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  1. Anyone that's buying an electric vehicle should expect to receive BMSs that handle the whole voltage of the pack. Anything else is just unnecessary risks. Also they should also expect to get cells that are closely matched for each pack. That does not mean the same brand and model. DIY is fine for someone that's knowledgeable. Not for the regular consumer.
  2. I think it helps to be lean and practice good balance by playing around on the euc at low speeds. It helps train your reaction times for when you need to jump off. If you want to confidently and effortlessly jump curbs maybe try to make yourself some of those "kuji" pads or whatever they are called. I haven't yet but I'm sure I will soon. They are a great safety feature I think because to stay on the machine you need to relax your legs, which you can do much better when you don't need to pinch the euc as much.
  3. Don't get me wrong. It's very innovative. It needs to fit euc usage though and that means lots of torque and load, unlike wheelchairs. I can also guarantee you that the outer rim is made out of steel which is heavy. I wonder if the future of extreme euc riding really means 50kg machines going offroad? Maybe... Lets see some carbon fiber eucs. That would be cool. With a limited pedal suspension of like 30-50mm. Euc specific shoes would be good too, with a side profile that fits into the side panel and locks you in.
  4. Reduced frontal area = reduced drag. Lower tire pressure = increased rolling resistance = increased drag.
  5. Bingo. It can't handle torque and there's no room for a motor. Suspension would have to be between the axle and the pedals. But then again, it would make seated riding dangerous. If you suspend the whole euc you'd need to raise it 10cm which would make most of them look grotesque, but I'm sure there's a smaller market for that too.
  6. Sounds like you are using gotway compatible parts, and that the small packs can shut down charging of the wholep system = good.
  7. Also if you haven't connected the extra pack's bms properly for EUC usage you could trip a protection circuit and faceplant.
  8. Since the original bms doesn't appear to have a charge terminal, but charges through the output leads. The only way for it to shut off charging at 4.2V is to communicate to the control board to shut down charging. If your serially added pack for any reason charges faster than the main pack (higher IR/lower capacity) then you will end up overcharging those cells. This is my theory...
  9. Depends what it's made of. Some stretch some don't. It takes a good while to replace a tube on the tesla. If you don't want to take it all apart again then get the right tube. I ended up using an older 2.125 tube. 200km later it's fine. That doesn't mean they are all ok. If it stretches without tearing, it's ok. So use your own good judgement.
  10. Doesn't matter what innertube you use as long as it holds air.
  11. There are different chemistry batteries. Each chemistry has different property.
  12. Thanks for sharing a source for the tire. I guess you only need to be careful about overpaying, and getting a bad inner tube. Remember, when mounting it's a tight fit. Use talcum powder to be able to position the tire perfectly in the middle. Then you can clear the shell when inflating. And see to the trueness of the rim etc. Expect to ride slow for 100km before using the tire like normal. It's best if roads are dry and solid.
  13. I think you can get the range back if you use a higher tire pressure. But I know noone in their right mind would sacrifice that nice comfy feel of a wider tire :D.
  14. In cycling clipping in is common practice. I'm not sure it does lead to more injury. Anyway you unclip by twisting your heel outward. In crashes you usually get unclipped automatically. Don't ask me how. Maybe that kind of system would work better? I'm not for the idea just wanted to help think about it.
  15. If we were still on 36V like electric bicycles 10 years ago, a 2000w EUC would weigh a ton. Low current means thinner cables. Inside a motor there are hundreds and hundreds of meters. I'm just wondering if those copper windings are affected like the other cables. Electric car batteries are hundreds of volts.
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