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  1. winter is just around the corner. so its time i put my wheels up for the winter time hibernation, and wait till next spring 2020. been a good year, (only a couple of falls, good falls - no broken anything...) and i got a faster wheel. had some very good interactions with most cyclists, and i only had 1 BAD experience with 1 taxi driver (and i did not have an action camera at that time...) very thankful that this vocation exists, and is supported by alot of users and retailers. i hope that for the next year 2020 riding season, we see more organized regulations on euc use, rather than more riding restrictions. as well, i hope that for next riding season, we see more new riders come online too. y'all have a great holiday season coming up !!!!! bpong
  2. the problem is that the city of toronto uses SALT on the city streets during the winter months. and salt is an enemy of aluminum and aluminum alloys... damn... i still have my glide 3 to ride but still, i only ride it when its dry and cold, so that the least amount of salt and salt-water gets into the wheel well. so when im not riding, im walking. the walking is fine, i need the xtra exercise (5 miles total, to and from work)... once early spring hits, and the spring rain washes the salt away, it will be riding season once again.... YEE HAA !!!! have a great holiday season coming up too !!!! bp
  3. y'all; just looking for confirmation that this is the proper storage method to follow: - i have discharged my tesla V2 down to 50% (as i have gathered from prev postings on this site) - this will allow my wheel to be stored without affecting the battery's charging capacity. the storage space is 'heated' but the temperature range is basically from 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit) to 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit). the storage period is from end of november to early april. the euc is brand new, only ridden a few hundred feet to test unit - its all okay. i will drop by once a month to check the voltage and charge it up abit if needed - but not above 50%. so, will this be the best procedure to follow for winter storage of the unit ? thanx in advance, bpong
  4. y'all; is there anyone out there in euc land that is familiar with the charging port of the gotway tesla, orig or V2 ? i would like to reuse my ewheels 84V charger (used on my glide3) for charging my tesla V2. the glide3 uses a 12mm gxplug, the tesla, a 16mm gxplug. that is not the prob. the problem is that i dont know which pins the ground and power wire use in the charging port of the tesla. if anyone is familiar with the wiring and connections of the charging port for the tesla, please provide the pin-in information along with polarity. thanx ! bpong
  5. just shrug it off and carry on. in my own experience with cyclists in toronto, i found 99.9% are just regular folks. there are only a few of them (mostly retired, decked out in their own racing world garb, and carrying on as if they own the cycle path) that are ignorant. looks like you came across one who is not afraid to get interactive. thats fine. next person he attacks, he will probably be surprised (and if its america...) to find that not every one will back down. what i find is that given that quite a few states in america allow conceal or no conceal carry of firearms, why the hell would you want to do that to a complete (and possibly armed) stranger ? get an action camera (a quality action camera) and body or helmet mount it and use it religiously. the best evidence is quality video, which you will have. and after the court proceedings, i hope they have either the money or the time or both, to think about what they done, once they have been charged with assault.
  6. thanx to all who posted. i went with the tesla V2. its one of the lightest of the performance wheels, and it has the features that im used to in the glide 3. happy riding for the approaching summer season 2020 to all !!! bp
  7. bpong

    Age poll

    theres quite abit of truth in your posting !!!
  8. y'all; are these two links referring to the same model, but different cosmetics ??? https://www.smartwheel.ca/Gotway-XXX-16”-1020Wh-1900W-Electric-Unicycle_p_1863.html https://www.vaneuc.com/webstore/en/home/58-gotway-tesla-1020-v2.html and to top it off, one price is 350$ more than the other. i guess times are tough these days... i would think the 'XXX' is a tesla with slightly different body panels... thanx in advance, bpong
  9. y'all; been riding a glide3 for the past 2 seasons. i love this machine and its been 100% reliable. judging by quite a few remarks about the v8/glide3, i will be keeping it. the only thing i would like to do is get another euc that is abit faster, and has abit more range. this machine will be used for riding provincial park roads and trails, and for longer commutes and city explorations. i did have my eye on the kingsong 16 inch wheels, but then the tesla V2 caught my eye as well. what attracted me to the tesla V2 is that the integrated carry handle with the trolley being a separate unit in the body. just like my v8/glide3. i cannot see how 50+ lbs weight can be supported by only a trolley handle as in the kingsong wheels (lifting up that is, not pulling around) my question about the tesla V2 is about the quality and reliability of the current crop of GotWay eucs. i keep seeing the odd negative remark about GotWay products from a few years ago. i wonder if that has changed over the past few years. for owners of the tesla V2 and any other newer GotWay euc models, what is your opinion of their current reliability and current build quality compared to a few years ago ??? thanx in advance, bpong
  10. here is my solution to using an action cam while riding my euc. since i wear my backpack all the time while euc riding, i chose to get a strap mount for my action cam. btw, the action cam i chose is the dji osmo action cam. my reason for choosing this cam is that it is cheaper than the high end gopro, and it comes with 2 mounts, 1 flat and 1 helmet mount. back to the strap mount. i saw quite a few strap mounts on amazon but the reviews were always lukewarm cause there were a few instances were the mount accidentally released the attached camera (DSLR though). i checked more on the web and found a very sturdy model made by peak design. it was originally designed for DSLR use, but they have a kit for action cams. here are their links for those respective products: https://www.peakdesign.com/products/capture/ https://www.peakdesign.com/collections/clips/products/pov-kit the clip is metal, and well designed with a sturdy and secure release mechanism. i know, its an expensive product. but im using a fairly expensive action cam. the good thing is that the POV kit also contains a mount for those common point&shoot cameras that have a tripod mount socket at the bottom. so you can use a small point and shoot camera in video mode, if one does not have an action cam. my experience with the above setup so far has been spot on... no accidental releases of my action cam, and the strap clip is mounted solidly on my backpack strap. please add more action cam and mounting solutions to this thread, thank you all !!! fyi, bpong
  11. i was walking with my glide3 in kensington market in toronto, sept 21, 2019, on my way to check out a latin grocery store. it was very crowded so i chose not to ride so i would avoid an un-necessary collision with pedestrians. i was stopped by an older man who basically asked me about my glide 3. he also indicated to me that he rides the V10 euc. we had a short discussion during which he also said he is 82 years old and still riding.... !!! IMO, thats pretty damn old to still be able to ride one of these contraptions !!! i urged him to join electric unicycle forum, and post his thoughts about riding at his current age. it would be an interesting discussion and im sure it would be more about managing our health and our joint pains so that we can still ride an euc. kudos to that 82 year old rider !!!! bp
  12. wheelr; i was stupid in the following respects: - no action camera (i have one now, osmo action cam, and use it on my helmet) - i reacted too emotionally and did not take down any information such as taxi number, license plate, UGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, next time and there will be a next time im sure, i will have video footage, and i will try my best to get the important information. after that is done though, then perhaps i will have some time to throw in a few profanities.....perhaps.... y'all have a great riding season too !!!! ours is winding down since fall is fast approaching.... cheers
  13. eldermeat: yes, while i was waiting for the pedestrians to finish crossing, the van driver impatiently beeped me. i TOLD HIM TO F-OFF. so you are correct, i am not blameless in that respect. however, it was the cyclist behind me who also yelled at the van driver, after the driver made the steering correction INTO OUR LANE. me, blameless ?!?!?! no, not at all. but for the van driver to steer into our lane ? that is a threatening gesture and can be brought up in our courts to charge the driver with wreckless driving. so, profanities aside, it is on the driver, not me or the cyclist... sigh .......
  14. unbelievable. the taxi company i shall not name, but their cars (and in this case, minivan) are orange and green. its tuesday, late afternoon, around between 6 to 6:30ish pm, corner of shuter and yonge st, the south east corner. its my green, but im waiting for the pedestrian traffic to clear before making my right turn. dick head orange and green taxi driver beeps me, and i look back at him and basically tell him to bugger off. the way clears, and i make my right turn and begin gliding in the bicycle lane, going east. dick head orange and green taxi driver follows me, and i look at him and he looks at me. i tell him go away, and he quickly turns his vehicle into the bicycle lane once, and steers back into the street. UNBELIEVABLE... we exchange some more words, and its basically an exercise in profanity. the irony is, is that im approaching st. mikes hospital, shuter entrance, and theres a police car in the emergency lane. dick head orange and green taxi driver decides to back off and continues on his way, to pick up a customer. to the green and orange taxi company, and any other taxi company in toronto for that matter, i will be wearing a go-pro on my helmet from now on. your drivers little stunt in his 4000+ lb vehicle will not go un-noticed next time, and it will be posted on social media. the taxi industry is already f'd up cause of ride sharing, and incidences like the one i experienced today will not make it any better, only worse. my little respect for the taxi drivers in toronto just went negative, and really, how stupid can you be, threatening me with your heavy and dangerous vehicle, and me, riding a 30lb electric unicycle.
  15. Use a bauer 3800 hockey helmet with a wire cage visor. Never fogs up, and it is easily removed with a nickel. Good coverage over the ears and very light. Adjustable front and back to tailor fit to head.
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