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  1. Hmmm. Thanks Gene. I don't know much about those other than they apply rotational force, but presume they can't do anything with a head that has nothing at all remaining to grip ? And they are £130, which I'd rather not spend if I don't have to... In the absence of one of those I guess drilling out is the next best option ? Cheers
  2. Went to pop a new tyre on my beloved MS3 over Christmas, as the old one is looking pretty worn down now. This was the first time I've had to open the wheel since I got it 3 years ago, but I felt suitably primed having watched all the helpful teardown vids by speedyfeet etc and had the right tools and the correct size of and type of screwdrivers. Got the side panel off OK, and all but one of the screws that hold the inner case to the other side. That last screw, unfortunately, one of the most deeply recessed ones near the rear light, has got a deformed slot that no screwdriver I own will grip anything like enough to loosen it. Fairly sure that I didn't do it myself, but I suspect my increasingly frantic efforts to try lots of different screw drivers may have exacerbated the situation. That one screw is holding the case annoyingly tightly together, I can't change the tyre and I am wondering if there is anything I can try first before I have to either drill it out, or go get a dremmel and cut through the post and screw from the other side ? I guess I can't get in there with any cutting tools to 'flat-head' the screw because of the deep channel it's in. Kinda figure I can't be the only person who has ever had this... All advice most welcome. Thanks everyone.
  3. Dammit, I was on that very store looking at their Gotway Parts, and didn't see their 'entyre' section for the bits I wanted ! Thank you for the stupidity override ! CBR
  4. It's been 3 years of every day, amazingly reliable and crash / problem-free wheeling, but in order to continue that much longer my beloved GW MS3 is in need of a new tyre. Where would you guys in the UK go to get one of those - not having much luck in the EUC shops so far... or do I just need to match the specs from a regular cycle shop ? Cheers
  5. Nope - no ridicule here either - generally people are nothing but impressed by the wheel. And cyclists are often impressed against their will if you overtake them Of course if you wear the sort of body armour I do there will always be the odd giggling group of schoolgirls pointing and laughing, but that really is as much ridicule as I get...
  6. You will get into a lot more trouble if you try and evade the Police and then they catch you later - remember you are uniquely identifiable by your vehicle alone. That would make finding you pathetically easy the very minute they felt they had to !! But if you stop when they ask you to, take the time to have a conversation in which you explain you are riding considerately and safely, they are more likely to be interested in how your machine works than trying to stop you doing it... not always the case, but IME police just don't care unless you do something blatant or stupid !
  7. Nothing - that is the alarm isn't it ?! Or have I been missing some setting somewhere ? The only ones I can find are available by swiping right off the home screen.
  8. I like it, but I do fear for your face and kneecaps in the event of a cutout, and your coccyx and elbows in the event of an emergency stop ! CBR
  9. You'll be needing to adjust your expectations All wheels cut off at some point if pushed beyond their limits - it's just one of the hazards inherent in this design, but it's only a problem if the rider is not aware of it, and continues to accelerate beyond the warnings the wheel will try to give them. Of course if you've turned off all the warnings, and aren't experienced enough to know what is a safe speed on all terrains, then a crash will be almost inevitable. CBR
  10. I find there are dogs that care, and dogs that don't, and generally speaking, the smaller they are, the more problem they are if not on a lead. Wild animals are usually much quicker to hear you coming and move early, but occasionally they don't hear you coming, and get out of the way with barely a second to spare. Pigeons are sometimes quite brave and leave it very late to move, and I have had cats who assume they are too important to have to move at all, and that you will stop or go round them. Maximum cat-lover as I am, I agree with them, but I do try and tell them about the flaws inherent of going to sleep on a cycle path. But self-important / sleeping cats aside, if you have a finger bell and give it some ringing action as you go round tight corners you give all nature ample warning you are coming, and corresponding time to get out of your way with minimal problems...
  11. Well that certainly hasn't crossed the bridge over uncanny valley has it ?
  12. Very sad to hear you are giving up because of other people's wretched behaviour. There is no point in reasoning with people like this; really the only thing to do to minimize risk and harm to yourself is to stoically ignore whatever provocation you get, no matter how idiotic, rude or dangerous their behaviour is. Your sad story is a reminder to us all not to take chances. Do you have to quit completely though ? Why not just drive out of town, and become more of a country rider, where there are far less idiots, and much nicer scenery ?! CBR
  13. I can confirm this happens to me too. Big ones are more secure in themselves in seems, whereas the yappy little terrier types have to run after everything that moves. But it's not always true - I have also been chased by one dog of properly direwolf proportions ! I did have a fledgling theory that Gotway wheels, and others that emit a very high-pitched whine whilst on might hurt the ears of smaller dogs, but I now have enough wheelie experience to know that if that is the case, there is no consistency to it, and if that was the case, why are they running towards the noise rather than away from it ?. Whilst smaller dogs do unquestionably chase more often than bigger ones, it certainly isn't every small dog by a long shot - sometimes I can pass 8 or 9 in my ride to town, and only 1 or 2 will go mental. If I'm lucky, those will be on leads and unable to give chase. Sometimes none go nuts and it's a pleasant change !
  14. Nice to see your MS3's doing a great job for you. They really are awesome when you get a good one.
  15. I think you can do that in the wheel log options can't you ? Swipe left side of main screen right to get those options... CBR
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