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  1. I think you only need to replace the fans. I bought the Noctua on Amazon and the installation is fairly straightforward.
  2. Your first impression and detailed riding breakdown is exactly how I felt riding my Sherman. I absolutely love my Sherman. Wait until you go past 45km/h, it really SINGS. An absolute beast! I ride it hard for hours, and feeling ready to quit as my urge to ride is satisfied, then I look down and see battery only at 50%. This gives me a big smile.
  3. May possibly be a faulty component on the control board. There are replacement boards for sale on Aliexpress for about $250, but that’s if your seller doesn’t cover you for any reason.
  4. Enjoying the Sherman a lot. Have over 3,500 kms of maintenance-free riding (literally have not had to tighten pedal screws, inflate tire, fix any broken parts, etc). And mine is number 40 off the production line. So many little issues with my Inmotion V10f, and this is from an established company with a mature product line. So for the Sherman from a brand-new company with their first wheel being so reliable and durable, its quite the rare exception. Look into the Veteran forum and most of the posts are about modding and very little in way of actual problems.
  5. Cover up the LCD screen with duct tape, leaving holes for the power and lights button and half your dislikes about the Sherman will be gone.
  6. Best wheel of the year is definitely the Veteran Sherman. It’s an amazing wheel because it does everything right... extremely compact, extremely balanced, extremely durable, extremely long range and extremely stable for any class of wheel. Everything is top notch. Innovations like the roll bar, LCD display, modular, upgradeable and tiltable front and rear lights are firsts for EUCs make the riding experience even better. The flat sides make adding any power pads that you desire possible. Every design detail is well thought out. It is extremely enjoyable riding the Sherman. I hav
  7. What riding mode are you using? Soft mode will automatically adjust pedal tilt forward depending how hard you are pushing forward. When braking, soft mode will tilt the pedal back to assist in braking power.
  8. You can buy clear vinyl table cover, cut to fit over the entire top and down the sides (covering the charge ports), and use velcro to secure. Like a rain poncho for your Sherman. This protects the LCD screen and trolley handle from water ingress. The vinyl cover can be found at the dollar store and is thicker than ordinary clear plastic.
  9. I have both the Leatt Dual Axis and Triple 8 knee pads and each has their pros and cons. The Leatt Dual Axis provide more protection and is quicker to put on and take off. The Triple 8 pack smaller and do not slide off. The key with the Triple 8 not having the tendency to slip off is the non-elastic nylon straps that cinch below the knee but above the calf. So... I replaced the middle elastic strap of the Leatt Dual Axis with a nylon strap (bought off Aliexpress) and sewn in some velcro strips. Basically you're replacing the elastic strap for a non-elastic strap. Now you can cinch that ba
  10. I'm looking into adding some daytime running lights with a pair of daylight-balanced strip of LEDs running parallel to the wheels in the front, powered most likely by tapping in with the rear lamps. The lights will turn on and off as you normally would turn off the rear lights by briefly pressing the power button. I was hoping as more people get their Shermans, more mod instructions pop up on the internet but so far not much in way of detailed how-tos. This thread is a good start but unfortunately my level of electronics know-how is limited so what I've read so far it might as well be wri
  11. Initial specs listed dual charging ports, but I only see one port. Bummer if only one port, which will limit its usefulness for long range rides. This or the monster pro will be my next wheel.
  12. Are you using any power pads? I’ve grown accustomed to the ones that comes with the wheel and actually love it. Can accelerate very fast and brake very hard with them. I have not had any issues with braking distance. Combined with the roll bar and pulling back, braking is not an issue. Never rode an msuper series of wheels so can’t compare.
  13. I always ride with leather gloves with knuckle protection and motorcycle boots with ankle protection or hi tops with steel toe box. Those two pieces of safety gear are rarely mentioned but damage to your hands and feet greatly affect your quality of life should you injure them badly enough. Yes, this is in addition to wrist guards, knee guards, full face helmet and abrasion-resistant shirt and pants. Basically, gear up fully top to bottom if you're riding faster than 30km/h.
  14. Inmotion V10f’s comfort mode is somewhere in-between Sherman’s soft and medium modes. I ride all the time in comfort mode, and I have started riding in Sherman’s soft mode and so far I am liking it. Didn’t like it at first and switched to medium, but soft mode is growing on me. I think depending on your riding mood, any of the modes are great. Still testing out soft mode so my opinion will be more concrete after putting at least 1000kms on it.
  15. Mine charges to 100.55 volts. I have one of the earlier production batches that have the really soft pedal mode and turns on when unplugged from charger — both features I actually really like.
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