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  1. Aliexpress Green Fashion sells a Gotway 10A charger. Pretty massive though. If this is the only option, I would rather go with two 5A chargers instead. Did some searching and apparently you can charge 10amp over a single port. Not sure how accurate that info is. https://medium.com/@shanewhilde/what-we-know-about-the-veteran-sherman-electric-unicycle-591db2d4a70a
  2. Single 10 amp charger with 2 ports would be an essential piece of equipment for long distance Sherman riders. I would not want to carry two chargers with me and having to look for two nearby open electrical sockets. Someone, make it happen!
  3. Mango

    Gotway Suspension

    Given Gotway’s record of build quality, it would be surprising if their first release suspension system won’t fail. Maybe some riders will 3D print their own suspension system. My guess is this hybrid suspension between full body (S18) and pedal only (V11) is the worst of both worlds. The tradeoffs being pure suspension performance vs stability and reliability.
  4. Crash bar protection for the Sherman. These can be put on the sides, and maybe the top to give a little more clearance for the LCD in the event of a roll. Sold on Aliexpress.
  5. To summarize, Speedyfeet says the only downside he could find is that it doesn’t have a mudguard. Price and weight are non issues since these you already know about if you buy the wheel. In essence, it is the best machine he has ever ridden, and he can’t think of any other way any EUC company can improve upon the design, performance, etc. Quite an endorsement!
  6. After I hit submit, I did wonder if they used a VPN to upload because Youtube is banned in mainland China. From Taiwan makes more sense now. Do you mean pedal scrapping? As my feet are not large, I could do with shorter pedals so the leading edges don't scrape during tight turns. Pedal angle can be adjusted upwards with the right shims. There are so many mods that could be done on the Sherman, the possibilities are very enticing.
  7. I’m fairly new to EUCS so this topic is eye opening for me. Remote locking and disabling by the company after I have purchased a wheel is simply unacceptable regardless of their reasons and justifications. I simply will not buy or consider buying any Kingsong product in the future. I bought an inmotion product and do need to register the wheel’s serial number using their app to unlock. This is also something I will keep in mind.
  8. Dozens of new Veteran Sherman videos have been uploaded to Youtube from China. They're demoing to casual riders at night.
  9. Speedyfeet got his hands on the Veteran. He appears to be really excited about it "like a little kid" and hasn't felt that way about EUCs for several years.
  10. I may go with this light when my Veteran gets delivered. There are truly many possibilities with this modular system.
  11. That’s true. A doubling in speed requires quadrupling of braking distance. For example at 30km/h with a stopping distance of 6 metres, doubling speed to 60km/h will need a stopping distance of 24 metres! Not many riders know this. When I get my Veteran, and if I think I will be going faster than 40km/h I will definitely be wearing full motorcycle gear, ie cowhide leather motorcycle jacket, gloves, helmets and kevlar riding pants geared for motorcycle use.
  12. They got shipped out to customers last week. Mine is coming by boat so another few weeks. This is the longest wait ever I have experienced.
  13. I may order a custom shirt with wording like this. That way, I don't have to stop and answer so many questions.
  14. I always cringe when reviewers put the qualifier “honest” in their titles or descriptions. It indicates that any other reviews of theirs that don’t have that qualifier may or may not be honest. And this applies to every other youtube review video that includes “honest”, “real” or “the truth about” in their titles. His is one of the more negative reviews towards the S18 and if you’re really into suspension performance, the S18 is the only game in town and you can live with its shortcomings. This wheel is great as a 3rd or 4th wheel and you have some cash burning in your pocket.
  15. Another NY minute. Lots of interesting things coming out of New York with regards to EUC and Veteran lately. At least Tarzan is wearing a helmet now. ”Sorry” and a smile would have dissolved the tension but I guess it’s a regional thing. On positive news, I got email saying my Veteran Sherman has shipped from China. Only several weeks wait...
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