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  1. With his mouth open I suppose... The racket was indeed quite prominent as the thin crust of ice gave in for each knob on the tires. I had already forgotten how gliding on the MSX can be so silent! Darn winter.
  2. Thanks, I've heard about it. My helmet is not prepared for one, but that wouldn't be an issue for me. I still suspect that without proper airflow even the Pinlock wouldn't work, so I will keep the airflow as the first step of the possible solution.
  3. This was such a special experience, I still want to share it a few days later: LOCATION: Espoo, Finland DATE & TIME: Fri Feb 15. at 23:50 and Sun Feb 17. at 07:00 WEATHER: Clear, -3°C, slight breeze DISTANCE TRAVELED: 10km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Segway/NineBot MiniPro WHO WAS WITH ME: 1st: A big bright moon high up. 2nd: A beautiful rosy/golden sunrise. TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 150km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: New experience, and remnants from family skiing trips as a kid. WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Minor shoe incomfort. RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Grin may freeze on! Found an approx 4km long cross-country skiing track built around a local golf field. Melting snow had frozen again making it hard, but just brittle enough for the knobby tires to dig in and have a good grip. Easily the most fun I've had all winter!
  4. mrelwood

    Safe MsuperX charger voltage

    Sounds like you got a wrong model. Good decision not to use it! In my understanding a 84V charger shouldn’t put out more than perhaps 84.5V under any circumstances. The trimpots are usually for fine tuning the output voltage, but 96V sounds like it’s for a different cell count all together.
  5. I bought the cheaper Icaro Skyrunner helmet that superficially resembles TSG Pass. I only got to use it a few times in the fall, but as is, besides being uncomfortable it’s unusable because of fogging. Liquid treatments didn’t help much, as my whole mouth area was quickly sogging wet. Even without directly breathing to the visor, if the moist air doesn’t get to escape, I don’t think anything will stop the fogging. While there must be great differences in helmets regarding warmth, I wouldn’t dream of riding without a balaclava or other kind of hood in the winter. The Skyrunner of course prevents direct wind from hitting me, but the air that circulates is still cold as duck. And again, no air circulation = fog. I plan to try and modify the helmet for proper airflow to the visor before the snows melt. I hope I get the fogging down to a manageable levels.
  6. mrelwood

    KS-16 Broken Handle

    I thought he meant to open the wheel cover. Either way, there is no screw that controls the handle tightness. One thing came to mind though. Gluing a very thin sliver of plastic between the thicker and thinner handle extension tube could help if the thicker tube opening has been spread a bit by the crash.
  7. mrelwood

    KS-16 Broken Handle

    I suggest you watch a few teardowns from YouTube and follow one of them. Much faster and easier for you than trying to follow quick tips we’d try to give, and many of us are not even native English speakers. If the handle is loose sideways, the only way might be to squeeze or gently hammer the larger extending tubes to fit the smaller inner tubes more snugly. Be careful not to make it too tight.
  8. mrelwood

    Foot fatigue issues finally solved

    Simon’s video is age old, and his wheel has extremely short pedals. Not saying the regular ones today are long enough for large feet, but leveling the back of your shoe with the pedal will not push the ball of your foot past the front of the pedals anymore. The most comfortable position is to each his own, but it is indeed common for beginners to stand too far back. It will cause foot fatigue a lot faster.
  9. Last night the melting snow had frozen again, forming a solid surface that gives in just enough to let the off-road tire knobs to dig in. Moon was high up, round and bright. I found a cross-country skiing track, perhaps 4km long, made around the fields of a local golf court. As I wasn’t spoiling the track, I went for a ride, and rode through the whole track. And it was the funnest ride I’ve had this winter! A short clip:
  10. mrelwood

    KS App - Total wheel mileage

    Yes, I think every EUC app shows the total amount ridden with the wheel.
  11. mrelwood

    Suspension shoes

    Air Jordan 4 is just another regular height sneaker. Vans Hi-8 is a good example of the height I’m looking for, but even their cushiest ones don’t seem to have serious cushioning in the sole in order to retain the board feel for skaters.
  12. mrelwood

    Suspension shoes

    I often get excited when someone talks about extremely well cushioning shoes, but get dissappointed every time since the models are always limited to low profile ones. Show me a pair of extremely cushioned high top (over the ankle bone) shoes with a zipper and I’ll order them right away. I might even without the zipper.
  13. mrelwood

    Fat guy on a little EUC

    In theory @Blueblade has really done an admirable job in finding out and learning! Even a drop of that kind of an attitude would have saved many newbies from unnecessary faceplants. But: - The wheel behavior, safety limits and energency shutdowns are managed by software. The developer might have a different idea on what the suitable limits are, be it right or wrong. - The wattage displayed to the user (thru any app) is not nearly precise enough for any relevant readings. For example, mine shows past 8000W during a medium acceleration on flat ground. - Smoother’s first reply.
  14. mrelwood

    How to learn reverse riding

    Same here, although I don’t have a damage as an excuse. Left leg is supposed to be stronger with right-legged people, but I don’t know man. Mine is jello. Gave up.
  15. mrelwood

    KS 16S Pedal arm bolt snapped already!

    I think we all agree. The tone on the title was intended as a joke, since as you mentioned, 8000km is already a hefty distance for any wheel. And the $2 bolt is a fairly fair cost of maintenance. If I didn’t yet mention, we did redo the interrupted trip around the large park pretty soon with the new pedal arm bolts. And it was a blast!