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  1. We all have so different feet (shape, tenderness, etc) that one’s solution will not necessarily work on others. There are several reasons that can cause foot pain while riding, and unsuitable shoes sure is one of them. But it isn’t the only one. For me the regular pedals are way too small. It’s not that I need the room to move around, but large parts of my shoe were hanging outside of the pedals. That hurts pretty quick. For shoes I go for Vans kind of height, flat outer sole, with super comfy, thick, shock absorbing and archy insoles. My feet are tender, but my current solutions take me past 50km without pain.
  2. mrelwood

    Wobble/mechanical imbalance in wheel when lifted

    Thanks! (My video). But the issues they help are a bit different. If the tire is not centered vertically, weight balancing only helps a bit and not at all speeds. I'd check the seating first, and if the wheel still wobbles when lifted, then add weights. Must say though, after doing both on a wobbly tire, the magical feeling of smooth gliding really does make it worth it all!
  3. There are downhill/MTB/BMX helmets with a chin guard, some even removable like on my summer helmet Cratoni C-Maniac (400g). Although the chin guard on the affordable Cratoni has already saved my face once, it only works as scratch protection, not for high velocity impact. Paragliding helmets are light in weight, comparable to heavier bicycle helmets. I’m waiting for my Icaro Skyrunner (700g) to arrive, as I needed more wind shield during the cold. (The visor is optional.) TSG Pass (900-1000g) is a common full-face here at the forum, though a bit pricey for me. I understand it’s made mainly for longboarding. (Not my photo.)
  4. mrelwood

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    My brother has a tendency to get tiny twigs and dried leaves inside the 16S tire cavity. The noise they make is surprisingly loud, and he gets so annoyed that everything else stops until the culprit is removed. My guess is there is nothing (else) wrong with your wheel. One method of removal is to wrap a disposable scarf or a long rag around the tire from axle to axle, keep it slightly tensioned against the tire, and start rolling the tire until it brings the rag through the cavity to the other side. Hopefully the debris will follow.
  5. mrelwood

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I learned it earlier too, for standard EUC tires wet mud has pretty much the friction of ice. No injuries for me, hopefully you too!
  6. To me that sounds like the wheel could’ve lost traction for a while. (Wouldn’t be the first with the hard rubber tire on the Z.) Tire starts to slip - wheel tilts forward - wheel puts out more power in hope to keep the wheel upright - tire gains traction - fast spinning tire shoots forward.
  7. A riding mistake doesn’t cause injury. I make mistakes every time I ride. A crash is what may cause injury, and not being prepared for one is a knowingly made decision, which is the mistake that may cause injury. Of course to ride smart is best in avoiding a crash. But we all seem to fall at some point anyway. Hence protective gear is strongly recommended throughout the forum (and in many if not all wheel manuals). What I find so weird is that yet so many ride without. Everybody understands what happens if you crash.
  8. mrelwood

    Suspension and Shock Absorbers. Current Options.

    The gel in the pedal hinge only really works with KingSong pedals. For the MSX I have a custom pedal top plate that is fixed only at the front, and rests on top of silicone blocks. Combined with thick spongy insoles (in the shoes) the ride is hugely more comfortable than without. Alienrides had a short video a while back where he just glued plates of sponge rubber on top of the pedals. Didn’t see a full review, but his initial thoughts were positive. I too am waiting to see what the markets bring up as the first solution. Meanwhile, I ride on silicone.
  9. I saw that too. Lame to blame the circumstances though. No, it wasn’t the tire pressure. The reason for the fall was that he wasn’t minding the circumstances, and accelerated too fast, considering the tire pressure amongst others. He made a mistake. Not the tire. I hope the OP will eventually find out the reason for his fall. I’m glad it didn’t take more to realize the importance of good protective gear.
  10. mrelwood

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    For most wheels the common GX16 -charging connector is what limits the usable charging current. If anyone is surpassing 5A charging, better check the specs on what the charge port can handle on the Z10.
  11. Generally I don’t ride when the ground is slippery. But I’m looking for a new tire for my MSX with better grip in wet and offroad conditions for all seasons. There are numerous options in moped/scooter tires, studded, snow, and regular, but they are generally a hair too wide to fit even the MSX, let alone 18L. Taobao seems to be the only option for me. Studded or even knobbed bicycle tires I found are on the other hand less than 2” wide, but I didn’t save any links.
  12. The way I would look at the added pedal cost is this: The small pedals might very well cause enough discomfort for you to have to buy new shoes for riding. And just like that the added price no longer feels so high. Especially since you were considering the MSX... Things I had to do to my MSX to make it comfortable enough: New sidepads with risers, pedal angle modification, pedal extensions, front light wider beam mod, properly attaching and soldering the large capacitors, mainboard fan noise insulation, drilled and installed a 35€ mud flap. The material costs alone come quite close to 80€. I’m absolutely positive that disregarding only the bigger tire, the 18XL (or LX?) is so much better in so many regards. Had it been available 4 months ago, I’d have 4000km on one already!
  13. mrelwood

    New Unicycle Brand? Lenovo Ivanti C1

    84W output power. That’s indeed a hair less we are used to by now.
  14. mrelwood


    My brother’s girlfriend was learning to ride by holding the hand of a riding partner. Unfortunately she was not able to ride without the support even after several weeks. Eventually we had to start from scratch with the basics of balancing and steering. ”Barefoot” might be a different technique, but atleast what my bro did didn’t work...
  15. mrelwood


    Oh my god, no group ride with us locals?! We could’ve kept up some small talk not to make it awkward... Nice vlog, thanks!