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  1. The math isn’t quite that simple, 34% in Go Home Mode is much less than 34% in normal mode. But at 18%?! I think I got down to 10% before Go Home Mode. Were you riding fast or with a lot of accelerations? I agree, me too.
  2. Just don’t leave your wheel outside in the cold, as there are a few important rules how cold batteries must be handled and charged. During riding the battery keeps itself sufficiently warm, at least in UK. Worth remembering that when you see a dry road and want to blast it out like you do in the summer (oh right, V8... ), the battery still has much less capacity and more importantly, power. Overlean comes a good bit sooner.
  3. Ne on toki kaksi erillistä käyttökohdetta, ajaa pari kilsaa metrolle, tai jättää metro kokonaan ja ajaa ykspyörällä suoraa perille. En osannu 16S:llä ajellessa kuvitellakaan miten 18”:n hankkiminen muuttaisi mun pyöräilyn ja koko liikkumisen luonnetta. Mä en oo käyttäny pk-seudulla julkisia, enkä autoakaan juuri lainkaan sinä aikana kun mulla on ollu 18” ykspyörä. 14”:stä 18”:aan on toki huikea harppaus, jota harva tekee. 16”:sen kautta suurin osa meistä on kulkenu. Markkinat kylläkin on jo menny siihen että uusia 16”:sia julkaistaan vain harvoin, 18” on jo standardi.
  4. Isn’t the EX several inches taller than the Sherman? And I took the Sherman as having an uncommonly low center of gravity for its size. But this is just from looking at the photos, which may completely deceive.
  5. The S18 suspension mechanism comes misaligned and horribly badly put together from the factory, causing every part of the mechanism to be stuck and thus preventing the suspension from working. There’s a whole lot of discussion about this at the KS subforum if you want to learn more.
  6. The issue was never with getting support. And everyone agrees, they should block their sales channel. But instead of doing that, they tamper with our property. Don’t you see the difference? No they don’t. I’ve used only iPhones since the 3G, used and new, and Apple has never remotely locked my phone. The fuss is about the end customer protecting their own physical property. Maybe you haven’t read on the subject very much? The features of my KS wheel drastically changed 3 years after purchase when it suddenly turned into a paperweight. Only for four days, but still, someone taking control of my property or main means of transport for four days is not acceptable to me. By a long shot. Having KS stocks wouldn’t change anything. The discussion exists exactly to inform people so they can decide to do that. Of course they wouldn’t. Then we would have no choice. Now we do have. But the choice has to be informed, through these discussions.
  7. What a horribly bad luck you had! Even if aluminum welding would probably hold, I would get a new part ASAP. That part is responsible of aligning the vertical suspension rails, which need to be aligned very precisely or the suspension will stick. You might even downgrade the wheel to the (stock) S18 territory if the alignment is out of whack.
  8. I’m not sure if it makes much difference. Simplifying the acceleration event: 1) Rider leans forward. 2) Wheel tries to catch him. If the wheel A doesn’t have enough power to catch the lean as quickly as the wheel B, the rider would keep falling forward on the wheel A, and the pedals would feel soft. Based on @houseofjob‘s description, this is not at all what happened. He said the EX feels “sluggish”, not “underpowered”. With the huge amount of experience he has, I’m confident that he can easily tell the difference much better than most people can even understand the difference. Btw, the nerd heavy topic “What determines wheel zippyness” goes through the physics of this exact topic. Lift up any EUC with two hands, from the handle and the pedal, and tilt it violently forward. The tire spins to maximum speed in an instant. Waaay faster than any acceleration any human can perform on an EUC. This shows that the mass of the motor doesn’t make a noticeable difference when riding. Despite the EX motor having the most mass out where other 18” wheels only have spokes. Again, if it would matter, the wheel wouldn’t feel sluggish, it would feel underpowered. One thing that can make a noticeable difference though is the weight distribution. The EX is a very tall wheel, and my guess is it has a lot more weight high above the axle than below. What that mass does is pull the wheel backwards while accelerating, fighting against the rider’s forward lean. It’s like a small guy standing at the back of the pedals while you try to accelerate. No matter how many gigawatts of power the wheel has, if the rider’s acceleration input doesn’t reach the wheel unobstructed, the wheel will surely feel sluggish. The V11 is an interesting wheel to handle by lifting it up and moving it about on the table. It has practically all its mass at the very centre of the wheel. I don’t think it feels particularly sluggish while accelerating, compared to other 18x3” EUCs. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
  9. Tervetuloa foorumille @Turre! Porukkaa on näin vilposilla keleillä miiteissä toki vähemmän kuin juuri ennen kesälomia, mutta meitä on muutama sissi jotka tapaa käydä joka sunnuntai klo 13 Kansalaistorilla. Paitsi jos sataa. Tule tosiaan ihmeessä paikalle juttelemaan ja kokeilemaan muita pyöriä! Yksittäisten mallien koeajoja voi sopia yksäreilläkin, tai vaikka sopia täällä tapaamisen, miittiin tai erikseen. Tuota erikseen sopimista ehdotin siksi koska lähes kaikki meistä ajaa 18” pyörillä. Se on se mihin lähes kaikki paljon ajavat päätyy, mutta niitä 16”:sia saattaa sitten löytyä kotinurkista. Ylläoleva antaneekin osviittaa siitä että 16”:lla todellakin pyörittelee jalankulkijoiden seassa riittävän näppärästi, vaikka kaikkihan tottakai tuntuu aluksi isolta järkäleeltä 14”:seen tottuneelle. Mutta vakaus epätasaisuuksissa, sekä reilusti pienempi huoli töyssyissä ja kynnyksissä on mun mielestä ehdottomasti sen arvoisia. Mä olen 193cm pitkä, ajovarusteissa n. 105kg painoinen, ja ajan usein yli 50km lenkkejä, joten 14” on mun silmissä ja jaloissa pelkkä tasaisen maan temppupyörä. 16” x 2.125” (V8F, 16S, Tesla) on sitten pienempien ihmisten käyttöpyörä tai isompien hätävara. 16 x 2.5 (V10F) toimisi mullakin ihan ok jos en ajelisi niin paljoa maastossa ja pitkiä matkoja. Tän hetken 16 x 3.0 pyörät (Nikola, 16X) on sitten jo verrattavissa 18”:seen, ja ero on enää lähinnä makuasia. Itselleni valitsisin kyllä 18” pyörän joka ikiseen käyttötarkoitukseen, myös keskustan ruuhkiin.
  10. I keep wondering why you wanted to design this suspension system if yours. Do you think it would have some benefits over the current commercial designs? The problems I instantly see with the design: 1) The dihedral angle if they pedal is supported only at the front of the pedal. The pedal and the bracket would have to be extremely heavily built to be able to keep it’s shape and angle under the stress the EUC pedals face constantly. 2) The suspension travel is inversely progressive, which is opposite of what is generally being used. As your pedal goes down, it moves the shock less than when it starts from the top. This would make the shock feel overly hard at sharp bumps, yet it would give in too much in bigger bumps. 3) The uplifting force from the suspension is angled at roughly 45• to the pedals, waisting a lot of energy and placing a lot of additional requirements to the stability of the whole structure. When the system wears out (or already when the lubrication dries up), the pedals will no longer recover to the original position. 4) The rod has to be very heavily built to be able to transfer the force between the pedals and the shock without deforming. 5) The system seems to have a lot of exposed parts that are vulnerable at the slightest tumble.
  11. Well, the EX didn’t make it up the hill, the rider did. Acceleration tests on self balancing vehicles do not work like they do with cars. You can’t “floor it” and achieve the best acceleration the vehicle is capable of. Acceleration on an EUC depends on how far the rider is comfortable pushing the wheel. The limit of the wheel’s acceleration has been reached only once the rider overleans the wheel. Everything before that is just about how the wheel feels to the rider. You can’t compare accelerations based on that.
  12. Tinkercad.com is an easy approach to making 3D images, even for a newbie. You can even download the images in .STL format, ready to 3D print.
  13. The Scholl insoles did nothing for me, as I need much more arch from the insoles. But this is just it, it’s impossible to really recommend insoles or shoes for the huge variety of different kinds of feet we all have.
  14. Exactly. It wouldn’t be rational for unpaid moderators of various job descriptions and interests to even try keeping up with fine tuned and always awake Google bots. As a hobby I must add. It’s definitely what I signed or would sign up for. Moderators did not create or wish for the megathreads. I absolutely agree that a perfectly organized wiki-like structure would be much better for finding information. Or even just a bit more tightly focused thread topics and content, which is what the relatively large forum category upgrade earlier this year was designed to encourage. But this is not a wiki, this is an open discussion forum. If users see it best to post in a mega threads instead of starting a new well titled topic, that’s what they have the freedom to do. Starting new topics is definitely encouraged, but some users seem to feel a bit reluctant doing so. We already discussed the matter with the moderator team, and decided not to intervene, for now.
  15. EDIT: Dear reader, you may skip this post and jump to the next one. At least@Planemo knows what he’s talking about... (Although, the magic figure he talks about only applies to imperial values.) My English for math and physics is a bit spotty, but in my language torque is “the amount of rotational force”. I do have hard time following meep’s though of it being separate from “power”. What the motor does is to turn electrical power into rotational force, ie torque. If you tighten a bolt, the force you do it with is torque. If you’re tired or your tool is lousy, you apply less torque. Eat a banana and get a proper tool and you can provide more torque to the bolt. I often think of the torque of the EUC as the amount of power I’d be able to utilize with a bicycle. If I’m low on energy, I can’t pedal as fast, and only up a shallow hill without slowing down. If the EUC battery is low, that’s how I ride, I slow down in situations my bicycle would slow down as well.
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