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Found 17 results

  1. This might be another leaperkim wheel ,,,,,16inch 3600wh😬? Think the might be trying for all of the market
  2. Rumors of a new Kingsong suspension wheel named S20 confirmed. Official reveal August 26, 2021. These are the leaked photos and specs. 20" tire. 126V. 3300W motor. 2220 Wh battery. 70km/hr. Dual 10amp charging. Integrated display, seat and kickstand. Spiked pedals comes standard. Adjustable power and jump pads. Wow! Tentative: $3200 USD. 66lbs/30kg. Expected delivery Dec 2021 - January 2022. Suspension System: DNM RCP-2S 240-75 spring suspension, 750lbs. Non-linear dampening, 130mm suspension travel (30mm more than S18), 75mm spring travel (57mm for S18), Mot
  3. Copy paste from @Marty Backe off of facebook. I'm just sharing the news since not all people use that.
  4. Officially unveiled just now, similar suspension design as S18, has a display. Video with Kujirolls riding it on Facebook and youtube: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GotWay/permalink/4428493350542286
  5. Moderator notice: Hello and welcome. This is the King Song S18 discussion topic (you can make further topics as you like). This has been split from the official info topic for the S18, so the info is easily available to everyone and not hidden in some monster thread like this one. The official information topic for the S18 can be found there: Discussion about the S18 can happen in this very topic (or you make a new one). Say what you want to say, no holds barred The official info topic is only for posting official info (indeed!) by the King Song representative or sellers.
  6. Rumors are starting to come at a fast rate for this new Gotway wheel. Until today I had not heard the wheel size. 24-inches! Otherwise, I think the consensus is that it'll have lots of batteries (>3000wh), a new class of motor (>4000watt), and be fast. There may even be pictures soon Maybe Gotway should call it Godzilla (hey, they asked our opinion about the Monster and took our suggested name). EDIT: And here it is ...
  7. Hi guys, i just saw a new EUC kickstarter project from the co-owner of Hextech. It appears to be a larger suspension wheel designed to compete with larger diameter road wheels like the Monster Pro. The current page is limited on confirmed specs but they do show off a working prototype sans shell with their own in-house designed hollow motor. The specs they mention they are targeting so far are: 175 - 225 km Range 70 - 85 kph Top speed 35 - 40 Degrees of incline/decline IPX5 or 6 certification Unfortunately i dont see any info about voltage, battery capac
  8. This was recently posted in the Gotway Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/352845635409860 Model name :Gotway EX Motor:3500W Battery :2700Wh Suspension Speed: 70 km/hr Tire size: 20 inch Here is the link to the video. https://www.facebook.com/groups/352845635409860/permalink/612687079425713/
  9. Seeing reports of the Gotway RS, an MSX form factor with the new hollow motor rated at 2600w. A since-deleted post with a spec sheet listed two editions, torgue and speed, with lift speed specs at 97 kph for the speed edition and 79 for the torque version. Can anyone confirm this as an actual release? I'm liking the specs but not liking the holdover MSX form factor, which has proven to be very fragile especially in crashes at any sort of speed. I also find it interesting that Gotway included "100V" in the model name (RS 19" 100V)...Does that mean there will be an 84V version of this
  10. Mod edit July 2021: With the V12 now released, a new V12 topic has been split off this one, so you can find reliable post-release information about the V12 there, and continue the discussion there or in your own V12 topics. - INMOTION V12 is coming soon? Rumor? No, it's not a rumor. Our engineers are still working hard on the development. We can definitely expect it before June. Comment below to share with us what will you expect for the V12.
  11. Inmotion V11 Inmotion introduced its first ever electric unicycle with Air spring suspension system. Release date: 2020-Apr-03 Shipments date: Approx. 2020-July Specifications Color Black (+Carbon print) Weight 59.5 lb 27 kg Range 75 mi 120 km Speed 32.5 mph 50 km/h Lifting angle 35 deg Maximum load 120 kg Charging time 10 hours (5 with two chargers) Motor Power 2000W (rat
  12. Kuji has posted on his instagram something about a new brand founded by ex-Gotway engineers, with a picture of his first model. It has a rough look, and 3200wh!! Does anyone know anything about this wheel?
  13. Has anyone heard of this variant? Is it a new official Gotway or an unofficial mod? Either way, the specs look good! https://eucservice.com/en/gotway-msuper-x/72-gotway-msuper-pro-1800wh-100v-21700-new-cells.html New Msuper Pro Specifications: 1-19inch skid resistance Tire 2-Double T6 head light , Intelligent brightness 3-5w strong heat sink fan 4-35w BT music 5-2500w motor 6-100v 1800wh 21700battery 7-Lift up switch
  14. 17 inches650 wh / 84 V / NCR18650 PF1300 wh / 84 V / NCR18650 PF1600 wh / 84 V / NCR18650 GA Fotos on spoiler.
  15. KingSong 16X (KS16X) Scroll down for Range Tests results. Specifications: (on mobile, view horizontally or in Desktop Mode). Battery 84V 1554wh (Smart BMS with balance, over-charge, over-current and short-circuit protection) Rated Power 2200w Max Power 4200w Top Speed 50km/h (Top speed unlocked after riding 200km) Travelling Range Around 100 – 120Km (See real range tests below) Diameter 440mm Climbing Angle Around 35 Degr
  16. Hi guys, I was aware (but couldn't talk about it) that Gotway intended to offer us a beast, a new version of the Gotway Monster !! It seems there will be two versions, the Monster 100V 1600Wh & 2400Wh, the prices should be about the same as for the 84V versions. The main differences with the older versions of the Monster include higher top speed (55kph) & higher torque (more climbing ability, less chances of a cut off..) I don't know why the range seems to have decreased, would a higher voltage mean a decrease in range despite the battery being the same capacity (1600Wh)
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