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  1. Do you mean the giant nut with the motor wire coming out of it, but the opposite side? Even with tire changes that nut never needs to be touched. That was loose?
  2. If a gotway representative reads this I'm an inmotion v8 rider (like many others) that for a long time has been eager to upgrade. Because I live in a densely populated city I hesitate to add 6kg to a new wheel like the Tesla. I have to nearly daily carry the wheel up long stairs at various places like malls/subway stations. If you could find a way to put the tesla on a diet. 60 cell battery and keep it at 16-17kg or so I'd be on that immediately. Also waterproofing and if possible a 2.5inch tire. It would be a V8 successor that the world could unite around I think. I'm sure you'd like a bite into the market that the V8 has had. Sure some of that is because of its low price but people like me who are prepared to pay more, have no options. Thank you for reading.
  3. alcatraz

    InMotion V8f

    I'd love to know if the mainboard has any upgrades? Also are the fuses on the bms and mainboard still the same? It'd be cool to see pictures of the mainboard/bms.
  4. How many years old and how many km has your V8 done? How many years old and how many km has your battery done? I'm asking to try and trace it to the battery or the machine. I'm running 1.09 firmware on mine under the whole 10.000km that I've done. It's only cutout once and at high speed.
  5. 4h and frustrated, jesus christ! 🤣 It takes years to get really skilled.
  6. If you have a history of riding bikes/mopeds/motorcycles and consider yourself to always staying calm in traffic, prioritizing safety first, and have health insurance, then I say go for it. It could be the best and/or the worst idea you've had.
  7. What about a smaller second mainboard that kicks in somehow if the first one fails? Maybe that way the machine can be brought to a stop without crashing.
  8. Take a sharp picture of the control board. Maybe we can help point out some components to check. Obviously there can be no promises but it doesn't hurt to have a look.
  9. Best is to wait for test results. Look for reviews. Cells can be specced for 15A but during testing they might run too hot or voltage drop too far. Inversely some cells rated at 7A could be fine at 10A. There are fine differences between cells that will affect the feel of a wheel.
  10. In China there are two cheap high capacity 21700 cells. The Lg m50 and tesla refurbished. Both rated 5000mAh. Tesla I suspect are Sanyo/Panasonic but I don't know.
  11. How long until we start racing euc's on gocart/minimoto tracks?
  12. Check fuses with a multimeter, and capacitors for puffing. Something must have blown. I had a high speed cutout recently too but the wheel just powered on normally. I think it's the sign of a protection circuit getting triggered to protect the wheel (but not the rider). In your case it sounds like there was no protection (better for the rider). It just rides until the wheels come off. Did you overlean the wheel? Didn't it tiltback like it was supposed to? Do you weigh a lot? Weight impacts the power output a lot. Reviewers often don't mention their weight and so someone thinking they are average weight get the wrong impression. Average weight in china compared to the us must be like two extremes. When chinese manufacturers set the available maximum speeds of wheels they hardly have heavy people in mind. The safety margin incorporated in the wheels can't possible take all rider weights in consideration. There must be some common sense when riding.
  13. If your roads are very smooth and clean then a tesla/16s will be nearly as comfortable. If you want more comfort the width of the v10 tire will come in handy. Imagine riding a road bicycle with thin tires on a gravel road. It doesn't inspire confidence and is super uncomfortable, and dangerous.
  14. Most of the charge is between 3.6-3.9v thereabouts. Before 3.9 you still got most of it, after 3.6 you're approaching empty quite fast. To the OP I just want to say, stay alert and keep your knees bent at all times. It's easy to get comfortable and lazy. In the beginning 1000km is enough to lose focus and seem invincible, as you get experienced maybe 5000km, but the decline doesn't seem to go away. Keep giving yourself reminders and if you ride at 50km/h without protection, that is going to really really hurt one day. Otherwise enjoy the wheel. Ride in daylight if you want to be able to enjoy the ride better.
  15. Actually it solved itself. Maybe the wheel is in an odd mode and just needs some time to get out of it.
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