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  1. after reading all the replies and comments so far, i totally agree with ShanesPlanet: be content with what you have and get a faster wheel. as for the other comments, one aspect i didnt consider at all are the actions of the rider and consequent out of control riderless wheel careening across the street... good call Unventor... thanx to all the comments so far, its eye opening to think of all the possibilities but at the same time, morbid too (shaking head, eyes rolling)... carry on !!!
  2. Y’all: yeah, I see the eyes rolling as they read the subject line. but it is undoubtably one of the most frequently visited thought or ambition that I have on my mind after only riding for a few seasons. my average riding speed now ranges from 35 to 48 kph and i find myself still wanting to go faster. but my other thoughts say that this speed is about the fastest that I want to experience a crash at and have a chance to survive it. its not a question of what I can afford (got my eye on the hispeed RS), it’s about where does it stop, the need to go faster ? I simply find
  3. R u kidding me ? R u courteous to others using the route, or (like some old cyclists) do you act like you are the only person that deserves to use the route ?
  4. y'all; has anyone ever considered how to treat other users of the road, street, or bike lanes ? for instance, when using a bike lane, and you are approaching a slower euc rider or slow cyclist. do you simply whip by them in the widest available space next to them or do you slow down, make your presence known, and let them know which side you are passing them ('left', or 'right', shouted out in a moderate volume) ? it may sound like a question that is not relevant YET, but as more and more electric powered devices and such use the streets and bike lanes, every one of those
  5. curt8892; im in the downtown toronto area. currently riding a teslaV2, my first wheel (which i still have) is a solowheel glide 3. i taught myself how to ride 2018, learning on a soccer field in scarborough. i learned how to ride on grass which really helped in the following: - the few falls i had where on grass which softened the landing - its abit harder to ride on grass but the experience reinforces balance, and leg flex and strength. - once i started to ride on pavement, the transition from grass to pavement was quite quick since i already had riding experi
  6. Shoes,.... i mainly use the cheapest vans off the wall runners. IMO, nothing i have tried matches their rubber sole. Nikes are much more comfortable and more cushioned, but nike doesnt have the classic vans rubber sole. For winter riding i use columbia boots. Keeps me feet warm.
  7. i like your adaptive approach. nice to be young, im jealous already !!!! have a great and safe riding season 2021 as well !!! oh yes, i do go camping, and with the same gear too !!! (plus the added tent and wife) bp
  8. not trying to impress anyone. again, its always "you get what you pay for", especially in the lighting and safety gear. if you want the best night time lighting, outfit yourself with the best lights you can afford. if you want comfort (im now 63 years old), add a chair. at my age, i deserve to sit down once in a while. it all packs nicely, and not too weird looking at that. mind you, the flashing knog lights do make one look abit like a jet plane at night, but better to be seen than not seen. thanx for the feed back and have a great and safe riding season for 2021 too !!!
  9. y'all; If there is already a thread for this, please feel to move this topic to that respective thread. to start things off, i will list my stuff that i currently wear and carry with me on most rides. it amounts to about 10-12 lbs and its not that heavy at all. - i use a hockey helmet. i see the frowns already. yes, its not as 'safe' as a dedicated bicycle helmet (motocross style) or as safe as a motorcycle helmet (such as a nice shoei) but my choice for the hockey helmet was keeping my ability to hear all around me during my ride. the helmet is good enough for my use, and
  10. aside from the LEMFO LEMT which has been used by at least 1 user on this forum, i see there are much cheaper alternatives such as the maxwest nitro 4 cell phone at 75$ CAD. its specs are the following: - Android OS v5.1 (Lollipop) - Bluetooth, version v3.0 it is also wifi capable and has a 4 inch screen. pretty much abit bigger than the LEMFO, but way less expensive... can the author of Euc World confirm if this cell phone will be useable with euc world and a wheel, using bluetooth version v3.0 ? thank you. bpong
  11. can anyone answer this following question: does euc world work with this device ? https://www.chinesesmartwatches.com/lemfo-lem-t-4g-smartwatch/ i would prefer a reply from seba since he is most familiar with euc world. thank you for your help. bpong
  12. winter is just around the corner. so its time i put my wheels up for the winter time hibernation, and wait till next spring 2020. been a good year, (only a couple of falls, good falls - no broken anything...) and i got a faster wheel. had some very good interactions with most cyclists, and i only had 1 BAD experience with 1 taxi driver (and i did not have an action camera at that time...) very thankful that this vocation exists, and is supported by alot of users and retailers. i hope that for the next year 2020 riding season, we see more organized regulations on euc us
  13. the problem is that the city of toronto uses SALT on the city streets during the winter months. and salt is an enemy of aluminum and aluminum alloys... damn... i still have my glide 3 to ride but still, i only ride it when its dry and cold, so that the least amount of salt and salt-water gets into the wheel well. so when im not riding, im walking. the walking is fine, i need the xtra exercise (5 miles total, to and from work)... once early spring hits, and the spring rain washes the salt away, it will be riding season once again.... YEE HAA !!!! have a great holiday sea
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