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  1. That was a figure of speech, not an actual number But you're right. I'd also feel safer with proper wrist guards than only gloves with sliders.
  2. They fall to the side and catch themselves with already bent wrists. Think falling to your side when standing in place, and landing on your hand. Your wrist is probably bent when your hand hits the ground. EUCs you mostly do the superman and your wrists are straight.
  3. For EUCing, 95% of the purpose of wrist guards is the palm sliding thing. So as long as gloves have sliders, they do more or less the same. You don't really fall in a way where you would bend and break your wrists like you would do in snowboarding, for example. Not sure if there has ever been a crash with broken hand bones due to overbending of the wrist (which wrist guards usually are designed to prevent). But wrist guards might help move or distribute an impact from your delicate hands to your (slightly) less delicate shoulders. So wrist guards can't hurt, but the really important part is the palm sliding.
  4. The Chinese started with Solowheel copies and moved on from there. That opportunity didn't exist for Western companies. Also I guess they have the best infrastructure for making electronics in the Shenzen area - wages, ease/availability of supply and workers and investors, know-how, no enforcement of potential traffic laws (who wants to make stuff that isn't even allowed in the country it's made in if restrictions are actually enforced?), maybe a more entrepreneurial mentality and more entrepreneurial freedom (given more leeway and not being bothered by bueraucrats), etc. Also the lower standards in terms of quality of design/build make a lower barrier of entry. Today's wheels are like the 7th (or whatever) generation, but still below what Western standards would be (if you look at the laughably thin motor cables, for example). TLDR: Because it was the easiest for them to get started and evolve from there.
  5. If I wanted speed, I'd get a Sherman or the new EX or Monster Pro. I think the RS (and MSP before it) is special for it's unusually good torque for an 18 incher. So torque all the way. But that would be my personal preference. You have to know for yourself what you like
  6. I believe the old Inmotion pedals (normal V8 etc. ones and V10 bigger ones) fit Gotway wheels (same width of the pedal hangers and therefore the slot in the pedals). So if these are the same slot size as the Inmotion pedals have been till now, you might be able to put them on your Nikola. I guess you'll see when you get them for your V11. Let us know.
  7. Not cool! I understand the price in relation to the prices of the other wheels with smaller batteries, but it's just too much. For such a big battery, it should never be over 1€/1$ per Wh. Aka 2700 or less. I wonder if people will still buy it (and the Monster Pro) at these prices or there will be a notable dip in sales of these wheels.
  8. This may not apply here, but if you order Ali -> Europe, often the shipping tracking info only starts when the package is in the hands of the European shipper and just a few days away from being delivered. So you might just get no tracking info until the wheel has already been in the US for a few days and is only days away from you. Suddenly it appears and is in your hands soon after. The alternative would be seriously delayed shipping by the seller. But if he has shipped and you have some kind of proof of that, I think you might just be in the loooong silent phase before a sudden rush of stuff happening.
  9. I think it's monumentally stupid. No point in protecting your collarbone (lol) if the price is brutally torn up hands. I don't want to know how badly a crash without wrist guards can end for your hands, and easily with permanent consequences. Way too many delicate parts there. Torn nerves, muscles, ligaments, whatnot - forget ever using your hands properly again. Maybe Ian's pure skill made him never have a crash, but for the rest of us, wrist guards are mandatory. I nearly tore through my winter gloves from a simply walking speed cut-out (fried my wheel) where I didn't even fall (just landed on the hands), and got wrist guards immediately. Then I had one simple medium-speed fall with pretty deep scratches in my wirst guards just from smooth perfect pavement, and upgraded to better ones. Permanent debilitating hand damage - no thanks!!
  10. meepmeepmayer

    Gotway RS

    It really really depends on how fast you ride. If it's more like 60 miles for you (20 avg is slooooow though), then it's 60 miles. I estimated from my numbers which would give me closer to 40 miles as a lower bound for how I ride (30-35kph usually).
  11. meepmeepmayer

    Gotway RS

    Ian from Speedyfeet always gets horrible range. Also he was riding 28mph all the time, speed eats battery like crazy. This is the expected behavior for a 1800Wh battery under the circumstances. Normal riders can expect the normal 1800Wh range like any other 1800Wh wheel , which should easily be 65km (40 miles) or more.
  12. That's about 2 bar. Try 3 bar or whatever is the stated max on the tire. Maybe it's simply not enough and you pinch your inner tubes? Or is there some strech of your typical routes that punctures your tires somehow?
  13. You can also see the route at 27:15 in the video (timecoded): Funnily enough they also started in a town named "Corona".
  14. meepmeepmayer

    Gotway RS

    The battery decides how much power a wheel can provide and how big your safety margin is. The MSP and the RS both have the same battery, so I don't believe the safety margin will change in any notable way. And if you change to the new RS board, you should probably also change to the new RS motor, since the firmware seems to be adjusted to the motor. (But maybe the new motor is the exact same construction, just with the hollow core, then you could change just the board. We don't know yet the motor details.) I don't believe it would make much sense to upgrade an MSP with RS components because you'd (probably) replace almost everything except the battery (board, if motor then also pedal hangers and shell). If the RS really turns out much different (better?) to the MSP, just sell your MSP and get a new RS if you want to upgrade.
  15. meepmeepmayer

    Gotway RS

    Wow the HT must be a mountain monster!! Can't wait for real life experiences with that thing.
  16. meepmeepmayer

    Gotway RS

    I wonder how they (motor manufacturer?) even determine motor wattage, and if these numbers mean anything anymore.
  17. If you didn't use it because you were rationing it, you didn't have enough water If you merely didn't think of drinking it, well then I guess more water won't help These three small bottles don't look much for this kind of heat to me as well. Seems like the minimum should be one of these huge cola bottles (1/2 gal or what that is in non-liters). I wondered too as it seemed obvious, but figured you knew you had enough range even after the detour to not worry about switching wheels. Maybe it was too hot to think clearly, that happens quickly as I've learned. - Anyways, the point is not to bash on you Marty Keep adventuring! But I think for this kind of ride in remote places, you should have enough stores to walk out (on foot) at any point, and maybe spend a thought on "I crash and break my leg, what then?" just to be sure. And focus on your legs in the gym That seems to be the weak point of your endurance (Cogswell was similar, wasn't it? Maybe I remember wrong.). It's not an adventure if you're always 100% in your comfort zone
  18. Hmm I think a proper backpack with real food and much more water (and maybe some collapsible sunshade for breaks) is in order for these kind of rides. You seemed a bit underprepared/underequipped.
  19. People seem to really like the knobby tire (grip, cushioning) but it's loud. Hard choice.
  20. Was a crane involved? Looking forward to the video.
  21. Moderator notice: Everyone please keep this mega topic on point (about the S18) and avoid unnecessary/unrelated stuff as well as things that can be put in their own topic. It's bad enough as it is. Thanks
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