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  1. If you buy second hand here are some pointers what to look for. 1. bent rim, tire spins unevenly, shows previous history 2. battery charges fully or not, a bad battery often doesn't show as 100% 3. motor pulls evenly (try going up a steep slope very slowly, if it's in good working condition there's no jerkyness) 4. noise, water intrusion, signs of rust Also, for safety reasons I don't suggest that you use a wheel at it's rated maximum. If you aim for 30km/h then get a wheel that can do 35, and so on. If you use it at it's max there's a good chance one day after many miles you'll push it a bit too hard and crash needlessly. Also low power means slower stopping ability. Riding in close proximity to other vehicles can be dangerous with a low power wheel because of this.
  2. Guesswork is fine by me. I'm curious about the visual (i know flawed) clearance difference going from original 16S tire to the one in the picture? Seems lifting the shell is necessary then. I'm curious to maximizing the tire without modifying the machine. (Although the idea of a 2.5in tesla is mesmerizing, I'd probably do eventually lift the shell to fit one.) I'm trying to quantify the difference between tires. Do you think the number 62-305 is a typo for this tire or was it indeed a bit narrower than a standard 2.5in tire that 90% of the time is stamped 64-305? When you lifted the 16S, did you ovalise the existing holes or drill new ones? How much is the offset?
  3. Hey mrelwood. Do you remember the reduction in clearance in the middle of the tire going from your old 57-305 (2.125) to this 62-305 (2.5) on the 16S? Are we talking around 5mm or 10mm? Do you remember if the old/original tire was a 54-305 or a 57-305? Both are called 2.125in. I'm going to try putting a narrower 2.5 or wider 2.125 on the tesla. Currently I have a 57-305 and it looks like I have nearly 10mm clearance which is pretty good. Edit: What's the model number of that 62-305 tire? It's usually 4 numbers preceeded by a "C-". Thanks!
  4. Hey fellow riders... Looking at the space around the current 57-305 (2.125in) tire it looks like a good 1 centimeter of space. It's been said that a 64-305 (2.5in) tire won't fit without modification. I found for sale both 60-305 and 62-305 tires. Which one should I try in order to maximize width? Does anyone have any experience? Thanks...
  5. You need a battery warmer, then it's ok.
  6. 60 pcs of Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA 3500mAh cells 65x18mm should fit that compartment in a 3x5x4 configuration. That should give you 788Wh. 12s5p. The BMS I don't know if you have space for.
  7. Got a good deal on a tesla v1 850wh. 300usd, so too good to pass up. I'm contemplating building a 40 or 60cell pack for it. 525Wh/788Wh and 17/18kg respectively. Sanyo 3500mAh cells can put out 15A for 10-20 min without overheating. This way it's possible to have capacity and high discharge rate at the same time. Sure 30A for a 40cell pack @17kg will mean 2400w continous for ~10min before it's getting dangerous. Anyway, that's for later. For now I'm going to use the 850Wh pack at 19kg and see how bulky the tesla is.
  8. Measure the voltage out from the charger. If you want to be sure your battery is ok open it up and measure the balance terminals.
  9. Hey fellow riders... What battery cells are commonly found in a Tesla v1 850Wh? I take it there are 80 cells in a 4p20s configuration which mean they aren't that high density. I calculate the cells to be around 2800mAh. I'm curious what they are so I can see what the max discharge rate for the pack is. Thank you
  10. Hey tesla owners How does the power button operate on a tesla v1? Short press for on/off? How soon after you stop riding can you turn it off? I'm probably getting a V1 soon and I need to find a way to put in a cutoff switch for carrying convenienc. It struck me that I could install a second power button under the handle, easy to access. Just wondering if it would be manageable, pressing twice. Once when lifting and once when setting it back down Thanks
  11. Interesting. Does the msx board support a cutoff switch?
  12. Hi fellas... A few months ago I saw a tesla for sale that had a cutoff switch like the v2 except it was a v1 tesla. Do you know anything about this mod? I'm looking to getting a v1 tesla and maybe modding the switch myself. Do you know if the v1 control board has a cutoff switch cable terminal that isn't being used? It'd be great if v1 and v2 boards can be compares and the cutoff switch cable located. Thank you for reading and commenting.
  13. I'm hesitating to get an MCM5 instead of my V8 because of ride quality, ability to grip the wheel and pedal height. What do you think of the pedal height with the tire mod. Is the turning circle small now? I hear it was a problem. What about going down curbs? Or up? Does the shell rub a lot still?
  14. I just saw a review on the Gotway MCM5 and it's quite good. Apparently it can be fitted with a 2.5in tire too. It "feels like a 16inch wheel". Zero controller defects, good shell and waterproofing. 37lbs (shy of 17kg) which is only 2.5kg lighter than a tesla but still it seems more robust and with 1500w should be quite a fast city wheel. I'm less excited to try riding it at 35km/h or even 40km/h which it's supposed to handle but maybe it's safe enough for my 65kg body weight? I'm excited to try a 2.5inch tire equipped 1500w mcm5.
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