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  1. Geometry, weight distribution, and firmware matter. Not motor specs like weight or (mostly meaningless) power rating. To me it sounds like Gotway might make some firmware revisions. I can't see a reason why the EX has to be sluggish per se. The Sherman has a similar battery distribution and nobody complains about it being sluggish. Maybe it just has bad geometry, or the suspension somehow influences that negatively?
  2. If you only have the money in reserve and can wait as long as you want till you buy, then it's another thing. I can say nothing to say against that. You have to do what you have to do, it's wheels!
  3. Sherman now, EX later when it's the 3rd batch or so and whatever they have to fix has been fixed. If I were in your shoes, I'd cancel the EX pre-purchase (after the Ecodrift photos) and just wait while enjoying the Sherman.
  4. Someone did the same with a V8 and a piece of plywood, that's the biggest I know of. There's a video somewhere on Youtube.
  5. Nothing can go wrong if you only wash the tire and pedals like this. All the electronics are up higher, and water can't get to them from the wheel well.
  6. Make sure you know how to brake instead of (slight) panic. Otherwise it's "Oh shit... hmm... what now? I really wish I knew how to stop..." when a sudden obstacle appears, and your shins will pay the price (you'll try to stop the wheel with our leg after you jump off, at least that's happened to me). It will only get better. Though learning is great fun, too.
  7. If you don't feel it when riding, then there is no problem. You'd feel it as regular "bumps" that come faster with speed.
  8. 40kg Sherman as a first and learner wheel? Impressive!
  9. Looks nice. Definitely EUC-inspired, not only because of the pedals, but also because of the level of "seriousness" of the design vs. toy stuff. Small battery and limited power though.
  10. My favorite quote is right at the start of the second article: "I really do not want to disassemble Begode EX, but it is necessary."
  11. Pictures and detailed disassembly of the EX. As always from the fantastic guys at @EcoDrift. Pictures: Russian Original - English (Bing Translator) Disassembly (suspension!): Russian Original - English (Bing Translator) Build quality is awful, I think worse than RS. Brittle 3D-printed parts. 1st batch mess. Eww Can't fault Gotway for being innovative, but I wish they would do it less amateurish. There's lots of details about the suspension to be seen! Motor looks awesome, with 40mm wide magnets! Motor plus suspension alone weigh 20kg! (He mentions they got a "HT version of the EX". Is there a HS version? Or does he just call wide magnets HT?) (Can someone explain what the heatsink next to the board is for? Is it connected to the board's backing plate?)
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