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  1. I'm just posting this for fun [Wow this forum has some cool features! You can just paste your clipboard and it will auto-upload as an image attachment if you have an image there!]
  2. The survey questions are quite good though. So don't just go by lack of one piece of information
  3. 84V as long as it's a 1600Wh (1554Wh) battery.
  4. Good idea. Simply scaling the chart lines by battery size sounds good. "Distance" is not objective and highly rider- and speed-dependent, so any concrete number will inevitably disappoint some people when they can't reach it. And if you pick a default rider (80kg/180lbs?) and speed (30kph/20mph?), it might not fit what you really do with differently sized wheels. For a 14 incher it's too fast, for an 18 incher almost too slow. Also, distance is not proportional to battery % (the battery % which is just the voltage, which drops faster when the battery gets empty) so the lines would become actual curves. But you have a good point for a readable chart that tells people what they can do in the real world. If it is possible to make one I think you'd have to do real world measurements for each wheel. Not sure how reliable they would be for other riders then.
  5. @Chriull New people can't edit posts after a short time to prevent abuse, I believe. @Serios If you're an actual academic, I take everything back. "at one of the European countries" just didn't sound too trustworthy in its generality Hope you understand.
  6. No need to open the wheel if it's only the tire and not the motor! That will be counterproductive. Just reseat the tire. Air out, move around a bit, air in, done. Wobbling is most likely not this (just you) and if there's no other problem, you don't even have to reseat the tire. Unless you show a video of catastrophic imbalance (or the tire scrapes), I assume what you see is just the regular variation that happens. Looks worrying, but is nothing
  7. Right now I got a few (three) correct notifications. So it isn't necessarily an emergency. A bit disappointed I didn't get to triple digits or something cool though
  8. This time it's 12 at once! For a single reply on one thread Looking forward to see how many when I open the forum the next time
  9. Wow! Did you ever have a crash at higher speeds? Do you wear a lot of protection? Maybe an MSX? 100V won't even beep at you (3rd alarm) before it hits 53kph, and that's only at 10% battery (the battery beeps will slow you down before you hear that). Starts at 69kph with 100% The Monsters have lower limits if you compare to the 84V or 100V MSX. Unless they upped that for the Monster v2. See here for some numbers:
  10. Just got 10 in a row For 2 posts overall. Since they all appear at the same time, maybe it's a performance problem with the servers?
  11. It's good that you limit your speed and don't increase it too fast. Too high speed is probably the #1 reason for falls, and should you have a first fall (if unavoidable) at lower rather than higher speeds. The pedal angle should ALWAYS stay the same, no matter how you initially set it. If your pedals dip forward in turns compared to going straight, that is a bad calibration. Make sure the wheel is not tilted sideways (left/right) during the entire calibration (that throws the sensor off), and that it is still (lean it against something firm and hard, not hold it in your hand). Doesn't have to be super exact, but too much sideways tilt or twisting of the wheel position gives you the pedal dipping. Do a ride where you have to start and stop as little as possible and you can just ride, meander, explore. Your commute doesn't sound very fun and relaxing with the constant stopping. Your weekend plan seems good.
  12. Sure Nothing suspicious to see here. Everything good and serio(u)s. edit: Ok, my fault, survey done.
  13. Getting funnier. 3 posts in the Photo Thread (one of the bad threads, maybe it's related to this specific thread?) just gave me this when opening the forum
  14. I just got the notification that Marty and Kens had replied. The travsformation notification was earlier, even though the other two replied before him (no notification then). Funny.
  15. Since yesterday I'm getting no notifications for some followed threads, or heavily delayed ones, and now multiple notifications for the same thing. Not a big problem, just wanted to mention it. Maybe it helps. Example:
  16. They should have added an attachable mudguard. Loss of purple is indeed sad. Imagine that carbon pattern but in purple
  17. I interpreted that as 2A charging (says the first post) with a 20A fuse in the charge port to prevent damage from shortened pins or whatever. 20A at 84V is 1680W, that would be a massive and costly charger. Not going to happen. Have you seen how big 10A chargers are? The left black one. (And that's before we consider what it would do to the batteries.)
  18. I hope that were just minor pedal hits and nothing worse. No need to overdo it. But going out of your comfort zone is both fun and very rewarding with the fast learning that happens. Just be safe
  19. I've had that after my first ride. How long have you had the wheel now? My point is, don't just practice starting and fine maneuvering and stopping. You can already start with both legs for God's sake! Go for an actual ride. Set a target destination or find an interesting area and go for it. Not only is it fun, it is also a part of learning. You know, the actual thing you bought the wheel for
  20. The reported current has only a vague connection to reality. Don't take any concrete number seriously (for doing math e.g.).
  21. Even a Monster isn't that big in the end. People bring Monsters into a lot of places. There's no hard cut-off for "too big", you have to know for yourself.
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