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  1. mrelwood

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    That is great news, thanks! I do have a question about the wattage and amperage. I've watched my wattage closely with KS-16S, and I only got past 1500W on very steep hills or under extreme acceleration. On Msuper X the power keeps jumping to past 2000W on DarknessBot even at stable speed of 20km/h on level ground. It seems like the amps and power display gets multiplied by 5 every second. The app shows me reaching 90A and 8000W repeatedly under normal riding conditions. Is this an issue of Gotway's abysmal power handling, or perhaps in communication with DarknessBot?
  2. mrelwood

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Msuper X: The tilt-back setting sometimes ends up at 6 or 9 km/h, no matter what I actually set it at in DarknessBot. If that happens, the only way to fix it is to set the tilt-back in Gotway app. This only happens sometimes, and I wasn’t yet able to figure out why. I hope some day DarknessBot will be able to switch the riding modes on the Msuper X. The less the original app is needed the better!
  3. mrelwood

    Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Kiitokset samoin! Eiköhän tässä muutama jamppa palaa lomilta ni meitähän on jo ihan lössi paikalla. Ja sit kierretään porukalla Helsingin rantaviivaa keräämässä lumoutuneita ja ihailevia katseita...
  4. mrelwood


    As @Marcglider wrote, large wheels require more lean to accelerate. But you are right in that riding modes, if made in a certain way, could help. The soft setting on Gotways is what I call a slow soft. The pedals will deviate from being level slowly, only after you have already started accelerating. It does help in a long acceleration/braking, but in order to make a wheel feel more responsive, it should let the pedals tilt a bit immediately when the rider starts to lean. Medium and soft mode on 16S do work that way. The only reason I'm using the medium and not hard mode on the X is that as I start to brake hard, the softness slowly catches up and eventually makes braking a bit more effective. It still requires a very strong lean, but it feels a bit safer to me.
  5. mrelwood


    Compared to the 16S the power feels immense. I’m unable to grasp where the limit might be, if there is one. But this is my first Gotway, might be mundane to experienced Gotwayers. Overall the X feels like a motorcycle, but I have to do a lot of work to accelerate and brake fast. And I’m 95kg + gear! Lightweight people might not get this moving or stopping...
  6. mrelwood

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    ”Goop” is a British brand that unlike Slime is latex-free so doesn’t dry up and need to be added every 6-12 months. It can be used in both tubed and tubeless tires. Sealed a problematic rim-side puncture for me, so I’ll keep using this. Available at Ebay.co.uk.
  7. mrelwood


    Aww man, that black Msuper needs to be calibrated properly! Look at that horrible pedal dip. And yes, for some unexplained reason I really was able to momentarily concentrate on the wheel as well. Jealosy perhaps? She is stunning!
  8. mrelwood

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    @iMaster, DarknessBot is unable to read the settings that the wheel is running under, it can only tell the wheel to switch to a certain setting. That’s why DB always shows mode 0 when launched, it doesn’t know. Although, it would be a lot clearer to the user if the mode list had a ”-” as the first option. Then DB would only show correct or ”-” (”don’t know” / ”unset”) values.
  9. Not any more than from the comment you based your reply on. But since you had misunderstood what happened and why, it is in the purpose of any forum to discuss and hopefully correct those misconceptions. As meepmeepmayer already replied, in order to move from accelerating to braking, the wheel has to get in front of the center of gravity. Only way to do it is to accelerate more. It can be done by the rider or by tilt-back. Same event, same end result, same power consumption. The test you mentioned would tell us that yes, to transition from steady speed to braking requires more power as the wheel has to accelerate in front of the center of gravity. The point that hasn’t been taken in account is that the same test done with a human rider and without tilt-back, transitioning from stable speed to braking would give the same result. Tilt-back can of course be implemented harshly or smoothly, just like the rider behavior.
  10. That’s what tilt-back does. And that’s what your toes do when you start to brake. Cut-out was at 65, speeding (tilt-back) happened at 50. It’s not ”close”, it’s a decent and safe amount of buffer. I have no idea why his wheel does that, as it sure sounds like tilt-back at 50km/h. But all other than GW wheels would do the exact same thing near the reported max riding speed.
  11. mrelwood

    Finnish riders - Suomalaiset ajajat

    Ehottomasti! Su Kompassitorilla klo 13 esittelyssä Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh!
  12. mrelwood

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    I can’t feel a separate 30km/h tilt-back on a 2nd batch 84V version. I have tried mine set at 39, 45 and 48. The tilt-back starts slowly 6km/h earlier. The first batch tilt-back was truly severe, 7 degrees already at 20km/h. I would think the 100V version has a different batch number timescale.
  13. mrelwood

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    That is great to hear! You know, by using rubber you have even implemented a small shock absorber. That might have helped further, as it could be the shocks and vibration that also got to your knees.