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  1. This looks like a replacement and improvement on the Sherman. More aggressive design, higher roll bars, integrated mudguard, larger tires for more stability and clearance, and if rumors are true, a higher voltage means more torque/speed so better acceleration. Smaller batteries is a practical balance between range and weight. Definite must-buy for those new to Veteran and exciting upgrade path for existing Sherman owners.
  2. Got chased by a large dog while riding my v10f. I was beeping for 3 blocks before the dog relented. The lady owner was yelling at her dog the whole time, that’s what you get for not leashing your dog in public. No sympathies for the owner, I am gliding for my life.
  3. Mango


    Feels like I'm there to experience the demo. Nice content, no distracting music or over-editing. Really enjoy the insights from the riders. Now I want a V12!
  4. Finally a decent V12 review packed with info and not too much talking heads. Nataly definitely makes it more enjoyable.
  5. Special tools you’ll need for sure to do a bearing change are 1) bearing jaw puller and 2) blow torch. You’ll need to heat the motor cover to expand the aluminum in order for the bearings to pop out, either through gravity or popping it out with a small hammer. Now that I have done it, its not that hard and can do it again. I’m going to replace the motor maybe after another 5,000 kms as the motor magnets have started rusting. Not too bad but as long as I don’t ride in heavy rain or snow, it should last a while.
  6. If I didn’t have a V10f or Sherman, getting the V12 would be a no-brainer. But as a first or second wheel, this is the choice I would recommend someone get. I think Inmotion has a real winner on their hands. For me, I am going to wait out 2021 and hope Inmotion comes out with an updated V11 with >1800wh battery, touch display and larger v12-style heatsink. They can carry over the beautiful cyclops headlamp design.
  7. Have my Sherman since August 2020 with over 8000 kms so far. Had to do a control board replacement at around 6,500 km because I managed to overpower/overlean the Sherman and blew out one of the capacitors. Tire tread is worn down and no longer makes that aggressive angry swarm of hornets sound I really adore. The bearings are shot after my winter snow rides, so I’m in the process now of doing a bearing replacement. It is not easy I can tell you that. Will not be attempting this again. Purchased a spare motor and rim just in case. Will also be doing a tire and tube change once I get t
  8. If you do a straight measure of the Sherman’s tire of the outer diameter, it is roughly 19.75”. Likewise on the v10, the tire size diameter is 16.5”.
  9. I surmise it’s a bug in the latest firmware. Same thing happened to me two weeks back. Left tire marks and a burning rubber smell on the mall floor. Something like this shakes your confidence in the Sherman, but I haven’t had the same issue since. It happened after I jerked the trolley handle forward. I am careful now not to push the Sherman too fast while trolleying it.
  10. I looked into those same usb ports but found them too big to fit in the Sherman, but you managed to find a way. Have you considered tapping 12v and 5v directly from the control board, so that you don’t need to have the headlights on to charge? The first batch control board had two jst male connectors supplying 12v and 5v that were subsequently removed in later board revisions. Soldering in the missing jst ports will bring back the functionality as Veteran didn’t redesign the circuitry. I have installed a basic 5v usb port charger that pigtails out the back, with a 12v d
  11. Hmmmm... the features make the v12 a very compelling choice. Seems like Inmotion is targeting the RS and Nikola markets, and makes a great complement to the Sherman. Definitely want one, but I already have 4 eucs.
  12. Mango

    Kingsong S20?

    Some new leaks of a Kingsong S20 euc with 20” tire, 2500 watt motor and 2700wh battery life. Looks good if true!
  13. The look is growing on me. I may sell my v10f to fund this V12 purchase. Since the V12, on paper, doesn't exceed the specs of any current performace wheel, the inmotion motor, 100v, 16" wheel size may prove it to be a very fast off-the-line wheel. The killer feature may be it's fast acceleration. May be an urban street beast.
  14. Good upgrade from v10f but yeah, looks horrible. The V11 looks so much more refined and stylish... wished it looked like the v11 minus the suspension. The touchscreen is cool but unless it has the responsiveness of modern smartphones, it is a bad addition. I think the responsiveness will be on par with Garmin’s touchscreen gps units. I prefer the physical buttons of the Sherman since you can punch in values while wearing gloves and provides nice feedback. I’m not impressed.
  15. The only EUC Youtuber I have ever unsubscribed from, lol. I have no interest in getting any latest V12 news from this person.
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