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  1. Dang it looks nice in these pictures! No metal tubing like the Sherman, but bigger battery, nicer ground clearance. Looks like it's in production and will be in people's hands every day now!
  2. In English please https://translate.google.com/
  3. I've moved the mten3 discussion into its own separate thread so buyers can post here without you missing it.
  4. This is a EUC forum so everyone is going to tell you to get a EUC If you really only commute in college (between campus buildings?) then a hoverboard might work (if you just don't want to walk). For any serious distances, a EUC is going to be more useful because it goes faster than a brisk walking speed and isn't criminally underpowered like most/all hoverboards. It really depends what exactly you plan to do with the ride. As far as legality, I would guess that a EUC and a hoverboard (which functionally is just 2 EUCs connected together) will probably have the same legality status - i
  5. "Extreme electric unicycles" Might mean the prices. I love how all manufacturer have serious pedal heights now. No more ground scratching in turns! Having the pedals closer to the axle/center of tire rotation should make them more zippy, too.
  6. @Jason McNeilBegode and Extreme Bull seem to be different companies, with EB being a Begode outgrowth and now offering the Commander as their first own wheel. Can you tell more about that? Is your EB and BG contact the same? How much are these two companies separate or the same? I was wondering, as you call it the Begode Commander on ewheels.
  7. Just make sure it's enough Amperage so people don't fall on their face climbing hills. It is probably easy to underestimate what crazy things people do with their wheels
  8. Mobile: 3 lines on the top right -> account -> account settings. You can change the "display name" there (settings area must be "overview" but it is by default) Desktop: click on your account name in the top right -> account settings. You can change the "display name" there (under "overview" which shows by default).
  9. Liking those lights (not the main ones, the running lights or what you call them). Not sure if they are bright/useful enough, but they surely look neat. I just LOVE the RS's running lights! This is similar.
  10. Comes in torque and speed, just like the RS. 60mph/100kph for the HS, says erides
  11. Finally, something new about the V8S. EcoDrift article! Nice pictures and disassembly. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&u=https://ecodrift.ru/2021/09/09/inmotion-v8s-vneshnij-vid-i-konstruktivnye-osobennosti/ They don't like the waterproofing too much. The cells used are LG M50T 5000mAh. Pretty cool how they managed to get 740Wh of battery where 480Wh used to be.
  12. Apparently the Nikola 2700Wh is also now an official Gotway model, going by this EcoDrift article. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&u=https://ecodrift.ru/2021/09/08/begode-nikola-2700wh-blits/ What's interesting is their use of Samsung 48X cells with 4800mAh, so the battery capacity is slightly reduced (2557Wh vs. 2664Wh with 5000mAh cells). I wonder if price/availability or battery safety were the reasons for the switch. There seem to be no external logos and lights (like on the AR+), it just a regular 100V Nikola with more battery. Some minor internal
  13. Really? He did such a good job, especially with the S20 livestream!
  14. You're right! A suspension should not sound like this. I hope this is only a prototype thing.
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