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  1. If you’re going further in the same amount of time (1 revolution), you’re going faster. That’s what a larger tire does.
  2. I have. The V11 shocks are pressed together and don’t open up without a Dremel multitool... So I drilled holes for screws attachment and then grinded the inside edge off from the bottom of the shock. I was able to get the shock working smoothly again (much smoother than original actually...), although the first one had to be counted as a sacrifice for the science gods. It started losing air a bit too fast. Anyway, I replaced all O-rings and lubed them with Slick Honey. Amazing stuff btw!
  3. Oh, there are plenty! Foot position, posture, cornering, mounting... Everything really. Having a seasoned rider teaching you is definitely helpful, but some bad habits may be passed along. I think the best would be to look for someone who sees a well known good instructional video as something worth following. EUCO’s “How to learn” video is still the best I’ve seen but I’m sure there are others as well.
  4. I’m pretty sure the efficacy doesn’t improve just by adding more speed. Higher operating voltage might do that, but easily the largest factor in efficacy at those speeds is the air resistance. Wheel’s specs can do very little to fight that one when there’s a human standing vertically on top of the wheel.
  5. Aliexpressistä ja Ebaysta ostaessa positiivisuusprosenttien edelle tapaan pistää negatiivisten palautteiden luonteen ja etenkin myyjän reagoinnit niihin. Jos viallisen tuote-erän saanut myyjä kommunikoi fiksusti palautteiden antajien kanssa, ei negatiivisten palautteiden määrä enää tunnu isolta riskiltä. Monet firmat taitaa luoda uusia tilejä säännöllisin väliajoin, ehkä juurikin nollatakseen negatiiviset palautteet. On helpompi saada hyvät prosentit jos kauppaa on tehty vasta kuukausi. Green Fashion on kyllä hankala tapaus noiden prosenttien valossa, se kun on ollut olemassa monta v
  6. The tire looks small. Instant turn-off for me personally, but I really like the idea of a non-Chinese wheel as well!
  7. Acceleration is all about the tire diameter. If you don’t think you’d become to like a slower acceleration, you might want to avoid 18” wheels altogether. Then again, you won’t know how you feel about the different riding style until you ride a new wheel for a few batteryfuls! Expecting a new wheel to be similar to your old one is doomed to disappoint. You’ll grow into any modern wheel really. No, it’s a very different ride. 16X has more of the immediate acceleration response you seem to like in the 16S. But for me, “fun” is a stable wheel, so the 16X is not for me. I’m no
  8. Deflating and recentering works well enough, no need to take the tire off completely. Note that it usually takes a few rounds to get the tire aligned straight, so don’t lose your hope if the first one doesn’t fix it!
  9. It really is great that you too have found this marvelous lifestyle! But for you to be truly worthy of your nickname, some additional perspective might be warranted. 50km is a single day’s ride for a more experienced rider. Any actual skills and deserved confidence takes 10 times as much. You are very much at the first steps for a long while still. Be sure to increase your speed with small steps only, as they all bring several new things to learn: How the wheel handles and turns at that speed, how it stops, how long it takes to stop, and how to control the wobbles during accelerating and
  10. This is the key. I know a few riders who stand dead still, straight legs, and hands in the pockets. For them it’s darn bear to just standing. I take a much more active attitude, and I constantly vary my level of crouch, posture, position, etc. There are bumps to dance around or into even on simple straight roads. As mentioned, a seriously gnarly off-road path will get you sweating like a pig in no time, summer or winter. Then there is indeed the increase in general activity and mental uplift that easily burn the most calories.
  11. This is common on EUCs, and you should find a lot of tips by searching for “reseating the tire”. Although, you didn’t mention how long you’ve been riding for, or whether the V11 is your first wheel. While a small unevenness at the tire is very common, one bad enough to actually cause wobbles is not. While reseating the tire is definitely something you should try, it is possible that it won’t get rid of the riding wobbles of the cause is the human element.
  12. For me riding to become “boring” would definitely require falling to a deep depression or other illness... But for you it might indeed boil down to not having a similar challenge or the general riding experience you used to. If you are a 16” (or so called 17”) rider, you simply need to have such a wheel. A new wheel would surely boost up the interest for a while anyway. Another thing could be accessories. I don’t remember what the tip I gave to you was, but for me, studded honeycomb pedals and (DIY) pads make the wheel feel much more like a natural extension to my body. Definitely s
  13. Volts are offered, amperes are taken. Meaning that the charger offers the voltage, and as the device completes the circuit, it takes as many amps as the electronic circuit demands. The charger will of course limit the amount of amps it has available, but it can’t push the device to take more amps than what it asks for. A bit of a longer explanation, hope it makes sense. In short, no, amps were not overcharged. As long as the charger voltage is ok, the battery can’t be overcharged in some other way. The battery was possibly just too empty, more than what it is usually ridden down to.
  14. All 18” wheels are a bit slow to accelerate and brake. Smaller wheels react to a smaller amount of input, which is what we call being more “zippy”. Ways to brake faster: - Make sure that your foot position is optimal. Whether you use symmetrical or offset foot positioning, if your ability to brake is noticeably worse than your ability to accelerate (no matter what the actual reason is), you are probably standing too far to the front. - Pads. They can help you in keeping stability under fast braking, allowing a larger lean. I have angled DIY foam blocks just behind my calves whe
  15. No, as long as they are 2RS shielded and not the original metal shielded Z type, it doesn’t seem to matter if the size is 6816 or 6916. Great that they got your voltage problem fixed!
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