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  1. It might have been different had you sent a PM first, but you couldn't yet*. I'm afraid that was just bad luck. But don't worry, especially in the US there's a big second hand market, so your next chance will come soon. Just be careful when you go to bed - * We forum staff hate the PM restriction precisely for this reason, but it's sadly necessary for spam prevention.
  2. @LatlazHi, you can send PMs now (very new members can't, but that is over for you now). I hope that wasn't why you didn't get this wheel!
  3. Oh boy. Looks like it is a nice wheel in theory, but not in practice. Are these a fire danger, or different from the M50T that caused the fires?
  4. @ShanesPlanetDo you have a fitting one?
  5. I didn't know you could get a refund outright! This is clearly the best option. Dealing with a damaged wheel is seriously not fun, and you have potential damage in all the worst places (battery, and maybe even the board). You did the only sensible thing. Sad, but for the best.
  6. This is good advice. If there's a wheel that you somehow just want, it is the one to get.
  7. That's low even for one of the two battery packs. If the pack is damaged in addition, this is a reasonably credible range, I guess. That is completely crazy. Not sure if the board is somehow damaged, too, or what else this could be. - Be a bit careful with a (probably) damaged battery pack. I wouldn't ride such a wheel. Just repair it quickly or have ewheels do the warranty repair if it looks too complicated.
  8. Sounds very much like a bad board (that was always close to dieing) that died. A blown (as in exploded a bit) mosfet should be easy to see (and smell). Post some photos if you want, but such damage is usually obvious. As you say your MSX is almost new, contact your seller right away. Classic "send me a new board on warranty" case if you ask me.
  9. If I had to guess: one battery pack is somehow bad and doesn't charge to full, and the other pack is disconnected entirely (probably just the fuse on the connector cable blew). These might be overheat hill consequences. - 98V is roughly 88% compared to full voltage as 100%. That would give you... 85% of the full range? 25 miles is way too little for that. Is maybe one battery disconnected? The fuse connecting the battery pack blown? That would roughly explain your range issue (but not the failure to charge to full voltage). If you can do something via warranty, do that firs
  10. Ok, I can agree with that Stick an axle into the Begode motor and you have something like the Abrams motor. The rest is very similar. I thought you meant that Begode have axles now, so I was confused. It is good! Begode are "in the news" when they do some seriously dumb shit, but that sometimes hides their seriously great innovations. In comparison, the Abrams has an (unneeded) axle and very limited space for the motor cable, while the rest of the setup is very comparable. - Anyways, Abrams. The construction seems very heavy. How much weight do you think could be saved s
  11. @fbhbThose are the pictures that I wanted to post but could not find Unless Begode have something new, this is their current solution. Quite clearly the best overall, in my opinion - easy and robust pedal hanger attachment + no bearing problems + huge amount of space for a motor cable (even if they don't use it for a thicker cable). But I guess are seriously thick axle like on the Abrams is the second best.
  12. Maybe someone built a Franken-MSX with the RS motor somehow. Anyways, 2300 V11 or 2000 18XL - a choice between two great wheels! (Or some other wheel?)
  13. Hi! See here Maybe as a brand new member, the forum's own picture functionality doesn't work for you, but that will change soon. For a few small pictures it's enough.
  14. The MSX (and its successor, the MSP) have the standard old axle construction. It's an old wheel The RS has the hollow motor (with the new, smaller bearing, they seem to be perfect, but there's the battery issue). A used MSX for <1000 (or <800 or whatever) would be good. But not a "new" one that is overpriced and has a small battery and sat at the dealer for 2+ years.
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