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  1. Sorry for the late follow up, just wanted to let people know that the vendor was great. I got the wheel updated to 2.0 which required it be reserialized as for whatever reason the number was somehow corrupted. I calibrated the wheel and disabled the lift sensor. I have only been able to take it on a very short ride which given the frequency of the cut outs, seemed to indicate that the condition has been corrected. Hopefully this weekend or upcoming week I will be able to test it more.
  2. Thanks again everybody! I appreciate the feedback, it was very helpful and calmed my fears about having a bad wheel. I sent off a request to the vendor for support. Hopefully I'll have a progress report in a few days.
  3. Wow, I can only hope I am that capable in a years time. Very impressive sir.
  4. Okay thank you so much for the information everybody, I will contact the vendor and ask how to handle this. It's much appreciated, my imagination was making this issue out to be worse than it appears to be.
  5. Thank you, no photo editing. I noticed the lack of a number myself. I suppose I have to hope that the official app will have full access. I really don't want to have to resort to shipping the wheel for this condition to be corrected.
  6. I'm not sure where to find the serial number. I bought the wheel from a vendor here in the US. The last time I installed the official Kingsong app was on my old phone last year, it was an atrocious app, I hope it isn't required. I just looked for it now on Google Play and the app isn't even listed. I just looked at the wheel again, I think I see the number on the pedals. Yeah, it is a B.
  7. No. Are you seeing an issue in the screen shots?
  8. Thanks for the replies, I haven't used the EUC World app too many times so it took me a few minutes to figure out how to get it to connect again. In the wheel settings I am seeing the "Riding Mode" options greyed out. I also notice that the Bluetooth is seemingly very short range, it only holds connection within about four feet. This might be due to a heavy RF environment, I'm not sure. Not sure what to do next but I took some screen shots of EUC World app. https://ibb.co/gTyDBdY settings https://ibb.co/NxbHdpv https://ibb.co/QP6zmKq https://ibb.co/SXT9wwM
  9. Last spring I ordered the KS18XL, I tried a few times to ride it but wasn't very successful. So this year I got a Mten3 and have been learning on that. Last week I tried the 18XL again and it cut out twice while I was on it just staying in place. Meaning that it gave up control, it beeped twice and then power to the motor was lost. It did not turn off however. This immediately worried me not just because of the obvious mechanical failure but because I'm still a very shaky rider with very little confidence. I knew that if I kept trying the 18XL in this condition I risked totally destroying confidence. (Confidence is a topic on to itself but it matters a great deal in life for pretty much everything). So deciding not to try any further I put the wheel away and slept on it. I am pretty sure that the wheel was left at about a 80% charge state and from my reading on the topic I didn't want to go beyond that when batteries are effectively in storage. After a few days I decided to put the wheel on the slow charger in case it was a low charge issue. The batteries topped off in only a few hours (I wish I didn't do that but I needed to test the wheel in several ways). So tonight I tried the wheel again and again it exhibited the same behavior while just standing in place on it. Last year when I was trying to learn the wheel I took it to the park where I found an empty child's playground. There all I did was hold on to a pole and rock back and forth, that was the very first time the power lost motor control after about five minutes of rocking back and forth. I assumed at the time that I did something wrong so I decided to call it a day anyway and headed home. Now I am back to today and I have a $2300 dollar wheel that I now I am wondering if I have a serious issue with and if it needs to be sent back to the vendor for repair. Questions and suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I have thirty years of experience as a professional driver. You learn a few things over thirty years, one of them is that people forget what is behind them in small fractions of a second. I have had people in cars run their vehicle right in front of a very large truck countless times and immediately hit the brakes. If people are willing to do that with a truck, imagine what they will do when they are the multi-thousand pound vehicle and you are 200lbs or less.
  11. So today I received the same knee and shin guards mentioned in the video. I opted for the small/medium ones (I'm 5' 10" 180 lbs), I'm glad I did as they are the perfect size on me. I put them on, got them comfy and then decided to ride the Mten3 around my courtyard for a bit. The very first thing I noticed with the knee and shin guards is that for better or worse they gave me some extra confidence. IE I knew in the back of my mind that if I fell off that I would at least have a few less parts of my body to worry about. Unfortunately it started to drizzle almost immediately after going out and given the temperature I decided to not push my luck further in the era of a pandemic.. But I was happy for the brief outing and roll around.
  12. Regarding the Mten3, the Calibration window in Android indicates or suggests that a proper level be used when calibrating the wheel, is this correct? And if so, I assume that I use a pedal as the level platform, yes?
  13. Hmm, I'm not seeing it in the picture of them. This is what I associate with knuckle protection on motorcycle gloves. Example one. Example two. Thanks Meepmeep.
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