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  1. That's what the charger is for. I assume with city traffic(?) and frequent stops (red lights etc.), on average you aren't riding as fast as you would if you were just cruising, so the range of the V11 should be good? How much range do you expect to use in a day? I don't know. But a suspension wheel should be more comfortable than one without suspension.
  2. It's just my intuition, but the V11 seems to be the non-specialty 18 inch wheel nowadays. Suspension and wide tire for comfort, great lights, handle, etc. A V11 plus a fast charger would be my approach.
  3. It certainly can be improved with better firmware. Question is, how much is the firmware responsible for the braking behavior, and how much is it just the wheel's geometry which doesn't change? So it remains to be seen how much a future iteration of the Monster Pro improves. We'll see...
  4. Some discussion unrelated to the Monster Pro has been moved here:
  5. Looks like your wheel works, that was the point of trying EUC World. Can't say much why your phone will no longer directly connect (app-less) for music. Switch it off and on again, disable and enable Bluetooth again... sorry I got nothing better.
  6. You can try if EUC World connects. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.lastowski.eucworld
  7. You can buy from any EU shop, shouldn't be a problem
  8. Interesting! You say the EX and EX.N have different boards? How that, what's different? I thought Begode more or less just have one board (well the latest iteration) for their big wheels? Is the EX.N board just the RS board (it has the RS motor after all)? So you say the EX is more reactive at speed, and the EX.N is zippier? Is that the weight/size difference, or actually the different motors/firmwares (if you can tell)?
  9. LeaperKim: company name Veteran: their brand for selling EUCs
  10. Glad you're enjoying it! (and that the S2 still works) Be aware that a "real" wheel as a whole nother deal. So you have something to look forward to in summer
  11. @Hsiang: "Despite its vast potential, this wheel seems to suffer from a distinct lack of testing and refinement" Well it's a Gotway Too bad Gotway went into panic mode due to the Sherman. The parts unaffected by this are great - I just love the big, visible, cool-looking running lights on this and the RS. So they're certainly capable of better things if they keep their calm.
  12. Speedy Feet review video: "It doesn't win on range, it doesn't win on price, it doesn't win on how heavy it is, it doesn't win on acceleration, it doesn't win on braking, it doesn't win on comfort... I could not advise you to go and buy this wheel". "This is so not winning on so many different points." "I cannot recommend it... how depressing is that?" I don't think he likes it He won't even stock/sell it, and can't think of a reason to get this over a Sherman. Oh dear.
  13. Without the transport locks, wheels did ruin/burn the packaging, or fry their boards (presumably when the tire was blocked). I don't see how this could cause a battery fire. Even if the wheel constantly sped up, shut itself off, sped up again, etc. - it's still less stress on the battery than just normal riding. A fried board also happens way before the battery gets hot enough to be problematic. The ewheels email seems pretty certain that they blame a battery pack for the fire. So this (and the other reported fires on the latest Begodes) makes me think it's not related to the la
  14. Looks like it worked indeed! Thanks for the confirmation. I'll see if somehow your accounts can be merged together. Haven't heard anything yet.
  15. That's what I think. They may have had crappy builds, but it wasn't a problem till now.
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