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  1. Hmm, not bad! You're not cutting into anything like into the snow with your ski edges, but it sounds nice!
  2. Weaving and slaloming have the connotation of weaving between or through things (things like pedestrians), or slaloming around things. That's why I wonder if there is a better word if you just do curves in the open. If you go down the hill in a straight line, it's called Schußfahrt (Schuß = shot, Fahrt = ride). And there is indeed runterbomben (bomb down).
  3. meepmeepmayer

    New 16″ unicycle from King Song

    It's not whether it's a good idea, just like going 65kph with an MSX 100V isn't exactly a good idea. It's about whether people can (and will) If we assume a 100V version of the Nikola is coming soon (not too big of a stretch), and we say the MSX 100V can do 65, then the Nikola 100V will be able to do approximately 17/19*65 = 58kph (same motor). So something like 55 is a realistic number. Both wheels will still be faster than this KS, even the old Tesla. I wouldn't care, but apparently a lot of people do.
  4. meepmeepmayer

    New 16″ unicycle from King Song

    Can you maybe give a bit of info on the well-informed source? How reliable is it? New design for KingSongs! Exciting! Wide 3'' tire, 55kph instead of 45... many people will still be going for a Gotway. But you're right, KS getting big batteries (if only most reluctantly) is the best thing that happened for a long time, now GW hopefully have to up their game because they no longer automatically get the range people.
  5. "Genetic"... I think it may be the snaking/weaving/skiing movement that some people are instinctively taken with. That was it for me. Seeing a guy just stand on the thing and ride straight, I just thought "mmh, ok, this exists, apparently *eyeroll* *thingstheworldneeds*". But once the skiing started, I was struck (Btw, what is the official name for that movement?) Maybe it's the relaxing exercise of the upper body/spine that's attractive with the skiing? Maybe just former skiers like EUCs or obvious reasons? (After all, skateboards and the Onewheel are just snowboards on pavement, right? So EUCs are ski on pavement?) Would both work for me. Not hard to assume a "physical" attraction to EUCing for certain people, then. Other people just have other instinctive interests. No need to disparage them until you find out they have no appreciable interests but if they don't fire away😁
  6. meepmeepmayer

    KS-18L and KS-18XL rapid charging

    Charging speed is proportional to the A of the charger until the last 10-20% (number actually depends on the amperage of the charger, but for simplicity just assume it's the same between chargers). The last 10-20% is always at the same speed. So charging from anything to 80-90% (or whatever) is 5/1.5=3.33 times faster than with the standard charger, and the last 10-20% take roughly the same time as with the standard charger. In other words, filling up is over three times faster, but the final topping up takes more or less the same time. What part takes how long, you have to try. But this can help you estimate. - So if you ever go for a looooong ride and need to charge in between, don't waste your time with charging to 100%, just continue the ride at 80%. Rinse and repeat. This gives you the most efficient use of charging time. Works for every charger. (If you have a charge doctor or the charger displays the current, you can see when the current starts to drop, and check the according battery percentage where the charging starts to lose time efficiency.) - @Chriull may or may not be posting a lot of graphs soon
  7. Haha, I'm pretty sure every single rider had that first thought. I certainly did. "Oh **** what did I get myself into this is serious" after lifting the HEAVY thing out of the box and switching it on the first time, observing the balancing. Followed by stepping on on the wobbly thing and thinking "What... how in the world is anyone supposed to ride this?!".
  8. New motor (2000W) from the MSX. New amazing fat-mosfet best-of-them-all board from the MSX (only the 100V Monster had it previously, the 84V had the 2 generations old and weaker ACM/msuper V3 style board). Makes the 84V Monster go from "eh" to "f**k yeah". A Monster redesign may or may not be coming in addition.
  9. meepmeepmayer

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    That's definitely true. Knockdown? Your video is great info, it's only about the interpretation. I just want to know if KS are indeed more efficient now, or if it's something else. (Also, defend GW against possibly false allegations, there are enough true allegations already) Winter + manufacturers is driving me crazy. Didn't intend to do that to you
  10. meepmeepmayer

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    Haha. You're not totally wrong here It just seems we have 90% accurate information on our wheels, and it would just be nice to have 99% accurate information. It's frustrating to wonder and speculate instead of just know. Whatever the result is.
  11. meepmeepmayer

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    That wasn't the point. Just that at 97%, your msuper V3 simply wasn't nearly full while (probably) the 18XL was at 100%. (Also, to defend GW's honor a bit) You could just keep the charger in overnight in your ms3 (it has no diode, right?) and then it would be full. And then repeat what you did, no need to ride it down to tiltback, just a reasonably low number where both the GW and KS formula will agree. But you have so much experience already, if you say you get more range out of your 18XL than your msupers, it's likely true. Good enough for me. Just enjoy riding and keep doing range tests
  12. meepmeepmayer


    If you get no beeps, everything is fine. Tiltback is speed dependent, so in theory if you ignored the 80% power beeps, you could fall. If you hear nothing, you're good. Tiltback or not.
  13. meepmeepmayer


    2 beeps = 1st speed alarm. 3 beeps = second speed alarm. You can ignore/disable them both if you like. 5 beeps/continuous beeps (I always forget which it is) = 80% power alarm. Never ignore it and slow down as soon as you hear it. These alarms can be aborted if you drop below the speed/power quick enough. So sometimes you only hear a single beep (aborted 1st speed alarm) or some other strange number of beeps. Don't worry about them. You can always do a lift test. Open an app with a speed meter, and lift and tilt your wheel to see at which speed what happens. Then there's the slow/long beeps which are the battery alarms. 1 beep at 15% battery, 2 at 10%, 3 at 5%, and heavy tiltback towards 0%. There's also overcharge beeps, but they are easy to recognize because they are accompanied by a tiltback and only happen if you take a fully charged wheel downhill anyways.
  14. meepmeepmayer

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    1% Gotway and 1% KingSong are not the same. It's more like 1% GW = 0.9% KS. A Gotway % is less energy than a KS %. Gotway says the wheel is at 100% at 82.25V, so if you keep charging to 84V after that you gain an extra ~10% capacity, but it won't count higher than 100%. I don't know what the KS formula is, but assumedly, for them 84V is 100% (unless they do the same s**t GW does, then my argument is completely moot). So 97% on a Gotway would be equivalent to 88% (estimate) on a KS, despite being the exact same charge state (=voltage) of the battery pack. ... And now you run the battery down. Empty is empty, so towards the lower end, GW and KS will agree on the percentage for a given battery charge state. Than means it looks like you use more % on a Gotway compared to a KS, when in reality a GW% is just less than a KS%. A full Gotway would be like 110%, but you only ever started at 100% or even less (97%). That's where the missing percentages go if the GW is not actually fully charged at the beginning, but the KS is, while both wheels will display around 100% at the start. On the ride in the video, you take your GW from 97%(GW formula)=88%(KS formula) to 30% (example number, both formulas will agree) and your KS from 100%(KS formula) to 40% (example number, both formulas will agree). 60% (KS% to be exact) each time. So much for the theory. If KS also uses such a strange formula missing out on capacity, then the 18XL is just more efficient and that's it. But if GW just hides away 10% capacity while KS does not, no surprise you get less range on the same battery. - @palachzzz Do you know at what voltage the KingSong app formula considers the battery at 100%?
  15. meepmeepmayer

    The Tyre (Tire) Thread

    Post the tires you use, a short description, maybe some pictures, and a link where to buy - 16 inch Kenda offroad/winter tire. Fits any 16 inch wheel - Tesla, ACM, KS16S, V8, etc. Available in black, red (looks great!), and blue (also available in 14'' and 18'', but I found it only in black). The knobs really dig in in snow, mud, on wet grass, etc. and provide good traction. This prevents the tire slipping (spinning in place) when climbing out of small ruts, which can happen with the standard tires. The tire doesn't seem to hold for too long because the rubber is thin outside of the knobs, but it's a great seasonal tire for winter (or just offroading, especially on wet ground). Bought here (EU): https://www.electricunicycles.eu/store_t3_category-winter_and_off_road_tyres-sc__12 Red looks fantastic with a black wheel. In its natural element. Snow, mud, etc. Here's a video of the red tire on a V8. Blue doesn't look as good.