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  1. Says input current 0-15A and 85% efficiency. That means that if you try to upconvert 12V@15A to 100V you will get around 180w * 0.85 = 160w ~ 1.6A charge current. That will take forever to charge a Nikola. Maybe ~12h. I suggest to just use the original wall charger and a strong enough 12v ac converter. At least it'll charge faster. If you wan't high efficiency you'll have to get a dc-dc converter that can take 360V. Theoretically you could try to find a larger chain and take out 50V but you'd possibly damage your car. Check the electrical diagram of the car. Maybe the ignition circuit isn't 12V. Maybe you have higher voltage circuits you can tap into.
  2. Ask kingsong for help. If someone tries to connect to your wheel with bluetooth and the kingsong app maybe they can get the position, which later can be reported to the police.
  3. Doesn't it drive you crazy to hear the euc rocking back and forth with every acceleraton/deceleration of the car? It needs to lean far enough to stay put during transport.
  4. Is an euc like an automobile? I'm afraid I don't understand your point. If anything they are most similar to bicycles/mopeds. Pedestrian vs car, car wins. Car vs bus/truck, bus/truck wins. Bus/truck vs train, train wins. Planes crash, boats sink. There's always something out there to fear. Putting that aside, lets talk euc's instead.
  5. Young people sometimes ride to get a thrill, almost like a fad. These guys take greater chances. They'll crash and if it's bad enough maybe quit in a short time. If only we could reach out and expose the life changing opportunity here. It's not just a short thrill, it's a lifelong assistance. A revolution like the bicycle. Sure we're still in an early stage and we're mostly enthusiasts but soon enough we'll be all ages and be old and experienced riders. There'll be a short list of "suggestions for a long term happier and more harmonious riding".
  6. What stand? At the right angle an euc stays up. Just gotta practice the angle. It helps to have ankle pads that arent super slippery like bare plastic (but not necessary). The stickier the side, the less important the angle. I know this might sound hilarious to some but if practiced there isn't a place you can't park. Trains/subways/buses included.
  7. alcatraz

    v10F Range

    There is no such thing as a certain Wh/km value that other riders can expect to have. It's just a -personal- average. It depends on the riding style/terrain/tire pressure/wind resistance and if you like to take some hints from cycling: the clothes you wear/the tire kind/inner tube material and thickness. If you plan to climb then weight is going to impact the consumption a lot. If you ride flats, not so much as your frontal area (wind resistance) and speed.
  8. I used to get flats and I blamed the tire. After the fifth flat I got a new tire (identical) and when I compared new and old the difference was very small. Just a few tiny cracks in the old one. It then dawned on me that it's the inner tube that really wore out believe it or not. Maybe it had a manufacturing defect but the sidewalls in the tube started tearing along the tube. It took me a few patches before I realized it's tearing on that exact same line. Anyway, I decided to keep the old tire. When the new has done 15000km I'll put back the old tire. New tube at 5000km though. Inspect every puncture to see if it's a pinch flat, penetration flat or rim side flat. It will tell you what to replace. No need to go for a new tire by default.
  9. What charge percentage do you see in the inmotion app after a night on the charger? Check the max speed setting in the app too.
  10. alcatraz

    v10F Range

    The rolling resistance is linear with speed so no battery hog there. The wind resistance however is exponentially dependant with speed. I don't have the numbers but 40km/h could require drain the battery twice as fast as 25-30km/h and so on. Running a low tire prssure also reduces range.
  11. I'd just send an email/pm to gotwayand ask what settings/firmware you need to make the wheel a bit safer. It wouldn't feel good to know that if you make a mistake the safety features don't help. This way you don't have to test the tiltback at max speed.
  12. WARNING: Below is a controversial post from me. It's mostly my own thoughts about traffic safety. Get ready to disagree. Can the cyclists ride in the car lanes where you live? If not then the nanny state has kind of dug its own hole there. I hate to be blunt about it. In China where I live roads are quite wide, even "trails". It helps so that there is some dispersion between speeds. A faster vehicle has space to pass on the left. Pedestrians stay right. People see different kinds of vehicles daily so they learn (slowly but surely) to watch for unexpected things. You know those videos on youtube of a pedestrian crossing an insanely busy street in asia without incident by just walking out. It's the power of life long practice of expecting the unexpected. Everyone adjusts without any drama. Their brains are processing busy environments very relaxed. This is something not developed in super safe countries (like the one I grew up in). What's stupid here in China is the inexperience of car drivers and the ridiculous amount of cell phone use in the driving seat. It's too easy to get a license. People copy others without thinking. Sheep mentality. Yes if the roads are narrow you have to slow down. Cyclists are exposed too and don't want to be injured. If you isolate traffic sure you avoid some accidents but you take away a reason to be careful. Cars are not the only things out there harmful to people. Better teach the kids that on narrow roads you need to be extra careful. It's best if we accept that the future is going to contain new types of vehicles traveling at different speeds and try to accomodate without isolation (apart from sidewalks) by widening roads for example, mixing traffic with big warning signs where roads are already narrow, push for slow right, fast left. Don't assume a trail being safe for kids to run around unattended. Slow incremental exposure to more and more traffic is a valuable lesson in life. "Close calls" are educational. We should allow for some exposure to close calls, and be understanding to the other party. Laws are not going to keep interesting useful inventions from entering our environment. You can stop one temporarily but you can't stop a trend. If it wants to come it will come sooner or later.
  13. Here's what I've learned and why you can't just compare people's pressures or just jump on any euc and ride. A certain tire size has a finite amount of air volume. The same amount of air can't hold all ranges of load. So what can you do? Change pressure. You can't compare pressures of different size tires. They won't be the same. Ideally the tire should compress by a certain amount when it's loaded to achieve a balance between mobility/rolling resistance/suspension. This measure remains quite fixed between wheels. On road bikes they say 15% of dropped height when loaded means you have the right pressure. On euc's I don't know if 15% is right but it could be a good place to start. So lets say your friend weighs 20kg more than you. Then he'd need more pressure to achieve similar compression. The preferred rate of compression can differ between riders/terrain/road quality. I like pretty high pressure because I can feel it's more power efficient and I've learned how to cope with it. In fact I hate low pressure situations more than I hate high pressure situations. There are risks with both but at least high pressure can be dealt with by experience.
  14. The bms boards in the batteries are limited. If you think a new battery is expensive and wish to extend the life of the old battery you can open it and solder on some balance wires to the bms board. It's a fairly easy task. With the balance wires you can then -temporarily- solve the 88% charge issue with a cheap hobby charger for 10usd. As the battery degrades it will need balancing more and more often. In the beginning just a little. Maybe once every 3 months.
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