say), if only for the cosmetic damage (those pedals look a little scratched). Also I sure hope you got the police involved. V8 is sturdy indeed.
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    The first part of my last video. Gotway MSX + Insta360 One X (first time).
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    "Wait, you can see me?" Bend down and start tapping the side of your EUC, "My cloaking shield must be playing up again!"
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    Had an update from Tina last evening: the body panel screws, that are prone to stripping, are being replaced with higher grade steel. The production 18XLs will be using CST tires, KS's assessment is that there's a hierarchy of tire quality (from highest to lowest) CST, Kenda, & Chao yang last on the list. As others have noted, I don't think it's quite as clear cut as that, the manufacturers use different compounds & treads, which have different properties, but it does seem that CST has the superior longevity. For the battery pack, I've seen a couple pictures where there's a strip of silicon applied between the cells; I'd like to see more, where all the cells are completely entombed in pond of protective silicon; not yet finalized, should have more information over the weekend. KS will be using the Samsung 35E cells in the XL. Retractable handle will look the same as the 18L (but in black), the durability improvements are inside, to the locking pins & latch joints. Yes, the new pedal will be interchangeable with all existing KS products. I'm going to be flying in a couple dozen sets next week. Brushed up the deposit ordering page, now accepting deposits on the XL. If all goes to plan, we should be shipping out the first Wheels by air in about 2 weeks from today. https://www.ewheels.com/product/preorder-inmotion-vx-v10-vx10-ks-18l-ninebot-z6-z8-z10/ Note: I've been really impressed with the way Tina has brought about positive change at King Song, she has worked tirelessly to push through Customer/Distributor suggestions to improve the products.
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    Sabadell, Barcelona!!
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    Just to chime in here, I have actually ridden scooters, e-skates, EUCs, and even owned an URB-E for a while. My goal was to find the most efficient and practical way to commute around a dense city (San Francisco). I have been using EUCs exclusively to commute for over a year now and have gone through 6 different ones trying to find the 'holy grail' EUC for commute purposes. EUC's are the most compact shape that can be unobtrusively stored even when taking it in with you into crowded restaurants or bars, something that cannot be said of any of the other options. While scooters and the URB-E can fold, they are still quite tall which can be awkward sometimes. San Francisco has rampant bike theft all over the city so being able to take it in with me no matter where I am going was important. I can also take one with me in an uber, even if I don't have access to the trunk (as long as it isn't a Monster). EUC's are in a grey area legally but in essentially all areas of the USA you won't be hassled riding one on a sidewalk as long as you are going slow enough (~10 mph). This is one area where they shine over the others. eskate and scooters don't have as tight a turning radius as an EUC so its easier to maneuver among pedestrians without them having to take special consideration for you. You also occupy the same amount of space as a pedestrian where your other choices are all longer which can annoy others if its crowded. If it gets *really* crowded you can always extend the trolly and walk it like luggage which everyone is mostly familiar with. Trying to carry a skateboard or push a folded scooter is generally more awkward. Eskate in particular (but also true to some extent for scooters and bikes) are generally either flatly illegal or heavily discouraged from being on the sidewalk. The ability to hop onto the sidewalk for sections of the commute when the street is too crazy is underrated. EUC's have great range for their size/shape. Even what most on this forum consider mid-range boards in the 800-1000wh category can easily do most daily commutes without having any range anxiety. EUC's handle rough terrain and large bumps better than any of the others due to the size of the wheel (this is somewhat rider skill dependant though). EUC's have superior traction and handling in the rain compared to most other options short of a bicycle. This is most applicable in places like Seattle and San Francisco where it rains enough to be noticeable but its usually pretty light rain that is just enough to make everything wet but not enough to really be a serious storm or hinderance as long as your rideable can handle the now wet asphalt. Practical considerations against EUCs - Where I live broken glass is quite common on the ground on my commute path. Both on the sidewalk and in the bike lane/roads. Due to this I am always more stressed about flat tires than most. The small solid rubber tires on some scooters or the solid urethane wheels on eskates would probably have a longer average lifespan. This is specific to my situation though. I literally see broken glass every single time I ride more than half a mile in san francisco. Many scooters also can get flats though so this only applies as an advantage to some. EUCs are inherently unstable. This means that in the event of any type of hardware malfunction you are probably going to be eating pavement. Hence the advice of everyone to wear protective gear. This is the only one of all the options where you could be doing everything correctly, be skilled, and have nobody near you and still fall and get injured. To be fair this is also a very rare occurrence. I personally have ridden 1000's of miles without it ever happening but just the tiny possibility that it could happen weighs heavier on most of the veteran riders minds than is fun. They are addictive. Many consider this a plus but it is worth noting that I don't think I have seen many people just stick with the first wheel they bought for more than 1 year. So while on paper they are quite economical most people develop an itch for the latest and greatest *cough* @Marty Backe *cough* Hopefully this helps, feel free to keep bouncing ideas here - the last advantage is the EUC community is probably the friendliest and close-knit of all the community forums around these devices. Good Luck, you'll have fun with whatever you choose I'm sure!
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    You mean kinda like this?
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    My proudest moment was racing a peds patient around the parking lot. My impossible ‘yes’ feat was riding 1/4 mile back to my truck after shattering my humerus.