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  1. Charge with a timer (fully charge once every month). Walk the hill or play a bit before riding down on a full charge.
  2. I think the tire manufacturers themselves don't care about what the actual size is, as long as it's in the ballpark. For the small clearance that we are talking about (counting single millimeters) the tire manufacturer gives no guarantee at all. It's up to you to measure and find something that fits. I wouldn't trust that a 2.25in is wider/better than all 2.125 tires or that any 2.4in will fit, or that all 2.5in are incompatible. You just have to find the right one. For road riding the CST C1488 16x2.5 is great. But if you don't have much patience to get it dialed in exactly cen
  3. I don't know. If a cell group ages in one pack but not the other, then a current will flow through the balance lead during riding and charging. Charging is unlikely to cause a problem. (fast charging = who knows) It's discharging I'm a bit worried about. As the packs age (unevenly) more and more currents will flow through the leads during riding. What if they exceed the max for that balance lead? I'd love for someone to say that those currents are miniscule and pose no risk, but I don't know that yet. I would like to know.
  4. Don't blow the fuse doing an emergency stop. I'm also interested in one of these smart bms retrofits. I don't want the output to be controlled by it. I just want it to take control of charging, balancing and monitoring. Throw in a few temperature sensors, a programmable crazy loud alarm, done. And it needs to be really compact so we can actually fit it inside most eucs. Programmable 90% charge limit. Deluxe version with heating element output for winter riding. Bluetooth. Decent balancing current. What a dream. It should probably be designed in two modules. This so that
  5. Age, temperature, high drain might degrade the cells, but the amount of cycles themselves probably don't degrade as much as most people think they do. I couldn't find the graph but it was a battery tested in a lab with capacity on one axis and amount of cycles on the other. It quickly dropped from 100% to 85% and then slowly from 85 to 78, and then it looked basically flat from there on. and they did nearly 3000 cycles I believe. Most of the change occurred within the first few hubdred cycles. Of course there is still degradation but it's very slow for that cell that was tested. I read th
  6. I mean comfort and ability to ride fast over uneven terrain.
  7. Actually 90% or 4.1v increases life by ~8 times. (If by life you accept the measure "amount of cycles until 80% of original capacity remains"). At 80% it's ~20 times. After the "life" is up you can still charge for tens of thousands of cycles. But by then you will have overwhelmed any balancing circuit as the cells are aging at different rates. The study was done on individual cells, and no packs or bms's connected. As soon as you make a pack you introduce complexity and the cell lifespan takes a huge hit.
  8. I think coming from a v8 you are going to give the suspension a lot more credit than it deserves. Many other wheels w/o suspension are going to perform on a whole other level.
  9. I'll wait for the V4 with the updated shell 3in tire and 100V battery @ 1800Wh. Until then I'll enjoy the lighter weight of the v1. The tesla wheel well is wide enough to support a 3in tire. The radius from the axle isn't large enough, so the shell needs a redesign. Adding 1kg+ for a hollow motor is something I'm not looking forward to one bit.
  10. Coming from a v8 everything will feel heavy. One thing I noticed though is that because the v8 has a small tire with higher pressure (relative to newer wheels), it's struggling a bit to go over bumps/edges/curbs. With a softer tire (wider, lower pressure) you'll notice the tire just swallows the edge or whatever it is like it's nothing. On my v8 I used to have to jump up small curbs. On the tesla with a 2.5in tire I just ride up without doing anything. Tire takes care of it.
  11. Steep climbing for a longer time is going to stress that nickel a bit more.
  12. I'm talking about riding and fast charging. Not balancing.
  13. What about the second pack on the opposite side? Are they both sharing the same one bms? Yes 10x0.2mm of nickel is crazy. Your concern is warranted. Check the shrinkwrap in that spot if it's been overheated. Sounds like you're riding this thing quite carefully if the power output is held down. Thank you for sharing your findings. That's very interesting.
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