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  1. This may or may not be true. In the news story posted by @Rehab1 they post a picture of a standup e-scooter with rider. So in their minds they are including a PEV which is dangerously close to the EUC realm.
  2. Somehow I don't think "doing a lot for the community" means showcasing threats to the public. Getting canceled is exactly what I would like to avoid which is why this thread exists.
  3. One of the issues with this conversation (and I'm not blaming anyone for this) is the terminology being used. Now-a-days "scooter" can mean anything between a child's kick scooter to a sitdown electric scooter which is basically a small motorcycle. I am beginning to not like the term "half-ebike" because I suspect it is going to open up vulnerabilities. It is not a bad term when a person is attempting to use it as a sales device but it can be wielded against you if a party that has an issue with EUC's wants to cast them in a more dangerous or threatening light. An electric scooter (motorc
  4. I think it is ultimately going depend on what is being classified as a "scooter" by the news reporters. If this was a standup e-scooter then yeah that is going to fall on our heads. If it was an electric motorcycle then we may dodge a bullet.
  5. This is actually a fair point. If this is identified as a small electric motorcycle that could potentially diffuse the situation. That said it is still dangerously close to a PEV.
  6. @LanghamP BTW, just so you know, the entertainment industry in NYC is MAJOR industry. This can not be overstated. They hold incredible power here.
  7. Unless those are all hit & runs, I think you're mixing apples and oranges there.
  8. Legislators don't typically work that way, they write laws to be encompassing. They don't like to revisit laws to fill obvious gaps. Now we just have to work at getting our voice into the mix. Not to be pessimistic but going up against the entertainment industry is all but a guaranteed loss. Legislators are cowards against them, they have been for a long time.
  9. It had to be done. Sharing the road requires mutual respect. I suppose I know this a bit more keenly because of my profession but honestly it should be obvious to anyone thinking clearly and responsibly.
  10. I understand that we can see the distinction but it is not a distinction that matters. What matters is that it was a PEV being used in what is arguably a rogue manner and this incident killed someone of a certain profession who legislators are going to respond to. Actors and the entertainment industry have the loudest voice on the planet. This is honestly a no brainer for where this is going. In fact I now believe that the condemnation of the Allycat race has not been strong enough.
  11. If you can't source it locally, Amazon has them. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=gx12-3&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  12. Wow, well we no longer have to worry about legislation coming. That story all but guarantees it. https://nypost.com/2021/06/14/actress-lisa-banes-dies-after-getting-struck-by-hit-and-run-scooter-driver/
  13. The adapter would be obvious if built as a short extension as seen in that Hulaj offering you posted. If you can get the parts you can have a friend or local electronics shop make it for you if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself. I'm unclear on why Inmotion wired the same plug differently between the models.
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