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  1. @EucnerVery good point! Never heard of any efficiency advantages of lower voltage designs, and that explains it. If they exist, they play no role anyways. So, a higher voltage is for all intents and purposes "just better".
  2. I do enjoy these kinds of videos If you post (just copy+paste, not with the "link" button) the full URL (youtube.com/watch?v=...) of a Youtube video, it gets embedded.
  3. I don't believe this has anything to do with cost cutting. They just didn't care to do a proper fix after the wrong holes were drilled.
  4. Very wise, but it needs a correction: If you think 30kph/20mph is enough, you need to buy yourself a 50kph/30mph wheel so you can have the 40kph/25mph safely that you will actually ride Do NOT believe the outrageously inflated range numbers from the manufacturers. As a (very rough) rule of thumb, 1000Wh = 50km = 30 miles at 30kph/20mph. Much less if you go faster (20km at 50kph/30mph), much more if you go slower (might even get the official number if you can go that slow without going crazy). If you have a specific model in mind, just see or ask what ranges people actually get
  5. It was natural for the electric unicycle market to develop this way. The summary is: few reasons not to go for a "big" performance wheel, while the "smaller" ones do have some serious disadvantages. Reasons to buy a big and bad wheel: They are safer! Speed and big battery make you safer on self-balancing vehicles. This is counterintuitive to how other vehicles are perceived, where power means danger. For EUCs, stronger = safer. Think planes, where a smaller, lighter, slower plane is considered less safe than a bigger one. If you are concerned about speed: you can ride slow on a w
  6. We need Marty's overheat hill test of the V12 asap! What's the point of a fuse on the board? Might as well not have one and use the mosfets as a "fuse". Same result: you need a new board because the old one is broken. I don't get it.
  7. Couldn't help but post this. The latest EcoDrift article: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&u=https://ecodrift.ru/2021/06/11/begode-t3-strannyj-zvuk/ Summary: They drilled some holes too big and stuffed zip ties into them to have something for their screws to attach. Seriously. (Also the zip ties would scratch the tire and make noise.) Money quote: "The holes were drilled too large. So that the self-tapping screws are kept there, they are stuffed with screeds. There are no words." No words indeed Hard to want to buy a Begode wheel nowa
  8. It's not just the tire size. It's also the power of modern wheels. A Ninebot or V8 feel meek in comparison to a wheel with much more oomph.
  9. If ewheels isn't trustworthy, then nobody is. You can't go wrong with them! Great choice of candidates, all fantastic wheels! Pick the one that appeals to you the most, trust your gut there. The S18 isn't as fast or high range as the other two, but it has the suspension and looks.
  10. No problem, especially since you just offered help to a local with the same language. It's just a standard thing we always mention when people post in languages other than English outside of the foreign language topics.
  11. To edit a post, press the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select "edit".
  12. Please post in English here. Though in this case it seems ok. Use a translator like Google Translate if you need it.
  13. I see what you mean. Being able to switch to a full "source" view of a post that could be copy-pasted into a text editor etc. That would be nice indeed. If something like this exists here, I haven't seen it
  14. Not sure what markup code is. You mean HTML 'n stuff? I don't believe anything of this kind is supported here, but feel free to find out otherwise AFAIK you can post some links and they will embed (direct image hotlink, full youtube URL, Insta, FB [... sometimes?]) but that's about it. We have a testing forum if you want to try out something specific.
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