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  1. One. I refrained from purchasing any more Gotway wheels based on teardown videos and photos of its atrocious build quality that’s all over the internet. Do I need to own a Gotway to know they have terrible shells (not great durability, sorry), wood screws and highest rate of fire incidents. This makes no sense, it’s like me telling you to ride 80km/h with your MSP HT. Will you risk a cut out, dislocate your limbs, and be a meat crayon on the road? I haven’t seen any latest wheels from Gotway/Begode/EB to believe they have improved their build quality. Have you seen Wrong Ways l
  2. Imagine buying any modern motorcycle and getting Gotway level of quality build and materials. No motorcycle buyer would support such a company, so why do we vote with our wallets for Gotway quality when such wheels dependability directly affects our well-being. I will support a company that strives for build quality and innovative features. I will buy the Abrams because they are doing the right things that matter. I don't care if it weighs a little more, or if the battery capacity is less than its competitors. It's all noise in the grand scheme of the EUC universe timeline. The Abrams is the c
  3. It appears the S20 has made it’s way to some distributors. Brace yourself, more S20 videos coming soon… 😂
  4. Some airlines like Air France don’t allow EUCs in checked baggage EVEN if the batteries have been removed. The only option is buy and sell local at your destination. Also in Paris, I have never had luck renting an EUC either… too many liabilities for the rental company.
  5. This is bloody amazing. I'm so stoked for this wheel. It totally looks like it was made with a lot of love.
  6. The only other 22” wheel is the Monster V3 at 1845wh or 2400wh at 84v. 2700wh competes with the EX.N. Veteran Sherman used to be the reigning champ of battery size/form factor so the Abrams is a step backwards here. If they could fit 3200wh or made it 126v then it would be the best wheel of 2021/2022.
  7. And here I was being generous in my praise, but after seeing the teardown, the Commander is even worse than I thought. The ventilation design is atrocious, I would not feel comfortable pushing this wheel if it's going to overheat and possibly cutout on me. The Sherman did it right. The buzzer is in the worst possible location, unless Gotway engineers think humans have ears on the sides of their feet. Headlamp replacement are likely after a crash since there is no crash bar, and replacement requires removal of the control board. WTF? I heard the pedals are crap, but we'll see. Gotway keeps
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if they tuck their tail between their legs and release the S20 as a 100v wheel. It still would be the best suspension wheel on the market. Do I trust my well-being and quality of life to a company that aggressively markets a 126v wheel but who hasn't even produced a 100v wheel?
  9. A reddit thread alludes to this fire incident. From what I gather, the rider (based on the east coast USA) rode his Nikola until 15% battery charge. He left it in his apartment turned off and not charging when it started catching fire. The smoke filled several floors of his complex, and all his belongings were unsalvageable due to toxic nature of smoke from lithium battery fires. This happened just a few days ago. He is looking for non-battery forms of personal transportation now. I think he has sworn off all EUCs and especially crap quality Gotways for now.
  10. Any truth to Kuji Rolls having a cutout on the Commander at 30mph? If so, I wouldn’t be surprised. Gotway/Begode spin off Extreme Bull seems a play to limit liability. Another Gotway Nikola recently caught fire after a ride (just sitting not charging).
  11. 3600wh seems to be the most battery capacity that is practical with today’s battery chemistry, otherwise larger shell like MPro or we enjoy riding bowlegged.
  12. Aliexpress has the Abrams listed at $4,400 CAD or $3,480 USD. If you don’t mind no warranty repairs and a long ship time, this may be an option. I purchased my Sherman and S18 from Wheel Riders store.
  13. This is a poor Sherman clone. I’m going to poo-poo this wheel off the line… The lift handles don’t look at all comfortable. Those edges are going to dig into your hands carrying something this heavy at 80 lbs. And not to mention durability issues as there is a seam running down the centre of the handles. No lift button like Sherman. Seals around the charge port need to be close tight otherwise the the ports will be submerged in their own little swimming pool when it rains. Makes more sense for the ports to be in the rear, and have the speakers facing upwards, at the very least with s
  14. Abrams only really competes against the Monster as they are 22” class of wheels. Commander is a direct competitor to the Sherman, but based off early reviews I still think the Sherman is a better wheel. Commander has 12.5% larger battery, option of HS or HT, speakers and LED lights and cost $500 more. Weird placement of charge ports and exposed speakers is typical Gotway. Hero or S20. Without knowing how they ride, the S20 wins in specs, aesthetics and pricing. So for me, the rankings would be: Abrams and S20, tied for first place. (as I already own an 18” and 20” w
  15. Might as well be “Splooging Passion” because both are equally cringe-worthy.
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