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  1. I think the forum is exactly the place where good and bad experiences on any shop are to be shared at. Ewheels for example, I strongly believe that the forum has played a big part in it’s growth. And rightfully so. There have been a few customers that have had unreasonable expectations, and they share their unfairly pointed frustrations towards the seller or the manufacturer. But if the cause is unreasonable or unfair, it tends to be obvious from the first post. As always, it’s up to each reader how they interpret the situation. I have been personally involved with the case, as
  2. Nice of you to respond. The only way to ship the wheel back to you cost the customer 500€. Finnish consumer laws dictate that any shop selling to Finland must provide warranty services in a way that the consumer doesn’t have to pay anything at all. You failed to provide a returning service which for example Voltride does provide, for free. You declined to provide the required parts as a warranty, and demanded that the whole wheel must be shipped to you instead despite a clear video showing measurements on the output voltage of the failed battery pack. Based on your
  3. Oh right, I didn’t even consider the pure street MC tires! I have no experience about them, as they don’t fit my riding habits at all. Some MC tires may require drastically different pressures though, and had you been forced to stay with the Pilot, a lower pressure could’ve helped all aspects of the behavior by quite a lot. I’ve been running the K66 80/90-14 on my V11 for maybe 1000km by now, and while there is ever so slightly more Z10 to it’s tilting behavior, it’s not more than can be found on some regular 18x3” tires. So it’s not the width of the tire as much as the pro
  4. Talvella ajovauhdit on sen verran hitaampia etten ajoradalle mene kovin mielelläni. Mieluummin 5cm lunta pyörätiellä kuin petollinen musta jää ajoradalla. Mutta tää toki vaihtelee vuosittain, viime talvena tuli tammikuun puolessa välissä niin paksu lumivaippa että pyörä jäi lumeen pystyyn kun mä jatkoin jalan. Silloin täyty kyl pitää vähän taukoa ajamisessa…
  5. They’re not. Determining range depends hugely on the rider. The difference between a light rider riding slow and steady or a hefty dude slamming it can be more than 100%. That’s why announcing a riding range for any wheel is futile. There is very little difference in consumption between wheels themselves, so just compare the battery capacities with your personal Wh/mile consumption and you’ll get much closer to reality.
  6. If you like to ride at very low pressures, actually a stiff tire should work better for you. They don’t get all squirrelly and undefined at low pressures. And if you think that a stiff tire would be uncomfortable, it really isn’t. Quite the opposite actually, a stiff tire has much less rebound on bumps, so it’s usually more stable and a smoother ride than the thin factory install EUC tires you’re familiar with, which try to follow smaller road inconsistencies. With a stiff tire you have the shock absorbing of air and a rubber bumper combined. The ChaoYang H-666 was a nice step upwards fro
  7. Yes, the dealer and repair network could be much better. At least now you know what to expect and when to keep up for yourself if you are ever ballsy enough to seek warranty repairs from Eucsale. An obviously simple case of a malfunctioning part that you can replace yourself could work out just fine, but anything beyond that and the odds are not on your side. I really hope that you get a problem free wheel!
  8. Eucsalesta kirjoittelinkin tänne vähän aiemmin. Älä missään tapauksessa osta sieltä! Oneridesta ei kokemuksia. Moni paikallinen käyttää Voltridea, ja heillä on palvelu ollu esimerkillistä, eikä takuuhuoltoon lähettämisestäkään joudu maksamaan mitään. Mä oon ajellu ympäri vuoden jo kolme talvea. Kunnon rengas on ihan ykkösjuttu. Harvassa ykspyöräsessä on vakiona rengas jolla viittii edes kokeilla lumella ja jäällä ajamista. Mulla on talvirenkaassa nastat, koska ne on ainut tapa jolla pystyy pahimmilla talvikelilläkin ajelemaan rennosti. Ja tosiaan akun kapasiteetti ja teho romahtaa kylm
  9. If I were you, I’d be only looking for a replacement spring (of a correct size) and use the original shock. Although, I’d only do that after thoroughly testing the original and the ranges of the adjustments.
  10. Even the S18 users who have a sticking stock suspension will rave about how marvelous the suspension is, if all they have to compare it to are non-suspension wheels. I’ve seen this so many times. And it’s no wonder, it still is a bit better than no suspension at all. But if they then get to ride a stock V11, or if they get to compare the models before buying, the most common comment has been “OMG, the V11 is like riding on a pillow!” Once the S18 suspension is thoroughly overhauled, it does work better than the V11 suspension. The V11 doesn’t have a same kind of an upgrade path available
  11. Oh, I didn’t even get to the V11 positives yet! A new V11 oozes quality I haven’t seen or felt with any other wheel. Parts fit well together, and everything is firmly in place. Nothing rattles. The V11 suspension works pretty well right from the start. Once you get used to the higher riding height, everything else feels dangerously close to pedal clipping. The notification sounds can be fully customized or even turned off (the S18 beeps about 10 times every time you power it up and connect to a phone app, using the same beeper and volume that alerts you for reaching the max speed at
  12. Keen observations! 1) Suspension. Searching for “S18 suspension overhaul” at this forum should shed further light onto the matter. In short, while the design of the S18 suspension mechanism is great, the assembly is completely trashed. 2) Battery. Besides having by far the smallest battery capacity of any modern EUC, having only three parallel cell groups has a maximum current output that is simply too low for many of us. 3) Comfort. The integrated side pads try to force the rider’s posture into something that is unusual for most riders. 4) Quality. A prototype level qualit
  13. For reference, when the 100V MSX came about, EVX published a video where they were doing acceleration tests on a few different MSX models. The 1200Wh 100V MSX went down all the way from 100% to 0% during a single acceleration. All the EUCw does is to show the information that the wheel itself provides. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a big difference in how the wheels report the voltage. Some could be more real-time than others.
  14. EUCsale.com (EUC.sale) = NO warranty. A Finnish customer has recently paid 735€ in total for V10F warranty repairs and shipping both ways. I examined the wheel myself prior to that, and it was obvious that it was a clear warranty case. EUC.sale lied and bullied the customer to pay for parts and service they didn’t ask for, and threatened to damage the wheel if the customer didn’t pay. By which time the costs had suddenly gone up already. I strongly advise avoiding EUCsale.com like the plague.
  15. The reasons sharp metallic tire levers like that are not a good idea for an EUC, is that you’d really have to know what you’re doing in order not to: - slice and puncture the tube while taking the tire out, - scrape the rim, - pinch and puncture the tube while putting the tire back on. Each of the above are pretty common issues people are having when replacing the tubes on their EUCs. I only use short, stubby, plastic bicycle tire spoons with a steel core. Removing regular EUC tires of any size, or even stiff and tight motorcycle tires on 16” and 18” EUCs has never be
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