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  1. What safety gear are you wearing? Because right after the "This is hard..." phase comes the "I can ride!" success phase but you really aren't ready for unexpected stuff yet (like having to brake suddenly) so it's a dangerous time. I learnt that first hand and have a tiny scar on my shin to prove it (you don't need shin protection though). The trick (in general) is to wear gear before having a crash that convinces you you should have worn (more) gear. I've been quite lucky with my first crash (the rubbed through winter gloves convinced me I really needed wrist guards but my hands were fine because it happened to be winter) and less lucky with my second crash (convinced me to wear knee guards, but that knee scar won't go away from that) and I figured I should wear a full face helmet before regretting not wearing one. Trying to convince myself of elbow guards currently... one day I'll get some... eventually That wouldn't work. The EUC must follow a weight shift. No weight shift, it can do nothing productive except stand still. But essentially riding a EUC feels like mind control already. Try a lighter EUC that reacts more directly when you can, I'd be really interested what you think about it. What ride mode are you using?
  2. @Dave U can't get his 2100Wh Nikola and open it fast enough! I want to know what is going on Will the 84V Nikola always be with white stripes and the board on top? Or will it become a "Plus" in all-black and have the board on the side, like the 100V? How exactly is the battery configuration of the 2100Wh, and where exactly are the battery packs? I don't understand why they do this strange thing with two small batteries on the sides (if that picture is still up to date), instead of putting the board on the side and just putting one standard Tesla battery in the now free top space. Weight balance? Is the 2100Wh some strange battery config? WHY? What happened to Jason? MIA approaching two weeks now (at least here). He might be able to answer a lot of these questions. He must be in a week month of hell, hope he is fine. Why does this wheel stuff have to be like Kremlinology, where all you can do is guess based on uncertain info? Do they not want to make it easy for people to know about and buy their wheels?
  3. @Esper Haha sorry I still wasn't clear enough. By "battery" I mean a physical battery pack, not the individual cells. Most wheels have two packs (e.g. 2x 800Wh on the 1600Wh wheels), and if you connect those at different charge states (= voltages), they want to equalize. Too strong and cables might melt or the cells heat and ignite from the heavy usage. You're right that this could be easily dealt with. But there's too much to go wrong if I think about how much I trust the manufacturers. That's all I meant to say. Not that it is impossible or undesired, just... complicated
  4. The gyro (gyroscope? gyrometer? I don't know...) sensor name is misleading (if maybe technically correct, I have no idea). The wheel simply knows how it is tilted (so tilt sensor would be a better name). ALL an electric unicycle ever does is enganging the motor in one direction as soon as it detects a tilt in that direction. So the motor is the thing balancing the rider, according to an algorithm that keeps the wheel upright ("Drive in the direction that the wheel is falling towards..."), which takes as (pretty much) only input the wheel's tilt and how fast the tilt changes. Imagine balancing a standing pencil on your hand. As soon as it starts to fall/tilt over, you move your hand so it gets back to being upright. That's what a EUC motor continually does to keep the wheel and rider on it from falling over as well. By leaning back and forth, you force the wheel to move forwards (accelerate) or backwards (brake) if it wants to keep balancing you, so you can actually ride it as a vehicle. Imagine the pencil had a will and would intentionally lean so your hand moves it along a route. - When you drive fast, the spinning motor does act as a gyroscope (spinning disk) that keeps you stable against falling sideways. So you're right, if you added a spinning mass just like that bike does, you could stabilize a EUC against falling over sideways. You could put that inside the motor. Maybe the inner hub is the actual motor, and the outer part could have an extra spinning ring. Or you add two controllable spinning disks to the sides of the motor (on one side only will probably be wonky). That would make the motor wider (and heavier). You control how much it extra-stabilizes by controlling how fast it spins.
  5. Sorry, I should just have been clear from the start. I meant one wheel with two or more batteries (like most wheels nowadays) where each battery can be hot-swapped. Then, when you connect a second battery with a different voltage from the first, it wants to balance = high current from the lower charge battery to the higher charge one = wires melting/batteries getting hot and igniting if there's no other safety mechanism limiting the current. Same as with wheels now if were to put in a full and an empty battery and connect them. That's the only scenario I ever meant. Now it gets interesting: you can of course limit the current going between batteries (with a simple diode or whatever), but the question is, how for example does a wheel deal with one full and one empty battery (or in general with differently charged batteries) while it is being used? (Even though the Z10 kind of does that by only recharging one battery or something like that.) Your hot-swap idea is great and I fully support it, but as soon as more than one battery is involved, it gets tricky (tricky enough so I wonder if I want to see that from the current manufacturers). That's all I meant
  6. Thank you! Yes you're right, I finally need a wheel that can actually do the mountain tours I want(ed) to do in the first place instead of these flat-land substitute rides. I'm very much eyeing the current Nikola developments (2100Wh version and coming mountain tests) and am looking at the 16X as well. You've lived in Germany? Most of the noise is the road, but if you listen closely you can hear the beer bottles clinking (right word?). Maybe it helps you a bit
  7. With EUCs, you might very well have two (hot-swap) batteries and then you have the problem. You're right that a single battery is totally fine in this regard. I'm imagining someone plugging the second battery in and then the wheel goes up in flames. Yes, there's ways around this, but it's still not trivial (we're talking about the real world EUC manufacturers).
  8. As new people join here, everything is cyclical. So let them have a go! While we're at it: 2 questions: What happens if you connect two batteries with a different voltages? How much do you trust everyday people to understand and check battery voltages before plugging in batteries? Good luck with this. It's not impossible, but it is tricky. I'm not expecting it any time soon in mainstream wheels (the rumored Kingsong mini/travel wheel is supposed to have the functionality, though).
  9. Zur Abwechslung schreibt mal jemand nicht nur was Vernünftiges, sondern 100% Vernünftiges zum Thema (in diesem Fall escooter). Man glaubt es kaum, es gibt noch (vereinzelt) Hirn im Land! https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/gadgets/wie-gelangen-wir-endlich-zur-e-scooter-gerechten-stadt-kolumne-a-1277730.html Und er nennt das Problem beim Namen: Autos.
  10. Pff that is 2018. The 16X has 6.1 speakers! Believe it or not 3 on each side and a central spine bass speaker. (Image by EcoDrift)
  11. Ride today. I thought it would be nice and cool but it ended up being hot like a Gotway glue board On the right: Maxlrain Castle, mainly known for its brewery which is in the center here. Note there's a smaller building left of each one, they will be identified soon. Castle Each castle needs it associated inn right next to it. That's the first smaller building. I wonder what the second could be... The brewery. Hard to photograph, but you can watch the conveyor belt moving the beer bottles by in the window. Of course the brewery needs is associated inn and, naturally and most importantly, beer garden! That's the real attraction in this place. In addition to the usual Bavarian meats, note the guy is grilling another typical specialty: Steckerlfisch (fish on a wooden stick). Today it was surprisingly empty. This place is packed with both locals and tourists at the right times. Behind the brewery, some nice rural scenery and a patch of forest I crossed. The area is quite swampy courtesy of the last ice age. You an see the typical bog water color. This little froggie escaped my proximity by drifting with the current away from me, without moving. Nice trick. Some more scenes after the forest. I had to cut the ride short a bit because my batteries aren't what they used to be (or maybe my tire pressure was very low, I enjoyed some unexpected but very welcome cushy bouncyness of my beloved Chao Yang tire). On the way home along the river path. The end. Thanks to certain the no-photo complainers which made me take pictures
  12. My evil plan has been thwarted In seriousness, while I've never sold a wheel, your buyer (if you decide to sell it) will get a nearly brand-new Nikola with an extra spare board (after the replacement operation and a bit of glue removal). I'd say original price minus $200 would be fair. My guess.
  13. If I weren't on the wrong continent (once again... US always gets such nice used wheel sales), I'd have scammed @zenleetech out of his nearly brand-new Nikola already. "What, the glue-board, first-batch Nikola and I'd still have to put in the new board? That's worth at most $500. I'm going to give you $600 because I'm nice but that's a stretch already." [DON'T BELIEVE THAT ZENLEE] (Unfortunately I might also be too nice for that.) Alas the tyranny of geography...
  14. That's definitely true. A EUC needs your constant undivided attention where you're going. It is not forgiving in that respect. So if you're distracted or focusing on something else... The same applies to a scooter with its small wheels which can get stuck or sidetracked by small obstacles. Maybe it's even worse overall than the EUC - hardware failure is not the consideration, just not seeing or being able to see an obstacle, and EUCs at least have much bigger tires. The ebike is going to be a lot more robust in that respect. @Rywokast I think the biggest problem on bigger wheels might actually be the slow acceleration. A nimble and zippy wheel is just going to feel much nicer to learn on. The Nikola, combined with its high weight, is maybe too sluggish to quickly feel safe on. @Marty Backe In totally unrelated news, I just started my own ebike shop under ebikesarebetterthaneucs.com!
  15. Trust your gut on this one. If you feel safer or more relaxed on an ebike, get one instead! Just give the EUC a fair chance. Maybe the Nikola really is a bit too big and unwieldy for a beginner.
  16. See here. You might be able to remove the rotor part of the motor after removing one of the side covers if it works like the Gotways. But that still leaves the question where you'd get a replacement part, because it is specific (has all the magnets). Probably you need to buy a new motor altogether. Ask Inmotion customer service or your original seller. It is also possible to bend back the rim with a bench vice if the damage isn't too bad and you're very careful. I managed to bend back a smaller deformation on my motor this way.
  17. You tried and didn't enjoy it. Nothing wrong with it. Sell it (will probably be easy) and get a nice scooter or ebike.
  18. Is it the EUC concept itself? Or are you just stressed by the entire repair and doubt aspect of your brand new and expensive yet problematic thing? Because the latter is completely normal! Coming to terms with a EUC is hard enough on its own. I had an issue about a month after I got my wheel and it was quite depressing to realize everything that meant. Can't imagine how it is if the issue were there right at the start, like it is with you, with the added stress of learning. Maybe I might have given up then? It is also common for riders to be very deflated and demotivated after a crash or another misfortune, so maybe you are in a similar position due to the complications. Psychologically one tends to have high highs and low lows with EUCs. If you're more on the side of currently being overwhelmed (or simply uncertain), you could wait til the Vegas meetup (3 weeks). Maybe someone can help you exchange the board then? You could take a break til then, and maybe someone will help you get better riding if that is what currently makes you doubt? A group ride will also definitely be a high point! If you really aren't happy with the thing in general, trust your gut and sell it and get something you can be happy with. No shame in it. Or maybe it's something else?
  19. @Afeez Kay Well, I've been told otherwise (in private, you might be able to guess by whom) how "good" the concept of the 84V + 16.8V solution is and that the guy apparently didn't seem very knowledgable when asked some questions. I don't have the electrical knowledge to judge the build and say who is right and who is not (I only have third party info anyways, so I can't say exactly what happened). With all the crap the manufacturers are pulling, I'm just very sensitized about stuff like this where I'm not sure if it is good. (Your visit and video is still highly appreciated! Don't get me wrong. I didn't mean to seem hostile towards this mod or unappreciative of your efforts. But nothing is more frustrating to me than the perpetual uncertainty about the electronics of our wheels, and this is another case. Maybe I am too harsh here, I don't know. Sometimes I just wish for something that nobody can complain about.) - Anyways, this thread is about the 84V extended battery MSX where everything seems fine (Maybe even the 100V one is fine. Maybe not. I can't tell.) Here's the 100V extended battery MSX discussion for anyone who is interested:
  20. Interesting to see that even the old board from April already has the Laptop-type radial fan instead of the small case-type axial fan.
  21. I'm no electrical expert, but I would be very surprised if you could just put in a different voltage battery. Especially if the voltage difference is so big - 40% more. The electronics probably won't like that. So any 25.2V battery should work (if it is meant for hoverboards!). A different voltage: I don't think so.
  22. And let's not forget these so called "escooter incidents" and other "new-electric-thingie incidents" are actually car incidents. They didn't get hurt by other scooters or bicycles or magic leprechauns!
  23. Probably 1300Wh. Which is the same battery as 1600Wh but with smaller capacity cells. Gotway also offers 650Wh and 800Wh where the wheel has just one of the respective battery packs on one side instead of two (one on each side) for 1300/1600. But the Western sellers seem to skip those, as well as 1300Wh.
  24. This is strange. The alarms are independent of each other. Try "open all alarms" (or something like this) followed by "default alarms" to reset the alarms. You should be able to disable each alarm independently.
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