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  1. I would try deflating the tire and reseating it in the rim. It might take a few tries and you might have to push down the high part of the tire when inflating but it might be possible. I bought a used 18L and the tire had this problem. I was new and did not notice the issue. When my speed increase to about 20kph i began to feel a bump with every turn of the wheel. It gets worse until you reach a faster speed and then it appears to go away. I took a close look at my tire and noticed the section of the tire that was not seated in the rim. I thought I had a defective tire since it was fairly new. I deflated the tire and reseated it into the rim. Upon re-inflating the tire it slipped out again. I repeated this process a few times. Each time I pushed on the tire at the high spot while adding air. It eventually seated perfectly but only on multiple tries. I do not think it was safe to ride in the long run in the condition it was originally in.
  2. Thanks for the offer. It's most generous of you but I have yet to pull the trigger on this bad boy. I hope to see some of the issues be addressed by KS. The number of good riding days are fewer and fewer as the calendar advances. By late winter or early spring I hope to see all of these current issues fixed. I would then place my order when I only hear good things about this wheel.
  3. Post an update to this after a few weeks or riding. I'm sure we all would like to see if it holds up to the wear and tear of the suspension. Thanks!
  4. I'm no expert but something doesn't look right. You started with 89% battery and in less than a mile and a half you dropped to 57%. That seems odd.
  5. If you view the rim does it wobble also? If the rim spins true than it probably is the tire.
  6. What is the ETA and price? I would like to see some info on it before I commit my preorder dollars.
  7. I don't see it on their website! Did you have to order it by email?
  8. Did you manually start recording the tour in the app? After a recent update you have to start and stop recording your tours in the app. Tours can not be manually created from the logs. You can set up the automatic recording of tours in the app. You have to do one or the other for tour recording.
  9. Exactly why I have decided to wait until late winter to place my order for one. That and the hope that any further issues can be addressed by then.
  10. They are very responsive to customer issues. They bend over backwards to make something right. I am confident they will correct this situation.
  11. Just examine the bead as it revolves around the tire and look to see if it is uneven. Like has been posted if it isn't it can be deflated and reseated.
  12. I was on a group ride today and the button to take a photo through the app was missing. Did I change a setting somewhere to hide the camera button?
  13. Much better picture! Now you can see what data is displayed. Thanks!
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