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  1. If you send me a pair, I can do a detailed video review and comparison.
  2. Generally yes, but with a Gotway the system power is always on so the voltage difference of the connected components is a lot smaller if the charger is plugged in when connecting to the wheel. Smaller voltage difference = less sparks.
  3. The ”gate” doesn’t have to be ”open” for the measure to show up in your test. The two charge ports are just hard wired in parallel, so essentially you just measured the other charger before the protection diode. I think measuring the voltage/polarity directly from the original KS charger and comparing to the readings from the fast charger would be simpler, and would make you 100% certain before plugging in the fast charger. Those gloves look identical to the Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves, that have been available for years as both full and half finger variety, in four sizes. I’ve been using mine for a few years now. The full finger Hillbillies don’t work with a touch screen though, that’s a great improvement.
  4. I really can’t say either way. It is possible that we will find a connector that seems prone to failing in a certain way, in which case a fix might even be reasonably simple. Then again it is possible that I’ll never even get to have a look inside the Z10. So I really can’t tell you to wait for my findings either. Either way the shop you bought the wheel from should be let know about the issue. I’d give them a chance to fix the issue before losing money on selling your broken wheel.
  5. Any of those, or on the cables and connectors themselves. I haven’t been inside a Z10 (yet?), so unfortunately I can’t offer any specifics where to start from. My thoughts exactly. There is no route for the cells to get that badly unbalanced and then ”fixed” in such a short perioid of time, unless the wiring that is in place for balancing the cells has a short. Which again would mean that it’s not an issue with the battery cells themselves. The situation is very unfortunate. I will of course post here as soon as we have a look inside @Ziiten’s wheel, but we don’t yet have a date planned for the checkup.
  6. Have you tried the tire off-road yet? I’d ve interested to hear how it compares to factory-installed tires on other EUCs. The prominent grooves do look promising. That is interesting! Is this your first KingSong? Could it be that you have ridden through the ”learning” perioid with another wheel registered to your KS account?
  7. Great to hear that you finally got the wheel running again! I recently had to replace the hall sensors and all motor cabling, and despite having a dedicated workshop room at my home, opening up and working with the insides of the motor is a daunting task. Luckily the motor itself is such a simple construction that the cause of a failure is easy to find. Well done getting a mechanic to help!
  8. GX16-4 and GX16-5 might give more results on Ebay or Ali.
  9. Me too. But there are a few bridges with a weight limit of 5 tonnes I could no longer ride along... How you phrased that makes me think you might have understood it the wrong way around. When the Gotway cells are at 3.3V (0%), it’s a hard stop, you can’t ride an inch longer. A KingSong at the same 3.3V would say it still has about 25% of battery left, and would let you ride for a good dozen miles, or even two. Albeit a bit slower of course.
  10. Your tire offset is indeed very minor. Those are usually indistinguishable during riding. Re-centering the tire should definitely fix your’s. Larger offsets may sometimes be a bigger issue. Ah the times, C=64! Just to make sure, my suggestion wasn’t my first one, but the first I used for work...
  11. Ha! You’re younger than I thought... I would’ve suggested Win 95!
  12. Juurikin pyörän sisäisen kaapeloinnin kannalta. Se tuntuu olevan se pullonkaula. Latausliittimet on siis vain kytketty rinnakkain, joiden jälkeen niiden yhteenlaskettu latausvirta kulkee näiden pullonkaulapiuhojen kautta.
  13. I often have to do the ”invisible chair” braking due to uneven terrain, as I must still have good range of suspension in my knees. That forces my shins to be pretty much vertical in relation to ground, so any pedal tilting is demanding for my ankles. But it is true that my riding habits are based on 7000km on the medium mode. Still, I decided to leave the soft mode on for now. At least until I can conquer the steepest incline on my battery testing trip... The gravel had formed pretty harsh water channels, so it is definitely a demanding challenge with the medium mode as well.
  14. To be precise, 40km/h is the top speed at first. It used to be for 200km but I think they lowered the distance with the latest firmware updates.
  15. How much is the deviation? 1mm I would consider common, but noticeably larger than that would likely be an issue. Please take a video with your cell phone so we can judge better. Has it always been like that? Do you still have warranty? If the issue still bothers after centering the tire, weight balancing will likely help a bit. Won’t solve the issue, but in addition to centering the tire it may just make the ride tolerable.
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