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  1. Have a look at the board. Maybe it's a bit loose when you tilt the wheel to the left. Broken brace, maybe? That's the only explanation for this strange behavior I can come up with. Ask your seller, too.
  2. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Won't need any convincing at all. Just another wheel, because I only have one. Or two more wheels for these mountains, can't take my old-cabling ACM up there too well. TO-247 mosfet wheels on the other hand... And it is a great ride, though no special route, just circling around. What you see is the picture is the Inn river valley exiting the Alps (and the decorative ranges along the valley). Because the river used to be an ice age glacier, it pushed up some moraines in some distance from the mountains with my home city in a basin (used to be a lake after the ice age) at the mouth of the valley. So there are these elevated viewing spots in basically all directions
  3. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    The side light makes things look nice.
  4. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Some photos from today. Gorgeous late afternoon ride. Wonderful mellow and cool-warm, pleasantly humid weather, and fantastic lighting From tomorrow on it will get much colder. -- Short break in a forest, sun shining in. Views of the mountains along the way. Much better in reality than the limited dynamic range phone photos. Sun shining in sideways looked wonderful. Deer enclosure. Bavarian scenery. Going up a hill. Church hidden behind the tree on the right. Gorgeous view into the mountains from up there. Somehow the colors were extra nice today. Fun path through the forest, roots and everything. A bit further. The view! The colors! Just lovely Some time later. Moon was huge! Moon over the bike path along the river. The thing my ACM shines on is a pumpkin I picked up from a field along the way (there are pay boxes). The lower right light is the moon's reflection on the water.
  5. meepmeepmayer

    Msx top speed

    When the 80% beeps (continuous beeps) start, you better slow down. And make sure you hear them. That would be the top speed for you as a rider (weight, battery %, etc). I'd guess for the msX, it's between 55 and 60 kph (35-37mph). Just a guess. I wouldn't go that fast anyways
  6. meepmeepmayer

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    There are 3 cases (I believe): No plastic battery housing and bad sealing --> FIRE DANGER!! No plastic battery housing and good sealing --> They say it's ok, but personally, I would not trust the seal to last forever. If the seal fails, fire! I would not want to live with that danger Plastic battery housing --> Good Ask your seller which case your 126... serial is. Maybe he will give you a battery housing if you annoy him enough.
  7. meepmeepmayer

    German Discussion Group

    @Nik Arsenych 1. und 2.: Falsch! Lauf Grosskopf Gutachten gibt es keine Kennzeichen- und Versicherungspflicht, da es eine Gesetzeslücke bei einrädrigen und selbstbalancierenden Fahrzeugen gibt. Ist also eher falsch, was die da behaupten. 3. Fällt damit auch weg. 4. Weiss nicht, aber über fehlenden Führerschein beschweren wenn du eine LKW-Führerschein hast, klingt etwas seltsam. Warte ab, rede nicht weiter mit der Polizei (außer um dein Geld zurück zu bekommen), und warte mal, was die Staatsanwaltschaft tut. Wenn sie irgend etwas anderes tut, als das einzustellen, dann dagegen Einspruch erheben. Hast gute Chancen dass spätestens dann nichts mehr passiert. Und hol dir dein Geld wieder! 50€ kassieren finde ich auch etwas seltsam. Wahrscheinlich, weil sie bei einem "Ausländer" damit durchkommen. Bayerische Polizei eben, haben wohl nichts Besseres zu tun
  8. meepmeepmayer

    My Wife Wants To Learn!

    Marty, this is the decisive tip here! Get her a wheel that gives her good leg leverage. Forget the generic, use the msuper. As soon as she can stand on it while holding on to you or a wall (which shouldn't take long), just have her hold on to you while you ride along with her (not too slow - speed!). There's no better and faster way to learn, because it omits the hard part of stepping on before riding and goes right to the riding part. You two have a good time!
  9. meepmeepmayer


    Ehh.. you're not wrong At least a burning up motor would be something new... My dream wheel is still one where the battery is the limit and is monitored, and everything else can just take whatever it throws at it. Motor, cables, mosfets, you name it. But I guess it's not that easy, as in the end, the heat always needs to go somewhere and can accumulate in complex ways. Maybe motor + mosfets temperature sensors (and thick enough cables everywhere else) is the solution? I'd prefer such a hardware solution to any software thing that will necessarily have to be complicated (these Chinese manufacturers would implement that!) and overly conservative and can't automatically adapt to any situation. If heat is the problem, localize and monitor the heat.
  10. meepmeepmayer

    Found a used KS 14D for 550 €. Is it a good deal?

    Keep the tire that's on and let him give you the stock one as a spare (as he still seems to have it). Sweetens the price. He won't need it anyways if he is moving to bigger wheels.
  11. meepmeepmayer

    Found a used KS 14D for 550 €. Is it a good deal?

    I think it's a fine deal. 1500km isn't much, all that means you might have to change the tire after another 1000km. I'd prefer it to the 14M because it has speakers etc, all the small details missing from the 14M. Also, 14M + battery upgrade is probably going to cost more than a 14D (or at least the same) and you still end up with 340Wh when you could have 420, so why not get a 14D right now for not too much more than the price of a 14M? Maybe you can get it down to 500, but I think it's a fair price at 550 too.
  12. meepmeepmayer

    Wheels for heavier riders?

    @Bob Eisenman Oh wow, somehow I missed that. You always have (quite gnarly) crashes and that info gets lost a bit. Ouch. Nice range on the Monster! @RockyTop What wheel? For now, I can only remember breakages of the ACM style pedals. So the msuper X might still be safe, even if the ACM pedal breakages were a general problem (I still don't think they are, but who knows...). Do you have a photo (if there is anything to see)?
  13. meepmeepmayer


    Problem is, wires have no fixed limits. It probably depends on how long some current is acting, as the heat dissipation is the problem. So do we use some "nominal" wire current number that is much lower than a what the wire can sustain for shorter times? This is all way too complicated. Thicker axle, thicker wires, no firmware changes necessary, problem solved Then you could even actually push cars til the wheel warns you due to mosfets getting too hot. [Gotway did increase their wire diameter after the old ACM/msuper motors had that problem. First there were slightly thicker cables in these motors (16AWG->14AWG) with the same axle thickness, then the thicker axle in their 2000W motor with much thicker cables.] You're absolutely right about that. But I don't think this specific stress test shows that wire melting during regular riding can happen, more like it's not going to happen if you can even push a car for minutes. But in principle, you're absolutely right. A wheel should always "work or warn". So: Other manufacturers wouldn't have that problem, and you could trust their wheels not to break then. I don't want to try because I don't trust their wheels to not break then. It's the right decision, though, it is still all super-intransparent Chinese engineering that's going on everywhere. -- But I'd definitely like to see (attempted) destructive testing of other wheel brands. Anybody with too much money around here?
  14. meepmeepmayer


    Wow, what a cool idea @EUC GUY Destructive testing! Very helpful. Who pays for the damage, though... ouch, you knew this would happen. I can't bring myself to see this is a weakness or bad design by Gotway GW and others have the same (or comparable) axle and motor cable thickness. The only difference here is GW uses much stronger mosfets, so they aren't the weakest part. And since the heat sensor is at the mosfets (and how would one reliably monitor cable temperatures?)... So we can blame them for not using an even thicker axle and cables so the (monitored) mosfets would be the weakest part ... or do we blame them for simply using better mosfets than anyone else, while the rest is the same? All the other manufacturers do is monitor mosfet temperature and warn if it gets too high. As does Gotway. It just doesn't work for this situation. As far as I'm concerned, this proves the mosfets are indeed "better" than the cabling. Good to know. But I don't interpret that as a weakness, as the alternative employed by the other manufacturers is simply using weaker mosfets. Would be different if it happened on an extreme hill test. But pushing a car around just shows how overengineered the msX is. So does this video show a safety weakness or a safety plus? (I would still like to see motor cable thickness doubled just to be sure. That would be God-tier mountain riding hardware)
  15. meepmeepmayer

    The Photo Thread

    Eh... too crazy hot weather forever, then too cold and rainy, then ok but not much else, then I thought it was time to get a helmet before riding again with all the injury threads, then that meant I would actually have to get a helmet, then I finally got one, and another almost 2 weeks later... I had to take advantage of the last nice weather day here