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  1. Paradox


    The V12 is up for pre-order on their website. https://alienrides.com/collections/electric-unicycles/products/inmotion-v12-electric-unicycle-wheel
  2. @Marty Backe Waiting on the test results! I know it wasn't overheat hill but an incline none the less. Did it pass the test!
  3. Should I be concerned about that little cylinder sitting on top of the spring? It seems exposed to damage if the wheel should fall backwards.
  4. Jack mentions that this is not a hollow bore motor. So some differences.
  5. Yes check out the EUCO preorder page. https://www.euco.us/products/begode-commander-electric-unicycle
  6. Euco shows the EX.N is in stock. https://www.euco.us/pages/preorders
  7. This is what I recieved from Ewheels. eWheel Sales <sales@ewheels.com> Mon, Sep 6, 5:35 AM (4 days ago) to sales, bcc: me Good morning, We've been in contact with King Song this morning about the progress, intended plans for the S20
  8. I understand the reasons why. I just said I find this true with most manufacturers. Singling out KingSong would be wrong. This was the purpose of my post.
  9. The attitude of releasing wheels before fully tested. Letting your first sales be your beta testers.
  10. This is the attitude I find with most manufacturers.
  11. So I pre-ordered the S20 yesterday. Why hasn't it shipped yet? This waiting is killing me! /s
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