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  1. Inmotion V10f’s comfort mode is somewhere in-between Sherman’s soft and medium modes. I ride all the time in comfort mode, and I have started riding in Sherman’s soft mode and so far I am liking it. Didn’t like it at first and switched to medium, but soft mode is growing on me. I think depending on your riding mood, any of the modes are great. Still testing out soft mode so my opinion will be more concrete after putting at least 1000kms on it.
  2. Mine charges to 100.55 volts. I have one of the earlier production batches that have the really soft pedal mode and turns on when unplugged from charger — both features I actually really like.
  3. aliexpress.com search veteran sherman charger. There are 3-4 reputable stores that sell the official 5 amp chargers.
  4. Each charging port can take 10amps, or 5amps each port for a total of 10amps, but not 20amps total. I ended just buying another Leaperkim official charger so there’s your 10amp maximum, plus you have a spare charger in case the other one goes bonkers and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Take both on your travels and you’re good to go.
  5. Speaking of chargers, I've found the Leaperkim official charger too noisy for my liking. There are two fans on the charging unit, one each on both ends. If you're looking to upgrade the fans, their dimensions are 40mm x 40mm x 10mm 12v sleeve bearing type. I bought a pair of Noctua rated at 17.9 dB and will test them out.
  6. For audio, I found the Bose Micro Soundlink works well attached to the front hand rail. The strap is stretchy enough to securely fasten. You no longer have to be wearing a backpack to carry the Bose with you, and your full face helmet chin guard doesn't hit the Bose when you are looking down. The audio is loud enough at speeds up to 35mph. Audio controls on the Bose means you don't have to whip out your phone to skip tracks or adjust volume. Siri integration, Google maps readout and speed alarms when paired with DarknessBot. Overall, a win.
  7. Inmotion probably doesn't want their customers using the 2.5amp charger with their older wheels, and potentially causing battery fires. Just a guess. Better to be safe than sorry.
  8. I received my V10f and mten3 from Smartwheel.ca so this company is legit. They don't do email well so keep that in mind. During the covid-19 lockdown, I think they were struggling like most other businesses, but the worst of it has passed. It seems like they keep low inventory to keep costs down and maintain cash flowing. They charge only their provinces taxes so it may be cheaper go with them. I don't live in Ontario but they maintain a store front and servicing centre so that's mainly why I buy from them.
  9. I wouldn't mind a 24" 4,800wh, 15A max charging version of the Sherman. Weight isn't an issue for these long distance wheels. The Sherman is already nimble and easy to ride once your legs adjust. The Sherman is getting into motorcycle-class performance and nobody complains about the 700 lb average motorcycle weight. Things they can do to upgrade the current Sherman design would be to add USB ports, touchscreen and GPS for the screen and those new fangled hollow core motors. I can't think of anything else to improve upon the current design from a rider's perspective. From a servicing standpoint, I think easy access for tire changes and easier control board removal should be top priorities for the next Sherman revision. LED Lights and speaker connections could be optional accessories.
  10. Try riding the Veteran Sherman, and then go back to the V10f. The V10f will feel so light and nimble, almost like riding an mten3 after riding any 16” wheel. It’s all a matter of perspective.
  11. I had put down my pre-order for the V11 as soon as it was available on my reseller's website. It would have been a no-brainer upgrade from the V10f. Larger tires, more battery, bright headlamps and 50% more battery, with same awesome Inmotion quality fit and finish. That is until the Sherman arrived and information started slowly coming in. I weighed my options, my riding style, my needs and came to the conclusion the Veteran Sherman was a better fit. Either of these two wheels would have been perfect as the next wheel purchase but since I already have the V10f, the Sherman was the better choice. Firstly, the range and speed on the Sherman is just insanely awesome. So insane. Over twice the battery capacity of the V11 yet only cost 25% over premium. Speeds of ~70km/h (over 80km of it) vs 55km/h over a much short distance, and the choice became clear. 3200WH and ~ 200km of range is in that abstractly weird sweet spot where you start worrying less about range and battery life and thinking more about where you want to travel and how much time you have to do it. It's a paradigm shift. The Sherman is first in a paradigm shift for the EUC community. Suspension is awesome and the future, but with all the dreadful reliability reports coming in from V11 and lots from the S18, I may just wait for real long term usage to see any patterns. Also, the extra maintenance and having to carry another pump just may not be worth it when the Sherman's thick knobby tire and weight really helps to smooth the ride over the small bumps in the road... it's like Sherman's own micro-suspension system. Non-Sherman owners really need to ride the machine to feel it. I can go over small bumps and cracks with confidence that would otherwise give me pause on the V10f. As a value proposition, the Sherman is the better buy. It's insanely customizable with it's squarish design and those awesome hand rails. The LCD display is a game-changer. This is first gen. Imagine future generations having OLED, touch control, built-in GPS, etc. The possibilities go up from here. Trolley handle is awesome... right smack in the middle balanced as all hell and retracts out of the way keeping its overall silhouette beautiful. As much as I love the convenience of the trolley handle on my v10f (and kinda carried over to the V11), it can look pretty naff. My next wheel to replace the V10f would be the V11 or some future version of it, so there is a place for V11, just not now.
  12. Looking into some windshield / fairing options for the Sherman, and although nothing exists as yet, this may be the closest thing since it’s adapted from the motorcycle world. The clamps fit 7/8 to 1 1/4 which will fit on the Sherman rails. How to securely attach will be something that’ll need to be figured out. National Cycle N25014 Street Shield. Might be extremely useful for seated long distance riding. I figure at high speed cruising seated, you could extend range by 10%. Not to mention it’ll be more comfortable not being buffeted by the wind, and good for bug, road debris and rain protection as well.
  13. 22-23mm. Mine measures 23mm at the top.
  14. When I was discouraged and ready to give up learning to ride EUC, it was one of his Youtube videos that gave me inspiration to push through the frustration, pain and the black hole of despondency of learning and persevere. Now, EUCs are permanently attached to my feet and in harmonious, glorious balance, man and machine united as one cybernetic entity.
  15. Once the rain stopped, I couldn't wait to ride the Sherman again. Without the mudguard, even with the roads a little dry, I managed to get dirt and road grime all over my backside and up the back of my motorcycle jacket and helmet. Maybe I was going faster than I should or these knobby tires kick up a lot of debris. I just went ahead and bought the official seat and mudguard from Aliexpress. The mudguard looks badass. I really don't want to spend the time looking or making an alternative. The seat looks good with the cut outs in the right spots. The position on the Sherman is where my butt sits anyway. I have seen a seat design on Youtube where it spans across the entire top and clamps down over the two handrails. For my riding style, I use the front rail handle for power braking so I've kept that area clear of any attachment points. So far, really loving my Sherman. With its range and battery size, I am now thinking about how much time I have in the day to ride rather than how far I could go. Also, I should mention that any Sherman owners will need a great deal of restraint when wanting to ride at high speeds. I have found myself gunning it superman style just to show off or passing cars. This EUC loves being on the streets and going fast. I can see how one can get seriously injured or killed, and I think the Sherman really should choose its owner. The Sherman is a paradigm shift for the EUC community... for better or worse.
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