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  1. Charge level and voltage are not linear. The vast majority of the charge is between 3.5 and 4.0v (per cell). Below 3.5v you have few percent left, and above 4.0v very few percent. The percentage is probably estimated by the app.
  2. Sure you removed the right pack?
  3. Same thing with the Tesla. To fix a flat you have to fiddle with the control board. That's not good.
  4. On the other hand the dislocation may have saved my collar bone. Cancer or aids, hmm?
  5. It was a surprise cutout on a long smooth straight. That's when you normally have your legs straighter because you don't anticipate something to happen. No protective gear. Started falling forward. At the time I was resting more on the left leg so that shoulder was rotated forward a smidge. Rolled forward. Tucked in half way down. Upper back contacts. Left shoulder took the first hit with the entire body weight on it. The force came from the back. Stand up shocked, notice the shoulder feels weird. It's like my arm is in my chest. Luckily it pops back by itself and I walk back.
  6. I'm really surprised that there aren't more shoulder injuries among riders. I had one at only 20mph too. I don't believe that the gear can protect you against this kind of injury. Dislocated shoulder - 3 months healing time, life long pain and limited movement thereafter. Broken collar bone, out for a loooong time. The riders that consistently go over X km/h are really rolling the dice I think. At some point it's better to limit the speed than to put your trust in the protective gear.
  7. I don't know what city you live in but where I live I could definitely use a 3in tire. 100v helps to lighten the machine believe it or not. You don't need as heavy copper coils and wires to produce the same power. You are right however that most of the time the parts are similar and they opt for the higher output instead. The msx is now in a similar weight class as the tesla v3 and that has an even bigger tire than I proposed. Hmm... I like that the tesla is a bit more likely to fly under the radar with the cops sort of speak. My 18kg v1 with a 2.5in tire is still doing well at
  8. Will the v4 be 100v and have a 3in tire? Hmm... The tesla is in a different weight class now so I don't know if I'd call it a city wheel anymore.
  9. You are brave to ride there with a 2.125in tire.
  10. Locate the center of the high spot, deflate and adjust a smidge. Done.
  11. Eyeball the tire at the edge of the shell. Where that gap is small it's quite easy to spot bulges. No need to run the motor, just find a good place to look for centricity.
  12. Ensure that your packs are at the same charge level before connecting them together. Ideally measure the voltages. If you're moving both packs and there aren't more, then there's nothing to worry about.
  13. Sounds like trying to stay alive by buying health insurance. It not the best way to go about it if you're a daredevil. Learn good habits. That will keep you alive.
  14. My tesla v1 does the same. In fact I've never ever heard the fan when it's on constantly. (probably because it happens only when riding)
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