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  1. steve454

    My first EUC! MSuper 3

    Try Tec-Toyz but you probably have to get the whole shell. https://tec-toyz.com/products/gotway-msuper-v3-shell . Also Euc Nyc is local to you, give them a call tomorrow. http://www.euc.nyc/parts-and-accessories/
  2. steve454

    Used Rockwheel

    The only way to keep the batteries from going bad from self discharge is to charge them at least every three months whether you are going to ride or not. Interestingly, Ninebot used to have that in the owners manual, but the latest update to the app shows that they now recommend charging every month. In your case, it might not be worth it to replace the batteries on those older wheels. Maybe buy a couple of newer wheels, more money yes, but newer technology.
  3. steve454

    Shipping batteries.

    Contact Fedex and get the rates for a cargo plane. You might as well ship the whole thing cargo, unless you get confirmation that the passenger plane will carry it without batteries, but I don't think they will. Some wheels have been confiscated by airlines. I remember reading a couple years ago about a passenger plane that went down due to carrying a pallet load of lithium ion batteries that somehow caught on fire. The airlines won't touch them now.
  4. steve454

    Charging cap/plug missing

    Welcome to the forum. Until you find a cover, use electrical tape to keep out water and dirt. I found a universal cover that should work, if you go to google images and search charge port cover, you might be able to find a better one than this. http://tncscooters.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=451
  5. steve454

    Larger pedals for my V8

    Both my ninebots have the small setscrew at the bottom in the middle. I don't think you have to take that one all the way out, just a few turns should free the shaft. Try tapping a phillips screwdriver with a hammer or something. I think I remember someone having a slightly bent shaft and having a hard time but got it out. Some people put a little oil on it to make future removal easier. https://youtu.be/dy-J7xP4o_g how to remove pedal.
  6. steve454

    Airwheel X3 Lean/Tilt Normal or Gyro Controller Failing?

    I prefer the pedals tilting up in front also, for the same reason.
  7. This probably won't work on the Z10, with it's completely new control board, but it might be interesting for someone to try the manual calibration for the E+. Who knows, maybe Ninebot left that in the new wheel. But with the much higher power and weight of the Z10, I would be extremely careful to hold it strongly while the tire is spinning up. And it should go without saying, don't try to use plastic glasses for supports. I would use bricks or concrete blocks.
  8. steve454

    Ninebot turns off.

    I just tried mine, it does the same. Normally you don't turn it on when it's off the ground, unless you are doing a manual calibration of the pedals.
  9. steve454

    Airwheel X3 Lean/Tilt Normal or Gyro Controller Failing?

    Hello and welcome to the forum! From reading about airwheels, it seems they don't use an app to calibrate the pedals, but instead two wires inside are shorted together among other steps. Some wheels don't have a front or back, but even the ones that do can be ridden facing either direction. Try riding with the pedals tilted down and see if you like it better. What is the QR code for on the shell? Probably just goes the the website, but maybe they started using an app. Here is a forum post that tells how to calibrate the pedals, also you can google it to find videos. https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65029#p976576
  10. steve454

    Actual KS18L range for heavy rider

    A few years ago some people did just that. It had to be a wired one, the wireless type gets too much interference.
  11. I would suggest setting it even lower, say 5-6 mph, and slowly accelerate to that speed and experience the tiltback a few times. I don't know Imotion tiltback behavior, but my ninebot S1 won't let me go much faster than tiltback speed. The tiltback is so strong it forces the wheel to slow down, unless just barely hitting the set speed, in which case the tiltback is very mild. Be cautious hitting the full speed tiltback while accelerating, it can be strong enough to make you lose your balance and get thrown off.
  12. steve454

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Wow, scootertown USA. That's an interesting place to see, kind of a laid back beach vibe.
  13. steve454

    Help needed for new Hoverboard

    Look in the thread here
  14. steve454

    Texas Lawmakers 'Classifies' the Electric Unicycle

    That is unfortunate news, you might not be aware of the jogger killed by a cyclist on the Katy Trail. Might be part of the reason the city is cracking down so hard. You could keep doing the commute and see if you ever get stopped, if you ride courteously perhaps it will never be an issue. At the same time, maybe you can find a parallel street route as a backup. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/news/2010/10/04/20101003-Dallas-jogger-hit-by-bicycle-on-603
  15. steve454

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Mine do that also, I usually pump the tire about every two weeks to keep it in the 50-40 psi range. Low pressure can sneak up on you, it is gradual and you don't notice it until the wheel handles noticeably different. It's amazing what different pressures do to handling. You can put some soapy water on the schrader valve and see it it bubbles, but I bet you're just experiencing the normal leakage common to chinese bicycle and euc tires. After awhile the wheel won't feel so sensitive at the higher pressure, and you will find the pressure that is most comfortable for you.