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  1. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Correct I have you to thank for my "I must go riding now" attitude after last Monday
  2. meepmeepmayer

    Wheel Wobble

    Just being relaxed doesn't magically solve any wobble, no matter how bad. The wheel is wobbling, after all. But being relaxed allows you to automatically dampen away wobbling that would amplify and crash you otherwise. Tired legs aren't relaxed, tired legs are tense. Tense legs and you get wobbles. Whether tense from being tired, or cramping because of a sudden wind burst, or because of sitting down (I always get wobbles if I try to sit on the wheel). I think it's because your legs react too slowly to dampen away the wobbling when tense, and you end up with chaotic balance of the wheel.
  3. meepmeepmayer

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    Haha, told you so! That's a neat photo.
  4. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Thanks! Without wheel, the photos would be too boring I think.
  5. meepmeepmayer

    starting out I keep going too fast..

    If you're auto-accelerating, your center of gravity is too far forward. Before you adjust your foot position: could it be that you simply bend your body forward a bit instead of standing straight and relaxed? That's the usual instinctual thing new riders tend to do, and it moves the center of gravity forward. (timecoded at 2:19)
  6. meepmeepmayer

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    It's like this for many of us... Before wheels: Anything above 300 is a serious investment. Phone better be <250. VR goggles? Am I King Midas, they're over 500?! After wheels: 2000€ wheel? Sure, awesome, I'll take two, no big deal(wishing it could be three).
  7. meepmeepmayer

    Nikola VS MCM5 which is the climbing king?

    MCM5. Nothing beats a smaller tire for torque, that's just physics. The only reason the mten3 isn't better is because it's much weaker in comparison and the tire is too small to be practical for uneven ground. The 16X seems to have a bit more immediate torque than the Nikola going from @Kuji Rolls reports. Though 'm guessing, just like MSX vs. 18(X)L, the Nikola will feel more powerful than the 16X. That might make a difference for climbing. But that's just speculation, neither wheel is released yet in its final state. See @Kuji Rolls's mountain test video with the MSX vs. the 18XL where the MSX did better.
  8. meepmeepmayer

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    Good point. And not just those American cardboard walls. Serious German brick and plaster walls, too. Don't ask me how I know (well, not through the wall, but it was definitely damaged while the wheel didn't show a single scratch from that). Leave your kitchen and go outside sooner than later.
  9. meepmeepmayer

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    Typical new rider experience And good tip indeed, relaxing is everything. You're already there then. You can ride. Do the same thing you did for the 20 feet, but simply speed up, and you're riding. Speeding up after you successfully got on the thing is the trick. Everything else comes later - stepping on without holding on to something, curves, even braking (just begin squatting).
  10. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Ride today!! It was almost warm! Almost... The route was along a river and back. Still barely spring, as you can see. But no longer winter Small ford along the way. Wonderful water colors (looks nicer in real life). A bit further along... Colors! Further up the river. I've been told my pictures look postapocalyptic because there's no people in them. Friday afternoon is always pretty empty, it was actually hard to have people in the picture, but here are some. How many do you count? Point of return. It's always nice to see that it's 33km back home and thinking "no big deal" Rural scenery a few steps away. Snowy mountains hiding in the afternoon haze. Swans, pond, ACM, mountains. Saw a lot of swans today, never saw any before. Mountain view. Gorgeous sunset on the way back, looking behind me. The church spires are a neat detail. I promise there's other people in those vehicles More sunset. This definitely proves I did NOT release a deadly virus so I could ride undisturbed (as certain people surmised) Route (clockwise). Just a quick 60km ride I need bigger batteries.
  11. meepmeepmayer

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    It's interesting how there has been an evolution of form factors since the original Solowheel, and now it seems to converge upon the "tall egg". No more low, circular wheels like the old Ninebots, ACM and 16S (I really expected an evolution of the KS16 form factor from KS, not something totally new). But I guess the round ones were always more of an exception. This one looks good, though, and if the tall egg means default seated options, I'm all for it. Even if it seems to be slightly disadvantageous for packing in more batteries (they could, but every design wastes a lot of space). That's hilarious. And, as I've learnt, more true than one would think (the UK is more stereotypically British than I ever imagined). Get some "puke" and "trash" and whatnot stickers (I'm sure there are novely ones to be found somewhere) and do something like this. Add a little UK flag and maybe some text "the British wheel" and voila!
  12. To be fair, I kindly allowed you to ride your own wheel for like... 20% of the time?
  13. meepmeepmayer

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    It's called lying. Manufacturers lie. Those numbers are lies. LIES Not for one second have I ever believed any of these rider-dependent specs are given in good faith. Let's not kid ourselves...
  14. meepmeepmayer

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    Yes that was a great day! My first actual ride in 155 days (Holy crap how did this happen? It was just one regular winter) and it was glorious. Riding through Cambridge with a likeminded person and seeing all the stuff again (and realizing once more how awesome EUCs are, you get everywhere so fast and effortlessly). Thanks for the tour and meeting me there and the beer (and the tea)!
  15. meepmeepmayer

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    Without charging? How fast did you go?
  16. meepmeepmayer

    Gotway app showing #kms ridden

    Did you try the old app from the Download section here? https://forum.electricunicycle.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11932 You might get some horribly old app from kebye.com or facebook.com/groups/gotway/files - but try the above one first.
  17. meepmeepmayer

    Newbie help please

    Most likely the poles will just distract you (as would be anything else held in your hand), but there's no harm in trying.
  18. meepmeepmayer

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    Hey ho, this video is by @Tilmann, paragliding down a mountain in Austria. Posting for him. Got it just when meeting @Smoother in Cambridge a few days ago, and we were both amazed to have a virtual window into the air while standing next to the river in the middle of the city. If there ever was an argument for how great the Insta360 camera is, now there's one more! (That and the selfie stick removal. Such a simple idea, but boy does it have an amazing effect.) You can move the view with your mouse, or even better by moving your mobile device, it's 360° video. https://veer.tv/videos/paragliding-insta360-one-x-291386
  19. meepmeepmayer

    WTB - starter EUC in UK

    1000 miles is nothing. That's the wheel equivalent of a baby taking its first steps. Neither batteries nor any other parts will even show any signs of wear (except scuffs on the shell) after such a short period. Only if the battery has sat near empty or near full for a long time (think weeks or months) it would be a problem, but as long it has been tended to a bit (which just means the wheel was ridden regularly and the battery not abused or ignored for long times) there certainly is no problem after only 1000 miles. If it works, it's good. That's the great thing about used wheels, if they work and show neither signs of extreme mechanical damage or the battery has been treated badly (very unlikely), they're functionally as good as new. Which MCM and for how much approximately? But they are great wheels (MCM3 and MCM4, presumably it's not an MCM5 but if it was that would be great), so if the price is good, a good choice. (I suspect the reason for the lack of replies here is that you posted it in a forum that few people visit regularly. Maybe a mod could move this to General Discussion? @Marty Backe @Rehab1 )
  20. meepmeepmayer

    Inmotion v8 or v10?

    3 year old weak (unsafe for heavy riders) and slow wheel vs. current, powerful (=safe) and fast wheel. What is even the question? V10 !!!
  21. meepmeepmayer

    WTB - starter EUC in UK

    Unfortunately the~350€ Inmotion V5F deal seems to have expired. That would have been the perfect choice for you. Ideally you can find a good used wheel for maybe <400. It may be more than you want, but you can get a state of the art Inmotion V10 for around 720€. If you can't find a cheap starter wheel, just go for an *extremely* well-priced serious one
  22. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Doesn't work for me unfortunately https://youtube.com/watch?t=56&v=HsLSOcbi7pc (Timecoded. Think of Lisa as Marty.)
  23. meepmeepmayer

    UK import charges?

    Cool, enjoy (finally!) The long wait must have been unbearable...
  24. meepmeepmayer

    The D A Y has come !!! E+ arrived ;)

    Be careful with your walls. Mine has a nice dent where the surprisingly hard wheel hit it. Go outside sooner rather than later.