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  1. Theoretically the absent pack could be caused by a bad connection, in which case the connection could become intermittent. If one pack has not been in use, it’s voltage will be vastly different to the other packs, so the intermittent connection connecting them could be disastrous. Then again, I don’t know if the S18 has a more developed logic for the battery pack handling, like the V11 has. But a broken BMS or a section of the main board could be a more probable cause for the issue.
  2. That SR244 Won’t even fit the V11, there’s no chance it would fit in the S18. SR244 is a huge tire for being a 2.75-14.
  3. A “20” tire” is one of the most misleading values in EUCs. Usually people say 20” tire when they talk about the Sherman. The Sherman tire is a motorcycle size 2.75-14. It has a direct cross-compatibility in bicycle standard… in size 18 x 3.0. Which already is the tire size of the S18. The imaginary specs reported by GW/BG and Veteran make all 18”, 19” and 20” tires the same size. My V11 is an 18” EUC. It came with the exact same tire that’s on the 19” MSP, and through the last winter I rode it with the 20” Sherman tire. Sure the knobbies make it maybe half an inch taller, but it’s st
  4. You know what else is wrong? - You calling anyone a DICK at this forum. Read the forum rules again. - You making a review at a vendor’s site who you didn’t but the wheel from. As you showed, this was very politely explained to you by Ewheels in an email, yet you cling onto your own rules for where you should leave a review. - You publishing a bad product review because you chose the wrong product, and/or because you struggled with learning to ride. I suggest you cool down a few degrees before posting anything here. Us moderators have already given you a warning for i
  5. Ouch. They sure do. You know what else they like? To ship shattered wheels, decline any warranty services and spare parts, take 6 months to process a refund, and quite ironically, they sometimes like to talk to the customer pretty much the exact same way you talk here. Are you aware that you just turned away from the shop that is the closest real life equivalent of “customer is always right”, and turned for the polar opposite? I’m pretty sure you didn’t, since I get a feeling that you didn’t read on Chickway experiences before making an order.
  6. Ainut mitä osaan sanoa tuontyylisistä kypäristä on, että valitse kevyin mitä löydät. Parinkin sadan gramman ero vastaa jo perus pyöräilykypärää, ja painavan kypärän kannattelu käy pidemmillä reissuilla aika raskaaksi.
  7. Probably 90% of current wheel’s are (matte) black. So if you want to stand out, go white. Scratches might show up easier on it, but only when looking at close range. Further away white is more forgiving. The Roll bodyguard is far from a “simple cloth“. It’s a relatively thick neoprene cover that besides adding grip, changes the overall feel of the wheel between your legs. It even acts a little as a bumper when the wheel tumbles.
  8. What the green LED means: As the charging current slowly drops during the CV phase of charging, it would never actually get to 0.000A. Therefore the charger has to let the user know when the charging is sufficiently done. But some chargers do this at 0.7A, some at 0.3A. Neither of them is anything to sneeze at when it is going to the cells that have a lower state of charge. That’s why we leave the charger connected still after it turns green. When monitoring the charging with a Charge Doctor, I used to go down to 0.01 - 0.02 A. And as I mentioned earlier, it worked very well for my
  9. Probably neither. Li-ion charging consists of two phases. At first the charger adjusts the voltage to keep a Constant charging Current (CC). Once the voltage reaches the preset maximum (84V), it keeps a Constant Voltage (CV) while the battery cells are still charged. Li-ion batteries are not fuel tanks, and the charging voltage doesn’t directly indicate the state of charge. The voltage stays at 84V for the whole CV phase, which lasts for a good while. This is when most of the cell balancing happens. It’s crucial to let the charging finish before unplugging the charger, that’s why the
  10. But you aren’t their customer when it comes to this specific 16S. Their website is a business suite of a shop. To me it’s obvious that it’s not intended to be an open forum for reviews from anybody. Nothing suggests that she wasn’t satisfied with the quality or performance of the product. She simply learned that riding is hard and requires more commitment than she had to spare. She’s probably smart enough to realize that the product was not at fault. A two star review does sound like a moderately bad experience. The 16S was my second EUC. I was stunned and mesmer
  11. Wouldn’t a 100 kg rider be a bigger problem for the suspension than increasing the unsuspected weight of the wheel from something like 15 kg to 20 kg? I hadn’t heard the rumors of a bigger tire. What are we talking about here, the V11 size? MSX size? Sherman size? Or even bigger?
  12. Battery cell balancing happens the most at the very end of the charging process, and the chargers turn green a bit too early. So it’s best to charge to full and let balance in one go. I always let it charge with green charger LEDs for several hours. But if you do it at every charge, 30min is probably enough. You will probably go through at least three EUCs to get to 40000km! And the difference in charging habits would only mean whether the capacity is 80% or 90% of the original. Both are something you would probably not even notice! Yes, it does exhaust the cells more tha
  13. Last I heard the Hextechs sold for around $250 without any brackets… Yes, they changed to the 2200W motor something like two years ago. They did make the white inner shell with the old 2000W motor for a short while, but I don’t know when the 2nd white inner shell came to be. Even the “quick” chargers for EUCs are still “slow” chargers for the individual cells. Charging the 18XL at 1.8A is no better for the batteries than charging at 5A. First, I must applaud for the homework you have done, and the amount of information you’ve been able to gather! You already know
  14. If you can get the Hextechs for $100, I would not consider them. I would immediately drop everything I was holding at the time, and fly screaming to violently grab them, no matter how many kids I would almost Alleycat over while doing so! But that’s just me…
  15. I try to avoid getting both motor covers off at the same time. But if it can’t be avoided, you can center the rim with regular game cards (from a deck of cards) evenly laid out around the wheel: - First try two cards on top of each other at noon, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Make sure the cards reach the other edge of the magnet, but not coming out from the other side. - Add a card per pile until they no longer fit. Remove cards to make the piles even height, if necessary. - Make sure the bearing is as deep in the motor cover as possible. Carefully hammer it in all the way if
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