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  1. I have thirty years of experience as a professional driver. You learn a few things over thirty years, one of them is that people forget what is behind them in small fractions of a second. I have had people in cars run their vehicle right in front of a very large truck countless times and immediately hit the brakes. If people are willing to do that with a truck, imagine what they will do when they are the multi-thousand pound vehicle and you are 200lbs or less.
  2. So today I received the same knee and shin guards mentioned in the video. I opted for the small/medium ones (I'm 5' 10" 180 lbs), I'm glad I did as they are the perfect size on me. I put them on, got them comfy and then decided to ride the Mten3 around my courtyard for a bit. The very first thing I noticed with the knee and shin guards is that for better or worse they gave me some extra confidence. IE I knew in the back of my mind that if I fell off that I would at least have a few less parts of my body to worry about. Unfortunately it started to drizzle almost immediately after going out and given the temperature I decided to not push my luck further in the era of a pandemic.. But I was happy for the brief outing and roll around.
  3. Regarding the Mten3, the Calibration window in Android indicates or suggests that a proper level be used when calibrating the wheel, is this correct? And if so, I assume that I use a pedal as the level platform, yes?
  4. Hmm, I'm not seeing it in the picture of them. This is what I associate with knuckle protection on motorcycle gloves. Example one. Example two. Thanks Meepmeep.
  5. Oh, those are getting closer to what I'm looking for. Nice, thank you. I wonder if any manufacture incorporates knuckle protection. I found these but they're a bit pricey. If they incorporated knuckle protection I would probably jump on them.
  6. So I already have motorcycle gloves and I already have wrist guards but now I'm wondering if such a combination product exists and am snooping around on Amazon.
  7. It has been a number of years but now that you mention it I think I recall a similar sensation when I first started riding a motorcycle. I haven't experienced that yet on a EUC.
  8. lol, yeah I decided with the Mten that I simply wasn't going to bother with protecting it. When I got my 18XL I bought one of those covers from NZ. Anywhoo I just went down stairs and made it almost all the way around the block but the feet just aren't up to it yet. I also tried going over a cable ramp but I couldn't make that yet. I noticed that I kind of have to tilt pretty far forward make it pick up more speed, so I think I may have a calibration issue. And after riding on pavement I definitely think that I need to kick up the tire pressure, it feels rather squirrelly. It's no longer wet out but the wind is present so that made things a little more interesting. I can already sense that my 18XL will ultimately be a far more comfortable ride but I'm going to cut my teeth on the Mten.
  9. Both :p Yeah not hopping yet, I really want to go out and start going around the block.
  10. I got the Mten3 delivered with 20psi, I'm thinking to bring it to 25 just so I can start feeling out differences. Currently it feels like the wheel is compressing a bit under my weight but I can't really tell. Most of my riding has been on low pile carpet so I know that is having an influence. I want to go out more but the weather here is cool and wet and I have a pain in my knee that makes me think that cool and wet weather isn't going to make for pleasurable riding, tomorrow afternoon should be better though.
  11. With watching a video this morning I realized that I was making probably a very common mistake in my mounting technique and now I'm thinking that mistake handicapped me. Basically the idea goes that you want to get on the thing with forward motion, this probably seems like just common sense or intuitive to a lot of people but I suspect that there are many noobs like me who failed to realize this. So I think the next question becomes one of if you have enough strength in your feet and legs for this maneuver. This simple question probably sets the entire stage for a given person's learning development or course.
  12. Yeah I can appreciate not having access to a cab or a ride in the event of a break down so you will have to plan in a way that meets your needs. I wonder why someone would ride on a flat though, especially a EUC where you should be able to feel it immediately. I know from motorcycle riding that a low or flat tire condition jumps right out at you. I think a large part the reason why I personally don't like the idea of using Slime is that I live and work in NYC, worse comes to worse it is generally super easy for me to get on a train or a bus or even call a Uber. So for me Slime just becomes another complication.
  13. Seeing how fast the thing can take off I decided to invest in combination shin & knee guards.
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