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  1. The newest version now ships with two fans. One for each hand. When your riding you can fan the PCB enclosure from both sides.
  2. You can purchase a replacement battery if you want to go that route. https://www.ninebotus.com/320wh-battery-replacement-battery-for-ninebot-one-e/
  3. OK thanks, I was on tour yesterday and enabled data logging but not tour logging. My mistake. I have now enabled automatic enabling of tours and data.
  4. Using the EUC world app there is a way to check for the lift sensor. Its under "Wheel Settings" Look for "Lift Sensor"
  5. Is it possible to put the wheel information on our tours? It would be nice to go back and view a tour and be able to tell which wheel we were riding for that tour.
  6. Just returned from a ride and did not experience any problems with the app.
  7. To update this thread I received the Nikola pedals yesterday and I attempted to put them on today. Two things I noticed right away that was wrong. The pedal rod from the original pedals is to short to secure the Nikola pedals. In the pictures the original pedal is on top on the Nikola pedal and they are on top of the pedal hanger. You can see that if the rod shifts the amount of rod securing the pedal to the wheel is very small. The screws that secure the rod do not screw in all the way to center the rod. They go in about 3/4" before stopping. The second issue is the magnets inside the pedals they sent do not align with the pedals in the wheel. You pick up the wheel the pedals fall open. not good. It seems the correct pedal with the correct magnets is the Nikola Plus pedals. They contain magnets that align with the wheel. I have reached out to EUCO.US, again, and am waiting for a solution. They have been responsive to my issues so far so I hope the answer quickly.
  8. Paradox

    My new Mten3!

    How did you move the magnets? I received the Nikola pedals and the magnets do not align. The Nikola Plus pedals work but the retailer sent me standard Nikola. Is it hard to move the magnets? Does it destroy the grip tape? thanks.
  9. No the screws stop at some point. Tried with no bar in the slot. The bar would definitley travel withing he pedal stressing the side with shorter support. I will update the thread when EUCO.US responds. They have been helpful so far. They shipped replacement pedals no problem. Now I wonder if they sent the wrong pedals because the magnets do not align so they do no stay in the upright position.
  10. I bought my Mten3 and it was supposed to arrive with the Nikola pedals installed. It arrived with standard pedals. The company sent Nikola pedals but without the rod. They also sent pedals that do not stay up when folded. The magnets are not aligned properly. I understand it's the Nikola Plus pedals that have the proper magnet placement. I emailed the retailer, @EUCO.US about the situation with the short steel rod and magnet placement but have not received a reply yet. It's been an ordeal but at least they have been responsive so far. The picture is the original pedal on top of the Nikola pedal showing the insufficient metal rod length. I am hopeful they don't expect me to ride on this.
  11. Was the original pedal rod usable with the larger pedal? The length is so short that it does not meet the screws on both sides. Did you use a longer rod? Has it held up under regular use?
  12. That does raise an interesting question. Will uneven pressure in the shocks lead to some sort of stress. The pedals are not independent. Landing on them with unequal pressure has to have some effect.
  13. I do agree it did not perform as expected. The wheel should have tilted back if there was time or cut off it was happening to fast as in the asian overheat hill test. It should not self destruct in any situation. Saftey mechanisms need better implementation or a redesign of the cooling process.
  14. When a wheel is pushed outside its design limits and fails it is not a problem with the wheel. Its a problem with the test. Yes, its great when a wheel performs well outside its design limit. I am sure if you use this wheel within its capabilities it will be the best wheel you have ever owned. The failure here was the wheel not sensing a higher current draw and heat buildup than it was designed for. The heat buildup was unavoidable. It should have cut off before things started failing.
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