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  1. Are you absolutely sure that the Mten charger has the same voltage (67.2V) and pinout? If the charger is of a correct type, what is the current voltage on your 14D?
  2. Mine’s been fine. The C-186 is a perfectly symmetrical tire left to right, so it doesn’t pull to a side. Is your tire perfectly symmetrical? Which tire is it?
  3. Yes it did. Inmotion refers to the large main board I received and replaced as the “driver board”. The smaller “motherboard” on top didn’t need to be replaced.
  4. While spoofing the GPS location might save your wheel from getting locked, it won’t enable speed settings, calibration or updating the FW on EUCW or DarknessBot. Those apps check for the letter ”P” in the actual serial number.
  5. Unless my mind was playing tricks with me, the other shock did leak a bit of air from the positive to the negative side when I was riding at -11•C. If you’ve been riding in colder weather than a few degrees below zero, I would check the pressures before the next ride. And make sure that you don’t use a lube for the sliders that goes stiff in the cold. By my testing a silicone lube does exactly that, while a PTFE one doesn’t. I think that a thin layer of wax should do ok in cold as well.
  6. If the range of reasonable tire pressures don’t satisfy you, you will just have to remedy the issues that come up with extremely low pressures. I heard that the Russian approach to winter riding is to actually glue the tire bead to the rim and run the tire in the 15-20 psi range. It will fit, but as possibly the most unstable 18x3” tire it will not be a good replacement for one of the most stable tire (Sherman off-road tire would be the most stable) of the same size... No tire will move around at 35psi, on any rim. The lack of bead support in the rim is a common issue in all 1
  7. I don’t think it’s a design defect s as much as a design decision. The tire and tube are designed to be held in place by pressure alone, and 20psi is a lot below the recommended minimum of any tire. Worth remembering that the atmospheric pressure (the one we breathe, and which pushes against our eyes) is 15psi. I don’t think 20psi is enough to hold the tires in place on an EUC. I would only go below 30psi with a light and calm rider, and wouldn’t go below 25psi under any circumstances.
  8. S18:n kanssa kannattaa odottaa että KS saa jousituksen liikkumaan. Niin mullistava ajettava kuin V11 onkin, senkin kanssa on syytä valita sellainen myyjäliike jonka kanssa takuu pelaa.
  9. Wow! You started with a reasonably straight tire that surely wouldn’t cause any issues, and ended up with a tire straight as a bullet, and the straightest tire I’ve seen on an EUC! At least you can be damn sure that the tire on your Shermy won’t be causing any wobbles! Time to focus on getting relaxed with faster speeds. Maybe check that you’re not standing too far back? It makes relaxing your legs difficult. Centering the balls of your feet and your heels on the pedals (forgetting that you have toes) should work as the optimal spot to stand on.
  10. Mahtavaa, huippu idea! Mukana ollaan. Pakkasella ajaminen. Kuten @Tasku yllä kertoikin, jos lähtee ja palaa lämpimään, akku pysyy plussan puolella. Mutta jos istahtaa tunniksi pitämään taukoa, range tippuu jo selvästi. Mun kesän 60km range tippui nollakeleillä 50km:iin, -10 asteessa 40km:iin. Mutta se pito todella on se avainasia. Nastarengas on ainut jolla pääsee kesänkaltaiseen rentouteen ajaessa. CST C-186 oli ilman nastojakin erinomainen lumella, mutta siitä ei pääse yli että mikään kumi ei pidä jäällä. Ei oikein edes auton kitkarenkaat.
  11. This is my second winter on the CST C-186, which looks and in my understanding also otherwise is identical to the Sherman knobby (Kenda Ksomething). The knobs on the C-186 are soft, providing a better grip in the winter as well. The knobs are tall and reasonably spaced, so it works really well in snow. A more spacious Motocross knobby would surely grip even better in deep snow, but all Motocross tires are made of a harder compound, so they will sacrifice comfort as well as grip on ice. I did insert studs in the C-186 after a while though, since I got to try a studded EUC on ice
  12. Thank you for the thorough answer. What I have issue with though is the use of the word “infiltrate”. I’m not sure if the tone of the word is different in spoken English, but translators describe a process that includes an intent and a goal. What you described in the quote above though happened purely by chance. (Unless California leaning left is the effect and not the cause of Silicon Valley.) To me that makes using the word “infiltrate” in this context sound quite far from neutral. Maybe even slightly trying to make it sound scandalous.
  13. I ask you as well, why do you think that is? How has it come to be, and what could realistically be done about it?
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