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  1. mrelwood

    Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Huomenna taas Helsingin Kaivopuistonrantaan Kompassitorille tapaamaan muita ykspyörijöitä ja pyöristä kiinnostuneita, klo 13. Jos ja kun ajovarusteissa alkaa hikoiluttamaan, käydään vaikka ajelulla. Pyörien testivekslaus sallittua.
  2. First, it's ok not to have learned the basics on electricity. But as you haven't, you definitely should not do any modifications to any electric devices. There are so many ways you can hurt yourself or burn down your house. Or at least toast the device itself. Regarding the links: AC adaptor is not a charger. Would not charge. Might melt and/or burn though. What a surprising situation that you bought a vehicle, then a whole battery for a few hundred $, and now missing $40 for a charger. But as it is, the only thing you can do is wait until you have the $40 for an actual MiniPro charger.
  3. I think the problem is that the countries that have enough customers to support a proper dealer can be counted with one person's fingers. Still, buyers can be found in almost any country. I have no clue how the manufacturers are rationalizing this. The only way is to sell through chains that are able to sell the wheels on the side of other products, which means zero knowledge by the personnel, and maintenance wouldn't be made in-house anyway. When I bought my 16S last July, I eventually did find a company several hundred km away that would've sold it for 1750€ (no web shop, didn't ask for shipping costs). Instead, I bought it at Ali for 960€ total. 180% price and across the country is not a "supply chain".
  4. mrelwood

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    I think @Esper got the big picture right (and I agree with him 100%), he just simplified the mechanics of tilt-back a bit. I don’t think the details are that important here, but since they’re on the table... Yes... and keeps accelerating ie rising the tilt-back angle until the speed comes back down below 30km/h (or whatever the limit is). Usually the tilt-back starts before the limit, for example at 29km/h. Riding at 29.5km/h can be done with a steady tilt-back, which I understand @Andee is doing here. But riding at 30.5km/h will slowly rise the tilt-back to it’s maximum, which is far more than can be counter-adjusted with calibration. Therefore 30.5km/h with level pedals won’t happen no matter how you calibrate the wheel. Tilt-back specifics of course vary by manufacturer, but that is how IPS and KingSong tilt-backs behave. Props to you for looking for a solution to a problem. How about just not riding at tilt-back?! The safety is of course not hindered by going 29.5 instead of 29km/h. It is hindered by: Travelling in an unstable mode, where the pedal angle varies constantly. When braking from full speed, the device will force a strong opposing forward tilt. Feet slipping forward when trying to brake fast in an emergency or otherwise surprising situation. Feet slipping forward when riding over cracks on pavement, small rocks, gravel, anything other than a fresh pavement. Easy eject when riding into a pot hole, soft gravel/dirt/sand, or any other obstacle. Easier pedal scraping during cornering. To me it sounds like all this is ok to be sacrificed in order to go 29.5 instead of 29km/h. And that would be stupid.
  5. mrelwood

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    The issue here is that you sacrifice riding control and safety in all other riding speeds and situations in order to be able to ride the tiltback with more comfort. How much speed would you lose if you rode at just before the tiltback instead?
  6. mrelwood

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    ”I hate the beeps my microwave does when the food is ready, so I just leave it on.”
  7. mrelwood

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    It was made that way for a reason. ”I hate red lights so I wear green lenses while driving so I don’t see them.”
  8. mrelwood

    KIngsong ios app defect--Response from KS

    I guess they make their servers as safe as their wheels.
  9. mrelwood

    KIngsong ios app defect--Response from KS

    I only use the new white iOS app for trying to upgrade the firmware, and don't see any changes with this latest iOS app version from 3 days ago. I've been trying to upgrade several times daily with both iOS and Android. Can't find the latest Android version 1.48 though. The firmware servers might still be down.
  10. mrelwood

    Gotway ms3+ vs Kingsong KS-18L

    The Msuper has a noticeably smaller body, so it’s no wonder the same size tire looks beefier. Once we see a photo the both are in, the relative sizes will start to make sense. I think the 19” x 3” tire on the MsuperX could make the overall wheel size approximately the same as the 18L. The MsuperX with it’s hard pedal mode might be a beast like no other on rough trails. I wish I had the guts to get myself a Gotway, but after last year’s disasters? I don’t think so.
  11. mrelwood

    18l presale specs

    Oh $#1T. Thank god for guitars though! Next to them your lame-ass wheel collection is not even a wheel collection, just ”a wheels” (singular).
  12. mrelwood

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Happy to see progress! I know I requested for this, but I see two issues with the implementation: Everything other than 1 minute is now a paid feature. You can no longer change the view with one hand. I will gladly pay a few bucks for a feature I would use, but I don't think it's fair towards others to take a free feature away with an update. Which even happens automatically for many people. Possible solutions: Old view for free, new view for paid customers. Drag the title "1 minute" sideways with one finger to change the view. Or drag up/down anywhere on the graph.
  13. mrelwood

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    Can’t wait, thanks! I hope you test both hard and medium modes, as that might be the key to opposite opinions. The hard mode seems now to be harder and the medium mode softer. That would make the hard mode more difficult to accelerate fast, as it doesn’t let you lean. A softer medium mode would let the rider lean more before accelerating, making it easier to accelerate fast.
  14. mrelwood

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    If it would accelerate or brake slower, you would fall down. What do you mean exactly? Do you feel this on all riding modes? A few people on page 1 of this thread mentioned noticeably more torque especially riding upgill, and softer pedals. Completely opposite of what you describe.
  15. mrelwood

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    Yes you can. Here's how: