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  1. People made a 3p packs with 18650s for their V8 by removing the plastic box holding the original battery to make more space. So I think 2p with 21700s might fit. Not sure.
  2. As for a full face helmet, doesn't really matter, as long as you have one. Cheap, expensive, whatever. Choose what you deem best for you. Looks, good fit, right for the temperatures you ride in, ... Wrist guards should have plastic slide plates for unimpeded sliding on the ground. E.g. the Demon Flexmeters. But again, even the cheap ones (like from a $20 rollerblading set) work if they have that. Also I only believe in outer, hard plastic knee pads. This is best explained by the first 20 seconds of this video (I think those are "the usual" Triple 8 ones). For convenience, you will definitely want "butterfly" style knee pads that you don't have to slide onto your leg (having to take off your shoes and fighting with your pants), but which can close with velcro and a few straps directly around your knee. About the rest, I have no experience there, but we have an own forum for this topic: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/forum/58-riding-safety-and-protective-gear/ Enjoy!
  3. 18XL nearly brand new (actually better than new: tested and confirmed good) for $1000? Am I reading this right? Steal of the century. You basically robbed this guy! Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences with the wheel. Originally from https://www.roll.nz/int/27-store (New Zealand), shipping is said to be only a few days, courtesy of @The Fat Unicyclist. Can also be had on ewheels: https://www.ewheels.com/product/18l-xl-bodyguard-protective-neoprene-covers-roll-nz/ @Flyboy10's videos on Youtube (Flyboy EUC) show plenty of it, for example. - (Again, FF helmet + wrist guards + knee pads are the minimum for such a wheel. Learn from our mistakes, not your future mistakes. Sorry for the proselytizing but it's true)
  4. 18XL! Wow. Looks like you could upgrade your budget! Congratulations. Enjoy your fantastic forever-wheel. And don't forget the appropriate protective gear (full face helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, etc.). Did you also get a EUC bodyguard for the 18XLt? They are great value for protecting the wheel really well, during the learning phase and after that, too. I'd buy one for every wheel for which there is one, no questions asked.
  5. The side pads can be seen in this video. The video description also has contact info. Thanks to @fbhb for the info.
  6. Those side pads cushions deserve their own thread. Is there any more info on them? They look wonderfully comfortable.
  7. Hello! Something with a big and wide tire is going to be the most comfortable. The bigger the tire diameter, the better any vehicle will deal with uneven ground. E.g. bike (big tire) vs e-scooter (small tire). A wide tire is softer, more stable, and more comfortable on bumps. So a wide tire 16 incher (King Song 16X, Gotway Nikola, Inmotion V10/V10F) or 18 incher (KS 18XL, Gotway msuper X or the coming msuper Pro) would be a possible recommendation. But any wheel will fare much better than a small tire diameter scooter. You don't have to go for these high end wheels. Defensive driving and religiously looking where you are going will always be the best techniques, especially for an urban environment where sudden obstacles may appear (but they can appear everywhere else, too). You brake by leaning back. The harder you lean back, the harder you brake. Worst case, you let yourself fall into a squat and backwards. The wheel will catch you. I don't think there's a real difference between the brand models. They don't all ride the same, but they all ride great. I don't think so. If you want and normally, only your shoe soles touch the EUC. You can "grab" the body with your legs to apply more pressure/lean, but I don't think the knees are of particular concern there. I'm not entirely sure of that, though, so if someone else says otherwise, believe them. That just means you can get pretty much anything you want
  8. Thank you for the info! My guess would be: They just ran out of parts/components for the MSX (this wheel surely must have been a big success for them) and work with the new parts (for the MSP) now. So it's a natural transition. There's also the rumored "Mini Monster" coming (tire size between msuper and Monster). Maybe it will be their new speed wheel? I wouldn't give up hope yet that they will continue making fast wheels. We will see.
  9. If you can deal with the higher weight, get a Gotway MCM5 from AliExpress (way too expensive in Europe). Ideally the 84V 800Wh (best) version. Another power level from the V5F or 14D. Maybe that's not what you want/need, but whenever 14 inchers are talked about, it needs to be mentioned. By the way, since you are in the EU, you should have all the wheels available to you from EU shops.
  10. I didn't think about it when watching the video back then, but today I just wondered how he could wear no protection (at least he had wrist guards). I guess we all learn from our mistakes
  11. So they did upgrade the 14D/S like the 16S? Cool!
  12. I think Russia is extra price sensitive. But we pretty much know that the V8 is the most sold wheel in Europe and the US, too. Though I'd guess that the wheel percentages tend notably more towards the high end here. @Jason McNeil Any chance for some similar statistics from ewheels? Wheels sold, or at least percentages of sold wheels for the manufacturers and some models? Please
  13. A lot of wheels were defective from the factory and IPS refused to warrant anything about it. That's why ewheels and Speedy Feet dropped the i5 (and didn't even try the S5) as far as I know. Same for some unlucky S5 buyers. Also the motor design (shell = motor cover) doesn't make it very waterproof. You can still buy them on Ali (if you do, use some buyer protection where you can get your money back). Not sure if that's old stock or they are still produced. If you don't ride in rain, it's a fantastic wheel when you're not riding it and carrying it with you, and it rides well enough so it has some usefulness. But I guess an i5 is no good recommendation for this topic. It has a very narrow (no pun intended) purpose, as opposed to something more general. And a little bigger battery can't hurt.
  14. The 14D doesn't have a lift button or lift sensor, right? I forgot, if you want super light and supremely carryable over anything else, there's the IPS i5. But it's not the most stable ride because it's so thin.
  15. It's not high-fiving, but touching a passing leaf or running your fingertips along a metal fence quickly teaches you to keep your hands off everything that may come your way. Here's a nice (harmless) example: Stuff comes at you fast and hard, even the things you don't expect to be much.
  16. Does it make sense to add a "Support EUC World" in-app purchase? Maybe multiple ones for different amounts? More people might see it than this forum or the EUC World website.
  17. Between those two, I vote for the V5F. A bigger tire just means more stability and comfort, especially on non-paved surfaces. Maybe even a V8 (or dare I say V8F) would make sense for you for the same reason, if they're not too heavy. As a medical device, go for what is best for you.
  18. King Song's current app is so bad, it was kicked out of both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This means you cannot get it on Apple devices at all, and would need to manually download it from the King Song website and sideload it on your Android device. They are working on a better app, but it isn't available yet. Luckily, both EUC World (Android) and DarknessBot (Apple) are excellent third party apps that support all functions of King Song wheels and allow you to do anything the official app does, firmware updates and all. The app authors have official support from King Song for this. These apps support other wheel brands, too. So currently you will have to use one of these third party apps for your King Song wheel. They are better anyways, so it's no loss EUC World (Android) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.lastowski.eucworld DarknessBot (Apple) https://apps.apple.com/app/darknessbot/id1108403878 - (Thank you very much to @Seba for the information, see here.)
  19. Thank you @Seba! So their app was so bad, it was kicked out of the app stores. Impressive Let's hope this means their new app has some better standard of quality. I wonder why they just didn't hire you or @Ilya Shkolnik long ago if they needed people who can make a proper app.
  20. See title Don't be discouraged because this "Which electric unicycle to get?" forum is empty (for now). Use it, that's what it is for. Happy posting!
  21. What's going on with the King Song app situation? They no longer offer their own app? What exactly is their plan there? Does anybody know? Are they working on (yet another) new app? Did they just give up and will refer people to third party apps from now on? I'm not following all the KS app related topics, so sorry if that has been answered already.
  22. Wow what an annoying disappointment - the manufacturer no longer offers their own app?! Use Darknessbot, a third party app for iOS. It supposedly can do everything the official KS app does.
  23. Darknessbot is a third party app for iOS that can replace the official KS app. You can also ask ewheels what they recommend. Whatever is going on with King Song and their app at the moment, it's atrocious.
  24. Nobody should miss those circus performances! This reminds me, there were some contests, right? Like this: Are there more?
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