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  1. meepmeepmayer

    Met Parachute Helmet MK1 - arrived :)

    I only mentioned motorcycle helmets as people buy (full face) helmets for motorbikes or mountainbiking/enduro. For biking speeds your helmet should certainly be ok
  2. meepmeepmayer

    Met Parachute Helmet MK1 - arrived :)

    Not sure how good a parachute helmet would fare in a crash. Are they comparable to downhill MTB or motorbike helmets? I've seen some parachute helmets (I believe) with a big fat "not for motorbikes" sticker in them.
  3. meepmeepmayer

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    @Jason McNeil Isn't the Nikola 17x3 whereas the KS16X is 16x3? Also, isn't the Nikola expected to be a bit faster? 45 or 50kph for the KS16X and ~55kph for the Nikola (essentially the same just with no hard limit)? Also, that's quite a difference in pedal ground clearance! Will it really be that big, or might they have measured differently?
  4. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Glorious day for a nice ride. Bit hazy like yesterday, but great weather and views of the still snowy mountains. It's definitely spring, lots of animals pairing up. Here's a pair of geese. Never seen this type before. They were side-eyeing people (including me) stopping and having a look, but in the end were very chill and just ate some grass. More mountain views. I did a short detour from my round trip into the mountains, could not resist. It's up the small valley you can see here. Scenery. Some Llamas along the way. Up into the mountains. And up. Getting notably colder, and there's still some snow. Where I turned around. I was worried about my battery. Justifiedly, came home on the very last of the low battery tiltbacks, but I made it home There's an ACM hidden in the shadows. Map of the round trip with the detour into the mountains.
  5. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Wow You haven't even had the wheel for a year, right?
  6. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Correct I have you to thank for my "I must go riding now" attitude after last Monday
  7. meepmeepmayer

    Wheel Wobble

    Just being relaxed doesn't magically solve any wobble, no matter how bad. The wheel is wobbling, after all. But being relaxed allows you to automatically dampen away wobbling that would amplify and crash you otherwise. Tired legs aren't relaxed, tired legs are tense. Tense legs and you get wobbles. Whether tense from being tired, or cramping because of a sudden wind burst, or because of sitting down (I always get wobbles if I try to sit on the wheel). I think it's because your legs react too slowly to dampen away the wobbling when tense, and you end up with chaotic balance of the wheel.
  8. meepmeepmayer

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    Haha, told you so! That's a neat photo.
  9. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Thanks! Without wheel, the photos would be too boring I think.
  10. meepmeepmayer

    starting out I keep going too fast..

    If you're auto-accelerating, your center of gravity is too far forward. Before you adjust your foot position: could it be that you simply bend your body forward a bit instead of standing straight and relaxed? That's the usual instinctual thing new riders tend to do, and it moves the center of gravity forward. (timecoded at 2:19)
  11. meepmeepmayer

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    It's like this for many of us... Before wheels: Anything above 300 is a serious investment. Phone better be <250. VR goggles? Am I King Midas, they're over 500?! After wheels: 2000€ wheel? Sure, awesome, I'll take two, no big deal(wishing it could be three).
  12. meepmeepmayer

    Nikola VS MCM5 which is the climbing king?

    MCM5. Nothing beats a smaller tire for torque, that's just physics. The only reason the mten3 isn't better is because it's much weaker in comparison and the tire is too small to be practical for uneven ground. The 16X seems to have a bit more immediate torque than the Nikola going from @Kuji Rolls reports. Though 'm guessing, just like MSX vs. 18(X)L, the Nikola will feel more powerful than the 16X. That might make a difference for climbing. But that's just speculation, neither wheel is released yet in its final state. See @Kuji Rolls's mountain test video with the MSX vs. the 18XL where the MSX did better.
  13. meepmeepmayer

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    Good point. And not just those American cardboard walls. Serious German brick and plaster walls, too. Don't ask me how I know (well, not through the wall, but it was definitely damaged while the wheel didn't show a single scratch from that). Leave your kitchen and go outside sooner than later.
  14. meepmeepmayer

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    Typical new rider experience And good tip indeed, relaxing is everything. You're already there then. You can ride. Do the same thing you did for the 20 feet, but simply speed up, and you're riding. Speeding up after you successfully got on the thing is the trick. Everything else comes later - stepping on without holding on to something, curves, even braking (just begin squatting).
  15. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Ride today!! It was almost warm! Almost... The route was along a river and back. Still barely spring, as you can see. But no longer winter Small ford along the way. Wonderful water colors (looks nicer in real life). A bit further along... Colors! Further up the river. I've been told my pictures look postapocalyptic because there's no people in them. Friday afternoon is always pretty empty, it was actually hard to have people in the picture, but here are some. How many do you count? Point of return. It's always nice to see that it's 33km back home and thinking "no big deal" Rural scenery a few steps away. Snowy mountains hiding in the afternoon haze. Swans, pond, ACM, mountains. Saw a lot of swans today, never saw any before. Mountain view. Gorgeous sunset on the way back, looking behind me. The church spires are a neat detail. I promise there's other people in those vehicles More sunset. This definitely proves I did NOT release a deadly virus so I could ride undisturbed (as certain people surmised) Route (clockwise). Just a quick 60km ride I need bigger batteries.