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  1. What you see in this one message is just the tip of the iceberg. He also tried to doxx moderators and forum members who he feels wronged him in a since-removed reddit post, mentioning their kids, etc. And there's more. If you can provide information for the police to deal with this guy, please do so.
  2. Title changed and moved.
  3. You can't do that. However the wheel is oriented during calibration, that is what is considered level in all directions (in certain limitations, laying the wheel on its side will likely not work at all). Additionally, it is very important to have no sideways lean during calibration. Otherwise you will get pedal dipping or raising in curves. If you get that after the calibration, you must recalibrate with the wheel being upright (no left/right lean). Make sure the wheel is not leaning left or right, with the pedal angle as you want it, and the wheel being still during the entire calibration process. (Just lean it against a wall as upright as possible and adjust the desired pedal angle, then calibrate, and don't touch it before the calibration is 110% over.)
  4. You need to calibrate your wheel with the pedals slightly angled back. This will be its new normal then. There is no separate setting to adjust the pedal angle a few degrees back or forth independent of a calibration, unfortunately.
  5. I think this is like the "miles per gallon" vs. "liter per 100km/gallons per 100 miles" discussion. Depending on what you are looking at, the one or the other makes more sense comparing different wheels. https://www.google.com/search?q=miles+per+gallon+vs+gallons+per+mile You cannot expect to "normalize" the values though where something never crosses 1.0. That would mean some nonlinear measurement, which is not a good idea.
  6. Nice idea! I got curious about the Nikola: 2100Wh 84V $2450 0.86 1800Wh 100V $2300 0.78 1845Wh 100V $2450 0.75 2664Wh 100V (1rad mod, not official, but I love this thing) 2749€ = $3050 0.87 (Prices from ewheels, and using advertised battery capacity instead of real capacity)
  7. Someone did the math on this once (balancing currents vs. voltage differences or something like this). It was longer than expected. Maybe @Chriull was that guy?
  8. "Getting started" might be a good option if we ever want to have a forum dedicated to making this site friendlier to (prospective) new members (or just for new riders). Whether or not such a forum is good is another question (see @Espen R above), but I just thought of this name and wanted to throw it into the ring.
  9. @Mono Why do you care? We mods finally decided to remove one single problem member. I don't want to be rude, but am not going to repeat all the mod discussions we had to have about Aneta (a lot), even if you are curious (I fully understand and I don't blame you). Enough time has been wasted on this instead of spending it with electric unicycles. I have to ask you to trust us. We are not stupid or unprofessional. This means nothing to you or anyone else in broader terms (in the sense that you could read anything out of it). Best to forget about it. Not sure what else to say
  10. We can always start with one new forum and go from there. Personally, I would also like a "Making Videos" forum where all the camera and Youtuber discussion can go. I would like this to be a sub-subforum (visually), not sure (yet) if this is supported here.
  11. Again: this is a singular special case. This does not concern anybody else. Do not read anything from this. Post, discuss, argue, enjoy!
  12. The ban was not related to that. Even though there is no doubt that this crazy person is Chris. The ban was not because of one topic. That was just when we decided it was too much. We only banned the one account, nothing more. Even the old chrisjunlee account is still there, we only gave him a few weeks timeout back then. All this is based on the assumption that this is just a normal unruly forum user that needs to be told to behave. In that case, you would be right. But this is not the case here. This is why we went with a ban right away. Aneta is currently doxxing (or attempting to) mods and other users from here on the electric unicycle subreddit. Completely sane reaction, right? And this ban is still just all based on public information related to the Aneta account. There is more info that we mods have, and of course we know that it is chrisjunlee. If we ever needed proof of that (it was clear about 3 Aneta posts in), the eeriely similar remorseless reaction back than and now by Aneta makes that clear. No. We can babysit one problem guy and then deal with everyone who got baited into a reaction by the problem guy starting it, forever. Or we can remove the one problem guy. Why should an entire community be held hostage by a single person? And again, not a normal user that we can reason with. This is not the case here.
  13. Sorry, by subforum I just mean a forum like "General Discussion". I'm not sure if the entire site is "a forum" or "a bunch of foums". Subforum = forum.
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