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  1. Keep it positive guys. The wheel will be there, whether in April or later. I'd rather have Inmotion not unnecessarily rush things. And at least IM is trying their best to be communicative, unlike others.
  2. If you just want to know at what % your wheel throttles, and how, percentage is fine. But for the "which one is safer/better" fanboy wars, you need voltages @AtlasPIs this something you could do/would be interested in?
  3. @yanko20 You should be able to edit etc. now. You could always post photos as far as I know.
  4. These are not legally mandated fees, which by definition aren't hidden and you would know about them beforehand. These are the shipping companies (UPS etc.) making fees up and trying to make it sound like they're just collecting customs duties etc. That's why they generically call them "import fees" instead of saying exactly which government-mandated duties they supposedly are (e.g. VAT, ...). They are simply lieing about the price when you pay for shipping, hide extra costs in the fine print, and hope you blame someone else ("the government") (like @MR BRAD above) when they send you an e
  5. Not the first time I've heard of shipping companies making up fees and trying to blame the government. Scummy.
  6. What do you think of the (sharply criticized) braking? Did they improve on that?
  7. Can't speak for the Inmotion V8F, but often pedal dipping in turns can be fixed by a good calibration. Does the V8 offer doing a calibration? If yes, the most important thing is to not have the wheel tilted sideways while calibrating, a sideways tilt seems to throw the sensor off and produce the dipping. The wheel should also be still while calibrating, so just lean it (upright!) against something stable. Worst case... you need a new board (with hopefully no/less dipping). Contact your seller if you can't fix your problem.
  8. Yep, just make it so you can plug the charger directly into the wheel, or plug the charger into the stand and roll the wheel into the stand to charge. Then the stand would be an optional, cheap (all passive, no/few electronics needed) accessory. Needs charge port + the extra stand contacts in the wheel. No idea how complicated it is to disable the charging contacts unless the wheel is in the stand.
  9. I would be very impressed by a technical implementation of wirelessly charging a wheel. But I think it's useless. What is the difference between laying your wheel in exactly the right spot for wireless charging, or just plugging a charger in? What benefit would it bring? How would the wireless charger look? How much would it weigh? If you want waterproofing, just hide a regular charge port behind a really waterproof plug (a screw cap with some gaskets in the middle, instead of the cap being only a rubber flap). - A related idea: a wheel stand with built in charging, vi
  10. Do you have a working prototype? Looks nice, the kind of smaller wheel.
  11. Brilliant! Actual EUC journalism where you contacted the guy! So it's 84V because the parts he wants to use are 100V (less than 100.8V) and he wants a margin. Aren't there equivalent ~120V parts or something? The cells are used for their higher amp rating. Not sure if this is needed due to the big tire diameter, or is a bad decision. You should think 10p is enough amps - 100A continuous with the usual cells.
  12. 20s2p with 3100mAh cells instead of 3500mAh cells like on the 512Wh version. Nobody knows why the manufacturers do the crazy things they are doing. Sometimes not even they themselves. Maybe the cheaper price it allows makes more sense for the mten3. Maybe they got a deal on the cells. Who knows. There is an official app, but it's crap. They seem to have given up on it, it's not even on the Play Store any longer. Avoid. (If interested, you can find it here: http://www.begode.com/app.)
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