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  2. I have a 1st batch 18XL with the lasted firmware and the lift sensor is still an issue (I've recalibrated it at least 20 times using the KS app to no avail). In my case, it recognises being lifted only about 1 in 5, and on the other hand, often thinks it's being lifted when it's leaning against the wall (side pad touching the wall, not the handle), which causes it to beep, switch off the gyroscope for a split second, then straighten itself up again, moving slightly forward or backward. Sometimes it'll do it every couple of seconds until I get sick of it and switch off the wheel. It can get fairly annoying... But at least it isn't serious like the battery over-heating problems that have been reported. All the same, it's something that should have been addressed by now IMO, but probably hasn't because users have grown used to it and aren't making enough noise. @US69any idea if this is on the to-do list? Also worth noting, although firmware updates are easy and can be done by the user, they're not always fail proof and have caused problems for some users (in part because of the terrible app and not always easy to decipher instructions...)
  3. I've seen a couple mounting methods to attach a camera to people. I'm wondering if we can put all these ideas in one thread for myself and others to look at and try out. I know @stephen recently tried a hip mounted jig. The guy in San Fran that crashed his MSX had a cool setup. Does @Alien Rides have better pics of how that was mounted? If you could post how you mount it, links to the hardware, and whether you use a 360 cam vs a GoPro type camera I would appreciate it. Drones don't count I have a GoPro and would rather not have the camera stuck on the helmet.
  4. Hmmm, yeah that totally makes sense. Need to get that experience first Yup- I get where you're coming from, I think there are times when it's appropriate to ride, and times where it isn't. When we took the Onewheel to DC I spent a lot of time riding on shared use paths with LOTS of pedestrians. Most of the time they're spaced out and you can just cruise along at 5 or 10 mph while keeping a nice safe distance from everyone. However, the people bunch up sometimes, or a large group will take over the entire path. So, being able to roll up behind a group, go their speed and be able to say "on your left" in a nice conversational tone, while allowing them plenty of time to move around and adjust before gently rolling past them at a slow controlled pace makes for good experiences all around. Same for when groups pass going different directions. You may need to chill at a walking pace for 10-20 seconds while two groups pass by each other, and then once they've passed there is plenty of room to go past and float on
  5. I watched a TV show on Sunday where the presenter went to Gloucester's fishing port, sampled fresh tuna just off the boat and ended the episode with a wine and dine scene at a house on Mussel Point. I rode the Monster out on Mussel Point road on Monday, sent the Spark up and took some video. Here's a link to a 360 photosphere of Gloucester harbor https://kuula.co/post/7kxj8
  6. I have a Gotway ACM 820 (12 mofset version) with about 300 miles on it. It has some scratches, but still works fine. I'm out in Thousand Oaks if you are interested. Asking $700
  7. Where did you get the stand? Or did you print/machine it yourself?
  8. @eddiemoy the shakes is an Easter egg feature. You have an incoming call. Once you pass 40kmh it will shake since you can't hear ringtone for wind noise. 😉
  9. the side walls of the 3" tire don't flex much with me on it until i bring it down to 20psi. i want to let out even more air. lol i'll wait for mine to arrive before i play more with it. hope they fix the oscillation issue by then. not confident riding on it when every time i get to about 46km/h it starts to shake. when i hold that speed, it becomes more pronounced.
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  11. Emailing support, using the website contact, or Jason's personal email all go to the same place. So using all three does nothing but fill his inbox with more of the same message. Since everything has been silent since saturday, I'm guessing this has been resolved?
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ninebot-One-E-Electric-Unicycle/133078115857 Ships only within Europe
  13. Interested in a good Used 800wh model with low mileage, UK buyer!
  14. Great thanks, as I seemed to remember. This obviously helps to explain the desire for a much lower tire pressure than many people would think viable. Makes perfect sense.
  15. I would agree with this as well but I take it a step further, maybe to a point people might not agree with. If you are constrained to walking speed around pedestrians my opinion is that you shouldn't be riding at all, you should be walking as well since they have right of way, it's good practice, and in most places it's the law. What I do is hop off, flip one pedal up, and extend the trolley to roll it as I walk (when you get good and want to be stylish you can flip a pedal up riding one footed while coming to a stop, then pull the trolley out in less than a second). Once you are in the clear it takes only another 1-2 seconds to retract the trolley flip the pedal down and zoom off.
  16. What what wheel are you considering for yourself?
  17. You're very right regarding the above @Planemo I never did care of any mobilephone's battery, well I did! I remember YEARS ago with the first batteries, it was necessary to fully charge it for first few charges to remain batteriy's capacity - correct me if I'm wrong But present days... I'm changing mobile phones frequently, so I don't care too much if the battery is looked after or not ... Saying that, the Z10 must be in very good condition to me... I feel I rely on the well being battery This is why I started the topic some time ago, to ask our members how to look after the battery's health - the proper way (as I never did care) After reading those posts, keen advices - the battery health became principal
  18. Remind us Eddie, what's your riding weight, approximately? Just to add perspective for people reading your tire commentary.
  19. Very true, but I think there comes a point when 30mins is not the same as a day or longer. It just becomes either impractical or impossible to do a final top-up charge just before you use the wheel. You are right in that the Z battery self-discharges very highly, but it still takes time (about 3 months I think from 100% to shut down) and I certainly wouldn't want to leave one for 3 months after a full charge. A day is about my limit, I wouldn't want to leave it longer than that at full or very near maximum capacity as it will only damage the cells if done repeatedly so if I can avoid it I will. In any event I think we are being pretty pedantic about it...mobile phones/lap tops etc are all left plugged in overnight every day for years
  20. I wounder who just lost his MSX.... Joke a side nice to see another learning the freedom of EUCs. Give her a 👍👌 from me please 😀
  21. Esper

    My new Mten3!

    Wow! That's a lot more expensive than I initially thought it would be. How can the foam cost that much.
  22. Yes it is acturly fine. Right now I try not to have rain layer attached (inside). I open up zipper on the back and flip open chest vents and upper led vents too. Sometimes the lower forearm too. It is fine at 15+kmh, unless you have a damp day as a thunder storm in the air. So far I have not had any issue upto 23ish Celsius.
  23. I have no real problem with ballancing the wheel, but this mod does seem to protect the trolley handle .
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