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  1. steve454

    Ninebot Z10

    This world map is pretty interesting, but there must be many people not listed. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/9369-world-map-of-euc-riders/?tab=comments#comment-184500. This is the link to the thread, below is the link to the map. Here is the direct link. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1rj0BJqr1wpilPUmFC4blqlmAihI&hl=en_US&ll=17.085747915662058%2C26.13422055000001&z=2
  2. You might contact the local Kingsong reseller in NYC and ask if he does repairs. It doesn't seem to show repairs on the website but he might know someone. I didn't know before, but he also does rentals, but $45 a day seems a little steep. http://www.euc.nyc/
  3. steve454

    Inflator for Momo-Md-ow 14 inches

    Screw all 4 valve extenders together. Can be bought at auto parts stores. @Marty Backe thought of this idea. Very inexpensive also. Can also be ordered from Wal Mart or Amazon.
  4. steve454

    EUC for Kids- Recommendations?

    @kangzy your welcome! Good luck with your search.
  5. steve454

    EUC for Kids- Recommendations?

    Here is a 12 inch wheel that weighs about 20 pounds. https://www.ewheels.com/product/ips-a130-turbo-edition/ Also a London seller with some Inmotion V3 dual tire for sale used.
  6. steve454


    Cool view at the end looking straight down at the brightly painted boat hulls. That Breeze seems to be a good quality drone.
  7. steve454


    Nice pan, what a great location too. Those houses are really nice, I especially like the one with the white fence. So many small boats, just an interesting scene in general. You're getting pretty good with the drone.
  8. steve454

    Inmotion V10F completely not working after forward adjustment

    Maybe you locked the wheel while in the app? I don't have Inmotion, but think I've read they have a lock function? Look for a padlock icon, should be on the first screen somewhere.
  9. steve454

    NINEBOT ES1 ES2 Motherboard replacement.

    I get the impression that Ninebot is trying to prevent imitation products from being used. There was a thread about battery packs for the Minis that fit perfectly but they couldn't communicate with the motherboard like a genuine Ninebot battery, so the speed was limited to very slow speed. I think it is a liability issue. And they don't want to lose money to copycat companies.
  10. steve454

    NINEBOT ES1 ES2 Motherboard replacement.

    Your welcome, if I remember correctly, there were too many people having problems trying to change serial numbers to the new boards and Ninebot quit selling them, instead forcing owners to use authorized repair centers. Might be different for scooters. The ES2 is the high powered version of the kickscooter. From what I have seen, the Bird rideshare scooter is probably the ES1, and they are flooding major metropolitan areas like parts of Los Angeles and other cities. Out of stock at NinebotUS, but due to sheer numbers, there are bound to be motherboards out there. Closed today but there is a phone number in the link I gave you. That reminds me, I wonder who does the maintenance on these thousands of ride share scooters? I read an article that people are paid to take them home and charge them at night, but nothing was mentioned about repairs. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  11. steve454

    NINEBOT ES1 ES2 Motherboard replacement.

    Welcome to the forum! I would call ninebotus and ask them. I don't think you can swap a motherboard on a ninebot, it was possible on the one e+ a couple of years ago, then policy changed and it was required to send in the wheel for board change. http://www.ninebotrepair.com/
  12. steve454

    Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

  13. steve454

    Rent an EUC in Malta

    www.myips.eu www.osltd.cn is the link to @IPS Malta's website, maybe you can email him? I copied that from his profile, he also has skype. You'll have to type it in manually, it didn't create a link.
  14. steve454

    Practicing with the V10F - what not to do

    I had two buttplants on my ninebot one E+ when first trying to learn riding backwards, but not from a cutoff switch (E+ doesn't have one). It was from braking too quickly and leaning back too far causing the wheel to give up momentarily. I weigh 205 pounds and the wheel didn't have the power asked for.
  15. steve454

    Calf fatigue--recalibrate?

    Check out this short video by @Simon Tay. Are your feet positioned like his?