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  1. Not my video. Really nice video about the LA EUC Games by a channel I've never heard of before.
  2. Looks like the V10 will be upgraded with a bigger battery. 750Wh instead of 650Wh, using 2550mAh quality cells instead of 2200mAh ones (which apparently weren't of too high quality). See here in the @EcoDrift disassembly photos of a new V10: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fecodrift.ru%2F2019%2F11%2F12%2Finmotion-v10-snova-na-sklade-dorabotki-i-novyj-akkumulyator-750vtch%2F
  3. Here are some @EcoDrift disassembly photos of a preproduction V8F (without the final motor): https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fecodrift.ru%2F2019%2F11%2F07%2Finmotion-v8f-razbiraem-i-sravnivaem-s-v8%2F
  4. Do you have a picture of it? Curious how it looks. Usually, shudder indicates the board is loose and moves against the pedals (causing erratic and possibly self-amplifying input to the tilt sensor). It may be loose board screws or some cracks in the shell allowing the board to move.
  5. Gotway wheels report false voltages so the shitty Gotway app is compatible with all wheels without knowing which wheel it is (it doesn't know). Scale everything up by 20/16 = 1.25 for the correct voltage on a 84V wheel. (On a 84V Gotway, voltages will be between 84V = full battery and 66V= empty battery.) What app are you using exactly? There might be an option to correct the false voltages (Wheellog has it). And again, these voltage readings are NOT precise. The measurement uncertainty can easily be 1V (this alone is ~5% battery), and that's before any voltage drops or other things happen while you ride the wheel. So trust what the numbers tell you (full battery, empty battery, power spike, etc.), but don't believe the exact numbers
  6. The wheel can do it. Some rough estimates: The theoretical continuous power output of the Tesla battery (at 10A per cell) is 3360W at full charge. The theoretical max output of the Tesla battery (20A per cell) is 6720W at full charge. The motor is rated at 2000W continuous and can put out much more than that for short times, like 4000W or even more. So the numbers are realistic, and there's nothing wrong with such high numbers. Your wheel can do it (for short bursts). But these readings are not very precise, and very short term spike readings are going to be even more off. So don't take this as what really happened inside the wheel. But you do know your wheel can put out a lot of power if needed.
  7. When I first got my full face helmet, it was the same for me. It was a bit confusing and unsettling (scary is much too strong of a word). After a few hours, I got used to it, and I never thought about this ever again (till now... since you mentioned it). So it's no problem at all, after a few rides you will adapt completely Use the helmet you have and enjoy the protection.
  8. Nice! There's a lighter wheel with range again! What's the source of the information?
  9. By the way, learning takes a lot of time.It seems you're doing quite well. So don't be discouraged by these initial hickups or idiosyncrasies of the wheel or whatever is going on.
  10. No need to do it unless there is some pedal-levelness thing going on, just like in your case. It's somewhere in the app. I think it has instructions on how to do it (lean the wheel onto its shell and then calibrate). Comfort is a bit more sophisticated, classic is the old, simpler algorithm (I think). Can't hurt to see if your mysterious tiltback appears in both. That's how soft or hard the pedals react to your input. Either instantly and they stay rock-hard and level, or they are softer and have a bit more swing to them and everything is more relaxed. A matter of what you prefer. - As always, your seller can also help if your wheel has a (potential) problem)
  11. That tiltback shouldn't be there. Not an error you could be making (how would you even do that?) Try recalibrating the wheel, and if the mysterious tiltback persists, try to find out more when that appears. Maybe it's also a feature/bug of one of the ride modes? Try the different ride modes.
  12. You're using the Inmotion app, right? Not the ooooold Solowheel app? Or is changing the light colors not app-related?
  13. Moved to Inmotion forum for better visibility. Also made your title more meaningful
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